IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-05-25

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itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: peculiar00:08
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itsnotabigtruckare you still around? i'm guessing no00:08
MohammadAGYes, just got back actually00:08
MohammadAGthp, I'll try that00:08
MohammadAGthp, I already set DISPLAY00:09
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MohammadAG12320 nobody   /usr/bin/led-event-notifier00:10
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thpMohammadAG: does it have UID::user, GID::users and GRP::users credentials from aegis?00:11
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MohammadAGthp, yes00:21
MohammadAG<request policy="add">00:21
MohammadAG                <credential name="mce::LEDControl" />00:21
MohammadAG                <credential name="UID::user" />00:21
MohammadAG                <credential name="GID::users" />00:21
MohammadAG                <credential name="GRP::users" />00:21
thpfor that specific binary, yes?00:21
MohammadAG        <for path="/usr/bin/led-event-notifier" />00:21
MohammadAG<for path="applauncherd-launcher::/usr/bin/applauncherd.bin" id="" />00:21
MohammadAG        <for path="/etc/init/apps/led-event-notifier.conf" />00:21
thpnot sure if you need that applauncherd-launcher:: there00:21
thpalso i don't have the policy="add" attribute in my <request>, and it still works - not sure if it hurts to add it, though00:22
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thpMohammadAG: and the aegis-exec line is also like the one i pasted above?00:24
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MohammadAGexec /usr/bin/aegis-exec -s -u user /bin/sh -c "source /etc/profile && exec /usr/bin/led-event-notifier"00:24
thpdid you try rebooting or restarting the service / reinstalling the notifier package?00:25
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thpslowly running out of ideas here..00:27
thpand led-event-notifier has mode 0755 and owner root:root?00:28
MohammadAG-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root         76620 May 25 00:22 /usr/bin/led-event-notifier00:29
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thpMohammadAG: maybe removing <for path="/etc/init/apps/led-event-notifier.conf and <for path="applauncherd-launcher::/usr/bin/applauncherd.bin could help?00:36
thpcould be that aegis ignores your request, because some paths listed don't belong to your package (applauncherd) or are not executable (the upstart script)00:37
* MohammadAG tries again00:38
MohammadAGbut I checked restok.conf00:38
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gabriel9why can't i use QNetworkAccessManager in my app01:20
gabriel9i need some class for XML parsing and getting01:20
gabriel9data from server01:20
gabriel9and i try to write it in C++01:21
Elleogabriel9: what's stopping you from using QNetworkAccessManager?01:22
gabriel9on compile it complains that there is no souch directory01:24
Elleodid you add it to the .pro file?01:24
Elleooh no, you shouldn't need to fo qnetworkaccessmanager actually01:25
Elleoare you sure you're importing the header correctly?01:25
Elleoit's #include <QtNetwork/QNetworkAccessManager> not just <QNetworkAccessManager>01:25
gabriel9wait while i try that :)01:26
Elleoalthough maybe if you add "network" to the .pro file it might add QtNetwork to the include paths or something01:26
gabriel9well one year ago i created feed reader for myself01:26
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gabriel9but now when i try to use some code in my app for N9 it does not work01:27
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gabriel9i forgot alot :(01:27
Elleowell this uses qnetworkmanager without any issues, so feel free to just copy what I do:
gabriel9is that app for songs?01:29
gabriel9to get name and that stuff01:29
gabriel9nice app :)01:29
Elleothanks :)01:29
gabriel9N9 have some really apps now01:30
ieatlinthaha, my app in ovi got a bad review... the app, while only released in english and labeled explicitly for north america, got a 1 star review in russian stating the "The application is not for Russia"01:30
ieatlintnokia store comments are like reading youtube comments01:30
Elleoovi reviews are terrible01:30
gabriel9i never read them01:31
ElleoI have a one star review in russian that according to google translate just says "I don't know what this does"01:31
ieatlinteh, it's a free app, so it's not hurting me and i'm just laughing01:31
ieatlinthehe, yeah, another app of mine has reviews in russian that claim i'm stealing credit card numbers01:31
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ieatlintdamn russians :P01:32
ieatlintnext time i publish an app i'll specify it shouldn't be distributed in russia01:32
Elleofor some reason my statusnet client gets most of its downloads in Saudi Arabia01:32
ElleoI'm not sure if there's some secret Saudi statusnet install that I'm unaware of or what01:32
Elleobut they're certainly not using it for identi.ca01:33
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ieatlintyeah, i get a lot of downloads from there aswell01:33
ElleoI guess some people just download everything01:34
gabriel9i do some research about mobile apps and people are just strange01:34
gabriel9they like to install apps01:34
gabriel9if it's free they will install it, even when they don't need it :)01:35
* ieatlint shrugs01:35
ieatlintguess it doesn't hurt their phone01:35
gabriel9i don't have many apps01:36
gabriel9i need to create some for my needs :/01:37
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ieatlintthat's basically what i do, and then i get around to polishing them on occasion and publish them01:37
gabriel9that's nice, problem with me is that C++ is not my number one language :/01:39
gabriel9web developer...01:39
Elleoyou could do something with cortardo (phonegap), some people might yell at you though :P01:39
gabriel9i yell on my colegue becouse of it :D01:40
gabriel9i always say use native01:40
gabriel9ping frals01:42
gabriel9he is not here, so any of you plays Diablo 301:43
gabriel9is it worth that money?01:44
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ieatlintyeah, i prefer native... still on the fence about the whole qml thing01:49
gabriel9Qml is better then XML01:51
gabriel9and it is nice idea01:51
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gabriel9just to fix that Design stuff01:52
gabriel9people like to draw stuff, not to write code01:52
gabriel9and for me only thing that is missing is working debugger and N950, that are two things :D01:53
ieatlinti'm told the qml debugger actually works.. never tried01:55
ieatlintbut qml is costly.. i mean, it works, but still costly01:56
ieatlintqml2 is a lot better01:56
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ieatlintbut i have to admit that keeping the logic out of it seems better, as things like efl's edje and even wp7's xaml do01:56
gabriel9well i always try to break stuff in Model-View01:57
gabriel9if you do any web stuff you would see that MVC is life saver01:57
gabriel9qml2 i did not try, i hope it will come to N901:57
gabriel9if it's good like you said01:59
ieatlintwell technically it's on the n9, but it'll never be supported02:00
gabriel9if nokia is smart they would give OS to comunity and create device for it02:02
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gabriel9new template for Harmattan project02:03
gabriel9nice :)02:03
gabriel9with some header code02:04
gabriel9night guys02:06
gabriel9need to get some sleap before work02:07
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theoHi, I'm trying to open one application when a headset is connected, is there a way to detect when there's a headset (bt, or wired) connected?03:57
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theoI found some code for bt, but nothing for the wired headset03:58
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befordthere is a dev input for the jack04:13
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mardySazpaimon: ping08:33
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admiral0i've got commhistoryd exploding11:02
admiral0database is corrupted and it won't save messages11:03
admiral0deleting .commhistoryd and hard resetting tracker didn't solve11:03
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* ArkanoiD_ wishes the asshole who desided to store everything in tracker database gets testicle cancer13:29
ArkanoiD_decided even13:29
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rigoArkanoiD_, you can continue your wishes with KDE and Akonadi13:32
*** tom has quit IRC13:35
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ArkanoiD_don't know how it works with KDE (on desktop my PIM is outlook under crossover because all linux PIMs i've seen so far are miserable failures)13:55
ArkanoiD_but for harmattan tracker-store basically needs you have non-stoping fsckups and glitches and there is no even dump/restore utility to restore database integrity13:56
ArkanoiD_when it was sqlite, yuo could at least dump and restore data13:56
ArkanoiD_now you have no idea why merging two contacts makes tracker-store eat 100% cpu forever, or why receiving this particular message prevents phone from receiving messages forever, or why this contact picture never appears or why this particular contact constantly drops out of merge or why that contact cannot be looked up etc etc13:57
ArkanoiD_damn it sucks like supersonic jet turbofan13:59
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djszapibeford: ping14:23
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cvp_hello @all14:23
Sazpaimonmardy, still here?14:23
mardySazpaimon: yep14:23
Sazpaimonokay great14:23
Sazpaimonim taking you up on your offer of helping me with some account related questions14:24
Sazpaimonbaically, I have an account that you need to sign in with with just a standard username and password, then it will either work, or send back a message saying to check your email for an access code14:25
djszapimardy: how is lifey ?14:25
cvp_can someone tell me if you consume more power if dev mode is on ?14:25
Sazpaimonif you get the email, you need to put in that access code along with your username and password, and it will need to be entered each time you log in14:25
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Sazpaimononce it's logging in, it will add a telepathy account14:26
mardySazpaimon: OK14:26
Sazpaimonso my question is, what's the proper code path to use for this14:26
mardydjszapi: all OK, no news is good news :-)14:26
Sazpaimonand also, best practices14:26
Sazpaimonbecause I assume doing all this in the accounts-ui code isn't really ideal14:27
mardySazpaimon: are there any ways to change this authentication method, so that it won't send you an e-mail but do something else?14:27
Sazpaimonmardy, nope14:27
mardySazpaimon: no alternatives?14:27
Sazpaimonyou can turn it off, but that's it14:27
mardySazpaimon: how does the service know your e-mail address?14:28
Sazpaimonyou give it to them when you sign up14:28
mardySazpaimon: via the website?14:28
Sazpaimon(and activate your account with it)14:28
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*** cvp_ has joined #harmattan14:30
mardySazpaimon: tricky, I'm afraid there's no way you can automate this; I guess that the account plugin should show a waiting screen, with the intructions, and a link to the e-mail application14:31
Sazpaimonthere's no way to know the email address associated with the account when the code is requested14:31
Sazpaimonthat's hidden14:31
cvp_sry. have anyone answer for my question?14:31
Sazpaimoncvp_, maybe running an ssh daemon will cause a tiny bit more power to be consumed14:32
Sazpaimonbut probably not really14:32
cvp_ok thanks :)14:32
Sazpaimonmardy, where should the code that handles checking the auth code and user details go? Do I need to make a signon plugin for that?14:33
djszapicvp_: IOW, 0.0000001% addition14:33
djszapiif you wanna save power, I would recommend the suspend modes, but probably not hackable with aegis14:34
mardySazpaimon: once you get the code, will it work forever, or will you have to renew it from time to time?14:34
Sazpaimonmardy, my understanding i it will work for a long, long time14:34
Sazpaimonforever, I'm not sure14:34
Sazpaimonmaybe if you don't log in for a while, it will expire14:35
cvp_and is the wlan modul ever on? can i deactivate the wlan modul completly? or is there a toggle app what can do that?14:35
mardySazpaimon: will you write a new telepathy connection manager, or can you reuse an existing one?14:36
Sazpaimonmardy, undecided on that, there's already a libpurple plugin for the service, but that would require haze and would make distributing on the N9 difficult14:37
Sazpaimonthe protocol itself is relatively simple, so writing a new connection manager with telepathy wouldn't be difficult14:38
*** mjrosenb has joined #harmattan14:39
mardySazpaimon: to access the service, do you need just the code, or also some other information (username again?)14:39
mjrosenbI have an n9, but I cannot install the dev tools, but it keeps giving me a connection reset14:40
Sazpaimonmardy, you need to re-sign in with your username and password with the access code14:41
mardySazpaimon: I wonder why they need the password again...14:42
mardySazpaimon: anyway, you could do it in several ways, but I'd opt for writing a SSO plugin14:42
Sazpaimonmardy, well, it treats the "access code requires" as a "login failed"14:42
Sazpaimonso it logs you out immediately14:42
mardySazpaimon: the SSO plugin would be used by your account plugin (when registering the account) and by your connection manager (to get the username, pw and code)14:43
mardySazpaimon: when your connection manager cannot login anymore (the code has expired), it can ask the SSO plugin to issue a new code14:44
mardySazpaimon: then the user will get the e-mail, and hopefully understand that he has to update the code into the account plugin14:44
Sazpaimonthere would be no way to show that to the end-user though would there14:45
mardySazpaimon: it would be nice if it were possible to add some extra text to the e-mail message, to explain to the user what he should do14:45
Sazpaimonit would just show "incorrect login" on the account status screen14:45
mardySazpaimon: I'm afraid that the presence applet only uses error codes14:45
mjrosenbI saw a link in here that said I needed to get some connection tools14:46
mjrosenbbut the link is broken14:46
mjrosenband by "in here", I mean in the logs14:46
mardySazpaimon: well, it would be a bit hackish, but your CM could sinthesize an instant messaging message to the user, explaining the issue :-)14:46
Sazpaimoncould it be set up where when the user goes to modify their account, it will check if the code is valid, then display the email message to them?14:47
Sazpaimoni assume the first thing a user does when they see that message is try to set their password again in the account plugin14:47
mardySazpaimon: no, because the account plugin wouldn't know how to get that e-mail in the first place14:47
Sazpaimonmardy, I mean the "check your email" message14:47
mardySazpaimon: oh, yes, this is indeed possible14:48
mardySazpaimon: but maybe not easily discoverable (for the non tech user)14:49
cvp_no idea about wlan module ? :(14:49
Sazpaimonalso, another potential issue is portability, if the telepathy CM is linked to SSO, that mean it can only ever be used on an N9, right?14:49
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC14:49
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan14:49
mardySazpaimon: at the moment, yes :-) But you could easily toggle the dependency at compile time14:50
*** djszapi has left #harmattan14:50
Sazpaimonalso, correct me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't seem to be a great deal of doccumentation regarding making account manager UIs with meegotouch14:51
Sazpaimonmostly because the already existing account plugins don't have any of their source opened up14:51
Sazpaimonseems the easy route would be to just make the account plugin all qml-based14:54
mardySazpaimon: I do actually recommend you to write the account plugin in QML15:01
Sazpaimonmardy, is that just because of the complexity and lack of documentation of the meegotouch plugins?15:03
mardySazpaimon: mostly lack of documentation.15:05
Sazpaimonyeah, its a shame that nokia doesn't open source any of their UI stuff15:08
matrixxhas someone tried to add event with alarm using qt organizer api?15:13
matrixxmy event doesn't show up in the calendar, even though save operation returns true, do I have to do something special to flush the event?15:14
Sazpaimonmardy, regarding having the CM use SSO, its my understanding that the telepathy-qt cannot create CMs, and signon-glib is also sparsely documented15:14
mardySazpaimon: I don't know about telepathy-qt; signon-glib might not be documented extensively, but I know it rather well15:15
Sazpaimonmardy, do you have any sample plugins available?15:18
Sazpaimonactually, a quick google gave me
mardySazpaimon: that's not a plugin; wait, let me find something...15:20
*** miroslav has quit IRC15:21
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mardySazpaimon: mainly the "accountsetup" directory15:25
Sazpaimonwait, this looks like an account plugin, not an SSO plugin15:28
*** trx has quit IRC15:29
mardySazpaimon: yes, I thought you were looking for that. A simple SSO plugin is here:
mardySazpaimon: a more complex one (but complete with all its qmake stuff) is here:
mardySazpaimon: note that the signon version they depend on is a bit more advanced than that in the N9, but there shouldn't be substantial differences15:31
Sazpaimonmardy, what about signon-glib based plugins?15:32
mardySazpaimon: signon-glib and signon-qt are just client libraries, you don't use those to write plugins15:33
Sazpaimongot it15:33
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matrixxweird, seems that if I create an event for tomorrow, it shows up in the calendar, but if for this day, it doesn't show up15:40
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