IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-05-12

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CreamyG31337hey, anyone know how to execute a file in my madde/madbin folder from my .pro file? i just put the filename in $$system() and it can't find it04:21
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Arieanyone have any idea how to reinstall nokia drive?06:04
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befordright click the phone device on Device manager and check the options there?06:12
Arie what?06:12
Ariei need the reinstall command06:13
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Ariegot it, thanks06:15
Arieapt-get --reinstall install nokia-drive-qml06:16
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tgalalhow come suddenly I don't know how to turn on/off vibration on n95010:51
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petterii don't have any use of the feed home screen11:08
petterii am thinking of doing git reflog kind of app that pushes all stuff that I do on the phone to the feed screen11:09
petteriis there a way to get some kind of history, maybe from tracker or somewhere else?11:10
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tgalalI so much want to slap elop on the face right now11:42
phakotgalal: I suppose there's a long waiting queue for that ;)11:43
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tgalalarghh :@ so what, in an app u can get currentProfile that was active during app launch and that's it?!11:57
tgalalpolling devinfo's currentProfile() gets same profile, regardless of any changes12:02
tgalalcurrentProfileChanged signal does not emit12:02
jonnitgalal: hmm so your saying that when you switch to offlinemode it doesnt return different value?12:08
jonnitgalal: (from the ui settings), or are you saying that you dont know how to switch profiles programitically?12:09
tgalaljonni: I'm just trying to detect the current profile from python12:09
tgalalcurrentProfile() returns the correct one, however, it does not change even if I switch to beep mode or vibration mode12:10
tgalalit keeps returning the same profile when the app launched12:10
tgalali mean that was active when the app launched12:10
jonnitgalal: ah, dont know about python, since have never used it. Only know something about c++ and qml api's, that use QSystemDeviceInfo12:10
jonniquickly looking for pyside-mobility QtMobility.SystemInfo.QSystemDeviceInfo.currentProfile() should return the current profile, if it doesnt then its a bug.12:16
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TofeHello !12:22
TofeI'm wondering... Is the "N9 Notification area" open-source ? I guess not, but it's worth asking12:23
tgalalTofe: this one?
tgalaljonni: yup it is12:27
tgalaloh it did work correctly now when I connected the signal, otherwise it's 'constant'12:29
TofeOh. Great. Tranks12:32
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tgalalTofe: don't expect any sound notifications, even though it's stated that it should have sound12:37
Tofe:) no pb. But actually I was a bit wrong: my goal is to try to get something similar for the N900: a list where facebook, twitter, rss, and whatever subscribes to it can post news notifications. But the hard work is in the plugins, not in the list...12:39
TofeIt would even be interesting to have it as a qml widget on my computer's desktop12:40
TofeSo I'm just looking here and there, if I can find something similar.12:41
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DocScrutinizerto start another flamewar:  linked to OC? I could see Nokia being fed up with servicing OCers' fried devices15:06
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TronicDevice EOL'ed, I suppose. Stupid article, though. EOL'ing is not "banning".15:08
TronicN9 has already started to disappear in Finland.15:09
TronicApparently Saunalahti, one of the biggest operators, is no longer shipping 16 GB, and a store clerk already told me a few months ago that there would be no more 64 GB devices.15:10
TronicBut in any case, there is nothing special about devices getting outphased. N9 saw sharp price drops a while back, apparently in an attempt to quickly move out whatever devices were still in warehouses.15:11
TronicThe only odd part about N9 is how short-lived the device was. Availability for only 6 months or so...15:13
rzrcontract w/ intel ?15:14
TronicMore likely the one with Microsoft.15:15
TronicThe terms of that are still not public. Also, it has been clear from the start that Elop doesn't like the N9.15:16
TronicMy guess is that the Maemo team pretty much forced Elop to allow the device to be released even though it didn't fit the new company strategy.15:18
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DocScrutinizeryeah, well. Evilop clearly stated N9 can perform exorbitantly, it won't change future of device or OS (which is sentenced to die)15:47
DocScrutinizerthat's been one of the worst product announcements ever, in man's history15:47
TronicPureView 808 probably a similar story. The team had worked on it for years and would not throw away the results.15:51
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rzrdemantling nok could bring sanity back....15:56
DocScrutinizerdefinitely nothing will bring back sanity to Nokia now15:56
DocScrutinizerway beyond point of no return15:57
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rzrnokia not ... but gnukia yes, let's spin it off :-)15:57
DocScrutinizerreputation at custumers and shareholders: ZILCH15:57
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DocScrutinizerinhouse knowledge & expertise: mostly killed15:58
DocScrutinizerproduct strategy: void15:58
rzrfloss community : us15:58
TronicMicrosoft agreement: company poisoned for the next five years?15:58
* DocScrutinizer hums "the harder they come, the harder they fall..."16:00
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pai copied the old sshd_config into the new N917:40
pabut i cant login via ssh17:40
pa"Access denied"17:40
paand before i could17:40
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passh user@localhost works, user@ip doesnt17:44
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xnt14pa, check if it's listening on
pai check, but i think it does, because it prompts me for login17:51
pawhen i connect17:51
xnt14check auth.log?17:52
xnt14It might have some information on why it isn't connecting.17:52
pai have no such thing..17:52
paat least in /var/log17:52
paso yeah*17:53
SpeedEvilThere is odd shit going on17:53
SpeedEvilPeople claiming it's stopping being sold in finland and other markets17:53
paxnt14, dmesg says nothing17:53
paits really weird, coz with this sshd_config i could do it on the other N917:54
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pai just dont remember if i had to do something else17:54
pai already rebooted twice btw, just in case it was sshd not understanding the conf file17:55
xnt14pa, does your sshd_config have 'SyslogFacility AUTH' in it?17:55
xnt14wait, try ssh with -vvv17:55
pait does17:55
pawith -vvv i get only Permission denied. please try again17:56
pa(of relevant info from the server)17:57
xnt14re-install SSH, then...17:58
xnt14I don't have an N9, so I don't know if there's a graphical package manager like on the N900, so...18:00
xnt14Oh, there should be Xterm18:00
Tronicxnt14: There is Nokia Store which hosts plenty of community apps too.18:00
Tronicxnt14: No separate apt-based GUI package manager like on N900.18:01
xnt14Tronic, but there is Xterm, right?18:01
TronicAlso .debs can be installed by clicking on websites.18:01
xnt14oh, good18:01
xnt14pa, run apt-cache show openssh and copy the 'Filename' part18:03
pait says: openssh_5.1p1-2+harmattan31+0m7_all.deb18:04
pafuck i know what i screwed up18:07
xnt14I'm back18:08
xnt14pa, what was it?18:08
paput the file in /etc instead /etc/ssh :p18:08
xnt14oh. xP18:08
xnt14It's okay, all of us make stupid mistakes like that.18:08
pasorry :/18:09
xnt14pa, it's alright...18:09
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amaziN9anybody here?19:29
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tgalal_is it possible at all to change theme color on N95021:51
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DocScrutinizer(<SpeedEvil> People claiming it's stopping being sold in finland and other markets) M$ already took over, ate Symbian (or what's left over) and not is kicking out the stuff they definitely don't like, need, have any use for?21:56
DocScrutinizerand now*21:56
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djszapiitsnotabigtruck: heyo23:13
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amaziN9some problem here23:15
dm8tbrthe problem seems to be that you don't know how to ask questions?23:16
amaziN9lol im panic23:16
djszapiamaziN9: what is the problem ? I have missed something perhaps.23:16
amaziN9i installed meecatalog23:17
amaziN9then go to terminal23:17
amaziN9do apt-get upgrade, and its says the following package will be kept back, libgpgerror023:18
amaziN9but when i try to installl it, its wanna remove everything from my n9?23:18
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amaziN9is that normal?23:19
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