IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-05-05

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MohammadAGHappens on the lumia, not the N95001:18
DocScrutinizerI'd bet it's related to inactivity dim timer not getting retriggered at end of / or even stopped during, a phonecall01:20
DocScrutinizera phonecall should be considered as permanent user interaction01:21
DocScrutinizera permamnent UI event01:21
befordyou have a lumia too? how dare you01:23
DocScrutinizerrather you see: X "suspended" by (prox*phonecall), during phonecall the inactivity dim timer expires and sends lock command to X, now when you remove phone from ear, X resumes and executes lock comd01:23
MohammadAGbeford: Every person with an N950 has one01:26
MohammadAGAnd I dare to say its not bad as a phone01:26
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befordwell they give you the n950 and punish you with the lumia to balance the universe (?)01:27
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DocScrutinizercruel world01:29
DocScrutinizerfirst they punished me with N950, and then they put a hooker on top just for the pun01:30
DocScrutinizeranyway, itsnotabigtruck, I've seen similar things on N900 even (definitely not on N950 since I still have no SIM to even test phonecalls on it)01:31
MohammadAGSure I've seen it on the iPhone as well01:32
DocScrutinizerseems a general design flaw01:32
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DocScrutinizeran ongoing call not considered as user (inter)activity01:33
MohammadAGI suggest a fix, make the earpiece on the back :p01:33
DocScrutinizera brilliant idea I've seen on way too few designs yet01:33
DocScrutinizerthough there are *some*01:34
DocScrutinizerand those don't need 3 minutes cleaning after each call01:34
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ieatlintwtf, i didn't get the hooker with my n95003:06
* ieatlint goes to email quim about it03:06
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DocScrutinizeryou don't get hooker *with* your N95003:24
DocScrutinizerobviously, as hooker800 rolled out after n950 deployment long been finished03:24
ieatlintoh, *that* hooker... yeah..03:25
DocScrutinizerbut you should've received an info about a hooker800 waiting for you in your whatsitcalled-at-nokia03:25
ieatlintyeah, i got my hooker80003:25
DocScrutinizertbh I never received such info - I heard about it at IRC, or even noticed it when randomly dropping by at DDP03:27
ieatlintthe lumia has some decent gimmick at least03:29
ieatlintthe translation app is pretty fun, but i don't see myself whipping it out to actually read a menu or a sign03:29
ieatlinti'm still firmly in the "why nokia?! WHY?!" crowd, though03:31
GeneralAntillesDamn them!03:31
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ieatlinti'm going to be at the tizen conference next week trying not to giggle too much though03:33
GeneralAntillesieatlint, please liveblog the fail for us.03:33
ieatlinti'll try... will also be hitting up the conveniently simultaneously scheduled ubuntu dev summit03:34
ieatlintthey've got a fun party scheduled... and intel always spends excessive amounts on their conferences, so it should be fun03:35
GeneralAntillesHope so03:38
SpeedEvilieatlint: Remember to ask the most important question.03:38
SpeedEvilieatlint: 'What does the T stand for'03:38
GeneralAntillesAh, those were fun times.03:38
ieatlintthere's a decent chance that guy will be there03:38
GeneralAntillesDamn you for not being there, SpeedEvil!03:38
GeneralAntillesand you too, DocScrutinizer!03:39
ieatlinti'll be sure to get my pic taken again with him if so03:39
SpeedEvilGeneralAntilles: :(03:39
* SpeedEvil imagines a fun possibility.03:39
SpeedEvil + tizen03:39
SpeedEvilAlas I've failed to find any significant docs on medfield03:40
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ieatlintGeneralAntilles, you actually going to be at either of these conferences?03:41
GeneralAntillesieatlint, nerp.03:41
GeneralAntillesDon't have the cash to fly out there.03:41
ieatlintyeah, i wouldn't go too far out of my way03:42
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: so you assume I have the needed money?03:42
ieatlintthey're doing another hardware handout03:42
ArieI almost went to tizen03:42
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, I assume you suck for not being in SF last year. :P03:42
Ariebut the original meego boys arent all there, why go?03:42
SpeedEvilI technically do have the needed money. But I need it to insulate my house with.03:42
SpeedEvilJust got enough savedish.03:42
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: last year I had even less cash03:42
ieatlinti wish i had the cash to go the qt contributors' summit in berlin :/03:43
DocScrutinizer~dict savedish03:43
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, yeah, yeah. You just made the whole conference a poorer experience for us all with your silly frugalness. :P03:43
infobotcould not find definition for savedish03:43
ArieDocScrutinizer: were you at the meego conference?03:43
ArieGeneralAntilles: you were, i met you03:46
GeneralAntillesThat was a fun conference.03:46
ArieGeneralAntilles: it was by far one of my favorite03:46
ArieFrom Robin's Keynote, to Quim being a meego conference goer like us, taking off his nokia shirt to enjoy it03:47
GeneralAntillesA rare thing to get that many clever, fun people in one place for a few days.03:48
Arieyes, its a shame it was a one time deal03:48
GeneralAntillesWell, Dublin was pretty awesome, too.03:49
Ariecosimo was there, felipe crochik, andre klapper, and a ton of others03:49
Ariedublin was, I agree03:50
DocScrutinizerthere's no way to justify a transatlantic ticket (plus other expense) for any few days good time at conference - as long as I have to pay it03:52
Arieif the old boys were there03:52
Arieid go03:52
Arietizen will be a jokr03:53
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, I know, I know. I'm just ribbing you 'cause I wish everybody could've been there.03:53
GeneralAntillesArie, suspect a lot of them will.03:53
GeneralAntillesI've seen a number mention being in SF on Twitter and IRC.03:53
ArieGeneralAntilles: i spoke to the ones i wanted to see, they arent there03:53
ArieGeneralAntilles: plus meego was my last stop, maemo then meego, tizen is done03:56
GeneralAntillesBut Tizen is so gloriously hilarious!03:56
ArieGeneralAntilles: i know, I've spoken to my friends at samsung, they all think its a joke too03:57
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ieatlintit's actually remarkably similar to last year's meego conference04:03
ieatlintwe all knew meego was a joke once nokia pulled out (and we had our doubts even before they did)04:03
ieatlinttizen is the same deal04:03
ieatlintit's like the emporers new clothes 2.004:03
GeneralAntillesI wonder why Intel has all this money to waste on pointless bullshit.04:03
ieatlintno one at intel seems to want to tell the higher ups just how bs it all is04:03
Arie ieatlint: why should they it employs a ton of people uselessly?04:04
ieatlinti don't think it employs as many people as you might guess04:04
Arieieatlint: even 3 jobs is better than none04:05
ieatlintbut hey, who knows.. intel does have a reference phone out, and "tizen 1.0 larkspur" for phones was released last week04:05
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ieatlintArie, well, there are more than 3 just planning and organizing this conference04:06
GeneralAntillesArie, not if they're working on something completely useless. ;)04:06
GeneralAntillesJust wasting capital.04:06
mpsso everyone should just accept that android is and will always be the linux phone platform and not even try anything?04:07
Ariemps: N0!04:08
GeneralAntillesBut Intel should either get serious or quit wasting money.04:08
ArieGeneralAntilles: not happening04:08
GeneralAntillesThey're doing more harm than good on that front if they're scaring away entrepreneurs from the market by pouring money into a big batch of waste.04:08
ieatlintintel is trying to mimic google with android04:08
ieatlintand they're doing as well at it as google does with social media04:09
Arieieatlint: and samsung backing them will help?04:09
ieatlintonly if they're serious, and they aren't really it seems04:09
mpsso what would "intel getting serious" look like?04:09
ieatlintgoogle allied with a major company that no one had heard of: htc04:10
ieatlinthtc didn't have a lot to lose, as worst case for them was they continued to make phones/electronics for other companies04:10
Ariemps: a lot more than our scope involves04:10
mpsfor example?04:10
ieatlintsamsung on the other hand is also a software company, has a huge number of shareholders eyeing them, and a reputation as the largest phone manufacturer in the world04:11
ieatlintsamsung can't treat it that seriously until it actually has something to go on04:12
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ieatlintand well, tizen is just a joke to most04:12
mpseverything but the currently popular platform is a joke to most04:13
mpsdoesn't mean that you shouldn't work on the potential next platform04:13
ieatlintwell, i've also heard people i trust to be knowledgeable say that intel doesn't really care so much about it either, they just feel that it's a way to bring more attention to their embedded chips04:14
Ariemps: its supposedly windows, but thats crashing and burning04:14
mpsif you could tell what it'll be, everyone would already be on it :)04:16
mpsin the meantime, it makes sense to put some resources on linux platforms and see what happens04:16
ieatlinti thought i was on it :P04:16
Ariemps: windows sucks04:16
ieatlintthen feb 11..04:16
mpsputting 10x more resources on the other hand would probably have diminishing returns04:16
Ariemps i agree04:17
SpeedEvilI guess best realistic case is that intel makes some of their phones unlockable.04:18
ArieSpeedEvil: what do you mean unlockable?04:18
SpeedEvilNot really unlockable.04:19
ArieSpeedEvil: you mean carrier unlocked or what?04:19
SpeedEvilI mean not bootloader locked + at least some sort of open-source accellerated fromework on them.04:19
ArieSpeedEvil: thank you for the explanation04:20
SpeedEvilSomething that'd in principle let you install ubuntu on it.04:20
ArieSpeedEvil: ubuntu on a phone would be awesome04:20
* SpeedEvil is currently using slackware.04:22
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itsnotabigtruckubuntu on a phone would be terrible...but the flexibility to install what you want is important, yeah06:41
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npmthanks for the interesting scrollback reading :-) ... i still think Samsung is going to acq AMD and start being more of a direct competitor to Intel... then whither Tizen?09:10
npmafter AMD acq's MIPS :-)09:12
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trxhmm, the " bossbot" in cOBS has ignored my submit for over 11 hours now11:49
trxis there anyone i should notice about that?11:50
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roopThe tab bar in the UX guidelines shows text below icons, but there doesn't seem to be any Qt Quick Components to do that. Did I miss something?14:22
roopUX guidelines showing text below icons:
roop(the QML tab button takes both text and icons but shows the text to the right of the icon)14:23
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Corsachmhm, is there an app to ease payment with friends for an event?15:19
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trxX-Fade ping15:40
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mankeliis it possible for program to disable compositor animations in harmattan?17:43
mankelii mean specifically disabling that "roll-in" which happens when a fullscreen application starts17:43
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faenilguys do you use any way to protect your qml code?18:25
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tgalalHow do we set icon for an accounts plugin? It's always a red box for me if I use absolute path as value for <icon> in provider or service file18:36
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alteregofaenil: protect? In what sense? You could in theory encrypt them and decrypt at runtime but I'd just use the qt resources stuff to compile them in to the executable.18:38
itsnotabigtruckor you could, you know, not do that and release your app as OSS :p18:44
itsnotabigtrucki'm not some OSS fanatic but right now there's a serious dearth of OS apps18:45
faenilitsnotabigtruck, can't release everything as oss :P18:46
faenilalterego, I'm already compiling them as resources, but it's too easy to extract them18:46
faenilI'd expect something less doable18:46
itsnotabigtruckfaenil: of course you can >_>18:51
itsnotabigtruckalso, it looks like you've been into the rom modding scene in the past...i'm a little bit surprised you haven't jumped on the inception bandwagon18:51
faenilitsnotabigtruck, haven't jumped because I'm not using n950 recently, have not even tried nitdroid yet....lack of time, unfortunately :(18:55
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faenilitsnotabigtruck, I need some spare money as a student, and opensource projects usually aren't good to that purpose ;)18:55
faenilitsnotabigtruck, or am I wrong? :)18:56
djszapiofc you are :)18:56
faenildjszapi, yey, then show me the way :)18:58
djszapiget a rich woman :P18:58
itsnotabigtruckwell, there's always the dual GPL/commercial model that some other people have done18:58
djszapiGPL sucks.18:58
itsnotabigtruckbut really, making N9 apps is a pretty crappy way to make serious money18:58
itsnotabigtruckwhat you need is an internship somewhere18:59
djszapifaenil: you will be millionaire the virtually non-arriving rpi xD19:00
itsnotabigtruckit seems like aside from hit apps like angry birds most people end up turning out a couple hundred dollars19:00
djszapiI think ovi is a good way of cleaning up the money in drugs19:01
djszapiwell, you make a stupid application for maximum price :)19:02
djszapiand sell the drug in background. :P19:02
infoboti guess update is
djszapino update since then ? :o19:03
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faenilsorry didn't see you were rplying lemme read :D19:05
faenillol, my gf is everything but rich :D any other way? XD19:06
djszapireplies are overrated :D19:06
faenilitsnotabigtruck, a couple hundred dollars every month would be serious business for me, lol19:06
djszapiare you serious ? :o19:06
faenilno, but it was just to say that I wouldn't expect a lot of money from it :)19:08
djszapinokia share is around 2.5 EUR. What have you expected ? :p19:08
djszapiwas over 50 EUR 2-3 years ago :P19:08
djszapiandgoing down every single week so far lol19:09
djszapion a bright side note: ovi removed a comment I marked abuse. :-P19:10
djszapiso when is the cssu coming ?19:12
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faenilitsnotabigtruck, anyway, I'm not thinking about publishing anything only on n9 store :)19:16
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djszapifaenil: go for html and tizen :p19:21
djszapiyou should be at the tizen conference happening now :p19:22
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faenilheh, got uni lessons, and no money :P19:22
djszapiuni and money are overrated :p19:23
djszapiieatlint: 'sup19:24
faenildo you want to pay my flight? :D19:24
djszapino 'cause airplanes endangers the environment. :)19:25
* djszapi has to use QtCreator :(19:26
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itsnotabigtrucktizen doesn't sound like a good bet19:31
itsnotabigtrucki mean, if you want to do something that'll hit a lot of users, you're in the wrong place, you want android or maybe iphone19:32
djszapialmost everything exists there.19:32
djszapinot many new segments to break in.19:32
itsnotabigtruckthat's kinda the thing19:32
faenilI'm using qt...19:32
faenilbetter than that? :P19:33
itsnotabigtruckthen stop using qt19:33
itsnotabigtrucki mean, qt is cool and all19:33
faenilwhy would I .P19:33
itsnotabigtruckbut it's by no means a reason to be brand loyal or something19:33
itsnotabigtruckand android qt is kind of a joke19:33
djszapiI am trying to set that up...19:33
itsnotabigtrucknot sure what playbook qt is like, but RIM is doing worse off than WP7 at this point19:34
djszapianyone experienced, feel free to query me..19:34
djszapiIMO, mobile application development into stores does not bring you to too much money by its nature (respect to the exceptions)19:35
itsnotabigtruckright, it has to be on a popular platform, it has to be well written, but most importantly it needs the right combo of timing, luck, and playing to what people want19:35
djszapiwe should have a new burning platform for that to break in with some exceptions.19:36
itsnotabigtruckthen you end up with some hit app and facebook buys you out for a retarded amount of money :p19:36
itsnotabigtruckor zynga /me shudders19:36
itsnotabigtruckapparently zynga has already added ad words to draw something19:36
djszapiI have the feeling even a new burning platform would not help since the people having accesses to that platform already, would have this in mind to already begin to write the hitting stuff right even before the product enters the public.19:37
itsnotabigtruckas in, coca-cola could pay zynga to make 'coke' a word in draw something19:37
itsnotabigtruckthat's the thing, some people did make serious money on N9 apps, but those apps were often written before the commercial release of the N919:38
djszapiI know, I was working on an ovi app way before the product even once announced or anything.19:38
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djszapiso if the product owners would not like the public have too much ability for getting money out of this, they can actually cover many segments.19:39
djszapispeaking of Android Qt: it had the a release last November'ish.19:42
djszapi -> I cannot even run a simple QtCreator out-of-the-box after the installation. :-)19:42
djszapiI have tried to ask them at the Qt Developer Days about alternative tools, but still nothing: just qtcreator.19:43
djszapiI have never understood this workflow to be honest.19:43
*** beford has joined #harmattan19:43
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: is it a modified qt creator?19:43
djszapino real clue, sorry :-P19:43
djszapibeford: o/19:43
itsnotabigtruckseems like you ought to be able to use your favorite editor, qmake, and make19:43
piggzthat android plugin was recently merged into qtcreator master19:43
djszapiI am kinda worried about this since installing the stuff and then simply running are broken. :o19:44
djszapifaenil: was this stuff yours ?
faenilsad answers to that19:47
faenildjszapi, why?19:49
djszapiinteresting thread:
djszapiI have never understood myself why Necessitas is under the KDE umbrella.19:51
faeniland you can read why from there :)19:52
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djszapifaenil: not really. I think there are not too strong reasons for that.19:57
faenilnot too strong, yeah19:58
djszapiI wonder what the qt quick situation is on Android... They have been planning that for quite a while, but I am afraid one needs to write the UI with plain QML.19:58
faeniland another thing is, I don't understand why Bogdan still manages everything there19:58
faenileverything's stuck because he has to accept things in...19:58
faenilI used symbian components for my thesis19:59
*** amppa has joined #harmattan19:59
djszapiyou are essentially saying that, there is no contribution model over there ?19:59
djszapithere is BogDan and everybody else ? :-)20:00
faenilthat's what I got from that20:00
faenilpeople send patches and wait for "bogdan" "when he has time" to review them20:00
djszapiat least I do not hear myself many applications (Qt) ported to Android.20:02
djszapiI believe, this project is older than a year though.20:02
faenilyes a year and a half maybe20:03
faenilthere are some android qt apps20:03
faenilnot many20:03
faenilbecause many things like multimedia and mobility are mostly missing20:03
djszapiwhat I saw, are horribly slow :-P20:03
djszapiand qtquick20:03
faenilmy app is smooth, as far as I can tell20:03
djszapiwho wanna write apps nowadays in plain QML ?20:03
djszapiI instantly thought your application rocks :-P20:04
faenillol you've never seen it :D20:04
djszapilucky me :P20:04
* djszapi hides20:04
faenilyou'll see it soon on play store ;)20:05
djszapiwell, I do not use Android myself. My users would like to have an Android frontend, that is all.20:06
djszapiHowever, I need to rewrite the ui components I was able to use out-of-the-box with the Desktop Components.20:06
djszapi(Provided once QtCreator can be launched)20:06
faenilcan't you use symbian compoennts?20:07
djszapion Android ? :o20:07
faenilread what I told you...-.-20:08
faenil<faenil> I used symbian components for my thesis20:08
djszapiI sometimes do, when it makes sense :P20:08
djszapiok, but for Android or Symbian ?20:08
djszapiyou do realize that repository has almost zero components yet ? :)20:09
djszapiand almost no work on the project. :-P20:11
faenilno work is needed20:12
faenilif you take symbian components and you compile them, they work..-.-20:12
faenilit's not like meego components20:12
djszapido they look any cool ?20:13
faenilthey're symbian components man xD20:13
faenilever seen them? :D20:13
faenilI can show you my app via webcam if you wish20:16
faenilto see how they work20:16
faenildjszapi, ^20:17
djszapiwill it blow up ?20:22
faenildjszapi, I only have few minutes, so fast, decide :)20:23
djszapifaenil: ok20:30
faenilok what xD20:30
djszapishow up, what else man../20:31
faenilcome to gtalk if you want to see it20:31
faenildjszapi, maybe "ok I'll think about it" lol20:31
djszapicannot you call me on N9 ?20:31
faenilouch haven't used my n950 in a bit20:32
faenilis gtalk already supported? I don't even remember20:32
djszapiwell, there is this Gtalk Video Call thingie..20:32
faenilis it a plugin? or is it included?20:32
djszapiat any rate, cannoy you just send screenshots...20:33
djszapiwhat xD20:33
djszapiafter updating the video call device rebooted with a red message: "Rescuing software..."20:34
*** napcode has joined #harmattan20:34
faenilI'll send screens20:35
rzrdo u know how to toggle nokia maps from miles to kmeters ?20:41
napcoderzr: regional format in settings?20:50
*** faenil has quit IRC20:52
*** djszapi has left #harmattan20:53
rzrnapcode, well spotted21:00
napcodeglad it worked :)21:01
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itsnotabigtruckrzr: weird, i thought it was in the options22:04
itsnotabigtruckthere's lots of cases where road units aren't national units22:04
itsnotabigtrucke.g. the UK22:04
itsnotabigtruckor any time you're traveling with your N9 to the UK or US, or vice versa22:05
itsnotabigtruckand want to leave the settings at what you're accustomed to, but also want the units to match where you are22:05
rzritsnotabigtruck, for the drive app22:11
rzritsnotabigtruck, talking about the map one22:12
itsnotabigtruckrzr: ah right22:17
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