IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-05-20

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Arkenoihmm. irssi depends on libperl5.10, which cannot be found..00:23
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djszapibef0rd: o/00:23
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djszapiElleo: wth, now the invoker is crashing... :/00:41
djszapiinvoker: error: Can't send signal 7 to application [12058]: No such process00:41
djszapiBus error (core dumped)00:41
Elleois there a stale run file hanging around or something?00:42
djszapiit works as root though00:42
djszapionly not working as user00:42
djszapinot even after a reboot00:42
Elleowhen its doing stuff in single launch mode it creates a run file containing the pid of the running process so it can bring the process to the foreground if you try launching it again00:42
djszapiI have seriously no clue... perhaps yet another platform pitfall.00:42
Elleomy guess would be that run file is still there00:43
djszapiyes, I have known that for 2-3 years by now.00:43
djszapino it is not00:43
djszapiit is a brand new reboot00:43
djszapiandeven that, it should never ever crash.00:43
djszapiso it is totally broken from each pov.00:43
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djszapiok in the end, I need to ignore splash screen. This invoker is hideous. :/00:47
djszapiElleo: do you have your phone by hand ?00:49
djszapiI wonder if it was crashing by you as well00:49
Elleodjszapi: sure, I can give it a try00:49
djszapiit seems to me everything is crashing now in here ^^00:51
djszapiHopefully, it is just me, and runs fine on your end.00:51
Elleoor it'll start making everything crash for me ;)00:52
jonniwhy use 800x480, when display size is 856x480?00:53
djszapijonni: because I used the background00:53
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djszapiand meanwhile the display size is 856x480, it is pointless with a toolbar anyway00:54
jonniah yes, if you dont hide the toolbar00:54
Elleodjszapi: /opt/kanagram/bin/kanagram-harmattan: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:55
Elleooh sorry00:55
ElleoI was running that in develsh00:55
Elleolet me run it properly00:55
ElleoI just remember develsh doesn't take LD_LIBRARY_PATH env variables properly00:56
djszapithat is not the problem00:56
djszapiyou do not run the wrapper script00:56
djszapijust use the UI00:56
djszapino develsh hackery00:56
Elleoinvoker: error: Can't send signal 7 to application [12445]: No such process00:56
djszapiok, same here.00:56
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Elleothe UI just crashes, I wanted to find what the error was00:56
djszapino friggin clue what can cause that ^^00:57
djszapiElleo: try behind devel-su00:57
Elleosame error00:57
djszapihaha I brick your device :D00:57
Elleoalso getting lots of "qrc:/MainSettingsPage.qml:235:17: QML Item: Binding loop detected for property "height"" prior to it crashing00:58
djszapiweird... the application launches behind devel-su in here at least..00:58
djszapiElleo: yep, all my releases had that00:58
djszapiI do not care :D00:58
Elleoand it reports being unable to open a few files00:58
Elleolike /opt/kanagram/share/apps/kvtml/el/worldcapitals.kvtml00:58
Elleoand /opt/kanagram/share/apps/kvtml/pa/people.kvtml00:58
djszapifriggin unclue category here :D00:58
Elleoand /usr/share/kde4/apps/00:58
djszapiI do not know what causes that crash00:59
Elleoits not invoker that crashes though01:00
djszapiall I have made is to pass pngs for the splash screen01:00
Elleoits the app itself01:00
djszapithat is pretty much all the mods01:00
Elleoif I run LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/kanagram/lib /opt/kanagram/bin/kanagram-harmattan directly it still crashes01:00
djszapithat is why it is invoker01:00
Elleocomplaining about a "Bus error" just like it does via invoker01:00
djszapithe app has not changed a bit since last time01:00
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Elleowell it crashes for me without invoker launching it01:01
djszapiand that debian is working, and definitely distributed01:01
djszapiit has nothing to do with my app01:01
djszapiit runs fine as root in here.01:01
djszapiand then again, all I changed is putting two pngs into the deb package, and using that from invoker.01:01
Elleoit doesn't work as user or root here, with or without invoker01:02
djszapiwithout invoker ?01:02
djszapihuh ?01:02
Elleoare you sure there aren't some extra things on your system its finding?01:02
djszapiwhat do you mean ?01:02
ElleoI mean if I run it directly without invoker it still crashes01:02
djszapihow should I know ?01:02
Elleoby running "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/kanagram/lib /opt/kanagram/bin/kanagram-harmattan"01:02
djszapiagain, it is a working debian debian packaging01:02
djszapigot two pngs, that is all01:03
djszapiit is now crashing.01:03
djszapiapparently randomly.01:03
Elleothe problem isn't invoker though01:03
djszapiwell, it works for me without the invoker01:03
Elleonot for me01:03
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djszapitoo bad the harmattan platform is still this brittle.01:04
Elleofor me your application causes a bus error01:05
djszapiignore that01:05
djszapiall the releases I had, had that.01:06
djszapiand like I said, even when the application works, I have that.01:06
Elleothe bus error terminates it, it cases SIGBUS and dies01:06
Elleojust run strace on it01:06
djszapinot really, no01:06
Elleoimmediately before dieing its looking for a config file01:06
djszapiI would recommend to try actually out the package already is in Ovi.01:07
djszapiplease do not come with this artificial reasons. :)01:07
Elleo"Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error." is what gdb reports upon exit01:08
djszapiI am not getting point...01:08
djszapi01:06 < djszapi> and like I said, even when the application works, I have that.01:11
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Elleowell I don't know where else to suggest you look01:12
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djszapime neither. The platform seems totally borked01:13
djszapiit should not crash just because two png files are inserted into the debian package. :-)01:13
Elleo <-- here's the gdb output if its any help01:14
ElleoI didn't bother trying to follow any of the threads, but it reports the sigbus in that thread01:14
djszapithat tells me zero01:17
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mzanettiHi. I'm looking for a way to get notified when a headset is connected. Anyone has any hints?01:29
jonnimzanetti: you can forexample poll for changes in /sys/kernel/debug/twl5031_aci/cable and there should be a dbus signal too01:34
mzanettijonni: I'm planning to do this in a daemon which is always running. So polling does not seem to be a viable option. Any more details on th dbus signal? I've been monitoring the d-bus system bus and ther is indeed stuff going on. However it differs between different headset types (like wired vs. Bluetoth)01:36
mzanettithere is no signal like "headset connected" or something like this. It's more a bunch of policy changes01:37
mzanettiand I fear I get those changes also in other circumstances01:37
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tgalal_question, does "Allow background connection" keep the network connection open even though nothing is using it ?03:45
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trx2X-Fade: is the bossbot broken again? i have submitted a new version of my package yesterday, trial build went fine and testing build went fine, but the app is now not in apps for meego.. so i tried to submit again, this time trial went fine but testing build didnt start, and the app is still not in apps for meego..09:43
trx2package name is txpad09:43
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dm8tbr06:16:53< the-boss> [APPS] SR#4860 package txpad from trx is ACCEPTED into MeeGo:1.2:Harmattan:Apps:Testing10:24
dm8tbr06:17:45< the-boss> [APPS] package txpad was REMOVED because a newer version got submitted10:24
trx2yea, i got the mail and everything10:43
trx2but its missing from apps for meego10:43
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dm8tbrwell after that it got revoked due to the new version. no idea.10:51
djszapitrx2: how many downloads can you hope for in apps4meego ?10:52
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trx2djszapi: i dont care really10:56
trx2i just want to make it available to those who want it :)10:56
djszapithen why not ovi ?10:57
trx2its wating for QA there, but it wont be free there, i wanted to use ovi as a method of donation11:00
trx2because i dont have other means of settings up donations11:00
trx2thats why i need it here for free11:00
djszapiyou can do both in ovi... like many others do...11:01
trx2i dont like it but i am forced to do it as i no logner have a job :/11:01
trx2what do you mean?11:01
trx2paying can be optional in ovi?11:02
djszapiyes of course11:02
djszapiyou can submit twice with payment and also for free11:02
djszapimany do that really...11:02
trx2i did not know that, this is the first time i am submiting anything there11:02
djszapiright, it is possible. I cannot recall which applications I saw like that, but I /did/ see. :)11:03
trx2well, in any case i would also like to help apps for meego gain some users if possible11:03
trx2i will look arround the store for such cases, thank you for the info11:04
djszapiwell, apps4meego did not get too popular for Harmattan11:04
trx2i am hoping we can change that :)11:05
djszapiwhy would you hope for that ?11:05
djszapiHarmattan is not much of an interest for too much investigation in any case.11:05
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trx2well, its the only platform other than fremantle that i like11:09
djszapiElleo: how did you run kanagram in gdb with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable set ?11:09
trx2so the longer it "lives", the better11:09
djszapitrx2: I hope the opposite, and that the next-billion is out soon.11:10
djszapionly thing I can think of, Qt5 for Harmattan11:11
djszapiqt4 is getting not too appealing for devs anyway11:11
djszapiElleo: I have tried this way: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/kanagram/lib gdb /opt/kanagram/bin/kanagram-harmattan11:12
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trx2djszapi: i have no idea about what will "the next billion" look like11:21
trx2and i have null intentions to develop for windows platform11:21
djszapitrx2: you should visit qt developer events more often, and you would have ideas :P11:22
trx2i will never use their .net11:22
djszapinext-billion != lumia11:22
trx2yeah i know that\11:22
trx2but its low-end as i understand11:22
djszapi...that means ?11:22
trx2that for me can mean black and white screens..11:23
trx2if you know what i mean?11:23
djszapiNokia does develop qtquick2 for a reason11:23
trx2yeah, harmattan was developed with a reason too11:24
trx2dont get me wrong, i have nothing against the next billion11:24
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trx2i just dont know what to expect from it11:25
djszapiwell, you can be pessimist and optimist11:25
djszapiI leave that decision to you.11:25
trx2i am very optimistic as you can see11:25
MohammadAGI can't see how you can be an optimist in the current state11:25
trx2i am hoping for apps for meego to gain momentum, if that ain't optimisim :)11:26
MohammadAGThe next million/billion seems like some failed marketing bs11:26
djszapitrx2: your time... I rather play with Qt5 instead. :)11:27
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trx2there's time for qt511:33
trx2atm i see no use for it11:34
trx2except for playing arround11:34
djszapiI think you missed the competition as well...11:34
djszapiand no, qt5 is totally useful already, and a whole kde stack was built on top of that...11:35
djszapikdelibs, kde-pim etc.11:35
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trx2i'll check it out11:44
trx2my fpc ide, lazarus uses qt4 widgets to create UI's11:44
trx2i was planing to create an interface that will use qt5 and qml11:45
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djszapitrx2: are you the maintainer of that ide ?11:48
trx2i just help out with qt4 interface11:48
trx2its interesting because it can produce apps that use gtk, qt, carbon, cocoa, win32 etc with no code modifications11:49
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trx2and because QWidgets are being phased out i was planning to create a new interface for qt511:51
MohammadAGPhased out? Only on mobile11:51
MohammadAGdjszapi: any idea how I can style an MWidget?11:52
trx2but qt interface on lazarus is now obsolete and cant produce nice looking apps11:52
trx2so i have to mix pascal <-> C++ <-> QML11:53
trx2which is no fun :)11:54
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djszapiElleo: fixed the bug \o/ I typed en_US instead of "en" which is wrong.12:27
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djszapiQWidgets are being definitely phased out on desktop as well.12:32
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djszapithat is funky... the bug does not appear as root or developer, but user... Is there a way of changing the current user to "user" for debugging the issue ?12:46
djszapiI mean behind ssh, and not terminal on the phone display.12:46
djszapiI cannot even change the password for the user in the terminal so that I could log directly in as user via ssh.12:48
djszapijonni itsnotabigtruck ^12:52
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Elleodjszapi: devel-su user (after becoming root)13:31
djszapiElleo: thp nks13:32
djszapilol accidental tab ^^ :)13:32
Elleono worries13:32
djszapiI do not, but thp might look weird ;)13:32
djszapiElleo: anyway, can try the new version ?13:34
thpargh, now you woke me up! ;)13:37
Elleodjszapi: okay, just a minute13:37
djszapithp: I do not even comment on that how crazy idea to get a wake up alarm for an irc event ;)13:38
thphehe, i don't have that, and it might be a bad idea ;)13:39
thpbut still, hooking up a jabberbot to irssi... hmm13:40
Elleodjszapi: yep, that seems to work :)13:40
djszapiElleo: even as user ?13:40
djszapiit does not with that user here.13:41
Elleoyep, just launching via the home screen13:42
djszapiElleo: and that works for you, really ?13:42
ElleoI only went as far as starting a game, but that all works13:43
djszapiElleo: please use this config file content for a test:
djszapiif I delete that file, the launch works.13:44
Elleofails for me too then13:45
djszapiwhat if you delete that file, and save italian in the settings, quit and re-launch ?13:45
MohammadAGWoo, figured out styling in mtf13:46
Elleodoesn't launch after setting italian through the gui; and if I simply delete dataLanaguage=it from that config it works13:46
ElleodataLanage=de works fine, so its not all non-english languages that cause problems13:47
djszapiElleo: try other language code names13:48
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Elleoothers work13:49
djszapiwhich others ?13:49
ElleoI'm not going to test them all, you can do that ;)13:49
Elleogerman and irish gaelic13:49
djszapihu ?13:49
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MohammadAGar :p13:49
Elleohu fails13:50
djszapiElleo: this is what you are also getting right ? ASSERT failure in QList<T>::at: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 45613:51
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Elleodjszapi: nope13:55
djszapioh yes, you do not have debug build13:55
djszapiyou are not getting that useful information13:55
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Elleodjszapi: that works with Italian now14:27
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djszapiElleo: Have you ever used the Selection Dialog Harmattan component ?15:06
Elleodjszapi: yep, only for a simple thing though15:09
djszapishould a ToolButton text change, if I manually change the selectedIndex in here: text: categorySelectionDialog.model[categorySelectionDialog.selectedIndex];15:10
Elleono idea, sorry15:10
thpdjszapi: try model.get() instead of model[]15:16
djszapithp: why ?15:17
thpdjszapi: if [] doea not work15:18
djszapiwhy would that make a difference ?15:19
djszapiI understand .get() is probably better for getting stuff, but still: that should not matter in this case.15:19
djszapithp: .get() is totally broken15:21
djszapithat does not display anything.15:21
thpis it? worked for me so far15:21
djszapiyes, it is.15:21
djszapitotally borked15:21
djszapitext remains empty.15:22
djszapi[] -> works fine15:22
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djszapitext: categorySelectionDialog.model.get(categorySelectionDialog.selectedIndex); -> this is what I have used. Text remains empty.15:23
djszapiunlike [].15:23
thpwhat do you usr as a model? a QML ListModel?15:26
*** khertan has joined #harmattan15:26
djszapithat is quite limited anyway15:27
khertan Hi guys !15:27
thpdjszapi: ok, then it makes sense -get() is something that is ListModel specific15:30
*** rzr is now known as rZr15:30
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djszapithp: I do not think so.15:31
djszapias it is not working with QStringListModel...15:31
djszapiwhich is also a ListModel anyway15:31
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan15:32
djszapithp: qrc:/GamePage.qml:161: TypeError: Result of expression 'categorySelectionDialog.model.get' [undefined] is not a function.15:33
thpbut not a ListModel 'as defined in qml'15:37
djszapiqml listmodel is a toy15:38
khertanqml is a toy15:40
thpi like it :)15:47
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Jeffrey04just out of curiousity, if i need to install mercurial on my n9, which one should i install?15:51
djszapiI would choose none of those.15:53
Jeffrey04install via easy_install?15:53
Jeffrey04(not sure if there is)15:54
*** rZr has quit IRC15:54
djszapiyou do realize those are under debian ? :)15:55
Jeffrey04aren't those packaged for harmattan?!15:56
Jeffrey04i have no idea then LOL15:56
djszapi -> this is the community repository.15:56
djszapiand that has no mercurial. Feel free to work on one, and submit the result.15:56
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #harmattan15:57
Jeffrey04lol, not a packager myself15:57
MFaro-Tusinoanyone good with gconf and/or settings applets?15:57
Jeffrey04will see what i can do then15:57
MFaro-TusinoAlso, anyone know how to change the operator text?15:57
djszapiJeffrey04: what do you need mercurial for ?15:58
thpJeffrey04: Jeffrey04 try the package from debian armel16:00
Jeffrey04djszapi: convenience16:00
djszapiJeffrey04: Jeffrey04 try the package from debian armel, Jeffrey04 :)16:01
Jeffrey04thp: erm… where can I get the package?16:01
djszapiJeffrey04: I would recommend grab a debian package, and try to build for Harmattan16:01
Jeffrey04thp: thanks16:01
djszapithat is how I made 50-100+ packages last summer.16:02
Jeffrey04djszapi: apt-get source?16:02
djszapigo to the debian sites, grab stuff, alter, test, submit to the commrepo.16:02
thpalthough i my experience, the community repo is just a pile of incompatible/broken stuff (that's not for everything, but enabling the community repos breaks some stuff for me)16:04
thpJeffrey04: if you have a scratchbox / platform sdk install on your machine, apt-get source from debian, then build and scp the .deb over to your device16:05
djszapithp: whining is always simpler than helping16:05
Jeffrey04thp: actually prefer something like ubuntu's ppa or something similar :)16:05
djszapithp: mind you, almost nobody helped apart from me and rzr16:05
thpJeffrey04: then use (with your own stuff16:05
djszapithp: but thanks for your lovely words16:05
thpdjszapi: i'm sure you are doing some great work, but i just said that the commrepo doesn't work for me16:06
djszapiand no, it is not a "pile of incompatible/broken stuff", actually many people thanked and used successfully.16:06
Jeffrey04hahahahha, then gotta dig some time to figure out how to get stuff working16:06
djszapieven for a whole kd estack.16:06
djszapikde stack*16:06
thpdjszapi: sorry - don't feel offended. i'm sure it's very useful for lots of people!16:07
djszapithat is why it is called community repository. If there is an issue, fix it.16:07
djszapiwhining will not help for anybody16:07
djszapijust distracts the attention from a centralized place that we definitely need anyway16:07
Jeffrey04ok, mebbe i should start with installing the platform sdk16:08
djszapithat said, it works fine for me, and you have not mentioned any bugs, nor bugreports you provided.16:08
thpit's just easier for me to build the few single packages myself or upload them to my own obs account / home folder -> less worries that i break other people's stuff, and less worries what happens if the commrepo contains incompatible packages (i.e. nokia-supplied libs that are updated in the commrepo)16:08
djszapiso I consider this still factless whining.16:08
djszapiand that mentality completely distracts that we are a community16:08
djszapiI am glad not everybody thinks that way.16:09
thpbeing a community doesn't mean that one should be forced to use/contribute to the commrepo if they don't want to ;)16:09
djszapiwho forces you ?16:09
djszapiyou are essentially saying that you do not help out others, it is fine if it is works ONLY for you.16:10
djszapiwith this mentality, better to not contribute to the community repository really :)16:10
thpi contribute in other areas where i might be better suited ;)16:10
djszapiI have spent enormous amount of time with cleanups for helping others even if it had no effect on me.16:10
thpand now i gotta go - we can discuss this later :)16:10
djszapithen why complain publicly ?16:10
djszapito publicly distract the community repository ?16:11
Jeffrey04so scratchbox is a virtual machine image?16:11
djszapido you think it is healthy ?16:11
djszapiJeffrey04: it is a virtualized development environment16:11
Jeffrey04djszapi: so it uses QEMU? can I use virtualbox?16:12
ElleoJeffrey04: its not a VM like you're thinking16:13
djszapiit uses qemu, but it has nothing to do with virtualbox...16:13
ElleoJeffrey04: it uses QEMU for executing non-native binaries16:13
Elleobut its not a fully virtualised machine16:13
Elleoand if your scratchbox target is x86 then it doesn't use QEMU at all16:13
Jeffrey04 < I'm on mac, so I should follow this guide right?16:14
djszapiErr.. nope...16:14
djszapiI would recommend MADDE on Mac.16:14
Jeffrey04i think qt creator already uses madde16:15
Jeffrey04that's how i built .deb packages for my python scripts16:15
djszapiyou have no reasons to use scratchbox on Mac.16:16
djszapiwell, you would not actually use scratchbox on Mac anyway, but in Ubuntu or so16:16
djszapiinside a virtualbox. Surely, you can go for that, if you prefer the pain. :)16:16
djszapiMadde is /way/ simpler.16:16
Jeffrey04so just to recap, if i want to try building mercurial, i should just use madde that came with my copy of qt creator?16:17
djszapithough if mercurial requires a lot of stuff, it is perhaps better to use scratchbox, but I do not think mercurial requires so much.16:19
djszapiMadde knowledge will be useful for you, if you wanna play with Qt5 on Mac tough16:19
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thpJeffrey04: with madde on osx, you use it like /path/to/qtsdk/Madde/bin/mad list to get a list of targets and then .../mad -t <targetname> dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot for example16:53
Jeffrey04thp: with the tarball i get via apt-get source?16:54
thpJeffrey04: yes, with the extracted debian source package17:01
thp(dpkg-source -x <filename>.dsc)17:01
Jeffrey04thp: thanks :)17:01
thpyou can also prefix dpkg-source with "mad" and that should work17:01
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MohammadAGwish I could kill debs on Harmattan17:25
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan17:29
thpMohammadAG: huh?17:32
Shaan7Hi, I'm trying to login to google docs using harmattan SSO ClientLogin, however the process/request call ignores the params i pass through sessionData. Any idea what might be wrong? here's the code snippet
MohammadAGthp, Qt Creator debs, or the need to build them every time I run17:32
thpMohammadAG: in developer mode, you could just scp the binary and run it there (if you don't rely on files being installed in some special location)17:33
MohammadAGthp, I thought that was gone after beta217:33
MohammadAGthis isn't QML fyi17:33
thpsure, but i think it only worked *since* beta2 ;)17:34
thpanyway, i can scp a binary (c++ compiled to armel code) and then run it (./binaryname) as user "user"17:34
thpeven with PR1.2 on a N9 with developer mode enabled, but in "closed mode" and without inception or anything17:35
thpyou can't copy it over the installed version, but running it from /home/user/ works17:35
thpand with qt, you can bundle all your resource files as resources, so the binary is mostly self-contained anyway17:35
thptry it!17:36
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MohammadAGthp, sec, configured a deployment step in Qt Creator17:39
*** rZr is now known as rzr17:39
thpMohammadAG: if you use scp, the application must not be running, because otherwise you get "text file busy" (which you can probably work around by moving the running file out of place - i'm not sure why scp doesn't have a switch that says "transfer, then rename the old file, then place the new file, then unlink the old file"17:40
thpMohammadAG: it's basically this issue:
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MohammadAGit works17:49
DocScrutinizerwe ever seen a service manual for N9?17:49
DocScrutinizermoo moh17:49
DocScrutinizeralternatively: any hints about disassembling?17:50
djszapirzr: morning17:50
djszapirzr: perhaps you could help out Jeffrey04 with the mercurial packaging ?17:50
thpDocScrutinizer: if you search for "nokia n9 teardown" on youtube, you'll find some guides17:51
thpi think that was one of the first ones17:51
djszapithp: the best is Dimitri and his N950 :)17:51
thpwhere he says "i'm a hacker guy, i really need a hw keyboard"? ;)17:52
djszapiyeah, and also that: "Man, life sucks a lot now". :)17:52
djszapiyes :)17:53
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DocScrutinizerI'm exactly stuck at the point where this bloke is using cutter to ruin the already broken glass17:54
thpDocScrutinizer: a comment there says "In the Nokia service manual it shows you can push the screen out from the sim card hole without leaving any marks on the case..17:55
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, pop out sim tray, put in a driver, pry out screen17:55
DocScrutinizerthanks :-D17:56
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, lemme find the video I saw of that17:56
MohammadAGit's a Lumia 800, but same shit different OS17:56
MohammadAGinternals and ribbons might be different17:59
*** rzr is now known as rZr18:02
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DocScrutinizer 3:12 - I reconsider if doing the whole stuff myself is really needed18:10
*** rZr is now known as rzr18:16
DocScrutinizer""pull out and remove the SENSOR FLEX. Do not use it again. Discard it"" SUUUUURE18:17
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC18:21
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DocScrutinizer looks most accurate, and suggests to "discard, do not use again" half the phone ;-P18:25
* DocScrutinizer re-uses the two TX4 to undo his very partial disassembly18:26
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itsnotabigtruckwoot, just figured out i can put nicknames on any contact21:24
itsnotabigtrucknot just im contacts21:24
itsnotabigtruckit's just hidden under 'other information'21:24
VenemoI knew that since last july :P21:24
itsnotabigtruckwell, it's hardly obvious and easy to forget21:26
itsnotabigtrucki expected it to maybe work like phone numbers where you can tap it and pick what kind of phone number you are entering21:26
itsnotabigtruckhm, did the price on the galaxy nexus come down at some point21:31
itsnotabigtruckapparently it's $400 now21:31
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antman8969has anyone ever tried to use a qsqlquerymodel as the model for a selection dialog?21:39
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MohammadAGhow do I get window ID with MTF?22:25
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