IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-05-19

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Elleourgh, QA don't like the fact that I have a version number as 1.06 and suggest 1.6 instead :/02:04
itsnotabigtruckElleo: afaik nokia wants everything to be 3 part numeric versions like02:08
itsnotabigtruckyou can generally put whatever you want after that as long as it's a valid debian version02:08
itsnotabigtruckbut it has to start with x.y.z02:08
itsnotabigtruckyou can read the exact requirement in one of the ovi publishing docs02:08
ElleoI guess I'll change to 1.0.6 then02:09
Elleowas just trying to keep it consistent with the app versioning (its a port of a desktop thing)02:09
itsnotabigtruckdo you control the upstream?02:09
itsnotabigtruckyou could switch the upstream also02:09
itsnotabigtruckho ok02:09
Elleowell, I'll fix it in the morning; too tired now02:11
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MohammadAGany MTF experts?02:15
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rzrMohammadAG, wtf ?02:22
MohammadAGI find it annoying I have to explain what mtf is02:23
infobotA Microsoft Tape Format reader. URL:  MeeGoTouchFramework, a deprecated framework that's miles faster than QML02:23
rzrah that one :)02:23
rzryou meant mtf02:23
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befordI dont know why deprecated MTF02:29
befordit barely had a life ..02:30
MohammadAGwell, Harmattan uses it in most stuff02:31
MohammadAGand the whole OS is deprecated02:31
befordlong live harmattan02:32
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MohammadAGhow exactly do I add
rzrthere is a passwd in sources.list iicr02:50
rzrmy mistake that one is for sb , device uses
MohammadAGI need libqmafw0-dev02:55
MohammadAGoh for fuck's sake why is Harmattan messed up for devs02:58
rzr cat  /scratchbox/users/rzr/targets/HARMATTAN_ARMEL/etc/apt/sources.list02:58
rzrdeb harmattan/41667a5bd857be02f487c2ce806fbf85 nokia-binaries02:58
befordlibqmafw0-dev - MAFW development package ?03:01
befordinstalling it on device MohammadAG ?03:01
befordor sbox ?03:01
MohammadAGthanks rzr :D03:01
befordoh. on scratchbox apt-getworks03:01
MohammadAGI was forced to delete Harmattan SB03:04
MohammadAGblame merlin199103:04
befordmerlin1991 !!03:06
DocScrutinizerisn't it hilarious how harmattan SB and fremantle SB obviously conflict, messing up probably both but at least one of both in subtle ways like adding thumb compile flags03:10
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merlin1991DocScrutinizer: they don't03:16
merlin1991simply as that03:16
merlin1991in other words03:16
merlin1991I do have them both :D03:16
merlin1991-stable hasn't seen any fancy regressions and I've built the fixed package on that sb03:17
DocScrutinizerwell, what was it then that messed up MohammadAG 's SB?03:17
merlin1991nfc ask him :D03:17
merlin1991he might have used dpkg -S on the files in question before deleting the whole sb03:18
MohammadAGthen why the fuck did you suggest not to install Harmattan SB03:18
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MohammadAGMafw is one of those libs that makes you hate yourself03:27
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merlin1991MohammadAG: actually I never did that :D03:30
merlin1991afaik it was freemangordon03:30
DocScrutinizerguys, I'm riven between Sherlok in TV and your comedy here03:32
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merlin1991DocScrutinizer: enlighten me about Sherlok in TV it sounds awesome03:41
merlin1991also, which channel?03:41
DocScrutinizerARD, right now03:42
DocScrutinizerSherlock, btw03:42
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DocScrutinizerhey, I corrected my typo just in time: the smartphone: "I'm [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] locked!"03:46
DocScrutinizer"I'm S H E R locked"03:46
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* MohammadAG headdesks at mafw04:03
DocScrutinizernow?? dang, that took some time04:03
merlin1991hey mafw on maemo5 was actually quite nice04:04
merlin1991only the closed source **%&/$X... on maemo6 is bullcrap04:04
DocScrutinizermafw on maemo5 was crap04:04
merlin1991it did its job04:04
merlin1991not more not less04:04
DocScrutinizerno gapless playback04:04
DocScrutinizerno equalizer04:04
merlin1991fu equalizeres04:04
merlin1991also easiest way to fazilitate the dsp in an open way04:05
DocScrutinizerno way to fix any of that04:05
merlin1991btw gapless? dunno maybe my ears suck :D04:05
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DocScrutinizermaybe your definition of gapless sucks04:06
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merlin1991well it seemed gapless to me, though I could be mistaken04:06
DocScrutinizernot that gapless playback was any particularly good supported on mp3 anyway04:06
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DocScrutinizergapless playback == no breacks or clicks or in-continuities between 2 songs04:07
MohammadAGmerlin1991, hold that though04:08
DocScrutinizernot very popular nowadays where you actually enjoy the gaps between the noise, but for records from the 70s it's a highly appreciated feature04:09
MohammadAGmerlin1991, this is gapless
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, actually lots of mixes use gapless playback04:09
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: right, I forgot about that particular extreme form of acoustic pollution04:11
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DocScrutinizerthe art to adjust pitch and operate crossfader so you impossibly can tell how many songs been played during the last hour, or during a whole evening. Sounds all like one never ending insult04:14
MohammadAGyou can, listen to the album on an N9 first :P04:15
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: anyway thanks for the pretty good example of gapless playback04:16
merlin1991rofl deadmau504:18
MohammadAG^ that really made me lol04:18
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: sometimes djs still manage to achive that, though you'd simply say you can't see the difference between the noise ;)04:19
DocScrutinizeraah, deadmau504:20
MohammadAGok, I cloned the video widget, just some quirks left04:21
MohammadAGand actual video playback, that should be easy though04:21
DocScrutinizerI have to say I would prefer any mediaplayer NOT using mafw, if only it was semi-integrated into the system04:22
MohammadAGMSeekBar is buggy, about 20 pixels of lost space04:23
MohammadAGfixed, in a dirty way04:23
MohammadAGm_seekBar->setPos(m_seekBar->pos().x(), m_seekBar->pos().y()-30);04:23
DocScrutinizerand the most I'd appreciate a mediaplayer that knows to playback .iso with cuesheet04:26
MohammadAGI didn't clone it for the mediaplayer04:27
MohammadAGI cloned it for Sociality :p04:27
merlin1991btw sidenote, I didn't mean deadmau5 with my statement ;)04:27
MohammadAGgot something against him? :P04:28
DocScrutinizernah, deadmau5 lives on moh's iPhone04:29
DocScrutinizerit has to be awesome04:29
DocScrutinizerooops iPod04:30
merlin1991MohammadAG: not exactly something against him, just sayin there's better ones out there ;)04:31
DocScrutinizerI love that kbd in that video04:31
DocScrutinizerbetter dead mice?04:31
MohammadAGmerlin1991, oh for sure04:31
MohammadAGme, for example04:31
merlin1991hm just noticed it goes from moar ghosts n stuff to ghosts n stuff04:32
DocScrutinizeryou're a dead mouse? Thought you're my father04:32
MohammadAGI'm superior to a dead mouse04:34
MohammadAGI'm a deadca704:34
MohammadAGhow the fuck did I make the string for secs in open mediaplayer04:35
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GentooXativahi :)12:30
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MagicalSkyMaI'm having trouble with Nokia N9, QT Creator, app being in landscape mode, unable to change to portrait.13:12
MagicalSkyMaGoogle mostly gives me QML solutions, but I don'13:12
MagicalSkyMat know how to use QML13:12
MagicalSkyMaI'm pretty much a begginner so I just made some Wizard thingie and it made me mainwindow.cpp etc13:13
MagicalSkyMaThen used the design tool in QT Creator to make some buttons and LcdNumber labels13:13
MagicalSkyMaShows fine as portrait when running the emulator on PC, but N9 is landscape13:14
MagicalSkyMaattribute = Qt::WA_LockPortraitOrientation; doesn't seem to affect anything13:16
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MagicalSkyMaWhere do I put:  void MWindow::setPortraitOrientation()  ?13:48
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MagicalSkyMaCan anyone tell me if N9 supports Python GTK somehow?13:53
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rzrM4rtinK, MagicalSkyMa : <MagicalSkyMa> 12:50:16> Can anyone tell me if N9 supports Python GTK somehow?14:41
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rzrMohammadAG, do you still need libqmafw0-dev_0.0.43-1+0m6_armel.deb ?15:16
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MohammadAGMagicalSkyMa: It doesn't15:18
MohammadAGrzr: I got it from the link you posted and cloned the video player of video suite15:18
MohammadAGStill haven't figured out colour key and stuff with mtf, but playback of music works15:18
rzrok great15:18
MagicalSkyMaGoogle says: "Yes, GTK and its Python bindings now both work on Harmattan. "15:18
MagicalSkyMaBut I can't really figure out what I need for it to work.15:18
MohammadAGOh, no idea then15:19
rzrI about to make  a video on using e17 on n95015:19
MagicalSkyMaDoes N9 support Java or JavaME without much hacking?15:19
rzrMagicalSkyMa, not out of the box , but I can show you how15:20
rzrMagicalSkyMa, what java  app do u want me to demo ?15:20
MagicalSkyMaHello world would be enough I think15:20
MagicalSkyMaCan those Java programs be put to main menu like all others?15:21
rzrMagicalSkyMa, tuxguitar is working15:22
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M4rtinKthere is a short GTK installation walkthrough in the first post :)15:53
RzR950-ubuntuis it working fine ? nowdays ?15:53
M4rtinKwell, I didn't work on it since15:54
M4rtinKbut people seem to be using it15:54
M4rtinKjavispedro even got the VKB working:
*** RzR950-ubuntu is now known as RzR15:55
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M4rtinKmight be nice if someone included the hack in the default package15:56
M4rtinKor did a proper Maliit intgration, as described in
M4rtinKI'm rather busy with modRana & other stuff, so someone else would have to do it :)15:58
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RzRwhat deb/ubuntu app would you like to use on n9 ?16:27
* SpeedEvil ponders.16:28
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gavinrharperDoes anyone know how to extract a single QTapGesture in the QtSDK simulator?16:44
gavinrharperI can only get double triggers with QSwipeGesture16:45
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MagicalSkyMaAbout the GTK, I see downloads for .tar.gz and .dsc so which should I get and how to install?16:52
MagicalSkyMa(I'm a complete Linux-noob)16:53
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MagicalSkyMaIs there a apt-get I could just run like on my N900 ?16:57
MagicalSkyMaI've never used repositories or sorted through a gazillion .debs or other strange files.16:58
RzRyes uses apt16:59
MagicalSkyMaAre there noobie-friendly instructions somewhere for the GTK?17:00
RzRi fear not17:04
liarRzR: how do you run java?17:05
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MagicalSkyMaI downloaded: libgtk2.0-0_2.14.7-1maemo33+0m5_armel.deb2.9M17:11
MagicalSkyMaI copy it to somewhere on my N9 next17:11
MagicalSkyMaThen I:   dpkg -i filename.deb17:12
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MagicalSkyMaTerminal says something about superuser, so I write devel-su and give it the password.17:17
MagicalSkyMaBut now I'm not in the folder where the deb is17:17
MagicalSkyMaHow can I write the dpkg -i fileinsomedistantfolder ?17:17
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MagicalSkyMaNice, ssh root@localhost asks for a password that isn't rootme17:23
MagicalSkyMaI can install using Filebox?17:24
MagicalSkyMaNot giving me an option to install17:27
MagicalSkyMaLooks like I can cd my way out of the devel-su directory17:33
MagicalSkyMaBut installing the deb whines about some packages that have not been installed17:33
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MagicalSkyMaGuess I'll just try to make the list file...17:51
MagicalSkyMaWhat is /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?17:51
MagicalSkyMaI can't find etc folder on my phone.17:51
JaffaMagicalSkyMa: root ssh is disabled17:51
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RzRMagicalSkyMa, some info that could help :
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MagicalSkyMaI managed to get to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:23
MagicalSkyMaI'm in terminal. How do I make a file there?18:24
MagicalSkyMaWhat's the linux equivalent of "echo blaah blaah blaah >> file.ext" ?18:25
MagicalSkyMaOr is there a notepad sort of program I can run now? Or open this folder on Filebox?18:25
MagicalSkyMaLooks like I can find my way there on Filebox too. I can copy/rename a file I think, but how to edit? Filebox doesn't give option to open files.18:29
MagicalSkyMaMeh, I'll just make it on PC and move it.18:30
* RzR : #UbuntU running within #MeeGo/#HarmattaN for !n950club support #NfS #JavA ... DownLoad RootFs or Watch video18:30
MagicalSkyMaSo there's copy but no paste on Filebox. How nice.18:34
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MagicalSkyMaShould N9 automatically install any missing packages (if it finds them) when using apt-get install?18:44
RzRusing apt can damage your system caution18:45
MagicalSkyMaI can always restore my device to factory defaults somehow, right?18:46
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MagicalSkyMaI'm still trying to install GTK but nothing makes those "depends" things go away18:47
RzRu can install gtk in a chroot  :)18:47
MagicalSkyMaI added MartinK's repository to the list-folder I think but apt-gets still give me depends errors18:47
RzRit may be safer18:48
RzRsee prev url ^18:48
MagicalSkyMaI'm not sure I understand anything on that site18:50
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MagicalSkyMaDo you have a repository that has GTK ?18:52
RzRMagicalSkyMa, just currious why do u want to get gtk support ?18:52
MagicalSkyMaI made a python program that uses GTK for its GUI18:52
RzRMagicalSkyMa, i had untill it broke ... M4rtinK is the right person for that18:52
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MagicalSkyMaAnyone here who knows how to force QT program to use portrait and not landscape on N9?19:02
M4rtinKMagicalSkyMa: how far have you got ? :)19:11
M4rtinKcheck if "apt-cache search gtk" returns something relevant19:12
M4rtinKalso, do apt-get update first (as root)19:12
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MagicalSkyMasearch gives me 1,3 pages of something19:13
M4rtinKtry "apt-cache search libgtk"19:14
M4rtinKor "apt-cache search libgtk2"19:14
M4rtinKit should return a lot of libgtk2-something lines19:15
MagicalSkyMaFinds 7 packages or something with libgtk19:15
MagicalSkyMaLooks pretty same after libgtk219:15
M4rtinKso try to install libgtk2.0-019:16
M4rtinKthat should be the main GTK library19:16
MagicalSkyMa"... is already the newest version"19:17
MagicalSkyMaDoes that mean it's already installed?19:17
MagicalSkyMaSomething about unmet dependensies19:17
MagicalSkyMaLots of stuff about dependensies19:18
MagicalSkyMaMaybe I'll try that python program at this point19:18
MagicalSkyMa"No module named gtk"19:19
MagicalSkyMaI have tried to install gtk, python-gtk, pythongtk2 and maybe some others.19:21
MagicalSkyMaNone seemed to install quite well, always stuff about those other packages required19:21
jonniMagicalSkyMa: if you do qml app you can just do orientationLock: PageOrientation.LockPortrait19:21
MagicalSkyMaYeah, I know about QML being on option, but I have no idea how to make one19:22
MagicalSkyMaI'm supernub on QT (started yesterday or something) so I'm pretty much going with what the QT Creator gives me and modifying that19:23
MagicalSkyMaThe program already works fine on emulator, but the landscape mode breaks it on N919:23
MagicalSkyMaI'm not sure how to implement QML with what I got19:23
jonniqt creator gives you qml app if you make helloworld targeting to harmattan19:23
MagicalSkyMaI have already made the UI (it's an XML I think), can I use that with QML?19:24
jonnithats the qml helloworld tutorial with qt creator19:26
*** adlan has quit IRC19:26
MagicalSkyMaI guess I could try that QML thing.19:27
MagicalSkyMaJust stupid how I already have a Python version + QT version made that work just fine... :P19:28
MagicalSkyMaAnd now I'll try QML.19:28
MagicalSkyMaIf that doesn't work, I'll make it with Java19:28
MagicalSkyMa("work just fine" on emulators and PC but not on N9 I mean)19:28
*** 92AAAXCG8 is now known as mzanetti19:28
MagicalSkyMaBut thanks everyone for help. If you have suggestions as to the Python GTK, I'd appreciate.19:29
RzRwhat app is it ?19:29
MagicalSkyMaJust a simple app with 4 buttons and 2 labels to keep track of "life" when playing Magic The Gathering :P19:30
tgalal_qml is shit19:31
tgalal_why the hell does it seize all console ouput when there is an error somewhere19:31
MagicalSkyMaAll programming for mobiles is shit if you ask me.19:31
jonnitgalal_: you can easily get the serial console output back to you19:32
tgalal_jonni: please tell me how lol19:32
tgalal_or at least if there is an error why does it keep it to itself at some cases19:32
M4rtinKMagicalSkyMa: if you have some dependency errors, try "apt-get install -f"19:33
jonniits a mobility feature/bug that it eats console output, but when you install message handler you get them back19:33
M4rtinKas usual all "might break you system" warnings apply but usually it helps :)19:33
MagicalSkyMaalready tried with -f on one point, didn't make much difference as far as I could tell19:33
tgalal_jonni: tell me it's available for python as well19:34
M4rtinKwell I don't have any issues with console output with PySide19:34
M4rtinKoutside of occasional segfaults on Fremantle of course :)19:35
jonnitgalal_: The static PySide.QtGui.QErrorMessage.qtHandler() function installs a message handler using qInstallMsgHandler() and creates a PySide.QtGui.QErrorMessage that displays qDebug() , qWarning() and qFatal() messages.19:35
mzanettiwhats the status of the USB host mode now that inception opens the doors? The thread on fmo seems somewhat outdated...19:37
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itsnotabigtruckugh, could you guys try and warn the GTK noobs off at the first sign of trouble20:04
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:05
itsnotabigtrucksomebody is going to hose their phone sometime clobbering stuff with stock debian packages and have no idea how to fix it20:07
RzRi did warn him20:09
RzRbut you can not stop the opensource mania20:10
RzRitsnotabigtruck, btw a chroot sandbox would be an alternative for those users isnt it ?20:10
*** tom___ has quit IRC20:11
itsnotabigtruckRzR: yeah20:11
RzRwhat do you think about a wizard for incepting ubuntu :)20:12
itsnotabigtruckthe problem is that while i'm for hacking stuff up and all, the people who want to do abnormal things usually have abnormal ideas on what you're supposed to do :p20:12
RzRthat's true20:12
itsnotabigtruckand normally they need to be put on the right track instead of given instructions on how to actually do what they wanted to do20:13
itsnotabigtruckas for the chroot, yeah, totally20:13
itsnotabigtruckrcolieste (sp?) said he'd put together a package but didn't really follow through20:13
itsnotabigtruck*of being given20:13
RzRbtw are there users around ? please join
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tgalal_ths is ridiculous20:27
tgalal_qml is ridiculous20:27
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan20:37
M4rtinKI do both :)20:38
M4rtinKand both have ridiculous parts :)20:38
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tgalal_M4rtinK: to make the output error in the form of "console silence", that's insanity. I'm commenting as crazy all parts of the code now until it works20:43
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:45
M4rtinKwell I have the oposite problem20:50
tgalal_AWESOME, turns out QFeedbackFuckingHapticsEffect silences QML OUT!20:50
M4rtinKI got so many Style.qml errors like this:
M4rtinKthat I have to log to file if I can read the startup messages from my application20:52
M4rtinKtgalal_: well, that pretty weird behaviour for sure :)20:52
tgalal_which is even declared in python side. This is real shit20:53
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tgalal_i am so angry right now lol20:55
M4rtinKanyway, good to know haptics the cause20:55
M4rtinKI'll be probably using it too in the near future20:56
RzRas any of you installed qt5 ?20:56
M4rtinKfor a "press - buzz - move  up/down to zoom" gesture :)20:56
RzRwho has a n9 on pr1.2 ? here20:59
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Sniper_swei have:)21:26
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djszapiHey! Does anybody use splash screen with invoker ?23:00
djszapifor some reasons, I am not getting the portrait png fine.23:00
djszapilandscape is ok23:00
Elleoah, I only bothered giving one (portrait) splash screen image23:01
djszapi -> this is my shell script.23:01
djszapithe idea was copied and pasted from the irc-chatter desktop file. The irc-chatter stuff works fine.23:01
Elleodoes the portrait one show up if you don't have the landscape one specified?23:02
Elleoand are you sure the portrait file exists/is called that?23:02
Elleoother than that I have no idea, as it looks reasonable to me23:02
djszapiyes, everything seems to be fine to me.23:02
djszapiexcept the image loaded, if I launch the application in portrait omde.23:03
djszapiit seems to me the portrait png is displayed in landscape mode.23:09
djszapiso a bit blurry, etc.23:10
djszapifunky since I do exactly the same as irc-chatter :/23:10
djszapiirc-chatter uses jpgs for the splash screens. That is one difference.23:11
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djszapiElleo: this works, if I use the irc-chatter jpg:
Elleois the size of the portrait png correct?23:57
Elleoand if you try converting the portrait png to jpg does it have any effect?23:57
djszapiI figured out the issue23:58
djszapimy portrait background size is 480x800 which is fine for portrait background23:58
djszapiHowever, the invoker expects 800x480 for some reasons...23:59
djszapiwonderful construction... invoker expects a different image than I can use in QML, how cool...23:59

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