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djszapiwhat is the policy for Apps4MeeGo -> Can we have paid applications in there ?00:02
djszapiX-Fade lbt ^00:02
djszapilbt_away: ^00:02
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djszapimerlin1991: python'ish issue again :-)00:20
merlin1991djszapi: not exactly a python issue ;)00:22
merlin1991also the error is pretty obvious there00:22
merlin1991missing include file / include path00:23
djszapifrom a system-wide python stuff...00:23
djszapiactually the problem is that this project I downloaded, depends on python 2.6 and I have python 3. Just the cumbersome generic issue...00:25
djszapiwell, it would work with installed 2.7 as well, but the raw Makefile is hard coded to 2.6, meh.00:27
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Iktwohi, is there a way to use to detect headphone connection, or something else?08:17
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jonni\o/, finally got myself black N950, I only had silver N950s before :)09:00
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jonnisomeone was almost throwing it to waste basket, when he remembered that I might want it :)09:03
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Iktwowaste basket :( what's wrong with that person09:08
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tgalalmorning :)10:28
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tgalalbeford: I'm gonna send you updated package today with a lot of fixes10:46
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petteriI am located at HKI and could use N950, if someone is throwing away one of those feel free to /msg me and I will come to collect11:28
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mankeli_beford: oh no. what happened?11:29
befordnot me, its on TMO. scary11:29
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mankeli_NOTE: You need to have your device's language set to finnish, swedish, danish or norvegian in order to see the app in the Nokia store. This is due to Nokia not accepting the app to be visible in the store for other languages when the app is not in english.11:31
mankeli_oh yeah.11:32
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Corsacpetteri: I'm pretty sure no one is throwing away an n950 :)11:34
Corsacbeford: I had my screen broken too11:35
Corsacn9 just felt from like 50cm :(11:35
denismCorsac: just 50cm??? :(11:35
Corsacno protector and it was in the bathroom so hard floor11:36
pawky|2should phones be in bathrooms?... ;-)11:36
phakowhere else are you playing angry birds?11:36
pawky|2or angry 'tirds'.... :-D11:37
pawky|2or is it turd...11:37
nid0unlucky, i've skimmed mine off a 4 foot high kitchen worktop onto a ceramic tiled floor twice and its no worse off from either11:37
pawky|2maybe one should create a bathroom version of it :-)11:37
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petteriCorsac: 09:03 < jonni> someone was almost throwing it to waste basket, when he remembered that I might want it :)11:38
tgalalI had my C7 screen broken twice11:38
tgalalso I decided not to fix it anymore11:38
tgalalit doesn't deserve to be fixed11:38
denismpetteri: I think it is another kind of waste basket  :)11:39
denismI will 'throw to waste basket' quite soon my HP Elitebook 8540w :)11:40
petteriheheh, one can always wish :)11:40
susundberghey sorry, i had mine rsa+ssh working fine before doing restore from backup (via N9 ui), now the rsa key seems not working, any idea how to debug the connection? I have checked the .ssh/authorized keys looks fine (even permissions)11:41
susundbergbut where to look for sshd logs ?11:42
pawky|2is there still no official vpnc package to install for the N9?...11:42
petterisusundberg: at least I needed to have password for user before key auth started to work11:42
petterifor some reason11:42
susundbergpetteri: i'll try, but passwd login worked fine (even now ..)11:44
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Sivasusundberg: maybe try ssh with verbose option? like ssh -vv?11:45
susundbergSiva: on the computer side it shows private key beeing offered and not accepted, then passwd can contiue -> login ok11:46
susundberg(and same private key on my desktop still works on other servers -> key not corrupted or anything)11:47
susundbergbut what i would like to see are the sshd logs on the N9, but i don't know how11:47
Sivasusundberg: I guess you have tried removing and adding the key in authorized_keys?11:50
susundbergSiva: yes, replaced once11:53
susundbergAnd running sshd from the shell to another port gives permission denied on chroot to /var/run/sshd ..11:53
Sivasusundberg: thats expected I think.. can you pastebin output of this ' grep -v "^#" /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep -v "^$" ' from the device?11:54
Sivasusundberg: that looks fine. could you try rsa-ssh from a different machine?12:01
susundbergnot very easily, but this desktop can (still) take ssh-rsa to another server and the connection between this desktop and N9 was working before backup-restore12:02
susundbergi kind of mean: what would that help12:03
susundbergwhat i would like to see: is the ssh logs on N9 to see what goes wrong12:03
susundbergor to run the SSH on such way i see the outputs (but runnin sshd directly fails on chroot as said above)12:04
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Sivasusundberg: am trying to see if i can modify /etc/init/ssh.conf somehow..12:10
susundbergyeah seems like its ro12:12
susundberg/etc/default/ssh can be modified but wrning warning: setting there option -v will stop the init for ssh be launched12:12
Sivasusundberg: I think you can use -e.. but not sure where exactly i should be looking for logs..12:16
susundberghmm, i modified the /etc/default/ssh (for -v) killed sshd -> no respawn -> reboot device -> no ssh , but luckily tapping 'devel mode tap' brought the ssh connection back12:21
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Sivasusundberg: you could do.. initctl restart ssh12:21
susundberg"Got Validator message [ Fail: 4 (incorrect hash) Method: 1 Process: nano File: /etc/init/ssh.conf ]"12:22
susundbergi think i will not try to modify that anymore :)12:22
Sivasusundberg: how come I am not getting any of those :)12:24
susundbergI guess you didn't modify the file :)12:24
befordssh.conf was added to hashlist on pr1.2 I believe12:25
Sivasusundberg: aah yeah.. just playing around with /etc/default/ssh12:25
jonnidenism: heh yes waste basket was maybe a bit missleading, when meaning the grinder which destroys 'old' development devices that are not used anymore.12:25
susundbergoh, whatever, i will use masterkey and input the password once12:29
susundberg<- wont brick his n912:29
susundbergjust one more check: ~user/.ssh/authorized keys gives: -rw-r--r--    1 user     users        404 May 11 12:30 .ssh/authorized_keys -- this is ok, right?12:33
SivaI login as root and it says 0600 for the permissions..12:35
susundbergSiva: and thanks for your help and time12:35
Sivasusundberg: glad to help.. let me know if you ever find out how to see the sshd logs.12:36
susundbergsure. (btw chmod 600 did not help)12:36
Sivabut that was for the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys.12:37
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tgalalwhat was n900's default root pass ?15:22
SpeedEvilwasn't it 'rootme' ?15:23
SpeedEvilIt's been a while15:23
tgalalyup it's been a while15:23
tgalalrootme incorrect15:23
tgalalrootme is harmattan's15:24
Arietgalal: rootsh?15:24
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tgalalwell I can gainroot on the device without a password, but I can't remember how I used to ssh in15:25
tgalalrootsh not working too15:25
tgalalI remember I used to ssh with root15:25
Arietgalal: i thought rootsh was the app needed to get in15:26
tgalalit is, but on the device, I'm trying to ssh in15:26
susundbergOk, i did end up in problems after all, now it gives Ssh.conf: verification failed (incorrect hash)15:26
Arietgalal: hmmmm, no idea15:27
tgalalArie: oh now I remember I changed the password long time ago15:28
tgalalnow I'm in :)15:28
Arietgalal: all my passwords are wazapp15:28
tgalallet's see how much effort is needed to run wazapp on N90015:29
susundbergapt-get reinstall gives me very bad message with warning sign and "use Software updater" with "security problem (aegis-loader): /etc/init/ssh.conf (that i did tamper with, idiot me.. )15:30
susundberg(apt-get reinstall openssh-server that is)15:30
Arietgalal: Proper use for wazapp: getting your ex to come for a late night booty call. Improper uses for wazapp: everything else!15:35
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susundbergany tips how to restore that file without taking the phone to some store?15:37
susundberg(/etc/init/ssh under some hash check)15:37
pettericopy from a friend15:38
merlin1991reflash yourself ;)15:38
susundbergis the hash check only 'whats inside the file' and not from modification dates etc?15:38
susundbergreflashing sounds bad ..15:38
merlin1991install inception and rehash the file ;)15:39
susundbergdoesnt sound that good either .. : )15:39
merlin1991that way you'd cheat aegis :D15:39
tgalalArie: and that should be included in the website's help section :)15:39
tgalalor even better, terms of use! lol15:39
Arietgalal: jump on wazapp15:40
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susundbergi mean: i cannot even do cat /etc/init/ssh.conf witthout gettin permission deniend and dmesg shows aegis hash error15:42
susundbergoh man tampering with that file was bad choise ..15:43
merlin1991well either you rehash the file (using inception) or you replace the file with a proper original (not 100% sure if that's going to work) or you reflash the phone completely15:43
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susundbergreplace the file by original sounds to me very good, but how -- apt-get reinstall did give some security error forcing phone to restart15:44
susundbergsame issue when tring remove developer mode15:44
susundbergdoing cat on the file gives dmesg error of aegis hash error15:45
susundbergso maybe the rehash the file would be good choise (-> and then reinstall or similar)15:45
susundbergor what do you think merlin1991?15:45
merlin1991I'd go and rehash it15:46
merlin1991though I don't have the instuctions for that currently15:46
susundbergi am pretty familiar with linux so i might survive it if i have some idea what to do -- like where the hash files are stored15:47
susundbergany good google suggestions15:47
merlin1991there we go:15:47
merlin1991[14.03.12 01:18:11]15:47
merlin1991 <itsnotabigtruck>15:47
merlin1991[14.03.12 01:17:47]15:47
merlin1991 <itsnotabigtruck>15:47
merlin1991that command will re-authenticate the refhashlist15:47
merlin1991[14.03.12 01:17:28]15:47
merlin1991 <itsnotabigtruck>15:47
merlin1991anyway, edit /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist and accli -c tcb-sign -F /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist < /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist15:47
merlin1991bah bloody paste15:47
merlin1991susundberg: and you need in order todo that15:48
merlin1991plus the guys over in #inception are probably eager to help15:48
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susundbergmerlin1991: thanks a million15:49
susundberghmm, disabling the security and doing apt-get reinstall probably should work as well assuming the openssh-server package ships original /etc/init/ssh.conf15:52
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tgalalfrom QtMobility.SystemInfo import QSystemDeviceInfo16:22
tgalalof course a seg fault16:22
tgalalwhy would it just work on maemo16:22
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Jeffrey04just out of curiousity, can i emit a signal inside a signal handler?18:28
Jeffrey04using QML?18:28
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deramcan't see why not.. but haven├Ąt tried that in qml, only in pyside18:44
Jeffrey04can't seem to get it working, now trying
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auenfwhats the fix if a n9 isnt receiving sms'?20:25
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VenemoI've just discovered GOF2 on my N95020:39
Venemoit's extremely addictive stuff20:39
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befordhaha yea, its nice I started playing it recently20:45
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SpeedEvilAnnoyingly, there is a significantly newer version, with extra stuff in it.20:45
SpeedEvilBut not updated.20:45
b0unc3is it possible to get information about the current opened conversation? maybe through dbus?20:47
VenemoSpeedEvil: not updated? how so?20:51
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VenemoSpeedEvil: also, does it segfault for you often too?20:53
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SpeedEvilVenemo: It has crashed maybe 4 or 5 times for me.21:43
SpeedEvilVenemo: I mean - there is a more recent PC/... version of the game, with more types of mission.21:43
SpeedEvilAnd some more ship types21:43
SpeedEvilIIRC auto-targetting rear turret too21:44
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Venemoah, I see22:29
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