IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-06-03

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heymasterSo code competition we need to write new app ?00:41
heymasterand competition will be till summer end ?00:47
heymasteri don't see the date00:47
heymasterIt's great because i will have to code my app.00:49
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heymasterreally don't know if I finish my app, but maybe will learn something new00:51
itsnotabigtruckanyone know what spec the N9s that'll be disbursed are?00:54
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Elleoitsnotabigtruck: black 16gb00:59
itsnotabigtruckat least they aren't magenta :p01:01
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diorahmanhow are you harmattan? :-)07:56
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ibrakalifahave a nice weekend everybody10:44
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Creteilhi all16:04
Creteilcan someone here have some experiments with the face recognition of PR1.2 ?16:04
Creteildon't know why, but before my problem, when I was in Gallery, clicking on the '?' icon, then I can enter the First name of the person, and I have suggestion popping up  ...16:06
CreteilActually, clicking on the '?' icon and entering the First name of the person, I have a box popping up but this box is completely blank (no choice), obviously, the First name I typed exist in the Contacts ...16:08
CreteilSomeone have an idea about this problem ?16:08
CreteilPING 133872895068316:09
DocScrutinizer51dman, channel CTCP?16:10
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, yes16:10
mankelicould you also take out your dick and wave it around a bit? that would surely inspire people to answer16:11
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, -> /ping #harmattan16:11
Creteilmankeli, slow down little padawaw take a prozac and relax :-)16:12
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer5116:12
*** DocScrutinizer51 sets mode: +C 16:13
*** DocScrutinizer51 sets mode: -c 16:13
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer5116:13
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer5116:13
epa_jonni: is route would have been wrong then ping and wget would not have workedö16:14
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DocScrutinizer51fixed, relax16:15
epa_jonni: so tomma's comment about network damager was rather believable16:15
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CreteilDocScrutinizer51, by the way I don't really understand why ctcp ping the chan is so problematic ...16:16
DocScrutinizer51DONT PANIC!16:16
* Corsac grabs a towel16:16
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, I do not panic at all :-)16:16
DocScrutinizer51Creteil: cannel CTCP cause all sorts of weird reactions on all cna users' IRC clients16:17
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: Creteil: cannel CTCP cause all sorts of weird reactions on all chan users' IRC clients16:17
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, wow even after many years of IRC existence there is bad implemented clients ...16:18
DocScrutinizer51well, what's the use of such a PING to channel anyway?16:19
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, just looking the lag of users between me ...16:19
DocScrutinizer51you're lucky that freenode marshal bots haven't k-lined you16:20
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, tbh I don't remember to be k-lined for something like that ...16:21
CorsacI think I just ignore ctcps16:21
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, Maybe efnet side is more permissive ...16:21
DocScrutinizer51easy: /join some 10+ channels, then do /msga Hi guys it's me16:22
CreteilCorsac, on my side I don't panic because I receive a ctcp 'something'16:22
DocScrutinizer51xpost-spamming, gets detected by bots which are in more than 2 chan you post same stuff same time16:23
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CreteilDocScrutinizer51, there is difference between your explanation and my simple -> /ping #harmattan imho ... anyhow, I think the best way to disable this sort of conversation in the futur is to remember to not panic #harmattan users and avoid this command ...16:25
DocScrutinizer51err wut?16:25
DocScrutinizer51which explanation?16:25
DocScrutinizer51I gave an instruction to get kline, in case you're eager16:25
DocScrutinizer51unrelated to CTCP16:25
DocScrutinizer51the best way is to have a asshat chanop that sets +C16:26
DocScrutinizer51try /ping #harmattan again!16:26
Creteil+C disable ctcp ...16:27
Creteilso ?16:27
DocScrutinizer51so problem fixed16:27
DocScrutinizer51[03.06.2012 15:12:53] *** ChanServ gibt Ihnen Operator-Status.16:28
DocScrutinizer51[03.06.2012 15:13:10] *** Sie setzen den Kanalmodus +C16:28
DocScrutinizer51fixed since 15 min16:28
CreteilThis is where we divert ... I don't think -> /ping #harmattan is a problem that need to be fixed :-) ...16:28
DrGrovHi DocScrutinizer51. How are you doing?16:29
DocScrutinizer51well, chan policies are obviously not anything you should get headache about16:29
DocScrutinizer51that's my duty after all16:29
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, yes do what you want, I just follow your choices :-)16:30
DocScrutinizer51in #maemo we got +C before #harmattan existed, since a bot abused it for spamming16:30
DocScrutinizer51that's why I was surprised to find it wasn't set in here16:31
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, ok ...16:31
DocScrutinizer51since IIRC it was an official recommendatin of freenode admins back when16:32
DocScrutinizer51I'm rather unambitious - if half a dozen users of this chan requests -C, I'll set it without any bad feelings16:33
DocScrutinizer51hi DrGrov16:33
DocScrutinizer51DrGrov: wasting my weekend with laptops and IRC and shitstorms/flamewars16:34
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, on my side I don't care do it like you prefer :-)16:34
DocScrutinizer51your servant16:34
DrGrovDocScrutinizer51: That sound nasty, shitstorms/flamewars can be tough. I hope the shit is not flying too hard :)16:34
DocScrutinizer51meh, I'm just ignoring those who are so extremely obviously off the line16:35
DocScrutinizer51doing my little chanop and admin jobs, on IRC, on servers, on my own new laptop...16:36
DocScrutinizer51and shake my head in sad disbelief16:36
DrGrovDamn, you should get a hug. Could help? :)16:37
DrGrovWhat new laptop did you get?16:37
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, I don't know if you understand French a little, but this one is a perl :
DocScrutinizer51not all users are like " DocScrutinizer, are you mad? +C??? I think you should kickban yourself from this chan"16:38
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, where did you see that ?16:39
DocScrutinizer51accusing about those who manage things not obeying those who got NFC is nothing to really worry about16:39
DocScrutinizer51well, Creteil, it was in #maemo and it wasn't +C but ~tmo16:40
DocScrutinizer51if you dunno who, check ~hen16:41
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DocScrutinizer51fools going berserk16:41
DocScrutinizer51DrGrov: lenovo T50016:41
DrGrovDocScrutinizer: Oooh, Lenovo is cool :)16:41
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, sorry but I really don't understand this conversation orientation ...16:42
DocScrutinizer51Creteil: nevermind16:42
DocScrutinizer51it's actually not worth bothering16:42
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, sure16:43
DocScrutinizer51thanks for showing me there's reasonable users as well16:43
CreteilDocScrutinizer51, NP16:43
phakosomething wrong with cobs?16:49
phakoqmake -recursive PREFIX=/opt/Helium16:50
phakoUsage: /usr/bin/qmake [mode] [options] [files]16:50
phakoworks fine in SB16:50
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rantomIs it just me or should the stand by screen clock be faster?17:11
rantomIIRC it being faster, it changes for me approximately once in three minutes17:11
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jaywinkhey. anyone have much experience with python-gconf on the N9? trying to set up listening for key changes with gconf.client_get_default ().notify_add() method (also called add_dir before that). when the key changes the whole app dies with 'Segmentation fault' :P19:10
jaywinkso the gconf server is clearly trying to call the callback function but something somewhere is badly wrong .. any debugging tips?19:12
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jaywinktried also like it's done here: using GConfViewer pretty much copied as it is - still segfault when key changes :(19:25
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bluesleeI have the following line in my desktop file Exec=/usr/bin/invoker --single-instance --type=e /usr/bin/ "Parameter1" "Parameter2"23:07
bluesleethe invoker command works perfectly from the command line but not from the desktop icon23:08
bluesleeany hints?23:08
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