IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2012-05-17

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itsnotabigtruckieatlint: check out fcam00:03
ieatlintthat kinda has a different purpose and different constraints... since we're talking vga res and all, it should be a lot simpler00:04
ieatlinti'm looking into a webcam type thing, but i want jpegs so that packet loss doesn't result in bad decoding issues00:05
itsnotabigtruckugh, do you realize how badly that's going to suck00:07
itsnotabigtruckbetter use a real codec00:07
itsnotabigtruckgstreamer can probably take care of that00:08
ieatlintnah, it's fine for it to be bad00:08
ieatlintas long as i can pull off 10fps00:08
ieatlintbut it needs to allow for high fragmentation and packet loss00:08
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* rzr got hildon on h00:30
Morpogon harmattan?00:34
rzron debian in harmattan actually00:37
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spenapieatlint: <- as Elleo says, in aura we use the front camera as well00:40
spenapyou can check this particular commit:
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ieatlintthx :)00:48
spenapyou're welcome :-)00:51
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ieatlintapps heading to ovi need to work on pr1.1, right?02:24
ieatlint... not not pr1.0 anymore02:24
b0unc3itsnotabigtruck: your bet was right, with 'develsh -c 'aegis-exec -c -a Cellular ./myapp' work fine02:34
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Creteilhi all02:35
Creteilsomeone know how to fix download error for an application I buy in the store for the N902:35
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rzrCreteil, can u explain this download error ?02:43
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CreteilTry to dl an app from the store, 1st I buy it, then after I can dl it via the download icon, the download start, then store throw an error like 'an error occur during dl, retry ...'02:57
Creteileven I retry, even the same error throw again ...02:57
CreteilIt's really annoying :-)02:57
rzrsomeone complained about that on my app ...02:58
Creteilmaybe the store client is bugged ...02:58
rzrmaybe the server is too :)02:58
rzrwhat app is it ?02:58
Creteilfm radio02:58
ieatlinti'd recommend restart the store app and/or reconnecting to the internet02:59
Creteilreconnecting to the internet ??? what do you mean exactly ?02:59
rzrSome users experience a problem with downloading 0.2.2 version of the application. Please be patient. Nokia will fix the problem soon.03:00
rzrDo not try to download the application more then 10 times. Otherwise you will be double charged. We will publish update when problem is fixed.03:00
Creteilrzr, 0.2.2 version of the application ???????????03:00
rzrThis application includes some parts distributed under GPL license. Please find full version of license agreement here.03:01
CreteilNokia N9 FM Radio updated 1.0.0 version has native N9 style! "Retro" theme with RDS support, plus convenient glossy "Classic" style are waiting for your choice.03:01
rzrCreteil, you can ask him the sources ....03:01
rzrgit clone
rzrwell you can try to rebuild it :)03:01
CreteilI have managed to install the apps, because when this buggy store hang, I can find the package in /var/cache/apt/archives03:02
CreteilI can also install with dpk the package, the app work fine, but when starting store after that, it report the apps in error status03:02
rzryou can recontruct the deb ...03:02
Creteilbut why we have to manage all sort of things like that when we pay for an app ???03:04
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rzrblame selop03:04
CreteilDoes someone at nokia care about this problems ?03:04
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Creteilin French whe say : selop the 'saloppe'03:05
Creteiloops ...03:05
rzrCreteil, ils regleront d abord ce probleme :
rzrou pas ...03:05
Creteilah oui effectivement ils ont d'autre soucis que mes 2 euros ... :-)03:06
infobotCreteil meant: ah oui effectivement ils ont d'autres soucis que mes 2 euros ... :-)03:06
rzr/j #meego-fr03:07
itsnotabigtruckb0unc3: ok, then you should make a manifest for your app that requests that permission03:08
itsnotabigtruckdon't try and run your program through develsh, it isn't there if developer mode is off03:09
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itsnotabigtruckrzr: that git repo is stale03:10
itsnotabigtrucki think the author originally distributed it as open source, then decided to cash in03:10
rzrit looks yes03:10
rzrthis does not exclude ...03:10
b0unc3itsnotabigtruck: but I can make a manifest just for my bin? or I need the full .deb?03:10
itsnotabigtruckrzr: it's for 0.0.7, quite a bit older than 0.2.2 :p03:11
itsnotabigtruckb0unc3: no, the manifest goes into the deb03:11
itsnotabigtruckso yeah, you have to install it03:11
itsnotabigtruckbut for testing, go ahead and use develsh03:11
b0unc3itsnotabigtruck: ah ok, that's the answer I was looking for, thank you :)03:11
Creteilon my side I'm taking about version 1.0.103:12
itsnotabigtruckand that aegis-exec command is very useful for limiting the permissions your app is run with as you test03:12
rzritsnotabigtruck, i have noticed ... anyway i respect his choice but if noone asked for the sources he conform to the gpl :)03:12
infobotCreteil meant: on my side I'm talking about version 1.0.103:12
itsnotabigtruckand with INCEPTION and opensh, you can run things with any permission03:12
itsnotabigtruck(develsh only allows a small subset)03:12
itsnotabigtruckCreteil: there's 2 different radio apps03:12
rzrat least03:13
itsnotabigtruckright, there's 2 in the store03:13
Creteilitsnotabigtruck, I have buy the 2 :-)03:13
itsnotabigtruck1 other that's not in the store03:13
itsnotabigtruckthe git repo is for the russian's radio app03:13
itsnotabigtruckboth are directly based on javis' radio backend code03:13
itsnotabigtruckneither provides up to date source03:13
b0unc3itsnotabigtruck: yeah, but I really don't know how many people are using INCEPTION...03:13
itsnotabigtruckboth are trying to cash in on somebody else's work, fuck 'em03:13
Creteilitsnotabigtruck, :-(03:14
rzrmaybe javis agreaed that03:14
rzritsnotabigtruck, nokia is also cashing ...03:14
CreteilHere is those I have buy :03:15
Creteil~ # dpkg -l "*fmradio*" | grep ii03:15
Creteilii  fmradio                                                        1.0.1                                                          Old-fashioned FM Radio receiver03:15
Creteilii  fmradion9                                                      1.4.0                                                          FM radio receiver with RDS.03:15
Creteil~ #03:15
infobotfrom memory, # is pound, or hash, or sometimes the number sign. a tic-tac-toe board, or octothorpe03:15
CreteilThe 2 manage the RDS03:16
itsnotabigtruckrzr: he didn't03:17
itsnotabigtruckthough i don't care about him, i do care about sheisty ovi store app devs03:17
rzrthen he should ask for the sources and publish them...03:17
rzrthat's what i would do03:17
CreteilBut if the original author of the code released his work under gpl, doesn't anyone be able to reuse it even to make cash ?03:18
rzrbut i am wondering if those store are generating so much revenue03:18
rzrCreteil, closing derivate works is the problem , not selling03:18
Creteilah yes .. however they need to publish source code of the modifications ...03:18
CreteilAnd they doesn't ?03:19
Creteilthey just sux ...03:19
rzrdonno just ask them03:19
rzrmaybe they will conform03:19
rzrif you got a copy you have the RIGHT to get the sources03:19
rzrjust ask03:20
rzrnoone is violating anything so far03:20
rzrbut if source delivery is refused then you can contact javis and try to find some acceptable solution ....03:21
itsnotabigtruckCreteil: i don't care about what's legal, or what stallman thinks...that sort of thing is just a shitty move, period03:22
itsnotabigtruckand the problem is that this sort of thing is the norm for paid phone apps03:23
itsnotabigtruckit's why as a rule i don't buy apps03:23
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Creteilitsnotabigtruck, as myself the creator of the forked project aMule, I must say I don't care about making money for from open source project but it's not the same position of all people ...03:24
Creteils/for from/from/03:25
infobotCreteil meant: itsnotabigtruck, as myself the creator of the forked project aMule, I must say I don't care about making money from open source project but it's not the same position of all people ...03:25
itsnotabigtruckCreteil: the problem is that it involves making money from somebody else's work, without the original work being compensated at all03:36
itsnotabigtruckif you make something and then both charge for it and open source it, that's not a problem03:37
itsnotabigtruckbut if you take someone else's open source work and put a price tag on it...03:37
itsnotabigtruckthat's just low03:37
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DocScrutinizerCreteil: sorry for being sarcastic, but paying for fm radio app is probably the rror in the whole process03:45
CreteilDocScrutinizer, so if I want to use it, what do you propose ?03:45
DocScrutinizerI suppose you read that radio thread on FMC created by javispedro03:46
CreteilDocScrutinizer, not really ...03:47
Creteilurl ?03:47
DocScrutinizerand I'd think you get own ideas after reading it03:47
CreteilDocScrutinizerdamn 24 pages ...03:59
CreteilDocScrutinizer, damn 24 pages ...04:00
DocScrutinizersure, go pay 1.99 (or whatever) on OVI store, and you don't need to read all this boring stuff04:01
DocScrutinizerit's clearly the convenience you pay for04:02
CreteilDocScrutinizer, I have already pay 2x2€ for &
DocScrutinizerthe pity in it is that brilliant devels like javispedro don't show up here all that frequently anymore04:03
DocScrutinizer"contains GPL parts which we assure you will stay free" BWAHAHAHA04:04
CreteilDocScrutinizer, like I already explained I personally don't care about someone making money with project I started ...04:04
CreteilFree don't necessary mean Free in terms of money ...04:05
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DocScrutinizerwell, seems javispedro feels different about that - and I've seen "" on last page of that thread04:05
rzrlet me insist to ask your distributor the sources of that gpl derivate work04:05
DocScrutinizer  though I haven't really read it04:06
DocScrutinizerexcept for *maybe* usb-hostmode I won't touch n9(50) until somebody ported a *proper* system that doesn't need openmode or <forgotthename> hacks to make the most elementary things work (and same time breaks 30% of other elementary stock apps)04:09
DocScrutinizerbtw I guess hostmode already works (kinda), just I'm too frustrated with this OS to really bother04:10
DocScrutinizers/OS/environment and "ecosystem"04:11
DocScrutinizerand those who know me for a while will devine what are my feelings about one of the very first 'apps' exploiting inception (now I recall the name) being OPPtimizer, an overclocking shite04:14
CreteilDocScrutinizer, why are you considering inception and OPPtimizer as shite ?04:16
ieatlintyou just need to overclock your phone man, then you'll love it04:17
DocScrutinizerwhen I was young (in the 70s of last century) it was a common weekend sport to tune your "MoFa" (motor bicycle, max 25km/h), at least for those 15yo who were allowed to drive those things first time in their life. Somehow OC seems to be absolutely same04:18
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DocScrutinizersome "1337" (though that word didn't exist back when) kids managed to tune their mofa to 70km/h, some even to >100km/h04:20
DocScrutinizerguess what happened to them04:20
ieatlintthey got all the women?04:20
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DocScrutinizerfor a very short while04:21
Creteilrzr, c'est quoi le chan FR ?04:22
DocScrutinizerce n'est pas un chan FR04:22
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DocScrutinizeril n'ya un chan come ca`04:23
Creteilrzr, houhou !!!04:23
ieatlintyeah, we only talk american in here04:23
DocScrutinizerbloody yankees04:23
ieatlinthalt den mund04:24
CreteilI know ... slow down ... relax & take a prozac ;-)04:24
DocScrutinizernot available here :-P04:24
ieatlintprozac doesn't have a quick effect04:24
ieatlinthe wants something like xanax04:24
CreteilI don't know the 2 ...04:25
DocScrutinizerI want a proper jynnontonxx04:25
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DocScrutinizeror a pangalactic thundergargle04:26
ieatlintthat sounds awesome04:27
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rzrDocScrutinizer, #meego-fr :)04:32
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ieatlintah, and now i of course remember where that's from04:35
itsnotabigtruckmoped overclocking?05:02
itsnotabigtruckthat's fucking awesome05:02
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MohammadAGDocScrutinizer: Tu parles français?11:02
* RST38h moos11:09
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elysionanyone familiar with the mafw and music suite dbus api?11:38
elysiontrying to get the music suite to open the "recently added" playlist via dbus message11:38
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MohammadAGmafw API won't help12:55
MohammadAGunless you open the music suite and then assign the recently added playlist12:55
MohammadAGbut afaik, from my work on Maemo5, that list is populated at runtime12:55
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elysionMohammadAG: I am launching music-suite separately14:02
elysionI would just need to tell the music-suite to start playing the dynamic playlist14:02
elysionat least it seems like the playlist is stored in mafw14:03
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MohammadAGelysion, I'm not sure about Harmattan, but here's how I got a list of the recently added songs in my cloned mediaplayer
elysionMohammadAG: is it possible to some how get that player to start playing a dynamic playlist?15:02
elysionor does it load the previously used playlist after launching by default?15:02
elysionit does not really matter to me which player I would be using as long as it works15:03
MohammadAGthat player's for maemo 515:03
MohammadAGyou can however recreate the dynamic list and assign it to MAFW, music-suite should handle that15:04
elysionoh, ok15:05
elysionbut how can I make the music-suite play the playlist?15:05
elysionis there a url schema for the mafw content that the dbus api recognizes?15:05
elysionI have been able to play playlists stored in the filesystem, but I found no way of loading the dynamic ones15:06
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Corsac;xtor=RSS-3208 ← a n900 in a french newspaper!16:02
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MohammadAGthe fuck pinchableimagewidget.h:17: error: conflicting return type specified for 'virtual bool PinchableImageWidget::gestureEvent(QGestureEvent*)'16:14
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rzrCorsac, /j #meego-fr16:22
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DocScrutinizerCorsac: I bet in #maemo you'll find more interested audience ;-D16:28
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CorsacDocScrutinizer: it's not /that/ interesting anyway18:24
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djszapibef0rd: before hi, I have a simpler task for you on Mac :)19:41
djszapido you still have the QtSerialPort project cloned ?19:41
bef0rdhold on19:42
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djszapibef0rd: I hold on.19:53
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ZogG_laptophmm =) wazapp is out19:59
*** tgalal has joined #harmattan20:00
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan20:01
ZogG_laptopregistration is but fails on registration20:01
ZogG_laptoptgalal: yup20:01
tgalalwhat happens20:02
tgalalu should at least get SMS20:02
ZogG_laptopnow i had Everything failing? try me and it fails too20:02
tgalaldid u get SMS ?20:02
ZogG_laptoptgalal: it fails on request of sms20:02
tgalalwhat's the message20:02
tgalalit should show an error message20:02
ZogG_laptopserver said fail-too-recent:XX20:02
ZogG_laptopwhere XX are numbers20:02
ZogG_laptopi think i had 57 and 6X20:03
tgalalwhen was the last time u registered ?20:03
ZogG_laptoptgalal: year or more ago20:03
tgalaloh crap20:03
tgalalbut the first error it couldn't have been too recent20:03
ZogG_laptopdon't tell me coz i didn't pay than i wouldn't be able20:03
tgalalZogG_laptop: first time you registered (on wazapp), the error message was too recent as well ?20:04
*** CreteilAW has left #harmattan20:04
ZogG_laptoptgalal: didn't paid attention but assume yes20:04
ZogG_laptoptgalal: you think i should give it some time and retry or ddos the request? =)20:05
ZogG_laptoptgalal: btw, thank20:05
ZogG_laptopthnaks for app anyway20:05
tgalal180 downloads :)20:06
djszapifor how long time ?20:06
ZogG_laptoptgalal: how long was announce?20:06
tgalal10 minutes20:06
djszapiwhy is wazapp good ?20:06
ZogG_laptoptgalal: so you think the problem is that i have old account for a long time?20:06
ZogG_laptopadn what you would suggest me to do?20:07
tgalalmaybe it has to do with expiry20:07
tgalalbut this message "fail-too-recent"20:07
tgalalis a direct message from server20:07
ZogG_laptopmaybe i should try to get it on other phone and it would send sms to me here?20:07
tgalaland not like any interpretation from client, which means it's really considered "too recent"20:07
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tgalalZogG_laptop: that is doable, I just need to know if other users face this as well :\20:08
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ZogG_laptoptgalal: we'll see the thread20:09
*** djszapi has left #harmattan20:10
ZogG_laptoptgalal: btw you should change default code from +20 to + i think or make hidden text that if you tap it goes to only +20:10
ZogG_laptopeven without +, integrate it20:10
ZogG_laptopmake like (+) (box where numbers are shown and when you tap they dissapear to enter text)20:11
tgalalZogG_laptop: yeah but that should be automagically detected in the future so it's not going to remain as that20:11
ZogG_laptoptoo recent =\20:11
ZogG_laptopdamn =(20:11
tgalalthe number20:12
tgalalbeside too recent20:12
tgalalit's the number of minutes u should wait20:12
tgalaltill next try20:12
TMavicafail too recent i got20:12
tgalalTMavica: voice ?20:12
ZogG_laptoptgalal: btw for voice is the same20:13
TMavicasuccess attached 309..20:13
tgalalTMavica: got a call ?20:13
ZogG_laptoptgalal: one hour more when i waited for so long and have app ??? =P20:13
ZogG_laptoptgalal: what is "if everything failed?20:13
tgalalZogG_laptop: then ur out of luck lol20:14
TMavicafail to recent: 5920:14
ZogG_laptoptgalal: numbers are getting down and than they are increased20:14
ZogG_laptoptgalal: but what does it do?20:14
tgalaltgalal: what's that?20:14
tgalalZogG_laptop: what's that/20:14
ZogG_laptopthe button "everything failed? Try me"20:15
tgalalit's a fallback that would work if you registered before on this phone20:15
tgalal400 downloads, any signs of successful registrations ?20:16
bef0rdI was already registered20:21
*** befr0d has joined #harmattan20:23
ZogG_laptop37 minutes to wait20:23
tgalalwell for 400 downloads, I guess we would have seen more compains on TMO thread20:23
tgalaloh 1 success20:25
tgalalwhich means it works :P20:25
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan20:26
TMavicatgalal, so i need to wait 1 hr for next register?20:28
tgalalTMavica: if it said so, then yes20:28
tgalaldelay is forced by the server20:28
tgalal"@tgalal well done !!! Registered without probs and already send first chat msg. Great work."20:29
tgalalso I guess it's not a bug20:29
*** djszapi has left #harmattan20:30
bef0rdI will have to patch the landscape qml again :p20:30
ZogG_laptoptgalal: it's a feature20:31
itsnotabigtrucksounds like the error messages need to be made more user-friendly20:34
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: true, you can't get everthing in first release20:34
shanttuinstallation failed and now i just have download-like icon with wazapp-text below. purged, reinstalled and rebooted several times.20:35
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:36
tgalalshanttu: whats the error ?20:37
*** rZr is now known as rzr20:39
shanttuthe basic "installation failed" when i used graphical installer ie launched from downloads. later i used dpkg and no errors. pressing icon doesn't do anything20:39
*** mschlens has quit IRC20:45
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan20:47
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan20:52
*** HKisd has joined #harmattan20:58
shanttustill had to go to downloads and click there even if everything seemed to be set. working now. thanks for the app20:58
tgalalshanttu: awesome!21:01
tgalalshanttu: any problems with login, sending msgs ..etc ?21:01
shanttutgalal, nope. login ok, sms received.21:05
TMavicawhy i got so many wazapp account in account setting...try reboot and see now21:09
*** trx has quit IRC21:09
*** delphi has joined #harmattan21:09
*** KRF_ has joined #harmattan21:10
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*** Anssi138 has joined #harmattan21:12
ZogG_laptoptgalal: ok, registered, what is the push number?21:13
ZogG_laptopand what it should be? with code or without?21:13
*** TMavica has quit IRC21:19
tgalalZogG_laptop: it's used for push notifications for contacts with an iphone21:20
tgalaljust set it to your name or sth21:20
ZogG_laptoptgalal: so it21:22
ZogG_laptopit's not relevant21:22
ZogG_laptoptill now noone answered21:22
ZogG_laptopso not sure if i can't get response or noone answers21:23
tgalalif you are getting yellow, or green circles21:23
*** Myname24 has joined #harmattan21:23
tgalalnot just remains green21:23
*** rlinfati has joined #harmattan21:23
tgalalthen no one is answering :)21:23
tgalalthis means it's working21:23
ZogG_laptopoh, got response21:23
*** rlinfati has quit IRC21:24
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC21:25
ZogG_laptoptgalal: what does yellow means and green?21:27
ZogG_laptopgreen is read?21:27
tgalalZogG_laptop: yellow is delivered to server, green is delivered to contact21:28
tgalalno read indicator21:28
ZogG_laptoptgalal: but there was typing and deliver indicator before in video? or i'm wrong?21:31
ZogG_laptopor did you took it down coz of bugs?21:32
tgalalwhat part of " green is delivered to contact" did u not understand ? :P21:32
tgalaland typing is there21:32
tgalalnothing removed ;)21:32
ZogG_laptopdelivered == have read it?21:33
ZogG_laptopoh, got it21:33
ZogG_laptopthe indicators of messages are separete for contacts21:34
ZogG_laptopon one hand that is good, but on other — several same icons on lpm screen21:35
ZogG_laptopand if i have a lot of chats it would take whole screen =P21:35
tgalalwhat do u mean by indicators of messages ?21:38
tgalal0.1.7 is out btw, update ;)21:38
*** liar has joined #harmattan21:38
ZogG_laptoptgalal: the msg icon on LPM screen21:43
ZogG_laptopand on lock screen21:43
ZogG_laptoptgalal: bad that you put update — no you can't know if it's first download or update.21:46
ZogG_laptoptgalal: how many for now?21:46
tgalalyou mean can't know for the count ?21:46
tgalalI do know :P21:46
tgalalmy script is smart :P21:47
*** astm has joined #harmattan21:47
tgalalZogG_laptop:   2106 for 0.1.6, 200 for 0.1.721:47
ZogG_laptoptgalal: how smart it can be? how would it know if i updated to 0.1.7 or downloaded it for the first time?21:48
tgalalZogG_laptop: separate counters?21:50
*** Myname24 has quit IRC21:50
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bef0rdI think ZogG_laptop means about duplicate downloads21:51
tgalalthere are some processing that happens before download start ;)21:51
*** _MeeGoBot_ has joined #harmattan21:51
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ZogG_laptopnot everyone would update i think for a while21:51
*** Myname24 has joined #harmattan21:51
*** Termana has joined #harmattan21:51
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan21:51
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #harmattan21:51
*** mgedmin has joined #harmattan21:51
*** ieatlint has joined #harmattan21:51
tgalalgot ur point21:51
ZogG_laptopfew just got it and gone21:51
bef0rdI downloaded .16 and .17 so, that would be 2 for 1 user. he could get the ip and just cound unique download per ip21:52
tgalalZogG_laptop: the bug was worth it though21:52
tgalalbef0rd: except that, I don't lol21:52
ZogG_laptoptgalal: would you go for apps4meego or ovi?21:52
bef0rdwell apache does it anyway21:52
*** Anssi138 has joined #harmattan21:53
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan21:56
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:01
HKisdI'm getting Segmentation fault with 0.1.7. (also did install 0.1.6, but uninstalled it before registering since 0.1.7 was available) POPULATE, RESYNCING , init load convs, Segmentation fault22:03
tgalalHKisd: can u pastebin exact output ?22:04
HKisdok, i'll do that within 5 mins22:07
*** liar has quit IRC22:10
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan22:13
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:21
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC22:21
*** astm has quit IRC22:24
*** lmoura has quit IRC22:24
*** rzr has quit IRC22:34
HKisdfor some reason I was not able to redirect all output to file. but stderr output is at complains about aegis tokens. btw my device has open mode kernel22:35
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan22:35
tgalalHKisd: how are you running it ?22:43
*** arcean has joined #harmattan22:44
HKisdfor the log I tried: /opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp > /home/user/MyDocs/wazapplog 2>&122:47
HKisdas normal user22:47
HKisdalso crashes after few seconds if I just click the icon. it might be that there was some error during installation. 0.16 installation failed once. on next try it went through22:49
tgalalHKisd: well it seems for some reason it's not granted required permission by aegis22:54
*** arcean has quit IRC22:57
*** arcean has joined #harmattan23:07
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*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:09
*** tom__ has quit IRC23:12
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan23:26
*** Myname24 has joined #harmattan23:26
tgalalone more update23:27
tgalalnow we never now the real counts lol23:27
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan23:30
Myname24Hey @tgalal I have 7 wazapp accounts in accounts app ? How can i remove them ?23:31
tgalalMyname24: how did that even happen?23:32
Myname24It failed to register mutiple time23:33
tgalalI see23:33
tgalalwhat happens if you open an account?23:33
tgalalthere should be a menu --> delete23:34
Myname24But now it worked but when i checked accounts it was full of wazapp accounts23:34
Myname24Yes i am deleting right now23:34
*** delphi is now known as trx23:37
*** rZr has joined #harmattan23:38
Myname24Thanks it worked :) and is there a way to disable vibration ?23:38
*** npm has quit IRC23:41
tgalalMyname24: currently no I guess23:41
tgalalone bit at a time :)23:41
*** befr0d has quit IRC23:45
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC23:45
itsnotabigtrucktgalal: well, are you requesting the right aegis permissions for your app?23:46
itsnotabigtruckif so, on which file23:46
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: well obviously it's working with all other users, so yes23:46
tgalal1 sec23:47
*** npm has joined #harmattan23:47
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: works for me fine23:47
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: /opt/waxmppplugin/bin/waxmppplugin, /opt/waxmppplugin/bin/waxmppaccount, /opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp23:47
itsnotabigtruckhow is /opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp invoked23:48
itsnotabigtruckand what is it exactly23:48
*** astm has joined #harmattan23:49
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: python script23:54
tgalalZogG_laptop: how is it going ?23:55
*** bef0rd has quit IRC23:55
itsnotabigtrucktgalal: but how is it invoked23:55
ZogG_laptoptgalal: fine, what is the new update?23:55
itsnotabigtruckand does it have a shebang line23:55
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: yeah i want to see code there too, to understand how ad what he did with accounts23:56
*** beford has quit IRC23:56
tgalalZogG_laptop: connection crashed permanently when someones added u to a group23:56
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: yeah it has shebang, it's invoked via /usr/bin/invoker --type e /opt/waxmppplugin/bin/wazapp/wazapp23:57
itsnotabigtrucktgalal: ok, test it with and without invoker23:58
itsnotabigtruckit should work either way23:58
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: it does23:58
itsnotabigtruckbut it's easy to screw up and make it so it doesn't23:58
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: what do u mean?23:59
itsnotabigtruckwell, for example, if you write a shell script without a shebang line, and give it aegis credentials23:59
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan23:59
*** djszapi has left #harmattan23:59

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