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ieatlint is a really well done example of many qt-mobility related apis01:01
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DocScrutinizerdang, madness on al levels of this bluebox virtual reality01:07
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psycho_oreoswow the ever so reliable ovistore now fails epically with heaps of unresolved errors and/or package not found errors. yay nokia06:44
psycho_oreosSpeedEvil, where's this non-open sourced crap you were on about? I'd love to see this working epically in ovistore06:45
itsnotabigtruckpsycho_oreos: hrm?07:03
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psycho_oreositsnotabigtruck, trying to restore the apps I've installed previously yet again. The application manager or whatever its actually called doesn't allow me to do so easily, so off to ovi store app I go. I went through my stuff and download history to start clicking on each and every one of the app that I have previously installed, this time I get loads of problems ranging from unresolved errors to package not found for most apps07:04
SpeedEvilpsycho_oreos: I was arguing that commercial software is more reliable than OS stuff. :)07:18
SpeedEvilNot completely seriously07:19
psycho_oreosSpeedEvil, and in this particular case of epically failing ovi store?07:19
itsnotabigtruckSpeedEvil: more /reliable/? no way07:20
itsnotabigtruckmore /complete/, or /integrated/? probably07:20
itsnotabigtruckbut there's more bad commercial sw than good07:21
SpeedEvil(05:19:02 AM) SpeedEvil: Not completely seriously07:25
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itsnotabigtruckyo bef0rd08:21
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bef0rdhey itsnotabigtruck09:07
bef0rdno sleep09:07
itsnotabigtrucknah, i need to sleep right now09:35
bef0rdsame here09:35
itsnotabigtruckdidn't you, like, just get up or some such09:36
itsnotabigtruckit's past midnight here09:36
bef0rdneed to finish this challenge though09:36
itsnotabigtruckoh, huh, so you're in the us/canada/something09:36
itsnotabigtruckwe might have gone over this before already :p09:36
bef0rdheh southamerica09:37
itsnotabigtruckah right09:39
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fluxis there an app to automatically deal with hidd and the accessoryenabled gconf flag? (in regards to a bt keyboard)14:24
fluxapparently there ~is:
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liaris there a jvm for the n9?15:21
dm8tbrwho in his right mind would want that...15:23
liardm8tbr: i am running maple on my device, command line is nice but i'd like to have a gui just like on my n900 :)15:24
liarit might be possible to use the x86 one which comes with maple, but that seems stupid15:27
Elleo <-- messages in the harmattan events feed \o/ (very much still a work in progress though)15:28
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befordthere is a thread on forum.meego about a jvm liar15:49
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tgalalI remember seeing a qml component for chat-like bubbles in harmattan, but I can't find it now. Any links?16:23
leinirtgalal: i haven't seen it, but i am reasonably sure you'd be able to build one using a small, BorderImage based component and a Column in a Flickable :)16:24
tgalalleinir: yeah I can do that, but I want to use the native one16:25
leinirAh right, don't know about that one16:26
Elleodid anyone ever make sense of the accounts system? I've managed to make a provider and service but just get an error when trying to store settings, and I can't seem to add any custom fields16:29
dm8tbrElleo: poke aard or that other guy who did an XMPP plugin16:29
Elleodm8tbr: I found some logs where yipdw was trying to do XMPP stuff, but his github stuff doesn't seem to have got any further than me16:30
AardElleo: my xmpp accounts plugin is working, I jsut can't get around to making the ui nice16:31
ElleoAard: oh? is the source available somewhere for me to look at?16:31
Elleoall I'm really trying to do is store username, password and a server URL via the accounts dialog thing16:33
Aard -- not sure about the state of that repo, though, a quick check showed me about 200 lines of not-yet-pushed changes16:33
Elleothanks, I'll have a play around :)16:34
Aardif there's stuff missing ping me, then I'll try to clean up the local changes and push them (I only know that the local version is working). if you're good at qml and promise to fix my qml-stuff that would increase my motivation to do so :p16:35
Elleoheh, I just intend to steal what I can to get my own stuff working I'm afraid ;)16:35
ElleoAard: aah, it was the handlers in /usr/lib/AccountSetup/ that I was missing16:43
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Sazpaimondamn where's e-yes17:19
Sazpaimoni was hoping that he'd release the source for sillyboot17:19
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Sazpaimonif i'm flashing open mode kernel, is it a good idea to run apscli -D?17:39
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Sazpaimonor is it just, flash with open mode kernel, and run "apscli -s signon-private:Se -lu" in opensh?17:46
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Sazpaimonwhy exactly do I need the fiasco image just to flash a zimage17:57
Sazpaimonnotably when I already have a zimage17:58
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itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: because the main image contains a kernel that's booted in order to flash the other stuff18:02
Sazpaimonoh so i really do need my current firmware image then18:02
Sazpaimoni cant use a PR1.1 image for PR1.2 even if im flashing a seperate zimage18:02
itsnotabigtruckyeah, you would do -f -F main.img --kernel=haxorkernel --flash-only=kernel18:03
Sazpaimonstrange, because my PR1.1 image is giving me "Bad ape-algo format"18:03
Sazpaimonwait, i'm using -a and not -F18:03
Sazpaimoneven though ape accept a fiasco image18:04
Sazpaimon"FIASCO ERROR: Invalid FIASCO subimage id (00)"18:05
Sazpaimonmaybe the fiasco image itself got corrupted somehow18:05
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DocScrutinizerhmm, you're sure about that "needed fiasco for flashing" detail? >>~jr/bin/flasher_950_32 -l -b -k ~jr/Documents/N900/N950/openmodekernel-patched/zImage-<<18:18
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DocScrutinizersee footnote at
DocScrutinizerand it's unclear if this method providing a fiasco image for whatever18:21
DocScrutinizerreasons is the right one.18:21
DocScrutinizerinstead, I provide this quote now:[2011-12-28 01:29:17] <pawky> javispedro: then what was your flasher line that made it all work? I didnt succeed with all the ones I could find or think of..18:21
DocScrutinizer[2011-12-28 01:33:23] <javispedro> pawky: exactly as I have always done, -k <kernelfile> -f -b18:21
DocScrutinizerSazpaimon: ^^^18:24
rlinfatii can enable the rd mode in the rm680.. or i need a special certificate ?18:37
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DocScrutinizernobody ever tried, as R&D mode is meaningless for HARM18:46
javispedromoo D18:46
DocScrutinizermoo javispedro :-D18:46
SazpaimonDocScrutinizer, it wont work for me18:49
Sazpaimon"ERROR: APE algorithm has to be provided to flash all the subimages"18:49
rlinfatipr12 ?18:49
Sazpaimon"c:\Program Files\Nokia\Flasher\flasher.exe"  -k zImage -f -b18:50
Sazpaimonfor -l, the APE algorithm isn't needed, but for -f, it is18:50
javispedroand on the n9 it seems18:50
ZogG_laptopdivan: ping18:50
Sazpaimonjavispedro, N950 doesn't need it?18:51
ZogG_laptopdivan_: ping18:51
javispedroSazpaimon: I am yet to use it18:51
DocScrutinizeralso rumour has it that sequence of cmdline options is relevant for flasher18:51
ZogG_laptopanyone knows any code examples creating accounts?18:52
javispedroI've read that the "proper way" on N9 is to add to flasher cmldline "-F <whatever-is-the-rootfs-image-for-your-device-and-version>.fiasco --flash-only=kernel"18:52
DocScrutinizerbut yes, it might be a difference between flashing and ramloading18:52
Sazpaimonwhich requires downloading the 1GB+ fiasco image18:52
javispedroyou will end up needing it sooner or later18:53
DocScrutinizerbut then you probably shouldn't use -f ?18:54
DocScrutinizeras -f means "flash *all* images provided"18:54
Sazpaimonnot if you add --flash-only18:55
javispedrothat's what --flash-only is for18:55
javispedroactually, if it's the first time you're switching to openmode, it's best to actually let it flash the rootfs.18:55
Sazpaimonwhy? because of accounts?18:56
javispedroaccounts, certs, positioning, the whole gang18:56
Sazpaimoncouldnt you just delete the output of apscli -s signon-private:Se -lu18:56
Sazpaimonand rm -rf /home/user/.signon18:56
javispedrodunno why the last step18:57
Sazpaimonyeah probably dont need that last step18:57
SazpaimonI think my credit card was skimmed18:57
Sazpaimoni just got a $250+ charge from alipay.com18:58
Sazpaimonand yahoo wallet18:58
javispedroand in any case, signon is only one of the ~10 users of aegisfs.18:58
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* RST38h moos at javispedro19:05
javispedromoo RST38h19:05
* RST38h going to Paris tomorrow19:07
javispedrooh, funny19:08
javispedrofor more than a week?19:08
RST38hSunny. +21oC. Sunny. +21oC.19:08
RST38hWhy the hell is it "Sunny. -5oC" here still?19:08
RST38hjavispedro: Just a week19:08
Sazpaimonso what apscli command handles positioning?19:09
Sazpaimonthe output of apscli -s -lu right?19:10
javispedrofeel free to experiment19:11
javispedroon my device I got entirely rid of aegisfs19:11
Sazpaimonalso is there a way to get ssh as root to use opensh?19:14
Sazpaimonor i guess i could remove /home/user/.aegis19:26
Sazpaimonand let it get rebuilt19:26
Sazpaimonthat looks like it works19:27
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: sup19:32
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Sazpaimonoh looks like tracker-store is killing my cpu usage19:39
Sazpaimondoes this happen when changing to open mode?19:39
Sazpaimonwell i killed the tracker cache19:46
Sazpaimonand killed all the tracker programs and smartsearch, and it went away19:46
SazpaimonI'll check again once I reboot19:47
padoes anybody know how to switch on/off the wifi via api?19:51
paim checking the qmsystem api, but i cant find anything about it19:52
Sazpaimonoh wait19:53
Sazpaimonremoving .aegis removes all  my messages?19:53
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OpaaHave anyone solved problem with turning device lock off?20:07
DocScrutinizerSazpaimon: not only those20:09
Sazpaimonso i'20:10
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Sazpaimonso i'll need to restore the old .aegis folder20:10
Sazpaimonreflash the regular kernel20:10
Sazpaimonbackup, then flash the open mode kernel, then restore?20:10
Sazpaimonor is there a shortcut20:10
Sazpaimonbecause i still have the old .aegis folder20:11
DocScrutinizerI'm afraid you might already be screwed when you got no backup20:11
Sazpaimonoh boy20:12
DocScrutinizeras there's no way to revert to normal mode without full reflash, as we're told lately20:12
DocScrutinizerand there's probably no access to .aegis without normal mode20:12
Sazpaimoni thought you could revert to normal mode as long as you didnt install anything20:12
DocScrutinizerand there's no way to restore .aegis in normal mode20:12
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DocScrutinizerthis was true for 1.120:13
Sazpaimonoh yeah, i did modify .aegis in open mode20:13
Sazpaimonso yeah20:13
Sazpaimoni have an old backup from a few months ago, i think20:13
OpaaDocScrutinizer: is reflashing same as u can find from n9 Settings->Reset->clear device?`20:14
DocScrutinizernot really, I'd guess20:14
Opaawhats the difference?20:14
Sazpaimonyeah my last nokia link backup was from november20:14
Opaabut does this "clear device" full format my n9?20:15
tommagiving flasher some flag clears device lock and it will wipe everything20:17
Sazpaimonat least this backup has all my messages from my N900 and E71 before it20:17
Sazpaimonso i have about 3 years of messages saved20:17
Sazpaimongood enough for me20:18
javispedrohow did you remove the tracker cache?20:18
javispedroyour messages are stored in tracker, not aegis20:19
javispedro(save for certain mms stuff)20:19
Sazpaimonwell, then i made a terrible mistake20:19
Sazpaimonrm -rf /home/user/.cache/tracker/20:20
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ZogG_laptopSazpaimon: rm -rf /20:31
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padoes harmattan have the dbus-script-settings package? i cannot find it..20:47
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paor is there a way to log/sniff dbus events in some other way?21:03
Opaawhat if i "clear device" from settings... and before that create backup package... so can load this backup afterwards?21:06
Opaaif i copy this backup package back to n9 memory21:07
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paDocScrutinizer, ping21:48
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pahmm does anybody know how i can replicate such a  dbus event? signal sender=:1.3 -> dest=(null destination) serial=15413 path=/com/nokia/mce/signal;; member=radio_states_ind   uint32 322:31
pai mean from command line22:31
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jonniyou can listen with dbus-monitor, and send evens with dbus-send22:40
pathats what im trying to do, but im not quite sure how should i set the dbus-send command line to replicate that event (listened with dbus-monitor)22:42
panever done before.. :S22:42
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pai tried this, but with an error:
pajonni, is it possible that it happens due to missing aegis credentials? (im doing just from the terminal)22:54
paok, maybe it was not a method call22:56
pai tried to log the dbus signals after disabling the wlan, but replicanting them doesnt seem to work22:59
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ZogG_laptopha. account plugin is not that easy =)23:05
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paok, i found the way to disconnect the wlan.. but there's a problem: the dbus command does not "switch" off the switch in the settings menu, which leaves the auto-reconnect on23:08
paany idea how to turn off that switch?23:08
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pano nmcli on harmattan, right?23:28
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pai mean i found a dbus signal to turn off the wifi23:45
pabut it does not switch off the switch in the settings menu23:45
paand it does not work to turn it on again23:45
paso basically i need a way to control that switch23:46
pabut i dont know in which doc to look23:46
pait doesnt seem very documented23:46
AndrewX192Anyone know if there is a package for dig(1)?23:50
ajalkanepa: have you checked switching it with gconf?23:51
ajalkaneand what switch do you mean precisely?23:53
ajalkaneDo you want the "Allow background connections" switch to turn on/off ?23:54
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