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Elleodjszapi: I've had that issue before00:35
Elleodjszapi: I think maybe it's a problem on the Ovi store end, since after a few hours it worked00:36
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itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: sounds like legendary ovi store reliability01:10
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itsnotabigtruckdull, oregon and boring, scotland are going to become sister cities01:15
itsnotabigtruckwhoops, got those backward01:15
itsnotabigtruckboring, oregon and dull, scotland " "01:15
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djszapibest when there are reviews sayings cool, but not giving five stars03:00
djszapino way to know why not five stars, what the problems are etc.03:01
djszapiElleo: does not still work for me.03:02
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djszapifaenil: how is life... :)03:35
faenildjszapi, busy, as usual :)03:35
djszapiwhat are you reinventing :-D /me hides03:35
faenilwhat about you?03:35
faenildjszapi, nothing atm, still finishing my thesis, even if I graduated on 24th february03:35
djszapifaenil: :) not much about me. Looking at the airplane ticket prices for QtCS.03:36
faenilnice, so you're invited :)03:37
djszapiyep, and has free accommodation, so it is worth spending money for the airplane. =]03:37
faenildjszapi, it's very late, time to go to bed :D03:41
faenilcya tomorrow people03:41
faenildjszapi, take care ;)03:41
djszapifaenil: sleep well :)03:44
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Khertan_WorkMorning all !09:30
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gabriel9|workmorning and best10:31
gabriel9|workdid you saw this:
gabriel9|workand read last comments, they are modest :D10:32
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mankelihey, is the difference between launching an app from home screen, and launching app from terminal documented somewhere? it seems that my app runs much slower when i launch it from icon10:40
ElleoI'd have thought the only real difference would be that you've probably got your .desktop setup to launch it via invoker rather than directly10:42
Elleobut I wouldn't expect invoker to add much delay10:42
Elleolook at your .desktop file to see the exact command that's being executed to start it from the launcher icon10:43
ElleoI guess something funny might be happening if its setup to use an inappropriate booster10:43
mankeliinvoker doesn't seem to make any difference. exec= only points to a shellscript that only has  cd `dirname $0` and ./binary10:44
mankeliif i launch it in terminal via the script, performance is normal10:45
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mankeliand /usr/bin/invoker --type=e /home/user/app/ results also in normal performance10:46
Elleonot sure what to suggest then, I don't encounter any real difference with my apps10:46
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mankeliElleo: i also haven't noticed problems before this10:50
mankelirather odd10:50
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paALMOST THERE :)13:00
paalmost there :)13:00
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Khertan_Workpffff ... nokia ovi team publish partial update13:33
Khertan_Workthey publish the update of description and screenshot but package is still in qa13:33
* phako happily playing ping-pong with QA for a week now13:33
Khertan_Workso now description lie13:33
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Khertan_Workphako: the qa failed because they say some files are outside of /opt13:34
Khertan_Workyeah the .desktop is outside of course !13:34
phakothat worked for me. Did you name it differently than package_somesuffix.desktop ?13:35
Khertan_Workyeah it s works first time13:35
Khertan_Worklook like the first publication is quicker than updating13:35
Khertan_Workphako: of course there is an alert of problem on harmattan13:36
spenapKhertan_Work: they sent this message that things are going slow these days. However, if you're a qt ambassador13:36
spenapyou can write and request the "full track"13:36
Khertan_Workbut it s a shame that all that store require so much time to get things publish (same for ovi, apple, google ....)13:36
spenapand if you aren't, maybe you should apply?13:36
Khertan_Workme as an ambassador :)13:37
Khertan_Workhihi ... didn't like the direction that Qt take13:37
Khertan_Workspecially that qml move13:37
spenapwhat do you mean? :-) They go forward, don't they? :P13:37
Khertan_Workspenap: qml isn't ready and more components ... so i didn't understand that they force the usage of it on some mobile device13:38
spenapwell, "ready"... I see this as the typical tradeoff: qml is rather ready for most things, although there are others which won't work fine13:41
rZrI somehow agrea w/ Khertan_Work , I wish qml to be backward compatible with existing widgets before pushing pple to adopt it13:41
Khertan_WorkrZr: backward compatible is maybe too much, but at least give the same features13:42
Khertan_WorkrZr: you have see the difficulty to manage text in a TextArea, isn't it ? :)13:43
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djszapihey, does anybody know what "Kaleem" can mean in Ovi store for an application in the review list ?17:04
djszapiapparently something negative since there is a two stars behind, but I would like to understand. :-)17:05
Sivadjszapi: try opening the review in the pc browser and translate ;)17:05
djszapiSiva: tried, and if that had worked, I would not now ask...17:06
djszapianyway, if nobody knows, I will just report him as abuse.17:08
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itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: yikes, give it up17:22
itsnotabigtrucknot finding much on kaleem though, seems to be a name17:22
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: too bad these people are allowed to do this nonsense17:24
itsnotabigtruckyou're going to drive yourself crazy if you get angry every time someone posts a stupid review17:27
djszapiyes, apparently no intention from Nokia to properly moderate :(17:27
djszapimeaning that no matter what feedback an application got17:27
djszapiyou can base nothing on that.17:27
djszapiso actually looking at the stars make no sense in the end.17:28
itsnotabigtruckif nokia "properly moderates", no one can trust the reviews17:29
itsnotabigtruckespecially for paid apps where nokia has a direct interest in people buying them17:29
djszapiI think you are just about to argue17:29
djszapiinsane reviews are insane, no matter what.17:30
itsnotabigtruckand if someone doesn't like your app and posts a review as such, that's their business17:30
djszapithat is exactly which makes no sense.17:30
djszapimakes no respect, fairness and so forth17:30
*** n9appscom has joined #harmattan17:30
djszapithis is exactly which drives to a total crap in the end.17:30
itsnotabigtruckgive it up, you can't make people like your app17:31
djszapihuh ?17:31
itsnotabigtruckand you can't suppress  people who don't like your app17:31
itsnotabigtruck*that* is insanity17:31
djszapiman, you do not direct the sanity against "liking my app".17:31
djszapiotherwise you just continue the same insane.17:31
djszapiit is precisely not about my app, but the environment in Ovi.17:31
djszapilike I said zillion times: "total crap review" without explanation *is* very disrespectful, unfair and insane.17:32
djszapiI have been making reviews for improving the application with further ideas, or expressing my thanks. Review is not for demotivating the authors.17:33
Sivadjszapi: indeed. as itsnotabigtruck says all you could do is report abuse.And if you feel Nokia should have a dedicated team to read a review, try out the app and then moderate.. that's always gonna be a dream! that said, from my personal experience.. the no. of such stupid reviews is remarkably less.. about 1 in 100..17:34
itsnotabigtruckwell, mind you, i'm not defending the people writing crappy reviews17:35
itsnotabigtruckbut the alternatives to letting people write crappy reviews, defeat the point of reviews17:35
itsnotabigtruckand you shouldn't "report abuse" because you don't like a review17:35
djszapiit is not my liking.17:36
djszapiwhat is the point of saying "total crap" without further explanation17:36
djszapiman you are defending the wrong side just for the sake of arguing.17:36
itsnotabigtruckyour words not theirs17:36
djszapiSiva: 1 in 100 haha17:36
djszapiSiva see my application17:36
djszapi2 completely insane review in few hours17:37
djszapiif not three.17:37
itsnotabigtruckout of 41 reviews, 4 are less than 4 stars17:37
djszapiand this is just my application, I see many around with such crappy reviews17:37
itsnotabigtruckyou're not exactly in danger of a few idiots killing your average rating, if it means that much to you17:37
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: I do not understand why you ignore me.17:37
djszapiI am especially *NOT* worried about my application17:38
djszapiI am worried about the *unhealthy insane stuff* getting established in Ovi without proper moderation.17:38
djszapiYes, Nokia should write a guideline for reviewers to make the place cozier.17:38
djszapisince the common sanity does not seem to be enough.17:38
n9appscomWhat app are you talking about?17:39
itsnotabigtruckstupid reviews seem to the one of the least of the ovi store's problems tbh17:39
djszapin9appscom: non precisely.17:39
djszapin9appscom: I am speaking in general17:39
itsnotabigtruckthere really isn't a single positive element to it i can think of, besides that it's there, and it ships with the phone17:39
djszapin9appscom: the last application I got upset at: khangman17:39
itsnotabigtruckit barely works, tries to force users to use carrier billing when possible, has QA that frustrates developers but does zilch to keep out bad apps, restricts aegis credentials, has a completely ridiculous limit on how many times you can download an app17:41
itsnotabigtruckand if you're in the us or canada and something goes wrong, and you use the contact button, they'll reply with "screw off, we aren't giving you any support"17:41
itsnotabigtrucknot to mention that most of the apps on there are rather inferior quality, though that's kinda true with every app store ever17:42
Sivaitsnotabigtruck: been there in the aegis credentials battle with QA.. man.. that was long mail chain..17:42
Sivaitsnotabigtruck: I guess you are referring to the RSS feed based apps just look like web pages? internal info is that they were allowed just to show a huge app count for N9 in the initial days..17:44
itsnotabigtruckSiva: that's part of the problem, yeah17:45
itsnotabigtruckbut besides those, most apps just simply aren't good17:45
itsnotabigtruckor have an undeserved price tag17:45
djszapiSiva: perhaps there was some misunderstanding in your case.17:46
djszapifrom what I can tell.17:46
djszapiit worked out of the box for other cases though.17:46
djszapior just a fresh employee on their side. They kept changing them.17:47
Sivadjszapi: that might be it.. but for sure they didn't know what aegis was..17:47
Sivapoint is, it was kinda like, 'they never knew what hit them' when people started uploading apps for N9..17:49
djszapiyeah, I saw the thread if that is the one you are referring to.17:49
Sivadjszapi: well, you backed me up then!17:49
djszapiluckily enough, it was long ago. :-)17:50
djszapiI would personally like to forget harmattan :-P17:50
Sivadjszapi: good luck with that :)17:51
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Sivaitsnotabigtruck: those mostly nonsensical apps are created using this:
Sivabtw anyone noticed the no. of reviews for apps is shown as actual number+6 for the past week or so?17:55
Sivain the N9 ovi store client ofc..17:56
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itsnotabigtruckthat's odd, not seeing that over here17:58
itsnotabigtrucke.g. demine shows up as having 2 reviews, not 817:59
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djszapiSiva: are you still with Nokia bro..18:00
Sivadjszapi: hanging there... :P18:00
Sivaitsnotabigtruck: can you try with these.. TranslateAll and MyRoutes?18:02
Sivaitsnotabigtruck: its +6 and +4 resp.18:03
djszapiSiva: speaking of MyRoutes, it is buggy.. :-P18:03
Sivaitsnotabigtruck: in the pc browser and within the reviews page, the count seems to be right..18:03
Sivadjszapi: yep.. I know ;) update is in the works.. and if you would be so kind.. drop me an email..18:04
djszapicannot, I do not know my bank account number by heart...18:04
Sivadjszapi: bro.. myroutes has been free from end of february :D18:05
djszapifeedback is not :-P18:05
Sivadjszapi: no wonder u still see bugs!18:05
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Sivadjszapi: and here is one who wants all *nice* reviews for free :D18:06
djszapiSiva: well I gave you to  both five stars with my comments IIRC...18:06
Sivadjszapi: indeed.. all I am asking for is info on which bug you exactly found in the app.. so it helps others!18:08
djszapitold ya... :-)18:09
djszapidoes not alarm for all the connections on my side.18:10
djszapirandomly does...18:10
djszapiso I could potentially miss the transport change.18:10
djszapiwhich is the whole point about the alarm, to not do that... :-)18:10
Sivawell it alarms only while you leave the bus connections man.. metro, tram and train have their own announcements and displays.. may be i could include them as well..18:11
djszapialso, I am getting "Slow internet connection" all the time for the first "Find route".18:11
djszapino matter what18:11
djszapithe second always works.18:11
djszapiI have been travelling by bus...18:11
Sivai mean app version..18:12
phakowhat I find most annoying is comments in russian18:12
*** oberling_ is now known as oberling18:12
phakoI can't fucking read what their problem is18:12
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan18:13
Sivaphako: as always I try to be patient and use google translate..18:13
phakoSiva: er yes, I just realized that I can see them online ...18:13
djszapiwhat Siva said18:13
djszapirussian comments are fine18:13
djszapiagain, my problem is not the language18:14
djszapiSiva: there are other bugs I cannot recall, just know some cumbersome stuff rolling around... :-)18:14
Sivaphako: Once i got an Indoesian review for TranslateAll and the guy also added in english sayin.. "If you don't understand my review.. use your app..", the misled guy didn't know Ovi store client missed text select :P18:15
phakoSiva: exactly ;)18:15
djszapiohh yeah, crashes18:15
djszapifor the first run18:15
djszapiwhen I launch the application, and I try to be quick with looking for stuff18:15
phakoWhat's also annoying is those "can you help me" comments and you've no chance at all to do that18:15
djszapito not miss stuff18:15
djszapiit crashes.18:15
djszapiI need to be patient at the first try.18:15
djszapiotherwise panning crashes epically...18:16
Sivadjszapi: crash bug known and fixed!18:16
djszapiSiva: I got a review in a language not known to google translator...18:16
djszapimy friend (student) helped with translating from India...18:17
Sivadjszapi: yep. sometimes its a lost cause..18:17
Sivadjszapi: for example I had one of those.. let me check..18:18
djszapiSiva: at least not this style like my friend: :-)18:19
radiofreethey should enforce a rule that all reviews must be in esperanto18:19
djszapithat mail is a BROTFLZ :-)18:19
Sivadjszapi: yeah.. this one.. "GTALK_Nakonets proqram gtalk zaqruzilsa,rebyata vo pervix formatirovat nado telefon,patom vso otlicna budet...suda piwil potomuwta gtalk u menya net otziv" Google translate says its Czech but doesn't translate properly.18:20
Sivadjszapi: I just assumed he wanted translation even in the chat app..18:20
djszapiSiva: just read that email. That always cheers me up. :-)18:21
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SivaSiva: cool.. was that in reply to anything particular.. or just a general troll reply?18:22
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djszapiSiva: you are talking to yourself ? :D haha.18:25
djszapiwell, there was a guy trolling, and my friend got upset.18:25
djszapiand said things wholeheartedly.18:25
itsnotabigtruckugh, whining like a bunch of little kids [in that email thread]18:25
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Sivadjszapi: drat... did I do that again!18:26
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djszapiSiva should meet up at the weekend bro.. last weekend in Finland for now ? :-)18:27
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Sivadjszapi: na.. i m here for May as well.. anyway will give you a call sometime..18:29
djszapicool. Need to leave. Happy harmattan to you all.18:30
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gabriel9is there a way to parse cdata from XML file in qt quick?23:53
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