IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-03-25

crevetorhi guys00:12
crevetordoes anyone know how to extract a fiasco image from the OCF ?00:12
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jonnicrevetor: why do you need to do that?00:25
jonni(but you can easily find the answer howto do that with google)00:28
crevetorjonni: I tried google and didn't find00:30
crevetorBecause I don'T have the fiasco image for my N95000:31
jonnicrevetor: google search  "extract-OCF" and its the 1st hit00:31
jonninot that hard to find00:32
crevetorjonni: I guess I didn't trype the right thing. Thanks00:37
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itsnotabigtruckcrevetor: with the windows version you can just un-7-zip it00:41
itsnotabigtruck7-zip can extract almost anything00:41
itsnotabigtruckfor everything else, there's mastercard00:41
itsnotabigtrucki mean, universal extractor00:42
itsnotabigtruckwhich is purpose-built for extracting installers00:42
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AndrewX192First world problems: which device should I take when leaving the house. N900 or N9.01:35
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itsnotabigtruckn9, for sure01:46
itsnotabigtruckunless there's something you routinely do on the 900 that you can't do with the n9, like crack wifi networks01:46
tehdelyif you want to get a date, take the N9.  it turns heads01:47
tehdelyit's better than one of those mini-dogs01:47
tehdelyor a nice cologne01:47
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AndrewX192itsnotabigtruck: I still haven't got my VPN working 100% on the N901:57
AndrewX192Aegis is always in the way01:57
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villagerI always take both01:59
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merlin1991AndrewX192: I bet itsnotabigtruck will suggest using inception ;)02:15
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: yup :p02:24
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: use inception! hehe02:24
itsnotabigtruckit should be possible to set up a TUN device without inception, even, but maybe not, maybe you need mknod access02:30
itsnotabigtruckbut maybe udev takes care of that biznus02:30
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*** diorahman has joined #harmattan04:03 is down?04:03
diorahmanping itsnotabigtruck04:03
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itsnotabigtruckdiorahman: hey04:10
diorahmanitsnotabigtruck: is down?04:10
diorahmando you have sandboxed apps for trying it?04:10
diorahmanI just need confirmation :-) thanks04:11
itsnotabigtruckdiorahman: well, i can ping it04:12
diorahmanyes it is, but i couldn't consume it  from my app, something wrong with mine i guess04:12
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Sazpaimonso Im not sure what I did04:20
Sazpaimonbut i picked up my N9 today04:20
Sazpaimonand it has a blinking white charging light04:20
Sazpaimonthe hell?04:20
sahib_doesn't all N9s have a blinking charging LED?04:21
SpeedEvilThe charging light is white04:21
SpeedEvilin fact - the only LED is white04:21
Sazpaimoni mean rapidly blinking04:21
Sazpaimonnot glowing04:22
sahib_saw that on a another N9 a colleague of mine managed to fuck04:22
sahib_in his case, it was that r&d mode was enabled04:22
sahib_so, unset those flags with flasher and it should disappear04:22
sahib_might wanna reflash it too04:22
Sazpaimonthere we go04:23
Sazpaimoni just did a hard shutoff, waited a few seconds and started it up again04:23
Sazpaimonlast time i booted it it just stopped working at the "volup for alternate os" screen04:23
* Sazpaimon shrug04:23
Sazpaimonworking fine now04:24
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itsnotabigtruckwhat are some awesome visual styles for win704:26
Sazpaimoni like aero by itself04:26
itsnotabigtruckby "visual styles" i mean those things you have to patch uxtheme.dll for04:26
Sazpaimon not a visual style but ive used this icon pack in the past04:27
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: hm, not bad, think i've seen those04:27
itsnotabigtruckthe problem with changing icons is that it's impossible to do everything04:27
itsnotabigtruckand with monochromatic icons you really need to do everything because the exceptions look really out of place04:28
Sazpaimonthey do04:28
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Sazpaimonso if I rm -rf /home/user/.cache/tracker/04:28
Sazpaimonwill that completely destroy all my messages?04:28
itsnotabigtruckpretty sure they're stored in some tracker-related directory and that might be the one04:29
Sazpaimonguess i need to restore this backup from november04:29
itsnotabigtruckbut that has cache in the name which implies it can be nuked without repercussions04:29
Sazpaimonwell, i nuked it04:29
Sazpaimonand my messages are empty04:29
Sazpaimonso are my recent calls04:30
itsnotabigtrucki know that upgrading tracker (done during an ssu) deletes some sort of tracker data04:30
itsnotabigtruckhence the slowdown after the upgrade04:30
Sazpaimonwhat can I run to try and rebild the tracker cache04:30
Sazpaimon/usr/lib/tracker/tracker-store and /usr/lib/tracker/tracker-miner-fs are already running04:31
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diorahmanitsnotabigtruck: ah, missing credentials05:14
diorahmanitsnotabigtruck: but, I have my nokia account already05:14
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psycho_oreosany of you are able to install gnu-tar with at least PR1.1?06:15
tehdelyi need to build gogoc06:18
tehdelyso i can have ipv6 over 3G :)06:18
tehdelythen i need to build asterisk and have it run on the phone and intercept my calls06:19
tehdelythen i will be the awesomenest nerd on planet earth and my dong will grow to 2'06:19
tehdelythis phone has totally changed my life guys06:19
luke-jrtehdely: if you can…06:24
luke-jralso, Asterisk doesn't support IPv606:24
tehdelydoesn't have to06:24
tehdelyalthough i think there is ipv6 support in the works06:25
tehdelythe main use of asterisk will be developing a call filter/advanced call manager-like app on steroids06:25
tehdelyi'd love to just have all incoming calls to my phone hit a custom dialplan06:26
tehdelybefore actually invoking the telephony app06:26
tehdelyit should be possible, as long as asterisk is answering the calls.  i can set up asterisk as a local SIP account and just use the dialer with that06:26
tehdelyand asterisk is very lightweight06:26
luke-jrmy cell service is IPv6 only06:39
luke-jralso, SIP doesn't really work over 3G06:39
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teleshoesheeyyya, is there an openmode kernel that lets me save passwords so i dont have to enter them at boot?06:42
itsnotabigtruckluke-jr: ipv6...only?06:43
luke-jritsnotabigtruck: ?06:43
itsnotabigtruckhow could any isp get away with that on an internet where less than tenth of a percent of sites have ipv606:43
luke-jrthere is NAT64 of course06:43
luke-jrthey have an IPv6 subnet mapped to the IPv4 world06:44
itsnotabigtruckpsycho_oreos: oh no...don't fsck your phone again, please07:01
itsnotabigtruckDO NOT INSTALL TAR, or anything else provided by busybox, unless you know the aegis implications and take care of them07:01
itsnotabigtruckluke-jr: that's very lame :(07:03
luke-jritsnotabigtruck: not at all07:03
psycho_oreositsnotabigtruck, why? it used to work with PR1.0 and now dpkg-divert prevents gnu-tar from installinng07:08
infobotpsycho_oreos meant: itsnotabigtruck, why? it used to work with PR1.0 and now dpkg-divert prevents gnu-tar from installing07:09
itsnotabigtruckpsycho_oreos: i know somebody already screwed up their phone severely installing tar, i thought it was you07:13
itsnotabigtruckit caused a hash mismatch07:13
psycho_oreositsnotabigtruck, there's two tar packages, one is tar and the other is gnu-tar. If one tries to download and install the original tar it would have removed a whole bunch of conflicts and therefore potentially brick the setup. The other is a less pervasive way which in theory only redirects /bin/tar to something like /bin/tar.orig iinm07:15
psycho_oreosand like I said, it used to work with PR1.0 without any problems, but now with PR1.1 it prevents me from creating a redirect when there's no redirects for /bin/tar07:16
tehdely03:39 < luke-jr> my cell service is IPv6 only07:16
tehdelylucky bastard ;)07:16
tehdelyAT&T Mobility will probably be there in another... 20 years07:16
tehdelyalso, i'm only planning on doing SIP to  so no NAT / 3G implications.07:17
tehdelybasically set up a SIP account that is, in fact, an asterisk running on the phone.  and asterisk will broker calls out via cellular as well as via IAX2 to other asterisks07:17
tehdely03:42 < teleshoes> heeyyya, is there an openmode kernel that lets me save passwords so i dont have to enter them at boot?07:18
tehdelyteleshoes: it's not a kernel issue, it's a keys issue.  you can have saved passwords + openmode provided that you "open" the phone immediately after you've reflashed07:18
teleshoesi flashed the emmc, firmware, and kernel together07:19
teleshoesboot immediately07:19
tehdelyi followed itsnotabigtruck's instructions07:19
teleshoesenter the accounts07:19
tehdelyand i have open mode + saved passwords07:19
tehdelythat persist across boots07:19
teleshoespr1.2, yea?07:19
tehdelyi had to do it precisely as follows:07:19
teleshoesk, i must be doing something bad07:19
tehdelyflash pr1.2 + emmc07:19
tehdelyPOWER OFF PHONE07:19
tehdelyget flasher ready, attach phone07:19
tehdelyboot open mode kernel07:19
tehdelyreboot phone again into pr1.207:19
tehdelyit has to boot _fresh_ into open mode07:19
tehdelyif it's booted into secure mode even one time07:20
tehdelysaved passwords will likely not work07:20
teleshoesmm, ive heard that before07:20
teleshoesi flashed them without rebooting in between07:20
tehdelyif the phone so much as even starts to boot into secure mode, you're screwed07:20
tehdelykey generation happens quite early in the boot process07:20
luke-jrtehdely: so why not switch to T-Mobile too? ;)07:20
teleshoesim quite certain that ive got it not booting between07:21
tehdelyluke-jr: well, i could, except i'm on a family plan with my boyfriend's iPhone07:21
luke-jrjailbreak it07:21
teleshoesjail break...tmobile?07:21
tehdelyluke-jr: that's not the point, it won't get 3G on T-mo07:21
tehdelyno support for AWS07:21
tehdelyonly Nokia makes pentaband phones :/07:21
tehdelyi could get 3G on T-Mo, but he wouldn't07:21
tehdelyso is t-mobile US actually IPv6-native?  are you telling the truth?07:22
luke-jrteleshoes: jailbreak iPhone07:22
teleshoesoh ew07:22
luke-jrtehdely: you have to enable it, but yes07:22
tehdelyi'm jealous07:22
tehdelymy plan is to compile gogoc07:22
luke-jrtehdely: the best part is, you get to bypass the whole customer support bs and email the engineers directly :P07:22
tehdelyand just bring up a freenet6 tunnel whenever it associates with an AP07:22
tehdelyi believe in IPv6 everywhere07:23
tehdelyit's part of a wholesome and honorable existance07:23
tehdelyanyhow, off to bed n stuff07:24
itsnotabigtruckluke-jr: you're on t-mobile? i thought the ipv6 trial was dual stack07:33
itsnotabigtruckthe thing is that ipv6 is cool, but ipv4 is practical07:33
itsnotabigtruckhaving both is ideal07:34
itsnotabigtruckhaving ipv6 only is a significant limitation07:34
luke-jritsnotabigtruck: I have full IPv4 access with IPv6-only stack07:34
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itsnotabigtruckluke-jr: well, NATted ipv4 access...though on phones it's normal to have incoming traffic blocked anyway07:36
itsnotabigtruckor to be behind an ipv4 nat07:36
itsnotabigtruckbut it would be catastrophic if that sort of thing was deployed on residential internet07:36
itsnotabigtruckbut the isps are itching to do exactly that, it's the only reason they're interested in ipv607:37
itsnotabigtruckdelivering less for more07:37
luke-jrIPv6 isn't less07:42
itsnotabigtruckluke-jr: NAT64 is less than ipv4 native07:42
itsnotabigtruckthat's not opinion, that's fact07:42
luke-jrno telco provides IPv4 native.07:43
luke-jrfor cellular07:43
itsnotabigtrucksince it means you can't host stuff to 99.9% of the internet07:43
itsnotabigtruckyeah, it's unusual for mobile07:43
itsnotabigtruckit's not unusual for residential07:43
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virtualdluke-jr: in sweden they do but we're a small nation08:16
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djszapiHey! Any musicians here ? I am about to write an music educational application, and was wondering if anybody is interested in this topic to provide feedback.12:12
ieatlintooh, it looks like a panorama app is coming to the n912:31
ieatlintinterestingly, a panorama feature was just added by nokia the lumias, but it has significantly less functionality as compared to the symbian/maemo versions12:32
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djszapiit seems people like Lumia12:32
ieatlintall i hear is that it's the best windows phones out12:34
ieatlintbut the review of windows phone varies a lot more12:34
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ieatlintso nokia accomplished their goal to be the main wp7 maker, but wp7 has yet to prove itself as a competitor to apple/android12:35
ieatlintand the app system on the lumias is almost bizarrely fractured... there are two competing maps apps, both with different features/benefits12:37
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djszapiyou think ?12:38
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gabriel9djszapi: nice khangman12:53
gabriel9i voted and written review12:54
gabriel9my friends who work for MS(partners) don't like WP :D12:54
gabriel9every one of them use droid or iOS. But i must add one iUser will switch to N9. He said it have more style(and he is designer) :)12:54
djszapithanks for the khangman review :)12:55
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ieatlintuh, with the map thing, yes, bing maps offers decent search, faster load times12:57
ieatlintthe nokia maps offers offline maps, and a few others benefits, but it's search is terrible, at least in the US12:58
ieatlintbut mid summer it will be pretty evident if the wp7 gamble succeeded13:03
ieatlintmy money is on nokia selling off its smartphone business and proceeding with its larger business of selling feature phones, perhaps with meltemi13:04
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djszapiieatlint: you mean the next billion devices..13:22
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petteriheheh, earlier this week there was qt code with melteni text on the copyright. After someone noticed that nokia rewrote the whole git history to get rid of it :D13:27
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ieatlintheh, seems rediculous... meltemi is a widely known "secret", and it's obviously not a marketing name, so references to it are pretty meh13:31
ieatlintthe only thing something like that confirms is that meltemi wouldn't be canceled [yet]13:32
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AvengenceT-Mobile is using IPv6 in the US? here I'm stuck with a damn 10.something behind a crappy NAT. If they gave me IPv6 I wouldn't mind the NAT6413:39
ieatlintAvengence: it's in testing still i think, and you have to opt-in and manually configure your access point13:40
ieatlintbut you get a public ip13:40
Avengenceluke-jr: all the US providers have some option to get a real IPv4 address (maybe even static) by using a separate APN. generally its for businesses subscribing numerous devices13:42
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pado you know whether the "Settings" application is open source? meaning if it is in the dvd with the pr1.2 sources13:50
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan13:50
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djszapipa: why would you need it ?13:55
djszapiwhy not qml settings page like I did in few applications ?13:56
djszapimy project is fully open source and even governed.13:56
*** arcean has joined #harmattan13:56
padjszapi, im trying to find out what i have to do to toggle wlan on and off13:56
paso far im digging into dbus and gconf, but i cant find the right settings i have to change13:57
paso i thought i could look into the settings app to see what it does13:57
djszapiwell, it is simple to grep for that in the public SDK13:58
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djszapiSDK Sources*13:58
paah i see, thanks, i can try13:59
ieatlintis it normal for others with an n9 to consistently have their ram usage in the 85-90% range, even after just booting and having started nothing but terminal?14:00
padjszapi, you mean the scratchbox, right?14:02
djszapipa: no14:02
djszapi -> there is a nice file list on piratebay.14:03
djszapino idea why does not provide that...14:03
ieatlintpa: are you sure QNetworkConfigurationManager doesn't allow you to turn on/off the wifi connection?14:04
ieatlinti really don't know how well it was implemented on harmattan..14:04
djszapiieatlint: no because the class name is too short.14:04
DocScrutinizerieatlint: isn't 100% RAM usage normal for all linux machines, even the fsckdup versions?14:05
ieatlintDocScrutinizer: not in my normal experience..14:06
paieatlint, thanks for the tip, i can check it now14:06
DocScrutinizerwell, not as long as your storage transfer was less than free RAM, so not even buffers had a chance to fill up14:07
ieatlinthmmm, so what you're saying is my ram usage isn't 87%, but rather that's largely buffers that are using ram with a low priority to otherwise speed the system up?14:07
DocScrutinizerunlikely situation for a small system with many heavy processes, like HARM14:07
DocScrutinizeryep, that's what linux does14:08
DocScrutinizerno idea how many green, blue, and red bars your htop mem usage bar shows, though14:09
DocScrutinizerN950: >>Mem: 753100K used, 255564K free, 0K shrd, 53584K buff, 368128K cached<< (top)14:10
ieatlintyeah, i installed lpsmagic and was a bit surprised, it seems that indeed the only pieces of useful info for me are the date and battery charge level14:11
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# free14:11
ieatlintyay for open source apps so that i can change things to suit my needs14:11
DocScrutinizer             total         used         free       shared      buffers14:11
DocScrutinizerMem:       1008664       753100       255564            0        5358414:11
DocScrutinizer-/+ buffers:             699516       30914814:11
DocScrutinizerSwap:       262136         4716       25742014:11
djszapiopen source is overrated...14:12
DocScrutinizerall meamo systems use swappiness=100 IIRC14:13
DocScrutinizerby default14:13
ieatlintdjszapi: you're tempting a religious conversation, and quite possibly trolling14:13
DocScrutinizerwhich - again IIRC - means that system rather swaps out stuff to make space for cache14:13
* DocScrutinizer praises /ignore14:14
* ieatlint resisted the urge to show up at a talk rms was giving last weekend in order to troll him14:15
DocScrutinizeranyway don't hesitate to ping me when a +q or +b seems due. I might not have noticed it14:15
ieatlintnah, nothing like that is warranted14:15
DocScrutinizerthough "trolling" is an almost perfect buzzword as well :-D14:15
djszapiieatlint: hmm, sure... :p would have been better to join #linux, and say "linux is overrated" as a joining post =)14:16
ieatlintdjszapi: if you'd done that, they have entirely ignored you or just banned you without discussion14:17
djszapithanks for breaking the fun :p14:18
ieatlintsame as if you went into #linux and said "dude, it's gnu/linux, and you guys are going away once hurd comes out"14:18
* DocScrutinizer considers setting up autoresponder: <auto regex="*djszapi*troll*">/mode #harmattan *djszapi*!*@* +q</auto>14:18
DocScrutinizerdang, I probably should do *exactly* that, since my /ignore somewhat defeats the purpose of chanop14:20
DocScrutinizerOTOH purpose of chanop is to save users from suffering by other users trolling, so it's probably a sane thing to put decision about bans into hand of all chan users14:21
DocScrutinizerok, let's test how a semi-automatic setup pans out14:22
djszapiso no musicians ? :)14:33
djszapieven hobbyists ?14:34
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan14:34
paieatlint, i checked that class, but im not sure it is possible to enable/disable wlan. it looks like it tells if wlan is enabled or disabled, but it doesnt look like it is possible to set it14:36
ieatlintyeah, i don't see an obvious method to do it, but i didn't look too hard14:39
ieatlinti did see this enum value for capabilities though, "QNetworkConfigurationManager::CanStartAndStopInterfaces"14:39
payes, that i saw14:39
ieatlintwhich implies to me it can, but who knows14:39
ieatlintand who knows how well it's supported on harmattan even if so14:39
pai can try to grep in the harmattan source, as last chance14:42
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torarne1so what's the latests news on the apt-repo signing stuff?15:23
torarne1from what i've understood the sdk repo at is unusable without being signed15:24
torarne1unless you manually incept each deb from the apt cache15:24
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torarne1or is there a way using inception to mass-override the signing issue?15:25
torarne1using opensh or aegisctrl perhaps?15:25
djszapiyou should not use that repo at all15:25
djszapiif anything works in that repository on the device, that is pure luck as they say.15:27
djszapibecause it was never meant for device. Simple.15:27
djszapiit is an SDK repository for building packages in sb or madde.15:28
torarne1right, but practically what would be the difference between wget from that repo and wget "for the device"?15:28
djszapiwell, you can just see...15:29
djszapiwget from that repo does not work normally.15:29
torarne1in what way?15:30
djszapiwell, can you install it without doing that manually ?15:31
djszapiiow, they provide zero support for the device with that repository.15:31
torarne1that's a circular argument15:31
torarne1it's different because it's different...15:32
djszapino, it is your poor understanding15:32
djszapiit does not work for anybody to install it without doing manually.15:32
djszapiaka. why spend more time with it, if they do not support this mode ?15:32
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djszapiI see no point in that...15:33
torarne1wow, just wow15:33
djszapithat is why the bug was opened for my suggestion after opening one internally too, and went nowhere.15:33
djszapibut as the figure shows, they seriously do not care.15:34
djszapiso better just get rid of stuff, and put things into a community repository.15:34
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djszapiwow, you are active in the tuxguitar project :)15:51
djszapior was at some point.15:51
*** correne has joined #harmattan15:52
*** Avengence has quit IRC15:55
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:15
torarne1anyone know what's the issue when getting "Invalid installation package" when installing a .deb from the download manager? It works fine if I install it manually using dpkg16:20
djszapiyou wanna see the console output as well, I bet...16:21
torarne1what do you mean?16:22
djszapiyou know console :)16:22
djszapirun the pkgmgr from console, etc16:22
torarne1ah, right16:24
torarne1hmm, it complains about it not being a user package, but i've set the section to user/system16:29
djszapiyou did set it wrong then :)16:29
djszapidouble check the control file.16:29
djszapior you did not rebuild it properly etc16:32
torarne1weird, same thing16:33
djszapithough, what is your app about ?16:33
djszapiyou sure it should be in "system" ?16:33
torarne1it's a meta-package16:34
torarne1i want to create a package that adds a repo and the right key for that repo16:34
djszapiI would not personally put it into the system category.16:35
torarne1ok. that's fine, i can use other, or something else16:35
djszapiI would rather use it as a "utilities" category.16:35
torarne1wonder why it doesnt work though16:35
djszapipaste the control file, please.16:36
djszapiand the output of the dpkg-buildpackage build.16:36
torarne1whats does "Maemo-Flags: visible" do?16:36
djszapisame, but do not use that.16:36
djszapiit is buggy.16:36
djszapi -> other is not really here :)16:37
torarne1:) i know, tried that over system16:37
djszapiso please paste the build output.16:37
torarne1dpkg-deb: building package `mypackage' in `mypackage.deb'.16:39
djszapifull output.16:39
torarne1home/user/MyDocs/.downloads # /usr/bin/pkgmgr  install-file -f mypackage.deb16:39
torarne1Error: Package 'mypackage' installed version '0.10' is not user package16:39
torarne1that is the full output16:40
djszapibuild output.16:40
torarne1it's a meta pacakge, it has a 3 files, DEBIAN/control (+ a preinst and postinst)16:41
djszapidoes not matter, either provide the output, I cannot help.16:41
djszapithe problem needs to be debugged :-)16:41
torarne1output of what? dpkg —build?16:41
djszapithough, you might wanna install it as developer16:42
djszapidpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot16:42
torarne1ah, i used dpkg —build16:43
djszapiand does not still work ?16:57
djszapithough, you also wanna use source format 3, on a side note.16:58
torarne1nope, same error :/16:58
*** Soder has joined #harmattan16:59
torarne1ah, dang, dpkg had an earlier version registered, i had to purge that one first, then pkgmngr did its job17:07
torarne1well, it fails in a different place, but that explains the no user package error17:08
torarne1all right, everything works now17:24
*** lbt has quit IRC17:41
*** lbt has joined #harmattan17:41
*** lbt has joined #harmattan17:41
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan17:43
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan17:45
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan17:56
*** tgalal has quit IRC18:00
*** beford_ has quit IRC18:03
djszapiN9how can i make my review non-anonymous in this ovi store client ?18:12
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:13
faenilcan anyone help me in pm with a constructor and q_property issue?18:15
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan18:16
*** adlan has quit IRC18:16
djszapialso, how can I upload a picture about me to the publisher account ?18:23
djszapiright, that one found.18:24
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:25
*** n9appscom has joined #harmattan18:30
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan18:43
*** jluisn has quit IRC19:01
gabriel9djszapi: ping19:19
gabriel9did you solve that non-anonymous problem in ovi store?19:20
gabriel9i also try to become non-anonymous19:21
djszapipublisher logo did not get published either the last few hours.19:22
*** nwoki_away is now known as nwoki19:24
*** pa has quit IRC19:25
*** pa has joined #harmattan19:30
gabriel9do you guys have something like this in your countries?19:31
gabriel9swit jisus19:31
tehdelylol turbofolk19:35
gabriel9you know turbofolk?19:36
tehdelyi know of it yes19:36
SpeedEvilUK morning TV.
SpeedEvil - UK evening TV19:38
gabriel9my friend just removed one of his testicles becouse of cancer :(19:39
gabriel9yes, really bad19:39
tehdelygonna be a lot more people getting cancer the next 10-20 yrs because of the nuclear accident19:40
gabriel9and now he can't have babies19:40
itsnotabigtruckgabriel9: :( a whole lot better than having your life removed though19:40
gabriel9and food is also guilty19:40
itsnotabigtruckisn't testicular cancer one of the more recoverable ones19:40
tehdelywell, the fallout is in the food.  that's the problem :/19:40
gabriel9he is OK now19:40
tehdelyyeah i would prly take the loss of my nads pretty serious if i thought i was going to have kids19:40
itsnotabigtrucktehdely: i highly doubt there's any significant amount of fallout outside japan19:40
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: au contraire my friend, it's quite bad19:41
tehdelyespecially on the west coast + hawaii19:41
tehdelybay area milk has been testing above safe levels for nearly a year now19:41
gabriel9my grandpa have 82 years and he was only one time at the doctor19:41
itsnotabigtruckthere's no fallout on the west coast...i bet you're going off of that hoax map19:41
tehdelyno that map was bupkus19:41
gabriel9he is more healthy then me :/19:41
tehdelyi'm going off of the EPA19:41
tehdelywho downplays things19:41
tehdelyso it's probably worse19:41
gabriel9but he only eats what he grows and he live in mountains19:41
tehdelycancer's a bitch.  i hope i reduced my risk by stopping smoking 5+years ago19:42
tehdelylot of lung cancer in my family19:42
itsnotabigtruckthe point is that fukushima was way worse than everybody thought it was going to be, but the anti-nuclear campaigners had a field day with it and totally exaggerated it beyond reality19:42
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: according to whom?  it's definitely a worse accident than chernobyl on nearly every qualitative measurement19:43
tehdelyi mean, people were claiming it's the apocalypse19:43
SpeedEvilIt's fucking depressing that Japan has effectively killed new nuclear in many places19:43
tehdelybut i think causing 10s of millions of new cancer cases is pretty bad19:43
tehdelySpeedEvil: japan has effectively killed their ability to conduct agriculture on half the island19:43
gabriel9it is slow killer19:43
SpeedEvil10s of millions is - I expect high19:43
tehdelydoing away with nuclear is an acceptable sacrifice after that19:43
*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:43
SpeedEviltehdely: It's really not that bad19:44
itsnotabigtruckchernobyl radiated something like half of ukraine and spread radioactive ash everywhere19:44
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: fukushima radiated most of honshu19:44
tehdelythere's areas of tokyo that are more radioactive than the mandatory evacuation zones in ukraine+belarus19:44
itsnotabigtruckukraine is a lot bigger than japan, land-wise19:44
tehdelybut the japanese government has been remiss to do anything about it19:44
tehdelybecause how do you evacuate a city of 30 million people?  you don't19:44
tehdelyyou just hope not too many get sick19:44
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: it's belarus that was destroyed by chernobyl19:44
tehdelyukraine got a dusting by comparison19:45
itsnotabigtruckand the radiation was mostly confined to japan19:45
itsnotabigtruckthe big problem is that japan is a highly dense country and lots of people were affected19:45
tehdelytons.  and they will continue to be19:45
itsnotabigtruckthe main victims of chernobyl were the cleanup crews19:45
tehdelythat is a lie19:45
tehdelythe main victims of chernobyl are the children of belarus19:45
itsnotabigtruckbut in terms of actual radioactive output chernobyl was waaaaay worse19:45
tehdelywho have been dealing with heart problems19:45
tehdelyand GI probles19:45
tehdelyand birth defects19:45
tehdelyfor 20 years now19:45
gabriel9what about that vaccine for cancer19:45
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: i don't see how you can make that claim, seeing as fuku ejected the contents of two whole reactors right into the air19:46
itsnotabigtruckwhich probably can't be definitively assigned to chernobyl19:46
gabriel9i dont know but in Faludza Irak, there is no more babies19:46
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: what the else coudl it be assigned to?  the health of belarus took a sharp dive after the accident and never recovered19:46
gabriel9every one is sick on childbirth19:46
tehdelywere all those people just "stressed out"? that's what the nuke industry says19:46
tehdelygabriel9: yeah and that's just from depleted uranium + white phosphorys19:46
tehdelynow imagine the entire inventory of a few reactors + spent fuel pools deposited over a landscape19:47
gabriel9thats the worst part19:47
itsnotabigtruckwell, it could have had something to do with the post-soviet era19:47
gabriel9we take to easy nuclear power19:47
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: post-soviet era began in 199119:47
tehdelybelarus health declined in 198619:47
tehdelythere's a clear demarcation in nearly every measure of health19:47
tehdelyand the country has never recovered, whereas other post-soviet countries have19:47
tehdelythe accident is clearly responsible.  but we don't want to blieve such things because there's still this idea that nuclear power is this cheap savior of a green future19:47
*** rZr has quit IRC19:47
tehdelyso we want to bleieve in it19:47
tehdelybecause nobody likes burning coal...19:48
gabriel9i agree19:48
itsnotabigtruckbecause it could be...the problem is the capital costs of nuclear plants19:48
itsnotabigtruckif we don't have nuclear, then we're burning fossil fuels19:48
DocScrutinizerthe cores of fuku still in containments, or below. Will get worse if they eventually hit ground water19:48
itsnotabigtruckyou know what all the anti-nuclear campaigners got us over the past 50 years?19:48
tehdelyDocScrutinizer: the cores of reactors 1+3 were substnatially ejected19:48
itsnotabigtruckcoal plants, and natural gas plants19:48
itsnotabigtruckand lots of them19:48
tehdelyNRC memos reveal fuel parts all over the site19:48
itsnotabigtruckhuge co2 output19:48
tehdelytepco had to bury large chunks of core materials onsite19:48
tehdelythose weren't just "hydrogen explosions"19:48
tehdelyall the info is out now19:49
DocScrutinizertehdely: nah19:49
tehdelybut the disinformation from the week after the accident is what most people remembmer19:49
itsnotabigtruckso would you rather invest in better nuclear technology, or would you like to put energy back in the stone age and keep burning stuff and exaggerating global warming19:49
tehdelyfrankly, i don't think we have a good handle on "nuclear technology".  i think nuclear power is a scam to sell reactors, and generate plutonium for weapons programs19:49
itsnotabigtruckgotta run, later!19:49
tehdelyit is the most expensive form of power generation, we don't know how to safely operate it19:49
gabriel9we need new power sources19:50
tehdelyit's not compatible with the human race19:50
SpeedEvilYou're arguing about 50 year old technology.19:50
SpeedEvilNewer reactors are _quite_ different.19:50
tehdelythey always say that19:50
DocScrutinizeryet I like to agree with tehdely19:50
gabriel9did anyone watched ZeitGeist? They have some nice ideas19:50
tehdelybut at the time of chernobyl, the RBMK was considered an "unusually safe" design19:50
tehdelyand after chernobyl, everyone said that "that could never happen here for $REASON and $REASON"19:50
SpeedEviltehdely: No, it wasn't.19:50
tehdelythere will always be people to reassure...19:50
SpeedEviltehdely: It had a positive void coefficient, and no secondary containment.19:51
SpeedEvilOnly someone on crack would call that an unusually safe design.19:51
tehdelyand look at fukushima... negative void coefficient19:51
tehdelybut it still managed to eject its core19:51
tehdelythat stuff's not at the bottom of the RPVs, i'm sorry19:51
tehdelyit is in reactor 219:51
tehdelybut not in 1+319:51
SpeedEvilIf you don't manage the decay heat properly - sure. Modern reactors are designed to manage the decay heat properly for long periods without active managment19:52
tehdelyby the time a reactor is paid off, it's past its useful life spana19:52
tehdelyand then the extensions start...19:52
tehdelyand assuming you actually do decommission it when you're supposed to, it's almost as expensive as it cost to build the thing19:52
tehdelyand that's not even factoring in that nuclear operators don't have to carry insurance for the costs of an actual meltdown19:52
tehdelybecuase the price woudl be so catastrophically high that you could never profitably generate pwoer19:52
tehdelynot that you really can anyway... nuclear is a swindle19:53
SpeedEvilAnyway - quite off-topic - I'm not going into this here.19:53
tehdelyjust trying to spread awareness ;)19:53
gabriel9it is a good talk :) I am glad to see that there is people who think about this problem :)19:54
gabriel9we shall continue on this when we have nuclear power cells in our N9 :)19:54
tehdelyanything is possible with qt19:55
gabriel9i know19:55
gabriel9see ya, i must go for climbing :)19:57
tehdelyi was gonna go surf but it just rained heavily :/19:57
DocScrutinizerthose idiot engineers in their hybris are not able to manage 30 years of safe operation of a nuclear power plant. So how will they manage to deposit nuklear waste in a way it keeps safe for 10^6 years?19:57
tehdely^ thank you19:57
tehdelyplus, the people responsible for regulating it invariably come from the very industry they regulate19:58
tehdelythat model has done wonders with our food safety...19:58
tehdelyi would be in favor of nuclear if there were a good supply of incorruptible, honest people at all levels of government and industry19:58
tehdelyevery accident has been human error compounded on graft compounded on more error compounded on corruption compounded on lies19:59
tehdelyand as long as we continue to be human, these things will continue to happen.  better to accept that we're not a responsible enough species to split the atom19:59
tehdelyand leave it to more qualified planets...19:59
DocScrutinizer10..30% of what man does are dangerous nonsense - always been. The difference though: leaving out the pyramids it's been only last 50 to 100 years man learnt to build dangerous nonsense BS that lasts significantly longer than a single man's lifespan20:01
DocScrutinizerand man has not yet learnt to deal with that fact and take responsibility20:01
tehdelywe're not a very responsible species20:02
tehdelynor united enough to deal with the sort of planet-wide problems that we, as individuals, now create20:02
tehdelyvery interesting times coming up, for sure...20:02
gabriel9dark times20:03
gabriel9in my country every war was started with this kind of crysis20:03
tehdelyare you in bih?20:03
DocScrutinizerwars are very short term20:03
DocScrutinizerDDT for example was an early case of long term bullshit20:03
tehdelyyes people have a nasty habit of starting world wars in sarajevo ;)20:04
gabriel9well when i say my country i say Serbia and Republic Serbska :)20:04
gabriel9huh, that Gavrilo20:04
tehdelyi wonder if he had any idea...20:04
gabriel9i don't know was he right to do souch a thing20:04
gabriel9you can't kill emperor only son20:05
gabriel9you just don't do that20:05
tehdelyyeah if your'e going to attack a royal family, you do it right... like the bolsheviks did to the romanovs20:05
gabriel9and why in the seven suns he must be a Serb :/20:05
tehdelyyou gotta get them all! :P20:05
gabriel9no, they are like icons to their people20:05
gabriel9if you touch them, you do harm to every living soul20:06
DocScrutinizerWTF?! is downloading a system update to my machine or what?20:06
tehdelygabriel9: i'm not big on icons myself, but i agree on the impact...20:06
tehdelyit was a different time back then, too20:06
gabriel9much different20:06
tehdelypeople believed in things bigger than their own nation20:07
DocScrutinizeraborted loading at 34% after 120s of full DSL bandwidth blast20:07
tehdelyeven if you were not austrian, you might be loyal to the austrian emperor because he was your emperor...20:07
gabriel9where are you from?20:07
tehdelyi'm american20:07
tehdelyhalf my family is slovenian20:07
tehdelyhence the somewhat-familiarity20:07
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: Video ads20:07
gabriel9yes you are from this hell :)20:08
gabriel9and you know bad things when you see them20:08
gabriel9one who gets burned on the milk, he blow in yogurt :D20:09
gabriel9man i just wish to people stop doing stupid things20:09
gabriel9every day i hear there will be war O_o20:10
tehdelyi have no control over it20:10
gabriel9who have ? :D20:10
tehdelymy rule is to just try to be a good person and hope i've touched some peoples' lives in a good way20:10
gabriel9me too, and bocouse of that i have no monney. I give it all :D20:11
tehdelyi had that problem for a while, heh20:11
gabriel9shit i have to go20:11
tehdelynow today... i just want to eat20:11
gabriel9i'm late20:11
*** risca has joined #harmattan20:11
tehdelyi think that is all i will get done today20:11
tehdelyciao gabriel20:11
gabriel9here is some nice thingy:
gabriel9ciao to all of you20:12
ZogG_laptopfrals: sup20:13
ZogG_laptopbtw anyone had notifications stucked that you can't clean them(twitter eg)20:14
ZogG_laptopgabriel9: ciao bambina =*20:14
*** Soder has quit IRC20:15
*** Soder has joined #harmattan20:16
*** torarne2 has joined #harmattan20:21
*** torarne1 has quit IRC20:22
*** nwoki is now known as nwoki_away20:23
*** tgalal has joined #harmattan20:34
*** adlan has joined #harmattan20:37
*** Jaya_the_Cat has joined #harmattan21:06
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan21:06
Venemogood morning21:07
VenemodjszapiN9, hi :)21:08
*** n9appscom has quit IRC21:26
*** piggz__ has quit IRC21:28
Venemois the N9 equally as snappy as the N950?21:37
TronicShould be pretty much equal.21:41
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan21:43
tehdelytake N950, remove keyboard, add NFC21:45
tehdelythere's your N921:45
fluxtehdely, switch panel21:49
tehdelyyeah, aluminum -> plastic21:49
fluxno, I mean the LCD panel21:49
tehdelyoh right21:49
tehdelythat too21:49
tehdelyi wonder if i wouldn't have been better off with an N950.  problem is you can't just by one21:49
tehdelybut my N9 is such a fragile pretty thing, and i like to abuse my phones.  i've had to be kinda delicate with it21:50
tehdelyshouldn't have gotten the white one...21:50
fluxsecond problem is that N950 isn't a complete product (but that's of course because they never sold it as such)21:50
fluxtehdely, I've wondered, and I'm not the only one, perhaps you can satisfy my curiosity.. why do people get the white one?-)21:51
tehdelybecause it's beautiful21:51
tehdelybut what i neglected to consider, was that the lacquer shell is more vulnerable to scratches and dings21:51
abflux, my wife, for example, liked the white one.21:51
tehdelyand mine already got a nice bite out of the corner21:51
*** beford has joined #harmattan21:52
fluxthe surface seems so much nicer in the other colors, when you handle it21:52
tehdelywell it's polished lacquer, not rough polycarbonate21:52
tehdelyit feels like a work of art21:52
tehdelyand i am vain21:52
Venemotehdely & flux :)21:52
tehdelyi sorta wish i had gotten one of the other colors, though.  because i wouldnt' be treating my phone so gingerly21:53
tehdelyi've always beat the shit out of my symbian handsets21:53
tehdelymy C6-01 was a rock21:53
Venemotehdely, well, believe me, the N9 can take a lot more beating than the N95021:53
tehdelyinteresting, i would've figured it was the oter way around21:53
tehdelywhat' sthe first thing to break on the N950?  the keyboard hinge?21:53
fluxI guess n950 is heavier, so impacts it gets are already higher due to that?21:54
flux(assuming impacts = mostly dropping)21:54
Venemoeg. my N950 fell one or two times, and the painting is coming off...21:54
tehdelyoh cause it's painted aluminum...21:54
tehdelygood point21:54
Venemothe hinge is pretty good, the weak point of the device is the screen21:55
tehdelyit's gorilla glass, right?21:55
Venemotheoretically yes21:56
tehdelyi remember being kinda disappointed by the design21:56
tehdelyit looks like an incomplete engineering prototype21:56
tehdelybut i've heard some people say the N950 was actually wha tthe N9 was originally going to be21:57
Venemohowever, I haven't heard about any other N950 fault, but the screen. eg. my original N950's screen went nuts. fortunately, Nokia sent me another one.21:57
tehdelyi wish i had been a Nokia developer at the right time :/21:57
Venemotehdely, yeah, that's what I think too, but it's just a guess21:57
tehdelyis there a way i can go back in time, pay my dues, and get a bunch of free stuff n' love from Nokia21:58
Venemotehdely, you need to go back as far as 2007 or 2008, contribute to Maemo 4, then you could get a free N900 too21:58
VenemoI myself only joined the community in 201021:59
tehdelyi'm not sure if i've joined the community yet21:59
tehdelybut i bought the phone and i hang out in IRC21:59
tehdelyand already have strong opinions about things i don't know much about21:59
Venemofor example?21:59
tehdelyoh i was arguing with people about how Inception was the greatest thing since sliced bread21:59
tehdelyand i'd been here for like21:59
tehdely3 days21:59
tehdelyi have since calmed!22:00
Venemooh, do I see it right that you have the white one?22:00
Venemome wants that too22:00
tehdelylet me tell ya, it turns heads22:00
tehdelyi have actually had people come up and want to fondle my phone22:00
tehdelyplus it's kind of a mystery item in the US22:00
Venemohehe, yeah22:03
VenemoI only have that black lumia, and even that turns heads too... :D22:05
ZogG_laptopVenemo: sup man22:14
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan22:15
VenemoZogG_laptop, hey, hey! I'm fine, thanks :)22:16
*** cvaldemar has joined #harmattan22:16
Venemotehdely, btw, where did you get that white N9?22:17
*** nwoki_away is now known as nwoki22:18
tehdelyfound an importer in Fresno22:18
tehdelywho had an amazon storefront22:18
*** zk8 has quit IRC22:19
tehdelywas going to have a friend in helsinki buy one at verkkokauppa and ship to me22:19
tehdelybut it would've been crazy expensive22:19
ZogG_laptopto buy what?22:20
tehdelyto buy an N9 and have it shipped here22:21
tehdelyfor one, it would've been almost impossible to get VAT back22:21
tehdelyso tack on VAT + shipping and it would've run me ~$800 to get the phone22:21
tehdelywhereas local guy sold it for $63022:21
abN9/64GB is 399EUR right now at Verkkokauppa22:22
tehdelyi assume that is before VAT22:22
panormally not22:23
abend price, including 23% VAT22:23
tehdelythat is quite a discount22:23
Venemono, it's €540
tehdelyah i forget though, i think the white one is at a premium22:23
abyes, the cheapest one I've found besides Verkkokauppa is 498EUR at GSM Store22:23
Venemoaw, they're charging extra for the white? those bastards.22:23
abI bought it there, including the white one, both were for 498 EUR22:23
tehdelyi wish they shipped to US22:24
tehdelyi would have bought from them22:24
abnext day the white one rose to 52922:24
aband the next day after that Verkkokauppa pushd the black one to 39922:24
abit was 598 at the time22:24
tehdelyso what you're saying is i need to buy another white N9 ;)22:24
tehdelykeep it as a spare22:24
tehdelyfor when this one dies lol22:25
tehdelyi took out a policy on it actually22:25
tehdelyfrom a US company22:25
tehdelyif i break it they'll cut me a check for the price22:25
Venemotehdely, btw, how well does the white one tolerate the beating you're givin it?22:25
tehdelybut the q: is, will there be an N9 to buy in a few years?22:25
tehdelyVenemo: well, it took a nice ding right by the headphone jack when i dropped it about 3' onto concrete22:25
tehdelyother than that, well22:25
abI think N9s are to be sold at least through this year22:25
tehdelyi kinda baby it though22:25
tehdelyi was thinking of repairing the ding like you would a ski, with some P-TEX22:26
abas long as it gives Nokia a revenue and Salo factory is churning devices out before getting shut down22:26
tehdelybut i'd probably screw it up22:26
Venemotehdely, did the white one really have that awesome leather case instead of that crappy-looking silicone thing?22:26
tehdelyand i keep it in the leather sleeve most of the time22:26
abVenemo, yes, awesome22:26
tehdelyi think tone of the reasons for the sleeve is it's a bit more delicate22:26
tehdelythe white N9 is sort of "special"22:26
Venemowell, the silicone case is just ugly.22:26
tehdelysome guy on engadget was fawning over it when it was released22:26
tehdelyhe called it a Rare Unicorn Beast22:26
VenemoI can tell that from the lumia22:27
abVenemo, I even bought my wife a red Golla leather case to trade on the black one she's got with the white n922:27
tehdelysee if you can get through the video22:27
tehdelyi imagine his other hand is in his pants22:27
Venemoalready seen it I think22:27
tehdely"the rarest of rarest of unicorn beasts"22:28
abVenemo, those silicone cases... we were given them when developing N9 in order to hide the device when transporting.22:28
abit is exactly same as at that time22:28
tehdely"white, piano lacquer N9... i'll let that sink in for a second"22:28
tehdelythis guy is so effusive22:28
abso you can consider yourself privvy to Nokia's development process :)22:29
Venemoab, well, I still think it looks ugly, sorry.22:29
Venemotehdely :D22:29
abVenemo, that was the point!22:29
tehdelyab i believe we are all privy to Nokia's development process22:29
tehdelyi think that's the agreement you sign when you buy a Maemo or MeeGo phone22:29
tehdely"hello, you are now a guinea pig"22:29
tehdely"enjoy the ride!'22:29
Venemoab, I'm already privvy to Nokia's development process, considering my N950 :)22:29
* tehdely enjoys22:29
abVenemo, that's far from being privvy ;)22:31
Venemoab, wut? N950 is not privvy?22:31
abthat's just a sign of being "selected"22:31
befordn9 white looks awesome22:31
abPrivvy ones have N9s with their name painted on them22:31
aboriginally we were promised to even have position painted22:32
Venemoab, btw, that awful silicone thing came with my Lumia too, it's dislike at first sight. I don't yet have the N9 though. I'll need a few hundred more downloads for my app before I can :)22:32
befordnokia gives free devices for free apps?22:32
Venemoumm, nope22:32
abVenemo, you now can see that Elop ripped Harmattan development absolutely, even awful cases were ripped off :)22:32
Venemobeford, it's set to the lowest possible price :)22:33
befordoh yea22:33
Venemoab, indeed.22:33
befordI finally reached 100 eu this month :D22:33
Venemoab, so, do I get it right that you are/were in the Harmattan team?22:33
abVenemo, yes, and N900 as well.22:34
Venemoab, thanks for all the good work :)22:34
abI left a day before official release which allowed Nokia to avoid giving me any kind of bonus and a spare N9 ;)22:34
Venemoab, why did you leave?22:35
abbut my work finally went out with PR1.222:35
Venemooh, that late?22:35
abVenemo, that's what you get as an architect22:35
Venemoab, what were you working on?22:35
abwhen people work on releases, you work on releases+222:35
abVenemo, Camera, Gallery, all media stuff22:36
aband Sharing22:36
aband Feed Reader22:36
Venemoab, awesome work22:36
tehdelykinda curious22:36
tehdelyi know a lot of people who worked on HARM have left22:37
tehdelywhere have people been going to?22:37
tehdelyi hear there's a lot of startups in finland now with ex-nokia talent22:37
abthat's also happened22:37
tehdelytime to meditate...22:39
* tehdely &22:39
abNokia also built a project to spin a lot of startups22:40
Venemoso anyway, is the material of the white N9 any worse than the other variants?22:40
abif you come with an idea and a business plan, you'll get small investment from them, several 10Ks22:40
phakoab: IIRC there are people who left after the launch who also didn't get one22:40
abphako, I had to be there by September 2011 in order to get one22:41
abregarding startups, it all was summed up in a single paragraph here:
absecond to end before "About Nokia"22:44
luke-jrab: is "handheld computer to succeed the N810/N900" count as an idea and a business plan?22:44
abluke-jr, lol.22:44
phakowell it doesn't interfere with nokia's business plan *g*22:44
luke-jrN9 is a complete joke22:44
*** faenil has quit IRC22:46
*** faenil has joined #harmattan22:47
Venemoluke-jr, joke? why do you think so?22:47
luke-jrVenemo: capacitive ts, no keyboard22:47
luke-jrare the big flaws22:48
luke-jralso that DRM crap22:48
Venemowell, after getting used to capacitive, I'd never go back to the resistive screen22:48
luke-jrhow's the stylus resolution?22:48
Venemohonestly, I never really liked the stylus. anyway, this is a subjective thing which isn't worth arguing about22:50
*** piggz__ has quit IRC22:57
ZogG_laptopfor phone it's enuf finger22:58
ZogG_laptopwhy would you want exact pixels?22:58
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan23:25
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:26
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:28
*** jaywink has quit IRC23:28
*** nwoki has quit IRC23:41
*** nwoki_ has joined #harmattan23:41
Sazpaimonso if I rm -rf /home/user/.cache/tracker/ does that completely kill my messages and stuff?23:41
Sazpaimonbecause my messages and call log are empty, and for some reason, my gtalk and skype contacts arent being added to my contacts list23:42
VenemoSazpaimon, yes, and contacts too23:44
VenemoI did that once, all my contacts were gone23:44
Sazpaimonwhy call it cache?23:44
Sazpaimonif its actually, you know23:44
ajalkanecultural differences?23:45
Sazpaimoncache implies volitile data23:45
Sazpaimona cache is almost always temporary data23:45
Sazpaimonin fact, i'd say *always*23:45
ajalkaneIn some cultures "cache" means a storage of "finder's keepers"23:46
ajalkaneie. you left it there, I can take it if I find it23:46
pait should be called database, rahter23:46
Sazpaimonno, that's what cache means23:46
Sazpaimonin the real world23:46
Sazpaimonbut in computing, a cache is temporary storage of data for easier access23:47
Sazpaimonwhich, yes, seems strange that the same world means pretty different things23:47
Corsacwell, the real problem is that tracker is used to store data23:47
Corsacand not just indexing23:47
ajalkaneBut Nokia employs people from several different countries and cultures. SOme of them do not live in the computer world, but in real world. And they might find "cache" and appropriate name for "finder's keepers"23:48
ajalkaneI'm not arguing it's the correct interpretation. Because my judgement might be biased because I'm mainly a creature of computer world.23:49
Venemoajalkane, that's one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in my life23:49
Sazpaimoni'm sorry but, if the term cache has been used in computing for decades, without such a problem like this23:49
Sazpaimonand nokia is the first company ever23:49
Sazpaimonin the history of companies23:49
Sazpaimonin the history of programming23:49
Sazpaimonin the history of the world23:49
Sazpaimonto get it wrong23:49
ajalkaneVenemo: I know... took me a while to craft such a ridiculous explanation.23:49
Sazpaimonno, it doesnt make any sense, if I clear the cache directory, tracker should rebuild it23:50
Sazpaimoni also checked my tracker-miner-fs.log file23:50
Sazpaimoni see a lot of23:50
Sazpaimon"24 Mar 2012, 13:42:38: Tracker-Critical **: Could not execute sparql: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)23:50
ajalkaneI have a lingering feeling the platform didn't expect users to drop into shell and firebomb the .cache directory with their "rm -rf" missiles23:51
Sazpaimonthen they shouldnt call it a cache23:52
ajalkaneAnyway... weird wording to choose for storing such critical data23:52
ajalkaneKind of like putting it into /tmp23:52
MohammadAGif anyone feels like changing the wallpaper of the lockscreen through gconf23:54
MohammadAGgconftool-2 -s /desktop/meego/background/portrait/picture_filena23:54
MohammadAGme -t string23:54
MohammadAGgconftool-2 -s /desktop/meego/background/portrait/picture_filename -t string /path/to/file23:54
MohammadAGif it's documented somewhere, well, I wasted 5 mins23:54
ajalkaneDoes it mean I have too little alcohol when I'm licking spilled red wine from the table?23:56
Venemoajalkane, nope. it means you had too much23:56
*** NIN102 has quit IRC23:57
ajalkaneOkay... all's well then.23:57
MohammadAGare the widget galleries available as debs?23:59

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