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ieatlintpiggz, hey.. i've been using your pgz latitude app, which is really great, and i just updated it from the store to 0.9.6 (was 0.6 i believe).  but now it doesn't seem to properly store my google login, and every ~2h it logs me out and prompts me to re-authorize.  have tried reinstalling and the like, but can't seem to get it working.. any advice?04:03
ieatlintmay have just fixed it by manually deleting ~/.config/PGZ/pgz-latitude2.conf .. will see in an hour or two, but previously it wasn't filling in the new oauth2 section and was just keeping the oauth stuff04:12
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diorahmanitsnotabigtruck: if the phone doesn't give any response on flasher -i, what might goes wrong?05:01
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denismdiorahman: for example, the device is in 'mass storage' mode06:57
denismdiorahman: disconnect usb cable, switch it off, start 'flasher -i', connect usb cable06:58
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GonzoTheGreat_hello! Anyone here who could help out with qt mobility problems?!07:52
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ladogahi, im trying to make harmattan deb package for yle-dl, but dpkg-buildpackage -sa -rfakeroot fails with following errors:
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ladogacompile itself seems to go fine...maybe i'll just try to figure how to disable those manpages09:52
ladogai'm complete noob in this09:52
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ladoganevermind..i played some with debian/rules and got it sorted out10:26
ladogai wonder why it's so quiet here10:28
ladogaharmattan dead or people busy coding? :)10:28
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djszapibef0rd: ping10:43
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piggzieatlint: yes, ive noticed that....its since i re-write it to oauth2, becuase google required me too, i will look into it10:45
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ieatlintpiggz: awesome, thanks11:07
ieatlintit does appear to happen at the 2h mark, and i notice the key seems to be on a 1h update interval11:08
piggzieatlint: the access code from google is onl valid for 2 hours, and then i have to refresh it...likely that isnt working correctly11:09
djszapiieatlint: oh hey, how is stuff ?11:10
ieatlinthmm, yeah, although i will definitely note the conf file has an "expires_in" entry with the value "3600" each time11:10
ieatlintdjszapi: eh.. not bad... looks like there's a decent chance i'll be in berlin in a month :)11:11
ieatlinthow goes with you?11:11
djszapiah right11:12
djszapiI will be in Ireland in two weeks or so :)11:12
djszapioh you mean, you can also go to the QtCS ?11:12
piggzbtw, does anyone know if latitude still has a mobile site url, and what browser/useragent works for it? using firefox with either iphone or android useragent redirects me to installl the app11:12
ieatlintthat's the hope11:12
djszapiieatlint: then we can finally meet.11:13
ieatlintpiggz: same here.. :(11:13
ieatlintwhich is particularly annoying since it used to work, and now i can't see where my friends are11:13
piggzieatlint: yep....i wanted to add a webkit page to my app to make it easy, but it is unliley to work now11:14
ieatlintdjszapi: indeed.. rushing to figure out logistics on it, and i need to confirm timing with my current client and confirm expenses with my employer11:14
ieatlintbut it's looking good11:14
ieatlintpiggz: yeah... i understand why google doesn't show you where people are, but it's still annoying11:14
djszapiieatlint: I have to rebook the Helsinki - Berlin route 'cause of the sudden Ireland relocation. =]11:14
ieatlintoh, moving to ireland, not visiting?11:15
djszapisomewhere in-between. Moving for a long period, but the idea is I will be back one day.11:16
ieatlintwell, fun11:16
ieatlintjust in time for the best weather of the year in .fi :P11:16
djszapiHelsinki and Finland in general, not the oasis of projets nowadays :p11:17
djszapiheh, yeah, that sux.11:17
ieatlintweird times nowadays in the qt world..11:17
ieatlinti'm finishing up my main project in the next month without a clear idea of what comes next.. am hoping it doesn't involve more long term travel to places i dislike11:19
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djszapiieatlint: you are choicy :p11:20
djszapigo to Afganistan for a windows project :)11:20
ieatlinti'd get hazard pay there at least :P11:21
djszapitrue :)11:21
djszapioh btw.... a good advice...11:21
ieatlintmy gf spent a summer in baghdad as a contractor doing sysadmin work.  it uh, doesn't sound very fun11:22
djszapiNEVER, I repeat, NEVER take windows certs since then subcontractor managers will try to sell you only into that area :D :D11:22
ieatlinthaha, yeah, already got a peak of that11:22
ieatlintrandomly went to a wp7 coding challenge and wrote my first c# app, placed #5 and now my employer is already starting to go "hmmm..."11:23
ieatlintcan't say i loved it, it's mediocre like the platform. the best thing i can say is that it's better than java11:24
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djszapiieatlint: yep, I actually like C#.11:29
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djszapiieatlint: dealing with the disgusting method pointers in C++... well, everything but cool.11:30
ieatlintheh, well, i started as a c programmer... the pointers in qt doesn't bother me in the slightest11:33
djszapiok, I began with assembly :-) It is not about Qt btw, just regular c++.11:36
djszapiI was hoping for a next billion device at QtCS btw, but knowing the fact they are still at giving out Harmattan devices, I have no hopes anymore...11:37
* ieatlint shrugs11:39
djszapiso what device will we get there ? :)11:42
ieatlinti'm definitely not the one to ask11:43
ieatlinti'm just hoping i get to go still :P11:43
ieatlintok, nearly 2am here and i have to work this weekend to meet an upcoming deadline, night11:49
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djszapiieatlint: just waken up for such a work for the same purpose :p11:51
djszapinight :)11:51
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djszapiStecchino: have you sorted out your qca issues ?19:57
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