IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-03-23

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liaritsnotabigtruck: incept?00:03
liarits the same from ssh00:03
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itsnotabigtruckliar: see rigo's link00:24
itsnotabigtruckit's not related to ssh00:24
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liaryeah i'm already installing it, thanks00:24
liarnice work :)00:24
itsnotabigtruckfollow it through "opening a privileged shell"00:24
itsnotabigtruckthen you can do your thing from there00:25
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Avengencexmlich02: I live in Prague so i will be there!01:33
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Avengencexmlich02: reading that openmobility page, I can't help but trip over some grammatical mistakes whiole reading it. I'm a native english speaker and will volunteer to proofread and edit pages for the conference02:35
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psycho_oreosovistore is so ever reliable.. tried downloading fuelexp for the last 10 times each time it fails06:45
SpeedEvilIt's commercial grade.06:50
SpeedEvilNone of this open-source rubbish.06:50
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psycho_oreoscommercial grade yet it fails to serve those who just simply wants to restore the `apps' on their phones06:54
SpeedEvilIt's in the best traditions of best market practice!06:55
psycho_oreoslove to see them dealing with windows marketplace come mango days06:55
psycho_oreosso ovistore will be available for mango? hahaha.06:56
itsnotabigtruckthat's for WM6 btw not WP706:56
psycho_oreos`commercial grade' ovistore, now powered by windows07:00
itsnotabigtruckyeah, it's terrible07:01
itsnotabigtrucknot sure how they managed to make ovi store as unreliable and slow as it is07:02
itsnotabigtruckan app store isn't really a very complicated concept07:02
itsnotabigtruckespecially since this one doesn't have anything special like drm to get in the way07:02
psycho_oreosno its supposed to be `commercial grade', they're paid well to keep this store running as it is07:02
itsnotabigtrucki've been meaning to get going on something like afm/ovi/etc. that's hooked together with inception, a la cydia07:04
itsnotabigtrucka tough project though07:06
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ieatlintso nokia added a panorama app to the lumia 800... i wonder what the odds are one for the n9 will ever appear08:56
djszapiN9with handycapp or without ?08:56
ieatlintnot sure what you mean by that08:58
ieatlintby handycap, do you mean an aid in taking the pictures to stitch together through the use of the accelerometer?08:58
djszapiN9handicap is a method for sport events in my country09:00
djszapiN9which modifies the odds09:00
ieatlintyes, it's a word that indicates a disability or inability to compare/compete, and is considered a derogatory term if used to refer to a disabled person, as the root of the word is a beggar09:02
ieatlintthey prefer the word cripple09:03
djszapiN9khangman is now in ovi, if someone would like to try out.09:09
djszapiN9it is interesting i got 3 russian feedback in few hours. Seems russia has been waiting for this project. :)09:10
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djszapiN94 russian reviews in russian...ehh ?09:16
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djszapiN9interesting that the search engine does not find khangman for "hangman".... i am not happy about it.09:22
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ieatlintthat is odd... hangman is clearly in the description09:25
djszapiyes, more times.09:26
djszapiand even if it was not, it should be no problem09:26
ieatlintperhaps they haven't updated all their indices yet09:26
djszapias far as it is the subset of the name.09:26
djszapiwhat I was thinking is that, the search engine takes a time to get updated.09:26
djszapiwith new contents.09:26
djszapibut I am just speculating. :)09:26
ieatlintand until they do, only exact name matches will bring it up09:26
ieatlintyeah, that's pretty much what i just speculated :P09:27
ieatlintreasonable to think it's done delayed in batches during off-peak09:27
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djszapiabout the russians... :) they may have different vision about "HangMan", aka. war and stuff :D09:28
djszapimeh, and since the reviews are no way to get available on desktop, big meh09:29
djszapisomeone willing to translate them for me, please ?09:29
djszapiand I cannot copy/paste it out on the device either into a translator application.09:29
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djszapiI would not know how to re-type those cyrill letters on my desktop either.09:30
djszapiohh, it is available on desktop, ok09:31
ieatlinthah, tried to leave a review, and it got angry09:32
ieatlintseems if you didn't install it via the store app, it won't let you review it, but the app thinks you can09:32
ieatlintthere, you'll have a review in english now09:35
djszapithey all pretty much said that it is a cool game, but it is not available in Russian09:35
djszapithing is that, we have it translated in KDE for 50-100 languages09:35
djszapiso it is worth putting it that way.09:35
djszapiit is gonna slightly increase the size, but it is already 7.5 MB09:35
djszapiieatlint: thanks for the feedback :) So my question is that how the 4 reviews became 6 after your post :p09:38
djszapiwow, feedback keep coming, it is now 7 :)09:39
djszapieverybody complains about other languages.09:39
ieatlintwell, i did have trouble initially... it shouldn't let me double post, but..09:39
djszapiX-Fade could you please let me know the repository of the apps for meego website, if it is public ?09:49
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djszapiieatlint: do you have any apps in ovi ?09:55
ieatlintuh, not really personal ones09:56
ieatlintexcept for symbian09:56
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djszapiSymbian :D09:56
ieatlinti have an app i need to push out, but i stupidly need to wait for my employer to sign off09:57
ieatlintbut it's only useful for where i live right now.. a public transit app09:57
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djszapiright, I will investigate about the russian alphabet09:59
djszapiI do not dare to change to russian layout to check it out since I am afraid it takes a time to change back :)09:59
ieatlinti imagine you can find someone here to be a tester... any cyrillic language might work even10:00
djszapiyes, I have a getter for the English alphabet10:02
djszapiI should probably write a getter for the Russian alphabet10:02
djszapiare they coming after each other in the unicode stuff ?10:02
djszapithat is how I generated the alphabet with a loop10:03
djszapijust simple incremental stuff10:03
djszapiok 33 letters, that is way too much...10:04
djszapithat is not gonna fit for the current layout...10:04
djszapi(in landscape mode, that is)10:04
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gabriel9|worki got xbox 36010:26
gabriel9|workand now i don't know what to do with it :/10:27
gabriel9|worki was thinking to install Linux on it, but it needs some nasty hack/flash10:27
ieatlintbuy the hddvd-rom attachment10:28
ieatlintit's a great addition to any laserdisc and betamax collection10:28
gabriel9|workwell if i can buy it i would10:30
gabriel9|worki should not buy it, but the price was great10:32
gabriel9|work85€ Elite version with two games10:32
ieatlintyeah, that is a great price10:33
gabriel9|workto good to be true, but it works great10:34
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djszapihey guys, is it worth selling lumia 800 for 250 EUR ?10:40
djszapithe stock price is 433 EUR here, but nobody is interested in that for 300 EUR apparently.10:40
djszapibut there is a guy who would buy it for 250 EUR.10:40
ieatlintwell, it's not going to start increasing in value10:41
ieatlinti'm keeping mine, but if i were that indifferent, i suppose an extra 250EUR wouldn't be bad deal10:42
djszapiyes, I think I will sell it anyway10:45
djszapisince it would be a piece of stuff on my shelf in few years10:45
djszapijust like all the other gadgets now, I won or got previously in the previous years.10:46
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leinirabsolutely - get rid of it for 250, or have an expensive (and due to how light it is not very effective) paperweight ;)10:48
djszapiieatlint: is it possible to develop for Symbian (Belle, C*, etc) ?10:51
djszapion Linux*10:51
ieatlintthe short answer is no10:52
ieatlintthe long answer is yes10:52
ieatlintbut you really don't want the long answer10:53
matrixxdjszapi: you just need to use the remote compiler service, I haven't tried that myself though10:54
leinirieatlint: presumably it includes words like "remote compiling" and "virtual machine"? ;)10:54
ieatlintleinir, ever used remote compiling?10:55
leinirWell... sort of, but not quite10:55
leiniri'm the guy that wrote the server part of the Bretzn OCS buildservice module, and some parts of the Qt Creator plugin for it...10:55
ieatlintif your build process is complicated, it adds significant overhead10:55
leinir*nods* i can imagine vividly10:56
ieatlintand unless it's changed recently, qtcreator on linux doesn't have coda support10:56
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* djszapi does not have qtcreator support10:57
ieatlintso if your option is to send things off to a remote server and hope it doesn't screw up, with a long interval between build attempts, and then find a way to transfer a sis file to the phone and get no debug info... i stand by my answer :P10:57
ieatlinti will say coda is a HUGE improvement over trk at least.  trk made me want to kill people.11:00
djszapihang man :)11:00
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ieatlintin fact, given how often trk broke things and the number of times i threw phones out of frustration, it speaks well of nokia's hardware that i never physically broke a phone11:01
leinirieatlint: *nods* It's scary how easy it is to do harmattan development... and how difficult it, for some reason, is to develop for symbian... It scares me that /anybody/ thought that was a good idea, but... i guess it was just because at the time it was started, it was... well, the best available option11:04
ieatlintheh, yeah11:04
leinir*giggles* Yes, sturdy hardware came as a requirement from software developers, i'm sure ;) "Requirements list, item 1: Must stand up to frustrated developers" ;)11:05
ieatlinti've spent more hours than anyone ever wants to know on linking and packaging issues for symbian apps11:05
ieatlintand handling special use cases for outdated firmware that lacked new libraries, because QA required that the user get a nice friendly error message about how the app couldn't run without the new libs11:05
djszapihave you ever used the harmattan target on c-obs last summer ?11:05
djszapiprobably the most wasteful period of my life.11:06
ieatlintlast summer i was doing harmattan app dev, and it was essentially as easy as it is now -- minus the simulator part11:07
ieatlintwell, the dev process was, qt-mobility issues were another story11:07
djszapikde app development would not have been possible without fighting continously every single day with c-obs11:07
djszapifor looooooong months11:07
djszapibut in the end, I can say that the KDE App Development story is the best on Harmattan.11:08
djszapiso all good :)11:09
djszapieven PA is worse currently.11:09
ieatlintyeah, harmattan has a lot of things going for it, except a future11:09
djszapithe next platform for KDE is either Android or PA11:10
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djszapime personal gut feeling is Android11:10
djszapifor KDE App Development*11:10
ieatlintPA to me means pulseaudio... heh11:11
djszapiper annum xD11:11
djszapiieatlint: this thingie:
djszapithough, they randomly use "plasma active" and "active" at places. :)11:12
ieatlintah, right, i keep seeing demos of that11:12
ieatlintbut pulseaudio has forever sullied PA11:12
ieatlintit's also ruining penny arcade11:12
djszapigood thing is that, the desktop components are more advanced than I expected.11:16
djszapiieatlint: sadly, it is not an indexing issue... "kanagram" is not found by using the keyword "anagram".11:19
djszapithat has been available for a while.11:20
djszapiunless they need more than 2 months for indexing.11:21
tommaieatlint, creator does support coda in linux11:21
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tomma... well atleast i used creator + remotecompiler with some modifications to build and test application in E711:23
djszapiN9tomma, i think i got c7 at the qt developer days. Would that also work ?11:24
tommai see no reason why it wouldn't11:26
tommabut you need to build creator11:27
tommahmm... i haven't pushed that branch to gitorious yet11:27
djszapiN9does git master head contain those mods, or shall I have local patches ?11:28
djszapiN9tomma, so you develop for symbian on linux ?11:28
tommanot really... just did some things and needed to see debug outputs11:29
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tomma... it shouldn't be that buggy =)11:35
ieatlinttomma: glad that they added it, but i still personally would only do symbian dev in windows11:42
djszapiieatlint: because you love Windows, that is all. :p11:43
* xarcass hopes he will never do symbian dev again. 11:44
ieatlintdjszapi: ergh... right.. that's it11:46
ieatlinti mean, who doesn't11:46
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djszapisupport.(publish.) thingie is down ?12:04
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djszapican a stuff be charged over serial port, like a modem ?12:15
djszapifrom the PC/laptop for sure without external power supply.12:15
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rigodjszapi, what stands this dam "S" in USB for? :)12:16
djszapirigo: Universal Serial Bus (USB)12:18
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djszapibut I would not use that, just a 9 pins serial port.12:18
rigouuuhh oooh, that sounds so eighties :)12:20
tommai dont think it will give enough current for any device12:20
djszapitomma: that was my worry, too. I have a cable to my modem with a serial port output and GND, V pairs.12:21
djszapitomma: but the pairs cannot be in this form connected to the power supply directly.12:21
djszapiand I do not have time for hacking that right now12:22
djszapiI guess usb-to-serial converter does not help either ?12:22
trxi think not, unless you hack the converter a bit if possible12:24
alteregodjszapi: no you can't charge over RS232 no enough current.12:24
rigoI think one of the USB contacts has the power. And if the converter is not providing a connector for that ...12:24
alteregoAnd there's no dedicated power rail like with usb12:24
djszapiI wonder why this cable bought in the shop does not provide a power supply connection.12:25
djszapibut just this pairs12:25
alteregoSerial TTL and RS232 cables usually only have three or four terminals, rx, tx, gnd and some times cts12:26
alteregosnd rarely rts12:26
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, and is a binary operation, when 1 is returned ONLY when both operands are true12:26
infobothmm... xor is exclusive or - meaning that the only true value for this binary operator is when one and only one input is true ( the other value must be false )12:27
djszapiI find it personally uncool....12:27
djszapiI buy stuff in the shop, and I need to make a hardware hack I am not familiar with :)12:28
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djszapiso the question is that why a serial interface cable does not provide power supply connection off-hand :)12:34
deramserial interface was made in the days when couple of amps 12V current did nothing...12:40
djszapiwell, I need to feed my modem with current somehow.12:42
deramtypical use would be teletype or a crt-based terminal12:42
djszapiwe have just discussed the PC will not feed it with current...12:43
derammodems used to have external power adapters12:43
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deramif yours expects current from the serial cable, it needs special proprietary cable12:43
djszapiwell, that is against the practice here.12:43
djszapinot sure what you mean by that, but it is just a serial interface cable :)12:44
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deram"On some hardware the DTR line (along with RTS) is typically used to provide power. The most notable example of this is a serial mouse. The DE-9 serial port on the PC does not provide any power pins. The mouse driver holds the DTR and RTS lines high at all times so that the mouse may steal power for its own use."12:45
djszapithe modem has D1512:46
djszapibut that is behind the point though.12:46
deramthat is not quite standard for serial interface...12:46
djszapiD15 connector, yes.12:46
djszapiwell, that is what the serial interface cable is for.12:47
djszapisince the D15 port can be used for RS422 etc12:47
deramthen your cable is already not a standard cable12:47
djszapiit is standard12:47
djszapiwhat you probably mean is that it is not just a simple serial cable.12:47
djszapiyes it is a "D15-serial converter"12:48
djszapibut that is because D15 can be used for other things as well, not just 23212:48
djszapiso it is a flexible modem after all, afaiu12:48
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djszapiI am just worried, I should ask for someone to make the connection between the power supply and the serial interface cable, I guess.12:51
djszapiwhy is it so btw ? The powersupply interface is not standard, or why is it not a simple plug-in connection, and get done ?12:52
Avengenceitsnotabigtruck: re the something liike cydia with inception, it should just a gui over apt/dpkg with some suggested repos. only even starts to getcomplicated if you want to let people sell apps, but is that part even needed12:53
*** natunen has joined #harmattan12:57
alteregodjszapi: TTL like serial was never meant and never has been adapted for powering peripherals. It's just a comms port.12:59
alteregoUSB was the first bus aiui that implemented power for descret peripherals.12:59
Avengencegabriel9|work: good price. now you gotta hack it if you want to do anything with it. just remember, the rrod will soon follow12:59
djszapialterego: I was speaking about the serial interface cable.13:00
djszapiit already has the GND/V pairs, but it does not have a connector just hanging pairs.13:00
alteregoWhat are you interfacing with again? :)13:00
djszapialterego: I would like to get my modem working.13:00
djszapiI can test AT* like commands etc13:01
alteregoOh, so it passes through usb 5c DCC?13:01
alterego5v ..13:01
gabriel9|workAvengence: i don't know13:01
gabriel9|worki tested id13:01
gabriel9|workit, and it does not overheat13:01
Avengenceieatlint: lol, i've thrown winmob phones and iphones in frustration and both die with fatal screen crack on teh second throw if not the first13:02
djszapialterego: what do you mean ?13:02
alteregodjszapi: it's a usb to serial csble no?13:03
djszapialterego: nop, I would need to connect an usb-serial converter between the PC and the serial interface cable.13:03
alteregoWeird, so where is it getting this power from? :)13:03
deram"it already has the GND/V pairs, but it does not have a connector just hanging pairs." this must be the strangest "standard serial cable" i've ever heard13:05
djszapialterego: simple: from the power supply pairs13:05
deramso this is manufacturers own cable, and those power cords are supposed to be connected to some powersupply13:05
djszapiwhich are exposed by the serial interface cable.13:05
deramserial has nothing to do with those...13:05
alteregookay, IU13:06
djszapialterego: and the basic problem is that how to get running13:06
djszapiI would not like to make a hardware hack like 5-6 years ago :)13:06
djszapiI am way out of the experience about these.13:06
alteregoWell, the first question is, what are you actually trying to achieve? ;)13:07
djszapialterego: use the modem13:07
deramand what H/W are you actually having13:07
djszapialterego: send AT* like commands from the PC13:07
djszapivia serial port13:07
djszapiaka. minicom for instance13:07
djszapibut for that, I believe, the modem should be crafted13:07
alteregoVia usb? or serial on the pc?13:07
djszapialterego: that is detail...13:08
alteregoYou shouldn't need psu to do serial.13:08
djszapiminicom handles the usb-serial converter well13:08
deramone needs psu for modem for it to do anything13:08
alteregoSo you should just be able to hook up tx,rx,dts and gnd or even just tx,rx and gnd13:08
Avengencedjszapi: an old rs232 thats truly -10/+10 will give a decent amount of power if you hold the extra signal lines (DSR?DTR?DCD,etc) and use them for power, but most modern devices are just 0/+5, including many laptops, and you wont get much power as its just a tiny converter brings it up to 5 from 3.3 or 2.8 or whatever they are really using (and maybe giving a -5 instead of 0 if its a decent converter)13:11
Avengencedjszapi: if you just think about some serial peripherals its obvious it works for low power, such as serial mice, but something like a modem is going to need too much power for just teh serial port13:12
alteregoAvengence: you'd struggle to get good current through that and risk bloeing up the serial port controller.13:15
Avengencedjszapi: ahh, you asre looking at that damn radio modem. yeah, that 15pin plug is serial plus power. it should split out (with cable) to a 9pin serial port (or 2 of those) and a pair of power wires that you feed power from whatever source you can muster13:16
Avengencei was scrolled up, just caught up. konversation (or some irc decent irc app) needs a vertical view split ffs13:19
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Avengencedjszapi: i guess it wasn't clear yesterday when i first said something, but the only standard serial ports are 9pin and 25pin. that 15pin clearly makes it a custom port which needs adapters13:19
*** arcean has joined #harmattan13:19
djszapialterego: ok I have found some stuff in here :)13:20
djszapinow I have everything with connections, just one last thought...13:20
Avengencefor the sort of product that is (a radio modem) it is expected that every installation is somewhat custom, so they provide you barewire connections. you are expected to feed it power either from a wall wart or your onboard low-voltage DC system, depending on application.13:20
djszapimodem writes this: Input Voltage: 6-30V/1A13:20
djszapithe AC adapter has this: OUTPUT: 15V -- 4.6 A13:21
Avengencesince its undouubtly low volume, they are saving money making one cable that you cab use for any application rather than making even smaller volume of several different power cables13:21
djszapiis that okay ?13:21
Avengenceyes, that is ok, its in the range and provides more power than needed13:21
Avengenceput a 1A fuse on it if the modem says 1A13:21
deramdjszapi: yes, the voltage is in the range, and it can give more juice than the modem wants13:21
djszapideram: cool :) so the current 4.6 A does not matter since the voltage can break, but that is ok, right ?13:23
alteregoYeah, it's fine but a 1A fuse will protect against any possible surges13:23
deramdjszapi: power adapter must give atleast the amount the device needs13:23
deramalterego: that is true13:23
deramand a good practise13:23
alteregonot strictly necessary, but depends hoe much you value your kit.13:24
djszapialterego: I would not like to put any fuse explicitely since I have zero clues about those.13:25
djszapiby nowadays. Just making sure it does not break this way with this combination.13:25
alteregodjszapi: just put it in serial on the v+ rail13:26
djszapialterego: I do not have hanging cords anymore13:26
djszapiI found a direct connection in the gadget room13:26
djszapiso I found basically a D15 -> power supply connection + serial port connection converter13:27
alteregoAlternatively, find a more suitable psu, 5v 1A psus are quite common13:27
alteregothink a few of my ext hdd's use 12v 1A13:28
djszapialterego: hmm, you are apparently right, I even had a fuse in the original construction in the box.13:33
djszapibut I think this direct connection is already done internally with that in mind for sure.13:33
*** aleksm has joined #harmattan13:35
alteregoCool, :)13:35
djszapialterego: should any led be on after the power up on the modem, as in: RTS/CTS/TD/RD/CD13:37
djszapiTD/RD obviously not since no transmitting in action yet.13:37
alteregoThink CTS should light up when a serial connection is in process without traffic.13:40
alteregoif cts is in use13:40
*** niqt has quit IRC13:43
djszapialterego: true, CTS is now red after changing connector :p13:45
djszapiand CD keeps blinking hell fast13:46
alteregocarrier detect yeah13:47
Avengencedjszapi: even if its internally fused, its cheaper/easier in the long run if you use an external fuse. of course, you only need this if you psu puts outs out significantly more than is needed (say more than 25-50% headroom)14:01
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan14:06
*** GeorgeH has quit IRC14:28
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*** beford has joined #harmattan17:34
djszapihey beford17:40
befordhey djszapi, how is it going, having fun with your new job?17:42
djszapiyes, struggling the whole day along :)17:42
*** leinir has joined #harmattan17:43
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*** Opaa has joined #harmattan18:16
OpaaDoes anyone have solution for N9 device lock issue?  I cant disable it, theres no option on Settings -> Security -> Device Lock  anymore.  And i found  this... there users say that  Exchange is reason for this... but didnt work out that i checked the option for non-provisionable. Can anyone help?18:16
Sazpaimonwhy does the dual boot kernel have all the ageis killing patches18:22
Sazpaimonactually, disregard that question18:23
Sazpaimonits obviously because aegis wouldnt work on android18:23
Sazpaimonor non-harmattan OSes18:23
Opaawell that didnt help alot?18:25
rigodo you use exchange?18:29
OpaaYes i did use... i removed it couple of moths ago. But  i reinstalled the axchange account and checked the option "non-provisionable". But theres still no option that i could disable device lock.18:31
OpaaSeems to be some kind of Bug18:31
rigoI have still the menu entry: settings->security->device-lock18:32
rigoand I don't use exchange18:32
*** n9appscom has joined #harmattan18:33
Opaayes... but the problem seems to be that if u have installed exchange once18:33
Opaaif i remove the exchange account it doesnt solve the problem18:33
*** beford has quit IRC18:34
rigoso what does the settings->security-device-lock offer you in choices?18:34
Opaait only offers me time of delay options18:35
Opaain autolock menu18:35
Opaaand there should also be option for "disable device lock" or something?18:35
rigomy autolock is set to "off"18:36
rigoand it doesn't offer that choice anymore?18:36
*** Opaa_ has joined #harmattan18:38
Opaa_sry... irc disconnected18:38
Opaa_so... yes theres no "off" on my list18:38
*** tgalal has quit IRC18:38
rigoso exchange messed up the config files and removing exchange didn't put them back into place18:39
dm8tbrIIRC, removing the account and maybe rebooting the device should make it reappear18:39
*** Opaa has quit IRC18:40
dm8tbrif that doesn't help then there's only secure erasing the device18:40
Opaa_im trying to remove the account once more time and reboot n9... lets see if the option shown up18:40
rigoperhaps worth a try; that backup the account data, remove and try. If it doesn't work, not much harm done18:40
Opaa_hmm.. u mean that i use some backup which i have created before?18:41
Opaa_i think this Exchange account was created first time when i got the N9 ... so :D18:41
Opaa_ok didnt work out with removing Exchange account & rebooting n918:42
Opaa_theres other users with same problems18:43
dm8tbrI'm pretty sure I managed to get that back.18:44
dm8tbrwas the account in 'disabled' state when you removed it?18:45
Opaa_hmm.. what do u mean exact?  exchange account?18:45
Avengenceis it coincidence or a solid pattern that lumia is jacking the maemo numbers? Lumia 710 and 800 to start with, like N710 and N800 tablets, now mention of next Lumia 900 same as N900 phone...18:46
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan18:46
Opaa_i havent disabled it ever... so i think it was enabled allt the time18:48
Opaa_should i now create the account again?18:49
rigodm8tbr, good strategy ...18:50
rigoOpaa, trouble is, we don't know which of those config files and .desktop files to alter where. So you try to find the trigger that the software does it all by itself18:50
rigoand disabling may be the right thing and trigger the right scripts18:51
rigounless someone here has such a perfect knowledge of all the config files that she can say: " change that comment"  and it is fixed18:51
jonnimfe forces provisioning, there is a way to remove it, but I think that hack undocumented. Normally provisioning should be removed when you remove all exchange accounts and reboot18:53
Opaa_hmmm...what if i send my configs to u, and u can compare them... does that help to find this problem?18:53
Opaa_jonni what is mfe?18:54
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:54
dm8tbrOpaa_: it's probably easier for you to make a backup of your device, flash it with the secure wipe enabled and reinstall firmware18:55
Opaa_i have also installed gmail account but i think this doesnt harm anything?18:57
dm8tbractually if you remember the lock code you don't need to secure wipe18:57
Opaa_device lock code?18:58
Opaa_yes i remember18:58
Opaa_if i reinstall firmware do i lose all apps/setting which i used to have19:03
itsnotabigtruckAvengence: except it's a 770, not 71019:03
itsnotabigtruckit's certainly awfully confusing though19:03
itsnotabigtruckbut they've had a pattern for a long time where 7 = inexpensive teen phone, 8 = midrange, 9 = "flagship"19:04
itsnotabigtruckthe maemo numbering is the exception to the norm really19:04
Opaa_hmmm... does that have anything to do with this.. that if i set up this exchange to default email? because i think my Gmail account have been default all the time?19:04
itsnotabigtruckOpaa_: re reinstall firmware, yeah19:05
itsnotabigtruckyou lose apps, settings, and your angry birds save19:05
itsnotabigtruckmost other things are kept\19:06
itsnotabigtruckbut if you forgot the lock code and have to do a full wipe you lose all data19:06
*** niqt has joined #harmattan19:10
*** lamikr has quit IRC19:14
rigoitsnotabigtruck, he has the code, but is tired to enter it every 30 seconds ;) So rather a matter of config19:22
rigojonni already said that probably removing all exchange accounts (and de-activating first) will give back the option " off" in the security settings19:23
rigodunno whether the Gmail account is counted as an exchange account, so dunno how many accounts to kill before the option autolock=off re-appears19:24
Opaa_which config files should include the definitions for this device lock option?19:24
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan19:28
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Avengenceitsnotabigtruck: ohh, guess its not as close a match as i was thinking (didnt own any of the maemo stuff myself)21:26
Avengencei guess my first nokia, the 3650, is too lame too even fall in the scheme of numbers that matter21:28
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan21:29
Avengencerigo: the gmail account is a special instance of the imap4 account profile (going by the config files themselves). nothing to do with mfe as google only uses the acivesync protocol for calendar/contacts sync and not mail afaik21:30
jonnirigo: gmail is imap, so its not counted as mfe21:32
mgedminso "mail for exchage" actually means imap?21:33
mgedminaaugh, sorry, missed the 'not'21:33
* mgedmin fails reading comprehension again21:33
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan21:34
*** blueslee|2 has joined #harmattan21:36
Opaa_didnt solve out this yet... this is very  annoying bug21:37
rigoAvengence, this was for Opaa and for the device lock21:37
rigofor obvious reasons, I would never use anything like gmail21:38
*** snowpong has quit IRC21:41
Opaa_this device lock can not be enabled when im trying to install dual boot for N9... thats the main reasen why im trying to get it off21:41
jonniforce devicelock can be removed with one liner from commandline, but unfortunately I'm not able to paste it here, since that one can also be used to bypass company IT policies, so its a no no :)21:41
Opaa_jonni come ooon :)21:41
*** teleshoes has quit IRC21:44
Opaa_so it seems that nokia have huge bug with this...that once u enable device lock u dont have a chance to disable it?21:45
jonniit should give you option to disable it, after you have removed all email accounts from settings21:46
jonniif it doesnt, then its a bug21:46
jonniif you havent setup mfe account, there should always be option for disable21:47
Opaa_ok so... i have tho accounts one  MFE which i have already removed without results... now its reinstalled... and second account is Gmail account21:47
*** blueslee has quit IRC21:47
Opaa_but havent removed this gmail account ever21:47
Opaa_because i thought it has nothing to do with MFE21:48
jonniit should be enough to remove mfe account and after reboot it should give disable as option, if you didnt reboot, then it doesnt give the option21:48
Opaa_already removed mfe account & reboot N9... doesnt help... so its bug :)21:49
jonni'feature' :)21:50
*** cvaldemar has joined #harmattan21:50
jonnifull reflash always fixes it :)21:50
jonniI call it 'feature', because if its not a critical blocked bug, it wont be fixed :)21:51
Opaa_hmm... what do u think, does "faster N9 Transitions" app anything to do with this?21:51
jonniblocked bug even21:51
jonnitransitions shouldnt affect email settings, but I havent used that app ever, so dont know.21:51
*** blueslee|2 has quit IRC21:52
Opaa_ive been browsing lot of forums related for this issue... and theres quite many users with the same issue and have not get any help for this21:53
Opaa_so at least im not alone with this :)21:53
jonnireflash solves it, but ofcourse its a bit small pain because you need to reinstall quite a lot of stuff :)21:54
Opaa_yes... maybe ill just wait that someone solves this :)21:54
jonniforced provisioning is kind of requirement for mail for exchange protocol for many companies.21:55
Opaa_hmm so coud this be something to do with my company mail exchange settings on server?21:56
Opaa_which i could ask from our it21:57
jonniyep, there is also a workaround.... let me pm :)21:58
Opaa_thing is that im really trying to install dual boot... and the fist guide was this: "Before you proceed make sure that "Device lock" is not enabled in Harmattan (In Settings \ Security \ Device Lock \ Autolock: off). If you have an Mail-for-Exchange account configured, you may need to delete it before you can disable device lock."21:58
jonniif you want to know the workaround then answer the private message :)21:59
Opaa_So do u have any tip for this to bypass this?21:59
*** dymaxion__ has joined #harmattan22:01
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*** rlinfati has joined #harmattan22:09
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*** rigo has quit IRC22:14
rlinfatii found a way to downgrade harmattan.... i need more testing... but i get 22-6 installed in my rm680 :) .... the modem failed to flash.... but i think i can fixit22:15
jonnirlinfati: and why would you even want to downgrade?22:16
rlinfationly for fun :D22:17
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:17
Opaa_nothing more funny to do friday evening :)22:18
*** nwoki has joined #harmattan22:18
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan22:20
*** arcean has quit IRC22:20
*** arcean has joined #harmattan22:24
rlinfatimodel pr12, harmattan beta1 22-6 now :D22:28
*** beford has quit IRC22:29
*** tbf_ has quit IRC22:32
*** jluisn_ has joined #harmattan22:37
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:37
rlinfatinow... be good guy and report to nokia... ( maybe they know ).... or not report..22:37
rlinfatiwell is readonly....  i can not report :D22:38
*** rm_work has quit IRC22:41
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan22:42
mgedminyeah, they closed the bugzilla22:44
mgedminand suggested that people report problems directly to or something like that22:44
dm8tbrI'm sure the place's name also starts with /dev/, but I have the feeling it might end in 'null' and not ''22:46
*** e-yes_ has quit IRC22:46
rlinfatinothing work in beta1... now re-upgrade to pr12 ?22:47
jonniyou can report directly to me :)22:48
jonnithat was meant for rlinfati22:49
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan22:52
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*** lizardo has quit IRC23:00
ajalkaneokay, /whois rlinfati that he may report directly to jonni23:06
ajalkaneAh, the author of ForeverAlone. Say no more. Thanks for the good times, sire!23:07
jonniajalkane: he already reported.23:07
*** nwoki has quit IRC23:08
ajalkaneI meant what kind of celebrity he is to gain direct access for reporting to Nokia devs. Google gave the answer.23:09
ajalkaneOh damn... I read wrong, he reported a way to by-pass the downgrade restriction23:12
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:12
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