IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-03-11

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itsnotabigtruckgood > open, and the problem with projects like mer is that it'll take a lot of wheel-reinvention just to get back to where harmattan is /now/00:09
itsnotabigtruckthe android port route is much more interesting, and it seems e-yes has made great strides w/ that00:09
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itsnotabigtruckthat's why it's such a shame so little of harmattan itself is open source, as it's a great starting point00:10
itsnotabigtruckjust needs some tweaking here and there00:11
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djszapiitsnotabigtruck: it is always easier to start with cleaner table than hacking around everything.00:16
djszapiplus Harmattan has many design issues which cannot really be fixed in this form.00:20
djszapiand android is not fully open either (that is also one reason why mer exists in the first place)00:20
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AndrewX192How does one remove a skype account from a contact that is "waiting for authorization"?00:22
AndrewX192It's just greyed out00:22
AndrewX192It was a typo, so it's never going to be approved.00:22
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: since you're working on patching the kernel anyway, how about cleaning it up from the 1.1 version00:23
itsnotabigtruck(same stuff we talked about before)00:23
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: you still haven't got it? I'm NOT working on cleaning up the kernel00:24
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: well, you're building a kernel, and i would hope you know some C00:25
DocScrutinizerI'm just coordinating stuff00:25
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: NO, I'M *NOT*00:25
itsnotabigtruckah, i assumed you wanted people to test the kernel because you built it00:25
itsnotabigtruckbut in any case, it isn't terribly difficult to tweak the kernel and build it locally00:26
djszapimmm jreznik is not here at weekends, apparently :/00:27
AndrewX192I ended up unmerging that data from the contact and deleting the resulting contact00:28
itsnotabigtruckand on the open mode side of things it would be nice to see a more elegant approach than just short-circuiting some aegis functions00:28
DocScrutinizergo and do it00:29
djszapigood luck :D00:29
itsnotabigtrucki'm doing inception, open mode is your department00:29
itsnotabigtruckif you're going to go on tirades about how i'm taking the wrong approach, you can at least show me up and make open mode awesome00:29
DocScrutinizerno, again: IT'S NOT 'MY DEPARTMENT'!00:29
DocScrutinizeryou're just such an ignorant asshat when it comes to getting what I try to tell you00:30
djszapiwhy would I ?00:30
djszapiI do not need any of those methods.00:30
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djszapiI am completely fine with PA and Mer, if ever, I need an open platform.00:31
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: who is that directed at?00:31
djszapiis there anybody else than you talking ? :)00:31
djszapiat least not here :)00:31
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: i was talking about doc and the OM kernel he's distibuting00:31
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djszapiah yes, he is a pretty for much long term ignored guy on my list :)00:32
djszapipretty much a long term ignored guy*00:32
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: well, you've been the main person distributing info and utilities for open mode, so that does make it more or less "your department"00:34
DocScrutinizeractually even that is incorrect00:34
DocScrutinizerI excuse your ignorance regarding that bit with you probably not being in here long enough to know who stated the whole effort and contributed most relevant parts to it00:35
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itsnotabigtruckwell, i assume that would be javispedro, but still00:35
DocScrutinizerthough you could have picked it up just yesterday00:36
itsnotabigtruckyour site is the primary distribution point for the hacked kernel for pr1.1, opensh, and so on00:36
DocScrutinizerwow, you're starting to sound like you want to learn00:36
itsnotabigtruckffs, i try to help you out with your project despite your continual prickishness, and then you spew more of the same00:37
itsnotabigtruckand then you expect everyone to respect you00:37
RoyegoessonHello, does anybody know if MeeGo kernel has got implemented loop devices option? Question comes from one who want do Gentoo for N9. So: "For simultaneously run on the device two operating systems, so that one can enjoy a desktop system without losing the possibility of receiving calls, SMS and others. We need the loop devices option implemented in the kernel, because you have to via the...00:38
Royegoesson...console to enter the environment of the second system, a graphical interface is available via the VNC client application (launched in Meego), which connects to a server running under Gentoo (from the console where MeeGo chrooted environment is running Gentoo)." Who knows or where to ask about this "loop devices" option?00:38
DocScrutinizerand now - since you know javispedro isn't very concerned about his anonymity, and the fact I'm talking to a lot of Nokians as well - you're free to guess why the guy ofering openmode kernel wants to stay anonymous and why I host the kernel on his behalf00:38
SpeedEvilElop is the real developer.00:38
danielcbitDid some one experienced problems with virtual keyboard not showing up when UI is launched by a daemon?00:38
danielcbitRoyegoesson: You need OpenMode kernel fot this00:41
Royegoessonyou mean INCEPTION?00:42
danielcbitRoyegoesson: You're right :D I'm not used to this new way yet00:43
danielcbitby the way, Thank you itsnotabigtruck!00:44
Royegoessonyea great man00:44
djszapiI personally feel it awful00:44
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djszapisince it opens up a vulnerability for average user devices.00:44
RoyegoessonAnyway is the "loop devices" option implemented?00:44
djszapiso X people are happy, and zillions*X are unhappy.00:44
danielcbit SpeedEvil: sorry. The link was meant to Royegoesson.00:45
itsnotabigtruckRoyegoesson: what's the specific goal?00:45
itsnotabigtruckyou can use INCEPTION to set up a loopback device00:45
itsnotabigtruckthere's some trickiness related to root privileges and aegis00:46
Royegoessonas above described:00:46
itsnotabigtruckeven with inception00:46
itsnotabigtrucki'm working on solving that00:46
RoyegoessonFor simultaneously run on the device two operating systems, so that one can enjoy a desktop system without losing the possibility of receiving calls, SMS and others. We need the loop devices option implemented in the kernel, because you have to via  the console to enter the environment of the second system, a graphical interface is available via the VNC client application (launched in...00:46
Royegoesson...Meego), which connects to a server running under Gentoo (from the console where MeeGo chrooted environment is running Gentoo).00:46
DocScrutinizerthat trickyness probably not found on open!mode kernel00:47
itsnotabigtruckRoyegoesson: yeah, but that didn't seem very specific, i was hoping for a description that wasn't copy-pasted00:47
itsnotabigtruckbut yeah, it sounds like you want a desktop distro in a chroot00:47
itsnotabigtruckwhich is what harmchom/easy debian is00:47
MohammadAGDamn you Ubuntu for Android00:48
RoyegoessonI am askin in the name of sb else00:48
Royegoessonso just repeating his questions - sorry00:48
RoyegoessonAnyway seems the answer can be found in future in INCEPTION?00:49
RoyegoessonIf that would work N9 would reach Gentoo advantages and hence users most probably00:50
itsnotabigtruckRoyegoesson: yeah, with INCEPTION it is, or will soon be, possible, depending on the requirements - though ofc someone actually has to write the code/scripts to set it all up00:51
RoyegoessonThanx, I'll pass this to him and to watch the site of INCEPTION00:53
danielcbitDid some one experienced problems with virtual keyboard not showing up when UI is launched by a daemon?00:54
itsnotabigtruckno idea :(00:56
danielcbititsnotabigtruck: it smells like a bug in qt. But I'll look more carefully first00:57
ajalkanedanielcbit: are you running the daemon as "user" ?00:58
djszapihey ajalkane, I have a qml question00:59
danielcbitboth ui and daemon are running as user00:59
danielcbitajalkane: if I launch the same app from command line through ssh as user, it works01:00
ajalkanedanielcbit: sounds strange. I can't think of any reason why vkb wouldn't show in that case. And the UI launched normally, not from daemon, shows correctly?01:00
djszapiajalkane: -> is this the best way of enabled all the vkbd buttons in a positioner ?01:00
danielcbitthe keyboard is shown correctly01:00
danielcbitajalkane: if i launch from icon it works too01:01
gabriel9what's up01:02
gabriel9i show people from my firm01:02
gabriel9in my presentation of mobile industry01:02
danielcbitajalkane: Any way, I'll investigate further into this.01:03
danielcbitnight everybody!01:03
ajalkanedjszapi: sorry but I have no proficiency to answer that question. I've never enabling vkbd buttons01:03
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djszapiajalkane: it is an own vkbd, not the one shipped01:03
djszapiit is basically just the alphabet in a positioner01:04
djszapito play khangman :)01:04
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ajalkanedjszapi: ah... well I wouldn't know any better way. Enabled property is not inherited from the parent as far as I know, so setting it manually for each children like you do seems like the way to go01:05
Royegoessongabriel9: read description in wikipedia first01:06
gabriel9what description?01:06
Royegoesson ;)01:07
Royegoessonsuch an internet encyclopedia you know...01:08
gabriel9:D, i did not read this01:08
gabriel9what to dind here?01:09
Royegoessonpity.... just read it - you will find if your presentation is more or less complete01:09
gabriel9oh no i already finished presentation. And i showed them phone and presentation01:10
gabriel9they loved it01:11
Royegoessonthen still read it - they will love it more :D01:11
gabriel9great, is there a way to add phisical keyboard to my N901:12
RoyegoessonHave I mentioned already wikipedia???... ;)01:12
Royegoessonread it, then ask questions01:12
gabriel9ok :)01:13
Royegoessonthere is01:13
djszapiwhat is the best software to "dd" onto my usb pendrive, if I would like to boot up a partitioner ? Is it still gparted nowadays or what ?01:14
gabriel9gparted works for me01:16
gabriel9this wiki about N9 is really nice01:16
Royegoessonthank you01:16
RoyegoessonBut one thing there is missed. Do you know from where the most stupid trolls comes from?01:18
Royegoessonthe right answer is about origins of one CEO of certain Company01:19
Royegoesson;) of course I don't ponit anyone specific01:19
Royegoessonplease do not repeat it01:20
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RoyegoessonAnd what job is most wanted among phone users? It is Fin: Trolljegeren01:25
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gabriel9also, can you guys download any example for n9? from here
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SpeedEvilAs part of our program of continual improvement, the Projects pages are offline for maintenance.01:40
gabriel9for how long01:41
gabriel9earlier i checked this page and it is same01:41
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javispedromoo #harm02:25
javispedroanyone having problems with the pr1.2 kernel source? seems that TMO is already calling conspiracy, but I didn't have any problems.02:26
* javispedro btw hates that the positioningd protocol is basically transmitting raw qgeoposition structures over a d-bus channel02:29
javispedrowhose internals are not even documented, subject to change, and I think have already changed in trunk..02:29
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: interested to test openmode-kernel1.2?02:30
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javispedroI am already running it =)02:31
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: in fact you would do me a favour in testing it02:31
DocScrutinizerwell, maybe you want to test "anonymous's" version?02:32
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* itsnotabigtruck is back02:44
itsnotabigtruckmy aegis unseal/configuration utility is almost done :D02:44
DocScrutinizerok, anybody ging to check 1.2 patched openmode kernel on N9 please?02:54
javispedro(ftr, I did boot in N950 succesfully)02:55
DocScrutinizerthanks for that, javispedro02:56
javispedrothanks to you for getting things moving =)02:58
itsnotabigtruckyeah, i lol'd at people claiming that no OM kernel published yet = nokia shut it down!02:58
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itsnotabigtruckis anyone here running INCEPTION, or open mode -without- the modified kernel03:14
itsnotabigtruck(actually this should theoretically work on the modified om kernel too)03:14
itsnotabigtruck(it's just not very useful)03:14
javispedroi run vainilla open mode kernel03:15
javispedrowell, it will boot that when I reboot =)03:15
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: vanilla as in unmodified from the nokia sources?03:17
itsnotabigtruckthen you should find aegisctl useful, let me put the finishing touches onmy control file here03:17
javispedrowhat does it do?03:17
javispedroin vainilla the seal bit is on03:17
itsnotabigtruckyeah, i just updated your unseal code and built a utility/package around it03:17
javispedroyou won't be able to load it03:17
itsnotabigtruckexcept i already did03:18
javispedroin vainilla you can't without extra work03:18
javispedrothat's the reason they hate vainilla =)03:18
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: just hold on and try this out in a few mins03:18
javispedrobut e.g. just reinstalling develsh with FIXED_ORIGIN already gets you tcb.03:18
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itsnotabigtruckhrm, can't decide on an icon03:19
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M4rtinKon opened padlock perhaps ? :)03:24
M4rtinKalso, according to Wikipedia, Aegis seems to have been some sort of a shield used by Athena and/or Zeus03:26
M4rtinKso maybe something with a shield ? :)03:26
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itsnotabigtruckjavispedro M4rtinK ^03:28
DocScrutinizeror a picture of a nuked battleship as according to wikipedia aegis also is a ship borne radar system of the Navy03:28
itsnotabigtrucknote that like the original unseal module this has a hardcoded address in it03:28
itsnotabigtruckso if the tweak in the modded kernel is enough to move the addresses around, that's a no go unless you have either the nokia-provided kernel or one compiled from the same source at least03:29
javispedroyou cannot load modules in vainilla03:29
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: install it and try03:29
itsnotabigtrucknote that you need to incept it or use aegis_fixed_origin03:29
javispedroif I don't know what it's doing, no way03:29
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: itsnotabigtruck claims he can, using his exploit03:29
itsnotabigtruckand then run it from opensh03:29
javispedroah, so you need fixed_origin03:29
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: which is enabled in open mode03:29
javispedro<javispedro> but e.g. just reinstalling develsh with FIXED_ORIGIN already gets you tcb. =)03:30
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: it however doesn't let you run much of anything from that develsh, due to the source origin check03:30
itsnotabigtruckinstall aegisctl and do aegisctl -s03:30
itsnotabigtruckthat's no longer a problem03:30
itsnotabigtruckrun aegisctl by itself and it'll show the integrated help, it takes a string of flag changes sort of like chmod03:30
javispedroI get tcb, what else can't I do?03:31
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: run programs installed with sources other than that would inherit that tcb privilege03:31
itsnotabigtruckor most CAP privileges03:31
javispedrobut that's what I made unseal.ko03:32
javispedrodevelsh with tcb was the situation in beta103:32
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: right, and this is based around unseal.ko03:33
itsnotabigtruckthis aegisctl isn't based on a new exploit, it just provides an easy way to unseal and update the aegis flags, once you're already in (via openmode or inception or whatever)03:34
javispedroand on "unclean" vainilla/unchanged kernels if you used FIXED_ORIGIN03:34
javispedroin case, my favoured method is to just change the seal bit, then go from there, so that utility would also work there.03:35
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javispedro*in any case, my favored method is to just change the kernel so that it fakes the seal bit,03:35
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: yeah, aegisctl skips the unseal step if it sees the kernel is already unsealed03:36
DocScrutinizerANYBODY going to give openmode-patched-1.2 a test on N9?03:41
DocScrutinizerpretty please...03:41
DocScrutinizernot going to release it until it got tested03:42
DocScrutinizerjavispedro tested it on N950, just worked. So where's the one who's going to test on N9?03:43
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itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: i think the problem is that testing your kernel = wiping the phone and reflashing to 1.2, then reinstalling everything, for most prospective users03:44
itsnotabigtruckexcept for the 1 or 2 who are on 'vanilla' pr1.2 open mode03:44
itsnotabigtruckmaybe you can catch tehdely when (she?) is on03:44
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javispedroyou do not need to reflash if you don't install anything03:45
javispedro(but then the problems with certificates, etc. apply)03:46
javispedroin any way, the question is if it boots03:46
DocScrutinizeractually itsnotabigtruck claims a mere RAMboot of openmode kernel flips the secure bit in CAL03:46
DocScrutinizerand only way to revert back to normal mode was a complete reflash03:47
DocScrutinizeralegedly this is new crap introduced with PR1.203:47
javispedrosecond time I hear CAL this week03:47
DocScrutinizeryeah, first time you probably heard CAL is locked in openmode03:48
javispedroI'm genuinely curious what CAL has to do with aegis now?03:48
DocScrutinizerand now they allegedly have a new NOLO that kicks to openmode when a bit in CAL is set, even when kernel is properly signed03:49
DocScrutinizerand that bit gets set whenever NOLO boots an openmode kernel, no matter from where03:49
DocScrutinizerthat's how I understood what itsnotabigtruck told03:50
DocScrutinizerwhich, in conjunction with the locked CAL in openmode, just is worse than original openmode fsckup in PR1.003:51
DocScrutinizeresp since lockcode also gets stored in CAL, and you never again use/change(?) lockcode when in openmode03:52
DocScrutinizerthe CAL lockdown allegedly is via hw03:53
DocScrutinizerso only way to reset it is a clean reboot03:53
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itsnotabigtrucki can't confirm any of the CAL stuff, that's based on what rainisto said and i didn't ever try it04:00
itsnotabigtruckthe open mode-on-boot thing is 100% sure though04:01
javispedroif it is true then it it is certainly another hole-closing move by the great Nokia04:08
javispedrobut it surely not in CAL, because it is writable; BB5 on the other side....04:08
DocScrutinizeryeah, I already said that04:09
DocScrutinizerbut it seems nobody wants to discuss *that* in the open04:10
DocScrutinizerthere suddenly those who otherwise come up with day zero exploits want to query about it04:10
DocScrutinizerwhich makes me wonder...04:11
DocScrutinizer*IF* that rant about security bit in CAL turns out to be incorrect, it starts to smell like badmouthing openmode kernel04:13
itsnotabigtruckok, aegisctl updated04:23
itsnotabigtruckthis one is a little bit less broken04:23
itsnotabigtrucksame url04:23
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: could you see if this works?04:24
*** lucido has joined #harmattan04:24
DocScrutinizerthe claims about that securitybit-shit make it hard to dare and test this class of sw, when you don't want to reflash with newest stock PR04:25
lucidohello, I've heard that the initial versions of N9 issued to developers can be broken by an update, is that true?04:25
DocScrutinizerquite possible04:25
itsnotabigtrucklucido: what kind of broken are we talking about?04:26
DocScrutinizertheymight have incompatible versioning04:26
lucidoitsnotabigtruck, not fully functional04:26
itsnotabigtrucki haven't seen any complaints from people on TMO who went and outright said they had pre-production units or whatnot04:26
DocScrutinizerthe kind of "doesn't flash anymore, so BRICKED" I guess04:26
itsnotabigtruckso i have no idea04:26
itsnotabigtruckthere have been some problems where flashing to PR1.2 won't actually flash everything and leaves a frankenfirmware that doesn't work04:27
itsnotabigtruckbut i don't think those were pre-production anything04:27
javispedrothat happened on pr1.1 too, I heard it was supposedly fixed.04:27
lucidowant to flash 30.2012.07-104:27
DocScrutinizerbut same thing can happen every time when preprod has some issues there04:28
DocScrutinizerto be sure you need an official statement from Nokia about it04:29
DocScrutinizerwe had a similar problem with N90004:29
DocScrutinizerwhere the affected devices where called "pre-summit" IIRC04:29
DocScrutinizeryou needed a special firmware to flash them04:30
DocScrutinizerthere are still remnants to be found of that, e.g. in LP5523 driver04:30
DocScrutinizerwhere they map the (IIRC) blue and red LED differnetly for pre-summit devices04:31
itsnotabigtruckanyone using open mode (unpatched) / inception / etc. here?04:33
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: i am a male, FYI04:38
itsnotabigtrucktehdely: lol ok04:39
itsnotabigtruckfor some reason i thought you might have said otherwise at some point :p04:39
tehdelyno i just mentioned having a boyfriend04:39
itsnotabigtruckanyway, if you could try aegisctl that would be awesome04:39
itsnotabigtruckah ok04:39
tehdelyqu'est-ce que c'est qu'aegisctl?04:39
itsnotabigtruckwell that's cool too04:39
itsnotabigtruckit's a program that manipulates the aegis policy bits04:40
tehdelysounds naughty04:40
itsnotabigtruckin short, it lets you run anything from opensh without getting operation not permitted all the time04:40
tehdelydid you code this04:40
itsnotabigtruckand yeah04:40
tehdelydoes it require inception, or will open mode + opensh suffice04:40
itsnotabigtruckit's based on some of javispedro's work last summer though04:40
itsnotabigtruckeither works04:40
itsnotabigtruckas long as you have a working opensh, and an unmodified pr1.2 kernel04:41
tehdelyboth of these are correct04:41
tehdelywell, hook it up04:42
tehdelyi'm ready!04:42
itsnotabigtruckitsnotabigtruck |
* tehdely wget04:43
itsnotabigtruckyou need to aegis_fixed_origin that deb04:43
tehdelyi was just about to ask04:43, right?04:43
tehdelywhat i really want on this phone is not opensh.  i want an aegisified sudo04:44
itsnotabigtruckyeah, i know...that'll probably need to be the next inception project04:44
tehdelylol, forgot my root pass04:44
tehdelyopensh to the rescue for that one04:44
itsnotabigtruckonce you have it loaded up, aegisctl with any bogus argument will show the integrated help04:46
itsnotabigtrucke.g. aegisctl --help04:46
itsnotabigtruckin order to actually change any flags with it, you need to run it from opensh04:46
tehdelyif i run it with no args, it displays what looks like mode-lines kinda04:46
tehdelyvery irc-ish04:46
tehdelymakes me feel like an Oper lol04:46
tehdelyso does aegisctl modify my current aegis contet04:47
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*** Aranel has quit IRC04:47
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan04:47
tehdelylike, do i run it04:47
tehdelyand then do the command i want04:47
itsnotabigtruckyeah, it's system-global though04:47
tehdelyoh i see, so it just causes something to be blanket-allowed04:47
itsnotabigtruckit takes effect for everything until you change it back or reboot04:47
tehdelywhere's the source?04:48
itsnotabigtruckhaven't uploaded yet, will in a few mins probably04:48
tehdelyin other news, you will love this04:50
tehdelythe pir8ed copy of inception i grabbed off of USENET is sabotaged.  probably uploaded by the studios.  craps out right at a pivotal moment04:51
tehdelyso i went to see where i could watch it online, you know, legally04:51
tehdelyinception website links to 6 different video on demand options04:51
tehdelyit's been removed from all of them04:51
tehdelylooks like a region restriction04:51
tehdelyGJ guys i am literally waving a fistful of dollars at warner bros and they will not let me watch their movie04:51
tehdelytheir loss, i guess04:51
itsnotabigtruckyeah...that's pretty idiotic04:52
tehdelyit's typical04:52
tehdelyreminds me of my favorite piece of modern art:04:52
tehdelywow that's an ugly url04:52
itsnotabigtruckredbox would work, though i can understand you not wanting to pay up now04:52
tehdelyi don't have a DVD player04:52
tehdelyi'm on a macbook air04:52
tehdelymacbook air, + iPad04:52
tehdelyit has to play on one or the other04:52
itsnotabigtrucki have now fulfilled my gpl obligationsm :p04:56
tehdelyactually if you wanted to be a pain about it, you could have made the source available by snail-mailed media only04:58
itsnotabigtrucknote that you can't build that without the kernel-headers package that you have to obtain by building the kernel source package04:59
tehdelyactually on that note04:59
tehdelyi should finally be able to build effin libc6-dbg04:59
tehdelywho had the source DVD available for download again04:59
itsnotabigtruckdoc, javis, and thepiratebay (which doc apparently hates)05:00
tehdelyi don't do torrents05:00
tehdelygot a link to javis's?05:00
javispedrobtw, bandwitdh has been something like ~200GiB in 2 days so I will probably have to take at least the ISO offline.05:01
itsnotabigtrucker, yikes05:01
tehdelyjavispedro: i just began wgetting it05:01
tehdelywant me to ctrl-c?05:01
itsnotabigtrucki should have checked that torrent before i recommended it before05:01
javispedrotehdely: there's another person getting it atm so I don't mind =)05:02
itsnotabigtruckthe person who uploaded it unzipped it and mangled all the filenames into windows 8.3 format05:02
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: i saw that, wtf05:02
itsnotabigtruckwe need a better torrent05:02
tehdelywe need to go deeper05:02
itsnotabigtruckcould someone who isn't behind a nat bring one up? i can't, because i don't control my nat05:02
itsnotabigtruckjust put the iso in, and some popular open trackers05:03
DocScrutinizertehdely: official kernel sources at
itsnotabigtrucki was worried that consuming zillions of gigs on someone's vps account was going to become a problem05:04
tehdelyDocScrutinizer: i don't understand, are those any different than what i'm donwloading from jp?05:04
javispedrono, they are the same05:04
tehdelyalso, apologies for being an entitled twat the other day05:04
DocScrutinizernope, they are from him05:04
tehdelyat least i think it's you i drove out of the channel05:04
DocScrutinizerit's just I mirror the stuff on to give javispedro 's server and bandwidth some relief05:06
DocScrutinizerand there's other stuff related as well there05:07
tehdelyi see.  looks like a real smorgasboard05:07
DocScrutinizerso that's why I call it "official download site"05:07
itsnotabigtruckanyone going on the torrent front? maybe i'll get one of my servers seeding it for a while05:08
DocScrutinizerI'm actually just hosting stuff, all contributions been by others05:08
tehdelyitsnotabigtruck: not me, i don't do torrents.  sry :/05:08
*** oberling has quit IRC05:09
javispedro~ "reinstall the authorized operating system"05:13
tehdelyhow rude!05:13
*** oberling has joined #harmattan05:13
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: what triggers that particular error?05:13
DocScrutinizeraegis never been notorious to be too polite05:14
javispedrono idea yet05:14
DocScrutinizerif only we knew05:14
DocScrutinizersome of the new unbearable security crap in PR1.2 I guess05:14
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: i think that message has been in there for a while05:15
javispedroseems to be earlier than traditional MALF. maybe validator-init.05:15
itsnotabigtruckalso it's a bootloader error iirc05:15
javispedroor even NOLO.05:15
DocScrutinizerI'm already anxious for seeing what they will come up with for PR1.305:15
DocScrutinizerafter that exploit05:15
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: nope, not this one05:16
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: you sure about that?05:17
itsnotabigtruckbecause it's one of the 3 images that gets programmed into CAL, irc05:17
DocScrutinizerwell, the known one for MALF is different05:19
DocScrutinizerWTF 4:2005:21
DocScrutinizeranother saturday wated on Nokia ;-P05:21
DocScrutinizerwasted even05:21
itsnotabigtruckdisclaimer-1stboot = Reinstall authorized operating system05:21
itsnotabigtruckdisclaimer-service = Contact service05:22
itsnotabigtruckboth of those are definitely  bl messages05:22
javispedroit is an image05:23
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: right, it's an image that gets loaded into CAL by disclaimer-cal for use by the bootloader05:24
DocScrutinizerso obviously some CAL bits get set by MALF or whatever, as I'd not assume NOLO has access to rootfs for checking if that BS has to be displayed05:26
DocScrutinizerwell, it's probably been only a matter of time until MALF flag moved away from insane /var location and into CAL05:28
DocScrutinizeras MALF that could get reset by a rescue-initrd-OS is useless from platsec POV05:29
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: i don't think this is malf related05:29
itsnotabigtruckand pawky got this message back in december (i.e. before pr1.2 release) by erasing the emmc (and not restoring?)05:30
DocScrutinizerI don't feel like investigating it. TBH I just this minute feel like fed up with HARM for today05:30
DocScrutinizererr, "for today"?05:31
DocScrutinizerI'm feeling like basically fed up and through with HARM since quite some months05:31
DocScrutinizerand contributing with all this only as you're such a nice bunch here - until this changes eventually05:32
DocScrutinizerjust said it in a /query: this thing constantly is giving me more headache than it's worth05:33
DocScrutinizerand N9 never been the future for me -YMMV05:34
DocScrutinizerif I'm already locked in to a friggin C-TS w/o hw-kbd, then please on a 8"+ screen05:35
DocScrutinizerand with a OS that at least *potentially* has *any* future05:35
DocScrutinizerI don't see HARM getting ported to any other device than N9, ever05:36
yondiei got a problem after updating to PR.1206:18
yondiei can`t save any pic I snap using the Camera application06:18
yondieanyone got the same problem?06:24
DocScrutinizerwhat's the error message?06:41
javispedronah, just reading a TMO thread, but what I was going to say was really politically incorrect so forget about it =)07:06
itsnotabigtrucklol, which thread07:06
javispedrothe "N10" successor to N9 one07:06
itsnotabigtruckoh heh07:07
yondieDocScrutinizer: no error message at all, the picture was snap u can see the preview in Gallery07:07
yondiebut once u exit07:07
yondiethe file is lost forever07:07
DocScrutinizeryou might want to investigate on a more technical level, read: on file level07:09
DocScrutinizeras "lost forever" is as little helping a term to describe what's going on as was the "can't save pic"07:10
itsnotabigtruckyondie: if you plug your phone in via usb and select mass storage07:11
itsnotabigtruckis the file there07:11
DocScrutinizerif I were in for a wild guess, I'd say camera is supposed to store pictures in DCIM folder07:13
DocScrutinizerwhile gallery should scan basically whole device for all pictures it can find07:13
DocScrutinizerso my guess would be that camera already stored the picture when gallery is showing it07:14
* javispedro thanks god I use the N900 for pictures, where I to use the N950, all of them would have been lost already..07:14
DocScrutinizerI'm also lost07:15
javispedroit's late07:15
DocScrutinizerhere it's way too early ;-D07:15
DocScrutinizerwondering if I should have dinner or breakfast07:16
javispedrohave both, one right after the other07:16
DocScrutinizersounds like a plan07:16
javispedrothat happened to me on the plane back to europe07:17
javispedrobecause of the tornadoes et all they decided to serve dinner right when we had already nearly crossed the pond07:17
javispedroso breakfast happened like 15 minutes afterwards, with the sun rising07:17
yondieitsnotabigtruck: nope it`s not there07:19
itsnotabigtruckyondie: are you sure you're looking in the right plac07:19
itsnotabigtruckwith the rest of the photos07:19
itsnotabigtruckusually the dcim folder, i think07:19
yondiehurm let me check again07:19
DocScrutinizerwell, you all got me on /ignore?07:19
javispedrostrace on closed aegis is definitely non-trivial ;P07:20
*** risca has quit IRC07:20
yondieitsnotabigtruck: yeap it`s not there07:21
yondiethe only pics i have inside the DCIM is all the pictures before i updated to PR 1.207:21
yondielater got to go07:21
javispedroso when you think they'll be closing ovi contacts?07:24
DocScrutinizerend of April?07:25
javispedrocause the n9 does not builtinly support carddav, although that buteo thing certainly does07:25
javispedroApril 1st07:26
javispedrothat would be good.07:26
javispedrotime to go -- cya07:31
itsnotabigtruckwhat are the strace restrictions07:31
*** javispedro has quit IRC07:31
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: isn't that obvious? strace XYZ won't get started with same credentials like a plain XYZ07:32
DocScrutinizerof course you could attach07:32
DocScrutinizerwhich doesn'T help much to trace from beginning07:33
DocScrutinizeryou probably have a hard time even to attach to any process that's neither root nor user07:34
DocScrutinizerthnaks aegis we got no real root anymore, on HARM07:35
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: yeah, but if you're doing nokia-sanctioned stuff you can just do it with develsh, and on a hacked phone same thing with opensh07:35
DocScrutinizerwho cares?07:36
itsnotabigtruckwell, it's not very difficult to stick a opensh -c 'foo' around something07:36
DocScrutinizerdoesn't help07:36
DocScrutinizerthere simply is no real root anymore07:37
DocScrutinizerto strace a foreign process you probably need tcb07:38
itsnotabigtruckisn't it just a non-strict subset of credentials07:38
DocScrutinizeror whatever exotic credential07:38
itsnotabigtrucki mean, there's 3 reasons to dislike aegis: a) you dislike the policy (can't do things you want to), b) you want a higher level of protection, c) you dislike mandatory access control07:40
itsnotabigtruckit sounds like you basically hate security model that isn't vanilla linux - but MAC is the future and you can make it work for you07:40
itsnotabigtruckand, morning djszapi07:41
DocScrutinizerthat's the whole point of aegis: to protect DRM etc from user it wasn't sufficient to make a secure root account that can't get used without any password. They had to completely remove root together with the whole classic permissions stuff and replace it by those insane per-process credentials07:42
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: for the avoidance of doubt i hope you're aware the capability stuff is a standard linux feature07:42
DocScrutinizerI'm aware of posix capabilities, yes07:43
itsnotabigtruckwhat's new with aegis is the system for granting or removing those capabilities (though linux now has something quite similar, minus the hashing stuff)07:43
itsnotabigtrucksure, it's not normal to have a capability based linux system, but it's not something nokia invented07:43
DocScrutinizerwhat Nokia not invented but adopted and brought to a bloody excellence though is the revocation of control from user07:46
DocScrutinizerand replacing it by a centralized government07:46
itsnotabigtruckthen take control with your own work07:46
itsnotabigtruckwhy be bitter about aegis when you can take control and keep it out of your way07:47
DocScrutinizerthat's why aegis sucks - it's never been meant to protect user. The whole design was about TCM from beginning, and TCM is meant to protect the system from you, not you and your system from threads by malware07:47
DocScrutinizerthreats even07:48
itsnotabigtrucksort seems kinda 50/50 by my estimation07:48
itsnotabigtruckthe point is, you have the tools to make aegis a non-issue07:49
itsnotabigtruckwhy complain about it all the time07:49
itsnotabigtruckand trusted computing-type arrangements do have their uses...but yeah, the N9 is not an example of that07:49
itsnotabigtrucksomething like aegis would probably make a lot more sense on a non-mobile device, the idea of policy built into packages is a good one07:51
itsnotabigtruckthat's the sort of thing selinux is missing07:51
DocScrutinizerI got better funnier things to do than to get wasted in a coding rat race against evil Nokia platsec07:51
itsnotabigtrucksince selinux distros generally all rely on some giant policy blob shipped with the distro07:51
DocScrutinizeron a platform I don't like07:51
djszapiDocScrutinizer has always preferred the bitching over doing something useful, unfortunately :/07:52
itsnotabigtruckthen quit wasting time here|tmo harmattan forum|etc. and do N900/android/WP7/iphone/non-phone/hell, webos stuff07:52
DocScrutinizerif you haven't noticed, I laready did07:53
itsnotabigtruckwell, you are here right now, complaining about aegis :p07:54
djszapiactually, he even broke his promise after he made a post "he was not going to bitch about aegis anymore after the open mode".07:54
DocScrutinizeryou're the only one complaining07:54
itsnotabigtrucki mean, i'm not saying love it or leave it, but this stuff gets repetitive07:54
DocScrutinizerI'm still just explaining to you why strace sucks07:56
DocScrutinizeryou asked for it, you got it07:56
DocScrutinizersorry when this gets repetitive - it's just that it's repeatedly aegis07:56
*** hardaker has quit IRC07:57
DocScrutinizerand your calls to improve rather than point out what's wrong gets repetitive as well07:57
DocScrutinizeror - to put it in a simple way so you impossibly can get me wrong as you usually like to: *you* started the whole rant with >><itsnotabigtruck> i mean, there's 3 reasons to dislike aegis...  <<07:59
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: because it gets far more than a little obnoxious08:00
DocScrutinizerUHUH, so why don't you refrain from such obnoxious comments then?08:01
itsnotabigtruckall day it's been all antagonism about aegis, open mode, inception, harmattan in general, whatever08:02
DocScrutinizerI mean, when YOU start a discussion about why you don't like aegis here, don't blame *me* to answer08:02
djszapiI am sorry for my personal opinion, but it is this: I was called brain damaged to complete idiot by Doc before I ignored him. I did not personally find the pleasure about his bitching for almost anything. It was impossible to change his mindset, and he just enjoyed, if someone replied to his opinion, which even broke me down more back then.08:02
itsnotabigtruckanyway, /me is out08:03
* DocScrutinizer waves08:03
* DocScrutinizer shakes head about excellence in trolling some guys develop over time08:04
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan08:07
*** beford has joined #harmattan08:22
djszapimorning beford :)08:23
itsnotabigtruckyo beford08:23
befordhey djszapi how are you08:23
itsnotabigtruckare you using INCEPTION (or stock kernel open mode)08:23
itsnotabigtruckneed a few more people to test something08:24
befordhi itsnotabigtruck, inception08:24
djszapibeford: nmu, slowed down by gsoc student mentorings08:25
djszapiless time for my work :p08:25
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan08:25
befordcool, what project are you mentoring  djszapi  ?08:25
djszapi -> look for my name here.08:26
djszapimostly Gluon and Open Collaboration Services.08:27
*** bradfo has joined #harmattan08:28
befordnice, I like KDE08:31
bradfosquare app for meego?08:32
befordthere are several at the ovi store08:32
bradforeally what is name08:32
bradfocredit card payment08:33
bradfonot 4square08:33
befordthere is a free one08:33
befordalso paid one08:33
bradfoits a mobile card rwade08:34
bradfoits a magnetic card reader that goes in the 3.5 mm jack and you can run credit cards on it. like a mobile business08:34
befordyea, I get it now. not sure if such a thing exists yet08:35
bradfoi figured this would be the place to ask08:35
djszapiactually #N9 ... :p08:36
bradfoi just asked there too =p08:37
bradfowhat about dalvik08:39
djszapinothing on this channel08:40
djszapiif it is android related :D08:40
djszapidpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/khangman_0.1.0-1_armel.deb08:41
djszapidpkg: status database area is locked by another process08:41
djszapiaegis-installing khangman (from '')08:41
djszapiis there a simple way of unlocking this ? (no apps open that would be visible on the ui, and no update/install/removal process started previously)08:42
djszapirm /var/lock/LCK..pkgmgrd.lock did not help08:42
djszapips aux does not return apt/get/pkgmgrd processes either.08:43
bradfono it was a virtual machine for harmatten that just so happens to run android apps in the meego eviro. looks and feels native08:46
* djszapi has never heard of dalvik in harmattan context08:47
djszapigood thing is that, once I customize my password for the SDK connectivity tool, it remains to be valid, after even a reboot which is cool.08:48
qronichow to make an shell alias work in every shell/develsh/devel-su?08:50
qroniclike alias ll='ls -la'08:51
djszapiinteresting use case08:53
*** bradfo has quit IRC08:53
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: killall pkgmgrd; rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock08:56
itsnotabigtruckpackage-manager doesn't clean up its garbage, even when shut down08:56
djszapiI do not think root can kill08:57
djszapiit does not have the caps by default.08:57
djszapialso /var/lib/dpkg/lock is a bit overkill08:57
djszapiyou will remove irrelevant locks, too08:57
djszapioh sorry, was confused with /var/lock08:58
djszapibut the thing is that you were not able to kill processes on purpose.08:58
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: do it from devel-su -s /bin/develsh08:58
itsnotabigtruckalso i think it's running as root anyway and root should be able to kill its own processes08:59
djszapinot really.08:59
djszapiit requires CAP::kill of course08:59
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: on a normal linux system, you don't need to be root (and therefore have capabilities) to kill your own stuff09:00
itsnotabigtruckCAP::kill is global kill power09:00
itsnotabigtruckbut anyway, develsh ought to take are of that in any case09:01
djszapiand pkgmgrd should work fine without being root09:01
itsnotabigtrucki thought pkgmgrd spawns apt/dpkg stuff, and dpkg must be run as root09:01
itsnotabigtruck10669 root     /usr/bin/pkgmgrd09:02
djszapino, package installation is completely fine09:02
djszapias user09:02
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: try doing dpkg -i on a package from user or developer09:02
djszapinobody spoke about dpkg09:02
djszapiyou were about to kill the pkgmgr09:02
itsnotabigtruckpkgmgrd launches apt-get which launches dpkg09:03
itsnotabigtruckwhich launches dpkg.real which wants to be uid=009:03
itsnotabigtruckso pkgmgrd has to be root, which it is in my ps09:03
djszapipkgmgr works fine without being root09:04
djszapifrom the day first09:04
djszapiI can install packages etc09:04
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: but i'm not talking about pkgmgr, i'm talking about pkgmgrd09:04
itsnotabigtruckthe backend09:04
djszapiyou cannot kill that as developer09:04
djszapias I said.09:04
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: sure you can, because develsh provides CAP::kill09:05
djszapiso the thing which actually might work for me is develsh and devel-su09:05
itsnotabigtruckand devel-su makes you root, so that works too09:05
djszapias user*09:05
djszapibut then again, I tried to do both,and did not help for me.09:05
itsnotabigtruckalso qronic: i think /etc/profile might work?09:06
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: this is weird, i never had trouble killing pkgmgrd09:07
djszapialso, it is all sort of dirty way09:08
djszapieven it was working, which is not the case here.09:08
djszapiyou might kill something import like a background update, which might in worst case scenario brick your device.09:08
itsnotabigtruck/home/developer $ accli -I | grep kill09:09
itsnotabigtruck        CAP::kill09:09
itsnotabigtruck/home/developer $ ps aux | grep pkgmgrd09:09
itsnotabigtruck10715 root     /usr/bin/pkgmgrd09:09
itsnotabigtruck10731 user     grep pkgmgrd09:09
itsnotabigtruck/home/developer $ id09:09
itsnotabigtruckuid=29999(user) gid=30028(developer) groups=0(root),20(dialout),44(video),670(pulse-access),29999(users),30011(metadata-users),30019(calendar),9990207,9990235,9990236,9990238,9990240,9990241,9990243,9990244,9990245,9990246,9990247,9990248,999056509:09
itsnotabigtruck/home/developer $ killall pkgmgrd09:09
itsnotabigtruck/home/developer $09:09
itsnotabigtrucki thought i was going to paste a pastebin link :p09:09
qronicitsnotabigtruck, it works only after login, but develsh/devel-su/opensh - not09:09
itsnotabigtruckalso djszapi: pkgmgrd handles SIGTERM and waits until everything is finished09:11
itsnotabigtruckremoving the dpkg lock is a bit dangerous though09:11
itsnotabigtruckbut there's no pretty solution :/09:11
itsnotabigtrucki don't know why it even leaves that lock there, it makes no sense09:11
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: it is not going to help if it is still busy of course09:12
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: well, you can wait for pkgmgrd to exit after you signal it09:13
itsnotabigtruckunfortunately busybox killall doesn't have the nifty flag that does that for you09:13
djszapibut that is not the point.09:13
djszapiif you kill it, you kill it09:13
djszapiwhich is not nice for things, like pkgmgrd which can end up bricking your device09:13
itsnotabigtruckit is the point - if pkgmgrd is doing something, if you wait for it to exit, you can be assured it's no longer doing anything09:13
itsnotabigtruckpkgmgrd handles SIGTERM and exits cleanly09:14
itsnotabigtruckyou shouldn't kill -9 it though09:14
djszapiif it is not finished in the momment, it is not any help09:14
djszapiit is gonna finish its job of course on its own too at some point09:14
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: a) SIGTERM it, b) wait for it, c) do your thing09:14
itsnotabigtruckit stays open for a while after doing things though09:14
itsnotabigtruckso usually killing it causes it to exit instantly09:15
itsnotabigtruckit's only in the corner case that you have to wait09:15
djszapiI do not trust this09:15
djszapikilling the pkgmgrd is imo very dangerous09:15
itsnotabigtruckyou can look at the source, and see that it registers signal handlers09:15
djszapiexcept that the pkg mgr is closed09:16
itsnotabigtruckit's not09:16
itsnotabigtruckit's lgpl or something09:16
djszapiof course it was09:16
djszapiperhaps, they opened up recently, but I was not even able to check the source as an internal09:16
djszapibut in any case, /me is not too interested in its source code09:16
itsnotabigtruckalso this is developer ssh session is running as user?09:17
itsnotabigtruck pastebin'd this time09:18
itsnotabigtruckinteresting...develsh asserts UID::user09:19
itsnotabigtrucknot sure why i never noticed that before09:19
itsnotabigtrucker, except, no it doesn't, it can't09:19
* djszapi wonders why "for (var i in alphabetLetterRepeater.children) {" does enter any iterations :/09:21
*** risca has joined #harmattan09:22
itsnotabigtruckmystery solved09:26
itsnotabigtruckturns out the people with N9s that frankenflashed09:26
itsnotabigtruckhad changed their product codes with NSS pro09:26
itsnotabigtruckexcept that NSS pro overwrites the HW variant instead09:27
itsnotabigtruckand causes the flasher to skip a bunch files (sw cert, xloader, secondary)09:27
itsnotabigtruckthat had happened a few times before but that particular manifestation of it is new09:29
*** ArkanoiD_ has joined #harmattan09:44
ArkanoiD_will inception work with n950?09:44
qronicitsnotabigtruck> it might work...i don't think they changed the kernel09:46
qronic<itsnotabigtruck> Version: 2.6.32-20115101+0m709:46
qronic<itsnotabigtruck> yep, that's it09:46
ArkanoiD_anyone here actually tried? :-)09:47
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: inception will definitely work with N95009:47
itsnotabigtrucki only mentioned N9 on the page for simplicity's sake09:47
AndrewX192Anyone got any ideas as to why my scripts in /etc/network/if-up.d/ aren't being executed on device connection?09:47
itsnotabigtruckthere's millions of N9 users and hundreds of N950 users09:48
AndrewX192They worked on the N90009:48
djszapimillions ?09:48
AndrewX192and the script is chmod +x09:48
itsnotabigtruckwell, million, hasn't there been at least 1000000 units sold?09:48
djszapiI think that is doubtful09:49
itsnotabigtruckanyway, i'm testing something new - aegisctl - that only works on the pr1.2 kernel like qronic said09:49
itsnotabigtruckapparently 600k N9s moved in q4 201109:49
qronicyeah, that quote was about aegisctl containing kernel module09:49
itsnotabigtruckn950 pr1.2beta and n9 pr1.2 run the same kernel so it works on either (in theory?)09:50
djszapialterego: ping09:52
AndrewX192itsnotabigtruck: so apparently my script doesn't execute because of aegis09:56
* ArkanoiD_ wonders if nokia is going to "fix" it09:56
itsnotabigtruckArkanoiD_: pr1.3 will no doubt come with some sort of patch09:57
itsnotabigtruckthat might be the end of inception 0.1, but it will certainly not be the end of inception09:57
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: what happens when you execute your script09:58
itsnotabigtruckdo you get EACCES (permission denied, access denied, etc.) or EPERM (operation not permitted)09:58
AndrewX192itsnotabigtruck: it works fine - but it is in /etc/network/if-up.d/ and doesn't get executed when connecting to a network09:58
itsnotabigtruckEPERM is the universal sign of aegis trouble09:58
AndrewX192[ 1897.329833] Aegis: openvpn verification failed (source origin check)09:59
ArkanoiD_itsnotabigtruck, i get strong deja vu from symbian times.. and "fixing" is just about that pointless :-(09:59
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: that thread doesn't help much...when exactly does it fail10:00
AndrewX192itsnotabigtruck: it just doesn't get executed when I expect it to.10:01
AndrewX192But I'm not executing it10:01
*** djszapi has left #harmattan10:01
AndrewX192It's whatever executes /etc/network/if-up.d/ scripts10:01
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: it's likely they disabled that to minimize exploitability or something10:01
AndrewX192They have other scripts in there10:02
itsnotabigtruckaren't if-up/down scripts a debian thing that's part of /etc/network/interfaces10:02
itsnotabigtruckdoes harmattan even use that system10:02
AndrewX192Look at /etc/network/if-up.d/00_disable_icmp_echo_reply10:02
itsnotabigtruckoh, then that's weird10:02
itsnotabigtruckwhat triggered that source origin check dmesg message10:02
AndrewX192and /etc/network/if-up.d/drop_gprs_to_sshd10:02
itsnotabigtruckok, then nm on that one10:02
itsnotabigtruckare you sure, because it said openvpn10:03
AndrewX192[ 3025.374114] Aegis: wln-vpn verification failed (source origin check)10:03
AndrewX192there it is on my script10:03
AndrewX192I just plopped that in there though10:03
AndrewX192Forgetting about aegis10:03
itsnotabigtruckstrange, what if you run it directly though10:03
AndrewX192It works10:03
AndrewX192as develsh10:04
itsnotabigtruckare you running it directly, or like sh foo.sh10:04
itsnotabigtruckoh bloody hell, dst just kicked ijn10:04
itsnotabigtruckone minute it's 1:59, now it's 3:0010:04
itsnotabigtruckand it's way too late10:04
AndrewX192it works as devel-su too10:04
AndrewX192But the route add command fails10:05
itsnotabigtruckgovernment stole my hour!10:05
AndrewX192This VPN is so much harder to setup on N9 than N90010:05
AndrewX192itsnotabigtruck: Can I just hack one of the scripts nokia put in there and call it a day?10:05
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: no, don't do that10:06
itsnotabigtruckit could be on the hashlist10:06
itsnotabigtruckand i'm not sure what's going on and whether it's aegis related10:06
AndrewX192k, no automated vpn for me then10:06
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: no, be persistent10:07
AndrewX192So automation doesn't work yet as Aegis doesn't allow an automatic execution of if-up/if-down scripts. I would be glad, if someone knew a way to make those scripts work. Preferably i would like to have an if-up script, which starts the openvpn tunnel, if the current interface address is not inside the remote address range of the openvpn tunnel (maybe add a config file where you can choose the remote address range). And a simple if-down script10:07
itsnotabigtruckalso, get incepted, and get aegisctl (scroll way up)10:07
itsnotabigtruckand also opensh10:07
AndrewX192^ from that thread10:07
itsnotabigtruckdo opensh -c 'aegisctl -s'10:07
itsnotabigtruckthat wollprevent any source origin check errors10:07
AndrewX192I'll wait a while first10:11
AndrewX192I think I need to create a _aegis file in this .deb10:11
*** Guest35143 is now known as Termana10:25
*** Saviq_ has joined #harmattan10:34
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC10:51
*** Saviq_ has quit IRC10:55
*** hatake_kakashi has joined #harmattan10:56
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC10:57
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan10:58
*** psycho_oreos has joined #harmattan11:05
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan11:18
*** beford has quit IRC11:26
*** auenf has quit IRC11:40
*** auenf has joined #harmattan11:44
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*** Free-MG has joined #harmattan11:59
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan12:08
*** Patina has joined #harmattan12:10
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC12:18
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan12:18
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan12:32
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan12:32
*** NIN101 has quit IRC12:34
*** arcean has joined #harmattan12:35
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan12:37
*** arcean has quit IRC12:40
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean12:40
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan13:05
*** blueslee has quit IRC13:05
*** piggz has quit IRC13:05
*** piggz_ has quit IRC13:10
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan13:10
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan13:11
DocScrutinizeranybody willing to test openmode1.2-kernel with patches?13:23
DocScrutinizeron N913:23
*** djszapi has left #harmattan13:25
pawhat patches?13:38
Free-MGwho is the download link? :)13:42
*** heymaster has quit IRC13:48
*** piggz_ has quit IRC13:52
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan14:02
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan14:10
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan14:11
Venemo_N950good morning14:11
diorahmanVenemo_N950: good evening!14:11
Venemo_N950you too diorahman :)14:11
Venemo_N950itsnotabigtruck, ping14:11
diorahmanany good news?14:14
diorahmanis meltemi coming? :-)14:14
*** risca has quit IRC14:15
Venemo_N950noone really knows :)14:17
*** Free-MG has quit IRC14:22
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC14:26
*** diorahman has quit IRC14:30
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan14:30
*** diorahman has left #harmattan14:31
Corsachmhm, are they python bindings for commhistory?14:43
*** denism has joined #harmattan14:44
infobotfrom memory, update is
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan14:53
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan14:55
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: ping14:55
*** NIN102 has quit IRC14:57
*** djszapi has left #harmattan14:59
*** yondie has quit IRC15:11
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #harmattan15:29
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan15:29
DocScrutinizerpa: the openmode patches15:35
DocScrutinizerbasically neutering aegis15:36
DocScrutinizeranybody willing to test openmode1.2-kernel with patches on N9?15:43
DocScrutinizerthe 'official' one15:44
Corsacbut it'll still set the bits marking the device as in openmode, requiring a reflash to revert to standard mode?16:01
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:02
*** Jare has joined #harmattan16:29
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:33
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:36
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan16:37
djszapihi, why does this loop never iterate ? for (var i in alphabetLetterRepeater.children) { -> if I try to put some debug message, like: console.log("TEST:", alphabetLetterRepeater.children); -> I am getting this output: TEST: [object Object] -> What shall I do to really iterate through the elements ?16:40
faenildjszapi, what would you expect it to print?16:41
faenilI guess it just prints its type due to the functional nature of js16:42
djszapifaenil: I do not personally care, as far as the loop is entered.16:42
javispedrodjszapi: I don't think you can iterate it that way, you have to use count and itemAt(x)16:42
xarcassdjszapi: well, i can't be completely sure, but if it's a real Repeater, so it hasn't got any children - it's merely a generator. a factory of some sort.16:42
djszapijavispedro: why ? You can interate through an array in js.16:42
javispedrodjszapi: it's just a repeater problem16:42
djszapiunsure what you mean.16:43
javispedrodjszapi: afaiu, they override itemAt(), but not the children property16:43
DocScrutinizerCorsac: probably yes16:43
javispedrodjszapi: to put it simple, itemAt() returned the list of created items, but children kept returning only the single template item16:43
javispedro*itemAt() & count16:43
*** Clint has quit IRC16:43
javispedroNo idea if this was a design decision or a bug.16:44
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:51
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan16:51
djszapijavispedro: perhaps I should use the grid id instead ?
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, is there a way to detect whether a package is being incepted or not? I'd like it to fail if it's not16:54
MohammadAGhmm, hard disk clicked, sounds bad16:54
javispedroMohammadAG: that's stupid, just try to do it and complain loudly if it fails; otherwise you're excluding people without aegis.16:55
MohammadAGjavispedro, well, yeah, complaining loudly works too16:55
*** niqt has joined #harmattan16:55
javispedromaybe via espeak even ;P16:55
MohammadAGby directing output to asound, so it overrides mute16:56
* djszapi hates how hard to apply one operation for all the elements in a positioner.17:00
faenildjszapi, just like the width info I required the other day :D had to skip that :P17:01
djszapitha tat least works for me.17:02
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:03
djszapiI can control the width quite well, yes.17:04
djszapibut I would not now like to hijack the attention from my question in order to not repeat in a while :D17:04
faenileheheh :P anyway I guess you didn't understand my question the other day ;)17:04
djszapior you were not clear then17:05
djszapiwhat you mentioned, is pretty much achievable here.17:05
faenildjszapi, could be ;)17:05
djszapibut please let us really not hijack it :)17:05
djszapijavispedro: I am unsure what you had in your mind with "itemAt".17:06
javispedrodjszapi: ok, letme look it up in docs17:06
djszapiand how is that any different to children ? Please note, you need to get the children count either way to go through all the items.17:08
*** diorahman has quit IRC17:08
djszapiso it is not any distinct to children[i]17:08
djszapiwhat I actually use inside the loop for dealing with the elements.17:09
javispedrodjszapi: the things is, in my tests long ago it _was_ different to children17:09
javispedrochildren returns one element while count returned more than 117:09
itsnotabigtruckmy hard drive seems to be making strange noises; this isn't good17:09
djszapijavispedro: count of what ?17:09
djszapithe model ?17:10
javispedrodjszapi: yep, the actual created elements17:10
djszapianyway, I am now wondering why I have been suggested by this idea on #qt-qml back then.17:10
javispedrono idea, I am hardly a QML expert so maybe this is a convoluted way, do ask them :)17:10
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan17:11
djszapiit is also wondering how popular qml is, and how dead the irc channel is17:11
*** diorahman has quit IRC17:13
itsnotabigtruckwhoa, lots of pings overnight17:13
itsnotabigtruckwhat's up djszapi (and venemo but he's gone)17:13
itsnotabigtruckand MohammadAG: less /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf17:13
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan17:13
itsnotabigtrucksearch for
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: wanted to have a native speaker, found radiofree17:14
itsnotabigtruckactually, to make that more complete, Source:
*** niqt has quit IRC17:14
itsnotabigtruck^ search for that and it'll find all the packages that have been incepted17:14
itsnotabigtrucksomeone suggested adding an option to do that search automatically from incept or something, i might put that in the next ver17:15
djszapinative /english/ speaker*17:15
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: ah ok17:16
djszapijavispedro: you close to Barcelona ?17:16
javispedrodjszapi: yeah17:16
djszapihave you also got a pb at the mwc stuffy ?17:16
javispedroI wasn't at mwc17:17
djszapibad luck:D17:17
javispedroI have an hp touchpad that is larger and more open =)17:17
itsnotabigtrucksince more people are on now: anyone using inception (or open mode with stock kernel)17:18
javispedrodjszapi: nope, and I must admit that the idea of a microkernel has its attraction..17:18
djszapijavispedro: yep..17:18
djszapijavispedro: it returns undefined:  console.log("TEST:", alphabetLetterRepeater.model.count);17:19
javispedrodjszapi: wow? also, count should be a property of the repeater itself too17:20
diorahmananyone here has examples of the best harmattan apps? which generates great revenue? :-)17:20
javispedrodjszapi: maybe your model is nonworking?17:20
itsnotabigtruckalso, any idea what could cause an intermittent buzzing from the hard drive zone on a thinkpad17:20
djszapijavispedro: it does work17:20
djszapidata is displayed properly.17:20
itsnotabigtruckdiorahman: can't you just do something cool, instead of something $$$'s doubtful you'll get serious money from a harmattan app17:21
javispedrodjszapi: well, model should have a count property aiui... but in any case I Was talking about the Repeaters' count property: alphabetLetterRepeater.count17:21
diorahmanitsnotabigtruck :-) sorry, I'm just asking, it's very late in here :-)17:21
itsnotabigtruckthe HDD thing seems to be vibration related, which is why it's intermittent, but it wasn't doing it before at all17:21
djszapijavispedro: model.count should work17:22
javispedrono idea why not then17:22
djszapijavispedro: perhaps, it is confusing it is inside a grid ?17:22
*** beford has joined #harmattan17:23
DocScrutinizerdiorahman: that's actually a legit and intriguing question: can you make at least *some* money with an OVI app17:24
diorahmanDocScrutinizer: It's Nokia Store now :-) Well, I heard if you play with j2me apps, than you will17:26
djszapijavispedro: btw, I am not in Nokia anymore, but doing android stuff :D17:26
djszapiyou can now hate me more :p17:26
itsnotabigtruckbut that's because there's a *lot* of plebeians out there who will buy some J2ME game on their featurephone17:27
diorahmandjszapi: cool! Android is cool :-P17:27
djszapiyou think ?17:27
itsnotabigtruck(or bill it to their parents' phone bill and make the price their problem)17:27
itsnotabigtruckin fact probably a huge chunk is the latter17:27
javispedrodjszapi: yeah, I've read the rumours :)17:28
diorahmanIndia, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil, feature phones still popular, Asha rules! And most of it has integrated billing with phone bill (most of it prepaid)17:28
djszapijavispedro: :) Also, repeater.count works.17:29
djszapiwonder why model.count does not.17:29
*** adlan has joined #harmattan17:29
djszapijavispedro: also, itemAt is writable most likely.17:33
*** niqt has joined #harmattan17:33
M4rtinKwell, I still use a Nokia 6610i as my main phone, even when I have a N900 or N950 with me :)17:38
*** diorahman has quit IRC17:38
* djszapi is getting upset'ish about qml :D17:41
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan17:42
faenildjszapi, eheheh :D17:42
djszapiconsole.log("TEST:", alphabetLetterRepeater.count); for (var i in alphabetLetterRepeater.count) { -> well, why does it not enter the loop if it prints out 26 ?17:43
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: erm, you're iterating over an int? is that valid qml?17:44
djszapiit is js17:44
itsnotabigtrucki think if you want to do a range you should do the traditional c style17:44
itsnotabigtruckyou're not passing an iterable collection in, you're passing an int, you can't iterate over that17:44
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: you're doing neither of them17:46
itsnotabigtruckyou're doing var i in aArray.count17:47
itsnotabigtruckthat's the problem17:47
itsnotabigtruckyou need to either iterate over the array, or loop over its count17:47
itsnotabigtrucknot both17:47
djszapiyes, but children did not work either17:47
djszapiwhich I started with17:47
*** niqt has quit IRC17:48
javispedrodjszapi: for (var i = 0; i < alphabetLetterRepeater.count; i++) {17:50
javispedrothen use alphabetLetterRepeater.itemAt(i)17:50
javispedrothat's what I did at least.17:50
djszapijavispedro: yes, that might work, but I would like to understand why children does not work17:51
*** diorahman has quit IRC17:51
djszapiI would like to play qml'ish in qml primarily.17:52
javispedrowell, ask around17:52
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan17:52
javispedromy intutition says this has to do with the "just-in-time" object construction stuff of qml17:52
djszapidoneweeks ago :D17:52
wirwedoes anyone have an idea when pr1.2 will be available for australian n9s?17:52
itsnotabigtruckwirwe: it already is for some, for others, nokia forgot about them17:53
itsnotabigtruckdon't worry, you can flash yours now17:53
itsnotabigtruckdon't bother waiting, there's no use and then you'll have to wait again for future releases17:54
itsnotabigtruckthen once you've flashed put this on
wirweuah, flashing is always a risk, isn't it? so apps and files are lost after that or not?17:55
djszapijavispedro: I think positioners are kinda crap in qml17:55
djszapilimited in a variety of ways, like this.17:55
javispedroanchors et all in qt have always been hard to understand, and qml positining stuff in general is no better17:57
javispedroIMO of course.17:57
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:59
itsnotabigtruckwirwe: it's not very risky17:59
itsnotabigtruckyou do lose apps, and certain files (but not most of your data)17:59
itsnotabigtruckyou might lose some game saves and things17:59
djszapijavispedro: qrc:/GamePage.qml:71: Error: Cannot assign to non-existent property "enable"18:00
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, does incept screw the current dir?18:01
djszapiI have button inside the repeater...18:01
wirweitsnotabigtruck: hm okay, i guess i have to accept it in favor of pr1.2 haha^^ thanks18:03
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: how's inception needed for upgrading to PR1.2?18:03
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: please stop advising 'innocent' users to put inception on their devices, just to spread the stuff18:04
DocScrutinizerif somebody neither needs to ship around aegis nor even has the faintest idea what's inception at all, you better not advise them to install it to make *you* happy18:06
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan18:07
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, where is inception's cache?18:07
*** arcean has quit IRC18:07
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:08
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: you're asking strange questions18:09
MohammadAGnot really, I'm installing a deb with a conf file, and the conf file isn't being unpacked18:09
DocScrutinizerat least they seem strange to me18:09
MohammadAGI expect this to be a critical bug in inception18:09
DocScrutinizerAIUI inception is messing with aegis credentials in that list whatever the name18:10
MohammadAGeven dpkg -i doesn't unpack the file18:10
DocScrutinizerseems to indicate there's actually something messed up with credentials granted to arbitrary jobs18:13
DocScrutinizerfor the "critical bug" I'd agree anyway18:15
DocScrutinizerbut I guess inception doesn't directly mess with dpkg cache, nor with current directory o.O18:16
djszapijavispedro: any ideas ?18:16
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: it drops a signature.local file in the current dir18:16
itsnotabigtruckblame aegis for that18:16
itsnotabigtruckit does it for all packages with internal signatures18:16
itsnotabigtruck(maybe i should chdir before invoking dpkg)18:16
itsnotabigtruckthe cache is in /var/cache/inception/tmp18:16
itsnotabigtruckit deletes the signed package automatically when it's done, though if you SIGINT inception it might not do so18:17
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: i never said it was necessary for PR1.2, i just suggested putting it on after the flash18:18
itsnotabigtruckputting it on before the flash doesn't make much sense since it'll be gone :p18:18
DocScrutinizerexactly this is what you please stop to do18:18
DocScrutinizerit's considered worst case of trolling18:19
DocScrutinizerjust one degree below suggesting rm -rf for fixing a problem of a novice user18:19
* itsnotabigtruck shakes head18:22
DocScrutinizeryou may suggest users to consider if they want to learn about aegis and missing rights on their device, and then consider to install inception or whatever to get a solution for that, if they think it's a problem they want to tackle. Suggesting it indiscriminately and without any explanation to obviously clueless (about that topic) users here is a sure ban on second time18:22
DocScrutinizeryour post sounded to every user that has not already followed inception topic for the last 5 or so days like it's needed to upgrade to 1.218:23
MohammadAGit was a conffile issue, not an inception one18:24
MohammadAGty itsnotabigtruck18:24
javispedrodjszapi: nope, maybe could you share the snippet?18:25
djszapijavispedro: have you used any items inside the repeater ?18:26
djszapiI guess you did ?18:26
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: for someone who despises harmattan you're sure still spending an awful lot of time in #harmattan18:26
djszapijavispedro: same snippet as aforementioned18:26
DocScrutinizerI can help you to ignore that fact18:27
javispedrodjszapi: yeah, I did, I do not have the project around though :(18:27
DocScrutinizerif you continiue asking for that18:27
djszapiqml is full of limitations :/18:27
javispedrodjszapi: but what does the loop code look like now?18:28
javispedroalphabetLetterRepeater.itemAt(i).enable = true ?18:28
djszapiyes of course18:28
djszapidoes not expect to commit a non-working code :)18:29
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan18:29
djszapialso tried this:  alphabetLetterRepeater.itemAt(i).alphabetLetterId.enable = true;18:29
javispedrotry adding some console.logs to see what objects are you interacting with18:31
djszapitried that too18:31
djszapilet me grab the output18:31
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: anyway, general IRC rule: giving knowingly destructive advice to other users is a sure ban. Your advice is considered destructive or at least highly dangerous (for novice users), the way you've put it. And now that you've been warned about it, you don't have any benefit of not knowing on next time18:33
djszapijavispedro: Button_QMLTYPE_42(0xe96f38)18:34
djszapifor this: console.log("TEST:", alphabetLetterRepeater.itemAt(i));18:34
djszapidamn, it is called "enabled".18:35
DocScrutinizeradd an explanation on what is inception and why user may want it, and we're all fine18:36
DocScrutinizerput it again in a way as if it was a solution to an unrelated problem and the consequences are not negotiable18:37
MohammadAGdamn /etc/init/apps not working right18:43
*** lucido has quit IRC18:45
diorahmanMohammadAG: ewww18:56
*** lucido has joined #harmattan19:01
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: nice19:03
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan19:04
djszapiheya jreznik :)19:04
itsnotabigtruckthere's probably something you can do to prioritize it and make it start sooner (not sure how)19:04
djszapiyou cannot19:05
djszapi/etc/init/apps is a pretty de-facto interface19:05
djszapiit is not unresaonable at all to launchthings in there after the system is up anyway19:05
AndrewX192anyone know how CameraService gets started?19:07
jreznikdjszapi: hi!19:07
AndrewX192mine is dead.19:07
* jreznik is trying dual boot on n950 :)19:07
jreznikand preparing the n9/n950 programming competition :)19:07
itsnotabigtruckooh, programming competition?19:08
jreznikitsnotabigtruck: yep :) one n9 and in case if we get more entries, there's possibility of two n950 :)19:08
faeniljreznik, I have dualbooting and it's working if you need help :)19:08
jreznikfaenil: it's working :)19:09
itsnotabigtruckjreznik: where will this be announced (or is it some local event)19:09
faeniljreznik, ok ;)19:09
diorahmanfaenil: dual booting with nemo?19:10
faenildiorahman, yup19:10
diorahmanshould try that too19:10
diorahmanjreznik: what's programming competition?19:11
jreznikdiorahman: it's easy to setup
jreznikdiorahman: itsnotabigtruck: it's local - as a support for our Openmobility Conference in Prague but we try to be more international this year19:12
itsnotabigtruckjreznik: oh, ok :(19:12
diorahmanjreznik: Ah, OK, nicely done, are you Nokians? :-)19:13
AndrewX192The camera app on the N9 wont start. it says it is not responding19:13
jreznikif you could pick up the prize @Prague :) actually I'd like to have more people as there's the two n950s are in case of 26+ entries and I'm not sure we can have so many locally19:13
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: try a reboot...and what iscameraservice19:13
itsnotabigtruckthat's usually a symptom of mismatched kernel/userland19:14
AndrewX192forum posts seem to say reflash19:14
*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:14
AndrewX192itsnotabigtruck: i from terminal19:14
itsnotabigtruckjreznik: eh, airfare would be more expensive than the phone :p19:14
AndrewX192I cant paste the error for some reason.19:15
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: hmm, do a uname -a19:15
itsnotabigtruckand also a sysinfoclient -p /device/sw-release-ver19:16
jreznikitsnotabigtruck: :) sad, it's usually very nice event, we try to aim on central european region this year - so more suited for people from czech rep., slovakia, austria, germany...19:16
AndrewX192inux RM696 #1 PREEMPT Thu Dec 22 14:43:29 EET 2011 armv7l GNU/Linux19:17
* jreznik hopes simple way how to set nemo dualboot could help accelerate the development19:17
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: that's the 1.2 kernel, so hmmmm.19:18
itsnotabigtruckjreznik: has anyone tried rolling a FIASCO that loads the whole thing in one go?19:18
itsnotabigtruckAndrewX192: ok, so you're on 1.2 idea what's going on then19:19
itsnotabigtruckbut did you try rebooting, in case something crashed?19:19
itsnotabigtruck(do 'reboot' from devel-su, you can't trust other kinds of reboots)19:19
AndrewX192Not yet19:19
AndrewX192I wanted to restart that process19:20
itsnotabigtruckcameraservice isn't a process, that's why i was curious19:20
DocScrutinizerok, now it was too boring to wait for somebody testing it... here it is19:20
itsnotabigtrucklol i noticed19:20
AndrewX192okay reboot.19:20
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC19:21
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:25
djszapisomeone willing to test khangman ? :)19:25
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: got deb>19:25
DocScrutinizer11157 user     /usr/bin/camera-ui -prestart19:26
DocScrutinizer11188 user     /usr/bin/invoker --type=m /usr/bin/camera-ui -prestart19:26
franz`question: can you edit /usr/share/MProgressIndicator/themes/mprogressindicator.conf safely?19:30
infobotmayIedit () { grep "`basename $1`" /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist && echo "probably not" && return; echo "edit if you feel venturous"; }19:30
franz`oh, thanks :P19:30
*** diorahman has quit IRC19:31
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: yes, but I got some bugs apparently, just from the applauncher, so I still need to fix those, damn :/19:32
itsnotabigtruckah ok19:33
itsnotabigtruckfranz`: are you using inception, and if so, want to test aegisctl19:33
franz`I am, but hmm think I just screwed up my n9 lol19:34
franz`the boot animation won't go away lol, damn19:34
DocScrutinizerhaha, that's what you get from messing with mprogressindicator.conf19:34
franz`I had fair warning!19:35
DocScrutinizernice part about inception and openmode: you should be able to fix it, via rescue-initrd19:36
DocScrutinizererr, maybe that's not applicable for inception? dunno19:36
franz`oh? how so?19:36
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: not applicable because doing so will itself put you into open mode19:37
itsnotabigtruckmprogressindicator, that's the boot screen, right?19:38
DocScrutinizerso reflash is it then I guess, unless you got wlan autoconnect configured and system actually gets there19:38
itsnotabigtruckso it's not failing because of refhashlist (it's not aegis'd)19:38
itsnotabigtruckbut i guess it just doesn't like the modded config19:38
franz`reflash it is19:38
franz`I'm downloading the firmware file as we speak19:39
*** faenil has quit IRC19:39
DocScrutinizernota bene on HARM even ACT_DEAD allows WLAN ssh sessions, they even survive "booting" from ACT_DEAD to active and "shutdown" from active to ACT_DEAD aka charging19:40
DocScrutinizeractually ACT_DEAD "off with charging" state is just another runlevel basically19:41
DocScrutinizerssh and wlan active in both runlevels19:41
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:41
franz`the system boots enough to get to the point of mounting mydocs as mass storage if I plug the usb cable19:41
franz`though wlan isn't connected19:41
DocScrutinizeras long as you haven't got any bindmount of / to MyDocs/MyRoot/ theat won't help much19:42
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: even that won't work since the host computer is mounting the actual partition19:43
itsnotabigtrucknot a VFS tree19:43
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan19:43
DocScrutinizerduh, you're right19:43
wirwehey, where are the messages on the n9 saved?19:47
djszapiI wonder what happens if you run it from the app launcher. It does not change the word here for next, or category change. If I run it from command line either as root or developer, it works fine/.19:47
DocScrutinizerno matter what messages you're actually talking about ;-P19:47
itsnotabigtruckbtw has anyone here had their windows personal certificate store suddenly go empty19:48
wirweall the messages – sms, chat messages etc… which are shown with the messages-app19:48
DocScrutinizerI heard even vmlinuz is stored in trackerdb in PR1.3, maybe it's a red herring ;-P19:49
befordis it possible to resize QML Tumbler font size?19:49
itsnotabigtruckwhat are some kmods people would find useful19:49
itsnotabigtrucklots of people want iptables nat19:49
DocScrutinizerlots of people want hostmode19:50
itsnotabigtruckbut that isn't just a module that can be built, is it?19:50
itsnotabigtrucki assume if it was it would have already been done19:50
DocScrutinizerit should work out of the box basically, when I contribute some hacking for boostmode19:50
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: unmet dependencies19:51
DocScrutinizernobody looked into it except me cursory19:51
itsnotabigtruckyou need to override the library dependencies again19:51
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: which one ?19:51
itsnotabigtrucklots, the kde ones19:51
DocScrutinizer*should* be a matter of defconfig19:51
djszapioutput ?19:51
javispedroto build hostmode and my other kmods you will need to change the kernel19:52
itsnotabigtruckoh, and it looks like you're building against pr1.3 also, which means wrong qt version deps19:52
DocScrutinizerit's actually not a .ko19:52
javispedrolibdbusmenu? that's ubuntu19:53
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: pretty sure it's more than just ubuntu19:53
djszapijavispedro: nope.19:53
itsnotabigtruckthe idea is to have a fully generic menu interface for many different DEs19:53
javispedrolibdbusmenu is only used by ubuntu19:54
djszapiso can one give me a proper source list for public scratchbox usage ?19:54
djszapijavispedro: nope19:54
DocScrutinizerhaha, so zenity with dbus interface? NIIIICE19:54
itsnotabigtruckanyway, put 'override_dh_shlibdeps:' in debian/rules and copy in the current dependencies19:54
javispedrodjszapi: which other platform uses it?19:54
itsnotabigtruckthen remove all the ones shipping with khangman and decrease the qt minimum version19:54
javispedrodjszapi: archlinux having it is not proof. they also have my OWN globalmenu packages.19:55
itsnotabigtruck("copy in" to debian/cintrol)19:55
javispedrothose also have gnome globalmene19:55
djszapijavispedro: nah, it is some other issue19:56
javispedroseriously, there is only one renderer for globalmenu, and it is the unity applet.19:56
djszapiI mean itsnotabigtruck ^19:56
djszapiit is a copy/paste from kanagram, so should work19:56
javispedroso dunno what you are doing with that lib on harmattan.19:56
djszapijavispedro: quite simple19:56
djszapithe dependencies were built with as many dependencies as possible, some of them are simple debian copy/paste.19:57
javispedro_ubuntu_ copy paste.19:57
djszapiand obviously nobody felt the need for thinking about it a bit more.19:57
djszapino, it is debian.19:57
djszapiplease do feel free to contribute19:57
javispedroI can assure you no debian package requires libdbusmenu at least on this server.19:58
djszapiand figure out which package has this dependency, and then rebuilt it locally in scratchbox, test it out with all the upper layers depending on that19:58
djszapiand then submit to your c-obs home directory, test again, and then finally to the c-obs.19:58
djszapito the community repository.19:58
javispedrodjszapi: that it is packaged does not mean that it is a dependency. It is right here if you want to use unity, same as gnome-globalmenu.19:59
javispedrothe bad part is that libdbusmenu-qt is actually a runtime dependency (aka no dll dependency)20:00
javispedrothe good part is that the unpatched harmattan qt will not even load it20:00
djszapinah, it is quite a dependency20:00
javispedroso by installing the package you are just wasting a few kilobytes of disk20:00
djszapiand not sure, it is worth spending anytime with it.20:00
javispedrobut it won't even load.20:00
djszapibut surely, go for it, and contribute back20:00
djszapiI will not spend my time with it.20:01
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: well, khangman doesn't have a menu interface on harmattan anyway, right?20:01
itsnotabigtruckso it ought to be excised in any case20:01
djszapiso go for it20:01
djszapicontribute back20:01
djszapitalking is simple.20:01
javispedrodjszapi: where is the kde repo url?20:01
itsnotabigtruckit's your project, and you have the commit rights (i assume)20:01
djszapifor what ?20:01
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: nah20:02
javispedrodjszapi: for kdecore5 and related packages20:02
djszapiit is not related to khangman20:02
djszapiit is related to a dependency.20:02
djszapiso without killing it out from the dependency, it is no use to deal with khangman20:02
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: a dependency that shouldn't be present on harmattan with its non-menu-driven DE20:02
djszapijavispedro: which platform ?20:02
javispedrodjszapi: harm20:02
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: you are still not getting it20:02
djszapia dependency of khangman requires that20:02
djszapiso khangman needs to include it20:02
itsnotabigtruckoh, it's indirect20:03
djszapijavispedro: community repository.20:03
javispedrodjszapi: I know I know, just don't know the full path, I found meego packages on your home but not harm20:03
djszapianyway, the main point was hijacked.20:03
javispedrook, I'll shut up :)20:03
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: btw did you ever try aegisctl...i'm curious whether it works on open mode (stock)20:04
djszapithe main point was that for me: someone, please give me a public source list for scratchbox :)20:04
itsnotabigtruckor did you switch to open mode (patched)20:04
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: hold on20:04
javispedrodjszapi: scratchbox was never updated to pr1.2 packages20:04
itsnotabigtrucki'm going to be very irritated if there isn't an SDK update to PR1.3 by shortly after PR1.3 release20:04
djszapijavispedro: how is that any relevant to my question ?20:05
itsnotabigtruckbut i'm not really getting my hopes up20:05
djszapijavispedro: whatever is the public, I need that, period.20:05
djszapino user:pw ?20:05
javispedronah, sdk repos don't have pw20:06
javispedrodjszapi: btw, did you get access to those pr1.2 packages via obs?20:06
djszapijavispedro: well, mine had :)20:06
djszapiit seems to not be the case for public repos.20:06
javispedrodjszapi: or is that qt creator package?20:06
djszapijavispedro: could you please rephrase ?20:06
javispedrodjszapi: What you build here ( ), was it done using qtc? or obs?20:07
djszapiqtcreator ? ffs :D20:07
itsnotabigtruckjavispedro: probably with his nokia-internal pr1.3 scratchbox20:07
djszapijavispedro: it is a plain scratchbox build.20:07
djszapileft-over from Nokia times.20:07
djszapiand we did have password and user20:08
djszapiglad to see it is simpler for public.20:08
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: you forgot to paste the file actually contains those20:08
javispedrowell technically sharing the key for the binaries repository20:08
djszapiis it simply source.list ?20:08
djszapi/etc/apt/sources.list ?20:08
javispedrodjszapi: yep20:08
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: yeah20:09
*** diorahman has quit IRC20:10
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan20:11
*** diorahman has quit IRC20:13
*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan20:13
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan20:14
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: not functioning. basically stuck already at the first line, 0%20:14
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: are you trying to install that into your 1.3 target? seems like a bad idea20:14
djszapifakeroot apt-get update20:15
itsnotabigtruckand that's definitely the real deal20:15
djszapidoes not seem so20:15
djszapifakeroot apt-get update20:16
djszapi0% [Connecting to]^C[sbox-maemo6-armv7: /scratchbox/users/lpapp/home/lpapp] >20:16
faenildoes QFile copy() create directories too if the file you're copying is in a non-existent directory?20:16
faenilor is there any function that does that?20:17
djszapifaenil: #qt20:17
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: just did an apt-get update just now, worked fine20:17
itsnotabigtruckwhy don't you just install the provided public sdk rootstrap20:17
faenildjszapi, I'll tell you the same when you'll ask qml questions ;)20:17
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:17
itsnotabigtruckand faenil: i'm guessing no20:18
faenilitsnotabigtruck, ok ;)20:18
djszapifaenil: of course not20:18
javispedrobut at least thiago is on #qt , which will certainly know the answer to your question :)20:18
djszapiI have checked the source, but it is the same loop for you, too...20:18
javispedroand any other qt question imaginable fwiw.20:18
djszapijavispedro: nope20:19
djszapijavispedro: he is not aware much more than qtcore, and qtdbus20:19
javispedroask him that =)20:19
faeniljavispedro, talked to him yesterday :D20:19
admiral0afaikt QFile::copy is in QtCore20:19
djszapiadmiral0: that is not hte point...20:20
djszapipoint is that he is not good enough at ui stuff that he did put clear many times.20:20
djszapifaenil: no, harmattan qt-components qml question is quite right here.20:20
djszapiit is for your advantage anyway to ask such questions at #qt20:21
admiral0djszapi: are you a bot?20:21
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: because I would not like to lose all my stuff20:22
javispedrohey, gdbus is finally nice to use20:22
faenilanyway :)20:22
faenil<thiago> QFile::copy to copy files, QDir::mkdir to create dirs20:22
djszapifaenil: that is what I said above :)20:22
djszapiso even if you get the answer here, do not listen :p20:22
djszapiI directly checked out the source for you.20:22
faenildjszapi, that is what I knew too :P I wanted to know if there was another way, and I asked in #qt, as you said20:22
faenildjszapi, ok :)20:22
djszapiwell, obviously, mkdir.20:22
faenilsomething like Qt::copyandmkdir(), you know :P20:23
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: so if you can guarantee that to me, I do not lose anything, it is all fine.20:23
djszapifaenil: your duty to establish sucha method...20:23
faenil:D was expecting that :D20:23
djszapinot common need enough to bloat the core which is supposed to be as small as possible.20:23
djszapiqt unfortunately already has way too many convenience method for sometimes no real gains apart from cluttering.20:24
javispedrodjszapi: is your scratchbox resolv.conf broken? can you ping say from inside scratchbox?20:26
* itsnotabigtruck reads up20:26
javispedrodjszapi: or better, "curl" as ping is not there.20:26
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: can't you install the public rootstrap parallel to the pr1.3 one?20:26
itsnotabigtruckwiping out your top secret rootstrap doesn't seem like a good idea anyway20:26
djszapinah, I cannot20:27
javispedroyeah, backup it first then upload it to our sikret ftp server :)20:27
djszapiI would like to have one public way.20:27
itsnotabigtruckalso it looks like your scratchbox has a bad resolv.conf inside20:27
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: not secret at all20:27
djszapinot sure how you ended up by saying that20:27
djszapiit is all public stuff in there, but still /very/ useful.20:27
djszapiwell, I have not changed the resolv.conf which worked previously.20:28
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: everything since beta3 is certainly not available outside the nokluminati :p20:28
itsnotabigtruckcould compile the 1.2 source packages into a repository, but that wouldn't take care of the nokia-binaries things20:29
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: again, I do not have too much secret information20:29
djszapimostly just my zillion projects in the home.20:29
djszapiwhich are mostly related to kde.20:29
djszapisame, if I copy paste the "host" system's resolv.conf.20:30
djszapiwell no clue then.20:30
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan20:33
*** diorahman has quit IRC20:33
djszapijavispedro: this is the community repository:
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan20:45
*** folivora_ is now known as folivora20:47
djszapijavispedro: I would be happy, if you can contribute about packaging.20:49
djszapiwe lack a decent amount of manpower in there.20:49
djszapi19:54 < itsnotabigtruck> anyway, put 'override_dh_shlibdeps:' in debian/rules and copy in the current dependencies -> already have that20:52
*** diorahman has quit IRC20:52
djszapisince I had to use my previous package as well, for obvious reasons.20:52
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan20:53
*** teleshoes has joined #harmattan20:54
*** diorahman has quit IRC20:58
*** leinir has quit IRC20:58
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan20:59
*** adlan has quit IRC21:00
*** diorahman has quit IRC21:02
*** Natunen has quit IRC21:03
*** bradfo has joined #harmattan21:03
*** bradfo has quit IRC21:04
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan21:07
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*** diorahman has joined #harmattan21:11
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*** diorahman has joined #harmattan21:14
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan21:16
virtuald§ is this still true?21:21
*** diorahman has quit IRC21:21
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan21:22
jonnivirtuald: yes true, there wont be sdk release for pr1.2.21:22
virtualdthis sucks21:24
virtualdhow am i going to do whatever now21:24
djszapino way, end of the world ;)21:25
virtualdso the doomsday prophets were right after all21:26
virtuald2012 it all ends21:26
virtualdcan i still do something with harmattan platform sdk?21:27
*** diorahman has quit IRC21:29
javispedrouse it as random data to securely erase a hard disk21:29
virtualdarr you fucking kidding me?21:30
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan21:30
virtualdcan i downgrade with phoenix?21:30
djszapijavispedro: :)21:30
javispedrovirtuald: even if you build with pr1.1 as target you can install to pr1.221:31
javispedrovirtuald: only problem is you will not be able to use new stuff.21:31
javispedroand of course, lack of gdb :(21:31
javispedronow that there are sources though, I can replace packages with my versions that do include -dbg21:31
virtualdcan't i compile my own libc and gdb?21:31
javispedrobut of course for that you also need aegis-less.21:31
virtualdsources where?21:31
virtualdi saw you talking about an iso the other day21:32
virtualdspank you21:32
javispedrogood luck!21:33
virtualdnow i just need to find out where in qubes-os i can put it without losing it when i shut off the vm21:33
javispedroso who is to blame for the lack of pr1.2 sdk? I would like to send some menacing letters in that direction >:)21:34
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC21:34
*** lucido has quit IRC21:35
RST38hfranz: can I also have a lat/lon for that?21:35
virtualdheh, would be great if you could have mail delivered to a set of coordinates21:36
javispedrosadly elop already has a collection of my rants21:37
DocScrutinizerI didn't exactly think of mail though21:37
DocScrutinizerair delivery yes, mail no21:37
jonnijavispedro: you can blame ovi store, as it only can handle pr1.0 packages at the moment.21:38
DocScrutinizeraaah yeah, that makes some weird kind of sense21:39
javispedrohey, I accept that as a reasonable excuse.21:39
franz`perhaps we all should get a piece of the blame ourselves21:39
javispedro(because one was faced with similar problem in fremantle days :P )21:39
franz`for getting so emotionally invested in a dead OS21:39
*** djszapi has left #harmattan21:39
franz`a true captain goes down with his finland-developed ship21:39
franz`'s what my grandma always said21:39
RST38hWell, someone at Nokia is invested enough to push updates21:39
javispedrocannot enter the ship any longer, it's been locked with something called aegis21:40
javispedroso I will watch it sink from this lifeboat21:40
jonnipr1.0 limitation will remain still for a while, but afaik it will be fixed at somepoint in the future...21:41
virtualdwhy is it that i find absoluteley nothing relevant about aegis when i crawl the tubes, except for the small part in the harmattan documentation?21:42
javispedrohow are they going to solve it? multiple repositories, one per version, and multiple builds?21:42
jonnimost likely forcing everything to update to newest pr release and only requiring it to work with that one.21:43
*** diorahman has quit IRC21:43
jonniI'm not seeing one per version ever happening.21:45
wirwehey, after synchronising the calender of my old nokia phone with the n9, all events after the 29th feb are set one day to early … seems if it doesn't recognize that we are in a leap year. do you have an idea how to change this?21:46
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan21:47
virtualdanyone know how much remote control nokia have over the devices?21:53
teleshoesnone, except by strong-arming you with aegis21:53
virtualdare you sure?21:53
teleshoesthere are closed components21:54
virtualdnokia is actually do sell surveillance equipment :p21:54
teleshoesfun conspiracy theory, but theres not much reason to believe it21:55
teleshoesit would be extremely difficult to hide this from us; gsm is a known quantity21:55
virtualdactually it's nokia/siemens21:55
virtuald"The spy gear in Bahrain was sold by Siemens AG (SIE), and maintained by Nokia Siemens Networks and NSN’s divested unit, Trovicor GmbH, according to two people whose positions at the companies gave them direct knowledge of the installations." Torture in Bahrain (Bloomberg 2011-08-22)21:56
teleshoesperfectly reasonable to imagine they sell spy gear; somebody has to sell spy gear21:56
virtualdso it's on the network side of things21:56
virtualdall the big players seem to do21:57
RST38hSo, is it a surprise to you?21:57
virtualdno it's just wrong21:57
teleshoesselling spy gear is wrong?21:57
RST38hwhy is it wrong?21:57
virtualdbecause people should have a right to not be tortured21:58
virtualdfor what they say21:58
RST38hDid Nokia Siemens take away this right from anyone?21:59
teleshoesyoure claiming nokia was {knowingly?} enabling torture21:59
teleshoesby selling this spy gear21:59
virtualdthey did sell spy gear to rogue governments21:59
teleshoeswhere rogue==not-un-members21:59
virtualdyeah dictators21:59
* RST38h sighs21:59
RST38hThis argument will not stand in any just court of law22:00
kimjuprobably each and every phone switch have "spy feature", also known as "lawful interception". most countries have laws to make it mandatory feature..22:00
virtualdnot saying that western nations is any better at not using torture22:00
virtualdi don't really know that22:00
virtuald(usa isn't really a western nation anyway)22:00
teleshoeson most maps ;)22:00
RST38hYou want to accuse Nokia? Then prove that Nokia *knowingly* sold someone tools used to torture people.22:01
teleshoesor prove that they did not fulfill a moral obligation in finding out22:01
virtualdthe thing is they built the tools22:01
RST38hComms equipment does not qualify unless Bahreinees use it to generate high voltage current to their prisoners'testicles or something22:01
teleshoesfirst you gotta prove such an obligation exists22:01
RST38hThere is no "moral obligation" in corporate world.22:02
teleshoeseinstein didnt bomb nagasaki22:02
RST38hCorporations are no people. They do not have morals.22:02
teleshoescorporations are the collective greed of their constituents22:02
teleshoesnot moral entities22:02
RST38hSame applies to states by the way.22:02
virtualdsure you couldn't say someone who makes screwdrivers is an accomplice in stabbings but it's different, noone really needs surveillance22:02
teleshoesi meant legal obligations exist22:02
teleshoesno one needs indoor plumbing22:03
RST38hSo saying "Bahrain government is committing immoral acts" is no more valid than saying "the typhoon is committing immoral acts in South Asia"22:03
*** Exchange_money90 has joined #harmattan22:03
RST38hlegal obligations do exist and differ from country to country22:03
teleshoestyphoons dont have moral constituents22:03
teleshoesgovernments do22:03
RST38hnot really22:03
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan22:03
RST38hgovernment is a government22:03
djszapiis there a better web service for scheduling than doodle ?22:04
RST38hyou want to blamesomeone for immorality? blame particular people22:04
virtualdgovernments do have moral obligations even though many in them pretend they don't22:04
djszapiI miss the priority for days that might be good for participants.22:04
virtualdand that's also true for people in business22:04
teleshoesindividuals dont cease to exist when they join a collective22:05
virtualdsure it's not the company agenda to do what's morally right22:05
*** Exchange_money90 has quit IRC22:05
teleshoesusually, the reason corporations exist is to obscure blame, and shunt aside moral obligations22:05
teleshoesbut corporations are composed of people22:06
teleshoeswho do make immoral decisions22:06
teleshoesyou can say a company made an immoral decision when, collectively, it acted in an immoral fashion22:06
teleshoesdefining 'acted in an immoral fashion' is whats tricky22:07
virtualdand i think the people should be held accountable and when you can't find the people you got to blame the company22:07
teleshoesthe blame has to lie on the people in the company, sure-22:07
teleshoesprobably one person22:07
teleshoesmaybe a few22:07
teleshoesmaybe spread out perfectly evenly22:07
teleshoesi dont think theres any reason in particular that you cant say the company did something wrong22:08
javispedroall the blame are belong to elop22:08
virtualddevelopers developers developers...22:09
franz`elop personally installed surveillance software on nokia siemens equipment going to iran22:09
djszapijavispedro: and and and ... the rubbit :)22:10
itsnotabigtruckanyone up for testing a new aegisctl22:11
virtualdsorry to tired to think of something to do with it ;)22:11
itsnotabigtruckit now has a safeguard to prevent accidentally making stupid mode changes (don't worry, just add --really to force it to do what you say)22:12
*** diorahman has quit IRC22:14
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan22:15
RST38hvirtuald: C# developers C# developers C# developers22:16
teleshoesi like --really22:16
djszapireally ? :)22:16
RST38hother developers do not need to apply22:16
teleshoeshey, anybody ported ghc yet?22:16
virtualdrst38h: are you saying he don't like vbscript .net?22:17
virtualdmust be one of the easiest languages to jump into as a total novice22:18
RST38htotal novices should learn programming, not languages22:18
itsnotabigtruck < download!22:19
itsnotabigtruck(if you have inception)22:19
itsnotabigtruckyou have to incept it22:19
itsnotabigtruckand you also have to have a functioning opensh22:20
franz`what does it do?22:20
itsnotabigtruckfranz`: adjust the aegis policy enforcement flags22:20
itsnotabigtruckthe net effect is that it lets you make it so that you can run anything from opensh22:20
itsnotabigtruckinstead of getting 'operation not permitted' for anything not shipped by nokia, or incepted itself22:20
franz`oh cool22:21
itsnotabigtruckvirtuald RST38h: in all fairness, C# is pretty good22:21
franz`user@Nokia-N9:developer $ aegisctl22:21
itsnotabigtruckunfortunately, many programmers who use C# are not22:21
RST38hitsnotbig: you can't imagine how many thinks I have heard this statement about22:22
itsnotabigtruckfranz`: w00t, now try: aegisctl -s22:22
itsnotabigtruckor view the integrated help with aegisctl -?22:22
RST38hok,without aegisctl, what does opensh do?22:22
franz`seems it works22:22
itsnotabigtruckRST38h: opensh gives you a shell with all privileges/capabilities/credentials/whatever you would like to call them22:23
franz`I can wget with opensh22:23
RST38hitsnot: but you still can'trun non-nokia softwarethere?22:23
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: again, w00t is a person :)22:23
itsnotabigtruckthe problem is that certain credentials are set such that they're affected by the "source origin check"22:23
franz`  +z  re-initialize Aegis on running an unlisted executable - DO NOT ENABLE22:24
itsnotabigtruckif you install something in the untrusted domain, or from ovi, or afm, aegis decides that it is never to be run with sensitive privileges22:24
itsnotabigtruckwhich means tcb or most of the CAP privileges22:24
itsnotabigtrucksince opensh gives you *all* the privileges, that includes those, meaning you can't run many things22:24
itsnotabigtruckbecause they would end up being run with said privileges22:24
itsnotabigtruckyou can use aegis-exec to filter out privileges that you don't need, but sometimes you do need those22:25
itsnotabigtruck(otherwise why are you using opensh)22:25
franz`wrong window22:25
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:26
RST38honce more, how do I install aegisctl?22:27
RST38hwhat should I put before dpkg -i?22:27
itsnotabigtruckRST38h: use incept instead of dpkg -i22:27
MohammadAGRST38h, incept is one of the few things that's in $PATH22:28
RST38hyeah, sorry for asking =)22:28
MohammadAGdamn you Harmattan $PATH22:28
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: actually it's in /usr/sbin so it's not in $path if you're on meego terminal22:28
MohammadAGoh, I ssh'd22:28
franz`yeah wonder what's the deal with every user/shell having a different $PATH22:28
franz`anyway, seems it works itsnotabigtruck, anything else I should test?22:29
itsnotabigtruckfranz`: not really...maybe flip the flags around for a while and see if you can get anything to get weird22:29
itsnotabigtruckMohammadAG: lol, what does l-e-n actually notify about?22:29
franz`I got that installed, still didn't get a message to see if it works22:29
MohammadAGitsnotabigtruck, all events, just blinks the LED22:30
MohammadAGblame N86 for portrait in landscape22:30
MohammadAGalso where the fuck are the default wallpapers like in that video22:30
franz` 2158 root     {load-launcher.s} /bin/sh /etc/init/xsession/ 0 1 apps avahi-daemon led-event-notifier22:31
franz`this means it's running right? :P22:31
franz`lemme get the landline22:31
MohammadAGthis means it just got launched / is launching22:31
*** risca has joined #harmattan22:32
*** risca has quit IRC22:32
franz`hmm, yeah22:32
franz`it's not running22:32
franz`lemme try launching it manually22:33
DocScrutinizeravahi-daemon???? WTF?!22:34
franz`why do people hate on avahi this much! I like it! :P22:34
RST38hDoc: and proper people bring it sacrifices!22:35
RST38hfranz: because it is made by Lennart Poettering?22:35
DocScrutinizeryeah, it being ~poettering is one reason22:35
itsnotabigtrucki still have no idea why you have a personal grudge against this guy22:36
franz` I'd trust him22:36
DocScrutinizeranother one is it broke more heterogenous networks for me than all other reasons together22:36
franz`that camera inspires confidence22:36
infobot'sth is poettering' means it acts invasive, possessive, destructive, and generally in an egocentric exacerbating negative way. ``this cancer is extremely poettering''22:36
franz`are you jealous of his camera doc?22:37
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: we've all heard about how much you hate his software22:37
itsnotabigtruckbut yeesh22:37
itsnotabigtruckhe could definitely use some new frames for those glasses though22:37
franz`apps/led-event-notifier start/running, process 2313  ok let's try again22:38
franz`still not working22:39
itsnotabigtruckit seems to be running for me22:39
itsnotabigtruck11524 root     /usr/bin/led-event-notifier22:39
franz`it's running alright, just isn't blinking the led22:40
*** teleshoes has quit IRC22:40
franz`seems to have the right aegis credentials too22:40
franz`oh well22:40
franz`back to google image searching for lennart poettering then22:41
DocScrutinizerwell, I'm not sure how aegis got plumbed into dbus22:41
franz` hahaha22:41
RST38hok, he is a standard issue geek with glasses22:41
RST38hany other point you would like to make, franz?22:41
DocScrutinizerfranz`: search for videos. There possibly is a great one of one of last few CCC22:42
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan22:42
DocScrutinizerof a lecture about PA22:43
DocScrutinizerwhere he acted like... poettering ;-P22:43
franz`he still seems like an alright dude for me, but you know him better I'm sure22:43
RST38hHere is your final photo:
*** faenil has quit IRC22:44
*** machine1 has quit IRC22:44
RST38hfranz: As the holy book says, "by his deeds will you know him"22:44
*** jaywink has quit IRC22:44
*** diorahman has quit IRC22:48
*** faenil has joined #harmattan22:51
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan22:51
*** diorahman has quit IRC22:53
itsnotabigtrucki guess i'll publish aegisctl tomorrow22:53
itsnotabigtruckor maybe publish tonight but announce tomorrow22:53
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan22:54
*** diorahman has quit IRC22:55
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan22:57
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*** machine1 has joined #harmattan23:00
*** diorahman has quit IRC23:02
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan23:04
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:04
gabriel9djszapi: ping23:05
*** leinir has joined #harmattan23:10
*** leinir has joined #harmattan23:10
gabriel9ok you are here23:11
gabriel9who can ask about examples from here23:12
gabriel9for some time they are under maintenance23:12
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan23:12
gabriel9for some long long time23:12
MohammadAGneed help with MTF23:13
gabriel9mtf is?23:14
*** diorahman has quit IRC23:15
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan23:16
befordmeego touch23:16
arceanMeeGo Touch Framework23:16
gabriel9heh, i did not get that far23:17
gabriel9this is really anoying. all examples are under maintenance23:18
gabriel9every one of them23:18
befordthe projects page is23:18
gabriel9this one is not :P23:19
MohammadAGI keep getting a segfault when a sheet is dismissed23:19
befordit is for me23:19
MohammadAGfor no apparent reason23:19
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:21
* MohammadAG casts in an attempt to fix it23:21
MohammadAGsegfault, yay23:21
gabriel9just listen beggining23:22
arceanMohammadAG: what method are you using to show the sheet ?23:22
MohammadAGarcean, appear()23:27
*** diorahman has quit IRC23:27
MohammadAGwith MSceneWindow::DestroyWhenDismissed23:27
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan23:28
MohammadAGarcean, I fixed it somehow23:28
arceanMohammadAG: problems with content of the sheet ?23:29
MohammadAGarcean, it's almost empty really23:29
MohammadAGarcean, fixed it like this
arceanMohammadAG: hmm, interesting23:30
DocScrutinizergabriel9: a figure from StarWars you are? Speaking like one you do ;-P23:30
MohammadAGwhy am I using == NULL...23:31
gabriel9sorry, eng is not my main language :)23:31
virtualdnorthern lights over finland and sweden23:32
*** djszapi has left #harmattan23:32
itsnotabigtruckincept your N9s, you must :p23:32
DocScrutinizerOMG sucks big time23:32
denismMohammedAG: why not MWindow?..23:33
MohammadAGthat's deprecated denism afaik23:33
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: why you ask why you use "== NULL"?23:34
gabriel9anyone plan to publish book about qt Quick and N9? :)23:34
gabriel9i will buy it for sure23:34
DocScrutinizernice idea23:35
DocScrutinizerI waited for a book about maemo fremantle since... I first heard of N810 basically23:35
denismMohammadAG: as I know - no. Appear without object is deprecated, but "Please use appear(QGraphicsScene) or appear(MWindow) instead"23:35
gabriel9this is really problem. I can't find any code example23:35
gabriel9hm, you guys could write book :)23:37
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan23:39
denismMohammadAG: and it seems that there still might be a crash, as it might be that the parent page does not have scene either. of course depends to other logic of application23:39
djszapierr...jreznik is not here again :/23:39
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:40
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan23:42
*** diorahman has quit IRC23:49
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:49
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan23:50
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan23:51
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*** aergus has joined #harmattan23:54
*** diorahman has joined #harmattan23:57
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