IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-06-25

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ZogG_laptopbeford: not working like ...00:07
befordarm's qmake fail00:07
befordarm's apt-get fails00:07
befordcan't install libs00:07
befordcan't compile00:07
ZogG_laptopbeford: and what last commands you run?00:08
ZogG_laptopmaybe update or something?00:08
befordcan't remember, has happened a couple of times already00:08
ZogG_laptopbtw how is your app? i heard there is dead line for it btw00:08
befordalways have to reinstall and get it working00:08
befordwell I submited it yesterday00:08
ZogG_laptopbeford: not true linux way00:08
ZogG_laptopbeford: to ovi? finished it?00:08
befordyea to ovi00:08
ZogG_laptopgoing for open source?00:08
befordI need to clean it a bit00:09
befordbut I will be publishing it00:09
jonnibeford: there is a kludge to get sb working again if qmake fails....00:09
ZogG_laptopbefore you are welcome to publish to apps4meego and github/harmattan00:09
befordjonni, like what? i've had to suspend the machine all this week instead of shutting it down to avoid it getting broken :P00:11
rzrhey have u ever submitted a symbian app to ovi ?00:11
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HtheBMohammadAG: you still here? :)00:12
jonnibeford: sudo /etc/init.d/scratchbox-core restart     and then relogin back to sb with /scratchbox/login00:13
jonnithat usually helps on qmake etc command failures00:13
ZogG_laptopjonni: btw about bme and harmattan —
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ZogG_laptopthe one who is like told by people do no deserve maemo conmunity price as nitdroid is not maemo00:14
HtheBany Hildon expert over here? :)00:15
VenemoHtheB, I'm not, but what would you like to know?00:15
ZogG_laptopHtheB: wrong chan pal, go to maemo or maemo-cssu00:15
merlin1991HtheB: hildon, shouldn't you be in #maemo00:15
ZogG_laptopVenemo: is a ninja00:15
VenemoHtheB, yup, #maemo is probably a better place to ask00:15
HtheBmerlin1991: yes it does :) at least in this subject00:15
ZogG_laptopmerlin1991 is a ninja200:15
HtheBnope :)00:15
befordthanks jonni I'll check if it fails again00:16
HtheBwe're trying to get fremantle in a chroot00:16
HtheBon harmattan00:16
merlin1991hm can that even work with softfp vs hardfp?00:16
Venemoit can, yes00:16
befordits working already, there is a video on tmo00:17
merlin1991HtheB: chroot of recompiled hildon, or good old maemo repos hildon?00:17
HtheBbeford: thats my video :)00:17
HtheBnot everything works yet00:17
merlin1991also I'm inclined to invoke ~ask since I'm still missing a specific question :D00:17
HtheBthere are some problems on hildon desktop00:17
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HtheBplease check the topic on tmp00:17
merlin1991a link would be helpfull ;)00:17
merlin1991ah here we go00:18
merlin1991HtheB: your tmo nick is?00:19
Venemowhat would be the advantages of a fremante chroot in harmattan?00:20
HtheBmerlin1991: HtheB ? :P00:20
merlin1991didn't see that nick on the first page on the thread so thought you might use another :D00:20
HtheBVenemo: there are apps on Maemo5 which arent available on Maemo600:20
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merlin1991HtheB: hm the last page of the thread has qwazix try it natively, and I didn't find an explicit issue00:22
VenemoHtheB, so port them?00:23
HtheBcare to help us? :)00:23
HtheBI ain't a porter though :( (little knowledge)00:24
Venemowell, which ones are you missing?00:24
HtheBitaly goes to semi final00:25
HtheBVenemo: to be honest00:25
HtheBI should call qwazix over here, but I think he's watching the soccer game (which ended just right now)00:25
Kozziwoho 4-200:25
HtheBSpain - Germany << final (/me hopes)00:26
HtheBMannschaft ftw! :D00:26
HtheBanyway, that's offtopic00:26
KozziGermany yes.. don't care about the other one :D00:26
heymasterFootball coming home :)00:27
ZogG_laptopbeford: why do you have 2 accounts on tmo?00:27
ZogG_laptopi'm the only one who doesn't care about football?00:28
HtheBVenemo: I don't know what qwazix is trying to do now though00:28
HtheBZogG_laptop: real men cares ;)00:28
merlin1991HtheB: from his comment he's trying to compile hd for harmattan directly00:28
merlin1991and probably wants to start that in xephyr or something00:28
HtheByes, rzr also told me something about xephyr00:29
merlin1991though he'll still have the session bus colissions00:29
ZogG_laptopHtheB: i like to play not watch, i prefer watch sweaty women00:29
HtheBZogG_laptop: lol! :D good one00:29
HtheBmerlin1991: I think that everybody with some knowledge should join this project :)00:29
ZogG_laptopit's not like i thought of it, as it's true00:30
befordZogG_laptop, just 1 account00:30
ZogG_laptopi don't have nor knowledge neither motivation00:30
ZogG_laptopbeford: you have bef0rd and munozferna00:30
befordI dont have bef0rd :P thats irc only, munozferna on forums and profile00:32
HtheBmerlin1991: qwazix has some troubles with gtk00:33
HtheBbut martinK had already ported gtk to harmattan, right?00:33
rzrmore or less00:33
HtheBim totally lost T_T00:34
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rzrHtheB, so we are all00:36
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ZogG_laptopwelcome to the club00:39
ZogG_laptopbeford: you have 38 posts for about 2+ years =)00:40
HtheBglad that I can run some apps already00:40
HtheBfrom fremantle on harmattan00:40
befordZogG_laptop,  I know. I hate forums :P00:40
befordZogG_laptop, also, I was not registered when it was called internet tablet talk00:40
merlin1991hm 61 in 2 years00:41
merlin1991not that much either00:41
ZogG_laptopbeford: me too, i joined whan i got n90000:42
HtheB Join Date 03-12-09     Total Posts     1,46200:42
ZogG_laptopnow everyone take out their penises00:43
HtheBnope... I ain't gay ...00:43
ZogG_laptopJoin Date: 02-20-10 Total Posts: 84900:43
merlin1991ZogG_laptop: one day your e-penis is going to be so big, that it doesn't fit through the login screen anymore00:43
ZogG_laptopHtheB: not literurally00:43
VenemoZogG_laptop, you forgot the number of your thankses00:44
HtheBTotal thanks: 95100:44
ZogG_laptopmerlin1991: i hope u are joking00:44
merlin1991ZogG_laptop: I added a ;) later on00:44
ZogG_laptopVenemo: i have full of pockets of thanks00:44
ZogG_laptopmerlin1991: than it's ok00:45
* HtheB wants Maemo5 in Maemo6 ¬_¬00:45
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ZogG_laptopit's good feeling to be thanked actually, it doesn't matter =) the reason to do things is not those "thanks"00:45
ZogG_laptopi'm lagging00:45
HtheBsometimes they are :p00:45
* merlin1991 can't picture using hildon styled gtk stuff with maliit00:45
befordZogG_laptop,  Member Since 2008-04-13 :p00:46
Venemome either00:46
HtheBit's always nice to see a comp. layer :)00:46
HtheBjust to run any app without effort00:46
VenemoHtheB, so, what app is it that you miss so much on Harmattan?00:46
HtheBcalculates default router passwords of thomson routers00:47
HtheBcomes in handy many times :)00:47
ZogG_laptopbeford: Member Since 1053-02-1200:48
merlin1991HtheB: that should be hacked together in a Qt ui within seconds00:48
HtheBmerlin1991: be my guest :D00:48
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ZogG_laptopHtheB: is it opensource?00:48
HtheBafair it's actually a gui for a commandline tool00:49
HtheBworks with python00:50
HtheBit's working now though using fremantle in chroot00:51
rzrHtheB, i have built a similar tool on harmattan00:53
rzrdo you want it ?00:53
HtheBsure ! :)00:53
rzrlet me pull this out for you00:53
HtheBrzr, many apps on your repo doesnt work right :(00:53
HtheBlike Quake doesnt have an Icon after installing (need to start within the terminal)00:54
rzrjust report bugs00:54
rzri cant test them all00:54
HtheBheh :D00:54
HtheBbut I think all the apps doesnt show00:54
rzrwhat's your email ?00:54
HtheBat least the ones Ive tested, just like presence vnc00:54
HtheBno icon00:55
rzrfix it or start a shell00:55
HtheBstart a shell?00:56
HtheBsure i start the apps on a shell (thats the only way after installing)00:57
HtheBI can make an icon manually, but thats annoying, I flash my device a lot :p00:57
rzri would appreciate if you report a bug or provide a patch00:57
HtheBlink for bug reports? :D00:58
rzrobs ?00:58
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rzrIf you have suggestions/ questions you can use the forum00:59
HtheBrzr, did you try out meecatalog?00:59
rzri think yes why ?01:00
HtheBa good way to browse your repo :)01:00
rzrit's not only mine01:00
rzrit's open to all contributors01:01
HtheBtoo bad you cant list it on date01:01
HtheByou're the owner though :p01:01
rzri will go to jail :)01:01
HtheBill jailbreak you out :p01:01
HtheBby the way, does anyone knows what those cyan-rectangles-sgx_XXX files are!?01:02
rzrgood question01:02
HtheBI always end up with those .txt files in the root of MyDocs01:02
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HtheBdoes anyone else knows what those logs files are from? :/01:06
arcean_HtheB: it's a hack for NB#29297701:06
arcean_HtheB: do you have N950 with PR 1.2 beta?01:07
HtheBarcean_: yes01:07
arcean_then update to final PR 1.2 using N9 repos :P01:07
HtheBarcean_:  after doing that , my phone didn't turn on anymore01:07
HtheBit removed litterly every app :D01:07
HtheBeven the phone app lol01:07
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arcean_hows that possible :D ?01:08
HtheBit removed harmattan-pr-68001:08
HtheBor, something like that01:08
HtheBcant remember what package it was01:08
arcean_my n950 is running PR 1.2 fine01:08
HtheBbut it litterly removed everything :/01:08
HtheBevery pre build-in app was just removed01:08
arcean_you have to remove metapackage, and upgrade everything else01:09
HtheBwell, I just did a01:09
HtheBapt-get dist-upgrade :p01:09
HtheB(after adding the n9 repo ofcourse)01:09
HtheBotherwise it didnt upgrade it01:10
arcean_i have just removed the harm-metapackage and apt-get upgrade01:10
HtheBgot skype?01:10
HtheBsince you have n9 repo, should be possible to have "easy skype"01:11
HtheBwithout hassle01:11
arcean_and it works for 4 months now01:11
arcean_yeah, skype, user guide, etc :)01:11
HtheBok hang on let me get the device :)01:11
VenemoHtheB, you need to manually remove the rm680-pr, then mark all other packages as manually installed (so that autoremove doesn't remove them) -> then you can get all the latest stuff from the N9 repos.01:12
Venemobut in fact, I haven't seen any noticable improvements01:12
HtheBi saw that drive was working faster01:12
HtheBmuch smoother01:12
HtheBbefore it removed all my apps01:13
arcean_and MTF is no longer dumping sgx_XXX files :P01:13
HtheBseriously getting really annoyed about those files :D01:13
HtheBok so Venemo, got my device now01:13
* HtheB is adding n9 repo01:13
VenemoHtheB, there was a pastebin entry on this channel, when I asked about this stuff, which was a command that marked all other packages as manually installed.01:14
Venemoby the way, what the hell is this?
arcean_Venemo: HtheB:
HtheBthnx arcean_ !01:16
Venemoyep, what arcean_ said01:16
HtheBarcean_, Venemo, do you remember which package I have to remove manually?01:18
VenemoHtheB, mp-harmattan-rm680-pr01:18
Venemothere are no facts, just fiction, in that thread.01:19
HtheBwhy does that pastie has "\" after some packages?01:21
HtheBshouldnt I remove those before pasting in the terminal>01:21
arcean_no, it's ok01:24
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HtheBarcean_: gives problems though01:28
arcean_what kind of problem?01:28
HtheBseems like it cant find some packages01:29
HtheBmeh, stupid terminal doesnt get it right I thin01:30
rzrit looks like you're doing risky thing01:30
*** delphi is now known as trx01:30
arcean_the best way is to use ssh01:30
*** ibrakalifa has joined #harmattan01:30
HtheBarcean_: guess so01:30
HtheBputty should do the job01:30
rzrsame stuff01:32
*** ibrakalifa has quit IRC01:33
HtheBI've never used ssh with harmattan though01:35
HtheBasks for a user... root?01:36
HtheBas far as I remember, didnt they shut down root access with ssh on the latest firmware?01:36
rzrlet me insist you to gather some info01:36
rzrbefore screwing it all01:36
rzryou will not regret01:37
HtheBif all fail, I can reflash01:37
HtheBgot backup of everything01:37
rzryou have been warned :)01:38
HtheBthnx :D01:38
HtheBarcean_: I cant ssh into my device, keeps telling me that i put in wrong password :/01:45
trxHtheB trying as user root?01:46
trxthats disabled, use "developer"01:47
heymasterHarmattan and Symbian in on Qt Creator project is common practice ?01:47
trxHtheB (first remember to create a password for "developer")01:47
jonniyou can enable root account if you search the forums, but for security in mind its better to use developer user01:48
HtheBthanks :)01:49
HtheBalthough the password given by the sdk solved my problem01:49
trxnp ;)01:49
HtheBdidnt know they gave you a pass :P01:49
trxi have no idea about the sdk i dont use it01:50
jonninewest version of sdk is pretty nice, it even has the pr1.2 simulator01:51
jonniso you can choose to test run your code in pr1.0, pr1.1 and pr1.2 simulators.01:53
HtheBtrx: the sdk app in the menu of your n95001:55
HtheBis also nice :)01:55
HtheByou can enable the developer and set a password with a gui01:56
trxi will have to check that out01:56
trxi had no use for it yet01:57
trxits not pascal friendly :)01:57
ZogG_laptopbtw qt sdk says no updates, i wanted to update after i read it was released =\02:00
jonniofcourse you can pascal in maemo:
trxjonni i know that :)02:01
ZogG_laptopjonni: WTF? =)02:01
ZogG_laptopwho would do it?02:01
trxi created the first pascal package in the repo02:01
trxTxPad is written in pascal02:01
trxharmattan version of TxPad (TxPad QML) is written in Pascal <-> C++(.so) <-> QML02:03
trxi'm pretty sure that there is no other application for harmattan (and qml for that matter) written in pascal02:03
HtheBarcean_, Venemo, still here around?02:05
VenemoHtheB, yes02:05
HtheBit wont update 1 package. do I have to install it manually as well? package name system-ui02:05
arcean_HtheB: what i did was apt-get update upgrade and the command from pastebin02:06
Venemonot sure, I don't remember that specifically02:06
HtheBah, seems like the status menu is the thing that cause this error02:07
HtheB(the one from MAG)02:07
arcean_that's possbile02:07
ZogG_laptoptrx: you mother of pascal . png02:08
HtheBlol :D02:08
HtheBarcean_, Venemo, yup. Removed brightness-control, and it works now! :) upgrading to "N9" (or should I call that a downgrade? lol!)02:11
jonniheh, there hasnt been that many Fortran apps released for Harmattan, maybe time for coding compo :)02:11
HtheBjonni: there is already a coding compo at the moment02:12
trxjonni :)02:12
jonniI know, just would be funny if someone would submit fortran app02:12
jonniit would get my vote :)02:12
trxdont compare object pascal to fortram please :02:12
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jonnihmm, I just installed gvideo from appstore, I was shitting my pants when it rebooted and had red text sometime about rescuing mode, but luckily that was just for installing some low level stuff, as then it rebooted just fine :). not nice to scare people with red text :)02:38
HtheBVenemo: It still wants to autoremove them :/02:39
Venemomake sure to mark everything manually installed02:39
HtheBit was before upgrade02:40
HtheBhave to mark them after the update?02:40
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan02:40
jonnior you can just use the same trick that n9 tweak uses to get them off from autoremove list.02:41
HtheBwhich trick02:41
jonnitweaks are cleartext scripts in there, so you can just look how n9 tweak does it.02:42
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HtheBsomehow, I pasted the long script again and seems like it doesnt want to autoremove it anymore02:45
* HtheB reboots the phone to check 02:45
*** HtheB has quit IRC02:50
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HtheBso if I still enter "apt-get autoremove" it will try to remove the packages :(02:52
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Jiok_hi, I've been trying to display some png images without the distortion, I know the problem is that my image is 24 bit but maybe someone has a solution to ditter the image on the fly06:01
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zhaqqhello world09:28
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japhuh. what the hell is going on here  ?12:48
*** rcg has joined #harmattan12:52
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denismjaph: mp-harmattan-rm680-pr is going to be removed13:05
*** piggz_ has quit IRC13:05
japhI'm assuming that's not a good thing13:06
japhI only requested to install a few things, what the hell?13:06
denismmp-harmattan-rm680-pr depends to the exact version of some of your changed package13:06
denismas I remember the discussion - you have to change all those package to 'manually installed' state... not sure really, never tried, I prefer dpkg -i13:08
ieatlintdoes anyone have a good fix for the ovi store client on the n9 always insisting "package not found" when you try to install something?13:08
japhdenism, are you dpkg -i'ing every single package by hand?13:08
denismjaph: for my dev N9 - yes :)13:09
japhthis is my... dev n950.13:09
japhI'm not going to say that I enjoy apt very much13:10
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jonniieatlint: maybe you are missing the source lists in your phone13:35
jonniieatlint: usually package not found comes if you have removed /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aegis.ssu-keyring-001.list13:36
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djszapiieatlint: sup, back to US ?13:51
*** trx has quit IRC13:52
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ieatlintjonni: haven't touched the sources, but will vieryf13:55
ieatlintdjszapi: nah, just moved a bit west, near dusseldorf right now13:55
djszapiahh you mentioned that13:56
ieatlintand now i should probably go find some sort of lunch13:59
djszapiieatlint: how about fluid bread ?14:00
Lava_Croftbeer? for lunch?14:02
djszapiwell, you can drink stronger if you wish.14:03
*** unreal- has quit IRC14:04
ieatlintyeah, that's my plan: 1:30 - beer, 2:30 - vomit14:04
ieatlinti'm just going to act like one of those groups of british tourists14:05
ieatlintanyone know how to apologize for throwing up on someone in germn?14:05
*** aleksander_m has joined #harmattan14:07
phakois there a special apology for that in other languages?14:09
*** rcg has quit IRC14:10
jonnia good wiskey bottle? :)14:12
*** tom___ has quit IRC14:12
jonniwhiskey even14:12
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ZogG_laptopjonni: still no mail from nokia =\14:29
jonniZogG_laptop: yep, no mail in my mailbox either.14:30
djszapifor what ?14:30
djszapiCEO application ?14:31
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan14:32
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi: yes14:55
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: i want to burn the mutafuka to the ground14:56
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC14:57
djszapiZogG_laptop: lol14:58
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chem|stieatlint: there is no way to appologize for that... just make sure you do not get some bodybuilder-type's pants wet...15:14
*** djszapi has quit IRC15:15
ZogG_laptopotherwise you''ll be rapped15:17
Lava_Croftbodybuilders wont rape you15:21
Lava_Croftapart from your brains, steroids make other stuff shrink too15:21
Lava_Croftdissolve might be a better word15:21
*** adlan has joined #harmattan15:22
ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: but if he gets wet it's other story =)15:23
Lava_Croftit might affect the prostate too15:24
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan15:25
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan15:41
*** xarcass has quit IRC15:56
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan15:58
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #harmattan16:01
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:01
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:01
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan16:02
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan16:07
*** DocScrutinizer06 has quit IRC16:09
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan16:09
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:10
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan16:10
ZogG_laptopJaffa: X-Fade , rzr, jonni, phako ping16:12
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: ping too16:12
*** nibbler has quit IRC16:12
*** nibbler has joined #harmattan16:12
ZogG_laptopphako: i want you to review some howto about obs and qtcreator16:12
* phako 's currently busy, sorry16:13
M4rtinKI'm just about to out16:14
djszapiZogG_laptop: rm -rf qtcreator16:14
M4rtinKbut I should be back in about an hour16:14
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:14
M4rtinK*go out16:14
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: ok16:14
susundbe1ghello all, i am trying to make silly app that can display a klm file in offline map with QT quick. I have all done to step where one should display the landmarks on the map -- map and parsing work fine, but i cannot find how on earth i can parse from c++ landmarks so that they become visible on the QML side16:15
ZogG_laptopi have problems with astebin timeouting on me16:15
susundbe1gi have checked the places around example that should do excatly what i want, and i do almost everything in the same way but still do not get anything to visible on QML side16:15
M4rtinKyou can translate Mieru in the meantime: :)16:16
susundbe1gany ideas how this should be done? I mean, when i have c++ landmarkmanger added with landmarks i want, how can the qml landmarkmodel display them?16:16
djszapisusundbe1g: QT != Qt16:16
susundbe1gMy bad16:17
djszapiQT: Quick Time.16:17
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: ok, consider it's done =)16:17
* djszapi wonders if people get the meaning of the Qt T-Shirt slogal "I am Qt", if they pronounce and spell that incorrectly.16:17
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: phako, rzr, X-Fade , Jaffa, whenu you have time  check it out —
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: ok, thanks :)16:18
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan16:19
*** piggz has quit IRC16:20
ieatlintdjszapi: personally i'd like to see a t-shirt from a qt event that doesn't consist of a pun on the word cute vs qt16:20
ieatlinti get it, funny, i have 4 different designs of the same god damn pun16:20
tomma2 Qt 4 U16:20
djszapiyou are complaining at the wrng place.16:21
djszapiwhy were you when this was /publicly/ discussed ?16:21
ieatlintunaware, apparently16:21
ieatlinti'd have spoken up if i saw the discussion16:21
djszapiI did not like the idea only because of the word Qt16:22
djszapisince it  can be mispronounced16:22
djszapiand laymans do not get it all16:22
djszapiactually, even Digia devs pronounce that wrong.16:22
ieatlinteh, laymans not getting it is fine16:22
djszapibut I was unable to provide any better, so meh16:22
ieatlintit's just reusing the same pun over and over, and it was never that entertaining to start16:22
djszapiieatlint: well, we decided about the slogan for next year: "I am still Qt" :D :D16:23
ieatlintright, next year..16:23
ieatlinti resisted the temptation to say "i'll see you at dev days"16:24
ieatlintnot sure i could've kept a straight face16:24
djszapiwell, that is still before the end of world.16:25
djszapiMayas anticipated that after the dev days :)16:25
ieatlintyes, the mayans saw selop coming :P16:26
djszapiElop, not again....16:27
*** zanoni has joined #harmattan16:27
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:37
DocScrutinizer05ieatlint: how's about "Qt ==  [kjuːt]"16:41
* ieatlint loves things that begin with "no, you're saying it wrong, let me tell you how to pronounce it"16:42
ieatlintthe people who are so "omg! you said "q t"!" make me want to replace my business cards so they say "Q.T." just to spite them16:43
djszapiieatlint: you dislike non-native English women then :p16:43
djszapiieatlint: well, common sense is not common16:44
ieatlintdjszapi: a woman introducing herself by correcting you is about as appealing to me as me introducing myself to her by correcting her16:45
djszapiI think, you should just take it easy.16:45
djszapiit is not this embarrassing, as you think.16:45
djszapialso, from the first line of the wikipage:16:45
* ieatlint was just on Angerstasse16:45
djszapi"Qt (play /ˈkjuːt/ "cute", or unofficially as Q-T cue-tee[5][6]) is a cross-platform application framework"16:46
djszapiso, it is not that, if you know anything about Qt, you cannot pronounce.16:46
djszapimost people just do not wanna pronounce correctly.16:46
djszapiwell, I dislike that.16:46
djszapibut just to assure you, there are already a huge mismatching pronounciation standard ongoing around QBS.16:47
ieatlintsounds like we missed a chance to schedule a whole 50min discussion at the summit on pronunciation16:47
djszapiwell, we did not.16:47
djszapisomeone said at the summit, stupid people are stupid16:47
djszapiit is like distributing "plasma-active" or "active"16:48
djszapihow one likes.16:48
djszapior someone even calls those "plasma".16:48
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:48
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:48
DocScrutinizer05whatever that is "angerstrasse"16:49
* DocScrutinizer05 reads "angsthase"16:49
djszapitotally insane to distribute totally different terms, pronounciations, etc.16:49
ieatlinthad lunch by there earlier16:51
*** rnovacek has quit IRC16:51
DocScrutinizer05hm, probably I'm again missing the context16:51
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan16:52
ieatlinteh, i still get to giggle every now and then as the english vs german meanings16:53
* DocScrutinizer05 concludes Angestrasse must be in Duesseldorf?16:53
ieatlinta bit outside of it16:53
DocScrutinizer05well, this been one of the instances when I did *not* notice this16:53
DocScrutinizer05anger, ok!16:54
DocScrutinizer05I frequently smile when looking at arbitrary German beer bottle labels, like "eku Hell"16:55
*** piggz_ has quit IRC16:56
aard_DocScrutinizer05: "Fucking Hell"16:56
ieatlintmany a kid giggles in german classes in the US when their vocabularly list gives the german word for "thick"16:56
ieatlintmy german is so hilariously bad that when i try to use it, people just respond in english16:57
DocScrutinizer05Ass ( == ace ) also is nice16:57
DocScrutinizer05we (like everybody) appreciate much when you *try*, so we're just proud we could answer in english16:58
ieatlintyeah, everyone is always very nice about it16:59
aard_in the nokia office my former colleagues told me they found the 'Ausfahrt' signs hilarious. took some explaining until I got it17:00
DocScrutinizer05that for sure takes some explanations for me as well til I might get it17:01
ieatlintyeah, heh17:01
ieatlinti've also laughed at Rathaus17:01
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan17:02
ieatlinttoo poetic for "Rathaus" to be city hall17:02
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:02
DocScrutinizer05seems to the point more often than not ;-D17:02
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan17:03
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC17:03
Lava_Croftif you are a tourist in germany and thinking of going across the border to buy weed in the Netherlands, dont bother17:06
ieatlintgee, thanks17:07
Lava_Croftno, really17:07
ieatlintyes, i'm aware of recent changes to the law17:07
DocScrutinizer05indeed, a poor idea17:07
Lava_Croftthe introduced some kind of potsmoker ID card17:07
ieatlintand also the fact that if i tried to bring it back over, i'd be very very sorry17:07
Lava_Croftso only true dutch people with a valid potsmoker ID card can buy pot in a coffeeshop17:07
DocScrutinizer05exactly that17:07
Lava_Croftwell, you can take it germany just fine17:07
Lava_Croftback to the USA orso, well...17:07
aard_ieatlint: depends, if you don't have long hair or are not black there are good chances they'll not check you...17:07
Lava_Croftthey will17:08
ieatlintbut seeing as i don't smoke pot and i come from a place where the laws on pot are more lax than the netherlands, i'm not too concerned17:08
Lava_Croftour laws arent lax:)17:08
Lava_Croftour enforcement is17:08
ieatlintaard_: i got stopped driving into france once because they thought i had pot17:09
DocScrutinizer05indeed, laws in your place are amazingly liberal, ieatlint17:09
Lava_Crofti got stopped at the belgian border aeons ago17:09
ieatlintand my hair was neither long, and i'm quite pale17:09
Lava_Crofti was wearing a cypress hill tshirt17:09
ieatlintDocScrutinizer05: can't tell if that's sarcasm :P17:09
DocScrutinizer05quite pale isn't good either ;-)17:09
ieatlintbut in california, you can carry up to 28g of pot, and if you get caught, they confiscate the pot, and give you a citation that is legally equiv. to a parking ticket17:10
DocScrutinizer05no sarcasm, I think they got this doctor's-prescription thing there, no?17:10
Lava_Croftwe have prescription pot17:10
ieatlintand yep, if a doctor says pot will help you with a condition/disease, you get a card, and can then buy it from pot stores17:10
aard_ieatlint: I've been living in aachen for some time, working in cologne. I sometimes got stopped several times a week at the trainstation17:10
DocScrutinizer05here you're going to do time in jail, if odd comes to odd, when they catch you with >10g or sth17:11
Lava_Croftwe also have government owned warehouses full of their sanctioned pot, because people rather get pot with actual THC17:11
ieatlintDocScrutinizer05: free housing, food and medical care? that sounds like a dream for an american :P17:12
Lava_Croftisnt that completely unamerican17:12
Lava_Croftfree housing, free food and free medicare17:12
ieatlintno, especially when someone else is paying for it17:13
Lava_Crofta real american doesnt need free things17:13
DocScrutinizer05of course your driver's licence is void as well, when they pick you up with weed17:13
ieatlinteh, only in germany for me, would still be valid elsewhere17:13
DocScrutinizer05for Germans however it's like doing a idiot's test which costs some 1000 bucks17:14
DocScrutinizer05s/it's like/it means/17:14
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: for Germans however it means doing a idiot's test which costs some 1000 bucks17:15
DocScrutinizer05and pissing into a bottle every week, for a year or longer17:15
DocScrutinizer05and of course not smoking pot during that time17:15
Lava_Croftyou know whats a funny thing to notice17:15
ieatlintyeah, california has a much more lax and ultimately scary attitude toward it all :/17:15
aard_ieatlint: depends if you're only on vacation in germany, or working (and registered) there17:15
DocScrutinizer05otherwise, no driving17:15
Lava_Croftthe cleaning cloth supplied with the N900 is rather horrible17:16
Lava_Croftcertainly compared to the one that Apple supplies with (i think) their imacs17:16
Lava_Croftthe apple one actually removes skinfat17:16
ieatlintaard_: indeed just here on vacation17:16
ieatlintand i doubt i'll do any driving either.. i'm taking the train to amsterdam wednesday17:16
Lava_Croftpoor you:<17:17
ieatlintLava_Croft: just get one of the cloths for cleaning eye glasses17:17
Lava_Croftieatlint: i have apple cleaning cloths17:17
ieatlintthey work extremely well on screens as well, and are cheap17:17
Lava_Croftand yeah, i know17:17
Lava_Croftthe moist ones17:17
Lava_Croftthey work really well17:17
DocScrutinizer05ieatlint: you should rent a car and enjoy German highway, for an evening17:18
ieatlintno, i meant the dry cloths, although the moist single-use ones are good too17:18
aard_Lava_Croft: my strategy is letting my wife see that my phone needs cleaning ;)17:18
Lava_Crofthah, i clean my wife's iphone:P17:18
ieatlintDocScrutinizer05: i've driven across Germany three times before :P17:18
aard_(works with notebook displays as well)17:18
ZogG_laptopLava_Croft: i thought you are female from your nick17:18
DocScrutinizer05ok, then you probably don't get any thrill from it anymore :-)17:19
aard_ZogG_laptop: having a wife does not mean that you have to be male nowadays :p17:19
Lava_CroftZogG_laptop: sorry to break the spell then17:19
ieatlintyou start in a city at 120km, suddenly no limit and you're going 160, then 5min later you're going 20kmh as you drive through road construction ... repeat each of those three in random order at 5min intervals17:19
Lava_Croft+! aard17:19
Lava_Crofter +117:19
ZogG_laptopaard_: bad idea, once my girl cleaned keyboard when the screen was just off and comp worked, i got kernel panic and it took me to ix it. dunno what she has done than17:19
DocScrutinizer05ieatlint: well, that's true for some routes17:20
infobotZogG_laptop meant: aard_: bad idea, once my girl cleaned keyboard when the screen was just off and comp worked, i got kernel panic and it took me to fix it. dunno what she has done than17:20
ZogG_laptopdamn, girl = girl friend17:20
DocScrutinizer05actually it's hard to find a nice highway section without any tempo limits17:21
ieatlintthere were a couple i remember17:21
aard_ZogG_laptop: wrong choice of girlfriend, probably. maybe include 'clean the notebook without crashing it' in future dating17:21
ieatlintbut i've always ended up in a shitty car that would top out at 200kmh downhill17:21
DocScrutinizer05get a better car! ;-P17:23
ieatlintbut i wanted to use diesel fuel17:23
*** KRF has quit IRC17:24
DocScrutinizer05aaah, yeah then...17:24
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC17:25
ZogG_laptopaard_: it was desktop17:26
ZogG_laptopaard_: i never had computer freak gf =\17:26
aard_ZogG_laptop: 'cleaning without breaking' != 'computer freak' :p17:27
ZogG_laptopaard_: ok, i'll rephrase, whose who understand anything in computers except facebook17:27
*** shadeslayer has joined #harmattan17:27
*** KRF has joined #harmattan17:27
aard_ZogG_laptop: they only need to understand 'cleaning cloth' and 'detergent', the part about not breaking it can be karma or intuition. therefore the test when dating17:28
DocScrutinizer05you don't even to understand "detergent" - simply don't touch it17:31
DocScrutinizer05have to*17:31
DocScrutinizer05slightly damp or even dry microfibre cloth is it17:32
* ieatlint 's gf is a linux sysadmin :P17:33
ieatlintshe seems to do alright with computers and not breaking things17:33
DocScrutinizer05I think I've seen like 3 female engineers in our whole ~400 people office17:35
ieatlintdepressingly rare17:36
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC17:37
ZogG_laptopmerlin1991: ping17:42
merlin1991ZogG_laptop: pong17:44
*** tom_ has quit IRC17:45
merlin1991ZogG_laptop: maybe put that on some place on the wiki too?17:47
merlin1991I fear people searching for that info won't find it so easily on tmo :D17:47
ZogG_laptopmerlin1991: i hope someone would do it, i sent woody the link17:48
ZogG_laptopi'm not good it howtos and formating and grammar, so i wouldn't do it. and i don't want btw after past events =)17:49
* ZogG_laptop turns on mode — do for yourself maybe share it and mention it once, if someone sees it — good for them, if not — bad for them17:50
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:59
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:01
*** spenap_afk is now known as spenap18:12
*** piggz has joined #harmattan18:14
*** piggz__ has quit IRC18:17
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan18:20
*** nidO has quit IRC18:22
*** beford has joined #harmattan18:25
*** astm has joined #harmattan18:27
ZogG_laptopbeford: approved?18:27
befordhey ZogG_laptop , not yet18:27
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan18:28
*** astm has left #harmattan18:29
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: i would like you to build only russia version, so i don't need to change local to test the translation in app18:34
ZogG_laptopi pulled request for ya18:35
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: there is a --locale CLI option in Mieru for testing translations :)18:35
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: than can you build the deb ?18:36
M4rtinK(because I had the same problem before issue before :) )18:36
ZogG_laptoptoo many before18:37
ZogG_laptopu see my pull request18:37
M4rtinKok :)18:37
ZogG_laptopi just got confused in few things and it18:37
*** pa has quit IRC18:37
ZogG_laptops better to see in app. and still not sure if i would translate it right, as it's not easy to find alternativies for some words18:38
befordI hope e-yes doesn't stop nitdroid dev18:40
ZogG_laptopbeford: sorry to say to you that most chances he did18:42
befordoh well18:42
befordI need to learn russian18:43
ZogG_laptopand it's not coz he didn't get device, he wanted n950 only to support n950 better but could continue with n9 =) it's matter of principe'18:43
befordi know its his decision, and I support it18:44
ZogG_laptopthose too are enuf i think18:46
*** pa has joined #harmattan18:50
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan18:52
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:54
beforduhm my n9 doesn't seem to be charging19:00
*** acidjunkie is now known as matlab19:00
*** matlab is now known as acidjunkie19:00
ZogG_laptopacidjunkie: mak your mind up19:01
*** unreal_ has joined #harmattan19:03
*** unreal_ is now known as unreal-19:03
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan19:06
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: here you go:
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: run it with python /opt/mieru/ -u QML -p harmattan --locale ru19:19
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: i'm taking out my mom and sister's daughter, so i'll do it lately19:32
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan19:39
*** elldekaa has quit IRC19:40
*** f15h has joined #harmattan19:46
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan19:46
*** teleshoes has joined #harmattan19:48
*** vape has joined #harmattan19:48
vapehello.. can anyone help me to find the emmc image to flash my nokia n9 ?19:49
infobotmethinks flashing is
teleshoeshey itsnotabigtruck19:50
teleshoesis there any reason a script shouldnt exist to generate refhashlist?19:51
teleshoesnot to be run automatically, because that would defeat the point of having it, but if done by a human, with a human seeing what changed, it should be a good thing, yea?19:52
vapeI am not able to use navifirm... i need link... or if anyone has the navifirm, if he can help me, and find the emmc file link, then copy/paste it for me...19:53
*** vape has quit IRC20:00
teleshoesor does it already exist?20:03
*** aquarius has quit IRC20:06
jonnivape: navifirmex works in linux through wine.20:07
*** rcg has quit IRC20:07
jonniteleshoes: atleast I have made me a perl script, that goes through refhashlist, and if it finds sha1sum differences, it patches the file and resigns it. So that kind of script exists. but most likely there isnt a script that generates it from scratch.20:08
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:09
teleshoeshah, i just did the same thing20:09
teleshoesit would be nice if that were in inception20:09
jonninot really, people are just to much of users to use that kind of feature20:10
teleshoesi dunno20:10
teleshoeslike, someone just replaced their grob with the android one20:10
teleshoesrun this magic script20:10
teleshoeset voila20:10
teleshoesno bootloops for breakfast20:10
teleshoesyou cant really tell an enduser to edit the refhashlist and resign it with accli20:11
teleshoesbut you could say type in terminal: fixy-hash-list20:11
*** piggz has quit IRC20:13
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: no problem :)20:13
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:16
jonniteleshoes: definition of user:
teleshoesi mean20:18
teleshoesif they can get inception working...20:18
jonniif you offer fixy-hash-list for normal endusers, it causes more harm that good.20:18
teleshoesyea probably..20:18
teleshoesi always have trouble envisioning how stupid people really are20:18
jonniif endusers doesnt known howto sign refhashlist with accli, then he shouldnt be doing it.20:18
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:19
teleshoesi just wish the world wasnt a moron20:19
*** ab has quit IRC20:19
jonniits handy for advanced users, but for them writing such a script takes 5 minutes, so most likely thats why there has not been any need to share that kind of scripts.20:21
teleshoesanyway, it would have saved me 5 min,20:22
teleshoesso im going to post it20:23
teleshoesor rather arie is20:23
jonnijust remember to add disclaimers, that they propably shouldn't use it unless they allready know how accli works and have signed refhashlist manually before.20:23
teleshoesbtw, i didnt realize that missing files didnt bootloop20:24
teleshoesthere are hundreds of files in the hash list that arent on my phone20:24
teleshoesis that normal/expected?20:24
jonniit depends on missing files, some missing files do cause malf, depends if they are marked as mandatory or not.20:25
heymasterI have few labels and textfields and they not fit on the screen ? How to view scrollable ? (in QML) ?20:35
heymastermake view*20:35
phakoThat's a flickable20:38
heymasterphako: thanks20:39
heymasterphako: it's container ?20:39
heymasterphako: I required to specify contentHeight ?20:42
phakoyes, otherwise it doesn't work20:42
heymasterphako: I can specify parent width and height ?20:43
*** danielcbit has quit IRC20:45
*** zanoni has quit IRC20:45
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:45
KozziZogG: do you plan to add gif support to imgrup ?20:45
*** zanoni has joined #harmattan20:47
*** teleshoes has left #harmattan20:49
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan20:49
KozziImage element doesn't seem to support it but with WebView you can display gif images20:49
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan20:49
*** ab has joined #harmattan20:55
tommaand with AnimatedImage21:00
heymasterphako: thanks21:04
Kozzieh.. the version I have seems to be ancient.. the latest code use animatedimage21:04
heymasteranyone knows how parent.height to int or real?21:04
heymasterspecifically: Unable to assign QDeclarativeAnchorLine to double21:05
KozziAnimatedImage doesn't seem to work with this
heymasterlooks like worked property real val1: parent.width21:08
heymasterno, havent21:11
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan21:15
*** Siosm has quit IRC21:26
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:26
*** beford has quit IRC21:55
*** tbf has joined #harmattan21:56
*** snowpong has quit IRC22:11
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:12
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC22:23
*** piggz has quit IRC22:25
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan22:27
*** lamikr has quit IRC22:28
*** aparaatti has joined #harmattan22:29
aparaattiHi, can I somehow recover security code without wiping my personal info?22:29
*** tbf has quit IRC22:30
aparaattior does some one know, what will be wiped as personal info...22:30
jonniaparaatti: not unless you work for nokia :)22:30
aparaattijonni: ok... thanks22:30
jonnifor others secure wipe wipes all the personal info to factory defaults22:31
aparaattijonni: so it will also delete the apps?22:31
aparaatti...and if I take backups will they recover apps?22:31
jonninope backup only backups calender, contacts, etc, so you need to reinstall apps one by one.22:32
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan22:32
jonniatleast currently... in the future there might be alternative backup application that recovers also the apps.22:32
aparaatticould I manually like copy /opt/ or something?22:33
jonnino luck as checksums wont match. if you use openmode, then its another story.22:35
Kozziaparaatti: that's why always backup your debs22:36
Kozziespecially those which you buy from ovi store22:36
*** mschlens has quit IRC22:37
aparaattidoes it save the debs somewhere?22:38
*** sakea has joined #harmattan22:38
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan22:39
*** sakea has quit IRC22:40
aparaattiI'm just going travelling tomorrow, so wondered if I could get locking working...22:40
Kozziwhen you download from ovi store, it saves them temporally somewhere22:40
aparaattibut I guess I'll just live without for now :)22:41
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan22:42
jonniand ofcourse if you have set trusted person, then you can recover the code easily :)22:42
jonnibut most likely you havent, since otherwise you wouldnt be asking the question :)22:43
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:43
aparaattiyup not that... I guess I added the trac&protect password at some point, and now I have no idea what it was... T22:44
*** tbf has joined #harmattan22:44
jonniyep thats quite common that people havent setup the code before setting up t&p, and there there is noway to know whats the code.22:45
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aparaattiok, thanks for info, good night22:48
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ZogG_laptoponly few speak and they are too loud =) and do not care they'll forget in a week, and nobody happy with leaderes =)23:05
ZogG_laptopit's just amuse me23:05
ZogG_laptopand fund raising ? i wouldn't donate a penny for people that would decide if they deserve for themselves to buy something from that money =)23:07
ZogG_laptopand everyone said to let it go =)23:08
ZogG_laptopKozzi: where exactly? on upload preview? as i think i fixed gifs in gallery23:13
*** tbf has quit IRC23:14
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: ^ read the link above, the point of why the people were upset and conflict of interests were switched to talk about Arie23:14
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