IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2012-03-14

befordmaybe we need a minecraft client for harmattan00:01
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kozziis the game that good?00:06
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MohammadAGis there a way to know if we're running on an N950 or an N9?00:09
DocScrutinizerbeen told so00:09
DocScrutinizerI'd bet /proc got sth for you, MohammadAG00:10
DocScrutinizercat /proc/cpu?00:10
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: sysinfoclient00:10
tehdelyif that fails00:10
tehdelytry looking at the phone00:10
* tehdely ducks00:10
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo00:11
DocScrutinizerHardware        : Nokia RM-680 board00:11
MohammadAGoh true00:11
MohammadAG/home/developer $ sysinfoclient -g /component/product-name00:11
MohammadAGany faster way?00:11
befordreadline and ask the user00:11
MohammadAGeven faster? like a file existing00:11
itsnotabigtruckyou mean like an API?00:11
itsnotabigtrucki think there's a libsysinfo or something00:12
itsnotabigtruckor maybe you need to poke dbus00:12
MohammadAGno, like something I can check with QFile::exists() rather than a QProcess or QFile::open()00:12
MohammadAGI need the fastest way possible since this is in the constructor00:12
tehdelyyou could turn on the camera00:12
tehdelyand prompt the user to stand by a mirror00:12
tehdelyso the phone can take a picture of itself00:13
DocScrutinizerread /proc/cpuinfo00:13
MohammadAGthen I could identify it00:13
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: do it once and cache it00:13
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, that works too00:14
DocScrutinizeryeah, you don't wanna do this several times as device doesn't mutate00:14
MohammadAGwhere does sysinfoclient get info from?00:14
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, you never know00:14
MohammadAGthe N9 mutated, into a lumia00:14
tehdelyonly a few months after fukushima00:14
DocScrutinizerwhile your app kept running? cool shit00:14
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MohammadAGtehdely, ever thought of starting a standup? you'd do well :p00:15
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, yes, Elop does weird shit with the devices00:15
tehdelyand as we know, Finns are in fact aliens00:15
tehdelyso i would suspect Raelian involvement00:15
DocScrutinizerso hooker is actually compatible to HARM apps? or do you need to start them when phone is N9 still?00:15
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tehdelyMohammadAG: i would run out of jokes in 5 minutes and then be pelted with eggs00:16
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DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: now for real - I'd guess Qt should have some notion about that detail00:16
DocScrutinizersth like that00:17
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MohammadAGcould be in QtMobility, but I stay away from that when possible00:18
MohammadAGa QProcess would be saner00:18
DocScrutinizershould be in vanilla Qt as well00:19
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DocScrutinizerwild guessing, nfc00:19
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itsnotabigtruckno symbol version for module_layout < any idea what that kernel error means00:46
itsnotabigtruck(upon loading a module)00:46
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befordi bet javispedro knows00:49
befordyou are probably missing an step before compiling the kernel00:49
itsnotabigtruckbeford: in fact i was trying to build the modules without compiling the kernel, but with the Modules.symver file copied in00:50
javispedroyep, or your config is way too diferent00:50
itsnotabigtruckalso tried doing make modules_prepare00:50
itsnotabigtruckwhich is afaict supposed to be exactly for that type of thing00:51
befordsomething is not matching. I had some errors when building a module for the n90000:51
itsnotabigtrucki'm waiting for a full kernel build but i'm not confident that'll do the trick00:51
befordhad to compile the whole kernel, and then something else to be able to load it00:51
itsnotabigtruckout of tree modules are super easy00:52
itsnotabigtruckas long as you have the kernel-headers package installed00:53
befordI can't remember what I was doing00:53
befordoh yea, I was trying to get my n900 detected as an USB input device/keyboard00:53
itsnotabigtruckah, so compiling another in-tree module00:54
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itsnotabigtruckwell, let's see if doing make zImage/make modules with the new config is enough to make it work00:54
befordyea, I got some example module to and I was able to assign the VendorID and Device_id to get it  detected but stopped there :P00:56
befordlet me see if I find the docs I followed for freemantle00:56
RzRjust to tease us00:57
itsnotabigtruckand it's not even a proper nokia product, it looks like it's some ODM garbage with a nokia logo slapped on00:57
itsnotabigtruck^^^ that, is how you destroy a brand name00:58
befordCompal Electronics yea00:58
itsnotabigtruckrzr: did you see my messages earlier00:58
RzRbtw i had a compal laptop and its still alive00:58
itsnotabigtruckalso i think someone else wanted your attention00:58
RzRitsnotabigtruck: about redak ?00:58
RzR06:09 < itsnotabigtruck> i was just looking at your app there some reason why you're making redak setuid root00:59
RzRthats something to fix00:59
itsnotabigtruckalso javispedro: any idea where the earliest point one can run a startup script on harmattan is01:00
itsnotabigtruckwithout modifying aegis-protected files01:00
itsnotabigtrucki.e. hacking /sbin/preinit is out01:00
javispedrothat is a question that a bash script a few lines in length could solve01:00
javispedrowhy not?01:01
javispedrojust grab the bunch of scripts in etc/init and match all the files sourced with refhashlist01:02
RzRitsnotabigtruck: this is weird i am using the generic "dh" rules ...01:02
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njsfWell it seems Nokia is now officially winding down support for the N901:04
RzRitsnotabigtruck: is this related to obs ?01:04 is now closed for new bugs...01:04
befordthat means the n9 is currently perfect01:04
RzRnjsf:  they're just hiding to make the n1001:04
RzRany news about meltemi ?01:05
njsfbeford: not until they fix the bug that prevents mine from sync'ing with Gmail when MfE for my work Exchange is active01:06
njsfand I am not the only one..01:06
itsnotabigtruckrzr: this is in your own postinst script01:06
itsnotabigtruckbtw don't do chmods in postinst's better/more proper to have the file packaged with the right permissions in the first place01:07
RzRitsnotabigtruck: i removed them01:07
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RzRitsnotabigtruck: i am double checking on current version and i'll tell you01:08
itsnotabigtruckrzr: oh, ok...i was going off of the afm version again01:08
RzR~ # ls -l /opt/*/bin/* | grep wsr01:08
itsnotabigtrucki wasn't sure if you upgraded that yet01:08
RzRok good now01:08
RzRi didnt01:08
RzRbut i plan to01:08
itsnotabigtruckit only takes a minute to push the button... :p01:08
RzRi wanted to test it a bit more01:09
itsnotabigtruckassuming you already have it in your own obs repo that is01:09
RzRi can push current version but i prefer a tested release ..01:09
RzRlet's see if this can be done today ...01:09
itsnotabigtruck < btw check out aegisctl, if you haven't already01:09
RzRdoes this concern redak ?01:10
RzRwon't be able to be installed on other firmware versions.01:11
itsnotabigtrucknah, it's unrelated to redak01:11
RzRthis is interesting01:11
RzRbut is this related to bugzilla shutdown ?01:12
RzRie : if you cant make a "secure" TC system then we dont need you anymore ...01:12
RzRI donno if there nok employees around . but they get all my support because we can fell the bad vibrations...01:13
itsnotabigtruckrzr: i doubt it01:14
itsnotabigtruckthe bugzilla-inception connection that is01:14
itsnotabigtruckit's probably safe to assume this sort of thing was coming for a while01:14
itsnotabigtruckit was inevitable, really01:14
RzRactually an openplatform worth more than a bugtracker :)01:15
itsnotabigtrucknokia seems to freeze releases well before launch, and PR1.3 is slated to be the final release01:15
itsnotabigtrucksince PR1.2 is out and 1.3 is impending, it's probably been locked down for a while01:15
itsnotabigtruckso they're certainly not going to be fixing any more user reported bugs in any case01:15
RzRmakes sense01:15
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itsnotabigtruckalso at the past rate of bug fixing, none of those were going to get resolved anyway x_x01:16
itsnotabigtruckmost of them were feature requests that there isn't manpower to implement anyway01:16
RzRactually i thought there will be more serious bugs..01:16
RzRdid your device ever crash ?01:16
RzRon a regular usage ?01:17
RzRmy n810 is far less stable than n950 which is a prototype01:17
itsnotabigtrucki don't think i've had any crashes that weren't a direct result of me doing weird things01:19
itsnotabigtruckmainly killing processes, i think there's some sort of watchdog thing related to that01:19
tehdelyPR1.3 final release... ever?01:20
itsnotabigtrucktehdely: probably in a couple weeks01:23
tehdelyno, i mean like do they abandon that platfomr after that point01:23
itsnotabigtruckprobably, unless they keep trying to fight the inception01:24
tehdelyso after that point we are really and truly on our own01:24
tehdelyi think that's when the cool hacking starts01:24
tehdelyhopefully the world won't run out of harmattan-compatible handsets01:24
itsnotabigtruckyeah, i already have some awesome ideas for an extremely hacked PR1.4 cssu type thing01:25
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itsnotabigtruckbtw tehdely: did you end up filling out the qa thingy01:27
tehdelynope lemme do that now01:27
itsnotabigtruckawesome thanks01:27
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tehdelyshit that doesn't work: logging into apps.formeego.org01:40
tehdelyeven after succesfully creating and logging into a account01:40
tehdelywonder if anyone will ever get around to fixing that01:40
tehdelyi'll try again in an hour01:40
tehdelyperhaps some ldap shit needs to sync :/01:40
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itsnotabigtrucktehdely: that's strange01:46
itsnotabigtrucki wasn't able to log into OBS after they activated my account for that, until they did some tweaking on the server01:47
tehdelyjust had to wait a bit01:47
itsnotabigtruckoh ok01:47
itsnotabigtruckbut i think that's fixed for everyone now01:47
tehdelyso who's maintinaing all the stuff anyway01:48
itsnotabigtruckand i know lbt and x-fade are in charge of the OBS and AFM stuff01:50
tehdelyOBS ==01:50
itsnotabigtruckopen build system01:50
itsnotabigtruckit's software that has running that lets you build harmattan/meego stuff01:51
itsnotabigtruckit's what feeds into appsformeego01:51
itsnotabigtruckalso, crap01:51
itsnotabigtrucki finally got past the error i had before, but none of my modules will load except the most trivial ones01:51
itsnotabigtruck[535376.837921] ah4: disagrees about version of symbol inet_add_protocol01:51
itsnotabigtrucka lot of that kind of thing01:51
tehdelyand you're building form the same source tree (presumably) as the running kernel, yes?01:52
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javispedroI don't understand why everyone's surprised at that02:37
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javispedrodoesn't "at" work there too?02:39
befordno I mean02:40
befordabout what02:40
beforditsnotabigtruck having issues compiling kernel modules?02:40
javispedroah well, too used to being corrected02:40
javispedroabout finding "incompatible symbols" error msgs02:40
*** RzR is now known as rZr02:40
befordI'm a spanish speaker so don't expect to get corrected by me02:41
itsnotabigtruckbeford: yeah02:44
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: ah, well, i hadn't tried this before and i thought that as long as the modules don't pull in defines that contaminate the main kernel, it should all be good02:44
itsnotabigtruckit's probably still possible to build many of the modules in a way that minimizes contamination02:45
javispedrowell, this kernel has a lot less stuff by default than previous devices kernels02:45
*** jluisn has quit IRC02:45
javispedroso the number will be very small02:45
javispedro(technically everything is possible though, even overclocking, it's just a matter of how much roadblocks one is willing to jump)02:50
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itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: heh02:52
itsnotabigtruckoverclocking is probably one of the easier things02:52
itsnotabigtruckthis issue i'm having is a problem specific to in-tree modules02:52
*** adlan has quit IRC02:52
itsnotabigtruckbut yeah, it's looking like the only real options for kernel customization are open mode or two-phase boot02:52
virtualdare you staying awake until 1:59:26,5359 gmt to celebrate pi day?02:57
virtualdor CET?02:57
virtualdhappy pi day!02:59
itsnotabigtruckvirtuald: got any ideas for cool mods to do with inception03:03
virtualdi was thinking if there's some way to get direct access to the sim03:03
virtualddunno if you need inception for it03:05
virtualdshould try03:05
javispedroat on the n9/50 is emulated03:05
javispedroyou do not need anything to talk to the at emulator, just use windows hyperterminal and plug n9 via usb, or bluetooth03:05
virtualdit's not on the iphone?03:05
javispedrono idea03:05
virtualdi don't use windows03:06
javispedrothen "minicom /dev/ttyACM[0-9]"03:06
*** GeneralAntilles1 has joined #harmattan03:06
virtualdi use xen which i don't know how to use so i'm a bit crippled at the moment03:06
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC03:06
virtualdshould reinstall because kvm is way better i found out03:07
virtualdespecially at conserving memory03:07
virtualdit has some neat copy on write tricks03:08
* javispedro prefers xen, but I admit kvm has more active development03:08
javispedroxen is still best for some stuff (pci passthrough) imo03:08
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virtualdok i', on qubes os and feel a bit locked in because i haven't rtfm enough03:09
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itsnotabigtrucklooks like afm just went down03:14 doesn't seem to be working either03:15
virtualdwhat's afm?03:15
*** bindi has joined #harmattan03:15
javispedrowould anyone understand why the qt doc writer meant here by "wrapped in a typedef macro"?03:16
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC03:17
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan03:18
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: that paragraph is an abomination03:18
itsnotabigtruck"When using interger types for arguments...bass types"03:18
javispedroI understand that nothing forbids me from passing a struct03:19
javispedrobut my guts say that I will have to write the dbus marshaller by myself03:19
javispedroso the entire multipleplatformness goes down the toilet03:19
* javispedro tries to go back in time to warn myself to never spend time on this and use dbus directly03:20
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: i *think* what they mean03:22
itsnotabigtruckis a typedef to an incomplete struct/class type03:22
itsnotabigtruckwell, a pointer thereof03:22
javispedrowho would want to pass a pointer, this is ipc03:22
itsnotabigtrucklike typedef struct tag_cn_uber_object *cn_uber_object_t;03:23
javispedrobut yeah, seems like it03:23
itsnotabigtruckthey're saying you can't move the contents of the cn_uber_object_t through dbus03:23
itsnotabigtrucki think...whoever wrote that has no business writing documentation03:23
* javispedro ponders sending a QVariantMap instead of string will be easier03:24
javispedro*of a struct03:24
itsnotabigtruckalso virtuald: afm = apps for meego03:24
virtualdhmm i used to have a program named dip in debian that i used for serial consoles, now i can't find it03:24
itsnotabigtrucki wonder if it's a coincidence that both sites are down at once03:24
javispedrovirtuald: if you want a quick test, just plug the n9, enter "connect & sync mode", and do something funny like "echo ATDT $yourlocalpolicestationnumber > /dev/ttyACM0"03:25
itsnotabigtruckeh, must be a coincidence03:25
javispedroitsnotabigtruck: both use akamai03:25
itsnotabigtruckapps for meego = CDN'd through akamai03:25
virtualdjavispedro: you don't know the code for voice calls?03:25
itsnotabigtruckharmattan-dev = ip is for some datacenter in helsinki03:25
itsnotabigtruck(not akamai)03:25
javispedrovirtuald: that's actually voice :)03:25
itsnotabigtrucker, wait03:26
itsnotabigtruckno, you're right, it is akamai03:26
javispedroitsnotabigtruck: they surely were a month ago03:26
itsnotabigtrucklet me double check03:26
javispedrovirtuald: yes, callui will show up in the phone if you do it03:26
javispedrovirtuald: of course, don't dial the police station though :)03:26
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: i got them backward03:26
itsnotabigtruckappsformeego is in the helsinki datacenter03:26
itsnotabigtruckharmattan-dev is akamai03:26
virtualdjavispedro: i think they have a menu03:27
itsnotabigtruck^ that's apps for meego03:27
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC03:33
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: even though that AT line requests a data connection?03:33
itsnotabigtrucki'd have expected it to fail since i don't think CSD (cellular services daemon) knows about CSD (circuit switched data) :p03:34
javispedrothis is not actually a "modem" per se03:35
virtualdhmm nothing happens when i press keys in minicom03:36
virtualdno echo, no errors when i press enter03:36
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: well, it's still trying to emulate the modem command language03:37
itsnotabigtruckold cellular networks and old cell phones actually did support actual modem connections over gsm03:38
itsnotabigtruckit's just out of fashion these days03:38
*** GeneralAntilles1 is now known as GeneralAntilles03:39
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virtualdmoserial gtk app works03:41
*** risca has quit IRC03:42
*** risca has joined #harmattan03:42
*** risca has quit IRC03:42
*** bindi has joined #harmattan03:43
virtualdAT+CSIM commands don't03:43
virtualdi could read the imsi though :>03:44
*** keitsi has quit IRC03:44
itsnotabigtruckit would be nice to have dynamic range compression on my laptop03:45
javispedrominicom also works, but it is not minicom $PORT, rather minicom -D $PORT03:45
itsnotabigtrucknot all the time, just when i need it03:45
*** adlan has joined #harmattan03:45
itsnotabigtrucki hate it when songs/vids/etc. have excessive headroom = too quiet on wimpy laptop speakers03:45
virtualdok i don't like minicom anyway03:45
virtualdit's too user unfriendly03:45
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*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan03:46
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*** nid0 has quit IRC03:47
*** adlan has quit IRC03:48
*** javispedro has quit IRC03:49
*** adlan has joined #harmattan03:49
itsnotabigtruckhas anyone built tor for harmattan yet03:54
*** keitsi has joined #harmattan03:54
virtualdbeen thinking about it but wouldn't that drain the battery really fast?03:55
AndrewX192Anyone know how to gett the cellular tower ID via a basic shell script on the N9?03:57
*** bindi has joined #harmattan03:58
itsnotabigtruckugh, damn harmattan and its non-standard package names04:00
itsnotabigtruck(and the sdk repo for including entirely broken packages)04:00
itsnotabigtrucker, never mind, it was actually a community repo package that was causing trouble, hrm04:03
AndrewX192itsnotabigtruck: my store is still broken too04:03
*** pyhimys has joined #harmattan04:03
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: this is unrelated...but that's no good04:03
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: i think i already pestered you about this before, but any chance you could register a QA approval for ad-hac on appsformeego?04:04
itsnotabigtruckit's at 2 out of 6 required04:04
*** frals has joined #harmattan04:04
*** frals has joined #harmattan04:04
AndrewX192I haven't had a chance to test it yet04:04
itsnotabigtruckas for the broken store thing, i'm low on ideas04:04
AndrewX192I have installed though04:04
AndrewX192The app starts04:04
AndrewX192But I haven't created a AP04:04
AndrewX192And apparently my meego account that I thought I had doesn't exist04:05
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: well, if the app starts, that proves it worked :p04:05
AndrewX192As long as the application works after it starts :P04:05
*** amppa has quit IRC04:05
*** ab has joined #harmattan04:05
*** ab has quit IRC04:05
*** ab has joined #harmattan04:05
AndrewX192USB tethering worked though (unrelated)04:06
AndrewX192acceptable speeds
AndrewX192Not as good as the N900 though04:06
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: nice04:07
itsnotabigtrucki never get that sort of speed on at&t04:07
itsnotabigtruckbut that's because i'm not in an hspa+ zone04:07
AndrewX192The N900 got almost 9Mb/s down04:07
AndrewX192And a lower ping time04:07
itsnotabigtruckyou sure that was an accurate test?04:07
AndrewX192I did it a few times04:08
itsnotabigtruckrzr: it appears libevent in your repository has borked dependencies04:08
*** mardy has joined #harmattan04:08
AndrewX192mid-day here04:08
itsnotabigtruckspecifically libevent-openssl-2.0-5 depends on libssl1.0.004:08
AndrewX192It's better at night04:08
itsnotabigtruckbut harmattan calls it libssl104:08
itsnotabigtruckthis makes libevent-openssl-2.0-5 and therefore libevent-dev impossible to install04:09
AndrewX192As much as I like the N9, I'll be getting data back on my N900 soon04:09
AndrewX192The terminal on the N9 is not good enough04:10
*** tomma has joined #harmattan04:10
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: what's the point to using the terminal on-device anyway04:11
itsnotabigtruckit's an exercise in frustration but it's also rarely necessary04:11
itsnotabigtrucknow, over ssh it's very useful04:11
AndrewX192Terminal was my #1 application on the N90004:11
AndrewX192Before the web browser even04:11
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC04:13
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan04:14
*** zk8 has quit IRC04:22
Enforcerwhats bad about n9 terminal?04:33
SpeedEvilosk is annoying04:33
itsnotabigtruckEnforcer: yeah, mostly just tricky to key things in04:34
Enforceryou do realise the osk is multitouch?04:34
itsnotabigtruckSpeedEvil: if you're using ad-hac, any chance you could register a qa approval on appsformeego?04:35
itsnotabigtrucksorry for haranguing everybody, and also i'm not sure if you're using it, i don't quite remember where everyone is :p04:35
SpeedEvilitsnotabigtruck: UK here.04:35
itsnotabigtruckah right, you told me that before04:35
SpeedEvilAlso - does it even apply to n950?04:35
itsnotabigtrucki'm pretty sure it does, yeah04:35
itsnotabigtruckbut it doesn't apply to brits, so never mind :p (go to sleep, yikes!)04:36
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC04:36
SpeedEvilI'm finalising my grocery shopping order.04:36
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan04:36
itsnotabigtruckEnforcer: it's more punctuation and arrows that are a major pita04:37
itsnotabigtruckand multitouch doesn't really help with anything04:37
itsnotabigtruckalso it looks like apps for meego is back up now04:38
itsnotabigtruckso is harmattan-dev04:38
AndrewX192Enforcer: the keyboard is huge04:52
AndrewX192I really don't understand why I can't copy things out out of N9 Mail04:52
AndrewX192Someone should fix that04:53
AndrewX192Big time04:53
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: you can temporarily dismiss the keyboard, if that helps04:55
AndrewX192Yeah, I know04:59
AndrewX192But the gesture isnt's great05:00
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*** oberling_ has joined #harmattan05:05
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*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan05:06
*** oberling has quit IRC05:08
*** Guest98574 is now known as Aranel05:10
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan05:10
*** Aranel has quit IRC05:17
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*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan05:34
itsnotabigtruckwe need a proper working wifi scanner05:44
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan05:46
*** Milhouse has quit IRC05:56
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan05:58
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*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan05:59
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan06:05
itsnotabigtrucklooks like nokia published an update to the SDK at some point06:22
itsnotabigtruckenergy-profiler from 1.2.0+0m6 to 1.4.4+0m606:23
itsnotabigtrucklibfcam, libfcam-dev added06:23
itsnotabigtrucklibndefpush, libndefpush-dev added06:23
itsnotabigtrucklibnep0 from 1.2.0+0m6 to 1.4.1+0m606:23
itsnotabigtrucklibnfcctl, libnfcdal, libnfcflib, libnfcchal, libnfcosal, libnfcstack added06:24
itsnotabigtruckand some other little changes06:26
itsnotabigtruckso net effect: FCam and quite a few NFC libs added, plus some minor package updates06:26
itsnotabigtruckalso it appears they renamed the repo from harmattan-beta3 to harmattan06:26
itsnotabigtruckhowever, this still isn't a real pr1.2 sdk :/06:27
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC06:27
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan06:27
AndrewX192Trying to get USB tethering on the N9 <-> N90006:50
AndrewX192Ended up with a N9 charging from the N90006:50
befordnot bad06:51
AndrewX192The N9 won't last long that way06:52
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: might you be able to tether via bluetooth?06:55
AndrewX192I don't know06:55
AndrewX192WEP isn't acceptable06:55
AndrewX192So I'd rather do USB or something06:55
AndrewX192I have AES256 + instant lock + remote whipe on the N90006:56
*** hardaker has quit IRC06:56
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC06:56
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan06:57
itsnotabigtruckthat's one thing i want to eventually do with inception07:00
itsnotabigtruckffe (full flash encryption)07:01
itsnotabigtruckboot to a minimal system, authenticate to ffe, unlock and reinit system07:01
befordtalking about that, does the n9 has some lock code that I have not seen?07:16
AndrewX192Yeah, the N9 has a lock code07:17
AndrewX192 <- lol @ Dave999 on TMO07:17
befordoh yea there is. now I remember some people complained about it autoactivating when using MfE and being unable to unlock07:18
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC07:20
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan07:20
jonniby default lock code is empty07:26
*** GeorgeH has quit IRC07:28
jonniolder protoes had a non-empty default lock code, but end users should not have gotten those devices.07:29
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan07:30
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan07:47
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC07:49
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan07:49
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC08:17
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan08:17
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan08:18
djszapiany native English speaker online ?08:18
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan08:26
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan08:27
*** befr0d has joined #harmattan08:34
*** beford has quit IRC08:34
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC08:41
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan08:41
*** dm8tbr has joined #harmattan08:46
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC08:50
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan08:56
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC08:59
*** X-Fade has quit IRC09:03
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC09:03
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan09:04
*** dm8tbr has joined #harmattan09:08
*** psycho_oreos has joined #harmattan09:09
Sazpaimondjszapi, still need help?09:10
djszapiSazpaimon: yeah, pm ?09:11
djszapi -> well, it is also good here. I need a sanity review :)09:11
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC09:13
Sazpaimonoh boy09:13
Sazpaimongive me a few minutes to read this over09:13
Sazpaimonright away09:14
SazpaimonThere is a paradigm shift nowadays ongoing how we use computers and devices.09:14
djszapiplease not here...09:14
Sazpaimonokay okay09:14
djszapieither edit or, discuss the details in private.09:14
*** befr0d has quit IRC09:16
*** lamikr has quit IRC09:21
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan09:23
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC09:28
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan09:29
*** dm8tbr has joined #harmattan09:33
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC09:35
djszapimmh, I need to request the availability for showing up an application during the presentation to the audience... Does somebody know how it works ?09:36
djszapiIs it just a simple cable between the beamer and the potential phone, or is it some extra gadget ?09:37
diorahmanwow djszapi paradigm shift!09:41
psycho_oreositsnotabigtruck, ping09:44
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan09:45
diorahmandjszapi: is that for a KDE conf?09:48
djszapidiorahman: yep, akamdemy.09:48
diorahmanah cool09:48
djszapipsycho_oreos: he is sleeping.09:49
psycho_oreosdjszapi, bah, thanks09:49
djszapiso what is the name of the cable ?09:53
djszapihow to ask for that from the organizers ?09:53
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC09:56
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan09:56
jonniif you mean N9, then dataprojector just needs to have composite inputs, you can use same composite output cable on n9 that you use on n900, and if I remember right even N9 box came with the cable.09:59
*** rnovacek has joined #harmattan09:59
djszapijonni: I do not have it by hand, and I would not like to look for it either10:00
djszapimoreover, the hosting place should provide one any way10:00
djszapiso I am still looking for the exact name I can write to the organizers.10:00
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan10:01
jonnidjszapi: just tell them to buy this one:
*** leinir has quit IRC10:02
jonniCA-75U cable10:02
djszapijonni: thanks.10:03
jonni‎if I remember right tvout is locked in either portrait or landscape mode, so you might want to check it beforehand so there wont be suprices in the presentation :)10:05
ghjgfjghjbn2does the N900 video cable work for N9?10:05
jonnighjgfjghjbn2: yes it does10:05
*** gabriel9|work has joined #harmattan10:05
*** niqt has joined #harmattan10:06
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan10:06
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan10:11
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan10:14
*** leinir has joined #harmattan10:20
*** torarne1 is now known as torarne10:22
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC10:24
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan10:24
*** KRF has quit IRC10:25
*** KRF has joined #harmattan10:26
*** aleksander_m has joined #harmattan10:40
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC10:41
*** aleksander_m has joined #harmattan10:41
*** Swerige has quit IRC10:45
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC10:48
*** tbf has joined #harmattan10:48
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan10:48
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan10:51
*** npm has quit IRC11:01
*** diorahman has quit IRC11:05
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan11:05
*** mairas has joined #harmattan11:07
*** nid0 has quit IRC11:09
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC11:10
djszapijonni: ok :)11:10
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC11:11
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan11:11
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan11:12
petterin9 tv-out is nice. Sadly the cable which came with N900 is quite short11:13
*** ajalkane has quit IRC11:14
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC11:15
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan11:15
fluxit's funny how n9 line-out doesn't connect to my car AUX port. it doesn't understand there's anything connected. n900 works fine..11:16
fluxI guess I need to solder some resistor there to encourage it a bit11:16
*** aleksander_m has joined #harmattan11:17
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan11:22
ajalkaneWeird, I'm sure RzR's repo used to have screen. But now I couldn't find it.11:22
djszapiajalkane: I pushed it to the applications.11:22
ajalkanedjszapi: what does that mean and what can I do the get it now?11:25
djszapiajalkane: I am busy at work, but I can describe it this evening11:26
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan11:27
ajalkane(I should be busy at work also actually :)11:27
djszapiajalkane: but the idea is that we made a mess11:27
djszapi500 packages in one repo -> nightmare.11:27
djszapiwe need to split them up into several dedicated repositories, like middleware, applications, etc11:28
djszapiso what you can do is adding the appliations repository in a nutshell (might be broken, no warranty at this stage)11:28
djszapibut both repositories will hopefully be gone, so do not rely too much on them in the long future.11:29
ajalkaneThanks... I only need a couple tools, for own use11:31
djszapiyou better push them into ovi or apps4meego11:32
*** tjaalton has joined #harmattan11:33
tjaaltonanyone using qtsdk on ubuntu 12.04beta? the Design window seems to misbehave, it doesn't draw any widgets on the preview window11:35
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC11:35
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan11:35
ajalkaneIsn't the design view pretty useless with harmattan components? At least it was in the summer. I've never used it with any Ubuntu version.11:36
tjaaltoncould well be, sounds strange though11:38
*** aquarius has quit IRC11:38
petteriit does not work11:38
MohammadAGNo designer on harmattan11:39
MohammadAGAnother reason I went with mtf11:39
petteriit is really easy just write down qml stuff by hand11:40
deramgood thing they did not base qml on xml11:41
djszapipetteri: +111:41
MohammadAGdjszapi: MTF traitor11:41
tjaaltonwhat's mtf?11:42
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC11:44
MohammadAGThe framework all core apps are written in11:45
MohammadAGFacebook and Twitter don't count11:46
djszapisimilar to wtf11:57
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC11:59
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan11:59
* jreznik writes qml by hand, even I did the same for qwidgets based apps12:03
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan12:11
gabriel9|workthis is nice from NOKIA:
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan12:16
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC12:16
*** adlan has quit IRC12:17
jreznikgabriel9|work: +112:23
*** pinheiro has quit IRC12:24
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan12:25
jonniflux: you mean 2xrca, or what kind of aux port?12:26
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan12:26
jonniflux: or you mean 3.5mm headphone connection, in which case you need to get that 4pin to normal 3pin adapter inbetween.12:29
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan12:32
*** pinheiro has quit IRC12:33
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC12:35
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan12:35
fluxjonni, 2xrca in stereo, miniplug-rca-adapter12:55
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan12:57
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC12:57
*** lamikr_ has joined #harmattan12:57
jonniflux: and your minuplug side has 3 connection points (and not the 4 like N9 requires)? in which case you still need that 4pin to 3pin adapter. Or you N9/N900 tvout cable, since that has 4-pin miniplug and those 2 rca audios12:59
*** lamikr has quit IRC12:59
jonnior you should use...12:59
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan12:59
jonni== N9 minuplug is not standard, even if standard headphones would fit into it ;)13:00
*** lamikr_ has quit IRC13:00
*** mece has joined #harmattan13:02
MohammadAGStandard headphones work in it13:03
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan13:03
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan13:04
jonniMohammadAG: not all work without adapter13:05
jonniI've had to get few adapters for some models13:06
MohammadAGjonni: Then they're not standard13:09
MohammadAGAll made for iPhone ones are non standard13:09
jonniMohammadAG: I know, nokia uses 4-pole plug, and normal headphones uses 3-pole plugs13:10
MohammadAGAnd those with13:10
MohammadAGA mic also don't work13:10
jonniiphone uses 4-pole plugs also, but they are in different order than nokias 4-pole plugs :)13:10
jonnijust to make them imcompatiple13:10
jonni  vs
kimjuI've heard that some Nokia headsets in USA and rest of the world have different pinouts. any idea if that is true?13:18
jonniso there are adapters to cross 3-4 connection, and to make 4-pole connecio to tandar 3-pole connectio13:18
deramiPhone headsets use different headsets than rest of the phones on 3.5mm plug.13:19
jonnikimju: it depens, like e71   has yet another pin order for 4 pins13:19
deramthere may be cases where other manufacturers have used the iPhone pin order for model marketed in US13:20
jonniso you need to know your phone model and get matching adapter to get 3-pole standard headset to work in n9 or iphone13:20
jonnimy akg headphones came in a box which had seperate adapters for iphone and nokia phones13:21
deramheadphones work on both just fine, the mic is the difference13:22
jonnideram: that depends on luck, some 3-pole adapter shortcircuit to 4th pole and there is no audio coming out in that case13:23
jonnijust depends on the length of those 3 poles13:24
*** xarcass has quit IRC13:24
deramthe TRRS vs TRS plugs are specified so, that the second ring may be shorted to the sleeve, which is the ground in the standard case13:24
deramin iPhone pinout the second ring is the ground, and sleeve is the microphone..13:25
deramso in some cases the audio is actually going through the microphone to reach the common ground13:25
jonnibut in nokia phones its usually pin4 which is the ground13:25
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan13:25
deramnokia and most of the android manufacturers mostly obey the original TRS-plug comatibility standards13:26
jonniwhich causes problems on quite many headphones13:26
deramit should not cause, since the second ring in that plug is taken from the length of the sleeve used for grounding13:27
derambut it causes, if the headset has the TRRS-type plug..13:28
jonnideram: so you are saying that normal 3-pin headphones should work, even when N9 connector has pin1 left, pin2 right, pin3 mic and pin4 ground?13:30
deramjonni: yes13:30
jonnideram: so why doesnt fluxes 3-pin to 2-rca cable work then?13:30
deramit will short the mic to ground, thus saying to the phone that this is just headphones without microphone13:30
deramI just connected my N9 to my Audiopro Addon One active speakers using 3pin/TRS-plug cable13:32
deramand the sound just works13:32
deramthis setup should be exactly the same as the fluxes setup, to what the phone understands about it13:33
fluxI guess I will need to get my n900 video cable then13:33
fluxit won't think I have an external tv then?13:34
fluxI think I would prefer a miniplug-nokia-miniplugi-adapter, so I wouldn't need to fish the existing cable out :)13:34
jonnior it might be that automatic detection doesnt work without some resistor on the other end. or try with adapter13:35
deramyes.. if the car amplifier has high impedance inputs (as it probably does) the phone might think there is no device connected or even that the other end is TV13:36
MohammadAGMy AKG phones dont work on the N950 or N900 but work fine on my laptop13:37
deramjust to be sure, Iused also the standard miniplug to 2x RCA cable to connect my phobne to Denon AV receiver amplifier, and it just works just as it should13:38
fluxI think I would be happy if I just were able to tell n9 that please, push some audio through that port13:39
fluxI think it's still electrically connected13:39
deramflux: have you tried that the port works with normal haedphones?13:41
fluxderam, yes. works.13:41
deramthat is strange then.13:42
*** niqt has quit IRC13:44
jonniforum does have few threads about headset detection problems, so it might vary depending what you connect to it13:46
*** djszapi has left #harmattan13:52
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan13:54
jonniflux: ofcourse its just sw so you can in thery just hack twl5031_aci kernel module :)13:55
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan13:55
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC13:57
jonniflux: heh actually you can just echo to sys kernel to force detection and audio out. let me pm you the details13:58
fluxjonni, thanks ;)13:58
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan14:15
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan14:15
*** diorahman has quit IRC14:15
djszapijonni: p14:19
djszapidoes the CA-75U cable work with the N950 devices ?14:19
*** aquarius has quit IRC14:21
*** ghjgfjghjbn2 has quit IRC14:24
*** aquarius has joined #harmattan14:29
*** lfrb has quit IRC14:38
*** lfrb has joined #harmattan14:38
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan14:58
itsnotabigtruckpsycho_oreos: what's up15:07
MohammadAGjonni: PM them to me too if you don't mind :p15:12
*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan15:16
*** tbf has quit IRC15:19
divan0my N950 has stopped showing battery status. Battery shows 0% and charging doesn't work when plugged into USB (but USB is connected well) Is it me or it's known issue?15:36
*** xarcass has quit IRC15:38
*** djszapi has left #harmattan15:39
*** jluisn_ has joined #harmattan15:41
*** hhartz has joined #harmattan15:42
divan0Is it normal?  dmesg | grep bme - "init: bme main process (369) terminated with status 1; init: bme main process ended, respawning"15:43
*** jluisn has quit IRC15:43
*** Iktwo has joined #harmattan15:49
*** niqt has joined #harmattan15:53
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan15:57
djszapi :)15:57
itsnotabigtruckdivan0: hrm, that's not good16:00
itsnotabigtruckis the bme running?16:01
itsnotabigtruckps aux | grep bme16:01
divan0itsnotabigtruck: only hal helper16:01
*** Diagar has joined #harmattan16:01
divan0I rebooted device twice, seems bme dies on start.16:02
itsnotabigtruckdivan0: what if you run bme from devel-su16:03
itsnotabigtruckdo you get any interesting errors16:03
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:05
Iktwoitsnotabigtruck: hahahaha16:10
*** lmoura has quit IRC16:11
itsnotabigtruckIktwo: any progress on your wifi scanner?16:17
IktwoNo :( a russian guy released one that does what I wanted without wireless-tools16:18
IktwoI checked credentials of his app16:18
Iktwoan found weird things16:18
Iktwolike CAP::sys_chroot16:18
Iktwoor FacebookSocial16:18
Iktwoalso icd2:icd2-plugin so I'm sure it has to be something related to icd2, I emailed him asking if he is releasing the source code or if he could help pointing me in the right direction16:19
itsnotabigtruckIktwo: is it published yet16:20
itsnotabigtruckthat sounds peculiar16:20
itsnotabigtrucki still don't understand why you haven't gone and fixed the credentials of your app yet16:20
Iktwowhy would he need FacebookSocial credential?16:20
Iktwobecause I don't want to use wireless-tools it's not the right way16:21
itsnotabigtruckit's quite simple a) take out the aegis manifest, b) reinstall, c) keep running it using aegis-exec and narrow down the credentials16:21
IktwoI need to get it working usin icd216:21
itsnotabigtruckIktwo: it looks like meewiman doesn't actually have an aegis manfiest16:22
Iktwono? I ran accli -p PID -I16:22
Iktwoand saw that facebook thing..16:22
itsnotabigtruckare you sure you didn't just see all the developer credentials16:23
itsnotabigtruckor something like that16:23
Iktwomaybe, I just ran that command, but maybe I did saw wrong output16:24
itsnotabigtruckcompare it to accli -I from develsh16:25
Iktwoit's the same16:25
Iktwoso I saw wrong output16:25
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan16:27
Iktwothe real output it's just UID:user GRP:users16:27
Diagarany girl16:28
Diagarany girl16:28
MohammadAGyay Harmattan sysroot update16:28
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: sysroot update?16:29
itsnotabigtruckDiagar: you sure you're in the right channel... :p16:29
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, from 1.1 to 1.2 I think16:30
Diagarhhh ys16:30
Diagari like ukranian girlz16:30
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: oh, this:
*** hhartz has quit IRC16:31
itsnotabigtruckexcept it's not the real pr1.2 sdk16:31
*** Diagar has quit IRC16:32
IktwoDiagar I like unkarnian girlz too, but I ain't asking here..16:32
itsnotabigtruckthey're still crippling things to pr1.0 level16:32
itsnotabigtruck(wtf ^^)16:32
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG Iktwo: know of any interesting fcam-based apps16:34
itsnotabigtrucknow that the headers are out16:34
*** danielcbit has joined #harmattan16:34
*** lmoura has joined #harmattan16:34
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, no, but making one should be easy16:34
MohammadAGin MTF of course16:34
IktwoI saw you asked on TMO I've used FCam on N900, but I don't know something special16:34
MohammadAGthe C++ backends would be from fcamera on the N90016:34
danielcbitHi Everybody.16:35
divan0itsnotabigtruck: strace -e trace=open bme_RX-71 -> "open("/tmp/.bmeevt", O_RDWR|O_CREAT, 0644) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)"16:35
divan0after deleting .bmeevt it traps on "open("/var/run/", O_RDONLY)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)"16:35
danielcbitFor some days I've been having some problems regarding UI being launched by a daemon and the vkb not showing up.16:36
itsnotabigtruckdivan0: hrm...better check the perms on those then16:36
danielcbitToday I found the source of my problems. And I'd like to share with you.16:37
danielcbitFor vkb to show in Qt Apps in Harmattan, an env variable has to be set. it is QT_IM_MODULE=MInputContext16:38
divan0itsnotabigtruck: does bme_RX-71 stands for bme server?16:38
Iktwodanielcbit: thanks16:38
itsnotabigtruckit stands for battery management entity - rx-7116:38
danielcbitWithout this variable being set in the env. The virtual keyboard doesn't show.16:38
itsnotabigtruckand rx-71 is a model code that got scrapped16:38
itsnotabigtruckprobably turned into rm-696 or rm-68016:39
danielcbitSo, if some UI app is runned from a daemon toy have to set DISPLAY=:0 and QT_IM_MODULE=MInputContext for it to work correctly.16:39
Jarehas anyone experienced choppy audio with sip calls over wifi? I'm getting around 30 rtp packets per minute with a wrong timestamp in the other end16:41
Jarethe same count over 3G is 016:41
*** Khertan has joined #harmattan16:44
danielcbitJare: Couldn't  this be related to slow network or some sort of port blocking?16:45
KhertanHello !16:45
danielcbitJare: Some telcos don't allow voip traffic in their networks. Or do some traffic shaping on it.16:46
KhertanI facing some strange problem launching python apps via /usr/bin/invoker ... it s use 70% of cpu ... is there any know issue using it with python ?16:46
divan0itsnotabigtruck: can you show your output for 'ps ax | grep bme'? :)16:46
ajalkanedanielcbit: interesting, thanks16:48
Khertanany idea ?16:48
Jaredanielcbit: it's my own network. 54Mbps (g standard) wifi and 1Gbps ethernet to the server. I have no problems using a softphone in the same wifi16:48
Jareand it shouldn't be a server problem since I'm capturing the packets before they reach the sip server16:50
ajalkanedanielcbit: have you tried if just running the daemon using "aegis-exec -l" sets the correct variables?16:50
*** trx has quit IRC16:51
danielcbitajalkane: As it runs as daemon. A login shell would not work.16:52
merlin1991oh shit I just realized I have to upgrade my harmattan scratchbox16:54
* merlin1991 is expecting breaks16:54
ajalkanedanielcbit: it only simulates login shell. I seem to remember using that switch sets the DISPLAY variable so was wondering if that other is set too16:54
ajalkaneThose environment variables are set in /etc/profile so perhaps that "simulate login shell" also runs it16:55
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan16:56
ZogG_laptopKhertan: ping16:57
*** trx has joined #harmattan16:57
KhertanZogG_laptop: pong16:59
KhertanZogG_laptop: 50% packet loss ?17:00
divan0Guys, if bme is stopped, does battery actually charges or not, when plugged into USB or wall-charger?17:01
*** npm has joined #harmattan17:02
MohammadAGprobably, but very slowly17:02
MohammadAGso you'd probably be losing more battery power than gaining17:02
*** beford has joined #harmattan17:03
*** jreznik_n9__ has joined #harmattan17:03
*** jreznik_n9__ has quit IRC17:03
divan0so I need to figure out how to fix bme before battery will be empty17:03
MohammadAGor ask DocScrutinizer how to kick in proper charging17:04
ajalkaneQuite an exciting race against time17:04
*** Iktwo has quit IRC17:05
divan0DocScrutinizer: ping17:08
*** jreznik_n9__ has joined #harmattan17:08
*** jreznik_n9__ has quit IRC17:08
*** jreznik_n9__ has joined #harmattan17:09
*** cvaldemar has quit IRC17:09
befordhow did you break it17:11
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan17:11
divan0beford: dunno. I got lockscreen freeze and rebooted device, then noticed that batterly level is 0% but device working.17:13
divan0oh. seems I've fixed. removed /tmp/.bme* files and rebooted.17:13
MohammadAGwhat is shortening the shown text and ... to the end called?17:14
MohammadAGand adding...*17:14
*** risca has joined #harmattan17:14
ajalkanetime to go17:15
*** ajalkane has quit IRC17:15
*** ghjgfjghjbn has joined #harmattan17:16
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:19
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: sup17:22
*** lizardo_ has joined #harmattan17:26
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:26
*** lizardo_ has quit IRC17:26
*** Free-MG has joined #harmattan17:26
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, nm17:32
MohammadAGI need a QRegExp for a URL17:33
itsnotabigtruckwhat's up17:37
itsnotabigtruckis it just me or is the pace of things on tmo etc. kinda slowing down17:39
KhertanZogG_laptop: ping ?17:40
itsnotabigtruckbtw MohammadAG: consider maybe making a duicontrolpanel applet for your led event notifier? it would be cool to turn it on or off from settings17:41
* Khertan launch a ballistic nuclear missile targetting the guy which create /usr/bin/invoker17:41
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: what problem are you having17:42
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: average cpu use of 90%17:42
Khertanwhen i launch my python program17:42
befordblame python17:42
Khertanworks like a charm without that piece of shit17:43
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: is the cpu usage coming from invoker or your program17:43
itsnotabigtruckinvoker is open source, read through it and see if you can figure out where it's going wrong17:43
ZogG_laptopKhertan: istalled manually python-pyside and got apps4meego client update, the editor installed fine, the question which one was the solution?17:43
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ?17:43
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: invoker is the source of the problem17:44
Khertanlaunching normally cpu usage is under 2%17:44
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, Harmattan development is proving a bit hard17:44
KhertanZogG_laptop: don't know ... apps4meego have strange problem too on my device17:45
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: i didn't say "source of the problem", i said, is invoker actually consuming the cpu17:45
itsnotabigtruckor is using invoker causing behavior in your app17:45
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, but Im willing to be there are no example of a duicontrolpanel applet17:45
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: most of the stock duicontrolpanel applets are open source actually17:45
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: no behavior ... just probably source of eating cpu17:45
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: use htop to watch the cpu usage17:46
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: duicontrol applet is the popup in the top?17:46
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, oh really? cool17:46
itsnotabigtruckZogG_laptop: it's the settings program17:46
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, umm, afaik those were dropped in harmattan17:46
MohammadAGcould be wrong though17:46
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: this is what i use to see it :)17:46
itsnotabigtruckit's called "duicontrolpanel" (DirectUI Control Panel) under the hood17:46
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:46
*** jreznik_n9__ has quit IRC17:46
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: nah, i'm fairly certain those are it17:46
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: than there is source for app that is acctually only setting and daemon - the feed-calendar one17:47
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: in fact you can tell because that repo i linked, it has pr10/11/12/13 forks17:47
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, cool, thanks17:47
itsnotabigtruckwell, branches, not forks17:47
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: calendar feed* it's on gitoriuos17:48
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: did you see any error in such line : /usr/bin/invoker --type=e /usr/local/bin/ --single-instance17:48
*** sp3000 has quit IRC17:48
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: no...but what i'm thinking is either17:48
itsnotabigtrucka) invoker is aegis-aware - it might be causing weird behavior in your app by dropping caps17:49
itsnotabigtruckb) invoker's single instance code might break with python guis, or the specific way you spawn your python gui17:49
itsnotabigtrucke.g. maybe it's spinning forever waiting for your gui to appear or something17:49
itsnotabigtruckoh, also17:49
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: my apps is just a simple text editor creating a QApplication in a qdeclarative view17:50
itsnotabigtruckthe --single-instance part can be shortened to -s and it should come before the path17:50
Khertanah ... will try :)17:50
itsnotabigtruckalso it looks like invoker has a -c flag that prints out the credentials assigned to your program17:51
itsnotabigtruckso play with that too17:51
MohammadAGmessage.replace(QRegExp("((?:https?|ftp)://\\S+)"), "<a href=\"\\1\">\\1</a>") muhahahaha found it17:51
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: hum ... playing with flag ... i discover that using -w is resolving high cpu usage17:51
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: that's says -w is the default17:52
itsnotabigtruckbtw Khertan MohammadAG: any chance you guys could enter qa approvals for ad-hac on appsformeego? i know you have no real use for it, but...17:55
itsnotabigtruckinstall it and verify that it doesn't cause your n9 to erupt in a nuclear firestorm or something first though :p17:55
*** rnovacek has quit IRC17:55
itsnotabigtruckthe problem is that hardly anyone has accounts and out of those that do, few care to enter qa approvals, meaning everything is stuck in testing forever17:56
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: also let me know when you put the new version into afm so i can test/approve17:56
*** jaywink_ has joined #harmattan17:57
*** sp3000 has joined #harmattan17:59
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: ok18:02
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: what the process to validate that an in testing is ok ?18:04
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: just leaving a comment ?18:04
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: there is QA questions on site itself18:05
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: ok ... -w wasn't enough18:05
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: it s eating cpu again18:05
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: you click the button saying Community QA18:05
itsnotabigtrucklog into your account18:05
itsnotabigtrucktick the checkbox at the top18:05
itsnotabigtruckmake sure everything listed works correctly18:06
itsnotabigtrucksubmit the form18:06
itsnotabigtruckcomments don't do anything - that's the problem18:06
itsnotabigtruckthere's a lot of apps with e.g. 5 comments and 0 qa approvals18:06
itsnotabigtruckbecause people are commenting but they aren't approving18:06
Khertanitsnotabigtruck: maybe are they just using the n9 client :)18:07
itsnotabigtruckgp :p18:09
ZogG_laptopitsnotabigtruck: jabber?18:10
itsnotabigtruckZogG_laptop: sure18:10
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC18:11
KhertanRahahahah that fucking invoker is required for OVI18:11
ZogG_laptopha i think i deleted it from desktop file as it wouldn't start my app18:12
Khertanme start it ... but then eat cpu18:12
ZogG_laptopKhertan: rm -rf /18:15
*** Anssi138 has joined #harmattan18:15
Khertanyeah !18:15
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:16
*** twoboxen has joined #harmattan18:21
twoboxenso who has flashed the open kernel on PR1.2? :)18:22
*** leinir has quit IRC18:24
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:25
*** Khertan has quit IRC18:28
*** heymaster has quit IRC18:30
*** risca has quit IRC18:30
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan18:31
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: haven't over here, though supposedly it works18:31
itsnotabigtruckyou could just get incepted instead :)18:32
twoboxeninception doesn't allow chroot18:32
twoboxenthat's my main reason :)18:32
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: actually, it does18:33
itsnotabigtruckinstall inception, opensh, and aegisctl18:33
itsnotabigtruckyou don't need aegisctl at all actually to run something in a chroot as non-root18:33
itsnotabigtruckbut if you want to run things as root in the chroot you need to do aegisctl -s18:33
*** risca has joined #harmattan18:35
twoboxeni installed the first two18:37
twoboxendidn't use aegisctl18:37
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: it's new, so that's probably why :p18:37
twoboxeneh, I have a backup... time to play around.  I want to activate god mode on the device18:37
*** divan0 has quit IRC18:38
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: well, inception + opensh + aegisctl is just that18:38
itsnotabigtruckinstalling the custom kernel just makes aegis broken18:38
itsnotabigtruckopenmode will be useful for things like enhanced kernels and replacement operating systems18:40
twoboxenyeah, nitdroid18:40
twoboxenok, i'll first see if my needs are met by aegisctl18:40
itsnotabigtruckbut if you just want to control aegis it's way overkill and just causes a bunch of problems18:40
merlin1991X-Fade: ping18:40
*** leinir has joined #harmattan18:41
*** niqt has quit IRC18:41
*** niqt has joined #harmattan18:48
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:54
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan18:56
*** niqt_ has joined #harmattan18:58
*** niqt has quit IRC18:59
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan18:59
*** niqt_ has quit IRC19:02
*** niqt has joined #harmattan19:02
*** mairas has quit IRC19:02
*** adlan has joined #harmattan19:02
*** Swerige has joined #harmattan19:11
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:12
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan19:18
*** frals has quit IRC19:18
*** frals_ is now known as frals19:19
*** frals has quit IRC19:19
*** frals has joined #harmattan19:19
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC19:19
*** niqt_ has joined #harmattan19:21
*** niqt has quit IRC19:22
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan19:23
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:25
*** risca has quit IRC19:26
*** blueslee has quit IRC19:26
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan19:27
*** blueslee has quit IRC19:29
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan19:29
*** Free-MG has quit IRC19:33
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: any luck with aegisctl?19:35
*** blueslee has quit IRC19:36
twoboxenitsnotabigtruck: I have it installed, and I'm trying to understand usage19:36
danielcbitDoes somebody experience slow data transfers while updating app in PR1.2? Despite my 10 Mbps connection. All updates are very slow.19:36
twoboxenitsnotabigtruck: I modified my script with aegisctl -s chroot /home/user/debian /bin/zsh19:37
*** hhartz has joined #harmattan19:37
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: just fyi aegisctl doesn't run things19:38
itsnotabigtruckit's two different steps19:38
itsnotabigtruckalso aegisctl is global for the entire system19:38
twoboxenah, ok19:38
twoboxenthat explains it19:38
twoboxenso what would the steps be19:38
twoboxenopensh, devel-su, aegisctl, chroot?19:38
itsnotabigtruckdo devel-su before opensh19:39
itsnotabigtruckalso consider dropping capabilities inside the chroot, if you don't want it to be run as god mode19:39
twoboxenhow do you mean?19:39
itsnotabigtruckwell, for running chroot as a normal user, you would do something like19:39
twoboxenso you also said that open mode just breaks aegis... how does this work differently19:40
itsnotabigtruck/usr/bin/aegis-exec -c -a CAP::sys_chroot chroot /home/user/debian /usr/bin/aegis-exec -c /bin/zsh19:40
itsnotabigtruck(this assumes you installed the aegis utilities into the chroot)19:40
itsnotabigtruckyou could also install libcap2-bin into the chroot and use that to drop the caps19:41
itsnotabigtruckfor running the chroot as root19:41
itsnotabigtruckthen you'd instead want to do aegisctl -s19:41
twoboxeni'm in.19:41
twoboxenthanks :)19:41
twoboxenas root right now19:41
itsnotabigtruckanyway, just be mindful of what capabilities things inside the chroot run with19:41
twoboxenbut i can fix that later19:42
itsnotabigtruckdon't run everything as root all the time19:42
twoboxenso when i'm done do i need to do aegisctl +s?19:42
itsnotabigtruckfor script usage, you should do19:42
itsnotabigtruckaegisctl -s19:43
itsnotabigtruck# do something19:43
itsnotabigtruckaegisctl --really "$PREVFLAGS"19:43
twoboxenthat way if i had -s set before i'd still ahve it when done19:44
itsnotabigtruckit still affects the system globally and could have races or other interference if multiple programs are fooling with the flags19:44
twoboxenyeah, that would be my own fault19:44
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: did i already pester you about ad-hac?19:45
*** niqt_ has quit IRC19:45
twoboxen... No one pesters me except my coworkers19:46
itsnotabigtruckyou might find it useful, it allows you to use the wi-fi hotspot inside the us19:46
twoboxenis that just enabling that one flag... can't remember where19:46
twoboxenthat disables the sar prevention :)19:46
itsnotabigtruckif it works please put in a qa approval here with your account19:46
itsnotabigtrucksort of...most approaches turn the flag back on19:47
itsnotabigtruckmy approach prevents it from being turned off19:47
twoboxenyours is different?19:47
twoboxenhow do you do that?19:47
*** risca has joined #harmattan19:47
itsnotabigtrucksome creativity with dbus, you can look at the source package and see how19:47
itsnotabigtruckall it does is install a config file19:47
itsnotabigtruckright now it's stuck at 2/6 approvals (no one seems to think of approving apps on appsformeego)19:48
*** piggz has joined #harmattan19:48
twoboxeni'll go do so19:48
itsnotabigtruckawesome thanks19:48
piggzhas anyone upgraded QtSDK to the latest harmatten target?19:50
piggzif so, have you noticed increased app startup times?19:50
itsnotabigtruckpiggz: haven't tried it myself, i'm sure someone else has19:51
*** Termana has quit IRC19:51
itsnotabigtruckthey still neglected to release a real sdk for pr1.219:51
itsnotabigtruckor pr1.1 for that matter19:51
piggzitsnotabigtruck: what way do you mean not real?19:52
itsnotabigtruckpiggz: as plebeians we only have access to the PR1.0 SDK19:53
itsnotabigtruckwith some extra libs from later releases added in19:53
itsnotabigtruckthe idea is to force people to be compliant with ovi policy by not writing apps for >PR1.0 firmware19:53
itsnotabigtruckand that policy is due to nokia neglecting to add the ability to check firmware versions into the ovi store client19:54
itsnotabigtruckthis means that in order to do anything unusual that requires newer libraries, you have to go to extraordinary measures19:54
itsnotabigtruckand also have major trouble getting your app into appsformeego19:54
itsnotabigtruckeven though you're relying on existing libraries supplied by nokia with the firmware19:54
piggzitsnotabigtruck: but.......its still an awesome phone ;)19:56
itsnotabigtruckpiggz: it might be but nokia's mishandling of parts of it is infuriating19:56
piggzitsnotabigtruck: well, you could say alot of things in nokia are mis-handled :)19:57
piggzbut, its still allowing me tobe creative19:57
itsnotabigtruckpiggz: right, i'm not saying harmattan is /bad/ or that it doesn't allow 'being creative'19:58
itsnotabigtruckbut i don't like having to jump over obstacles that have no reason to be there in the first place19:58
piggzis there a list of differences between the PRs? .... by always using the latest, i guess you loose sight of what doesnt work in older versions19:59
itsnotabigtruckpiggz: well, 2 examples i know of19:59
itsnotabigtrucka) timed in 1.1 adds the ability to fire processes when the time/time zone is changed20:00
itsnotabigtruckwhich is very useful for triggering events that must occur whenever the day of month changes, and things like that20:00
itsnotabigtruckneeded that for calendarrr and end up doing a super ugly hack (copying headers/libs into my source package)20:00
*** rlinfati has joined #harmattan20:01
itsnotabigtruckb) 1.2 added signon-oauth2 for oauth credentials management20:01
itsnotabigtruck(added for use by the twitter client but has other applications)20:01
piggz...they added support for anna and belle in ovi store ...... they presumably could add support for minimum n9 versions20:01
itsnotabigtruckbut the headers needed to use it aren't shipped with the sdk20:01
itsnotabigtruckzogg needed that for his imgur client20:02
piggzooo...i need to re-write my latitude client by the end of the month to use are switching off oauth1 access20:02
piggzwas just going to use the webview trick20:02
lizardoitsnotabigtruck: where can I get the source code for ad-hac?20:02
merlin1991any ideas which token I need in order to set the date from a binary?20:03
itsnotabigtrucklizardo: it doesn't actually have source code, it only installs a config file20:03
itsnotabigtruckdo dpkg -x on the deb and you'll see20:03
itsnotabigtrucksecond, there's a link in the tmo thread20:03
merlin1991I compiled rdate but it only works as 'developer' user and root get a permission denied20:03
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: it's one of the linux capabilities20:03
itsnotabigtrucklook up man capabilities20:04
itsnotabigtruckor man <whatevertheapiyouuseis>20:04
lizardoitsnotabigtruck: ok, It's just that I'm on desktop and the appsformeego page only shows the device-only "apps://" url :)20:04
*** risca has quit IRC20:04
lizardowho is managing appsformeego BTW? X-Fade ?20:04
itsnotabigtrucklizardo: oh, right, the AFM page is really just for putting in the qa approval20:04
itsnotabigtruckand lbt20:04
merlin1991ah appears to be CAP_SYS_TIME20:04
rlinfatiDocScrutinizer,  Today i recive my dvd with the harmattan sources version 30.2012.07-1 , the pr12 of the N9 (!= pr12 n950 )20:05
* merlin1991 scratches head while reading manifest syntax notes20:05
itsnotabigtruckrlinfati: javispedro received that a while back and published the iso20:06
lizardoitsnotabigtruck: one think I liked on the  QA pages, was that you were able to download sources and .deb from the page... I'm sure appsformeego we can, it is just not a quick link:)20:06
itsnotabigtrucklizardo: yeah, every appsformeego entry has a corresponding obs entry with source/deb links20:06
itsnotabigtruckthough obs has its own usability problems20:06
rlinfatiif you want, i can upload the 2012.07 version20:06
*** faenil has quit IRC20:06
itsnotabigtruckrlinfati: i'm pretty sure you have the exact same image he uploaded20:06
rlinfatinop, here is the diference
itsnotabigtruckthey shipped an iso image burned on a dvd as a file, right?20:07
itsnotabigtruckdo a sha-1 of the iso20:07
itsnotabigtruckah, you're right20:07
rlinfatinop, the dvd has the .targz, .dsc, etc, NOT an .iso file.20:07
itsnotabigtruckthe iso i have is 30.2012.03-5_sources.iso20:07
itsnotabigtruckok, upload away20:07
itsnotabigtruckbetter yet, make a torrent20:07
rlinfatinot sure if i can use torrent at the university20:08
itsnotabigtruckbut image the disc as an iso first20:08
itsnotabigtruckif you're on windows imgburn is a good free utility for that20:08
itsnotabigtruck(not open source though :()20:08
* rlinfati linux user20:08
twoboxenitsnotabigtruck: how do I download an apps://1525 URL?20:08
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen lizardo:
itsnotabigtruckjust use that20:09
*** Khertan has joined #harmattan20:09
rlinfatialso, the diference on the device (!= sdk) between  2012.03-4 and 2012.07-1 are:
lizardoitsnotabigtruck: found it :
lizardogot the direct URL from the n9 client .deb20:10
itsnotabigtrucklizardo: yep, in fact my tmo post links back to that20:10
twoboxenok cool20:12
twoboxendownloaded, tested, works great, voted you up20:12
twoboxennice work :)20:13
itsnotabigtrucktwoboxen: awesome thanks20:13
Khertanrah stupid native browser can t upload file to cobs20:13
itsnotabigtrucki hope that "i don't know" for the icon field won't interfere with the approval20:13
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:13
lizardoI was more interested on how it works anyway, as I don't need it in my country :)20:13
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan20:14
lizardo(actually, I never used hotspot function)20:14
Khertanis there a way to submit package to cobs in additions to the web interface ?20:14
itsnotabigtrucklizardo: heh20:14
itsnotabigtruckinstall it anyway! then approve it :)20:14
itsnotabigtruckit doesn't hurt to install it if you don't need it20:14
itsnotabigtruckthen you can have a truly global n9 :p20:14
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:15
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:18
KhertanRahhh and they broke Firefox with that v11 ... cannot anymore select deb for upload20:18
*** faenil has joined #harmattan20:18
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC20:20
*** NIN102 has quit IRC20:21
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan20:21
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC20:22
KhertanLet user decide what he want to do ! Do not take wrong decision for him !20:22
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: is that @ me?20:22
*** beford has quit IRC20:23
Khertannope ... :) just ranting20:25
Khertanare you a firefox devel ?20:26
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: nah, definitely not20:26
Khertanso not to you20:26
itsnotabigtrucki think romaxa is the main guy for the firefox port (he's a nokiite)20:26
twoboxenthis is so exciting having my chroot ready to go20:26
piggzwhat is the size limit for apps created with the qtsdk? if i recall, /tmp is something small, and my package is now 19mb20:26
twoboxenmy world just opened20:26
piggzand failing to upload20:26
Khertanthey broke firefox by design, you cannot upload anymore upload any type of file on harmattan20:26
Khertanonly things that stupid trackers track20:27
KhertanAny way to submit apps to cobs than webinterface ?20:27
itsnotabigtruckKhertan: yeah, osc20:28
itsnotabigtruckbut why are you trying to upload from the phone itself20:28
itsnotabigtruckupload from your devbox20:28
Khertanbecause it s the only device i ve20:29
Khertanright now20:29
Khertanand it s when i m in the train that i ve the time for hobby devel20:29
tehdelyi like that my phone got firefox 1120:29
tehdelybefore my ubuntu desktop did20:29
tehdelyit is a bit more responsive, btw20:29
tehdelyfennec 10 was horrifyingly slow20:29
Khertantehdely: but was usefull to complete the native browser weakness, now it s useless20:31
*** FACEFOX has joined #harmattan20:31
Khertanitsnotabigtruck, which is my n950 :)20:31
Khertanitsnotabigtruck, and it s break the use i ve... can t upload things now20:32
Khertanthis sucks so much !20:32
*** FACEFOX has joined #harmattan20:32
*** FACEFOX has joined #harmattan20:32
Khertanmaybe i should go back to n900 ... was less powerfull but have less limitation too !20:33
tehdelyKhertan: so you can't upload any files now?20:34
tehdelyi haven't tested20:34
tehdelythat is a strange restriction20:34
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan20:35
*** e-yes has quit IRC20:36
Khertantehdely : you can upload picture, sound and text document that tracker is capable to found20:36
Khertanalso pdf20:37
Khertan%othing more20:37
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:37
*** beford has quit IRC20:37
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:37
tehdelysounds like a "feature"20:38
tehdelyis the source available?20:38
*** rlinfati has quit IRC20:40
*** faenil has quit IRC20:40
Khertana "feature" like in "It s not a bug it s a feature"20:41
Khertanit s a regression by design20:41
tehdelyhence the quotes20:42
Khertanand native webbrowser didn t even provide an file dialog for upload20:43
Khertanno other choice20:43
Khertanitsnotabigtruck, did you know what is the protocol behinf osc ?20:43
*** risca has joined #harmattan20:45
Khertani can understand why there is so low interest in doing apps for harmattan20:46
Khertanthere is always something that require workarround20:47
*** Khertan has quit IRC20:48
*** miroslav has quit IRC20:50
*** sp3000 has quit IRC20:50
*** twoboxen has quit IRC20:51
*** sp3000 has joined #harmattan20:51
*** luke-jr has quit IRC20:55
*** luke-jr has joined #harmattan20:55
*** Termana has joined #harmattan20:58
*** Termana is now known as Guest5771720:58
*** sp3000 has quit IRC20:58
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:00
djszapijreznik: hey there.21:00
*** aquarius has quit IRC21:03
jreznikdjszapi: hi21:04
djszapijreznik: how can I generate the rpm changes file ?21:04
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan21:05
*** lardman has quit IRC21:05
djszapiis it similar to the changelog file writing with the ".deb" packages ?21:05
jreznikgenerate rpm changelog file? what do you mean, I'm not very familiar with .deb even packaging on Harmattan21:08
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:08
djszapijreznik: nah, changes file is related to rpm, changelog file is related to .deb :)21:09
jreznikdjszapi: so you want to get changelog from rpm and export it to file21:11
djszapijreznik: nah21:13
djszapijreznik: -> You can see a *.changes file in there.21:14
jreznikdjszapi: ah, I don't know, in fedora we have changelog in spec file...21:16
jreznikhmm, with pr 1.2 the sip is broken - it freezes phone after a half hour... before I was using it for 1.5h calls without any problems21:21
*** rlinfati has joined #harmattan21:22
*** risca has quit IRC21:30
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan21:33
*** teleshoes has joined #harmattan21:33
*** snowpong has quit IRC21:37
*** risca has joined #harmattan21:44
*** adlan has quit IRC21:51
teleshoeslibc6-dev wont come without the pr1.2 sdk, yea?21:54
gabriel9still i can't install Debuggeing on N921:56
teleshoesim asking the world-at-large if gcc headers are on the horizon for pr1.221:58
gabriel9this is new:
teleshoesooh cute22:02
rZrgabriel9: hi wasup22:03
itsnotabigtruckanyone with scratchbox going? if so, could you grab the libc6 from the sources iso and build it22:03
itsnotabigtruckthat will produce the missing -dbg package22:03
gabriel9rZr: how to vote?22:03
itsnotabigtruckrzr: fyi the libevent package in your repository has a broken package dependency on libssl1.0.022:03
itsnotabigtruck(needs to be libssl1)22:03
gabriel9for redak, also i cant use it. It's just do nothing :/22:03
gabriel9also let us write some parser for syntax highlight :)22:04
gabriel9for js22:04
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MohammadAGWhat's the sine wave wallpaper thing?22:31
rZritsnotabigtruck: djszapi wanna fix it ? or we delete it for now ?22:35
rZrgabriel9: i ported it on symbian i just tested on belle now22:36
itsnotabigtruckrzr: well maybe investigate first?22:36
itsnotabigtrucki'm wondering *why* it's getting built with a borked dependency22:36
rZritsnotabigtruck: let me have a look22:36
rZrThe requested URL /pool/harmattan-beta3/ was not found on this server.22:39
*** deimos_ has joined #harmattan22:39
rZrno more beta22:39
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan22:39
rZritsnotabigtruck: it looks that that package was agreated from other repo, i am rebuilding it to double check22:41
*** risca has quit IRC22:42
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AndrewX192What in the world22:55
AndrewX192I had a creeking N922:55
AndrewX192But I just realized, that it doesn't creek anymore22:55
AndrewX192No matter what I do, no creeks22:56
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:56
AndrewX192It feels solid now22:56
rZritsnotabigtruck: i just rebuilt it22:57
rZritsnotabigtruck: only depends on libc22:58
*** e0x has joined #harmattan23:01
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*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan23:16
itsnotabigtruckrzr: the problematic package was libevent-openssl iirc23:19
itsnotabigtruckrzr: it looks like libevent 2.0 is no longer being compiled, hmm23:24
itsnotabigtruckthe reason i ws looking into libevent was because of tor23:24
itsnotabigtruckand i'm not precisely sure what tor actually requires23:24
*** jaywink_ has quit IRC23:28
itsnotabigtruckbtw anyone up for the libc6 package build?23:29
*** hhartz has quit IRC23:41
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gabriel9where to put icon?23:50
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan23:51
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