IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-04-11

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itsnotabigtrucklol mankeli00:06
itsnotabigtruckit always does that when it fails00:06
itsnotabigtruckeven when it succeeds00:06
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ZogG_laptopjonni and others, how would be difficult to add drivers to n9, and do i need drivers in order to connect to camera, i know there re android apps that allow you to take photos and control camera00:09
ZogG_laptopit calculates light and stuff00:09
mankelii guess you could do that without any kernel-level drivers, but many cameras just expect that they are connected to a usb _host_00:11
itsnotabigtruckyou mean like an external camera? why?00:13
itsnotabigtruckand usb host mode is a ways off, i don't know if anybody is even working on it now00:13
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DrGrovFinally, I got that damn final thesis subject correct00:14
DrGrovThanks alterego, SpeedEvil and DocScrutinizer for the help with the language barrier :)00:15
itsnotabigtruckmankeli: it finished00:19
itsnotabigtrucktry this stuff00:19
itsnotabigtruck(apologies for uber links)00:20
itsnotabigtruckalso those last two don't contain links to the actual payloads...lol00:20
itsnotabigtruck here you go00:21
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itsnotabigtrucklibprotoc7, libio-pty-perl, and mosh00:22
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itsnotabigtruckmankeli: be advised that i have no idea if it works00:29
itsnotabigtruckyou'll need libprotobuf7 from there too00:29
itsnotabigtruckit doesn't work in scratchbox, i just tried00:29
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ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: is it working?00:31
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itsnotabigtruckmankeli: well, does it work?00:34
mankelijust installing packages00:34
itsnotabigtruckit's not convenient for me to test atm and i don't even have a mosh server00:34
itsnotabigtruckhopefully this won't fubar your phone00:34
mankeliwell i think i will reflash rootfs tomorrow anyway :)00:35
mankelidependencies are ok, and it starts00:36
mankelibut the shell says mosh: Crypto exception: Bad alignment.00:36
itsnotabigtruckbad alignment, eh00:37
itsnotabigtrucksounds like it's not alignment-clean00:37
itsnotabigtruckarm is picky about that00:37
itsnotabigtruckyou can't read a 32 bit int at an address that isn't a multiple of 400:37
ZogG_laptopmips =)00:38
ZogG_laptopok  night00:39
mankeliyup, i wonder why they even allow addressing bytes like that ;-) propeller parallax for example already has 32bit as a smallest datatype00:39
mankeli*parallax propeller00:39
mankeliZogG_laptop: night00:39
mankeliok, if i try to connect my pc from phone, it says bad alignment and pressing ctrl+c goes to some weird non-working shell00:40
mankeliand if i try to connect my phone from pc, it just says "connecting" forever00:41
mankeliapparently it's because of misalignment on that direction too00:44
mankelibecause if i try to connect manually with mosh-client, the mosh-server on n9 surely receives something but just spits out "crypto exception: bad alignment"00:45
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itsnotabigtruckhm, i thought the point was to connect from the N9 to a mosh server elsewhere00:47
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sigmaorionI there00:48
sigmaorionanybody has installer HDR Camera from OVI Store? I have PR1.2, installed it and it crashes when I tap the screen to take the picture...00:49
mankeliitsnotabigtruck: of course, but it doesn't hurt trying the other way around too :)00:49
mankeliitsnotabigtruck: by the way, why it is "bad" to run the system in open mode? i mean, at least on quick glance everything seems to be working so why bother to try to keep aegis?00:51
itsnotabigtruckmankeli: the disclaimer, also you can't modify the calibration data area (CAL), or do a system upgrade00:52
itsnotabigtruckit's tricky to get in or out of open mode00:52
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itsnotabigtruckgoing into open mode doesn't get rid of aegis anyway00:53
mankelii see00:54
sigmaorionitsnotabigtruck, hi!00:55
sigmaorionPR1.2 is nice, it seems to worl pretty well, didn't find anything wrong since I flashed it last week00:56
sigmaorionis the right place to look for existing bugs and report new ones?00:57
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ieatlinti don't think you can report bugs anymore00:59
itsnotabigtruckthe last version ever is going to be released Real Soon Now01:00
itsnotabigtruckso it's way too late for bugs01:00
ieatlintand all bugs that will be fixed in a 1.3 release have already been determined (but no confirmation on whether there will be a 1.3 released)01:00
ieatlinthave they confirmed 1.3 will ever see daylight?01:01
sigmaorion1.3 will be the very last version?01:01
ieatlintyes, bugfix only01:02
ieatlintas i understand, the only chance for a fix after that would be due to a major security vulnerability ... but i'll reiterate i'm speaking as a person from the outside with no internal knowledge01:02
sigmaorionthat doesn't sound happy...01:04
* sigmaorion is pretty sad about this news :(01:05
sigmaorionwill Nokia just support Windows now?01:05
ieatlintsymbian still has life left in it01:06
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ieatlintand if you believe the rumours, they're coming out with a new linux-based platform for low end phones to replace symbian01:06
sigmaorionmeego died before symbian, I thought it wuold have some more life01:06
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ieatlintbut meego harmattan will not appear on more phones01:06
sigmaorionwhy replace symbian?01:06
ieatlintbecause symbian is horrible :P01:07
sigmaorionsymbian has many years and apps01:07
ieatlintmore specifically i think the plan is to kill off symbian 3, and replace symbian s40 with this linux-based thing01:07
sigmaoriongod help nokia...01:07
sigmaorionI love Nokia devices, but I think they've lost their way01:08
ieatlintyeah... tis sad01:08
M4rtinKany idea what Aegis credential is needed for backlight control ?01:10
sigmaorionwhat is really sad, for me, is to think on Nitdroid proyect as a replacement for a dead platform that I really love... in fact I don't like Android01:10
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M4rtinKas my screen blanking prevention code works on the N900, I'd guess I hit another Aegis related issue :)01:11
mankeliitsnotabigtruck: why so many packages for mosh btw?01:11
mankeliand could you put the source packages online also? i'm hoping i have some free time at work tomorrow to check if can fix those alignment problems01:12
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Krambambulinhello. has anyone an idea howto get seconds for LockScreenHeaderClock?01:47
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itsnotabigtruckmankeli: the source packages are in OBS02:08
itsnotabigtruckfeel free to go at it02:08
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itsnotabigtruckM4rtinK: still there?03:14
itsnotabigtruckwhat api are you using to control the backlight03:14
itsnotabigtruckalso check out the logs for aegis avcs or whatever they're called03:14
itsnotabigtruckif you're using dbus and mce or dsme, those require various aegis privileges03:15
itsnotabigtrucka lot of the qtmobility stuff is based on dbus and those various services03:15
M4rtinKitsnotabigtruck: through QtMobility03:17
itsnotabigtruckM4rtinK: well, check the logs03:17
itsnotabigtruckalso try running your program through opensh03:17
itsnotabigtruckif that works, run it with fewer and fewer permissions using aegis-exec03:17
itsnotabigtrucknote that if you shipped an aegis manifest in your package you might need to take that out in order to test03:18
itsnotabigtruckalso you'll probably need to do an aegisctl -s too03:18
M4rtinKlooks like I found the issue :)03:18
M4rtinKI'm using setScreenSaverInhibit03:18
M4rtinKbut not on the N9/950 :D03:18
M4rtinKforgot that only the N900 device module handles backlight control so far :)03:19
itsnotabigtruckoh lol, so you just weren't calling the function03:20
itsnotabigtruckwell, there's a good chance you'll have aegis trouble too03:20
itsnotabigtruckso time to find out :p03:21
itsnotabigtruckM4rtinK: did you get x-fade to sort out your app03:21
M4rtinKBTW, just worked through some aegis troubles with the camera03:21
M4rtinKnot yet03:21
M4rtinKin the end I made a fake package03:22
M4rtinK(now speaking about the camera troubles)03:22
M4rtinKthat launches my not-installed app through subprocess.call03:23
M4rtinKso I can just rsync it as usual03:23
M4rtinKand dont have to wait on the bloody packaging to finish :)03:24
itsnotabigtruckfor camera you could probably just run it through develsh03:25
M4rtinKBTW, aegis does not log anything to the logs, when it denies access to the camera03:25
itsnotabigtruckthat's not a solution i'd recommend ever shipping, but for something you'd ship you'd make a package anyway03:25
M4rtinKand the QML Camera element even report that it is loaded03:25
M4rtinKwell, I made the package first :)03:26
M4rtinKthen started actual development on the app :)03:26
M4rtinKI have basically reused modRana packaging & Mieru for the basic app logic03:27
M4rtinKand all the Aegis stuff works fine when run through OBS03:28
M4rtinKbut i really can't wait that long when debugging the barely documented Camera element :)03:28
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itsnotabigtruckis there anything in the AFM testing queue that ought to be tested?03:42
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itsnotabigtruckit looks like maeflight is one approval short of a promotion03:46
itsnotabigtruckit doesn't look that polished though03:47
itsnotabigtruckthat's the problem i have with AFM - no one is uploading polished software there03:47
itsnotabigtruckthe people who have built polished software aren't uploading03:47
itsnotabigtruckfahrplan is close to being approved03:48
itsnotabigtruckany austrians/germans/swiss/australians/danish here who use fahrplan?03:49
itsnotabigtruckif so, approve this:
merlin1991fahrplan sucks03:50
merlin1991or rather seems to use a bad backend03:50
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: it does? :(03:50
merlin1991the train times for austria are never right03:50
merlin1991also the last time I checked the ui wasn't exactly polished03:51
itsnotabigtruckah ok03:52
itsnotabigtruckit looks ok in the screenshots03:52
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: any apps you've made that haven't been uploaded to AfM?03:53
itsnotabigtrucki forget what you've built03:53
merlin1991nah nothing03:54
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javispedromeh, actually, the x11 bridge is useful03:56
javispedrousing the virtual keyboard with X11 redirected app03:56
javispedrotake that stupid dbus-based protocols03:56
M4rtinKitsnotabigtruck: it passed my routing test :)03:57
javispedrosomeday the ubuntu guys will come to me imploring why didn't they use x11-based global menu protocol instead of libdbusmenu03:57
M4rtinKit found a connection from Prague to Sevastopol :)03:57
javispedro(I hope that day comes before wayland, of course)03:57
M4rtinKbtw, its about 16 days by foot per Google Directions :)03:58
Elleomankeli, itsnotabigtruck: just tried the mosh packages on my phone, and while I do get the bad alignment message it works for me (going from phone -> remote server)04:05
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itsnotabigtruckElleo: cool04:06
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khertanHi all !09:05
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DocScrutinizerjavispedro, you're so right12:44
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liar_hi, does anybody want to work with me on a keyboard/mouse "emulator"? this is what i've done so far:
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DocScrutinizerearthquake 8.7 and tsunami warning for indian ocean13:24
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petteriis there mosh package for N9 somewhere13:47
dm8tbrpeople have been talking about it13:54
dm8tbrsomeone had to reflash their phone after trying to build it ;)13:54
mankelipetteri: itsnotabigtruck built some packages, but they are not working correctly due to some alignment problems14:03
petterimankeli: thanks. I have scratcbox installed on my dekstop. I could also try to compile from the debian sources14:04
Elleopetteri: itsnotabigtruck's packages work for me14:04
liar_nobody wants to use his n9 as wifi touchpad? ^^ i just need help with the keyboard (key modifier) stuff and the packaging...14:04
Elleodespite the alignment error14:04
petteriany links to itsnotabigtruck's packages :=14:05
mankelilibio-pty-perl, libprotobuf7 and mosh14:07
petteriok, thanks I will take a look at those14:07
mankeliElleo: are you running pr1.1 or something? and did you install those same three packages?14:07
DocScrutinizertsunami warning cancelled14:10
Elleomankeli: pr1.214:10
ElleoI installed libprotobuf7_2.4.1-1maemo1_armel.deb, libprotobuf-lite7_2.4.1-1maemo1_armel.deb, libio-pty-perl_1.08-1_armel.deb, libprotoc7_2.4.1-1maemo1_armel.deb and mosh_1.1.3-1maemo1_armel.deb14:11
mankelion my phone it kinda works, but when you connect to outside world i have to first press ctrl+c and after that it kinda works, but seems to be bit flakey14:12
ElleoI get the alignment error periodically appear at the top, but other than that it works reliably14:12
mankeliand connecting from outside world to the phone just results mosh-server to spit out lots of alignment error messages14:12
Elleoconnecting in to the phone results in mosh-server complaining about setlocale not being found for me14:13
Elleobut I'm not especially fussed about going in that direction14:13
ElleoI'll be on a long train trip this afternoon with constantly dropping net connection, so I'll be able to give it a good long test14:14
mankelinot really my definition of working software if it doesn't work the other way around when it should, but hopefully it's an easy fix if it already works almost reliably14:16
mankelilong test is definitely a good thing14:16
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Mirvany idea how to download eMMC flash image without windows/navifirm? doesn't seem to offer eMMC choices?14:19
mankelinavifirmex works with wine14:21
jonninavifirmex is unsupported 3rd party client that runs in wine.14:21
Mirvthanks, trying that!14:30
DocScrutinizerI honestly wonder if Nokia could've found one more way to mess up HARM in favour of psycromoft14:30
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DocScrutinizerwell, maybe next flasher version runs on windows only14:31
DocScrutinizerwindows8 X-P14:31
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Mirvnavifirmex works, but seems to show only the same files as could someone tell a path to a filelist that has also the eMMC flash image?14:34
DocScrutinizeraftershock quake 8.1, tsunami warning still active14:43
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khertanDocScrutinizer: alert is still maintained15:15
DocScrutinizerkhertan: well, maybe your wording is better than my "still active", yeah15:16
DocScrutinizerauthorities extended the warning by 2 hours15:17
khertanDocScrutinizer: oh sorry ... didn't see that you post it some line before ;) sorry15:20
khertanand no my words isn't better :)15:20
petteriElleo: do you where can I find source packages for itsnotabigtruck's debian packages?15:20
kulveI tried those as well and I'm also getting the aligment errors15:21
kulveI built those in SB as well but in there I get undefined symbol from perl stuff..15:22
petterikulve: thanks15:22
petterii stripped the libraries/perls/binaries from the packages and lauched from /home/user/ with modified LD_LIBRARY_PATH and modfied perl include path and they seem to work fine15:24
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Burner_any ideas howto fix filesystem on n950? it drops to readonly and boot does not help. I also get io errors15:53
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DocScrutinizer"aftershock earthquake not causing any tsunami either" says German TV ZDF correspondent Peter Kunz16:02
x29aBurner_: fsck?16:06
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Burner_x29a I dont find it from that and this does not allow unmount that partition16:08
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Burner_hmm sbin is not on path. what filesystem this use?16:10
DocScrutinizerI guess it will become a mission impossible to fsck on HARM16:12
DocScrutinizerit's conflicting with all that aegis tries to enforce16:13
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DocScrutinizers/become/turn out to be/16:14
DocScrutinizerBurner_: probably a full reflash is your best option16:15
Burner_ok. then I need that ethernet driver so I can take backup first16:16
DocScrutinizerunless there's some "magic" in HARM initscropts etc already, to do fsck under certain circumstances16:16
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Burner_windows 7 does not detect that driver and I also try install madde 0.7.48 (it was only what I find). So if someone have that w7 64bit RNDIS ethernet driver is it possible to send it somehow?16:18
DocScrutinizerI really wonder why I still bother to notice the daily HARM WTF, each single day.16:18
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itsnotabigtruckis pr1.3 out?17:00
itsnotabigtruckfalse alarm17:02
itsnotabigtrucksaw update icons but it was just an app17:02
Termanaoh you17:03
leinirpr 404 ;)17:10
itsnotabigtruckBurner_: what if you remount read-only (looks like that's already done)17:11
itsnotabigtruckdo a fsck from opensh17:11
itsnotabigtruckthen immediately reboot17:11
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Burner_is addressbook and sms files compatible with new version? if I reflash this device to 1.2 and then copy  db files back?17:23
itsnotabigtruckBurner_: what about my suggestion above17:25
itsnotabigtruckdo you already have inception installed, if not that could be a problem (though maybe you just need to be root - devel-su)17:26
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:27
Burner_itsnotabigtruck I can test after I have copied all files. It copy now files with scp to linux laptop17:27
Burner_hmm looks that I got huge ammount io errors17:27
*** James_Blond has quit IRC17:31
Burner_hmm even I am root this give operation not permitted when I try add route with  ip route add default via
itsnotabigtruckBurner_: because being root doesn't matter17:37
itsnotabigtruckdo it from develsh or opensh17:38
Burner_itsnotabigtruck if I run fsck.vfat /dev/mmcblk0p3 it says that logical sector size is zero17:39
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Burner_hoh it is ext4 :) lest try again17:46
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Burner_looks that filesystem is toasted...17:49
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Burner_yep... fsck check and fix that BUT there is nothing left17:52
*** Arie has quit IRC17:52
Burner_no contacts no messages :/ well that just remind us what is purpose of backups...17:54
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MirvI'm wondering that if I don't need the stock photos, music and videos, do I miss anything important from the eMMC...17:58
Mirvdownloading maps etc. is possible also now, camera app seemingly created DCIM directory, etc17:58
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Burner_is this user/.contacts/tracker   database of contacts?18:01
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M4rtinKX-Fade: you there ? :)18:08
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juhajIs anyone here familiar with kontact touch?18:25
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Jaredoes "accli -I" in develsh shell list all the credentials a 3rd party program can get?18:27
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itsnotabigtruckjare: not with inception :D18:47
Jarehah, true18:47
Jareit doesn't help writing software for over 90 percent of owners though18:48
itsnotabigtruckjare: forget them? the problem is that building stuff for a mass market, and building top notch stuff, aren't necessarily compatible18:49
itsnotabigtruckjust assert whatever permissions you need and then see if inception is required when you're done18:50
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jktI'm porting a Qt application to QML for N9 and would like to know where am I supposed to store my settings/preferences18:52
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:52
jktI've googled for that and the most often present suggestion is to use, which is about as useful as suggesting to use XmlStreamWriter for managing my key/value pairs18:52
jktI can certainly do that, but it looks like an obviously missing piece of code18:53
itsnotabigtruckjkt: i *think* it's ~user/.config18:56
itsnotabigtrucknot sure18:56
jktitsnotabigtruck: I'm not asking about where to put that on disk (I'm familiar with the XDG standard), I'm asking about how to access that from QML18:57
jktitsnotabigtruck: sorry for not being clear on that :)18:58
itsnotabigtruckjkt: well, you said where to store them18:58
itsnotabigtruckerm, call out to some real code and do it there?18:58
*** faenil has quit IRC18:58
jktitsnotabigtruck: let me rephrase, then -- I have already done that with QSettings on the desktop version. It's easy as pie in there. Now I'd like to do that from the QML side of things. The suggestion I've read is "just use sqlite through openDatabaseSync()", which is about ten times harder than using QSettings19:00
jktso I'm wondering how other people store settings when developing QML applications for N919:00
itsnotabigtruckjkt: you really shouldn't be putting your actual code in qml19:00
itsnotabigtruckjust call out to some c++ and do it there19:00
itsnotabigtruckpeople keep trying to write all-QML apps, they have a lot of trouble writing them and they turn out clunky19:01
jktthere's already a C++ class doing everything I need (the QSettings), so my naive idea is "why I just cannot use it directly?"19:03
jkt is probably what I'm looking for here19:04
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan19:07
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan19:15
Burner_what files contains sms messages?19:18
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:27
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan19:39
*** lamikr has quit IRC19:43
*** Radium has quit IRC19:45
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC19:51
*** aleksander_m has joined #harmattan19:54
phakojkt: because QSettings is deprecated19:58
phakoBurner_: the tracker database19:58
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC20:00
*** aleksander_m has joined #harmattan20:09
*** cvaldemar has joined #harmattan20:12
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan20:14
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC20:17
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC20:20
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:32
*** Arie has joined #harmattan20:32
*** Radium has joined #harmattan20:36
*** jaywink has quit IRC20:39
*** unreal- has quit IRC20:42
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan20:42
*** adlan has joined #harmattan20:43
*** suy has joined #harmattan20:44
*** unreal_ has joined #harmattan20:46
*** unreal_ is now known as unreal-20:46
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*** javispedro has quit IRC20:56
*** Enforcer has joined #harmattan20:56
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*** jaywink has joined #harmattan21:02
*** ab[out] has joined #harmattan21:11
*** ab[out] has joined #harmattan21:11
itsnotabigtruckdid anyone get MOSH working?21:13
itsnotabigtruckmankeli petteri Elleo anyone else who was interested ^21:16
*** ab[out] is now known as ab21:20
*** oberling_ has joined #harmattan21:20
ZogG_laptopi don't remember that happening to us when we had simuliar bug with N921:23
*** oberling has quit IRC21:24
rzritsnotabigtruck, i just tried to build it21:26
rzritsnotabigtruck, segfault on my armv5 debian21:27
Elleoitsnotabigtruck: yeah, its works for me on wireless21:30
rzron n9?21:30
Elleodoesn't work on 3g though, because my mobile provider seems to block all UDP traffic21:30
Elleorzr: n95021:30
rzri am building some of the dependencies now21:34
Elleorzr: have you tried the version itsnotabigtruck built yesterday?21:39
rzrhavent noticed it .. on tmo ?21:42
itsnotabigtruckrzR: i built it and the deps on my OBS account21:42
itsnotabigtrucki took out the dependencies on libutempter and skalibs21:43
rzrlet me try to finish my build :-)21:44
itsnotabigtruckskalibs, during its build process, tries to read a bunch of data from /dev/random, which is going to hang forever21:44
rzri noticed that21:45
rzrnext job is to test on armv5 , because it segfault on my nas21:47
itsnotabigtrucka few people reported the build i made productes 'Bad alignment21:48
itsnotabigtruck' errors21:48
itsnotabigtruckit's probably not alignment clean21:48
rzri guess upstream will release new versions soon21:50
*** snowpong has quit IRC21:50
itsnotabigtruckalso, MOSH failed to build due to a compiler warning initially21:52
itsnotabigtrucki changed it to not treat warnings as errors, but maybe the warning was a sign of something being up on ARM21:52
rzryou should not be proud of it :-P21:53
itsnotabigtruckproud of what?21:53
rzrof hiding the problems21:54
rzrwell nevermind21:54
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan21:54
itsnotabigtruckalso low-severity compiler warnings are super noisy and come and go with the wind, the build failure was likely due to using a slightly different version of gcc or slightly different headers or whatever21:54
rzrjust a suggestion , mosh_1.1.3-1maemo1.dsc21:54
itsnotabigtrucksetting warnings = errors is a good way to make your build explode randomly21:55
rzrwhy adding 1 to maemo subversion ?21:55
itsnotabigtruckrzr: because it's normal to start at 1?21:55
itsnotabigtrucki'm following the same convention everyone's been doing forever21:55
rzri would have put 0 , in case maemo do release the 121:55
itsnotabigtrucknokia's not going to be making an official release of this21:56
itsnotabigtruckwith almost 100% certainty21:56
rzrI used 0 for out of distro packages to integrate smoothly21:56
itsnotabigtruckavoiding collisions with nokia packages is kind of a moot point, assuming it's not something they're already shipping21:56
rzrthat was just a minor suggestion21:56
rzrbut I would keep the maemoN (n>1) for afm or project's community repo21:57
itsnotabigtruckbut then what if i make another revision21:57
itsnotabigtruckusually i bump the maemoversion every time i modify it after having a successful build21:58
itsnotabigtrucki.e. keep uploading maemo1 until it builds, then for the next modification go to maemo221:58
juhajWhat's the status with aheinecke_'s kontact touch repository and rzr's? Reading kde-mobile archives leads me to believe they contain incompatibilities, but I can only find openvpn from rzr's and kontact touch from aheinecke_'s, so I have a problem...21:58
itsnotabigtruckalso btw rzr: are you going to clean up the repo at some point? iirc there's still a lot of unresolvables21:59
itsnotabigtruckalso for some reason there's two different repositories for harmattan stuff22:00
rzri havent explained the idea22:00
rzrthe 1st one is depending only on platform debs22:01
rzrthe other adding other repos for deps22:01
rzr       +is22:01
itsnotabigtruckit would be nice to make it less cluttered though22:03
itsnotabigtruckright now there's a zillion different projects each with a zillion different repos and a lot of them seem to have been forgotten22:03
rzryou're right ant the same time i welcome anyone would like to help in fixing the broken packages22:04
*** Arie has joined #harmattan22:04
*** Arie has quit IRC22:05
itsnotabigtruckpart of the problem is that renaming repos will break everyone's apt entries22:06
itsnotabigtruckalso i think renaming stuff tends to cause massive rebuilds22:07
rzrwho talked about renaming ?22:07
mankeliitsnotabigtruck: so your mosh source packages (libio-pty-perl, libprotobuf7 and mosh) are based on the packages from debian sid?22:10
rzrwith a few patches22:11
juhajitsnotabigtruck: I have been trying to figure out the "right" places to install stuff form and it seems impossible to figure out, so I must agree with you: there are too many repos =)22:11
rzrso let's create an other one :-)22:11
*** tonyoy has quit IRC22:11
rzrjuhaj, the main issue is where to upload libs ?22:12
itsnotabigtruckjuhaj: and the problem is that some of those repos have packages with higher versions than nokia packages22:12
itsnotabigtruckwhich can provoke people into screwing up their phones22:12
rzritsnotabigtruck, which ones ?22:12
itsnotabigtruckrzr: i'm not sure but it's definitely happened before22:12
rzrthose could not be build on obs now IICR22:13
itsnotabigtrucka few people did stuff like running a dist-upgrade, not reading the output, removing mp-harmattan-001-pr, installing a package with the GUI, bricking their phones22:13
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan22:13
juhaj is "safe" I would presume?22:15
itsnotabigtruckjuhaj: that's the default repo, so of course22:15
itsnotabigtruckalso is safe too22:16
rzrmy obs one is not , and i warned you : You can also add this extra repo but make sure to be warned : CAUTION UNSECURE DANGEROUS PANIC APOCAPLYSE SUICIDE SELF DESTRUCT ANYONE LEFT ?:22:17
juhajitsnotabigtruck: What's the full deb-line for "deb what goes here"?22:19
juhajrzr: Was that meant for me..?22:19
itsnotabigtruckjuhaj: hold on22:20
juhajrzr: That redirects to a .deb, was that intentional?22:20
itsnotabigtruckjuhaj: the official way is to install that deb along with the apps for meego client22:20
itsnotabigtrucki prefer to just add the apt lines22:20
mankeliwhy that just says "access denied"22:20
itsnotabigtruckno matter what first you need to apt-get install aegis-community-source-policy22:20
rzrjuhaj, well i was just pasting the "alt shared repo" info at
rzrjuhaj, that deb will add the source.list22:21
itsnotabigtruckjuhaj: then for the actual repo lines, do this22:21
itsnotabigtruckecho 'deb ./' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/appsformeego-testing.list22:21
itsnotabigtruckecho 'deb ./' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/appsformeego.list22:22
itsnotabigtruckapt-get update22:22
itsnotabigtruckthe aegis-community-source-policy will install the needed apt key and aegis domain22:22
juhajitsnotabigtruck: Got that installed now22:22
itsnotabigtruckskip the debs22:22
itsnotabigtruckapps-testing-enabler and org.formeego.apps that is22:22
juhaj(And numpy! Cool! Perhaps I will port my simulation software to N9?)22:22
itsnotabigtruckthough, if you want the apps client, just do apt-get install org.formeego.apps22:23
itsnotabigtruck(yes, it's named like a java package for some reason)22:23
rzrjuhaj, simulation of ?22:23
juhajrzr: I do topological solitons and defects for a living22:23
itsnotabigtruckalso mankeli: first, requires a password to access, and second, they did something to prevent it from being accessed with a regular browser22:23
rzrIn mathematics and physics, a topological soliton or a topological defect is a solution of a system of partial differential equations or of a quantum field theory homotopically distinct from the vacuum solution;22:24
* rzr feels stupid now22:24
itsnotabigtruckwikipedia's math articles are notoriously terrible22:25
itsnotabigtruckthat said i'm clueless about this too22:25
itsnotabigtruckyou can only understand one of those articles if you already know what it's supposed to be explaining :p22:26
rzrbut I am sure I need it on harmattan :)22:26
rzrI understand that stuff is existing  but not on earth ...22:27
mankeliso...still about that open mode, did i understand correctly that if my phone breaks now while it's in open mode, i have a 700e brick in my hands?22:28
mankelibut if i flash fresh pr1.2 rootfs, it's back to closed mode and hence, warranty is not void22:28
rzritsnotabigtruck, with an image it's simple :
jonniI'll do a quick test if I can compile mosh in my sb22:31
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:34
jonnigot all depency libs compiled.... now moving to mosh22:36
mankelifrom itsnotabigtruck's packages? i couldn't compile libio-pty-perl because it is depending on some perl package version that's not available on n922:39
jonnifrom scratch22:39
juhajrzr: Superconductors, *LCD*s, Bose-Einstein condensates, liquid helium, and fiber optics all exhibit topological solitons or defects and exist on Earth. But you are right, we do not *need* my simulation software on Harmattan, but it would be *cool* (although any useful simulation needs ~100G memory...)22:40
jonniclearly Im still missing io-pty then... lets see22:40
*** nurta has left #harmattan22:42
mankelijonni: ah, no packages?22:43
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:43
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan22:45
jonniinstalled IO::Pty from cpan, now I have mosh working22:47
*** pawky|2 has quit IRC22:50
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan22:52
juhajitsnotabigtruck: Oh, btw, thank you *very* much for the flashing guide. I had to reflash my N9 when I had had it for less than a day, thanks to the but aheinecke_ mentioned earlier today.22:52
jonniheh, so it took 20 mins to get mosh working from scratch... now if I only would have time or interest to make decent deb package out of it. lets see I might have time at some point.22:54
*** piggz_ has quit IRC22:55
*** piggz__ has quit IRC22:55
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan22:58
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan23:00
mankeliso no one knows about that open mode warranty thing?23:04
jonnimankeli: well that what it says in the openmode bootscreen. Noboby has tested whether its true or not.23:08
rzrmosh: Crypto exception: Bad alignment. [To quit: Ctrl-^ .]23:09
jonnimankeli: but atleast I havent heard that nokia care would have refused to fix warranty issues because of open mode, atleast nobody has complained about it in irc or forums. But might be that nobody has broken their device yet in openmode.23:10
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC23:13
javispedrorzr: echo 3 > /proc/cpu/alignment23:14
itsnotabigtruckif the phone is so broken it can't be un-openmoded, it's probably so broken no one will be able to tell it was in open mode23:15
itsnotabigtruckjonni: no alignment errors?23:16
javispedrooh, the default on the N9 is to crash, so this is not _that_ alignment problem23:16
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: oh, so this is an alignment issue different from the arm word boundary thing23:16
mankelijonni, itsnotabigtruck: thank you. then i probably don't have to hurry with the reflashing23:16
itsnotabigtruckmankeli: why not reflash though23:17
*** piggz__ has quit IRC23:17
javispedroreflashing also technically voids the warranty23:19
javispedro(just saying =) )23:19
mankelii will reflash soon, i'm just not mentally prepared yet to lose all my apps. and i wanted to know that if something happens to my phone before that, i don't have a very expensive brick in my hands23:19
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: no it doesn't...the warning in the flasher app says something along the lines that you /can/ void your warranty if you use it wrong23:20
itsnotabigtrucksay, by putting it into open mode23:20
itsnotabigtrucksaying "flashing voids the warranty" is fud23:20
javispedrothat is legalese for saying "you just have"23:20
itsnotabigtruckno, it's legalese for "we don't want to pay for your stupid flashing tricks"23:20
rzrjavispedro, thx but i dont see any changes , i planed to connect to a amd64 host ?23:21
javispedrorzr: nah if it were that kind of alignment problem it would have coredumped, so forget about my suggestion.23:21
mankelii wonder if that open-modedness is permanently written in flash somewhere :-)23:21
mankelibut anyway, thanks jonni and itsnotabigtruck23:22
rzranyway it does not connect , while it does on server on localhost23:22
*** piggz has joined #harmattan23:22
itsnotabigtruckif you use the flasher normally, you won't ruin the phone and you won't void the warranty23:23
itsnotabigtruckthat's the distinction23:23
mankeliand that alignment problem is not hw problem, there is some buffer that's encrypted/decrypted and that gets allocated without alignment (atleast by a quick glance)23:23
javispedroitsnotabigtruck: that's actually how warranties work.23:24
mankelithere is just a check if (buffer & 0x0f != 0) print("waah alignment problem"); else encrypt(buffer);23:24
itsnotabigtruckand tbh i don't know if there's any language in the actual warranty text that supports open mode voiding the warranty either23:24
itsnotabigtruckafter all, just saying it's void doesn't make it void, if it doesn't actually say that in the actual document23:25
javispedroitsnotabigtruck: the way the average warranty terms are written, _using_ the thing usually voids the warranty23:27
itsnotabigtruck"2. This Limited Warranty excludes...d) Defecs or damages caused by misuse of the Product, including usage in breach of the instructions furnished by Nokia, including those set out under the User Manual. e) Any other acts beyond the reasonable control of Nokia."23:27
itsnotabigtruckjust checked, that's the only thing i found that could be applicable and it isn't that applicable23:28
javispedroitsnotabigtruck: heck, it's a common legalese to say something as "the warranty will not be enforceable if the product has been modified by anyone other than authorized repair centre"23:28
itsnotabigtruckit has that too, but i'm interpreting "modified" as opened up and modified23:28
javispedroone could argue that _setting the date/time_ is modifying the product23:29
javispedroI say that argued once actually..23:29
javispedroit was a nintendo console iirc23:29
javispedrohmprf, too hard to google, so ignore that.23:30
itsnotabigtruckmankeli: ah23:30
itsnotabigtruckwhere is it in the code23:31
itsnotabigtruckdoes that mean a malloc just needs to be changed into an aligned_malloc or whatever23:31
javispedro posix_memalign23:31
mankeligrep -ir "bad alignment"23:31
mankelioops: grep -ir "bad alignment" *23:32
javispedrobut why would it fail? glibc malloc on arm has traditionally been as aligned as x86_64 (if not more)23:32
*** TNZ has joined #harmattan23:32
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:32
mankelii had REAL quick glance it this morning, then i had to revert to do actual work23:33
petteridid a quick hack mosh from itsnotabigtruck's mosh packages for me and my frieds, if someone wants to use feel free:
itsnotabigtruckit wants 16 byte alignment23:34
itsnotabigtruckdoesn't malloc only guarantee 8 byte alignment23:34
itsnotabigtruckpetteri: wait, what are the changes23:35
javispedroit used to be 16 ..23:35
itsnotabigtruckif there's a patch file i can drop in...23:35
petteriitsnotabigtruck: no changes, just a way to run from /home/user without installing the debs23:35 alignment fix?23:36
petteriworks for me even with the error23:36
petterihave been using all day23:37
javispedrodon't understand all the fuss about mosh23:37
itsnotabigtruckthe Nonce class has this inside: char bytes[ 12 ] __attribute__((__aligned__ (16)));23:37
itsnotabigtruckwas the behavior of the aligned attribute changed in recent GCC versions?23:39
javispedroto be sure though youcan use readelf -S or similar on the .o files, it should display the section alignment23:41
itsnotabigtruckwhat's the maximum alignment on GNU LD for ARM?23:43
*** HAMIDx9 has joined #harmattan23:43
*** jaywink_ has joined #harmattan23:45
javispedrohmmm? page size23:45
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: apparently some linkers have maximum alignment as low as 823:46
itsnotabigtruckbut i can't find any concrete info23:46
itsnotabigtrucki don't know if "some linkers" means some wonky microcontroller compiler or if it means real stuff23:46
javispedro_where_ (because it's pretty common to at least have pagesize alignment, for obvious reasons), and, might it be 2^8 instead of 8?23:47
*** jaywink_ has quit IRC23:47
*** jaywink_ has joined #harmattan23:47
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:48
itsnotabigtruckalso see the end of the aligned section here
itsnotabigtruckwhich is also copied into the SO post23:49
itsnotabigtruckas for section alignments, they all appear to be 8 or less23:49
itsnotabigtruckhowever we're not talking about section alignment but field alignment23:50
*** TNZ has quit IRC23:50
javispedrofor the .o file, you are talking about section basically23:50
itsnotabigtruckoh, i did readelf on the final linked binary23:51
javispedrowell, I was suspecting that the section alignment got lost somewhere in the build process, so the idea was to check if it was correct in .o and bad in final executable23:52
*** jaywink_ has quit IRC23:53
itsnotabigtruckok, i'm doing a local build so i'll have the .o files around23:54
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: readelf -S on src/crypto/crypto.o only goes up to 8 as well23:57
javispedrohm, actually, a quick test reveled that cs2009 doesn't produce 1623:58
javispedroaka test.c containing long double a = 3.4; or similar23:58
itsnotabigtrucki suspect sbox-arm-none-li23:58
itsnotabigtrucknux-gnueabi-ld only goes up to 823:58
itsnotabigtruck(unexpected line break)23:58
javispedrono, I am yet the invoke the linker23:58
javispedroit's gcc23:58
*** KRF_ has joined #harmattan23:59
*** Piru has quit IRC23:59
itsnotabigtruckwell that's "awesome"23:59
*** Piru has joined #harmattan23:59
itsnotabigtruckbtw what is cs2009 (besides part of the pathname)23:59
*** KRF has quit IRC23:59

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