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ieatlintdjszapi: the food's good00:14
ieatlintalso currently in a talk being given by rasterman, which is kinda cool00:14
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itsnotabigtruckieatlint: well, i don't think there's really such a thing as a 'mini sim'00:28
itsnotabigtruckthough yeah, i've seen some sites calling a regular sim that00:28
itsnotabigtruckhave SIM cards ever been any larger than the normal (ID-000) size?00:28
itsnotabigtrucki suppose maybe at one point they could have been ID-1 size (i.e. credit card size)00:28
leiniritsnotabigtruck: could you steal one of the dev devices for me, please? ;)00:28
leinirehrm... ieatlint even :P00:28
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ieatlintleinir: of course, i'm always happy to commit larceny for random people on irc00:28
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leinirieatlint: *nods* Thought so - it's what we do, right? ;)00:33
ieatlintdamn right :)00:34
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gabriel9do you know how to parse CDATA from XML00:40
gabriel9in qml?00:40
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ieatlinti know how in qt/c++...00:44
ieatlintonly QML specific XML stuff was the xml view for lists i thought00:44
ieatlintotherwise just look up the xml parsing stuff for straight javascript00:44
gabriel9as i know there is no parser in JS for XML00:46
gabriel9for json there is :)00:46
gabriel9and solution that i found is based ActiveX :/00:48
gabriel9time to continue learning C++ :)00:49
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ieatlinti'm about 60% sure there is, but that remaining 40% is pretty glaring00:49
ieatlinti suspect the xml dom stuff is present in the js engines used by qt00:51
gabriel9i wonder00:53
gabriel9i will try00:53
gabriel9good night all00:54
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CreamyG31337anyone know why the debug output from qml would stop working suddenly? now it just says it started/stopped the process. the daemon part shows all the debug statements though...05:04
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npmSput: my first impression is that my palm and my face have melted together...05:15
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npmCreamyG31337: because you updated SDK and forgot to hit "build all" in Tools05:16
CreamyG31337well i didn't update but i did some cleans and deleted the makefiles manually because they were not rebuilding correct05:30
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CreamyG31337anyways i'm not sure what you mean, there's a build-all in the build menu that doesn't seem to help...05:37
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ArieGAN950: a shot in the dark here, but do you own an N950?05:49
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GeneralAntillesArie, GAN950 == GeneralAntillesN95006:00
GeneralAntillesMuch like GAN900 and GAN800 before him.06:00
ArieGeneralAntilles: then I should be ArieN950 :p06:05
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bef0rdqt creator 2.5 released07:36
Ariebef0rd: yeah, now if Harmattan can be rereleased, we'd be set07:37
bef0rdit's a start07:43
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Ariebef0rd: qt with no harmattan is like peanut butter without jelly07:51
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CreamyG31337npm, it was actually not working because i had a HapticsEffect { } in my qml, and nokia doesn't fix anything we report them11:19
SivaCreamyG31337: its more specifically because of "import 1.1" I think. I have seen the same problem.11:24
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spenap_has anyone managed to pass plugin arguments (such as the key ids) to the Map Component in QML?11:29
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Sivaspenap: No luck yet on that. But the Map seems to work all the same even without the key id plugin parameter..11:32
jonniCreamyG31337: Im using HapticsEffect in my QML app, and it works just fine, what kind of problems do you have?11:32
Sivajonni: console.log doesn't work in the qml file where QtMobility Feedback is imported..11:34
jonniSiva: ah that one, you can re-enable console.log quite easily though11:35
Sivajonni: how so? and any particular reason for the current behavior?11:36
jonniits a known 'feature' or some might even say bug :)11:40
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Sivajonni: so importing QtMobility Feedback overrides the default msgHandler?11:42
Sivaand really not sure how this 'feature' is useful :P11:43
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GentooXativamorning :D12:50
rzrhi there12:52
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ZogG_laptopfrals: that's it? no twitter and facebook updates? =)))13:18
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TronicHas anyone tried to find out why Nokia Maps uses so much battery (even when on background)?14:20
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TronicI often find myself entering powersave mode around noon if I have forgotten to close Maps.14:21
ArieTronic: constant gps lock is very battery intensive.14:21
TronicI don't think it even keeps constant GPS lock. When I unlock the screen, it still displays my old location with the yellow dot instead of green.14:22
TronicAlso, GPS lock should not consume a lot of power because those BT GPS dongles can keep running for up to 10 hours with a single charge and a much smaller battery.14:22
ArieTronic: oddly the battery management on my N950 is so much better than my N9's, going on day 2 without charging and at 58%, idle power consumption 4mA14:23
Tronic(perhaps Nokia GPS implementation does more calculations in software and thus consumes more power?14:23
ArieTronic: that's probably it14:24
TronicI manage to get 2-3 of use without charging on light use (but comms enabled) on N9, as long as I stay away from the few battery hog tasks (3G data transfers, Maps, 3d games).14:25
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Tronic*2-3 days14:26
TronicThis is significantly better than N950 which won't last two full days.14:26
ArieTronic: My n9 never lasted that long14:28
ArieTronic: do you have an N950 too?14:28
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denismMy N9 consumes less than 50% of battery in 7 days. But I had to remove SIM card and switch off any other service.14:29
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Jeffrey04erm, i switched the restricted mode to on using python's gconf.client_get_default().set_bool function14:30
Jeffrey04and i still get twitter updates :/14:30
Jeffrey04should i file a bug?14:30
Jeffrey04or i shouldn't set the /system/osso/connectivity/network_type/restricted_mode using gconf?14:30
denismJeffrey04: is there a place where bug can be filed?14:31
Jeffrey04no :/14:31
Jeffrey04i mean post in the official developer forum14:31
denismah, ok :)14:31
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Jeffrey04and the IM wouldn't really respect the restricted_mode setting too :/14:32
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Jeffrey04so it would stay on even when the setting is set to true14:32
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Jeffrey04the code that does the setting is here line 1314:33
Jeffrey04the code actually works, because after execution, i did a check in Settings->Internet Connection14:34
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Ariedenism: what is battery life like with cell service?14:36
denismArie: it does not matter :) I am using it a lot, so I have to put it to charger every night14:37
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MrModRcan anybody with scratchbox help package a bunch of scripts for me?14:50
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TronicArkenoi: I have both N950 and N9, yes.15:09
Tronic*Arie (who left already)15:09
RzRTronic, and which one do you daily use ?15:14
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DocScrutinizer5800 ;-P15:51
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DocScrutinizerTronic: arie: I think the Nokia liblocation is using/doing more than just GPS. That's probably why it's eating battery15:55
DocScrutinizere.g. it's also using WLAN (depending on type of lock you requested) which is known to consume quite a bit of energy for constant scanning15:58
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DocScrutinizerand it's actually obscure/unclear what liblocation does with modem to find location based on visible GSM stations and other on-the-air properties15:59
DocScrutinizer  might help16:01
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tgalalso here is something16:09
tgalalget me a ticket for this and I shall send you a wazapp package immediately hehe16:10
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rzritsnotabigtruck, hi16:55
rzritsnotabigtruck, i see you pushed lftp16:55
rzritsnotabigtruck, did dj had a look at it ?16:55
itsnotabigtruckrzr: don't think so16:56
itsnotabigtruckthe problem was that the old one depends on gnutls and it's broken16:56
itsnotabigtruckso i tweaked it so it builds against openssl (0.9.8) instead16:56
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tgalalArie: gotcha!17:42
Arietgalal: finally17:44
Ariedo you want to message me a faster way to reach you?17:44
Arietgalal: for your ticket talk to itsnotabigtruck17:45
tgalalArie: email is good, and you can catch me on google talk same email as well (personal one), but don't spread it17:47
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tgalalcan itsnotabigtruck get me a ticket?17:47
Arieadd me on google talk everythingn9@gmail.com17:47
Arietgalal: if he doesn't know, he can point you in the right direction17:48
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: do you know?17:49
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GentooXativabye people, cu on few days18:09
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djszapihey, heh: "Ok game good to pass the time." and three stars. People are hard to understand. :-)19:25
djszapifor an ovi review, that is.19:26
spenapI had once a "very good app!" and then 3 stars as well :), so you can see19:27
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djszapispenap: perhaps better not to have review option in Ovi, if this crap happens xD19:29
djszapiI gave up checking the review rates to be honest while trying out new applications.19:29
rzrgood i feared you will hang yourself :)19:30
CreamyG31337i have one that says 'i wish it had this feature' 4/5, but i had that feature already :(19:30
CreamyG31337drives me nuts cuz there's no way to respond19:30
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djszapiCreamyG31337: I felt the same few months ago19:32
djszapiI had the same situation.19:32
djszapiI cannot even say, the feature is not intuitive to recognize. I have a settings page, and he requested a setting19:32
djszapiand it is at the top of the settings page.19:32
djszapiand I was totally incapable to reply. :-)19:33
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befordovi should allow developer's response19:40
befordis not that hard to implement..19:40
spenapin the end, I don't care that much. You could reply if the number of comments was low19:41
spenapbut in the end, it's simply impossible, so it's better to ignore them19:42
djszapiI definitely disagree19:42
djszapiwhy rating system, if the rating is not moderated ?19:42
spenapdjszapi: of course, the system doesn't work atm,19:42
spenapbut when commenting19:42
spenapyou could have several choices, like "rating / bug / feature"19:43
spenapso you could filter & reply the important ones19:43
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spenapbtw, I'm still looking for translators at Any help is definitely appreciated :-)19:45
djszapispenap: I do not care about advanced features until the fundamentals are working reliably.19:46
djszapithere is a rating system -> fix it.19:46
djszapirating is not a bad idea per se.19:46
spenapof course not, I always look at the ratings before downloading sth19:46
djszapiI do not anymore :-)19:47
djszapiI have seen an app with full "good" feedback, not constructive critic19:47
djszapiand something like three stars average, but not mine.19:47
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radiofreeI suppose on a scale of 1-5, 3 is "good"19:51
djszapithat is not the point. ;)19:52
djszapiif you do not give five stars, please let me know why!19:53
djszapiso I can improve that.19:53
djszapiat any rate, three stars do not really look cool for an application as an average review to be quite honest.19:53
djszapiit is the who cares category :)19:54
djszapiaka. middle.19:54
spenapdjszapi: in your next update, you could show a message asking users to review. That way, you can get users who haven't writing positively about the app19:54
radiofreethat would be pretty annoying...19:54
djszapiagree with radiofree about that :-P19:55
spenapradiofree, djszapi, it should depend on how intrusive it is19:56
spenapif it's just a small message in the bottom, and you can dismiss it forever19:56
spenapI don't think it's so annoying19:56
djszapibut then they do not recognize it...19:56
spenapstill, personally I find it different if I paid for the app or if it was free19:56
djszapianyway, it is not about my application's fame....19:56
djszapido not get me wrong...19:57
djszapiit is about the liability of an otherwise cool idea: rating.19:57
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djszapito be quite honest, I went for four and five stars applications in the past, if there were alternatives, but I do not follow that pattern anymore; simply because makes no sense with this system.19:57
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gabriel9what's up?20:57
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lpapp|toughbookhey, anybody Finnish here could contact me in private for a language help ? Thanks!21:52
lpapp|toughbookdamn device manager I am looking for on Windows7  :D21:53
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lpapp|toughbookphako: that is not my point really :)21:57
lpapp|toughbookI was able to find according to the icon, already21:57
lpapp|toughbookbut tons of stuff I would need to check out21:57
lpapp|toughbookfull of Finnish, and damn Windows 7 without the ultimate thingie cannot even change the system language21:57
phakoah well21:58
phakomy finnish is rather rudimentary21:58
lpapp|toughbookFinnish is a weird language anyway xD22:00
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phakoaren't you hungarian?22:03
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lpapp|toughbookIE is still a HUGE crap22:05
lpapp|toughbookImage type not allowed. -> on for png ? wth ? :D22:06
lpapp|toughbookI think it was not normal who thought "Finnish" is a cool language for international development purposes. :)22:07
lpapp| does not work either with IE crap22:09
lpapp|toughbookis there any other image uploading site ?22:09
lpapp|toughbookwhich might work reliably ?22:09
phakothe latter might be german22:10
lpapp|toughbookdoes not work22:10
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djszapiphako: that german image paste site went haywire. Is there a way to regain the urls from the lately attached images ?23:08
djszapiphako: -> I am unsure if I pasted this url wrongly to a bugreport.23:09
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