IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-04-25

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Creteilhi all00:46
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Elleohey aquarius, this might interest you for nostalgia's sake if nothing else ;) and
aquariusElleo, nice work! this is for harmattan?02:15
Elleoyep, works on the n900 with the community updates too though02:15
Elleowell, I say "works"... ;)02:19
Elleogeneral project management stuff, recording and waveform drawing works; playback is a bit problematic still though02:19
Elleoand I haven't done any UI stuff the moving events around/cutting/fading/etc.02:19
Elleobut its the furthest I've got with my various mobile ports ;)02:20
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rm_youok, so i am late to the party here, but i need to flash my N950 that is still running beta102:28
rm_youfrom what i have read, I NEED to flash first to beta2, then do OTA to PR1.1?02:28
rm_youor can I now just download the one-click flasher for 1.1 and that will work?02:28
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itsnotabigtruckrm_you: damn that's old :p02:38
itsnotabigtruckyou should upgrade to pr1.2 beta (almost identical to pr1.2)02:38
itsnotabigtrucki don't know about what you need to flash first though02:38
rm_youyeah i know02:38
rm_youi was paranoid about losing my SMS history02:38
itsnotabigtrucki'd be surprised if you have to flash anything first because it annihilates everything during the flash02:38
rm_youah, yeah02:38
rm_youi guess if i'm not doing OTA02:39
itsnotabigtruckbut maybe there's some sort of weirdness related to the calibration data area02:39
itsnotabigtruckand don't bother with the ssu (ota upgrade) unless you have to...flashing is the only way to be sure02:39
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GeneralAntillesrm_you, save a backup?03:25
rm_youGeneralAntilles: i've backed up everything imaginable03:32
rm_youat least, that i can imagine03:32
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the-boss`[APPS] package togglePSM was ACCEPTED for promotion to Apps03:52
Ariethe-boss: isn't it already in ovi store?03:53
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itsnotabigtruckooh, appsformeego has an irc bot now?04:06
Arieit does?04:07
itsnotabigtruckArie: i'm assuming that's what that is04:08
itsnotabigtruckexcept, i don't see togglePSM anywhere in apps for meego04:08
Arieits in the ovi store04:08
Ariei downloaded it from thete04:08
itsnotabigtruckBOSS is the script that moves packages around in afm04:08
itsnotabigtruckwell, those aren't mutually exclusive, you know04:08
itsnotabigtruckthough nokia appears to throw a fit if you link to afm from the page linked from the ovi entry04:09
ElleoArie: when the-boss` is talking about it being accepted for apps its talking about apps.formeego.org04:09
Elleoyeah, I had to write a crappy little web page just for Ovi to get around that :/04:09
ArieElleo: if it's accepted in ovi store it will be accepted at apps for meego04:10
ElleoArie: no, they're two completely separate processes04:10
ArieElleo: are you togglepsm's author?04:10
ElleoArie: apps for meego has a community QA process04:10
ElleoArie: so when the-boss` talks about it being accepted it means the latest version has received 6 QA reviews04:10
itsnotabigtruckah, there it is04:10
ElleoArie: nope04:11
ArieElleo: what is your app?04:11
ElleoArie: a statusnet client and a silly little game where you throw rocks at seagulls are the only two I've currently published to apps for meego04:11
Elleothey're still in the testing queue awaiting more QAs04:12
Arie ah links?04:12
Elleo and
itsnotabigtruckElleo: ah, so the statusnet client is yours04:14
itsnotabigtruckbtw does it integrate with accounts04:14
Elleoitsnotabigtruck: nope, accounts seemed a massive hassle for no real gain04:14
itsnotabigtruckElleo: it's probably less hassle than you think, if you can get over the terribad documentation04:15
itsnotabigtruckdoes identica/statusnet use oauth?04:15
Elleothat was one sticking point, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't04:15
Elleoif you're connecting to it does04:15
itsnotabigtruckbecause it's actually pretty simple to make an account plugin for oauth04:15
Elleoif you're connecting to other statusnet services it doesn't04:15
itsnotabigtruckthat doesn't require any special settings04:15
itsnotabigtruckthough...the fact that there can be many statusnet services, that probably makes everything complicated :(04:16
Elleoyeah, that's why it only does oauth for identi.ca04:16
itsnotabigtruckin any case, i'd like to see more 3rd party stuff use accounts04:16
Elleosince I can't really go and register keys for every single statusnet instance in the world04:16
itsnotabigtruckalso, for oauth, signon provides support for that04:16
itsnotabigtruckwhich you can use independently of accounts04:17
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ElleoI based my client around identicurse's codebase which already had oauth stuff integrated04:17
itsnotabigtruckoh right, consumer keys :/04:17
itsnotabigtruckwhich is an extreme misfeature of oauth04:17
itsnotabigtrucka completely idiotic idea04:17
itsnotabigtruckdoes statusnet actually do consumer keys04:17
itsnotabigtrucknot all oauth implementations do04:18
Elleowe should add an extension to the oauth protocol for free software projects to implement that just hands out keys on request04:18
itsnotabigtrucke.g. apparently google takes anonymous/anonymous as consumer credentials04:18
Elleobut yeah, has consumer keys04:18
itsnotabigtruckdon't think that's really necessary, they can just be fixed04:18
Elleoyeah, hadn't thought of just fixing them04:19
Elleoalthough it can be nice to be able to identify clients some how too04:19
itsnotabigtruckexcept that identifying clients is totally futile04:19
itsnotabigtruckexcept maybe if all clients are websites, which is what oauth was originally intended for04:20
itsnotabigtruckthat's why it has the consumer key bs in the first place04:20
ElleoI don't mean from any sort of security point of view04:20
Elleojust for statistic tracking04:20
Elleoknowing how many users are using which clients, etc.04:20
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itsnotabigtruckanyway...if statusnet always allows non-oauth login and oauth login is impractical, might as well just always go with non-oauth04:24
itsnotabigtruckthat definitely however means that an account plugin would be hard work :(04:24
Elleoyeah, I ended up allowing oauth for and non-oauth for any other service04:25
Elleowhich means I can at least see how many users are using it on identi.ca04:25
Elleowhich isn't trackable via the other auth method04:25
Elleosince they don't take any client details that way04:26
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rm_youlol i'm a nub04:51
rm_youneed to figure out how to set my root password on PR1.204:51
itsnotabigtruckrm_you: devel-su -c passwd04:52
rm_youerr, right04:52
rm_youbut i need to set it FIRST so i can actually run devel-su04:52
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rm_youunless there is a wellknown default that i don't know :P04:53
itsnotabigtruckoh, rootme04:54
itsnotabigtruckrm_you: also while you're at it, get inception05:00
Arierm_you: get inception and meecast05:03
befordand my games05:06
befordall of them05:06
Ariebedford: lol05:07
itsnotabigtruckbeford: which are your games?05:12
itsnotabigtruckit's a shame there aren't very many n9 games, and even fewer that are high quality...i'd like to see higher production values on everything in general05:12
Arieitsnotabigtruck: i agree05:13
itsnotabigtruckugh, why can't they just ban lumiaman (on tmo) already05:15
itsnotabigtrucknothing but trolling all the time05:15
itsnotabigtrucknormally i'm not too big on bans but this guy is going out of his way to ask for it05:15
* itsnotabigtruck shrugs05:15
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Arieitsnotabigtruck: he's on my ignore list05:17
Ariei only see his posts when someone else quotes ir05:18
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Arieitsnotabigtruck: him and chuck norris both, best decision ever, everyone else seems pro N9 now or just friendly, i think estel may be next if he doesn't get elected to the council05:20
Arieitsnotabigtruck: he's too extreme if you ask me, he means well, but he's too agressive/hostile05:21
itsnotabigtruckwell, filtering out anyone who isn't 'pro N9' isn't a great idea, but yeah, a lot of people keep kicking up dirt over meaningless stuff05:21
itsnotabigtrucki'm looking at this 500 gig laptop hdd i have here - it's amazing how much data can be stored in such a small space05:22
Arieitsnotabigtruck: everyone outside of lumiaman and chuck norris aren't trolling, they are genuinely bringing problems they really have to the table and I'm appreciative of that, even if it's pro apple, just not when it's constant trolling or causing problems05:23
itsnotabigtruckrm_you: did you get incepted?05:26
TronicHow about 64 GB MicroSD? :)05:28
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TronicI bet that you could fit more than a hundred of those in the space that the laptop HDD occupies :)05:28
itsnotabigtruckTronic: true...but the laptop hdd's a distinct object05:29
itsnotabigtruckand a laptop hdd is probably the smallest storage device with a huge capacity05:30
itsnotabigtruckwhereas flash isn't quite up to "huge" levels (yet), certainly not at realistic prices05:30
TronicYou can also get 2 TB SD cards.05:31
Tronic(not micro, ofc)05:31
itsnotabigtruckTronic: that...doesn't sound right05:31
itsnotabigtruckare you sure that isn't a theoretical maximum05:31
itsnotabigtruckit looks like that's the upper limit on sdxc05:31
itsnotabigtrucknot a card anyone's shipping05:31
TronicHmm, not sure if they are just concept demo.05:32
itsnotabigtruckit looks like 128 GB is the highest commercialized size05:32
itsnotabigtrucka far cry from 2 TB05:33
itsnotabigtruckand going by google you probably saw the headlines about sdxc05:33
TermanaTronic, I think you just thinking of the standard's maximum that was announced in 2009. SDXC's maximum is 2TB, but there is no cards that can actually reach that limit yet (afaik)05:33
itsnotabigtruckalso, sdxc is a farce05:34
itsnotabigtruckit's exactly the same as sdhc, except you're not allowed to call it sdhc if it's above a certain capacity05:34
itsnotabigtruckalso you're supposed to format sdxc cards as exfat, which is a new proprietary microsoft filesystem that doesn't work on anything but windows05:35
itsnotabigtruck*apparently osx 10.6.5+ has it too05:35
Termanaex-FAT formatted drive is best FAT formatted drive05:36
itsnotabigtruckany tmobile [us] users here: check this out
itsnotabigtruckif you weren't already in the ipv6 beta, you can now enable ipv6 without having to sign up06:12
itsnotabigtrucki'm not on tmobile though so it's moot for me :(06:12
Ariefor the N9?06:13
Arieitsnotabigtruck: for the N9?06:14
itsnotabigtruckArie: yeah06:15
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itsnotabigtruckyou can enable ipv6 through the dev mode screen06:15
itsnotabigtruckthat is, enable ipv6 on the N9, not select ipv6 on the tmobile network06:15
itsnotabigtruckyou do that by setting your apn to the one in the post06:15
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MFaro-Tusinowho is good with dbus?06:17 is set by default06:18
ArieMFaro-Tusino: no clue here06:22
MFaro-Tusinohaha thanks06:22
MFaro-TusinoI have an idea to create a "pocket-to-picture" style app for N9/5006:23
ArieMFaro-Tusino: talk to wolke on tmo06:23
MFaro-Tusinois he a dubs expert?06:23
Arieno, but he is working on something similar06:24
Ariei think06:24
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Elleohas anyone done anything with qwebkit and ssl page? it seems that by default it doesn't try accessing them, but I can't work out why06:41
ElleoI've tried implementing a custom qnetworkaccessmanager derived class that captures sslError() signals, but none seem to be being reported06:41
Elleoqwebview rather06:42
itsnotabigtruckis this for oauth?06:42
itsnotabigtruckuse signon!06:42
Elleonah, this is something completely separate06:42
Elleooh, my mistake ssl actually seems to be working fine; it's something else that's causing it to go funny06:54
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rm_yousince flashing to PR1.2beta on N950, when i try to play my video files (which worked perfectly on the old firmware) now say "You can't play these types of files on this device"07:31
beforddid that sms backup thing work rm_you ?07:31
rm_youbeford: yes, excellently07:31
rm_youeverything is back good as new07:31
rm_youthanks for the pointer!07:32
befordrm_you, known issue I believe there is a bug about it on harmattan bugzilla07:32
rm_youit's funny because it STARTS PLAYING07:32
befordjonni was talking about it, its something about the movie profile, cant remember07:32
rm_youand then decides i can't play them07:32
rm_youi encoded all of these myself07:32
rm_youwith a profile i developed specifically for N95007:32
befordyea, if you try to skip some part of it then you get the message too07:33
rm_you(video encoding has always been a hobby of mine -- pushing the device as far as it can go)07:33
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rm_youfound ONE thread on some random forum07:35
rm_yousomeone said it might be a tracker problem and just... wait for it to index?07:35
rm_youi guess07:35
befordit was npm and jonni talking07:36
CreamyG31337meh just force reindex07:36
rm_youah my hit was somewhere else07:36
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itsnotabigtruckrm_you: did you get incepted? (not related to your video trouble)07:38
itsnotabigtruckalso, do any of you know what sort of measures are required to get ipv6 over cell data working07:39
rm_youitsnotabigtruck: lolwut? :P07:39
itsnotabigtruckafter having installed ipv6enabler07:39
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dm8tbritsnotabigtruck: for that there would need to be a ipv6 capable PDP context by your operator07:43
rm_youlol interesting07:43
itsnotabigtruckdm8tbr: my operator doesn't have that, but t-mobile us does07:44
itsnotabigtruckand they just rolled out ipv6 on their main apn07:44
rm_youoh, cool07:44
dm8tbritsnotabigtruck: well you'd need a tmo sim then07:44
rm_youi'm tmo usa07:44
dm8tbrbtw: you don't need ipv6enabler, I never did. just having a sip account seemed to do the magic ;)07:45
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itsnotabigtruckdm8tbr: it's not for me07:46
itsnotabigtruckthe point is that ipv6enabler isn't enough07:46
itsnotabigtruckand the question is, what needs to be done to make it enough07:46
itsnotabigtruckall the existing posts are about the n90007:47
itsnotabigtruckprobably because there's a lot of tmo us n900 user07:47
Arieitsnotabigtruck: pray to the nokia gods for help?07:47
itsnotabigtruck*users   and not many us n9 users, let alone tmo us n9 users07:47
itsnotabigtruckesp because unlike the n900, the n9 supports 3g on the death star07:48
dm8tbritsnotabigtruck: given the lack of documentation of the innards that might not be easy to find out. it might simply not have been implemented07:49
dm8tbre.g. if ipv6 was only tested over wifi07:49
itsnotabigtruckwell, it's been done [unofficially] on n900, that procedure might be able to be adapted07:50
dm8tbrcare to point to that, as long as it's not a low SNR forum thread?07:50
itsnotabigtruckit definitely works on wifi, i tried it out on my uni's ipv6 test wap07:50
itsnotabigtruckit's a low snr forum thread07:50
dm8tbrthen I won't bother07:51
itsnotabigtruckoh yeah, there's this
dm8tbrforums are utterly useless for technical discussion07:51
itsnotabigtruckalso in this day and age, nokia's minimal level of support for ipv6 is totally unacceptable07:51
itsnotabigtruckthat applies to any other vendor not fully backing it also07:51
itsnotabigtruckthe entire industry has basically said "screw that, that won't make us money"07:52
rm_youhrm well, mplayer as always works07:54
rm_youso whatever, i'll use kmplayer and mplayer :P07:54
rm_youplays even better than ever before07:55
dm8tbrsymbian had excellent ipv6 support, years ahead of its time ;)07:55
dm8tbritsnotabigtruck: thank the operators for that, handsets have been available from e.g. nokia for long.07:56
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itsnotabigtruckdm8tbr: true, nokia's hardly the worst offender07:58
itsnotabigtruckbut they aren't perfect, and most other players in and out of the mobile industry aren't even trying07:59
itsnotabigtruckMS is one of the only software companies that's sort-of-serious about ipv6 at all07:59
itsnotabigtruckand even then, that's only the windows side07:59
itsnotabigtruckother parts of the company CBA to do ipv6 either07:59
RST38hmoo, rm_you07:59
rm_youyo RST38h07:59
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rm_youwas just about to head to bed07:59
dm8tbrthat's why they implemented IPsec with the highly secure 'null' encryption?07:59
RST38hhow is suffering tonight?07:59
rm_youRST38h: how goes it?07:59
rm_youheh, finally updated N950 from beta1 firmware :P08:00
RST38hmore or less, trying to do 4-5 things at once, going nuts08:00
itsnotabigtruckdm8tbr: hm? windows supports lots of encryption algorithms for ipsec...besides, ipsec is totally ancillary to ipv608:00
rm_youstraight to PR1.2beta08:00
RST38hrm_you: sounds like 1.3 is coming08:00
rm_youwell, this is nice08:00
itsnotabigtruckwindows' ipsec support sucks in many ways, but not being able to encrypt things with it isn't one of them08:00
rm_youi have actual APPS08:00
dm8tbritsnotabigtruck: last time I cared to check ipsec on ipv6 support was abysmal on windows08:00
rm_youspotify / 4square at least08:00
RST38hrm_you: or they were just patching bigtruck's favorite hole...08:00
itsnotabigtruckdm8tbr: when did you check08:00
itsnotabigtruckvista made a huge step forward with ipv6 support08:01
befordthey rewrote the network stack, didnt?08:01
rm_youanyway i gotta go to bed08:01
dm8tbrmhm, possible that this was still XP then08:01
* rm_you waves at RST38h 08:01
itsnotabigtruckyou can use ipv6 on xp, and it works, though it isn't very smooth08:01
rm_yougood luck08:01
itsnotabigtruckbut vista was the first ver with real ipv6 support08:01
itsnotabigtrucklater rm_you08:01
dm8tbrI never really looked back on windows08:01
rm_youthanks for the help guys :P08:02
* rm_you sleeps08:02
itsnotabigtruckdm8tbr: which is typical...most of the loudest critics of windows have no idea what it does and doesn't do :p (not singling you out or anything)08:02
itsnotabigtruckthat said, it does have an awful lot of least it has games though :)08:02
* dm8tbr shrugs08:03
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dm8tbrI'd suggest to investigate the gprs subsystem if they added dualstack pdp support08:04
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the-boss`[APPS] package qspot was ACCEPTED for promotion to Apps08:18
the-boss`[APPS] package fm4app was ACCEPTED for promotion to Apps08:18
itsnotabigtruckhm, lots of packages promoted today08:19
susundberg(sorry for double posting, i just red N9 topic, and decided to change channel:) Is this bug (with N9 PR1.2): when screen is locked and alarm goes on -> the screen ends up being unlocked08:25
itsnotabigtruckit looks like ipv6enabler is *supposed* to take care of everything08:25
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itsnotabigtruckstrange that it didn't work08:25
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CreamyG31337today this guy at work made me come to his house and lie to his wife and say his new motorbike was mine08:27
ajalkanelol, now you gots a motorbike then08:27
CreamyG31337yeah no doubt08:27
itsnotabigtruckwhy would you agree to that08:28
CreamyG31337why does anyone need two motorbikes anyways?08:28
CreamyG31337i thought he was serious and said no, but this other guy thought he was joking and said we'd come over tonight08:28
CreamyG31337so then we both had to go08:28
ajalkaneI guess, to keep appearances to the vicious wife, you will have to ride the motorbike periodically08:29
CreamyG31337haha i hope not08:29
CreamyG31337althogh it sounds like a sweet bike08:29
CreamyG31337i would need a licence :(08:29
ajalkaneI wonder what that guy was thinking... he can't seriously think he can fool his wife very long, if the motorbike is only driven by him :)08:30
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CreamyG31337yeah she seemed to buy it, no way i'm going over there again08:31
befordhe can pretend that CreamyG31337 died and wanted him to keep the bike08:31
CreamyG31337yeah i put it in my will for him08:31
ajalkaneLol, "I just came to look at my motorbike. And perhaps listen how it sounds."08:31
CreamyG31337not for a while anyways, his wife is some chemist and she knows how to blow shit up08:32
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phakodo I see that correctly that there's only one package per (sub-)project in the OBS?10:38
*** pawky has joined #harmattan10:39
phakoah, no10:40
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infobotsomebody said update was
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djszapiX-Fade lbt do we have raspberry pi target on c-obs ?13:11
djszapiperhaps better to ask in #qt-onpi :-)13:11
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phakois osc supposed to work with the c-obs?13:35
phakoI keep getting "basic auth failed"13:36
X-Fadephako: Yes, works for me.13:36
X-Fadephako: Wrong pw in .oscrc?13:36
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik13:37
phakoalso disabled anything keyring related13:37
X-Fadephako: Ok, can you try to do something? So I can watch the log?13:39
phakodone. tried to co home:jensgeorg13:39
X-FadeOk, I see it too now. Let me try to figure out why it is happening.13:41
X-Fadephako: Can you try now?13:44
phakoX-Fade: same13:44
X-FadeCheck cfe production log13:45
X-FadeOops :)13:45
Jeffrey04is there any way i can call the vkb in a .jar app?13:46
phako is the correct API url, right?13:46
X-Fadephako: Login to website works, right?13:46
X-Fadephako: yep13:47
phakoX-Fade: yes, also adding stuff works13:47
*** roop has joined #harmattan13:47
phakoI'm happily building stuff, I just got tired of using the web interface13:47
phakoX-Fade: could it be that ubuntu's osc is simply too old?13:48
X-FadeCan you go there with a browser?13:48
phakogives me an XML file13:48
phakoI'll try to get a newer osc version13:49
X-FadeYeah, so auth is ok and the problem is in your osc somehow.13:49
X-Fadephako: You could try this one:
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan13:51
phakoX-Fade: oh, I just built
X-FadeWell, whatever works :)13:52
X-Fademove your .oscrc away?13:53
X-FadeSee if it really isn't anything in there which messes with you.13:53
*** sahib_ is now known as sahibafk13:55
*** scoobertron has joined #harmattan13:56
*** scoobertron has quit IRC14:02
*** miroslav has quit IRC14:03
phako - can that be removed? I didn't pay attention that the debian rules still produce the desktop client package14:07
X-Fadephako: Ok, so it is not a package that should have been uploaded?14:08
X-Fadephako: Click on the community QA button and send the form without clicking 'Should the app be in the catalog'14:09
phakoX-Fade: the source package generates two packages, and that one shouldn't be there.14:10
phako*two debian14:10
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan14:17
X-Fadephako: ok, it is fixed, but you need to push pushup again.14:22
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan14:23
djszapihas somebody reported a review as abuse giving one star because of a lacking language ?14:24
djszapifor an OVI review, that is14:24
djszapior has anybody reported any abuses so far ?14:24
djszapiI wonder how Nokia handle that.14:24
*** lfranchi has quit IRC14:26
phakoX-Fade: thanks14:26
rZrdjszapi, may some pple dont like to hang others :)14:27
djszapirZr: there is no person hanging14:28
djszapithere is a red X logo only.14:28
djszapiin khangman, that is.14:28
djszapiTo be honest, I was considering to report a review as abuse giving one star because of the lack for his/her native language14:28
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan14:30
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan14:30
rZrdjszapi, dont takes it that seriously ... who cares ?14:38
djszapirZr: I do care about the product I spend my time with.14:38
rZrwell if many users like it then the bad review will be insignifiant14:39
djszapino, sorry. They should be more respectful.14:39
djszapithis should not become a tradition in Ovi. Saying that independently from my application.14:39
djszapione star means -> total crap.14:39
rZrnot for me14:41
djszapiI am sure you are inidividual enough with that opinion.14:42
djszapiif I see an application with review one star, well I am partially scared off, but at least some prejudice.14:43
djszapi5 -> excellent, 4 -> very well done, but there are minor drawbacks that would be nice to get fixed, etc14:45
ajalkaneHmm... just an idea... could you issue a DMCA takedown letter against that comment?14:51
ajalkaneIf I understood correctly then they'd have to immediately take it down14:51
djszapithere was a user previously giving "bad stars" because he did not care to explore the application14:53
djszapiwhat he "missed" was implemented :-)14:53
djszapia settings option in the settings page, how weird xD14:53
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan14:58
*** CreamyG31337 has quit IRC15:06
*** elldekaa has quit IRC15:09
*** trupheenix has joined #harmattan15:18
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan15:36
*** elldekaa_ has joined #harmattan15:41
*** elldekaa has quit IRC15:42
*** elldekaa_ has quit IRC15:42
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan15:42
*** edk has joined #harmattan15:44
*** edk has quit IRC15:46
*** edk has joined #harmattan15:47
*** edk has quit IRC15:49
phakois the client supposed to be stuck in "installing" ?15:55
*** jluisn_ has joined #harmattan15:55
*** jluisn has quit IRC15:55
djszapiajalkane: what does DMCA takedown letter mean ?15:56
djszapi -> ohh.15:57
djszapione star is not the nice of expressing a subfeature missing and very important. If the application works as intended, but I would like to have a wish, I would express that in the comment with a real life example why that is super important to me. Downvoting just makes the developer unmotivated for actually implementing that wish.15:58
*** lamikr has quit IRC15:59
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC16:04
*** Termana has quit IRC16:08
*** trupheenix has quit IRC16:09
*** ajalkane has quit IRC16:13
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:14
*** beford has joined #harmattan16:15
*** mece has quit IRC16:15
*** Termana has joined #harmattan16:16
the-boss`[APPS] package camerra was ACCEPTED for promotion to Apps16:16
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:17
*** rnovacek has quit IRC16:19
*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan16:26
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan16:29
*** tbf has quit IRC16:29
*** wirwe_ has joined #harmattan16:30
*** wirwe_ has quit IRC16:30
*** tgalal has joined #harmattan16:34
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:35
*** sahibafk is now known as sahib_16:37
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:38
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:38
*** Siva has joined #harmattan16:39
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #harmattan16:55
MFaro-Tusinowho wants to help with a dubs project i have?16:56
ZogG_laptophmm, when connecting to computer as mass storage get error that can't mount coz it's used, thoguh no app open and reboot didn't do that16:58
ZogG_laptopxmms2 is now playing:  -16:58
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: the error in on N916:58
MFaro-Tusinoyeah but are you connecting to linux?16:59
ZogG_laptopon linux i would solve =P16:59
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: yeah linux16:59
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: don't say n9 is linux =P16:59
ZogG_laptopi think tracker or something is stuck16:59
MFaro-TusinoN9 isn't linux16:59
MFaro-Tusinoif it were it would be the worlds most advanced phone17:00
MFaro-Tusinobut what exactly is the error?17:00
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: it's cutomized locked deep linux after all17:00
MFaro-Tusinocan't just umount and remount the device?17:00
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: media can't be mounted cause it's used <- something like that17:00
MFaro-TusinoOh, i had that a while back17:00
ZogG_laptopi can't mount17:00
ZogG_laptopN9 is blocking the card17:01
MFaro-Tusinohave you recently installed anything? or dualbooted?17:01
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: how was it resolved?17:01
ZogG_laptopno dualboot17:01
ZogG_laptopand didn't install something special that i rememeber17:01
MFaro-Tusinoflashed open kernel?17:01
MFaro-Tusinoit happened to me after i triple booted17:01
ZogG_laptopthough i didn't connected to usb for a while17:01
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: nemo ? =P17:02
MFaro-Tusinoi had to flash the emmc image to fix it17:02
ZogG_laptopdamn nokia =P17:03
ZogG_laptopany info in internets?17:03
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: now i think it's inception time17:04
ZogG_laptophow do i root?17:04
ZogG_laptopxmms2 is now playing:  -17:05
ZogG_laptopcommand not work17:05
MFaro-Tusinowhat you mean root? open mode?17:05
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:05
djszapiX-Fade: where can I find the source code of apps4meego ?17:05
djszapiThe website, that is.17:05
ZogG_laptopit was not /xmms2 next but /xmms2next =P17:05
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: i have inception thing17:06
*** niqt has joined #harmattan17:06
X-Fadedjszapi: github17:06
djszapiX-Fade: got an url ?17:06
MFaro-Tusinoyeah and whats wrong with it?17:06
X-Fadedjszapi: components are here:
X-Fadedjszapi: the com_meego* ones.17:07
djszapiX-Fade: I was interested in this, thanks:
itsnotabigtruckZogG_laptop: go to the inception site, download, and follow the steps :)17:10
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: inceptng opensh17:11
itsnotabigtruckincluding the parts for opensh and aegisctl17:11
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: solved it17:12
ZogG_laptoplike a bos17:12
ZogG_laptopno flash17:12
MFaro-Tusinocongrats bro17:13
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: did you have recorder app?17:13
MFaro-Tusinoi still do17:13
ZogG_laptopthat was the problem17:13
ZogG_laptoplsof /dev/mmcblk0p117:13
ZogG_laptopconfirmat 2906 nobody   10w   REG  179,1  7905324 3070 /home/user/MyDocs/.CallRecorder/_In_1335350925.wav17:13
MFaro-Tusino*deletes app*17:14
MFaro-TusinoI have never used it so that is why it hasn't affected me, yet17:14
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:14
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: i would try to report devel if i wouldn't forget17:14
MFaro-Tusinohe/she should be aware of issue17:15
ZogG_laptopMFaro-Tusino: meh, i think it's just got stuck17:15
MFaro-Tusinodon't want non savvy users to encounter the same issue17:15
ZogG_laptop # whatis confirmat17:16
ZogG_laptopsh: whatis: not found17:16
ZogG_laptopwonder is it part of it all, or it's tracker17:17
ZogG_laptopmaybe it's tracker who would stuc and we blame to early to make conclusions17:17
ZogG_laptop/s/to eraly/too early17:17
ZogG_laptopok gonna go17:17
MFaro-Tusinooh well, as long as it works now17:17
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: tthanks =)17:17
MFaro-Tusinowho can help with dubs?17:19
*** bef0rd has quit IRC17:19
MFaro-Tusinosomeone must be able to, surely17:19
*** adlan has joined #harmattan17:19
itsnotabigtruckMFaro-Tusino: dubs? like what comes on export movie audio tracks? :p17:21
MFaro-Tusinoerghh, auto correct hahha17:21
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:24
*** jluisn_ has quit IRC17:31
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan17:32
*** adlan has quit IRC17:40
*** Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon17:41
*** scoobertron has joined #harmattan17:46
*** tgalal has quit IRC17:49
*** liar has joined #harmattan17:50
rm_workbleh, PR1.2beta still hasn't fixed the SMS alignment bugs on the N950 when using the hardware keyboard17:58
GeneralAntillesInput with the keyboard just plain sucks all around.17:58
rm_workeveryone else gets that too, right? where it shoves everything too far up and you can't get to the very top?17:58
rm_workGeneralAntilles: yeah :/17:59
rm_worki'm getting more and more used to using the vkbd on the n950 and others17:59
GeneralAntillesYou can fix it by minimizing the software keyboard first.17:59
rm_worknot because i like it (still hate it), but i'm accepting the fact that phone manufacturers hate hwkbd17:59
GeneralAntillesYeah, stupid.17:59
rm_workbut, PR1.2 IS a huge improvement over beta1 >_>18:01
rm_workdunno why i fought upgrading for over a year18:01
pais it possible that the 64 shows up as a little bit slower and more sluggish than the 16?18:08
pa(maybe coz of more memory used for the FS, i dont know)18:08
paor maybe it's just mine..18:09
palike entering menus18:09
paopening the various settings pages18:09
rm_workGeneralAntilles: blah and typed smileys still double the last character18:09
paand in things like this18:09
GeneralAntillesI wish it weren't so impossible to get a phone that didn't completely suck in some way.18:10
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:11
itsnotabigtruckif it weren't for nokia pulling the plug on harmattan, the N9 would have been pretty close to that18:15
itsnotabigtruckbut yeah, the problem is the distribution (not selling it where it counts), the almost-terminated software support, the discouragement of prospective devs18:16
pawhere did i read that it's getting extremely popular on gsmarena?18:17
pai mean, thanks to android, ofc18:17
itsnotabigtruckhm, no idea18:17
*** mschlens has quit IRC18:17
itsnotabigtruckbtw you guys should get into #inception18:17
pabut i checked, and yes its more popular than iphone418:17
itsnotabigtruckthat isn't really a representative anything though18:18
patomorrow i send mine back for fixing..18:18
pahope it fixess the slugginess too18:19
itsnotabigtruckthe fact of the matter si that the iphone is demolishing every other individual smartphone18:19
paon the 16gb it's pretty ok18:19
itsnotabigtruckand iphone and android together annihilate anything else18:19
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan18:19
pawell yea, my touchscreen still jitters, after all18:19
itsnotabigtruckoh right18:19
MFaro-TusinoPA: You read it on the blog i am on, mynokiablog.com18:20
paha probably :)18:20
MFaro-Tusinowas left in the comment on my #operationunicorn post18:20
pai follow that one, yes18:20
pabtw , is it already possible to find on the market compatible batteries for N9/lumia800?18:21
MFaro-TusinoYes, I have ordered one for my N9. Am using the L800 battery from my lumia for now, but it is possible to buy them18:22
GeneralAntillesDamn window focus. . . .18:24
itsnotabigtruckpa: yeah it is, i don't remember the part number right now18:24
itsnotabigtruckbut they don't cost that much18:24
itsnotabigtrucki want to say something-5jw18:25
itsnotabigtruckit's black with text printed on it and a connector hanging off of it18:25
itsnotabigtruckwatch out for retailers that show a regular interchangeable nokia battery with 5JW shopped onto it18:25
itsnotabigtruckbecause that's not what it looks like18:26
itsnotabigtruckas for lumia, no idea18:26
itsnotabigtruckmost of the lumia design and manufacturing was farmed out and i wouldn't count on it being similar to the N9 in any way but looks18:27
*** liar has quit IRC18:28
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:29
MFaro-TusinoLumia battery is the same as the N9 :)18:44
MFaro-TusinoI am using my Lumia's battery in my N9 atm actually while my replacement is being delivered18:44
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC18:49
pathey told me that to fix my n9, they can either replace the screen , or the mainboard18:50
paso there's no such thing like fixing one little part?18:50
pameaning i should take my stuff out too18:50
*** niqt has quit IRC18:57
itsnotabigtruckpa: yeah, zeroize it first according to the instructions in my guide18:59
itsnotabigtruckthat ensures they don't see any data of yours18:59
itsnotabigtrucknor can they try and cop out of warranty service because you installed inception or something like that18:59
itsnotabigtruckthough i haven't heard any stories of that actually happening yet18:59
pahehe yes :)19:06
pai was indeed waiting a little19:06
itsnotabigtruckwell, don't let anything like that keep you from installing inception, once you get the n9 back, anyway19:07
itsnotabigtruckoh, also make sure you make it extremely clear what the problem is so they can't try and send it back as no-repro19:07
payes, i guess i will do it, soon or late19:07
itsnotabigtruckjust do it right after you get it back :p19:07
itsnotabigtruckthere's basically zero risk19:08
itsnotabigtruckbtw supposedly steam for linux exists and it's coming soon19:09
itsnotabigtruckof course, there's been rumors about that for a long time19:09
itsnotabigtrucki guess i'll believe it when i see it19:09
pahmm should i start making some little python gui for packaging ? hmmm..19:12
pabetter not gui actually19:13
paor, gui creating some xml file or somethign19:14
itsnotabigtruckfor packaging what?19:14
itsnotabigtruckit would be maybe a good idea to have a command line tool that makes it easy to build a package from a directory tree19:15
itsnotabigtruckbecause most people CBA to make packages the right way19:15
paor something like that19:15
itsnotabigtruckand when they refuse to do them the right way, they make broken packages instead19:15
itsnotabigtrucke.g. missing digsigsums19:15
ArkanoiD_opensh: operation not permitted. wtf? i don't remember any dev mode updates to be installed recently19:15
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: hm?19:16
paitsnotabigtruck, tyou are right.. probably it's enough to use the filesystem19:16
paand one aegis.manifest19:16
ArkanoiD_itsnotabigtruck, just stopped working and that's all!19:16
itsnotabigtruckpa: however if you're serious about packaging stuff yourself19:17
itsnotabigtruckget scratchbox, pronto19:17
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: that's peculiar19:17
itsnotabigtruckbtw the dev mode update didn't break existing inception installations19:17
pagotta get a serious linux ws19:17
pamy lappie sucks19:17
itsnotabigtruckit broke pasiv, which sets inception up19:17
*** Jeffrey04 has left #harmattan19:17
paat work i have windoze, and a server with linux that i use over NX19:17
itsnotabigtruckand 0.1.1 changed to a new exploit that still works19:18
panot so comf19:18
itsnotabigtruckpa: get a VM19:18
ArkanoiD_itsnotabigtruck, i wonder what could break it19:18
pagood tip19:18
itsnotabigtrucki'm using crunchbang on virtualbox on windows19:18
itsnotabigtruckit works great19:18
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: do dmesg | tail19:18
pai'll maybe try an ubuntu first19:18
itsnotabigtrucki don't recommend ubuntu on a VM19:19
itsnotabigtruckunity sucks normally, but it really sucks on a virtualized environment19:19
pacoz it's gpu dependent?19:19
pawell i normally use gnome-2d19:19
paand uninstall unity19:19
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:19
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: see any relevant kernel messages?19:20
khertanitsnotabigtruck: yeah ! crunchbang powa !19:21
ArkanoiD_nothing suspicious :-(19:21
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: are you sure, aegis-related EPERM errors are normally accompanied by a kernel message19:22
ArkanoiD_and pasiv does not work saying it needs sys_chroot19:22
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: first, double-check those kernel messages, i'm suspicious about there being nothing there and i'd like to know what actually failed19:23
itsnotabigtruckmight need to run opensh again to make a fresh set of messages19:23
itsnotabigtrucksecond, you're on the old version of inception19:24
itsnotabigtruckif you never ran pasiv, opensh etc. definitely isn't going to work, and you'll need to update to 0.1.1 before you run it19:24
ArkanoiD_credential 0::18 not present in source SRC::999000619:24
itsnotabigtrucki'd suggest updating to 0.1.1 in any case19:24
itsnotabigtruckhmm...did you uninstall aegis-local-source-policy19:24
itsnotabigtruckbecause this sounds like that19:24
ArkanoiD_ok, will try new version first19:24
ArkanoiD_nope i am sure i did not19:25
itsnotabigtruckyeah, anyway, i'd suggest19:25
itsnotabigtrucka) uninstall opensh and aegisctl and any other inception-dependent packages19:25
itsnotabigtruckb) install inception 0.1.1 (it's ok to install it over the old ver)19:25
itsnotabigtruckc) run pasiv19:25
itsnotabigtruckd) incept opensh and aegisctl and any other inception-dependent packages19:25
itsnotabigtrucke) done :)19:25
itsnotabigtruckalso, you should join the inception channel (#inception)19:26
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC19:31
*** aleksander_m has joined #harmattan19:32
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: any luck?19:33
*** Teo`` has quit IRC19:33
*** Teo` has joined #harmattan19:34
ArkanoiD_not tried yet, will do a little bit later19:34
*** cityLights has joined #harmattan19:36
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:37
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC19:38
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:38
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan19:39
*** lizardo has quit IRC19:39
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan19:40
*** cityLights has quit IRC19:42
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan19:43
*** piggz_ has quit IRC19:46
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan19:49
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan19:49
*** leinir has quit IRC19:53
*** cityLights has joined #harmattan19:54
*** piggz_ has quit IRC19:55
npmrm_you beford ... " it was npm and jonni talking" ???19:55
*** cityLights has quit IRC20:02
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan20:04
*** lfranchi has quit IRC20:06
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan20:07
TronicHmmh, my phone lost GSM.20:09
TronicI guess I need to reboot :/20:10
*** elldekaa has quit IRC20:11
*** leinir has joined #harmattan20:12
*** leinir has joined #harmattan20:12
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan20:12
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:12
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*** nocaic has joined #harmattan20:18
*** aheinecke has quit IRC20:21
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:29
*** snowpong has quit IRC20:36
nocaicfolks, I am wondering how to get SSH working. goog'ling sadly didn't produce any decent results for me. I can't seem to find the init script and netstat is not shoing any *:22 either... is it a case of apt-get? oddly the ssh packages are shown in the applications manager...20:36
rZrapt-get install openssh-server20:44
itsnotabigtrucknocaic: enabling dev mode should get everything installed20:46
itsnotabigtruckmaybe try /sbin/initctl restart ssh20:47
itsnotabigtruckor rebooting (reboot)20:47
itsnotabigtruckalso note that the default ssh config only allows connections from nonroutable ips20:47
*** trench has joined #harmattan20:56
*** beford has quit IRC20:57
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan20:58
rZrstupid me i thought i was in an other chan :)20:58
rZrnocaic, forget about ssh-server20:59
*** elldekaa has joined #harmattan21:03
nocaicitsnotabigtruck: /sbin/initctl gives me a 'ssh start/running, process N', but subsequent 'ps ax | grep N' show nothing :(... reboots have been made to avail and I am convinced that 'netstat -antlp' ought to give me '*:22' results (it does for any other listening process....) whereas VNC is clearly available (in my case: tcp 0 0* LISTEN)21:04
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC21:07
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:07
nocaicrZr: suppose you were not that far off... 'apt-cache show openssh-server' show that the package openss-server is 'Status: install ok installed'21:10
*** diverse_izzue has joined #harmattan21:10
nocaicthough I am still at ground zero...21:10
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:12
rZrnmap ?21:12
nocaicnmap -sSV -PN -v
nocaicdead as a dodo... (mind you the ip's in my citation might be warped ;) )21:20
rZron localhost ?21:21
rZri am unsure nmap is usable that way21:21
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:22
*** risca has joined #harmattan21:22
nocaicrZr: if you are refering to my desktop, yes that has one port listed: 22/tcp open  ssh     OpenSSH 5.9 (protocol 2.0)21:23
rZrno i am talking on device21:24
rZrnmap - Command line open-source network and security scanning tool21:24
rZri am showing mine21:26
nocaicthink I should have mentioned that I have had my phone for about 2 weeks - hadn't realized nmap is at hand... though a scan from my desktop should reflect the same properties...21:26
rZrGet:1 ./ nmap 5.59BETA1 [4039kB]21:26
rZr~ $ nmap localhost21:26
rZrStarting Nmap 5.59BETA1 ( ) at 2012-04-25 20:26 CEST21:26
rZrNmap scan report for localhost (
rZrHost is up (0.0015s latency).21:26
rZrrDNS record for RM68021:26
rZrNot shown: 998 closed ports21:26
rZr22/tcp open  ssh21:26
rZr53/tcp open  domain21:26
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:33
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan21:34
*** arcean has quit IRC21:35
*** mtd has quit IRC21:44
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean21:48
*** diverse_izzue has quit IRC21:53
*** scoobertron has quit IRC21:58
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:02
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan22:05
*** cityLights has joined #harmattan22:18
*** risca has quit IRC22:47
*** Arie has joined #harmattan22:49
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:52
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan22:54
*** decibyte has quit IRC22:56
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the-boss`[APPS] package KhtSimpleText was ACCEPTED for promotion to Apps23:05
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djszapiHey! "Forum submission error. There was a problem sending your form information. Tap 'Retry' to resend the form." -> Has anybody in here experienced this issue ? Resending ends up in this stage again.23:34
djszapithis is from the Ovi Store application on my N9.23:34
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan23:35
djszapiI have typed a VERY long review with full of details, so I would not like to lose.23:36
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:36
djszapigoogle works fine ingrob.23:36
djszapiso the network has no issues apparently.23:37
SpeedEvilTake a pic, or several, OCR23:37
SpeedEvil(and yes, this is silly)23:37
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan23:37
djszapiN9no network issues apparently.23:38
djszapiI cannot understand this silly client23:40
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djszapiok I closed the application, lost the message, typed again, and the same error, hack.23:49
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* djszapi had no such issues in the past :(23:49
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SpeedEvilToo long?23:52
SpeedEviltcpdump may be interesting23:53
djszapi500 characters should be the limit23:53
djszapiI typed 3-4 lines in the end at the last try.23:53
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