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sj2Hi, I created a game that works wel in desktop but when I put it in the N9 the y and x are inverted, so it doesn't work, I tought it was something related to the orientation, so I used lockportrait, but everything is inverted, do you have an idea of what's wrong?02:33
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sj2Hi, I have a problem with a game I developed for harmattan, when I use createComponent every component appears rotated03:08
sj2so the X and Y are inverted03:08
sj2is there anyway to fix this?03:08
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* Richlv gathers the courage to upgrade n9 over wifi05:42
Richlvlast time it went badly :>05:42
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KleggasHi. Could anyone point me in direction of what options to use with Flickable to make it stay on the item when I release my finger from the screen? I google half night and everywhere I ended up they only showed the same options for Flickable that I already used/tried/played with, and still when flicking and releasing my finger from screen, it went back to top item in list :)14:49
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phakoKleggas: that usually indicates an issue with the contentHeight15:03
phakoDo I see that correct that there are something like three versions of Nokia's Qt components in the SDK? The ones in Scratchbox, the ones in Madde and the ones in the Simulator?15:04
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phakowith the ones in madde differing slightly from the ones in SB, but a lot more from the ones in the Simulator?15:04
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Kleggasphako: thanks, I will look into that one. Didn't occur to me something like that could cause it, thought I missed some option somewhere15:15
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phakolbt: Who can I ping about build issues on COBS?17:33
phakoI mean issues with my code I don't understand and which don't happen in scratchbox17:33
X-Fadephako: What's up?17:34
phakoI tried to import Helium into OBS17:34
phakolet me find the log17:34
phakoqmake -recursive PREFIX=/opt/Helium17:35
phakoUsage: /usr/bin/qmake [mode] [options] [files]17:35
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phakoI don't really get what it's trying to tell me ;)17:35
phakoX-Fade: ^17:35
X-FadeProbably that you are using a param which it doesn't know ;)17:36
phakono, -recursive exists according to the help it spits out in the log17:36
phakocan you access ?17:37
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X-Fadephako: Did you try a local build?17:38
phakonot OBS17:38
phakoworks great in scratchbox though17:38
phakoI take that back17:39
lbtshouldn't it be:  PREFIX=/opt/Helium qmake -recursive17:39
X-FadeYeah, think so.17:39
X-FadeYou are specifying an env. var.17:39
phakono, that works fine in my other projects17:39
lbtcan't find your .pro file?17:41
lbtpossibly being run from the wrong dir17:41
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phakolooks like the three .pro files are confusing qmake.17:43
phakosorry for bothering you two ;)17:44
X-Fadephako: No problem, was doing a local build to check it out :)17:44
phakoweird that it worked in scratchbox17:46
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X-FadeMight be busybox related?17:48
X-FadeAs we use bash in OBS.17:49
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phakoahh, because the directory is called Helium, then qmake picks up Helium.pro17:51
phakoand on OBS its called helium-0.4.017:51
phakothen it doesn't know which .pro to use.17:52
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djszapibeford: ping18:09
djszapibeford: do you have a terminal emulator installed on Mac by default ?18:10
djszapibeford: can you please check what flow control values you can set in there ?18:10
beford> < ?18:11
befordthat will work,18:11
djszapibeford: pardon ?18:12
djszapi -> you should look for something like this18:12
befordyou mean like hyperterminal18:12
djszapiwhatever really18:12
djszapiit can even be command line based like minicom18:12
befordI thought you meant a la xterm, terminal emulator. I have not seen anything like that but let me recheck18:13
tgalalsomeone has just posted this comment on the wazapp video on youtube: Is it gonna be released soon? Is there a release date? lol18:13
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djszapiwell, Linux and Windows have terminal emulators18:14
djszapithough the hyperterminal is not free in Windows 7.18:14
djszapiyou can see the flow control settings in there.18:15
befr0dthats the only thing that can be used as serial terminal "by default"18:17
befr0dnothinkg else18:17
djszapibeford: I do not really see a flow control settings in thre.18:17
befordthere is nothing by default installed it seems18:20
befordI was checking18:20
djszapianything you can install from elsewhere ?18:21
befordminicom from homebrew/fink/macports18:22
befordor Zterm18:23
befr0di have transfer options from zterm, let me upload the screen18:24
djszapibeford: all I care, is the flow control settings.18:25
befordtransfer options could be the same?18:25
djszapinot sure what you mean.18:25
befordI see it now18:26
befordFlow control: Xon/Xoff and Hardware Handshake18:27
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djszapibeford: in which application ?18:30
djszapibeford: thanks for your effort.18:32
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JioHi I'm having troubles displaying png images with gradients, I found in TMO that has something to do with the images being 24 bit, is there a way on the fly to dither the image? or do something to display it correctly?18:51
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Sazpaimon_so it took a while, but I finally extracted all the qml form the nokia accounts plugin18:56
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befordwhat procedure did you follow Sazpaimon_ ?19:09
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Sazpaimon_beford, I got a program called GammaRay which lets you inspect a Qt application19:13
Sazpaimon_getting it on the N9 was a task, and it has no actual export feature for resources19:14
Sazpaimon_so I had to VNC in and copy/paste all the QML and manually create the files19:14
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rigohey, anybody has a pointer to a good description what " open mode"  means? When I recovered from having bricked my phone, the recovery put it in open mode20:50
djszapirigo: custom kernel20:52
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MohammadAGdjszapi: Not necessarily, loading a one time custom kernel shifts the device to open mode21:54
MohammadAGOpen mode means aegis is disabled, and you won't be able to use your Nokia account21:54
djszapihow can a "one time custom kernel" not be a custom kernel ? :D21:55
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rigodjszapi, but it works like charm on N9 the N950 custom kernel. Perhaps a misperception, but I have the feeling the battery lasts longer21:58
djszapirigo: how is that related to what I said ?21:58
rigocustom kernel21:59
djszapiopen mode means customer kenel21:59
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djszapiit has been meaning that for two years unless something has changed recently.21:59
MohammadAGdjszapi: When you load a kernel and initrd into ram it isn't changing the kernel yet triggers open mode22:32
MohammadAGWhich is dumb as fuck22:32
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: so no ovi store in open mode?22:33
djszapiI recall that.22:33
MohammadAGNo idea, I meant for syncing22:34
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: what does it sync anyway22:34
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i think i had one contact there was "synced with nokia" thing22:35
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ZogG_laptophow can i sync contacts and where i can see them (web service or anything?)22:36
ZogG_laptopbtw does anyone know how to refresh bday calendar?22:37
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ZogG_laptoplol i just used sync nokia aacount and got all contacts i edited and changed names back to original (or double)22:38
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djszapiHas anybody used the modulo operator in a qml file ?23:22
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VelmontWhat's a good start for doing N9 development? I've seen different tutorials etc. I might want to use python and pyside. I did make something small, but it doesn't feel like a real n9 app at all. The tab button bar behaviour is strange :]23:36
VelmontAny small example projects that are somewhat advanced?23:36
djszapifirst you should have an idea.23:37
djszapior, if you do not, it is better to join others who have.23:38
VelmontWell, I do, -- I want to make a map with public cycles, and the statuses of them. Like   (3 bikes, 7 locks)23:38
VelmontAnd then find the nearest bike, or the nearest lock (and show the options).23:38
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VelmontSo maybe like Ā«BiksterĀ» (did a search), but for Oslo/Norway.23:40
thpthe sexy time picker is only available in MeeGo Touch, not QML - am I right? :/23:59

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