IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-06-01

mankelino 1.300:00
RST38hIs it only me, or are RSS updates not working in thelatest firmware?00:01
mankeliworks for me00:02
RST38hn9or n950?00:02
arceanfor me also, n950 + final 1.200:03
ajalkanen9 1.2 final, n950 1.2 beta... working fine00:04
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ZogG_laptopsome idiot gave advice on forum to make tracker-control -r and than added that it removes contacts and msgs00:10
ZogG_laptopyou say those things before00:10
ZogG_laptopsometimes i hate some people on TMO just blahbing =)00:11
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ZogG_laptopnice music player segfaults =)00:19
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ZogG_laptopdoes backup deletes new contacts?00:36
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ajalkaneZogG_laptop: backup does not delete. Restoring howerer... don't know. Restoring has been quite troublesome for me when trying to migrate to newer PR.00:50
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DocScrutinizer51restoring of  backups taken with older PR aren't generally supposed to work01:01
ieatlintwhich is pretty funny when you're supposed to do a backup before upgrading01:02
ajalkaneFunny is what funny does. Yay, I'm funny!01:03
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ieatlintand we all appreciate it01:05
ajalkaneTMO should have "funny is what funny does" device program. Then I could apply based on my habit of backupping before new PR and trying restore - only to fail.01:10
ajalkaneBut I have to go sleeping now, or I'm gonna fail being funny tomorrow.01:11
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ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer: ajalkane, restore worked but it was made on 11/11/11 (nice date) . So most settings and most contacts are gone and few msgs with important data are gone, thanks to idiot who post advice and only after few lines telling it might delete msgs and contacs01:28
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Sazpaimon_my god this qt4 build is FINALLY finished02:35
Sazpaimon_now to dpkg -i *git20120125*.deb02:36
ieatlinteveryone loves webkit02:36
ieatlinti blame kde.02:36
Sazpaimon_i blame google02:36
ieatlintgoogle was late to the party, don't see how it's their fault02:36
Sazpaimon_doesn't matter, blame google02:37
ieatlinti blame the pope02:37
ieatlinthe had the divine power to stop it, and did nothing02:37
Sazpaimon_nokia also used webkit in symbian for years02:38
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ieatlintso we'll agree to blame nokia?02:40
Enforcersafari used webkit before nokia iirc02:42
Enforcerbut kde was the original user of webkit (khtml)02:42
ljpI blame El NiƱo02:43
ieatlintyeah, well, there's opera, gecko and IE... and everything else is webkit, so plenty of companies to blame02:43
Enforcernokia didnt start using webkit till s60v3?02:45
Sazpaimon_i thought v2 still used webkit02:46
ieatlintoh god, what have i started02:46
Enforcermy v0.9 doesnt have webkit iirc02:47
ieatlinti though the iphone was the first phone to actually have a real browser though02:47
Enforcermy v2 is a siemens, and i cant remember02:47
SpeedEvilI had a browser on my neo197302:47
Enforcer7710 had opera02:47
SpeedEvili forget what it was.02:47
Sazpaimon_you're right Enforcer, webkit didn't happen until 200502:47
ieatlintSpeedEvil: but did it have anything resembling a reliable gsm connection, let alone gprs?02:48
SpeedEvilGPRS was quite reliable.02:48
Enforcerbrowser in 7710 had flash02:48
Enforcergood ol flash602:48
ieatlintgprs was difficult enough on the freerunner, i'm suprised it worked at all on the 197302:49
Sazpaimon_most symbian phones had flash02:49
Sazpaimon_well, flash lite02:49
Enforcerflash lite02:49
ieatlinti remember the trouble people had in getting it to "kinda" make a phone call02:49
Enforcer7710 had full flash 602:49
Sazpaimon_well 7710 was an odd creature anyway02:49
Sazpaimon_series 90 was basically maemo for symbian before maemo was a thing02:50
tehdelymy E61 had a webkit browser in 200602:50
tehdelythat phone was a beast02:50
Enforcere61 is s60v302:50
tehdelythe browser on my N9 is quite nice btw02:50
Sazpaimon_are you trolling?02:50
ieatlinti had an n80 in 2006.. was awesome02:50
tehdelyno i really do have an N902:50
tehdelyi am stroking it right now02:50
tehdelyit's the white one02:50
Sazpaimon_my first and only symbian phone was an E7102:51
Enforcerthe browser in my 7710 is quite nice btw :P02:51
tehdelyi went E61 -> E71 -> E72 -> C6-01 -> N902:51
Sazpaimon_probably one of the best phones ive ever owned02:51
tehdelyi hvae a long-term abusive relationship with Nokia02:51
DocScrutinizer51zecke worked on webkit for OM02:51
tehdelyif they ever start treating me well i might leave them for a competitor02:51
Sazpaimon_moreso than any maemo device02:51
Sazpaimon_i say that because the E71 was truly a smart PHONE02:51
Enforcermy s60v0.9 phone has a broken power button and broken bluetooth02:51
tehdelyalso there was an N97 in there for a bit02:51
DocScrutinizer51o/ SpeedEvil, btw02:51
Sazpaimon_N900 and N9 are smart, but not so much phones02:52
tehdelyN9 is a damn good phone02:52
ieatlinttehdely: don't worry, you'll get a wp7 device soon and feel abused02:52
tehdelyit was meant to be their mass market device02:52
tehdelynot a geek toy02:52
SpeedEvilI know I used lynx on it :)02:52
DocScrutinizer51but a phone02:52
tehdelythe fact that it's even rootable is remarkable02:52
Sazpaimon_tehdely, still doesn't beat my E7102:52
tehdelySazpaimon_: my E71 was a real pocket rocket02:52
tehdelybut i replaced it with an E7202:52
tehdelywhich was nothing but pain until like the 4th firmware update02:52
tehdelyG-d they shipped that thing so buggy02:52
Sazpaimon_if I didn't get an N900, I would have gotten an E73 from t-mobile02:52
ieatlintnote "pocket rocket" sounds bad02:52
ieatlintdon't offer to show it to people, etc02:53
Sazpaimon_i was seriously torn between those two devices02:53
Sazpaimon_ended up getting the N900 on a coin ttoss02:53
tehdelyhave you played with an N902:53
Sazpaimon_i own an N902:53
tehdelyah :)02:53
tehdelyoh wait02:53
Sazpaimon_still doesnt beat my E7102:53
tehdelyi though ti was in02:53
tehdelymy other channel02:53
tehdelyi was like: "wow, found another N9 user... what are the odds!'02:53
tehdelyand then i realized i'm in #harmattan02:54
tehdelyi'm REALLY sleepy02:54
Sazpaimon_yeah no N9 users here02:54
ieatlintshit, i thought i was in #wp702:54
tehdelynice to see someone who came over from Symbian at least02:54
EnforcerGH 688 > 8310 > 7650 > SX1 > 7710 > N82 > N900 > N902:54
tehdelyE61 was my first smartphone.02:54
tehdelybut i can proudly say i've used S60 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 devices, as well as S605 and Symbian^3 and MeeGo02:55
Enforcer7710, n900 and n9 complete my collection of stillborn nokias?02:55
tehdelyi've used baiscally everything except Maemo02:55
Sazpaimon_before the E71 I was going to get the E7002:55
tehdelyand Series 80/9002:55
Sazpaimon_but i saw the E71 at best buy and had to get it02:55
Sazpaimon_back when best buy sold unlocked phones02:55
tehdelybest buy had this offshoot for a while02:55
tehdelythat sold more obscure geeky toys and imports02:55
tehdelyi actually bought my E61 from them02:56
tehdelycan't remember the name of the store now, it was a failed experiment02:56
tehdelybut i bought my E71 / E72 from mobilecityonline02:56
tehdelyC6-01 was actually direct from Nokia, when they still had a US store02:56
tehdelyand the N9 was some importer in Fresno, heh02:56
Enforceryou really didnt have  choice for n902:56
Enforcerimport or dont buy :P02:56
tehdelyi was gonna have a friend in finland buy it at verkkokauppa02:56
tehdelybut i realized that shipping it would've added like $100 to the price02:57
Sazpaimon_okay so why doesn't this qt4-dev package have QFormBuilder?02:57
Enforcersomething like then?02:57
Sazpaimon_am I missing something?02:57
tehdelyEnforcer: except in the other direction02:58
tehdelyplus, VAT would've been a killer02:58
Enforcerno VAT for exports iirc02:58
tehdelyit would've been tough to prove, with the way i wanted to buy it02:59
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Enforcerhmm, forgot i had a 5110 before my 8310...03:00
ieatlintand now people in the US see my n9 and think it's a lumia 90003:00
Enforceri saw n9 and 800 side by side in a store here03:01
ieatlintand when i tell them it's not, half the time i get a look like i'm an idiot03:01
tehdelyyou have to get really offended03:01
tehdelyi have a whole line ready for that situation03:01
tehdelybut i've never gotten to use it03:01
tehdelybecause as far as i can tell, noone here knows what a lumia is either03:01
tehdelyi live in the iPhone capitol of the known universe03:01
ieatlintlast year was funnier, when people would ask me what it was i just told them the iphone 503:01
Enforcern9 was free on a plan $10/m cheaper than the 80003:01
tehdelyieatlint: good one03:02
tehdelymy plan has been to say 'THIS AIN'T NO DAMN LUMIA, SON'03:02
tehdelybut like i said03:02
tehdelynobody's asked03:02
Enforceri couldnt get close, cause the store idiot was trying to get someone to buy an 80003:02
ieatlintwhere do you think the iphone capitol is?03:02
ieatlintthat's not at all hipster03:02
Enforcerneeds more caps03:02
ieatlint"you probably haven't heard of my phone.."03:03
tehdelyi did have a moment of N9 recognition the other night, where someone was ooing and aahing and wanting to play with it03:03
tehdelybut he was severely geeky03:03
ieatlinttehdely: so where are you then?03:03
tehdelysan francisco, natch03:03
ieatlintme too03:04
tehdelyi actually did use the hipster line on someone03:04
tehdelysome guy at a bus stop thought it was pretty and asked what it was and i said03:04
tehdely"It's pretty obscure.  You probably haven't heard of it"03:04
tehdelyand winked03:04
tehdelyassuming he'd get the joke03:04
tehdelyno, he didn't03:04
Enforcerhe thought you were trying to hit on him?03:04
tehdelythat or he just thought i was a douchebag03:04
ieatlintwere you in the mission?03:05
* Enforcer wonders how much work he can avoid today03:05
tehdelyno, way out in the richmond03:05
tehdelyhe had a pretty hipster beard though03:05
* ieatlint likes the richmond03:06
ieatlintdecent bars03:06
tehdelyi like the avenues, period.  quiet, foggy, kinda mysterious.03:06
tehdelyplus you can surf03:06
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ieatlintbtw, you may be interested to know that there's a nextbus app in the ovi store now :P03:07
ieatlint(self-plug and all)03:07
tehdelyi picked up that while googling your nick ;)03:07
tehdelyalthough Nokia did finally release Public Transit03:07
tehdelyi really missed that from S^303:07
ieatlintyeah, which isn't based on live estimates03:07
ieatlintand trying to follow muni's schedule is a joke03:07
tehdelyi did not know that03:07
tehdelymuni has a schedule?03:07
ieatlinthaha, kinda03:08
tehdelyi'm convinced the tunnel ATCS is basically random03:08
tehdelyit gets a train in the turnaround and goes03:08
tehdely"ah, what the fuck.  i'm gonna make you an L L"03:08
tehdely"ah shit, i'll make you one, too"03:08
tehdely"here, have another L L on me"03:08
ieatlintnever take muni metro in the downtown corridor03:08
ieatlintmight as well walk03:08
tehdelyi only take muni if my bike's in the shop03:08
ieatlintbut yeah, i know what you mean, you see L or K go by constantly, but heaven forbid an N or a J03:09
tehdelyyou know the ATCS is some proprietary Alcatel garbage03:09
tehdelyrunning on OS/2 1.x03:09
tehdelyon a 38603:09
*** wook has quit IRC03:09
ieatlinti believe it03:09
tehdelywonder how much Foie Gras they had to feed willie brown to land that contract03:09
ieatlinti remember reading how they detect trains in the tunnel based on an IR beam going across the tracks and counting the axels03:10
ieatlintwhole thing makes bart look good03:10
tehdelyhave you ever looked inside the driver's cab when he enters the tunnel03:10
tehdelyhe has to move in, pause while ATCS recognizes him03:10
tehdelythen ATCS offers to take control03:10
* SpeedEvil thinks of .03:10
tehdelythen he acknowledges03:10
tehdelyand from that point forward he can read the newspaper or nap03:10
tehdelyit's kinda neat to watch03:10
ieatlintyeah, i've gotten stuck on the embarcadero waiting for that before entering the tunnel too many times03:11
tehdelyBART doesn't need any help looking good.  it's awesome.  their decision to go with a non-standard rail gauge is pretty boneheaded but other than that it's bad-ass03:11
ieatlintpretty much... stupidest decision they made03:11
ieatlintcustom fucking chassis..03:11
tehdelyi've heard varying explanations03:11
tehdelysome are more interesting, some are more nefarious03:12
tehdelymost believable one is "Because it allowed Bechtel to make more money"03:12
tehdelyother explanations were: "because they were originally going to run on the GGB, and a wider gauge would make for more stable trains in heavy wind"03:13
tehdelyand "to serve as a poison pill in case of a hostile take-over of the BART system by the Southern Pacific"03:13
tehdely#3 is kinda interesting.  someone in MUNI told me that03:13
SpeedEvilSkytran in principle looks interesting.03:14
SpeedEvilPacket switched single person pods on maglev rails strung on light-pole type poles.03:15
tehdelyimages of Minority Report...03:15
ieatlinthah, the GGB route was eliminated before they got too far to back out of a guage spec03:15
ieatlinti was always just told it was done to create wider cars and more stability, including in part for earthquake safety03:16
tehdelyi like how they chose an Indian rail gauge03:16
tehdelyshoulda gone Soviet if they were gonna go broad-gauge03:16
ieatlinti was unaware it actually even matched an existing rail guage03:17
tehdelyIn India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, a gauge of 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) is widespread. This is also used by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system of the San Francisco Bay Area.03:17
tehdelysays wikipedia03:17
tehdelyi think we should adopt more practices from the subcontinent03:18
tehdelylike having people ride on top of the trains03:18
tehdelycould probably help with BART's capacity issues03:18
ieatlintyeah, and i'll start programming like an indian software dev03:18
* ieatlint is sure his employer will be pleased with this03:19
tehdelyi work at a java shop03:19
tehdelyeveryone here already is03:19
ieatlinti do qt03:20
ieatlintget to work from home most of the time03:21
tehdelyi do sh/perl and don't have to shave03:21
tehdelyit's nice being the linux guy03:21
tehdelyi also make sure to keep my personality just grating enough that people don't bother me03:21
ieatlintyeah, i know your type :P03:21
tehdelyanyhow time to head home03:22
tehdelyi've been up since 403:22
tehdelyi got 0 work done today.  braindead03:22
ieatlintenjoy muni03:22
tehdelyi'm cyclin03:22
* tehdely &03:23
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itsnotabigtruckwhat's up04:42
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan05:07
*** mrmlz has joined #harmattan05:11
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ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: everything is bad =)05:12
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: do you use mfe?05:13
*** lbt has joined #harmattan05:13
*** lbt has quit IRC05:13
*** lbt has joined #harmattan05:13
ZogG_laptopit keeps deleting contacts and than re-adding them it's awkward05:13
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC05:13
*** MikaT has quit IRC05:13
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan05:13
*** MikaT has joined #harmattan05:15
itsnotabigtruckZogG_laptop: no, i don't05:19
itsnotabigtruckno idea what to do there05:19
ZogG_laptopok managed it05:23
ZogG_laptopbut still it's awfull how it sync calendars05:23
ZogG_laptopit's like i need to re-enter birthdays again05:23
ZogG_laptopwhy it doesn't sync?05:23
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC05:24
*** beford has joined #harmattan05:41
*** natunen has joined #harmattan05:46
ZogG_laptopbecause of that F$$%CEGGCDR person i lost contacts and now mfe decided to sync contacts but to delete the phone numbers05:49
ZogG_laptopnow i need to restore back05:50
ZogG_laptopcouldn't they manage at least that nokia suite would work05:50
ZogG_laptopi wouldn't say what i wish elop right now05:51
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*** truncked has joined #harmattan06:55
trunckedHi... i've been trying to flash my N9... but it's not working06:56
trunckedit's telling me X-Loader image is too big06:56
trunckedanyone faced this before ?06:56
trunckedseems so silent over here :)06:59
ZogG_laptoptoo early07:17
ZogG_laptoppeople are sleepy07:17
infobotfrom memory, flashing is
ZogG_laptopthat all i know ^07:17
ZogG_laptopnever flashed07:17
befordyou are using flasher 3.5 ?07:18
befordread the guide07:18
befordthat is for n90007:18
befordGo to the Flasher download site and download/install the version for your operating system (WinFlasher_3.12.1.exe, MacFlasher_3.12.1.dmg, flasher_3.12.1_i386.deb, or flasher_3.12.1_amd64.deb). Do not use Flasher 3.5 - it isn't compatible with the N9/N950. You can skip this step if you've already installed Flasher.07:18
befordits right there07:19
befordtruncked ^07:19
trunckedbeford: ... sorry..07:20
trunckedbut you know... i am running pclinuxos.. and didn't want to install .deb...07:20
trunckedsilly me07:20
trunckedlet me sort it out...07:20
trunckedthanks so much07:20
ZogG_laptoptruncked: compile it =P07:21
truncked:) I don't know what is "compile it"... am not very expert...07:22
trunckedi will use alien07:22
befordi think you can just extract it07:22
trunckedi hope so07:22
ZogG_laptopif it's binary and no libs inside yes - but otherwise not quite sure07:23
befordyea, flasher 3-5 was a static binary, wasnt it?07:24
trunckedok... i extracted it...07:24
trunckednow problems unable to enumerate usb buses...07:25
trunckedi faced the same earlier when i was using flasher 3507:25
befordneed to flash my n900 is getting really slow07:25
trunckedufffffffffff.. beford... unable to enumerate usb buses !07:26
trunckedZogG_laptop: any help ?07:26
befordyes I'm checking on google07:26
befordI have no idea07:26
befordI used flasher on windows07:26
trunckedit says, suitable usb interface phonet not found07:27
befordare you runing on x86_64 the 32bit binary?07:27
befordI mean did you download the correct architecture07:28
trunckedyes.. of course.. please let me reboot my pc.. coz i have been trying million things07:28
befordtry that07:28
trunckedi'll be back07:29
*** truncked has quit IRC07:29
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC07:29
heymasterWHy don't see native harmattan components using QtCreator (using cpp) ?07:32
beford"Design" mode?07:35
befordthat never has worked afaik07:35
heymasterbeford: on Simulator07:38
befordI have no idea then sorry07:38
heymasterbeford: just look07:40
befordi see the pushbutton there07:42
heymasterbeford: why i don't see harmattan styled button ?07:43
heymasterbeford: do you recomend to use Qt Quick ?07:48
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan07:48
befordthat's the only thing i have used07:51
*** vladest has quit IRC07:51
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest07:51
heymasterbeford: ok, thanks07:52
*** truncked has joined #harmattan07:55
trunckedam back07:55
trunckedwith only sad news07:55
trunckedbeford: .. still around ?07:55
trunckedplease check07:55
trunckederror in flashing .. ufff07:55
*** artemma has joined #harmattan07:56
befordrootfs failed07:56
trunckedI don't know... i think i destroyed the device07:56
trunckeddid you check pastebin ?07:56
befordit says it failed flashing rootfs07:56
befordhold on07:57
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan07:59
beforddid you have lock enabled?08:00
befordor something like that08:00
befordmfe acounts ?08:00
trunckedi use phonelock to protect my privacy08:01
trunckedso, whenever i want to start it.. i have to put the password08:01
trunckedhow can i bypass this ?08:01
*** hhartz has quit IRC08:01
trunckedany hope beford ??08:06
befordbut you will lose08:07
befordthe emmc data08:07
trunckedi don't care ... as long as i can make the phone start again08:07
trunckedi don't know where to get emmc.bin08:08
trunckedby the way08:08
befordlet me check something from the firmware files I sued08:09
trunckedJust.. tell me how to make it factory reset... like i've just bought it... please08:10
trunckedI didn't sleep yet.. and i have a tough day at work :)... and i need to call.. hehe08:11
befordseems like the same issue08:11
befordlets see if he got it sorted out08:11
befordhe tried to flash a different variant08:16
befordyou checked the product number to download the firmware, right?08:16
trunckedi didn't do that... my phone just stopped yesterday.. and i got the variant according to the number on the sim chip holder08:16
trunckedand it's true coz i know it's cyan... from the country ..08:16
trunckedyou know..08:16
trunckedi am sure i didn't do a mistake in that08:16
befordyea, if you checked the sim tray holder then its ok08:17
trunckedhow do i get the emmc bin ?08:17
trunckedwhere is it ?08:17
befordits on the flashing guide08:17
trunckedit was not in the same place of the main.bin08:17
trunckedbeford: if  i should flash emmc data... please tell me how to locate the bin file...08:20
beforddid you get navifirm?08:21
trunckedthat's how i got the firmware...08:22
trunckedbut there was only six files to download...08:22
trunckedand none of them is emmc08:22
trunckedthat's all the files related to my device08:24
jonniyou need to use care server for getting the emmc08:26
trunckedhow do i do that jonni please?08:26
jonnidefault server doesnt list emmc images08:26
trunckedcan you paste a link please08:26
jonniits an option in the ui to change the server?08:26
befordhey jonni, _signed.bin at the end means the device is sim locked or something?08:27
jonnino, it just mean that bin file is signed with nokia key08:27
trunckedthe device was not sim-locked08:27
befordah ok08:27
trunckedi just had password on the device.. and i couldn't start the device to remove the password before attempting to flash it08:28
trunckedi think that is the problem08:28
jonnitruncked: and if you read the flashing faq you would know howto bypass that08:29
trunckedjonni: a little tip would be very great from you.. please08:30
jonni  post number #108:30
trunckedjonni... i tried the care server.. no emmc image as well08:31
jonniwell and you really dont need emmc image unless you fucked you you MyDocs dir08:31
jonniflasher -f -F main.bin --erase-user-data=secure08:32
jonnithats all you need to nuke the password08:33
trunckedlet me try that...08:33
jonnithat command will take some 10-15 minutes to run, so be patient08:34
trunckedok.. but did you read my pastebin earlier ?08:34
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan08:34
jonnithat mostly looks like bad usb2 port, or broken flash memory.08:36
jonnibut erase userdata might solve the problem as erase might mark bad blocks for not to be used list.08:38
jonnisecond question is that if you had ssu'ed your pr1.2 then the flashing might fail for downgrade problem, but as that paste doesnt say downgrade errormessage, then thats not the case.08:39
jonnioh or your .bin file has been corrupted on download, one thing to test is to redownload it08:41
jonnias similar kind of rootfs write error comes if there is some byte off by one in the .bin image, and crc checksum does not match08:41
trunckedhow can i checksum the bin image ?08:44
trunckednow it's erasing... so far.. good08:44
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC08:47
*** koe_ has joined #harmattan08:50
trunckederror again08:55
trunckedi feel it's the downloaded file08:55
trunckedplease.. how can i check if it's corrupt ?08:55
*** koe_ has quit IRC08:56
trunckedbeford: .. still around ? any input ?08:56
trunckedplease ?08:56
*** hhartz has joined #harmattan08:57
trunckedjonni: , beford ... what are my options now ?08:59
jonniwell md5 checksum if you happen to know the checksum, or just redownload09:02
*** koe_ has joined #harmattan09:03
jonniif a valid bin fails to flash and there is no downgrade error, then your flash memory is just broken, and you need to bring your device to nokia care for warranty replacement09:03
jonni(ofcourse you might want to try to flash with another machine, if your linux machines usb port just is messing up)09:04
jonnitop3 reasons without any order are, bad usb port/kernel combination, crc error on bin, or broken flash memory.09:05
trunckedbut why would my flash memory get broken ?09:05
trunckedshould i try another usb you mean ?09:05
jonniflash memory breaks by design after enough writes to the device.09:05
trunckedit might work ?09:05
jonniyes sometimes flashing is successfull from different usb port, or different machine with better usb port09:06
trunckedwhat if i boot my pc with another os (from live usb)09:06
jonniand never use usb hubs as flashing with those fails for sure09:06
trunckedis it worth to try >09:06
jonniwell if your lucky changing the kernel might help, but usually changing the machine, or trying with friends PC helps even more.09:07
jonni(ofcourse if you have successfully flashed before with the same os and usb port then it doesnt explain it)09:07
trunckedi've never flashed in my life before09:08
jonnibut if this is your 1st time flashing then the port or cable might just be fuxored09:08
trunckedcan i try another usb cable >?09:08
*** koe_ has quit IRC09:08
trunckedis it standard one ? or special /09:08
jonniits standard microusb, so any microusb will do09:08
trunckedpleaes, let me tell you.. all my problems started with a flickering screen yesterday.. and it just went off...09:09
trunckedthat's why i wnt to flash now09:09
trunckedi am not able to strt the phone09:09
jonniand you havent been overclocking or anything?09:09
trunckedwhat is overclocking ?09:09
trunckedby the way09:09
trunckedmaybe i was doing it un-knowingly09:10
jonniheh you cannot oc unknowningly, so dont worry09:10
trunckeddo you think it might be a problem in the screen ?09:11
jonniif your unlucky your flash just is broken and that caused ypur phone to went off.09:11
*** rnovacek has joined #harmattan09:11
trunckedand i am in africa now09:12
trunckedi have to wait for two months before i can claim anything to nokia support09:12
trunckedthank you jonni for your time09:13
trunckedthanks beford ...09:13
trunckedbye all09:13
*** truncked has quit IRC09:13
jonnijust checked your imei from the paste, that device still has factory warranty, so might be just easier for you to take the device to nokia care.09:14
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan09:15
*** kkt has joined #harmattan09:15
*** aparaatti has joined #harmattan09:31
*** vladest has quit IRC09:32
*** hardaker has quit IRC09:35
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan09:37
*** kkt has left #harmattan09:37
djszapiStecchino: hey, have you tried crypto++ ?09:37
*** kkt has joined #harmattan09:37
*** lardman|home has quit IRC09:44
*** beford has quit IRC09:44
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan09:44
*** gabriel9|work has joined #harmattan09:55
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan10:00
*** tom has joined #harmattan10:01
*** X-Fade has quit IRC10:22
*** artemma has quit IRC10:24
*** vladest has joined #harmattan10:29
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan10:29
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan10:30
*** X-Fade has quit IRC10:39
*** lamikr has quit IRC10:40
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan10:41
*** tom has quit IRC10:43
*** tom has joined #harmattan10:47
*** X-Fade has quit IRC10:54
*** natunen has quit IRC10:58
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan11:01
*** GeorgeH has joined #harmattan11:04
*** swerige has quit IRC11:05
*** X-Fade has quit IRC11:08
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan11:11
*** swerige has joined #harmattan11:11
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan11:15
*** X-Fade has quit IRC11:23
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan11:25
*** djszapi has left #harmattan11:29
*** vladest has quit IRC11:42
*** mschlens has quit IRC11:55
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan11:57
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan11:58
*** tbf has joined #harmattan12:05
*** rcg1 has quit IRC12:07
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan12:09
*** Guest60690 is now known as Termana12:10
*** truncked has joined #harmattan12:14
trunckedam back..12:14
trunckedjonni: still around ?12:14
trunckedthere are news...12:14
*** imunsie has quit IRC12:15
trunckedi used windows.. and if flashed...12:15
trunckedtwo times, it didn't start.. third time.. it started12:15
trunckedi fixed everything...12:15
trunckedthen.. after like 10 minutes...12:15
trunckedsame problem again12:15
jonniso what kind of problem? and did you install any softwares?12:16
trunckedso, the file is correct.. and it flashed correctly (once)...12:16
trunckedand the phone worked..12:16
trunckedbut when i tried flasher -R12:16
trunckedit made error.. but still the phone worked12:16
jonni-R does not modify the phone, so its ok12:16
trunckedbut unfortunately, 10 minutes later.. the phone fell in the same problem... without even making a single phonecall12:17
jonnidefine problem, please?12:17
jonnifell in the ground? :)12:17
trunckedjonni: i didn't do anything... the phone cannot start12:18
trunckedit just vibrates.. and the light goes off12:18
trunckedit cannot boot12:18
trunckedi was so happy when it worked..12:18
*** GeorgeH has quit IRC12:18
trunckedbelieve me.. nothing12:18
trunckedjust went off.. by itself..12:18
jonnithen its most likely broken flash or memory.12:18
trunckedshould i drop it to the ground ?? might it help ?12:18
jonnijust checked your imei from the paste, that device still has factory warranty, so might be just easier for you to take the device to nokia care.12:18
trunckedjonni: do you think resetting emmc would make any difference ?12:18
jonniemmc will not many any difference12:19
trunckedso... being in Africa.. can i submit it here to nokia care ?12:20
jonniand have you tried the long powerbutton? like pressing it 20-30seconds untill it vibrates?12:20
trunckedor should i wait till i travel back to my country |/12:20
trunckedthere is longer than 8 seconds ?????12:21
jonniwell you can always try, care will tell if they accept it in that country or not.12:22
*** arcean has joined #harmattan12:22
trunckedtried one minute even12:22
trunckedthe thing is dead12:22
*** tom has quit IRC12:22
jonniatleast care would accept that device in finland12:22
trunckedit just vibrates after few seconds... and shuts off12:22
trunckedi must go to finland ?12:23
jonniheh, no, I was just saying that if you would have been traveling in finland, the care would have accepted it. I didnt check african care :)12:23
jonniI only checked the imei against finnish care12:24
trunckedcan you check in africa ?? i cannot open any page on my browser... very slow..12:25
trunckedi am in ghana12:25
jonnidont remember, you can sheck nokiacom troubleshootin page if there is imei checker for ghana12:26
jonnicheck even12:26
trunckedjonni:  ???12:29
jonnitruncked: pages have imei warranty checker12:30
trunckedthat's the problem :D... my connection is very slow...12:31
trunckedi cannot open nokia.com12:31
jonnithen your out of luck12:31
trunckedi don't know how many GB that webpage is  :P12:31
jonnibetter just to search nokia care point and let them check :)12:31
jonnior wait untill you return to civilization12:32
trunckedhehehehe... jonni, if you know where i am now, you will just laugh... i am in a jungle, browsing on my other phone, connected to my laptop.. and 3g is in fact... E hehehe12:32
trunckedi barely have shade to sit under..12:32
trunckedexploring the nature.12:32
trunckedif you can browse it for me, and help me to find a phone number.. i would call them by phone  :)12:33
trunckedbut also, then i would be very lucky.. right ?12:33
*** truncked has quit IRC12:36
*** vladest has joined #harmattan12:38
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan12:38
mpsGhana 00233303210000 08:00 - 17:00 Mon - Sat English Local Charge12:41
mpsoh, he left :/12:42
*** rcg has joined #harmattan12:43
ArkanoiD_are there any techniques to find the source of excessive bettery drain? 100-270mA in idle mode :-/12:45
deramssh in and see what is using most cpu with 'top'12:46
X-FadeArkanoiD_: Use the power analyzer?12:46
X-FadeEhm 'Battery usage'12:47
ArkanoiD_funny joke12:47
ArkanoiD_it calls the source of the drain "device idle"12:47
ArkanoiD_very "informative"12:47
X-FadeHmm then it is some background process, annoying.12:48
deramthose type of numbers have been seen with tracker consuming 100% cputime12:50
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan12:53
ArkanoiD_top does not show anything suspicious12:54
ArkanoiD_seems like there is some process that prevents the phone from doing proper power saving12:55
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:56
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan13:10
*** Khertan has joined #harmattan13:11
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan13:13
djszapiwelcome sup13:14
Kozzihi, where to get QML viewer ?13:15
KozziI can't find it in QTDIR\13:15
KozziI don't even have bin folder there13:15
ZogG_laptopKozzi: you don't need it =)13:15
Kozzieh, would like to use to try out qml files I created13:16
djszapiKozzi: I packaged that for Harmattan13:16
djszapilong ago13:16
ZogG_laptopKozzi: isn't it from inside the Qtcreator itself?13:16
djszapicheck out the repository pls.13:16
djszapiZogG_laptop: it is not13:16
djszapiI mean, if you wanna use on the device13:16
Kozziwell, there is .exe file in Simulator/Qt/mingw/bin13:16
djszapiif it is just SDK thingy it should work13:16
djszapiif it is device, it should work too13:17
djszapiwhat is the problem ?13:17
Kozzior is there another way to view qml files without rebuild and run the whole code in simulator ?13:17
Kozzijust wondering if this is a faster way to check out how it looks13:19
*** adlan has quit IRC13:22
ZogG_laptopKozzi: simulator?13:22
ZogG_laptoptry it on device?13:22
ZogG_laptopmake an webapp to show it13:22
trx[Aegis fun day number 2] how can i allow an executable to use the internet?13:24
ZogG_laptoptrx: what do you mean?13:26
ZogG_laptopok i need to disconnect13:26
trxZogG_laptop i scp'ed the binary to the device and need to test it, it needs to send data to a http server13:26
trxbut it cant get internet access13:27
trxthe same binary works properly when installed as a package13:27
djszapitrx: why don't you just package it ?13:28
djszapiinstead of spending this much time with asking ? :D13:28
djszapisorry, if this question sounds harsh, but you would become good to go sooner.13:28
trxdjszapi i can't package every 2 mins while debugging my code13:28
trxits not reasonable13:28
djszapiI do not understand why not ?13:28
trxi have nowhere else to test my code13:28
ZogG_laptoptrx: on computer =)13:29
djszapiI did this workflow for kanagram and khangman. Worked quite well.13:29
djszapiwithout such long pain you have with this.13:29
trxi dont have any pain with scping my app to the device and testing it out13:30
djszapithen what is the problem you are trying to solve, if there are no problems ? :D13:30
trxi make a typo in my code13:30
trxand then i need to repackage and install again just to test?13:30
djszapino, you do not.13:30
trxthat sounds like a pain :)13:30
djszapitypo in C++ code is usually compilation error13:31
djszapijust with very bad design, it is a segfault or so13:31
djszapiin qml, there are tricks ...13:31
trxyou know what i mean13:31
djszapinot getting...13:31
djszapiCould you please clarify ?13:31
djszapiP'haps it is the best, if you give your scenario, you find unreasonable.13:32
djszapiand we can tell, how to achieve the nice workflow for that.13:32
trxwrite some code, compile, scp and test13:33
djszapitypo will not compile13:33
trxrealise that i forgot to do something in the code13:33
trxfix it, compile, scp and test13:33
djszapiyes, what is wrong with that ?13:33
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC13:33
djszapiyou can check the code while the other process is building13:33
djszapiso you can think further for the next try.13:33
djszapito not lose time.13:33
trxthat is wonderful13:33
trxi want to keep doing that13:33
trxwhat i dont want to do is package the app every time13:34
trxthats insane13:34
*** aparaatti has quit IRC13:34
djszapino, it is not13:34
djszapithat is how the platform was designed13:34
djszapiif you keep going against the design, do not expect you will have fully-fledged nice solutions13:34
djszapionce, you got used to how the platform works, it is way easier.13:34
trxmy packaged application works with the desgin13:35
djszapithere are tricks how to speed up the qml development13:35
djszapiexactly, that is the point...13:35
trxno, as far as i can see13:35
djszapiyou do not follow what works according to the harmattan design.13:35
trxthe platform was made to reject all developers13:35
djszapiokay, I have better things to do =)13:36
djszapiI was trying to help.13:36
trxyou did not13:36
trxcan anyone else please tell me if this is possible?13:41
trxi cant even believe that i have this "problem"13:41
*** denism has quit IRC13:47
*** swerige has quit IRC13:50
*** elldekaa has quit IRC13:56
*** swerige has joined #harmattan14:03
*** denism has joined #harmattan14:08
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*** swerige has joined #harmattan14:54
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*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan14:57
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan15:17
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:25
kkttrx, still here?15:31
trxkkt yes15:31
kktdid you tried inception/opensh?15:33
trxi am trying that atm15:34
kkti think that might help15:35
*** denism has quit IRC15:38
*** xarcass has quit IRC15:40
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan15:55
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* Khertan hate php18:17
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*** blueslee has joined #harmattan21:04
itsnotabigtruckit's awfully quiet atm :(21:08
itsnotabigtruckso what ended up happening with that community council biznus21:08
befordhi itsnotabigtruck21:08
itsnotabigtrucklooks like the election is over and arie didn't win21:09
befordi know Estel_ got elected21:09
befordoh yea, arie did not make it21:09
itsnotabigtruckdue to the rather ridiculous voting criteria i could have run, but couldn't vote entirely due to not having set up an otherwise-useless account soon enough21:10
befordhah yea21:11 vs tmo accounts21:11
itsnotabigtrucklooks like i need to file a CA application21:12
itsnotabigtruck"4. Community Awards are granted for past deeds, so no future projects/promises are considered by Council." any idea if that means that projects released *now* can't be used to justify receiving a unit21:14
itsnotabigtruckor if that simply means that a promise of something that will be released eventually doesn't count21:14
djszapiEstel_ :o21:16
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: wazzap21:17
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: not a lot, was on vacation for a while21:18
djszapiOhh. Me not much, relocating to the dreary world soon.21:19
djszapihopefully publishing a joke reader soon about ovi reviews to Ovi :)21:20
*** blueslee has quit IRC21:27
*** tbf has quit IRC21:34
*** sahib_ has joined #harmattan21:50
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*** achilles999 has joined #harmattan23:01
achilles999is anyone there?23:07
achilles999how to use the core ui toolkit  files in QT creator. I downloaded these files on Nokia N9 UX guidelines. file extension is ai23:08
ieatlint that's an adobe illistrator (vector graphics) file23:08
ieatlintyou don't use it in qt creator23:08
ieatlintit's there as a template for making graphics for your app23:09
achilles999oh it23:09
*** leinir has joined #harmattan23:09
*** leinir has joined #harmattan23:09
ieatlintassuming this is for the icon, as memory serves there is a template that can be loaded into gimp23:09
ieatlinti think it's for adobe photoshop, but it worked for me in gimp as an import...23:10
achilles999also, I am learning QT/QML..I picked thp's mustr application to tinker with23:10
achilles999I couldn't find this property in documentation!! :(23:10
achilles999        BusyIndicator {             anchors.centerIn: parent             running: visible             visible: listModel.status === XmlListModel.Loading         }23:10
achilles999visible property?23:11
achilles999for BusyIndicator element23:11
ieatlintvisible is inherited from the qml Item23:11
ieatlintso you need to look up the docs for the Item element to see the info for the visible property23:12
ieatlintbut for reference, it's a boolean value that defaults to true and indicates if the item is visible :P23:12
achilles999yes, your right. in the document it says it is inherited from Item. I wasn't looking that part23:15
achilles999but how do I know from the code that this element is derived from other??23:15
ieatlintnot sure what you mean23:16
trxall qml components are derived from Item23:17
ieatlinteh, i'd say all qml elements are23:20
ieatlinta component is another thing23:20
ieatlintit's a confusing an odd definition..23:21
ieatlintanything that is visible is derived from item23:21
djszapiso pizza is derived from item, if you see it :p23:22
achilles999haha..I'm finding bit tough to learn QT & QML..I never done any GUI programming23:22
djszapiQt ;)23:22
ieatlintwell, it's not even that cut and dry... a MouseArea isn't something you can see, but it's derived from Item :P23:24
ieatlintjust don't worry about it for now.. look at the docs, the top of the page will tell you what it's derived from23:25
ieatlintbut the whole Qt/QML structure is a bit weird23:25
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan23:27
achilles999can anyone point me to example or code that parses JSON data in QML??23:28
ieatlintqml is run via a javascript engine23:29
ieatlintyou parse json in qml the same way you do in javascript23:29
ieatlintso just google for it... the eval() and JSON.parse() methods will both work -- although you can't do undelcared global vars in qml, so you ned to do "var obj; obj = JSON.parse()" and similar23:31
djszapiyou can also parse in C++23:32
djszapiby calling the parser stuff from QML23:32
djszapiPerhaps, that is a better integrated way than js23:33
achilles999thanks..any examples to look at??23:35
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:35
ieatlintdjszapi: have you ever parsed json in c++?23:36
ieatlintit's fucking horrible.23:36
ieatlintyou use QtScriptEngine and it returns a QVariantMap that consists of QVariants and nested QVariantMaps23:37
djszapiieatlint: I wrote a parser23:37
djszapiand yes, I used the Qt5 parser23:37
djszapiquite fast and neat23:37
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan23:38
ieatlintis there a new parser for json in qt5?23:38
djszapiwhat do you mean by new ?23:39
djszapiThere has always been just one for Qt5 written by Lars.23:39
djszapi5-6 times faster than the upstream qtjson project23:40
ieatlinti haven't tried json parsing in qt523:41
ieatlintbut by new, i'd mean "not in qt4"23:41
ieatlintas the only way to parse json in qt4 is via QtScriptEngine (or something crazy with QML, which would be similar but slower to QtScriptEngine) ... or via an external library or your implementation, which is not always an option23:42
itsnotabigtruckso is there a 'proper' qt5 port to harmattan now?23:43
itsnotabigtruckwhat build does that snowshoe browser use?23:43
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: that question does not make too much sense23:43
ieatlintitsnotabigtruck: yes and no23:43
djszapiqt5 should not be ported, but should work oob23:43
djszapithere has always been packages around23:44
itsnotabigtruckof course it makes sense, don't be obtuse23:44
itsnotabigtrucklast i checked there was exactly 1 port and it was months out of date and not maintained23:44
ieatlintyeah, you just compile qt5 to use X and opengl es via X23:44
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: not quite, nope23:44
djszapiit is the same build thingie23:44
ieatlintthere are libs, but the qt5 source is too unstable23:44
itsnotabigtruckand iirc it required a lot more than just building it23:44
ieatlintit changes daily, etc23:44
ieatlintnope, it's just a bitch to build :P23:45
itsnotabigtruckthe aforementioned port was in fact a port, as in a bunch of modifications to the code23:45
itsnotabigtruckat least, iirc23:45
djszapiit was always upstream23:45
djszapijust snapshot builds since qt5 has never been released for good23:45
ieatlintqt5 works perfectly fine via xcb..23:45
djszapithere is an upcoming binary release though called "beta".23:45
ieatlinthowever qtmobility in qt5... that's a big question mark23:45
djszapithe bigger question to me is the qtquick2 branch for qt-components23:46
djszapiI would like to try that out23:46
ieatlintsadly we'll never see qt5 replacing qt4 on harmattan... i bet the UI would be twice as fast :/23:46
djszapiqml2 will be slower23:47
djszapiat least the lanch23:47
ieatlintin my tests of it in the beta, it's faster23:47
ieatlintlike 3x+23:47
itsnotabigtruckit appears that at least a patch to the inputstuff is required23:47
itsnotabigtruckthe gitorious repo i saw earlier mentions something related to xinput2 support23:47
djszapiieatlint: cannot 'cause of the qml1 booster23:47
ieatlinti've run it on a lot of different embedded arm devices with opengl, and the scenegraph makes a huge difference23:47
djszapiieatlint: screengraph does not make too much difference for the launch23:48
ieatlintsure, for the launch23:48
djszapiin fact, the guy who worked on this said, it is slower23:48
ieatlintalthough it should be a little better... loading textures onto vram vs rending via cpu and storing in ram23:48
itsnotabigtruckoh, also23:50
itsnotabigtruckapplauncherd is open source23:50
itsnotabigtruckone could make a qml2 booster, no?23:50
djszapinot for harmattan23:50
itsnotabigtruckwhat not for harmattan23:50
ieatlintenjoy the n9.. in under a year, we'll be as bitter as DocScrutinizer as we search for a new platform23:51
djszapiieatlint: we heard the same more than a year ago23:51
djszapiand we are still here.23:51
djszapiiow, who knows what happens even in a short time :D23:52
djszapiQt5 will boost some Harmattan hackers probably.23:52
djszapinot too much though.23:52
*** decibyte has quit IRC23:53
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan23:53
ieatlintyeah, but from what has leaked from nokia, the best bet of a continued qt phone from them is targetted at a low end23:54
djszapiI do not trust next-billion23:54
ieatlintso even if it does come out, it'll be low end23:54
djszapiwell, if it comes out, we are happy23:55
djszapibut I do not trust23:55
djszapilow end... misleading term.23:55
djszapilow end now is the highest end 1-3 years ago.23:55
djszapiaka. the minimum knowledge of Harmattan IMO23:55
ieatlintwell, my point is that the n9 was to be a flagship device, and when it launched at 1ghz single core, there were already dual core 1.2ghz devices from other manufacturers23:56
ieatlintnow the camera and screen were able to compete, but it was still old hardware23:56
ieatlinti'd expect (without any internal knowledge) that the meltemi devices will be comparable to the nokia 701 and similar23:57
djszapiwell, you cannot have golden for low-end price.23:57
djszapiI personally prefer to not pay with golden.23:57
ieatlint1ghz, decent screen, mediocre camera, 100-150EUR23:57
djszapisince I cannot.23:57
djszapi100-150 EUR is way too high IMO23:57
ieatlinteh.. i'm at my end with it all.. i'll ride the n9 out, but then i'll be left unsure where to go23:58
djszapiwe have been in this situation for more than a year ago23:58
ieatlintandroid is so crappy and janky, but it's got the commercial app support and some decent devices23:58
djszapinothing really changed.23:58
ieatlinta year ago we knew the n9 was coming23:59
ieatlintyou especially23:59
djszapiAndroid is a very poor substitute, if any.23:59
djszapisorry ?23:59
djszapithe announcement happened 16 months ago23:59
ieatlintyou were working on the n9 a year ago23:59
djszapibit less, but about.23:59
ieatlintnot exactly23:59

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