IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-02-20

Aranelmerlin1991: I'm trying the reverse of what we did, instead of calling a Python function from QML, I want to trigger an QML item (spesifically:, from Python. How could I achieve that?00:01
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merlin1991qml functions are slots to python, though nfc how you'd call them directly00:03
merlin1991I think I had the docs for it open todday00:04
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merlin1991btw Aranel just found this:
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djszapifaenil: got a bit of time for app testing ?00:28
faenilnope sorry :(00:29
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merlin1991sry Aranel only did the other way round00:40
Aranelmerlin1991: checking that URL now :) Looks a bit confusing to me00:41
itsnotabigtruckdoes anyone else see pink fringing on the time on the LP screen?00:41
itsnotabigtruck[on the N9]00:41
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djszapiinteresting, people need to pay for the update...00:42
djszapithat is a pretty nasty bug...00:42
djszapiin OVI, that is.00:42
ninnnuDo people have to pay again for re-download?00:43
itsnotabigtruckninnnu: no, but i think there's a limit on how many times you can do so00:44
itsnotabigtruck5 iirc00:44
Aranelheard that it's now 1000:44
itsnotabigtruckwhich is ridiculous, yet another case of pirates getting a better product than paying customers00:44
djszapininnnu: no, but you do need for update.00:45
ninnnudjszapi: So you can't workaround by uninstalling old version and then downloading the updated version?00:45
djszapininnnu: after you paid at least once for sure.00:46
djszapiAlthough you do not wanna lose your data either00:46
djszapiso that is alsoa no go.00:46
djszapi -> anybody idea how to put the middle content a bit under00:48
djszapilike 20-30 px, so that it would scale to the middle of the chalkboard00:48
djszapiI have just used a column with those button rows, and centerIn: parent; where the parent is the page.00:49
djszapimargin did not help on the column so far00:49
djszapihere you can find the qml description:
djszapione of the last blockers before publishing the update.00:50
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itsnotabigtruckdid anyone ever test the calendar hack?00:53
djszapiyou can test the application:
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djszapiverticalCenterOffset helped with my issue, cool.01:13
itsnotabigtruck> does anyone else see pink fringing on the time on the LP screen?01:13
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi ninnnu Aranel ^01:13
Aranelitsnotabigtruck: sorry, #n950club member :p01:13
djszapiunfortunately I do not01:14
itsnotabigtrucki'm just wondering if i've screwed something up or if it was always like that and i wasn't paying attention01:14
djszapiAranel ninnnu: do you have time and sake to test my app before pushing to Ovi01:16
itsnotabigtruckninnnu: low power = lp01:17
itsnotabigtruckit's the one with the clock that moves around01:17
itsnotabigtruckthe most locked of the lock screens01:17
Araneldjszapi: well, would it kill people, crash something or give me the finger in any other way? :p01:18
ninnnuitsnotabigtruck: It looks normal to me? The edges of numbers have random coloured pixels if you look closely, though.01:19
djszapiAranel: not that I am aware of.01:20
Araneldjszapi: okay, why not :)01:20
itsnotabigtruckninnnu: that's what i mean, if you look closely there's pink pixels01:22
itsnotabigtruckit's really noticeable on numeral 2s01:22
Araneldjszapi: this one?01:25
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djszapiitsnotabigtruck: you always catch bugs ... wanna test the updated kanagram version shortly ? :)01:53
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itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: have you updated it since the link earlier?02:21
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SazpaimonI can't figure out why my translation files arent loading03:28
Sazpaimoni strace my process and see that it's finding the qm file I want03:29
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Sazpaimonbut the strings arent getting translated03:29
itsnotabigtruck i can't figure out whether that person is saying "pr1.2 has this feature?!" or "pr1.2 has this already"03:32
itsnotabigtruckbecause if it's the latter, my post says that already >_>03:32
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, can you help me figure out why my translation file isnt loading03:36
SazpaimonI'm running installTrCatalog from MLocale, and an strace shows it loading my translation qm file03:36
Sazpaimonbut my strings still appear untranslated03:36
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: i really don't know anything about that03:37
itsnotabigtruckdo N900 and N9 both use the wl1271?03:39
itsnotabigtrucklooks like the answer is no, N900 is wl125103:42
Sazpaimonthey use different chipsets03:46
SazpaimonN900s has support for packet injecton, but not AP mode03:47
SazpaimonN9's is the opposite03:47
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: is the packet injection problem a kernel thing or a firmware/chip thing03:50
itsnotabigtruckbecause it looks like people were claiming that the wl1251 firmware couldn't do packet injection, and then it got implemented in the driver03:51
Sazpaimonit got implemented after someone was paid to do it03:51
itsnotabigtruckso is there anything actually backing up it being a firmware problem?03:51
itsnotabigtruckpaid to do the kernel module03:51
Sazpaimontl;dr guy was comissioned to write packet injection patches for the current driver, was never paid03:53
Sazpaimonso he ended up releasing it publicly03:53
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: right, my point is03:53
itsnotabigtruckthe kernel module is open source, the firmware is not03:53
itsnotabigtruckthe chip firmware, that is03:53
itsnotabigtruckso if the lack of packet injection is a kernel module problem, it can, in theory, be done03:54
itsnotabigtruckif it's a firmware problem it can't03:54
itsnotabigtruckso that makes all the difference in the world03:54
itsnotabigtruckpeople said it was a firmware problem with the wl1251, but then gnedt did that mod, which afaict is all in the kernel module03:54
itsnotabigtruckso what i'm wondering about here is whether the problem with wl1271 really has anything to do with the chip firmware or if people are just assuming that03:55
Sazpaimonit's my understanding that all wl12xx chipsets have the same, or similar firmware03:55
itsnotabigtruckbecause when it comes to embedded devices people make a lot of wrong assumptions about things they can't do03:55
Sazpaimonthough I dont know that for sure03:56
itsnotabigtruckso in that case if the wl1271 is close enough to the wl1251, the patch for the wl1251 module could be adapted to the wl127103:57
itsnotabigtruckand, assuming aegis is out of the way, packets could be injected03:57
Sazpaimoni spent an hour figuring out why my haze-steam connection manager wasnt working04:28
Sazpaimonit was failing at tp_connection_manager_check_valid_name04:28
Sazpaimonwhy i didnt check the documentation for it is beyond me04:28
SazpaimonCheck that the given string is a valid connection manager name, i.e. that it consists entirely of ASCII letters, digits and underscores, and starts with a letter.04:28
Sazpaimonas in, no dashes04:28
itsnotabigtruckwhy not just call it steam04:37
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Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, because it has all the same capabilities of haze04:42
Sazpaimonpluse steam04:42
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: maybe it would be a good idea to exclude everything but steam04:42
Sazpaimonmc-tool: org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.UnmappedError.McdAccountManagerError.Code0: Failed to set parameter: Protocol steam not found04:44
Sazpaimonoh what now04:44
Sazpaimon how is that even possible04:44
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itsnotabigtruck:( only one reply on tmo so far05:03
oscoderhi guys,i came across an issue about the js date used in the harmattan. i just want self-implemente a month view component. also used js date to build corresponding date of month view , but some days of the view show unexpected errors, such as double date of the same.05:04
oscodersomeone know why!?05:04
oscoder i even didn't know whether if there are some bugs in the interface supplied by harmattan ,.\05:06
itsnotabigtruckanyone know why the top radio stations on the Internet Radio app are almost entirely arabic stuff? strange05:08
oscoderI also verified it with simple ways.. and didnt' find out why the issue occurs.05:10
itsnotabigtruckoscoder: not sure05:10
itsnotabigtruckseems like all most people here talk about here is QML behaving strangely05:11
oscoderoh,,that is too bad  to me05:11
itsnotabigtruckbtw install and your calendar icon will update with the date05:12
itsnotabigtruck(assuming you aren't using PR1.2 already)05:13
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oscoderthanks itsnotabigtruck for you help ...but the link you pasted in chat room , i have skim it ,sorry,, that is not my necessary...05:15
oscoderi just want known the real reason of the issue occurs.05:16
itsnotabigtruckthen you'll have to wait for someone who's experienced in qml05:16
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oscoderwhether if the date of js has some issues when used in the harmattan ,, i didn't know.05:16
itsnotabigtruckbut i don't think you've really provided enough info for anyone to figure it out anyway05:16
oscoderi jus think it is too terrible for me to describe the issue clearly...05:17
oscoderok, also thanks to you .05:18
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djszapiitsnotabigtruck: yes, it is updated06:37
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: hm? which message are you referring to06:42
djszapiyou last message to me.06:42
itsnotabigtruckoh ok, so is up to date06:42
djszapiI have an updated localy copy.06:43
itsnotabigtruckcan't test atm anyway, my phone's powered off06:43
djszapibut I am facing a warning where I handbang against the wall06:43
djszapiqml gives me warnings for row and anchor usage.06:43
djszapiso I should kindly reinvent the wheel because qml thinks it is cool06:44
djszapilong story short: you cannot align elements in the row, to left or right.06:45
djszapiI mean ... I can, and it works, just stupid warning06:45
djszapiso I guess I should drop the row, and make each row element anchored up bottom left right etc06:45
djszapito get the correct stuff, but that is annoying + super error-prone -> maintenance overhead06:46
djszapifor i nstance a row in the settings page is something where you make theanchor left for the first element, and right for the second (speaking of a switch for instance).06:47
djszapiperhaps I could use column and embedded items.06:48
djszapimmh, actually nope without the anchor overhead :/06:50
djszapiis there any simpler way ? :o06:54
SazpaimonI have steam semi-working on my device06:57
Sazpaimonmy contacts list is populated with my steam friends06:58
Sazpaimoni had to use mc-tool to add it though06:58
Sazpaimonthe account plugin is bugging out :/06:58
itsnotabigtruckbtw are there any reliable sources of USB covers for the N907:18
itsnotabigtruckapparently it's a field-replaceable part but the only place selling them i could find was some finland-only shop07:18
befordblocked login?07:22
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: make sure the steam plugin you're using isn't susceptible to MITM attacks07:23
itsnotabigtruckbeford: hm?07:23
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, it uses standard ssl connections07:23
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: which need to be verified07:23
befordthat's what I get when viewing that imageshack07:23
befordredirects me to
itsnotabigtruckbeford: that's odd...07:24
itsnotabigtruckbut Sazpaimon: use instead07:24
befordthe check headers or something07:24
Sazpaimoni dont like imgur because of reddit07:24
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itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: erm, what?07:24
itsnotabigtruckuse it anyway, imageshack is garbage07:24
Sazpaimonsomething strange about this, if you go to your desktop steam client and send a message07:25
itsnotabigtruckand reddit is awesome...not as awesome as it used to be07:25
Sazpaimonit gets sent to your phone as an incoming message07:25
itsnotabigtruckdue to the decay cycle that waters down every website07:25
itsnotabigtruckbut still07:25
Sazpaimoni think this is a limitation of telepathy07:25
Sazpaimonbecause i think that this happens on skype too07:26
itsnotabigtruckisn't that a feature of the protocol07:26
Sazpaimonbut im not sure about that07:26
itsnotabigtruckit just needs to be handled correctly07:26
itsnotabigtruckit's called 'carbon copies'07:26
Sazpaimonsteam never had this until now07:26
Sazpaimonpreviously you coild only be logged on to one client at a time07:26
Sazpaimonnow its 1 desktop client, and 1(?) mobile client07:26
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itsnotabigtruckmaybe ignore the copies unless there's an ongoing conversation going?07:27
Sazpaimoni dont think there's any way to know if an incoming message is a copy07:27
Sazpaimoni'll have to look at the pidgin protocol more07:28
Sazpaimoni also need to turn off steam guard for this to work07:29
Sazpaimoni also need to turn off steam guard for this to work07:29
Sazpaimonoops damn up key07:30
Sazpaimonanyway it sends an email to your account with an access code that you need to enter after logging in when yolu log in from a new machine07:30
Sazpaimonim not sure how to implement that07:30
Sazpaimoni mean, I know the UI can just do the account check when you put in your details07:31
Sazpaimonand then have you put in the access code there07:31
Sazpaimonbut the fact that it goes to your email makes it annoying nonetheless07:31
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itsnotabigtruckis that a red N9?07:50
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itsnotabigtruck what is this drivel :/08:03
itsnotabigtruckthings like that make me think apple's iron-fist apps policy might be a good idea sometimes08:04
itsnotabigtruckalso this far inferior to the existing free one, but you get the privilege of paying for it08:04
itsnotabigtrucki shouldn't be downtalking people's apps :| but still, it's one thing to put a price tag on serious apps that have serious time/passion/etc. put into them08:05
itsnotabigtruckit's another to try and make a quick buck on trivialities08:05
itsnotabigtruckand not even high quality trivialities08:05
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befordlooks like a crappy photoshoped red n9 yea08:13
djszapialso, quite ugly :P08:14
Sazpaimonthats the magenta N908:15
Sazpaimontaken with a bad camera08:15
djszapior maybe N10 in fact.08:16
Sazpaimonso another bug i ran into08:16
Sazpaimonmessags are coming in twice08:16
Sazpaimoni dont know if thats because i was at another IP at the time, or what08:17
Sazpaimoncould just be haze bugging out too08:17
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, im thinking of doing what you sand and making haze just handle steam08:18
Sazpaimon\and then maybe I can just statically compile in the libpurple and libsteam libraries in it08:18
Sazpaimonthat way just the haze binary would be needed08:18
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itsnotabigtruck woot08:59
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: you should make a entry on n9-apps for kanagram09:00
itsnotabigtruckit's extremely easy to do09:00
djszapino I will make it non free09:00
djszapiand abuse the bug about update09:01
djszapiand I will keep updating with an automated script :P09:01
djszapiwith super long changelog with bug fixes and new feature s:P09:01
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: say doubleplus:-( to for the CptObvious post09:06
DocScrutinizerthe reason why I don't usually look at tmo anymore09:07
DocScrutinizerobviously >> The upcoming PR1.2 firmware includes this functionality "out of the box", so this program won't be needed anymore then.<< wasn't clear enough for youmeego09:08
DocScrutinizerincredible that your mo karma gets PLUS points for posting such redundant BS09:10
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: yeah, i can't figure out if that post is saying "oh, pr1.2 has this? cool"09:10
itsnotabigtruckor "you know pr1.2 has this already"09:10
DocScrutinizerwhatever it means, it's definitely annoying noise09:11
infobotmethinks tmo is, or trolls, morons, oxes09:15
DocScrutinizeror too much offtopic09:15
Sazpaimonor too many foreigners09:15
Sazpaimonwith poor sentance structure09:15
Sazpaimonseriously, just try and read some of the stuff people post word for word in your brain09:16
djszapiaye, I am sorry for that too. My English also sucks a lot ;-)09:16
Sazpaimonyou can not do it09:16
Sazpaimondjszapi, are you polish?09:16
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan09:16
Sazpaimoni have a pole friend who used to talk like you09:17
Sazpaimonnow he's fluent09:17
djszapino, not really. :)09:17
djszapiThough, I normally do many typos which make my sentences and posts messed.09:18
itsnotabigtrucknobody here except the noobs speaks terrible english; i doubt that's a coincidence09:19
djszapioh damn this nokia ovi update bug was marked as wontfix...09:20
itsnotabigtrucklearning a language is bloody hard but if you're too careless to pay attention to spelling and sentence structure you're usually too careless to do your research either09:20
djszapilong ago...09:20
DocScrutinizerdang, if Reggie was susceptable to improvement suggestions for tmo, I'd have had him add a "NO thanks!" button since long time09:20
Sazpaimonalso Ive stopped really going to TMO anymore09:21
Sazpaimonits all harmattan haters and people that want whatsapp09:21
Sazpaimonor android09:21
djszapimmh, I should change the slider for the time settings...replacing with this prolly:
djszapimmh, not really..if it is only good for real date/time instead of timers...prolly custom one then...09:22
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: they marked it as WONTFIX? why isn't this documented anywhere?09:22
DocScrutinizerwhatsapp is becoming a ban'able word on this chan soonish09:22
Sazpaimonthank GOD09:22
itsnotabigtruckthe nokia publish site makes it sound like you can update apps however whenever09:22
itsnotabigtruckimplying that the users can update them too09:23
itsnotabigtruckwithout repurchasing09:23
djszapiI know.09:23
Sazpaimonoh and also the daily lyncg elop thread09:23
djszapithat is why I mentioned it this morning09:23
DocScrutinizerstill no clue WTF this app might be for09:23
djszapiit is yet another serious issue09:23
djszapibecause my friend got a review, he sucked :D09:23
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: it's an SMS alternative that uses the data connection09:23
itsnotabigtrucki.e. a glorified im client09:23
djszapithe user did not know it was not my friend's mistake...09:23
itsnotabigtruckbut it uses phone numbers instead of nicknames09:23
djszapiso it takes effect on publishers a lot ...09:23
djszapiand on their reputation...09:24
itsnotabigtruckit also has the unique feature of costing money ($2/yr subscription fee)09:24
DocScrutinizeran idiot skimmer09:24
itsnotabigtrucki don't understand why everyone wants it, i wasn't aware it was even all that popular09:24
* djszapi wonders why there has never been a screenshot to the qt components09:24
itsnotabigtruckand there's already ebuddy xms ported, which is basically the same thing09:24
itsnotabigtruckand unlike whatsapp it's free09:24
itsnotabigtruckso if you're really jonesing for that sort of thing it's already covered even09:24
DocScrutinizersend SMs for "free", pay by giving us your mobile number09:25
*** tomma has joined #harmattan09:25
DocScrutinizerplus your SMs text09:25
fralsDocScrutinizer: plus sub fee, plus lock in due to proprietary wrapper around xmpp09:25
djszapiinteresting that the image tiling does not respect the macros ...09:26
djszapimargins, even*09:26
DocScrutinizerisn't that a *real* bargain?09:26
itsnotabigtruckso yeah, i'm not completely opposed to the underlying idea of whatsapp, even though i'd prefer that people use ordinary im protocols (jabber)09:26
DocScrutinizeridiot skimmer09:26
* djszapi hopes stretch does.09:26
itsnotabigtrucktraditional im isn't trendy anymore and whatsapp-type things are convenient09:26
itsnotabigtruckbut whatsapp itself...i don't see any reason to want it09:26
itsnotabigtruckand then people are signing an online petition for it...when was the last time one of those was effective09:27
DocScrutinizeranyway the name itself is so annoying, I officially declare the name a ban'able subject09:27
* djszapi has no idea what "whatsapp" is...googling...09:28
djszapiahh that one !09:28
itsnotabigtruckwhat sap pronounces that sort of rule ;)09:28
DocScrutinizer~dict sap09:29
infobotDictionary 'sap' (1 of 17): abate, abri, approach trench, asshole, attenuate, axiom, babe, beverage, blood, blunt, boob, booby, bore, bunker, burrow, center, chump, cinch, communication trench, core, countermine, coupure, cramp, credulous person, cripple, cull, damp, dampen, deaden, debilitate, delve, dematerialize, deplete, destroy, devitalize, dig, dig out, dike, ding-a-ling, dingbat, dingdong, disable, disembody, distillate, distillation, ditch, ...09:29
itsnotabigtrucksap(1) n. [5] Slang. a fool; dupe.09:29
DocScrutinizersome of those seem to match fairly well09:29
* RST38h moos09:30
RST38hSoo, ladies, gentlemen, and other life forms, what is going on?09:31
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC09:31
DocScrutinizerdiscussing idiot skimmers09:31
DocScrutinizeror rather: declaring them ban'able subjacts09:32
itsnotabigtruckRST38h: you know you need it (unless you have pr1.2, then you don't)09:32
DocScrutinizerthen you need to read
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: have you verified package checksums against the signed release files ?09:33
djszapiabout the aegis-install (dpkg wrapper issue) topic.09:33
DocScrutinizeror not09:33
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: there is no signature, that's the problem09:34
* DocScrutinizer hums "Monday morning" of Velvet Underground09:34
itsnotabigtruckapt uses detached signatures, on the problem repos, the detached signatures aren't there09:34
itsnotabigtruckand then the bug in aegis-install is that it treats /unsigned/ repos differently from /signed/ repos that don't match any trusted key09:34
djszapidarn, I seriously think it should have signed.09:35
itsnotabigtruckand in the former case it bombs out due to the new check09:35
itsnotabigtruckso simply putting a signature on every apt repo for harmattan would fix it09:35
djszapiWhat exactly does aegis-origin report from packages?09:35
djszapiyes, but that is just one side of the coin09:35
DocScrutinizer~hail aegis09:36
* infobot bows down to aegis and chants, "I'M NOT WORTHY!!"09:36
itsnotabigtruckright, fix is the wrong word09:36
djszapiThe dpkg wrapper should be able to work with any untrusted repository for sure.09:36
itsnotabigtruckmitigate it when the broken aegis-install hits and screws everyone up09:36
itsnotabigtruckit reported unknown iirc09:36
djszapiplease double check09:36
DocScrutinizerit's a *real* gain for platform security and especially usability in each and every regard09:37
itsnotabigtruckyou're the one with the multitude of phones with beta firmware releases09:37
itsnotabigtruckand i'm the one who needs sleep for a 9am class09:37
djszapiaegis-origin zlib1g_1.2.3.3.dfsg-17\+0m6_armel.deb09:37
djszapimap_archive_file: Could not open the archive file: unknown09:37
djszapiFailed to get the signature from the Release file!09:37
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: /me sighs, can't you save it for later x_x09:37
djszapiseems I left some bogus output on the console :P09:37
*** mairas has joined #harmattan09:37
djszapiwhen I wrote this aegis origin thingie09:38
djszapianyway, it is untrusted.09:38
* DocScrutinizer shrugs09:38
DocScrutinizerlater I'm busy with daywork09:38
itsnotabigtruckhmm...i forgot about the origin utility...maybe i was barking up the wrong tree09:38
itsnotabigtruckwell, except that it's probably supposed to say unknown for an unsigned package because it is09:39
*** Hq` has quit IRC09:40
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: sleep well09:41
* DocScrutinizer sets up a script 'while 1; timer 1800; say "~hail aegis"; wend'09:41
RST38hDoc: PR1.2 has this feature.09:49
RST38hDoc: But I would not mind to have the same for email, messages, and a few other things like rss =)09:49
DocScrutinizerI would not mind getting back sane desktops as in fremantle/diablo09:50
* RST38h is almost used to harmattan desktop09:50
DocScrutinizereven though that would mean resurrection of widget madness and live wallpapers09:50
RST38hIt is a weird case of user experience designers prevailing over BOTH developers and the common sense though09:51
DocScrutinizershoot all UX designers09:51
RST38hDoc: But look at the bright side: now you can have fremantle/diablo desktops on your Linux computer09:51
DocScrutinizerif only for their slotmachine time/date-pickers09:51
RST38hDoc: In fact, these are the only desktops that will be available from now on09:52
DocScrutinizerthe unrivaled top of idiocy09:52
* DocScrutinizer burps and wanders off for a daywork in winXP hell09:53
RST38hDon't you feel mmmm... elated by the fact that the old good S90 platform lives on in the shape of Unity and Gnome3?09:54
DocScrutinizerI dunno either09:54
DocScrutinizerliterally never touched any of the three09:55
RST38hDoc: Of course you did09:56
*** zk8 has quit IRC09:57
RST38hDoc: Hildon.09:57
RST38hS90 is Hildon. Or its direct and only parent, anyway09:57
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan09:59
*** Hq` has joined #harmattan10:07
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan10:18
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*** gabriel9 has quit IRC10:30
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*** rcg has quit IRC10:43
*** rcg has joined #harmattan10:44
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*** decibyte has joined #harmattan10:47
*** Stecchino_ is now known as Stecchino10:50
*** mece has left #harmattan10:54
mtdanyone packaging a python + QML app for the N9/N950?  I'm in need of a real-world example after reading debian packaging guidelines till my head bleeds.10:58
jonnithere shouldnt be issues, other than you need to add "depends: python" most likely, or which parts of instructions gives the bleeds?11:04
*** mja has quit IRC11:13
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC11:30
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan11:30
*** ab has joined #harmattan11:48
*** ab has quit IRC11:48
*** ab has joined #harmattan11:48
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*** heymaster has joined #harmattan11:56
*** trx has joined #harmattan11:59
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*** ieatlint_ is now known as ieatlint12:06
*** mairas has joined #harmattan12:06
djszapiX-Fade ping...12:07
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan12:07
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan12:07
djszapiwe have a sort of trouble with the Nokia SDK repository...namely, we should get rid of that...12:07
djszapifor the community OBS12:07
djszapiit is never meant to be usable for the device, and we heavily depend on that instead of the tools and apps repositories.12:07
djszapiand with the upcoming Pr1.2. the Nokia SDK repository is broken meaning that the community repository will be broken meaning that apps4meego will be broken ...12:08
djszapiand there is no real sign from the Nokia SDK side to sign the Nokia SDK repository which would solve our case...12:08
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan12:09
*** DocScrutinizer51 has joined #harmattan12:09
*** Hq` has joined #harmattan12:11
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan12:12
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*** Hq` has quit IRC12:15
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*** heymaster has joined #harmattan12:28
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan12:38
*** Hq`_ is now known as Hq`12:40
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*** mrAlmond has joined #harmattan12:52
mrAlmondHi everyone12:52
mrAlmondWhere can I found sources of the "official" browser application  for Meego Harmattan?12:52
jonnimrAlmond: afaik grob sourcesre not public, but webkit2 sources are here
mrAlmondI need them because I just want to know how the browser handles anchor links when it is in tiled mode.12:54
mrAlmondDoes meego browser use qt classes?12:54
jonniits a qt application, so I would guess yes12:54
mrAlmondI don't have a device running meego...does anchor links in browser works?12:55
mrAlmondI mean page "internal links"12:55
decibytelike links to an element id #my-element ?12:55
decibytei'll test right away. but i'm pretty sure it works.12:57
mrAlmondI've created a browser for an embedded device running linux and I'm using qt embedded (no X11)12:57
mrAlmondmy browser uses opengl for tile rendering12:57
mrAlmondand implements kinetic scrolling12:57
mrAlmondbut anchor links do not work12:58
mrAlmondso I just wanted to have a look at meego sources12:58
decibyteit works12:58
mrAlmondok sources of the top application are not public?12:59
jonniit uses webkit2 underneath so you can look anchors behaviour in webkit sources. #element name links work just fine13:00
pahi everybody13:00
pai found just today a nice application for quickly turn on and off the power save mode13:00
pabut i dont understand how to make it appear on the notification screen13:00
mrAlmondjonni : webkit handles anchors when scrolling is handled by the core itself...but when you set resizesToContents to true (when using kinetic scrolling and opengl rendering) the scroll must be handled by the top application so anchor links must be handled manually13:03
mrAlmondthis is what I think13:04
jonniare you using webkit1 or webkit2?13:17
mrAlmondI'm using qt 4.7.2 that should have webkit113:19
mrAlmondI'm not sure because qtwebkit version is 2.0 but this is not the webkit version13:21
mrAlmondwhat a mess... :-/13:21
jonniI just did grep -i anchor src/* on grob sources, there is no anchor handling in grob cpp files, all the anchor scrolling is done inside qml/webkit part of the code.13:21
mrAlmondI've a qml interface too but I think this thing are not handled in qml...probably only inside the c++ code13:22
jonnin9 browser uses qml + Flickable for all the scrolling handling and not c++. But as your app doesnt even use x11, then I dont know how you need to do it.13:25
jonnimrAlmond: as your app really isnt harmattan app, then most likely best channel for generic qtwebkit help is #qtwebkit13:26
jonnias in that channel you can find the experts on qtwebkit13:27
jonni(I've only played with qtwebkit 2 years ago, when we added multitouch support to webkit, and I havent looked webkit code since).13:30
*** deimos has joined #harmattan13:37
*** gri is now known as zz_gri13:38
mrAlmondI'm in the qt-webkit channel but nobody answer me :-(13:38
djszapibe patient.13:38
mrAlmondis it the right channel?13:38
djszapi#qtwebkit as jonni said.13:39
djszapicheck out the vailable users, and it is only you :P13:39
djszapiso you kinda expect answers from yoruself :P13:39
mrAlmondno because usually there is people in it13:39
djszapiwell, I have just joined, and you were the only one.13:40
mrAlmondyes now I'm the only one13:40
djszapiis it a miracle nobody answers ? :P13:40
mrAlmondbut some time ago there was a lot of people13:40
djszapiI do not know what irc client you use, but it lists the people for me when I join a channel.13:42
mrAlmondok probably I'm an idiot :-D13:42
mrAlmondI joined that and I saw history of chats between other people13:42
mrAlmondbut probably it was the wrong history...I'm using xchat and probably it sucks13:43
djszapithis was a funny situation :D ;)13:43's monday...I've to turn my brain on...13:44
Corsaccan someone with working N9 confirm ?13:47
_MeeGoBot_Bug 653 nor, ---, ---, ext-risto.lahti, RESO INVALID, music player can't select an album randomly13:47
Corsac(meaning, chosing shuffle on top of the album list plays album at random but inside an album will play it sequentially)13:47
*** zz_gri is now known as gri13:48
*** Aranel has quit IRC13:50
decibyteCorsac: mine seems to shuffle all tracks from all albums13:50
decibyteCorsac: same is the case when shuffling from top of artist list13:52
decibyteie. "shuffle" shuffles tracks, no matter from what list you select it13:53
*** kozzi_ has joined #harmattan13:55
*** kozzi has joined #harmattan13:55
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC13:56
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan13:56
*** kozzi has quit IRC13:57
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*** gabriel9 has quit IRC14:10
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan14:11
*** jreznik_n9__ has joined #harmattan14:18
djszapiohh btw can use platform icons with Image... I have not noticed it, but nice...14:25
*** Stecchino has quit IRC14:27
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan14:33
*** Stecchino has quit IRC14:33
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan14:33
*** adlan has joined #harmattan14:35
*** Guest90411 has joined #harmattan14:47
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan14:48
*** Guest90411 is now known as Aranel14:48
*** Aranel has quit IRC14:48
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan14:48
*** Saviq is now known as Saviq|bbiab14:48
AranelI want to implement "add to startup/remove from startup" feature on my app, but I can't easily cp app.conf to /etc/init/apps, what's the proper way of doing it?14:49
djszapiAranel: you can14:50
djszapiwhat exactly is the problem ?14:50
Aranelcp: can't create '/etc/init/apps/meesaver.conf': Permission denied14:50
djszapiwhy would you that manually ?14:51
djszapi(and via packaging)14:51
djszapiand not*14:51
AranelI thought that if it doesn't work from CLI as user, it wouldn't work with UI button too?14:52
AranelI want to add app.conf to /apps if user hits "add to startup" button, and remove it if he hits remove from startup button.14:53
djszapiadd from where ?14:54
Aranelfrom /opt/app/bin/app.conf14:54
djszapiahh you would have an /opt/${project}/data/...14:54
djszapiI see...14:54
djszapithe most secure way is to run a process as root14:55
djszapiand request root userid for that process.14:55
djszapior request the desired cap for set id14:56
djszapibut that is less secure.14:56
Aranelso should I create a seperate .sh file with cp /opt/app/sth.conf /etc/init/apps14:56
djszapiand less work.14:56
Araneland run it as work?14:56
Aranelrun it as root and it would work*?14:57
djszapilooks ok14:57
djszapibut you do not run it as root as on a unix desktop14:57
djszapiyou just need to request the root user id from the manifest file ...14:58
Araneland, how am I going to request root? :)14:59
djszapisecurity manual pls.14:59
djszapiwe well documented it.14:59
*** auenfx4 has joined #harmattan15:22
*** auenf has quit IRC15:23
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*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:45
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*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:43
bluesleeis it possible to flash a completly wrong firmware onto a device or will this be blocked by the flasher? say n9 <> lumia 80016:45
alteregoThe N9 and Lumia aren't the same device at all ..16:50
djszapiI am sure it is blocked :)16:50
alteregoThey both have likely extremely different flashing procedures.16:50
djszapiblueslee: wanna port Lumia to N9 heh ?16:50
alteregoI imagine the lumia has some windows flashing thingy.16:50
djszapiitsnotabigtruck:      return '' if ($rel eq 'unknown');16:51
djszapi+  return '' unless (-e "$rel.gpg");16:51
djszapithis would be the patch for the broken wrapper in the aegis install I think.16:52
djszapirzr: btw, we should sign the community repository, too.16:53
bluesleedjszapi: i tried just for fun to flash the rescue images to the lumia, nothing happened ...16:53
*** Saviq|bbiab is now known as Saviq16:54
djszapianybody having a Mac here for a small patch testing, please ?16:54
*** faenil has quit IRC16:58
*** decibyte has quit IRC17:01
*** deimos has quit IRC17:10
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan17:11
*** blueslee has quit IRC17:12
*** djszapi|windows has joined #harmattan17:13
pais there something like "toggle PSM2 but for flight mode, and for wifi?17:19
rzrdjszapi: hi i have my pgp keys i should have signed yours too :(17:22
rzrdjszapi: we sucks17:22
rzrdjszapi: but i am in debian keyring17:22
djszapi|windowsit would be nice to sign the repository17:22
djszapi|windowsany developer on Windows in here ?17:23
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi|windows: wait, hold on17:23
itsnotabigtruckwhat aegis-origin does is irrelevant17:23
djszapi|windowsnot really, no.17:23
itsnotabigtruckbecause it's not used anywhere17:23
djszapi|windowsthat checks against the signature17:23
djszapi|windowsyes, it is.17:23
itsnotabigtruckbut aegis-deb-release is important17:24
djszapi|windowsdoes anybody have a perl > 5.10 version on Windows ?17:26
djszapi|windowsApparently, it is needed for Qt5 compilation17:26
itsnotabigtruckapparently this isn't exactly a new bug, hrm17:26
djszapi|windowsit is17:27
djszapi|windowssee the edition in the history.17:28
djszapi|windows17th of February17:28
djszapi|windowsthe repo was never signed.17:28
befordI have a mac17:28
djszapi|windowsin any case.... the workaround is to get the darn sdk team sign the repository.17:28
befordnot a lot of stuff installed there though17:28
djszapi|windowsbefore: can you test me a qt5 patch ?17:28
djszapi|windowsyou need a qt5 clone and build17:28
djszapi|windowsthat is all17:28
befordwhat do I need17:28
befordsure give me the steps17:29
djszapi|windowsthe problem is that, if the Nokia SDK repository broken, our community repository gets broken as well17:30
djszapi|windowsin the sense, we cannot really install packages from there since most of them have deps in the Nokia SDK repository.17:30
djszapi|windowsthat said, the Nokia SDK repository was never meant for anything special, not even for device17:30
djszapi|windowswe should use apps/tools repository, but still17:30
* djszapi|windows desperatly needs some help with Windows qt5 setup for testing17:32
befordok its clonning, brb17:33
*** Siva has quit IRC17:58
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:06
*** NsaneN900 has joined #harmattan18:19
NsaneN900whats the issue with the chats account? messageserver is burning trough the battery. disabling my chat account takes my idle form 70mA to 7mA18:20
beforddjszapi, its building now18:21
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan18:22
djszapi|windowsbeford...Ooo you should not ...18:22
djszapi|windowsjust after applying my patch18:22
Venemo_N950matrixx, ping18:22
djszapi|windowsin qtbase: git apply $stuff18:23
djszapi|windowsbeford: btw, you need to reconfigure18:23
djszapi|windowsbecause I had to add a unit test18:23
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan18:23
djszapi|windowsso the default qt5 build instructions nuke the unit test and example builds.18:24
djszapi|windowswhich is not acceptable for this patch18:24
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan18:26
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan18:26
bef0rddjszapi|windows ./configure -developer-build -opensource -nomake examples like this is ok?18:27
Venemo_N950djszapi, in a few days, I'll make a new irc-chatter release. feel like testing?18:27
djszapi|windowsbef0rd: sounds ok18:27
djszapi|windowsVenemo_N950: or well, more precisely: yes, I feel like testing, but zero time.18:28
Venemo_N950no problem, no hurries18:28
bef0rddjszapi|windows, ok tell me how to apply your patch :) sorry I'm not used to git18:31
djszapi|windowsgit apply18:32
djszapi|windowscopy paste my patch onto the input18:32
djszapi|windowsat least that is how it is on Linux18:32
djszapi|windowsyou probably need to do this in the qtbase folder.18:32
bef0rdok, I have to copy all the things from the pastebin right?18:32
djszapi|windowsyeah, but please make sure the raw output18:33
djszapi|windowsFTR: Venemo_N950 you have not still tested my app :p18:35
djszapi|windows(at least no feedback to me yet, I have a new version for today btw)18:35
djszapi|windowsitsnotabigtruck: to you too, if you can test it, please go for it18:36
djszapi|windowsbef0rd: git apply ../../djszapi.patch18:37
bef0rdok let me see18:38
djszapi|windowsor wherever it is, you do not need the redirecting18:38
bef0rdsame output though18:38
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi|windows: ok, i think i have this narrowed down18:38
djszapi|windowshow about git am ../../djszapi.patch ?18:38
itsnotabigtruckthe root of the problem is that unsigned packages are supposed to be assigned a bogus fingerprint of PGP::deadbeef18:39
itsnotabigtruckand that isn't happening18:39
itsnotabigtruckif the gpg signature doesn't exist18:39
*** adlan has joined #harmattan18:39
djszapi|windowswhere is it supposed that way ?18:39
itsnotabigtruckjust search for deadbeef and you'll find it18:39
djszapi|windowssearch where ?18:39
djszapi|windowsnote, I am now on Windows18:39
bef0rdApplying: Add a remainingTime() method to the public interface of the QTimer class18:39
itsnotabigtruckoh heh, right18:40
djszapi|windowscannot really do anything not too simple.18:40
itsnotabigtruckthe perl wrapper18:40
bef0rddjszapi|windows make -j3 now?18:40
djszapi|windowsyeah, or clang, or ninja18:40
djszapi|windowswhatever available there :)18:40
djszapi|windowsbut /only/ in the qtbase folder.18:40
djszapi|windowsitsnotabigtruck: also, all my respect if you feel like spending your time with perl ;)18:41
*** NsaneN900 has quit IRC18:42
djszapi|windowsbef0rd: and when done, run this: ./tests/auto/corelib/kernel/qtimer/tst_qtimer18:43
djszapi|windowsI am telling by heart, so the path needs some adjustment18:43
bef0rdok it will take some time I suppose, this is just a dual core macbook18:44
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi|windows: ok, and it looks like it's assigning PGP::deadbeef *if and only if* the signature exists, but is signed with an unrecognized keyu18:44
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC18:44
itsnotabigtruckotherwise it falls through and causes the other code to balk18:45
itsnotabigtruckso what it should be doing is a) valid signature exists - report key id, b) invalid signature exists - report unknown, c) no signature exists - report unknown, d) gpg fails - fail or report unknown18:46
itsnotabigtruckbut instead it fails for both c and d18:46
djszapi|windowsmy one liner patch above fixed c though18:47
itsnotabigtruckis that something you posted here, or do you mean in the nokia repo18:48
djszapi|windowsposted here for you with highlight18:48
djszapi|windowsI could put it for review18:48
djszapi|windowsbut it is not gonna be integrated for PR1.218:49
itsnotabigtruckoh whoops, there it is18:49
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi|windows: you're right, that's probably a better solution18:50
itsnotabigtruckskips a bunch of extra work running gpg18:50
itsnotabigtrucki was afraid that was going to happen :/ even though this is a fairly high severity bug? i guess it doesn't impact "normal users" at all18:50
itsnotabigtruckbut still that's *really* problematic, argh18:51
bef0rdbut the error is not related to your patch I believe :/18:54
djszapi|windowsit is18:56
bef0rdoh good18:56
bef0rdand bad for you :P18:57
djszapi|windowscan you add one line here pls ?18:57
*** Siosm has joined #harmattan18:58
bef0rdwhat line?19:01
djszapi|windowswait a sec19:02
djszapi|windowsI need to find my comform on Windows :)19:02
bef0rdoh :P19:02
Siosmhi, I would like to start developping for the N9, but I'm on Arch Linux and the official SDK doesn't work really well. I'm trying scratchbox rigth now. I found and I'm wondering about which way works best for development19:03
djszapi|windowsafter this, add this like:19:03
djszapi|windowsint remainingTime(int timerId);19:03
*** AndrewX192_ is now known as AndrewX19219:04
djszapi|windowsbef0rd: wait19:04
djszapi|windowsI will write the patch myself for you later19:04
djszapi|windowsit is gonna be simpler for both of us19:04
bef0rdI cantype it though19:04
bef0rdcan type*19:04
djszapi|windowsno really19:05
djszapi|windowsI need to find half an hour19:05
djszapi|windowsto understand the mm file.19:05
djszapi|windowsand write a patch blindly.19:05
bef0rdSiosm whats your issue with archlinux and the QtSDK19:05
bef0rddjszapi, ok19:05
*** bef0rd has quit IRC19:06
Siosmbef0rd: I can deploy applications on my N9 but I can't run them on my desktop. I made some links for theme and basic qml stuff, but I can't find the corresponding imports for network...19:08
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:08
befordSiosm, but you installed the package from QtSDK right? no the archlinux qtcreator package?19:10
lbtso .... OBS seems like it's mainly alive again19:10
lbtas of a few moments ago19:10
lbtso could people ping me if there are any issues from now on ?19:11
djszapi|windowslbt: android target coming ?19:11
lbtsorry about the outage too - we had an upgrade for Mer with unexpected (obviously) side effects19:11
lbthehe .... actually not as unreasonable as it might sound19:11
lbtthe sb2 stuff can build against bionic I hear19:12
lbt(and that's what went in)19:12
*** mrAlmond has quit IRC19:12
Siosmbeford: I installed the QtSDK package, and ran the QtCreator included. However, I cannot use the Qt version included in the SDK because Arch Linux libpng version is to high, so I tried to use the 'desktop Qt' version with some links to help it find theme, components imports. But I can't find the other imports I need19:13
befordSiosm, what libpng requires Qtsdk? I have not updated arch for a while :) but I believe there is an AUR package for libpng12 and libpng1419:14
Siosmbeford: ok, i should try this. Do you use the SDK ? Is scratchbox still a viable alternative ?19:15
befordQtSDK works ok, I have not tried sb on arch but I have it on an ubuntu machine but with the QtSDK is enough for me19:15
*** adlan has quit IRC19:17
Siosmbeford: Ok, thanks for the tip19:17
befordSiosm, the aur packages should fix the libpng requirement19:17
*** zk8 has quit IRC19:22
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:26
djszapi|windowsbeford: will you be around in ... say, about 2 hours ?19:27
djszapi|windowsok, I will update the patch on the bus then19:27
*** djszapi|windows has quit IRC19:28
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan19:31
Venemo_N950matrixx, ping :)19:32
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan19:37
Venemo_N950hey djszapiN9 :)19:43
*** njeisecke has quit IRC19:44
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:45
*** blacktass has joined #harmattan19:52
blacktasshi all, I know about it week ago, but maybe someone knows how can I solve errors like one in the end of message. It occurs when I try to install qt5 for my n950 with pr1.2 (from script described in qt-porject wiki). Error itself: Aegis rejecting /var/cache/apt/archives/libxcb-xfixes0_1.7-1-meego1082+0m6_armel.deb: package 'libxcb-xfixes0' origin cannot be determined  -- signature check failed19:54
itsnotabigtruck what happened to this tmo thread?19:56
itsnotabigtruckvery strange...19:56
itsnotabigtruckdid anyone find a comprehensive solution to the orcexec problem with the camera19:58
itsnotabigtruckfor some bizarre reason TMO deleted the thread about it19:59
itsnotabigtruckapparently it has something to do with kernel version mismatches20:01
admiral0apparently nokia is watching tmo instead of coding20:03
djszapiN9aye true20:04
djszapiN9that is what i normally do20:04
*** decibyte has quit IRC20:08
Siosmbeford: Ok, I've installed the correct libpng and now I don't have this error anymore, but I now have include errors for each example I'm trying20:11
itsnotabigtruckdjszapiN9: any idea what might be going on with the orcexec problem (manifests as camera-ui complaining about the camera not responding)20:17
djszapiN9sorry wtiting patch to beford20:18
*** SqRt7744 has joined #harmattan20:20
djszapibeford: please revert the last one20:21
djszapigit reset HEAD{0}20:21
djszapior maybe git reset HEAD{1}20:21
djszapisomething like that20:21
djszapibut if you used git am: simply git reset --hard HEAD~120:22
djszapiif you used git patch, then just git reset --hard HEAD~020:22
djszapiand re-apply the patch accordingly.20:22
*** torarne has joined #harmattan20:22
*** admiral0_ has joined #harmattan20:23
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:23
*** admiral0 has quit IRC20:25
torarneradiofree: ping20:26
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan20:28
*** bef0rd has joined #harmattan20:29
bef0rdpatch format detection failed djszapi20:29
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:30
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan20:30
djszapiN9bef0rd, for git am ?20:34
djszapiN9check the patxh file20:34
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan20:34
djszapiN9make sure you only have the raw data20:34
bef0rdwell I wget'ed the url like before and I dont see anything weird20:36
*** admiral0_ is now known as admiral020:36
djszapiN9git apply ?20:37
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC20:37
bef0rdno complain, I suppose it worked20:37
bef0rdmake started again20:38
djszapiokay, cool.20:38
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC20:38
djszapiX-Fade lbt what the heck is this avatar ?
djszapinot that I dislike the pink, but still :)20:39
lbtlike it says20:39
lbtProfile pictures are provided by Gravatar,20:39
lbtand are based on your email address Update your picture...20:39
lbtat some point you (or someone) put that as your profile in gravatar :)20:39
djszapican you disable this service ?20:40
lbtwell, you know, it's opensource...20:40
*** Free-MG has joined #harmattan20:40
lbtbut it's not currently a configurable option20:40
djszapiI would not like random avatars appear as my representative.20:40
djszapiI do not use gravatar, and I do not plan it either ..20:41
torarnedjszapi: i can't access the image, but i suspect it's one of the default gravatar ones20:42
djszapiinteresting why cobs and gravatar are siamese twins.20:43
*** pinheiro has quit IRC20:45
*** dragly has quit IRC20:46
*** dragly has joined #harmattan20:47
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:47
bef0rddjszapi20:53 error: ‘class QCocoaEventDispatcherPrivate’ has no member named ‘timerList’20:54
RST38hGentlemen, is DLNA loading the whole movie before showing it normal?20:54
RST38h(server: N950, client: Win7 with MediaPlayer)20:54
djszapibef0rd: s/timerList/timerInfoList/g20:55
djszapiand make20:55
bef0rdin the .mm file?20:56
djszapiunfortunately, I am not able to build20:56
djszapiso I cannot such trivial mistakes.20:56
bef0rdok its building again20:59
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:03
*** diggy has joined #harmattan21:03
*** snowpong has quit IRC21:05
djszapibef0rd: I do not see any errors here apart from the bottom which is not too talkative. You sure, you have not cropped out anything above ?21:06
djszapiit does not look any relevant to my patch.21:07
bef0rdyes there is a lot of output but no errors21:07
bef0rdlet me try make again, I suppose it will show the error this time21:07
djszapitry to make a git stash21:08
djszapiand rebuild21:08
djszapisee whether the same without my patch21:08
*** trx has quit IRC21:09
djszapibef0rd: please paste more21:10
djszapiyou have just cropped the important bits :)21:10
bef0rdoops already started git stash && make21:10
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan21:10
djszapiwe will ese whether my patch causes it or now21:11
djszapialso, use verbose cmake21:11
djszapiapparently you do.21:11
djszapion Linux, it is: make VERBOSE=121:11
*** briglia has quit IRC21:14
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC21:17
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan21:17
*** Iktwo has joined #harmattan21:19
*** adlan has joined #harmattan21:29
*** benares_98 has joined #harmattan21:29
Sazpaimonin telepathy, how can I check the credentials of an account without actually creating one21:29
djszapihave you tried on #telepathy ?21:30
Sazpaimonno, not yet21:31
Sazpaimontoo afraid of asking stupid questions there because I know next to nothing about their libraries21:31
djszapithat is why that channel exists :P21:31
djszapito help others.21:31
djszapiand they are friendly according to my experience.21:32
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:39
Siosmbef0rd: Ok, I've installed the correct libpng and now I don't have this error anymore, but I now have include errors for each example I'm trying21:40
bef0rdhey Siosm, please share the errors21:45
bef0rdon you preferred pastebin21:45
bef0rddjszapi , no errors compiling git stash21:45
djszapibef0rd: git stash pop21:46
djszapiand try again21:46
djszapimake | tee buildlog21:46
djszapior something similar to tee on mac, if any21:46
bef0rdtee works21:47
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:53
torarneradiofree: ping21:53
torarneanyone know how to do a join with sparql? if a message has "urn:uuid:someid, how do i pull in the telephone number  of that id?21:57
bef0rddjszapi seems like tee doesn't save stderr?21:58
Siosmbef0rd: there are 2 different examples with include errors. I'm using Qt 4.7.4 included with the SDK21:58
djszapibef0rd: 2>&1 at the end.21:59
djszapi(on Linux, that is)21:59
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:02
radiofreetorarne: pong22:03
radiofreeoh right, so urn:uuid:someid is a nco:PersonContact?22:03
torarneradiofree: its
torarneand that one has
bef0rdSiosm seems like a known issue?22:05
torarneradiofree: actually i want the
torarneradiofree: how can i know the type of that uuid?22:06
bef0rddjszapi seems like I applied the old patch22:06
djszapibef0rd: error: ‘class QCocoaEventDispatcherPrivate’ has no member named ‘timerList’22:06
bef0rdlet me fix that22:06
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:07
djszapibef0rd: do not apply anything22:07
djszapiI will send you an updated patch22:07
djszapiso it is better to test my patch directly.22:07
bef0rdgit stash again?22:07
djszapito make sure there is no error in the transfer process22:07
djszapigit reset --hard HEAD22:07
Siosmbef0rd: I found this thread before but ignored it as those are for maemo but maybe it's the same problem. Are you able, using the QtSDK to run applications/demo on your desktiop ? I'm begining to wonder if it is even possible...22:08
radiofreetorarne: something like select ?phoneNumber { <foo> a something; nco:hasContactMedium ?medium. ?medium nco:hasPhoneNumber ?phone22:09
radiofreeare you trying to select who a sms was sent to based on the sms id?22:09
bef0rdSiosm I suppose it depends on what kind of app, I have never used qtmobility myself, but simple qml apps work ok22:10
itsnotabigtruckanyone know which camera-related components are kernel-dependent?22:10
torarneradiofree: yeah, or i was hoping to use a join, so select ?u ?ptc { ?u a nmo:SMSMessage; nie:plainTextContent ?ptc }"22:10
*** sigmaorion has joined #harmattan22:11
torarneradiofree: and add ?tlf, and somehow get it for each message row22:11
Siosmbef0rd: Is there any chance that by using scratchbox I could be able to solve this problem ?22:11
itsnotabigtruckrx71-camera-fw, camera-ui, libomap3camd, and a bunch of gstreamer stuff didn't do it22:11
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:11
sigmaorionhi there... is there an easy way to use the vibrator of the phone on qml?22:12
sigmaorionI can't seem to find a way, there's not that much information about it22:12
itsnotabigtrucksigmaorion: you probably have to call out to c++ code22:12
itsnotabigtruckand you might need to assert some aegis privileges22:12
torarneradiofree: so map from the messages nmo#from, to that uuid, and then to the nco#hasPhoneNumber, so i would get out 123, some text, +0112412341322:12
bef0rdSiosm I really dont know sorry :/22:13
torarneradiofree: i find sparql very confusing :) thanks for helping me out22:13
itsnotabigtrucknokia calls it "vibra", so there's your keyword22:13
Siosmbef0rd: Thanks for all the answer, I'll keep trying22:13
sigmaorionitsnotabigtruck, can you point me to some documentation or examples?22:13
sigmaorionoh, just on time, hehe!22:13
sigmaorionthanks a lot!22:13
itsnotabigtruckah, there's a qml plugin for it too (see the very end)22:14
itsnotabigtruckthough it might be a good idea to keep the real stuff out of QML anyway22:14
itsnotabigtruckpure qml apps = bad idea22:14
itsnotabigtruckin fact the harmattan dev guide specifically advises against that sort of thing because it's slow22:14
sigmaorionitsnotabigtruck, yeap, I guess, but it's easy and quick!22:14
radiofreetorarne: you can just do select ?u ?ptc ?phone { ?u a nmo:SMSMessage; nie:plainTextContent ?ptc; nmo:to ?to. ?to nco:hasPhoneNumber ?hasPhone. ?hasPhone22:14
radiofree nco:phoneNumber ?phone  }22:14
sigmaorionby quick I mean, fast development22:15
itsnotabigtrucki'm guessing no one can answer my camera is exceedingly weird22:15
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:16
sigmaorionitsnotabigtruck, what in the earth mean this?? "Envelope - Value specifying that the device can bound its intensity by an Envelope."22:16
bef0rditsnotabigtruck, not sure if related to your new question but I got that camera is not responding error from camera-ui some days ago, I thought it was because  I was testing the qmlcamera example earlier that day.22:17
itsnotabigtrucksigmaorion: read the top of feedback.html22:17
itsnotabigtruckbef0rd: it's caused by running camera binaries that are mismatched to a kernel22:18
itsnotabigtruckyour occurrence might have been something different22:18
torarneradiofree: sweet! thanks! :D22:19
itsnotabigtrucki'm trying to figure out what counts as a "camera binary"22:19
itsnotabigtrucksigmaorion: here's what the wiki has to say about envelopes22:20
itsnotabigtruckit's basically the contour of the vibra event22:20
*** sigmaorion has quit IRC22:20
*** trx has joined #harmattan22:26
radiofreetorarne: if you wanted to do something crazy like list all sms messages, and print who it was either from or two you could do something like :
torarneradiofree: so that query limits the list to the messages that have a to-phonenumber, which excludes every incoming message, since the to-contact is telepathy:/org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Account/ring/tel/ring22:29
torarneradiofree: is there any way to query it so that in those cases the row is shown, but the phone number is empty?22:29
torarneradiofree: oh, wow, nice query22:29
radiofreetorarne: you can use optional as in the query22:30
torarneradiofree: aaah, but the one you pasted is perfect! :D22:30
torarneradiofree: thanks! i think i'm starting to understand the syntax now22:30
djszapibef0rd: sorry, but I need to leave.22:31
radiofreewith tracker:coalesce() you can also tell it what to do as an alternative, e.g tracker:coalesce(?phoneFrom, ?phoneTo, 'magic message, no source!')22:31
torarneradiofree: nice!22:32
radiofreeso if there's no ?phoneFrom or ?phoneTo, you'll get "magic message" back :)22:32
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan22:32
radiofreeit's useful for when you want to read all information about something, but you can guarantee that all that information will be there (e.g contact information)22:32
torarneradiofree: aha! select ?u ?ptc tracker:coalesce(?phoneFrom, 'me') tracker:coalesce(?phoneTo, 'me')22:35
radiofreenicer :)22:36
*** SqRt7744 has quit IRC22:54
*** bef0rd has quit IRC22:54
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan22:57
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:05
bluesleeis there any documentation out there about cli dbus commands on the n9 like phone control wiki on the n900?23:11
*** miroslav has quit IRC23:13
itsnotabigtruckis it just me or do the 6char passwords generated by the sdk connectivity tool not seem very random23:17
bluesleeitsnotabigtruck: i observed the same ... blocks of 3-3 where the blocks are in a neighborhood23:26
itsnotabigtruckblueslee: hmm23:30
*** longthen has quit IRC23:30
itsnotabigtruckon one hand humans tend to be bad judges of randomness, but on the other hand i think i got a password just now that it used before23:31
*** longthen has joined #harmattan23:31
*** Iktwo has quit IRC23:32
itsnotabigtruckmight it be possible to convince the TMO admins to divide N900 and N9 apps into separate forums?23:34
itsnotabigtruckor there at least needs to be e.g. [M5] / [HARM] or whatever tags on every app thread23:34
*** admiral0 has quit IRC23:36
beford:/ rejected again23:38
befordanyone running 1.0 wants to help me test something?23:38
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:39
*** gri is now known as zz_gri23:40
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:42
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:44
*** blueslee has quit IRC23:54

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