IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-05-07

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itsnotabigtruckre teleshoes that sounds fishy, qt shouldn't even know about 'files'00:22
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tgalalanyone cares to test wazapp?02:39
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tgalalany more testers ?03:27
Enforcersms fallback if internet doesnt work?03:30
tgalalsms fallback ?03:33
Enforcerwhat happens if you try to send a message, and the tower is so clogged up it times out?03:33
tgalalaha..  currently, nothing lol03:34
itsnotabigtruckEnforcer: is that feature in the original whatsapp...seems like that would often be undesirable03:40
tgalalI guess at least it should resend the message03:41
tgalalcurrently if a message if any message fails to sent for some reason, they would only be resent if connection is lost and created again03:42
tgalalitsnotabigtruck: you got time or interest to test ?03:43
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Arietgalal: I'll test it03:46
tgalalArie: ok cool03:46
Ariedo you need an email?03:46
Arietgalal: how do I get it to test?03:48
tgalalArie: are you getting my private messages ?03:48
Arietgalal: responded03:49
itsnotabigtrucktgalal: time, sort of, interest, eh, i'm not a whatsapp user03:50
itsnotabigtrucki don't think i even can test03:50
itsnotabigtrucksince i think an account needs to be set up on a whatsapp supported device03:50
itsnotabigtruckwhich i don't have03:50
befordnot really03:51
befordtgalal did a good job, you can register all from the n903:51
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Ariebeford: have you used it?03:52
befordtesting it atm03:52
Enforceritsnotabigtruck, with my telco, all the towers are clogged up 90% of the time03:56
Enforcer <-- near end of peak time03:59
Enforcer <-- the next morning out of peak time03:59
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tgalalWhen loading QMessageManager it spits out libqtcontacts-tracker: initializing libqtcontacts-tracker 4.18.2-1+0m7 and takes a hell of  a time initializing that04:45
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djszapiWhat is the best way of collecting the selected buttons indexes in a button grid into a variable in qml ? I could perhaps use a separate array.js file for having a javascript variable, but I wonder if there is any more elegant solution for this issue.08:15
roopdjszapi, i think it kinda depends on the underlying logic. if the buttons are index-based, you could use a listmodel, else you probably want to use a javascript object as a dictionary store.08:24
djszapidictionary is an overkill08:24
djszapiit is just a list after all.08:24
roopdjszapi, then a list model would do fine, i guess08:25
djszapiI do not think I even need a model.08:25
djszapithat is probably even a bigger overkill than a dictionary.08:26
djszapiwhat I was thinking if a property variant or property stringlist could work out instead of raw javascript array.08:26
djszapiI do not think I could push to a qml property, but perhaps I am wrong.08:28
roopdjszapi, there's no stringlist. the variant is a generic property, like void * - there has to be something it represents at the basic level. if that's a list, you can push to it.08:29
itsnotabigtruckoverkill's an adjective, not a noun08:29
itsnotabigtruckso you can't have an overkill :p08:29
roopit could be a listmodel, or a QObject exposed from C++08:30
djszapitotally unneccesary08:30
djszapiwhy complicate if a javascript array can do08:31
djszapithe only better solution would be to avoid the js array by some native property type in qml08:32
roopdjszapi, true, a js array would do too08:33
djszapiso, if a native qml property type cannot just act as a list with a simple append, I will go for a js array since that has the advantage of "push".08:35
djszapior can I go somehow through the buttons in the grid repeater which are checked for a separate button click ?08:41
djszapiThat way I would not need to store anything in a variable, if I can iterate over the delegate (Button) of the grid view and check properties, like "checked:".08:42
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roopdjszapi, the advantage with the listmodel is that you need not itereate09:13
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djszapiroop: unsure what you mean.09:35
roopdjszapi, if you need a grid of checkable buttons, you can do that with a Grid, a Repeater and a ListModel. The Repeater's delegate will contain the Button.09:38
djszapithat is how this is09:38
djszapiexcept that the model is a "property variant" list.09:39
djszapiI mean the variant contains a list of integers.09:39
roopdjszapi, if it's a listmodel, you will also have write access to the listmodel's checkable property. so you'll say something like Button { text: model.text; checkable: true; checked: model.checked; onCheckedChanged: model.checked = checked; }09:40
djszapiSiva: my routes is broken again09:40
djszapiI do not understand what you precisely mean by the ListModel usage.09:41
roopdjszapi, so there's no need to itereate across all the elements09:41
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djszapithere is.09:41
djszapisince I would like to execute a C++ function with a list of integers.09:41
djszapiso I would need to do that anyway09:42
roopdjszapi, ar we talking about the same thing? (in my understanding, itereate is a for loop)09:42
roopdjszapi, ah, you mean iterate in C++ code?09:42
djszapiwell, iteration can be anything from stl loop, java loop, foreach, qt-style loop, for, while and the like.09:42
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roopdjszapi, it can be. nevermind.09:43
djszapithe point is that the C++ method would expect a list of items (in case integers).09:43
djszapiand as for that, I would need to filter the checked items out.09:44
roopdjszapi, if your C++ methid gets integers, of course it has to iterate over them. if you don't want to iterate in C++ as well, you use a C++ model (deriving from QAbstactListItem).09:44
djszapithat sounds like a huge overkill =]09:49
djszapifor passing an integer list lol09:49
roopit is09:49
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ZogG_lap1opmissed whazapp testing =) Y U DO it so early10:21
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diorahmanhow to set image on ShareIf?13:24
diorahmantried to set the MDataUri with binary data but it's failed :-(13:24
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rzrmobhi from .cz14:00
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djszapiHey! I wonder if people use "sh -e" for the post install script.14:34
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djszapias for me, that makes the script exit for "stop foobar" if there are any issues with the stoping of that job.14:34
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spenaphi, I'm looking for people to help me get Butaca, my TMDB client app, translated to as many languages as possible. I'm using transifex for that, so you can check it here:
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faenilanyonw with experience with QDeclarativeComponent? Do I have to pass the engine() around in my classes to be able to create a qml element?16:16
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MRPGSimple irc seems to be great16:26
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djszapiMRPG: which one is that ? Is that for free ? Does that support sasl ?16:28
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MorpogTest 216:39
djszapiMorpog: which irc client ??16:39
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MorpogSimple irc16:41
djszapiMorpog: link ?16:42
djszapimain question: does it handle sasl ?16:42
trxwhats going on with cOBS' MeeGo:1.2:Harmattan:Apps:Testing , bossbot hasn't approved my request for several days now16:43
trxwill it ever approve/dissaprove it?16:43
MohammadAGWhatever happened to irc-chatter?16:43
djszapiMohammadAG: does not support sasl16:45
TermanaNot to mention that it's horrible to use16:45
TermanaI don't think Simple IRC is any better btw16:45
djszapiMohammadAG: freenode introduced sasl as a requirement few days ago16:46
MorpogOnly ssl16:46
TermanaWho thought it was a good idea to put that stupid bar on the SIDE16:46
djszapiMohammadAG: in certain ranges, so for one, I cannot connect freenode anymore :(16:46
Termana(well actually, I know exactly who's idea it was, but that doesn't make it any less of a good idea)16:46
MorpogSimple irc is in nokia store.16:46
MohammadAGdjszapi: I use znc :p16:47
Termanaany more*16:47
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djszapiMohammadAG: on your N9(50) ?16:47
TermanaSeriously, I have to try and look into making that thing go to the top16:47
djszapiTermana: please add sasl support :)16:48
MorpogSimple irce doesn't seem to reckognize anny command :(16:48
djszapiVenemo does not seem to care about adding that :(16:48
MorpogWhich clients are you guys using?16:49
MorpogOn N916:49
TermanaMorpog, I use irc-chatter (on N950).16:49
djszapiMorpog: used to use irc-chatter until few days ago16:51
djszapiMorpog: currently nothing since nothing seems to support sasl which is also user friendly :p16:51
* djszapi hides from irssi maniacs16:51
TermanaX-Chat on the N900 was the best mobile IRC experience. Ever.16:51
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djszapijonni: you do not come ?
MohammadAGdjszapi: On a server16:55
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* djszapi needs a non-terminal based sasl supported irc clients16:56
MohammadAGdjszapi: I connect to znc from irc-chatter so...16:57
djszapiMohammadAG: so that way I could have sasl support ?16:58
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djszapiin any case, it would be nice to have a solution where I do not need a server.16:59
djszapiunsure how much work to add sasl support16:59
djszapiperhaps communi already supports that, just needs to be exposed. I do not know.17:00
Morpog_omg irc chatter is so much better than simple irc. what a waste of money.....17:00
MohammadAGdjszapi: Znc connects to freenode fine17:00
djszapiMorpog: heh17:00
MohammadAGSince znc will act like a middle server, you control how you connect to it17:01
djszapiyea, but still.17:01
Morpog_simple irc did cost 1€.....17:02
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rm_workyeah i have been using irssi17:04
rm_workwhat happened to that other IRC client I had installed back in beta217:04
rm_workor beta1 even17:05
rm_workwas written by someone here17:05
DocScrutinizerquassel comes to mind17:05
rm_workit worked well for like a month and then never launched correctly again17:05
rm_workand i can't find it17:05
rm_workwasn't it written by Venemo?17:06
alteregoCommuni is quite good17:06
jonnidjszapi: havent noticed that before, have to check my calendar17:07
djszapijonni: wow17:08
djszapicommuni has no support for sasl17:09
djszapisasl support or die xD17:09
jonnijust dont know if I have anything interesting to show in there, since I'm not sure if my wireless N9 charger mod will be ready by then :), heh or ofcourse I could always demonstrate yet another aegis exploit :)17:10
djszapithe prison is at least hot :)17:10
djszapias far as I heard... =]17:11
djszapiwell, you do not need to show up anything :)17:12
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rm_workso, how do I get skype on N950?17:31
rm_workis there a guide for that?17:31
infobot[~skype] Skype is a free VoIP software and service using a closed client and propritary protocol. Only commercial channel drivers exist, with most solutions being complex, complicated, and hack-ish . Digium's SkypeForAsterisk (see ~SkypeForAsterisk) is a new solution that is a cleaner non-dependent option.17:31
infobot[skypeforasterisk] a Digium-made channel driver that allows Asterisk to connect to the Skype network using a Skype-supported connection method. Unlike all other solutions it does not require X11, kernel modules, or a Windows machine. See for details, or
rm_workis this related?17:32
infobotrumour has it, update is
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rm_workyeah just found the former17:34
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Morpogdamn just crashed with 1,225V @ 1,3ghz18:08
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befordis it possible to unlock the phone from ssh?18:30
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befordnevermind I was able to shut it down from the locked screen somehow18:33
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Arkenoiwhat i really hate in harmattan is that in any given moment *some* subsystem may *silently* fail and fall dead until reboot. Say, phone will stop accepting voice calls, or messages, or SMS alone, or whatever, or drop out of the cellular network and you won't notice it at all.18:48
rm_workthat happened to me a lot back with beta118:53
rm_workbut i finally upgraded to PR1.2beta and it seems to be working fine now18:53
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ZogG_laptopaquarius: do you feel alright pal?19:03
aquariusZogG_laptop, I do; should I not? :)19:03
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danielcbitHi Everybody. Does some one know how to put pre-buid conf files inside .deb package and deploy them?21:09
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ZogG_laptopdanielcbit: just add them as otherfiles21:13
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danielcbitZogG_laptop: The problem is where to. My app ships with a initial conf file with default informations. New information can be added by the user and I'm using QSettings to do that.21:15
danielcbitZogG_laptop: And I know that during install the app can't write at user folder21:15
MohammadAGwhy ship a default config if you're using QSettings?21:16
ZogG_laptopdanielcbit: than make the functio nthat checks if file there and if not it would create it ( even better)21:16
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: sup21:17
MohammadAGQSettings().value("key", defaultvalue)21:17
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, nm, bored as fuck21:17
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: you bored?21:17
ZogG_laptophow is life? school? what's new?21:17
MohammadAGnothing much, school's boring too21:18
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: =\21:18
danielcbitZogG_laptop: Ok. I'll try that21:19
MohammadAGI need a job21:19
itsnotabigtruckdanielcbit: MohammadAG's approach is the best21:19
ZogG_laptopdanielcbit: ^ i think what MohammadAG said is better21:19
itsnotabigtruckinstead of putting in a default config file21:19
itsnotabigtruckhave it assume the defaults when anything is missing21:19
MohammadAGif you really need to create a default config, load into RAM and save21:19
itsnotabigtruckby using that default value feature in qsettings21:19
ZogG_laptopbtw does Qsettings creates file?21:19
DocScrutinizerevery app I know is creating default files if they're missing21:19
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itsnotabigtruckalso that way it won't bomb if the config file will get deleted21:20
itsnotabigtruckwhich will happen if the user wipes userdata but not root21:20
danielcbititsnotabigtruck: This initial conf file has a lot of entries. They populate a List of itens of a ListModel21:21
ZogG_laptopafter i resolve all the issues in real life i need to keep learning Qt =)21:21
MohammadAGdanielcbit, then save the default using QSettings21:21
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, you good at reversing headers?21:22
itsnotabigtruckmaybe qsettings is the wrong tool for the job21:22
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: you mean like figuring out the header file for a library without any source code? i've done it's not very fun21:22
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, I'm doing it atm, but instantiating something segfaults the app21:23
ZogG_laptopplayer for what?21:25
*** hhartz has joined #harmattan21:27
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, it's what the default harmattan video player uses21:28
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: regarding why, because these don't sound like settings21:28
itsnotabigtruckhow about installing the initial list to /usr/share or /usr/lib21:29
itsnotabigtruckthen having the app clone it over to the user dir if it isn't already there21:29
itsnotabigtruckand maybe using some other data format that isn't specifically intended for settings21:30
itsnotabigtruck(maybe even just a text file, one entry per line)21:30
MohammadAGI like how obj-c has class-dump21:30
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: hmmm...maybe you can dissect the QMetaObject stuff stored in the binary21:31
itsnotabigtrucki wonder if there's an ida plugin that can do that sort of thing21:31
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, doubt it21:41
MohammadAGMafwInternalRegistry::addPluginControlInterface "libqmafw_gst_renderer_plugin"21:41
MohammadAGCreating proxy for extension:21:41
MohammadAGSignal rendererAdded(MafwRenderer* rnd) is deprecated21:41
MohammadAGMafwSharedPrivate::createPluginControlInterfaceProxy "libqmafw_gst_renderer_plugin"21:41
MohammadAGSegmentation fault21:41
MohammadAGerr, shit21:41
MohammadAGbut yeah, that's the problem21:41
MohammadAGwish there was a way to know which class subclasses whihc21:45
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gabriel9did you was this?22:35
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trxX-Fade are you arround?22:43
*** tbf has quit IRC22:47
merlin1991trx: he's usually around @ european business hours23:00
merlin1991so again in about 12 hours :D23:00
trxdamn, im usually sleeping during european business hours :)23:01
trx(and i'm in europe)23:02
trxthanks for the info, i'll try in 12 hours :)23:02
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*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:18
rantomHi. I haven't been keeping up with news related to N950 lately so: has there been PR 1.3 beta as of yet as an e.g. one-click-flasher?23:19
DocScrutinizer51trx: hehe@asleep in europe23:19
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:20
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jonnirantom: 1.2 is still the latest.23:21
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan23:22
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rantomjonni: ok, thanks. I'll keep waiting, if there even will be beta of 1.323:22
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan23:24
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itsnotabigtruckrantom: i don't think there will be23:38
itsnotabigtruckthe 1.2beta was a one time deal i think because of the breaking changesin 1.223:38
itsnotabigtruckbut 1.3 is a) nothing very interesting, b) slated to come out in a few weeks according to TMO23:38
*** tom_ has joined #harmattan23:38
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* Arkenoi wonders if i ever get fixed tracker-store23:45
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