IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-04-18

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jpwhitinghmm, anyone here know how to get the colors of the theme?00:21
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mankeli i just compiled iperf for harmattan, if someone wants to test their data connection speed :-)01:17
mankelibasic sb job, so no suprises to devs01:18
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rzrmankeli,  did build it months ago :
mankeliokay, nice :)02:14
rzrare u using fuse ?02:14
mankeliyeah, for sshfs02:15
mankeliin there's also fuse-utils package which iirc was missing on your repo02:17
rzri never managed to use sshfs02:18
rzri will try again02:18
mankelihow so?02:18
mankeliit would be nice if you would add fuse-utils to your repo too, then one could just install it by saying apt-get install sshfs :)02:19
rzrlet me check02:19
rzri think it's there already02:19
rzr  fuse-utils: Depends: libfuse2 (= 2.8.5maemo5+0m6) but it is not going to be installed02:21
rzrwe should not import that package02:23
mankelithat my fuse-utils is compiled from sources found on pr1.2 dvd02:24
mankelifor some reason nokia has new libfuse2 binary package, and sources for fuse-utils but no binary for that :-p02:25
mankeliand if one wants sshfs on pr1.2, it's either self-compiled fuse-utils and sshfs from your repo, or libfuse2 downgrade - which sounds very scary :D02:27
rzri have fuse_2.8.6maemo5+0m702:31
rzrthis is from pr1.2 fw but it looks that it's not on obs02:32
rzrthis source :
rzrobs = builder02:33
mankeliwell i don't know anything about obs. sorry02:37
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mankelii heard something that harmattan-dev is pretty outdated, but at least in scratchbox you can just compile that pr1.2 fuse without problems02:38
mankeliand btw, what's the difference between "harmattan" and "MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_Maemo.org_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_standard" repos?02:41
mankelii mean, why not just one?02:41
rzrin my project ?02:43
rzri need to explain this02:43
rzr1st one is using nokia setup02:43
rzr2d one is using extra repos  (such as debian imports)02:44
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rzrX-Fade, can you confirm about that ?  harmattan-dev is pretty outdated, ?02:48
rzrmankeli, btw pr1.3 will screw it all probally :-)02:48
mankeliso "harmattan" only has nokia stuff in dependencies and that other one has more02:51
mankeliwhy do you think so?02:52
mankelithat pr1.3 will screw it all02:52
mankeliand in what way exactly02:52
rzrit will ship updated packages that may conflict with mine built on previous fw02:53
DrGrovPR 1.3? Is there such candy coming out? :)02:56
mankelirzr: i'm hoping that they would also update their repos with latest packages since pr1.3 is probably the last update :-)02:58
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rzrwhat makes you think this will be the last one02:59
Arierzr: Nokia is finished02:59
rzri am hearing this for years now03:00
Arierzr: after february 11th, it became a reality03:02
mankelirzr: two things: 1) because they have closed the bug tracker 2) stopped production of n9's 3) already refusing to keep dev repos up to date, which kind of confirms that they don't have resources anymore03:02
mankeliok actually two, but the third one popped into my mind while i was writing03:02
rzrthen we'll buy it once the corpse gets cold03:03
Arierzr: i don't want nokia03:04
Ariejust the source code for harmattan03:04
Arieall of it03:04
luke-jrI'd rather have N900 Maemo source.03:05
mankelii'm just hoping that they would at least update the repos so that community development could continue as fluently as possible, and maybe also do something to aegis03:05
Arieaegis has becomea non-issue03:06
Ariewith inception and open mode03:06
Arieit isn't a problem anymore03:06
mankelidunno if there's a way to 100% remove aegis without negative side effects03:07
Arieit's possible from what I understand about aegis03:07
Ariejust majorly time consuming03:07
mankeliyou can get permissions to do stuff with inception, but malf happens a little bit too easily03:07
Arieand it isn't something of a one person job, it's a multi-person task03:08
rzrthx for the fish :)03:09
Arierzr: i am confused03:10
Arierzr: are you referrring to me?03:12
itsnotabigtruckyeah, you could eradicate aegis, modify programs that were modified to know about aegis03:13
itsnotabigtruckand modify everything that relies on aegis to get expected permissions03:13
itsnotabigtruckand make it setuid root instead or something03:14
itsnotabigtruckthe root problem is that everything was built in the presence of aegis03:14
itsnotabigtruckso it's not just about aegis, it's about aegis being the underpinning of a large os03:14
rzrapt-get install sshfs03:15
TronicBullshit blog.03:15
itsnotabigtruckalso rzr: that blog post is absolutely terrible writing03:15
itsnotabigtruckthe communities-dominate one that is03:15
itsnotabigtrucknot sure about the 2nd one03:15
Arierzr: apt-get install sshfs is?03:15
itsnotabigtruckContact Tomi T Ahonen for Speaking and Consulting Events < given the quality of his blog, i think not03:15
mankeliitsnotabigtruck: probably removal of aegis, and some sort of aegis "emu" to keep software happy? :)03:15
itsnotabigtruckbtw which package supplies the utility for mounting FUSE filesystems as user03:16
TronicHe does have a point on sales boycott but he completely misses the fact that the product in deed sucks. It has received positive reviews from "send us more free stuff" review sites and won one industry award (we can discuss the criteria that those are awarded on).03:16
itsnotabigtruckthat package needs to be made aegis-aware03:16
itsnotabigtruckTronic: which phone received positive reviews03:17
TronicThus, my claim is that his "reasoning" sucks camel's balls and actually Nokia's failure is based on many interlinked factors.03:17
itsnotabigtruckthe N9 seems to have been universally acclaimed...the others not quite so much03:17
Tronicitsnotabigtruck: All Nokia devices, most importantly the Lumia, according to that blog.03:17
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TronicLet me read some more to see how the blogger proposes Nokia to be turned profitable in Q2 already.03:18
rzrworking as root :03:20
rzruser@localhost:/       4128448   1717192   2201544  44% /root/mnt/sshfs03:20
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Arietomi ahonen talks too much03:23
Arieim tempted to block him on my twitter, but he says N9 and N950 so much03:24
Ariethat I'd prefer to read his tweets03:24
Ariehe also repeats himself numerous times on the same point throughout the day03:24
ArieI'm sure he's smart but he has a very odd fixation on Nokia03:24
Arieas if he is upset he was passed up for ceo for the compant even though he wasn't in the running03:27
DrGrovTomi Ahonen? The guy who wrote on his blog about the "burning platform" and rescue plans?03:29
DrGrovAnd usually is extremely critical about everything and everybody doing Nokia?03:30
DrGrovHi Arie, I see. Then I know why you would like to unfollow him/block him on Twitter :D03:30
Ariehe says N9/N950 so much that I feel bad blocking him03:30
DrGrovArie: Nah, just block him. I read that "burning platform" text he wrote and that already made me sure that I will not read anything on his blog ever again.03:32
DrGrovIt made me depressed03:32
TronicHuh, that blog is full of invalid "facts" and about a kilometer long. I won't waste more of my time on it, reading the rest.03:32
Arieotherwise, he offers nothing to my twitter except taking up a lot of space03:32
Arietomi is a smart man03:32
Ariehe's just too verbose03:33
Arieremember he doesn't realize that the average person doesn't care about the N903:33
TronicArie: I do not know how smart Tomi is but that blog certainly suggests otherwise. Also, I think you are badly mistaken on the average person caring about the N9.03:34
ArieMost people don't even know what the N9 is03:35
TronicThe launch was horribly bad but apparently the device still sold more than the heavily marketed flagship Lumia.03:35
TronicNow, consider Nokia launching "N10". A slightly updated version of the N9 (faster hardware etc). If (a) it was launched globally everywhere, (b) marketed as the new primary platform (i.e. outphase WP/Lumia) and (c) marketed even 10 % of the amount that Lumia has been...03:37
Ariei will be back in a bit to continue this tronic03:37
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itsnotabigtruckyeah, not launching in the US and UK was catastrophic, for one03:42
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DrGrovIs there any SSH clients for the N9 ?03:46
rzryes mosh !03:47
DrGrovrzr: Thanks for telling me so quickly. Could be a good thing to have some day.03:47
itsnotabigtruckDrGrov: when you enable developer mode03:50
itsnotabigtruckit automatically installs both ssh client and server03:50
itsnotabigtruckyou just run it from the terminal03:50
itsnotabigtruckyou don't need mosh, but you might like it, it's like a souped up ssh03:50
itsnotabigtruckbut if you just want ssh you probably already have it (and in fact mosh requires it)03:50
DrGrovitsnotabigtruck: Ok, thanks :) SSH is not enabled by default when I have turned off developer mode?03:51
rzrit is IICR03:51
itsnotabigtruckDrGrov: don't turn off developer mode03:51
rzrwell i am tired03:51
DrGrovitsnotabigtruck: No, I will not turn it off. I Just mean that does SSH server and client run when developer mode is turned off?03:52
itsnotabigtruckDrGrov: flipping the switch in settings disables the ssh server03:53
itsnotabigtruckleaves the ssh client intact but you won't be able to get to it because the terminal icon'sgone03:53
itsnotabigtruckbut flipping the switch in settings doesn't disable developer mode in any way that counts03:53
DrGrovitsnotabigtruck: Ok, the ssh server is disabled when I do not have developer mode enabled?03:53
itsnotabigtruckif you really want to do that, uninstall developer-mode, but without developer mode, what's the point of the N903:53
DrGrovThat is what you are saying?03:53
itsnotabigtruckit's like a ferrari with no engine03:53
itsnotabigtruckand yeah03:54
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itsnotabigtruckanyone know what's needed in order to avoid the themedaemon error when running an app as root04:00
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ArieTronic: are you here?04:53
TronicThe problem with pushing Harmattan as the primary platform is that too much time has been lost with Elop already. For the strategy change, the upcoming shareholder meeting (3 May) needs to remove Elop from the board and from the post of CEO, and we know that this isn't going to happen.04:57
TronicIf done a year ago, N9 would've been a serious statement on the market, quite possibly seriously threatening Samsung and Apple.04:58
ArieThey also need to remove the board for making such a bad financial decision04:58
Arieit would have04:58
TronicNow it is not going to be a revolution anymore - even if a facelift is made - but it could still save Nokia or what's left of it.04:58
Tronic(even long term)04:58
ArieI have seen how the N9 stands out to anyone04:58
TronicIt was published as a dead platform.04:59
TronicThat makes all the difference.04:59
TronicSame goes for Symbian. The CEO says that it is crap => sales drop dramatically.04:59
Arieyet it is the best selling platform in the world05:01
Arietill the feb 11th announcement05:01
itsnotabigtruckbest selling != good, or a real option in the long term05:02
itsnotabigtrucksymbian is crap05:03
itsnotabigtruckit wasn't crap in its prime05:03
itsnotabigtruckbut they botched the transition to touch while the rest of the industry moved on05:03
itsnotabigtrucks60 5.0+ is an objectively bad OS05:03
Arieit became crap when it became solely nokia05:03
itsnotabigtruckno, it became crap because they tried to ape the competition without actually doing what made the competition better05:03
itsnotabigtruckthe iphone was the first phone that paid any attention at all to aesthetics and touchscreen usability05:04
itsnotabigtrucks60 5.0 failed on both counts and the later versions did nothing to fix that05:04
itsnotabigtruckharmattan, on the other hand, was a legitimate option05:04
itsnotabigtruckkeep in mind that a lot of symbian sales were from people who didn't realize they were buying a smartphone05:05
itsnotabigtrucka significant portion were people buying nokia on brand loyalty and entirely as a status symbol05:05
itsnotabigtrucke.g. i get the impression that in india for a while it was a thing to buy the most expensive nokia phones possible to prove that you have cash05:05
itsnotabigtruckthat isn't and wasn't sustainable05:06
itsnotabigtruckand it's not really the kind of customerbase you want anyway as your main users05:06
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Ariehi rihanna05:34
Ariehi rihanna05:35
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Ariebye rihanna05:50
Ariehow bout rihanna guys? can we convince her to use an N9?05:50
Ariewhat about chris brown?05:50
TronicArie, itsnotabigtruck: Symbian was always quite crap. The usability sucked at all times and development for it was horrible until recently. But it was still selling well until Feb 11 and would have sold well much longer, had Elop not failed.05:57
Ariethis i agree with05:57
Ariecan you replace tomi ahonen on my twitter?05:57
TronicI said it then, and it still holds: the sane thing to do would have been making MeeGo (Harmattan) the primary platform and N9/N950 the flagship product while Symbian and S40 still sell well, allowing for smooth transition.05:59
TronicI don't use Twitter but you may add me on Google+ if you wish.05:59
Arieand what about meltemi?05:59
TronicI write very little on cellphones, though.05:59
ArieI want you to be tomi ahonen's replacement05:59
TronicI don't think that Linux can work on low end device yet.06:00
TronicIt requires far too much RAM and CPU to run a Linux desktop of any kind.06:00
TronicThese are $20 phones we are talking of. The hardware *sucks*.06:00
itsnotabigtruckand...yeah, it was not smart basically announcing symbian as obsolete06:00
Ariebye rihanna06:01
itsnotabigtruckthey could have ramped up harmattan while ramping down symbian06:01
Ariei mean symbian06:01
Tronicitsnotabigtruck: Yep, using the Qt dual platform strategy that they had already sold to the developers.06:01
Arieit would have succeeded too06:02
TronicIt would have not only succeeded, but ruled, I think.06:02
Arieyes it would have06:02
TronicBtw, on Feb 11 I also warned a few people that Nokia is collapsing. People would ignore my warnings and keep buying more and more stocks whenever the price went down. Even at 3.9 € I kept saying that the price is too high when others, including my boss, adviced me to buy Nokia.06:05
Ariewhy don't you run communities.dominate.blogspot06:05
TronicAt 3.0 € I don't honestly know. The price is so ridiculously low already but I still don't think that Lumia will ever lead to anything good.06:05
Ariei bought an N9, that was the last penny of mine Nokia will ever get from me :p06:06
TronicAfter Feb 11 Nokia has lost over 60 % of its market value.06:06
ArieNokia lost more than that06:06
Arieit lost it's supporters06:07
Ariepeople like the maemo/harmattan community have turned their back on Nokia06:07
Arieit takes a lot to turn us against you06:12
ArieNokia i meaa06:13
Ariei didn't understand nicki minaj in nyc promoting the nokia lumia 900, tweeting from a blackberry06:14
Ariethat was a major mess up on nokia's behalf06:14
ArieTronic: thoughts on that situation?06:18
TronicArie: No comments.06:18
ArieThat is supposedly the new Nokia06:18
Ariecan't they give the celeb06:19
Ariea phone for at least 1 tweetl06:19
ArieMr. Ahonen is still tweeting, blocked06:21
Ariethis place is as dead as a doornail06:39
CreamyG31337hey so how come when i update realgolf it runs out of disk space but i have almost double the amount free on rootfs07:04
CreamyG31337714M free07:04
Ariedo it via terminal07:08
Arieapt-get install realgolf2011=1.2.2+0m807:13
Ariedo that as root07:13
befordi find thta game kinda boring07:17
CreamyG31337yeah i played it like once, i just dont' want the "you have updates" thing there for the rest of my life07:18
befordremove it? :P07:18
befordi should do that too07:18
Arieit doesn't bother me07:19
CreamyG31337it's way too big, waste of rootfs07:19
Arielol, there are worse apps out there07:20
befordi dont think it uses rootfs though, its probably optified07:20
CreamyG31337oh yeah07:20
CreamyG31337i thought it did since the update fails07:21
CreamyG31337but that's just the OS sucking07:21
Arieeh, I think it's a half hearted effort07:22
Ariei wonder how much game loft paid to have the game featured on the N907:23
befordi would said it was the other way07:24
ArieNokia paid gameloft?07:25
befordyea, well, just saying07:28
Ariethat's fuckedup07:30
Ariethey paid for a d class game?07:30
Ariewhy not pay some other company to put a better game on the N907:30
befordwell we have that Need For Speed, EA game for free too, and that galaxy thing, not sure who developed it07:32
Arieeh, replace real golf07:33
Ariewith emumaster07:34
befordget sued by nintendo/sony in 3..2..107:34
Arieok, then what about air attack?07:34
Arieor even samurai 2?07:34
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Ariehell even gears07:35
ArieHi rihanna07:48
Ariei habe decided from now on when people join the room I wilk greet them with Hi rihanna07:48
befordmakes sense07:49
Ariebeford: I am not about sense07:50
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Ariebye rihanna07:50
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Ariehi rihanna07:57
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Ariebye rihanna08:01
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Ariebye rihanna08:09
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Ariehi rihanna08:12
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Arieok ok08:25
Ariebye rihanna08:25
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padoes anybody have problems with N9 touchscreen?11:30
paon my new one, it sort of trembles11:31
petterino problems11:32
pamaybe it's im ill and my hands sweat11:33
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Sivapa: something to do with the haptic feedback? you could check sounds and vibration in settings if that helps..11:46
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DocScrutinizerpa: connected to USB? operating it while it sits on table?12:27
DocScrutinizerpa: that's a known issue then12:28
faenilhey people12:29
DocScrutinizertouchscreen only works smewhat accurate when you hold the device body with one of your hands (or feet, I don't mind)12:29
DocScrutinizersome sort of electric circuit issue12:30
DocScrutinizeryou forming the circuit12:30
DocScrutinizerdon't ask me why it gets worse when device is plugged to USB12:31
phakotwo-way grounding?12:32
phakovia you and the usb?12:32
deramit seems, that you must hold it without touching any part of the glass of the screen.12:37
deramand also it seems that it does some sort of calibration when you push the lockscreen button12:38
DocScrutinizerphako: maybe, but I more think no grounding at your side is the problem12:38
deramusually if I unlock it using only one hand, I cant type any of the leftmost characters on the virtual keyboard12:39
DocScrutinizerquite possible12:40
trxcan anyone tell me where is the proximity sensor located on the N9?12:58
deramtop right corner12:58
deramyou can see it with  light, as it is just a bit less black and more redish12:59
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trxi dont have one, thats why i'm asking, thanks13:00
trxin that case its the same as n95013:00
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DocScrutinizerI seem to recall there've been differences between N950 and N9. Can't check right now, sorry13:10
DocScrutinizerwasn't camera and ALS/proxy upper *left*, in portrait, on N9?13:11
deramcamera is in low right on N913:13
trxfront camera is on the upper right corner on the n950 while its on bottom right on the n913:13
deramand at least the clock goeas away from idle-screen if I cover the redish spot on top right corner (portrait N9)13:15
deramprobably the ALS is in the same opening as proximity13:16
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paDocScrutinizer, just in normal use13:35
pai just checked it now13:35
pawhen i swype and i draw a straight line13:35
pait comes out jaggy13:35
*** faenil has quit IRC13:35
pais it a hardware problem?13:36
pamy other N9 didnt do it..13:36
DocScrutinizerderam: als & proxy sensor are same component iirc13:37
DocScrutinizerpa: I don't know13:38
pait works only somehow ok if i press with the very tip of the finger13:38
pai dont know if i should contact the support13:39
DocScrutinizerI just can say I've seen a lot of extremely jittery behaviour - to the point of failure - when device sits on my desk with USB attached and I try to operate it "single-handed"13:40
DocScrutinizervanishes aka "fixes itself" immediately when I hold the device body with my other hand13:41
DocScrutinizeronce it really freaked out and I had to reboot13:41
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: What if you touch something grounded to the pc with your other hand?13:42
pawell i dont know, but im 100% sure that my other N9 was fine13:42
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: since I use a galvanically isolating charger, this doesn't help13:43
paok, interesting enough here's what happen: if i start to draw circles over swype, during the first two three circles it is jagged, then it starts to be smooth13:49
pasomething to do with CPU or something?13:49
SpeedEvilplay audio in the background13:50
SpeedEvilor something to keep the CPU alive13:50
pai try13:50
DocScrutinizerthe touch controller is rather complex13:52
paactually, with audio in bg, its less jagged, but it remanins like that13:52
DocScrutinizerI'm not sure this is a sw thing13:52
paeg it doesnt get better after 2 seconds13:52
DocScrutinizernah, you need at least 10 test runs to get anything significant13:53
SpeedEvilI am amused at ''13:53
SpeedEvil'many core' CPU13:53
pai dont know if reflashing would help13:53
pasadly i didnt try it before13:53
painstalling the applications i had13:53
pai will double check on the other one, then probably call nokia13:55
DocScrutinizerpa: clearly the whole thing is something "we" (the plebs) aren't supposed to mess with. Proably no sourcecode, for sure no permissions to touch any of the related parts13:56
payes i assume so, but the fact that the other phone is fine and this is not, maybe makes you right13:56
pathat probably isnt a sw thing13:56
palet me reboot13:57
pareboot didnt help13:59
pai should make a video13:59
pait's so funny13:59
pa2 seconds and it stops14:00
paevery time the touch starts14:00
*** Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon14:31
paand when i hold it with two hands, it does the same14:32
DocScrutinizerhmm, yes. Quite in line with what I've seen here, just for me it only happens when I don't hold the body14:35
DocScrutinizerand I can't always reproduce this effect14:37
payou have 16 or 64?14:38
DocScrutinizerI doubt that's any related14:38
DocScrutinizerit however is massively related to the type of charger I use14:40
payou mean even when it's unplugged?14:41
DocScrutinizerI just swapped N950 from Nokia charger to a LogiLink generic USB charger, and now it doesn't detect *any* touch unless I hold it with other hand14:41
DocScrutinizerwhile with Nokia charger all was 'just fine'14:42
DocScrutinizeryeah, _when_ it detects any touch event, then that's e.g. starting the app in appstarter grid that's 3(!) rows above where I touched screen14:44
paso in your case it is also related to the charger....14:45
DocScrutinizerunplugged from charger it immediately starts working again14:45
DocScrutinizerI I'm pretty sure it's some form of RF interference14:45
pabut i dont get the "2 secs" behavior14:46
pawhy after 2 secs it stops shivering?14:46
DocScrutinizer100% reproducable: plug in to LogiLink charger ->epic fail on touch detection14:47
DocScrutinizerI guess it is some filter function that kicks in, either in atmel(?) touchscreen controller itself, or in touchscreen driver of system14:48
pai found it14:48
pait's the screen tone14:48
paif i disable it, it's fine14:48
pasmooth like hell14:48
SpeedEvilscreen tone?14:48
patouch screen tones14:49
SpeedEvilI would say 'submit a bug'14:49
paand i like it :S14:49
pano hw bug14:49
paor maybe it is an hw bug14:49
pabut at least it works14:50
DocScrutinizerHAH! I locked and unlocked the device, now ts magically "fxed itself", even on LogiLink14:50
DocScrutinizererr, nope14:50
DocScrutinizermeh, my touchscreen vib&tones are not working at all14:52
pahæ? thats weird14:52
DocScrutinizerwell, at least that explains why I don't see the jitter you documented14:53
DocScrutinizerok, somehow it's been 0% volume and I could change it only while e.g. testing ringtone14:55
DocScrutinizernot that this already fixed the missing touch feedback14:56
*** faenil has joined #harmattan14:56
DocScrutinizeryes, I've set it to "enable vibra" and level314:57
panow it jitters?14:57
DocScrutinizerhah, at least vibra now works14:57
DocScrutinizerno jitter14:57
pain my case it's only the tone14:59
panot the vibration14:59
*** FACEFOX has quit IRC15:01
DocScrutinizercould you playback some music and see what's the jitter then?15:02
palets try15:02
*** facefox3 has joined #harmattan15:03
paactually yes15:04
pathere is15:04
pawith music playing15:04
pamaybe some interference with the speaker?15:04
palet me try with earphones15:04
pawith earphones it's fine15:05
DocScrutinizerI suspect electrical interference with the class-D amp15:05
pait must be the speaker then15:05
DocScrutinizerclass-D is basically a switching powersupply, just like USB charger15:05
* SpeedEvil ponders again his solid-state variac design.15:06
DocScrutinizerfrequency from tens of kHz to some MHz for charger, for class-D it clearly starts at >>20kHz15:06
paDocScrutinizer, but how would you explain then the fact that this problem is present on my phone, but on others is not?15:07
padifferent HW?15:07
pawrong shielding?15:07
SpeedEvilImproper speaker fitment?15:07
SpeedEvilor shielding loose15:07
DocScrutinizerI can't reproduce any audio on touch here15:07
paso i should send it back15:07
pashit  :(15:07
DocScrutinizerlemme see if I find some audio app to crank up the amp while testing touch15:08
DocScrutinizerk, no jitter while playing B-52's15:09
DocScrutinizerwell, I'm testing on N950 anyway15:12
TermanaDocScrutinizer, play some Love Shack and it might start jittering15:13
Sivapa: looks like you did find your solution within Settings -> Sounds & Vibration after all ;)15:13
paSiva, its not a solution15:13
pait means i cant use the speaker and the touch together15:14
DocScrutinizeryou say your other N9 has no such problems?15:14
Sivapa: I should have  worded that better.. perhaps a step in finding the root cause then..15:14
payes, that one was allright.15:14
DocScrutinizercould you test the audi15:15
DocScrutinizermusic playback on the "good" phone?15:15
pai dont have it here, but i remember that playing angry birds with sound was fine on that one15:16
DocScrutinizerSiva: seems we already found the root cause, plus a plausible story on the reasons15:16
paand here it jitters15:16
DocScrutinizerhw issue15:17
DocScrutinizerrelated to class D amp most probably15:17
DocScrutinizerI'm not completely sure N2150 IHF Amp is actually a class-D, but definitely it has some switching design (L2150)15:27
DocScrutinizerand WTF is Z2151?15:29
*** facefox has joined #harmattan15:29
*** hhartz has joined #harmattan15:30
* DocScrutinizer glares at connector X130015:30
*** facefox3 has quit IRC15:31
*** adlan has joined #harmattan15:31
DocScrutinizerpa: your problem *might* be related to X1300 connector not properly settled15:31
*** npm has joined #harmattan15:36
paDocScrutinizer, do you think i could fix it on my own?15:42
palike if i dismount it15:42
paor should i rather send it to nokia?15:42
DocScrutinizersorry, no idea. I haven't disassembled any N9 myself yet, so I can't even guess how difficult it is. Also the X1300 is just a shot into the blue. If you got warranty, I'd suggest you use it15:52
paok thanks :)15:53
*** mece has quit IRC15:54
DocScrutinizersend absolutely clear instructions how to duplicate the problem, when you send it in. Otherwise service won't detect any defect and return it15:54
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rafaelbrandaodoes anyone know if there's a way to show virtual keyboard without resizing the app? I want it to go on top of the app, not beside it20:56
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*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan22:11
danielcbitHi Everybody! Does any one know if it is possible to downgrade an N9 PR1.2 to PR1.1?22:11
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:13
harbaumDoes anyone know where javispedro is lurking these days? I wonder what he thinks about the pebble watch. He used to like these types of devices22:14
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:15
DocScrutinizerhe's in here when online22:15
DocScrutinizer~seen javispedro22:15
infobotjavispedro <~javier@Maemo/community/contributor/javispedro> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 1d 1h 17m 44s ago, saying: 'looooogs baaaaaad'.22:15
harbaumI'm still kind of irc noob .... thanks for showing this22:16
DocScrutinizerthis however is a function of a "logbot" that's doing baaaaad looooogs, according to some user in here22:18
*** jreznik has quit IRC22:18
DocScrutinizerI wanna say it's not a general IRC function22:18
DocScrutinizer/whois javispedro22:18
DocScrutinizerotoh is22:18
DocScrutinizer/msg nickserv info javispedro22:20
DocScrutinizer/msg nickserv info DocScrutinizer22:21
harbaumInfobot and nickserv disagree when they last saw him. But they agree that he was recently here22:23
itsnotabigtruckfor what it's worth you don't need to publish logs in order to implement ~seen22:23
DocScrutinizerthat's due to infobot only counting actual posts22:23
itsnotabigtruckanyway, danielcbit: not trivially22:24
itsnotabigtruckand unless you need to do so in order to test something, it isn't really worth doing so anyway22:25
DocScrutinizerwell, I wnat to test something22:27
DocScrutinizerhow would I downgrade?22:27
DocScrutinizerthought as much22:31
DocScrutinizerdanielcbit: Nokia says you can't downgrade, no way, never (unless Nokia does it for you)22:32
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:32
DocScrutinizerand they say so despite they appreciate it'd be a highly useful option for developers, to test their software against different OS that got shipped22:34
DocScrutinizerwhat they forget to mention: they deliberately and on purpose implemented that restriction, for whatever "security" considerations22:36
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:36
piggz_hmmm, do i need a new PowerUp qm object.....decisions decisions!22:39
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