IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-02-19

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djszapilol, the FingerDrums app is incredibly in Ovi !00:16
djszapiincredibly awesome*00:16
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itsnotabigtruckwhere does angry birds store its saves?04:41
itsnotabigtruckapparently it's /var/opt/rovio/angrybirdsclassic04:44
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Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, that implies rovio planned to bring the various other angry birds versions to harmattan05:54
Sazpaimonor perhaps angry birds space05:54
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: or maybe it's just because they call it that on all platforms05:55
itsnotabigtruckand there's also angrybirdsfreemagic05:55
Sazpaimonwell there's always that05:56
Sazpaimonbut rovio has been known to have a lot of love for nokia05:56
djszapithey just try to port AB to anyway05:57
Sazpaimonstill no windows mobile 6 port05:58
djszapiwell they focused on other windows variants05:59
djszapithey had the initial release a bit more than one year ago when I attended to their talk at a conference.05:59
Sazpaimonwasnt the second platform AB was ported too maemo05:59
Sazpaimonbehind iOS05:59
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itsnotabigtruckyeah, it was06:00
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itsnotabigtruckprobably scandinavian loyalty, lol06:00
Sazpaimonprobably since rovio is finnish a few developers had N900s06:01
* djszapi dislikes Rovio altogether06:01
Sazpaimonalso, regarding that steam chat plugin06:02
Sazpaimonsomeone has apparently been writing a libpurple plugin for it06:02
Sazpaimonso, to avoid re-inventing the wheel, I'll go ahead and use that code06:02
Sazpaimonit needs libjson-glib though, so I guess I have to package that in the deb06:03
itsnotabigtruckis it functioning yet?06:05
itsnotabigtruckalso this is the point where it makes sense to package things properly instead of ovistorifying everything06:05
Sazpaimonyeah it looks like it has everything working06:06
Sazpaimonit comes without any sort of makefile or build instructions06:06
Sazpaimonso I need to write my own06:06
djszapishould not be a big deal to put the dynamic library into the package.06:06
Sazpaimonmaemo alredy has libjson-glib, which is nice06:06
djszapisort of... maemo (fremantle) packages are normally garbage anyway06:07
Sazpaimonits in extras so I assume it's useful06:07
Sazpaimonanyway I'll worry about that later06:08
Sazpaimonanyway I'll worry about that later06:08
Sazpaimondamn up key06:08
Sazpaimoni just wanna get this thing to build first06:09
djszapiwe almost have not used any packages from extra06:09
djszapifor building the community repository.06:09
djszapiit just ... did not make too much sense06:09
Sazpaimonalso, does anyone have libpurple and its dev nicely packaged up06:09
djszapicheck the repositories ?06:10
djszapibut the answer is "no". You are welcome to contribute back.06:11
itsnotabigtrucki thought telepathy-haze and libpurple are indeed packaging06:11
itsnotabigtrucki could swear i saw them somewhere06:11
Sazpaimonwell libpurple itself isn't enough, I'd need the development headers as well06:11
Sazpaimonits ok, though06:11
Sazpaimonit looks like I need to build this plugin in-tree anyway06:12
djszapitelepathy-haze is packaged only in the community repository.06:12
djszapiand I think I did it.06:12
itsnotabigtruckah, i had the rzr repo added at some point, that must have been it06:12
Sazpaimonhaze also exists in the extraplugins deb06:12
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Sazpaimonbundled, of course, along with libpurple06:12
djszapihuh ?06:13
Sazpaimonthat package is a mess06:13
djszapiif libpurple is available, the development is also available anyway06:13
djszapiit is not like that you drop the development version for fun really :)06:13
djszapithis is a very fundamental packaging principle :)06:13
djszapisince they build in ... the same process.06:13
itsnotabigtruckbtw has anyone tried lpsmagic on 1.206:13
Sazpaimonive seen some people get lazy and just package the libraries because they only care about end-users06:13
djszapinope, it is too cluttered to my taste.06:14
Sazpaimonor i should say, upload the libraries06:14
djszapiit does not work that way.06:14
djszapiwhen you adopt a debian package /everything/ builds.06:14
Sazpaimonyes I know06:14
djszapiand when you published it to obs, it obviously build everything as well06:14
djszapiso there are no such worries you have just mentioned.06:14
djszapiand even if someone reinvent the wheel, a monolithic package will contain everything anyway06:15
djszapiif they do not have install file, and that is usually the case for reinventors.06:15
djszapibut you are welcome to contribute back to the community with the missing package ;-)06:18
djszapiif your package is ready you can put it for review into the community repository, and me or rzr can integrate it.06:19
itsnotabigtruckhm, anyone had drive stall at launch before?06:37
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djszapithat exceptionally works for me ;-)06:38
itsnotabigtruckit's good to see nokia maps/drive is about as rock solid as it was on symbian >_>06:38
djszapiwell I had not any problems so far.06:39
djszapiI used maps a lot though.06:39
itsnotabigtruckthat's the weird thing, maps is fine06:39
djszapiAlthough I would nowadays use Marble for maps anyway06:39
djszapiopen stree map ftw06:39
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itsnotabigtruckit seems that obliterating the eMMC worked06:49
itsnotabigtruckwell, at least maps/drive can't routinely crash the phone like it does on e7106:52
itsnotabigtruckthe symbian version also sometimes decides it doesn't feel like exiting, ever06:52
* djszapi does not have too much interest in Symbian06:57
Sazpaimonso, I need to apparently add steam as a protocol to haze07:04
Sazpaimonhow would I handle this if I wanted to submit this to the community repository07:05
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: well, write an account-plugin-steam07:06
itsnotabigtruckand build a package for the libpurple steam plugin07:06
itsnotabigtruckand packages for its dependencies07:06
itsnotabigtruckand then the account-plugin-steam depends on telepathy-haze and the steam libpurple plugin07:07
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, I mean haze needs to have steam added as a protocol for it07:07
itsnotabigtruckoh, like it has to be rebuilt?07:07
Sazpaimonsince apparently protocols are hardcoded in haze07:07
itsnotabigtruckthat's lame07:07
itsnotabigtruckright...then things are a bit problematic07:08
Sazpaimonthere's a static const called KnownProtocolInfo07:08
itsnotabigtrucki guess have a telepathy-haze-sazpaimon07:08
itsnotabigtruckthat Provides: telepathy-haze Conflicts: telepathy-haze Replaces: telepathy-haze07:08
itsnotabigtruckalternatively consider porting the pidgin thing directly to telepathy, heh07:08
itsnotabigtruckhey, if it works it works :p07:09
Sazpaimonyeah which would involve gutting the entire plugin of pidgin utilities07:09
Sazpaimonand rewriting it from scratch, or replacing it with QT utilities07:09
Sazpaimonand I know absolutely nothing about telepathy in general, let alone telepathy-qt407:11
itsnotabigtruckwell, depends on how it's structured07:11
itsnotabigtruckthough i guess you've read through the source07:11
SazpaimonI have07:11
itsnotabigtruckah ok07:11
Sazpaimonit uses purple utilities all over the place07:11
itsnotabigtruckwell the provides/conflicts/replaces seems like perhaps the best bet07:14
itsnotabigtruckalso extraplugins probably needs to be made Conflicts: telepathy-haze07:14
itsnotabigtruckor same thing in reverse from telepathy-haze's side07:14
SazpaimonI think it already does07:15
itsnotabigtruckare you sure?07:15
itsnotabigtruckmost people don't think about things like conflicts dependencies07:15
SazpaimonProvides: libpurple0, telepathy-haze07:15
itsnotabigtruckah ok07:15
Sazpaimonbut it isnt very smart about how it packages purple/haze libraries07:16
Sazpaimonit puts them directly in /usr/lib07:16
itsnotabigtruckso i think the p/c/r on telepathy-haze-steam or whatever would be enough07:16
Sazpaimonwhereas if it were smart it would put it in a subdir in /usr/lib07:16
itsnotabigtruckwell, since it declares provides: libpidgin0 that's what it's supposed to do07:16
itsnotabigtrucksince anything depending on libpidgin0 could pick up stuff from extraplugins07:17
Sazpaimoni think it would be better, from a store perspective, if it put those libraries in a subdir and LD_PRELOAD_PATH it07:17
itsnotabigtruckalso since it installs a telepathy cm it has to be global anyway07:17
itsnotabigtruckit's not like it can just be a standalone thing that loads some libs07:17
itsnotabigtruckand you couldn't set ld_library_path on the telepathy daemon07:17
Sazpaimonwell this begs the question on how I would package libpurple on this07:18
Sazpaimonif extraplugins is already installed, it will conflict it07:18
itsnotabigtruckthat seems like an acceptable loss07:19
Sazpaimonif I make the package replace haze/libpurple, it will uninstall extraplugins07:19
itsnotabigtruckactually i think pkgmgr will just balk07:19
itsnotabigtrucksince it replaces haze, not extraplugins07:19
Sazpaimonwhich provides haze07:20
itsnotabigtruckoh yeah, whoops07:20
itsnotabigtruckforgot that replacing a virtual package replaces the packages that provide it07:20
Sazpaimoni cant think of a way these two can coexist07:20
Sazpaimonflat`, good laptop07:23
Sazpaimoni reccomend it07:23
Sazpaimonmy friend has that same one07:23
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, any ideas on how to make these coexist?07:26
Sazpaimonim kind of stumped07:26
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: don't07:26
itsnotabigtruckwell, hm07:26
itsnotabigtruckthis is why ovifying packages sucks07:26
itsnotabigtruckthe p-c-r would simply replace telepathy-haze and extraplugins would keep working07:27
itsnotabigtruckexcept since extraplugins contains telepathy-haze that's a no go07:27
Sazpaimonmaybe I can do some hackery with rpath07:31
djszapigood luck with rpath ...07:33
Sazpaimondjszapi, what do you suggest, then?07:33
itsnotabigtruckkeep in mind that you can't install two different telepathy-hazes at the same time07:33
Sazpaimoni mean is there any reason why my haze library cannot be in its own directory07:33
Sazpaimonfor ovi purposes07:34
itsnotabigtruckhow about a diversion? oh wait, a certain individual's favorite security platform blocks it07:34
itsnotabigtruckalso Sazpaimon: probably, but what i'm worried about is that you can probably only have one cm called haze07:38
Sazpaimoni'll probably have to do something like, name the haze library something completely different07:41
Sazpaimonlike haze-steam07:41
Sazpaimonsame for the filenames for it07:41
Sazpaimonand for ovi, don't add any provides/replaces line07:42
itsnotabigtruckcan't you just conflict with extraplugins and be done with it :/07:43
itsnotabigtruckit's not your problem that some other package is half-baked07:43
Sazpaimonno because I use extraplugins myself :(07:43
itsnotabigtruckalso the map downloader in nokia maps is being highly uncooperative :(07:44
djszapiworks for me07:44
djszapibut as I said, why maps instead of marble ?07:44
Sazpaimoni'll just modify this haze package to name itself something else07:44
Sazpaimonwhenever I hear marble, I think of marbles on fremantle07:45
Sazpaimonfun game, that07:45
itsnotabigtruckbecause maps is shiny and built-in and has quality map data07:45
djszapiwhy do you complain if shiny ?07:45
djszapisounds like a contradiction...07:45
Sazpaimonalso marble needs public transit support07:45
Sazpaimonsince its open source it can just use GTFS data07:46
Sazpaimonit doesnt have any licensing conflicts like nokia does07:46
itsnotabigtruck"shiny" doesn't mean 100% functional...07:46
djszapiquality map data ...07:46
Sazpaimonalso 3D buildings07:47
djszapiit did not even contain the street I looked for in Belgium07:47
djszapithat is all about quality map data.07:47
djszapiwho cares about shiny if it does not work ...07:47
Sazpaimondid I mention 3D buildings? because 3D buildings07:47
djszapilike packing up the shit :D07:47
itsnotabigtruckanyway, i found a direct download07:47
itsnotabigtrucknokia's pushed all sorts of downloader programs for map files at various points and none of them have ever worked07:48
itsnotabigtruckfortunately they just download zip files and dump them07:48
djszapiit works for me.07:49
djszapinever had any issues though apart from the 3g limitation.07:49
djszapiin any case, open stuff ftw, so I go for marble personally.07:50
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Sazpaimonthats strange08:37
Sazpaimoni took libpurple from rzr's repository, but that has a dependency on xmlSAXUserParseMemory@LIBXML2_2.4.3008:38
Sazpaimonlibxml2 on harmattan is 2.7.808:38
SazpaimonIm not quite sure how this was built08:39
djszapiwell normally programs accepts expat too08:39
djszapimoreover, we had our own libxml2 previously.08:39
Sazpaimonwell, needless to say this libpurple will not work08:40
djszapineedless to explain to you why is like that ?08:40
djszapiok well, then I stop helping :)08:40
djszapialso, of course if you find any mistake, contribute back.08:40
Sazpaimoni dont get why it doesnt work because it was built from obs08:41
djszapiI told you.08:41
Sazpaimonwell I dont really know how obs works08:42
Sazpaimoni havent used it before, I only really do light development for my own personal use08:42
djszapiI wonder how one would use the same image with and without a toolbar.08:43
djszapiit seems it gets uncool in Tiled mode :/08:43
djszapi -> top right corner, gray line :/08:44
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: that wasn't exactly help08:46
itsnotabigtrucki like the rearranged layout08:46
djszapithp: you pushed the pidign :)08:46
Sazpaimonso, with this libxml issue, does OBS have the right libxml2 now?08:47
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: it indeed was08:47
Sazpaimonas in, if it was pushed to build again, will it compile with the right library?08:47
djszapiif you do not understand why I think you need to learn obs08:47
djszapinot help is something, like "you have to use === even if it is broken".,08:49
djszapiSazpaimon: no clue08:49
djszapibut we do not apparently have slot for rebuilding it.08:49
Sazpaimonwell for now I'll just build a package for it locally08:49
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: grabbing a source deb and doing a local build might do the trick08:49
djszapiSazpaimon: actually you do not need08:50
itsnotabigtruckbe advised that the libxml2 in scratchbox is mismatched to the libxml2 in pr1.108:50
djszapi -> debian has it08:50
itsnotabigtrucka couple people had problems with that08:50
djszapiso it should work08:50
djszapisomethingon your side.08:50
itsnotabigtruckso do a local build of libxml2 from sdk_sources_pr1.1.iso too08:50
Sazpaimonwait what08:50
Sazpaimoni thought scratchbox only has PR1.0 files08:51
itsnotabigtruckmore or less08:51
itsnotabigtruckactually on second thought i think the problem was that the -dev and regular packages were mismatched08:51
Sazpaimoni mean, it should, since nokia wants all develpers to target PR1.008:51
Sazpaimonnothing more, nothing less08:51
djszapiSazpaimon: sadly not true08:52
djszapiqt gets updated etc.08:52
Sazpaimonqt on my scratchbox is still PR1.008:52
djszapiit might be that because I use snapshot versions.08:52
djszapibut in any case08:53
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, libxml2 and libxml2-dev are both at 2.7.8-0maemo4+0m6 according to dpkg08:53
djszapiplatform changes, otherwise there would be no releases.08:53
djszapiand you can update the stuff I guess to test with the new versions.08:53
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: rearranged layout was not exactly the question :D08:55
djszapithe problem is that the gray line gets broken, but I am not sure how to fix that on the designer side.08:55
Sazpaimondjszapi, also the fact that you can see the edge of the chalkboard08:57
djszapiDoes anybody know the icon location of the "information" icon with an 'i' letter inside ? You can find it for instance in front of the "Flight mode" switch in the settings. I have one in blue, but it would be use the platform icon directly designed for it.08:58
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: how about poking around in the duicontrolpanel stuff08:58
djszapiSazpaimon: what do you mean ? bottom right ? Well, that is not fill mode related.08:59
* itsnotabigtruck needs teh sleep08:59
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: no clue what you mean exactly :D08:59
djszapiSazpaimon: if you mean that, that is a designer issue in general.08:59
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: duicontrolpanel = the settings app08:59
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itsnotabigtruckthere has to be a reference somewhere in the source, 'strings' output, etc.09:00
djszapimmh, apparently no, that is also fill mode related.09:00
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: yes I know that, but I had the impression you have a command for this :P09:00
djszapior some automated stuff.09:01
djszapiI mean I would not like to browse its code.09:01
Sazpaimonon an unrelated note, I took my girlfriend to build-a-bear and got her a stuffed toy. I think I've done my good deed for the year09:01
Sazpaimoni dont get why girls never grow out of the stuffed animal phase09:02
djszapiSazpaimon: the problem is that for some reason, TileVertically did not fix the designer issue09:03
djszapithe gray line breakage and the edge are probably because it is tiling horizontally.09:03
djszapiprobably the best fix if the designer sends a proper background image, and I just preserve the aspect fit. He could refactor the current background to a bit smaller, subtracting the toolbar precisely.09:04
djszapiSazpaimon: some gros out :)09:14
djszapisome are not born with it either :)09:14
Sazpaimonmost women i've dated have a shockingly large supply of stuffed animales09:14
djszapialso, for rebuilding: osc is better than sb09:15
djszapisince sb is not the same as obs09:15
Sazpaimonim so used to scratchbox09:15
Sazpaimoni can't not use it at this point09:15
djszapibecause even if it is builds in sb09:16
djszapiit might not mean too much09:16
djszapiobs is just distinct ;)09:16
SazpaimonI just want to get a libpurple that works09:17
djszapithat is a clear line...but you apparently need to debug it ...09:18
Sazpaimonwhat do you mean?09:18
djszapiit does not work, so you need to get it work, right ?09:22
djszapiso you need to debug it ...09:22
djszapiso you need to replicate obs..09:22
djszapior you do not wanna fix it for others as well ?09:23
djszapialways just on your pc ?09:23
Sazpaimonthe problem is the OBS is using the wrong libxml2 to build this. I don't really want to try and figure out how OBS works right now09:24
djszapiso you do not wanna help with fixing it for others, just for yourself.09:25
SazpaimonI would like to get it working for myself first09:25
djszapiyou duplicate effort this way09:26
djszapibut if you have time, it is all fine :)09:26
SazpaimonI could spend countless hours figuring out the OBS system, or I could get something that works on my device right now09:26
Sazpaimonthen push what I have to nokia, then I can spend that time figuring out OBS09:27
djszapithe problem is that this mentality goes normally nowhere09:27
djszapithis mentality never ends up fixing it for others.09:27
djszapionce the dev got it working, he does not care about others :(09:27
djszapi(that is probably the reason why it is broken for you btw)09:28
Sazpaimonor i could let rzr know of the issue when he comes around, since its in his repository09:29
djszapiit is not a personal repository09:29
djszapiit is a community repository.09:30
djszapiandhe has enough to do ...09:30
djszapihe will not fix a problem he does not probably care about.09:30
Sazpaimonso would I be able to overwrite his stuff in home:rzr?09:30
djszapiotherwise anybody could modify the community repository.09:30
djszapibut you can put the stuff for review.09:30
djszapijust as normal you know :)09:31
SazpaimonI mean all the package needs is just a simple rebuild I think09:31
djszapithen test it out.09:31
SazpaimonI'll look into it later today, I just want to get something that works now09:31
djszapi"osc" is the way as I said.09:31
djszapiyou will never look into this later, but nvm :D09:32
Sazpaimondon't be such a negative nancy09:33
djszapiWell, that is what normally happens anyway09:34
djszapiyou can ignore the facts, but this is not the way of contributing back imo usually.09:34
djszapithere is even a company who told that they contribute back, but they are doing their custom way as well ... so sad to see this ...09:37
Sazpaimondjszapi, I cant really use osc now without an obs account can I/09:45
djszapino clue about that09:46
djszapicheck outthe wikipage.09:46
djszapibut you do not have c-obs account yet ? :/09:46
Sazpaimonno because 1. This is my first actual project for release on harmattan and 2. I use scratchbox almost exclusively09:47
djszapi2. does not make sense if you wanna deal with packages and community09:48
djszapi1. I see ...09:48
djszapi1. Though I thought you had some work already since you have been around for a while with questions.09:49
Sazpaimonive been around for some time but I haven't had any real projects that interested me09:49
Sazpaimonplus I've never really dove in to Qt/QML development09:49
djszapicheck out the wiki page then whethere it is possible with some anonymous account09:50
SazpaimonI dont think so, the wiki page says to have an obs account09:51
djszapiyou cannot really contribute back then without an account ;)09:51
Sazpaimonwhich means I need to wait for lbt or X-Fade to come around09:52
djszapiyes no other way around09:53
Sazpaimonwhich i assume is what stops a lot of people from contributing back09:53
djszapiwell, asking an account is not really a big burden09:53
djszapiif that stops someone from contributing in the long run, we do not need such people :)09:54
djszapibecause they would escape at the first issue.09:54
Sazpaimonso scratchbox it is, then10:00
SazpaimonI can probably get used to osc, it looks lik it sets up a regular chroot environment just like scratchbox anyway10:01
Sazpaimonand if i build locally, it's pretty much the same thing10:01
Sazpaimonbut I guess you're supposed to use the webbuilder with osc10:01
thpdjszapi: huh?10:03
djszapithp: well there was a "thp" guy requesting pidgin10:03
djszapiread the context around when I highlighted you ...10:03
thpcan't really find it in my scrollback.. but anyway.. if anybody wants libpurple libs, they are readily available from the obs10:05
thpthis includes telepathy-haze, which provides libpurple <-> telepathy connectivity10:07
Sazpaimonthp, thanks10:08
Sazpaimoni was using the ones from rzr which were built around the wrong libxml210:08
djszapithp: log ftw
Sazpaimoni assume yours dont have that issue?10:09
djszapiSazpaimon: It is unlike10:09
djszapihis repository has two packages.10:09
djszapiso he probably also uses what the rzr repository.10:09
Sazpaimonyeah this one is fine10:11
djszapiSazpaimon: see ? That is what I mentioned previously.10:12
djszapiit works somewhere else, but not contributed properly back to the community repository.10:12
thpdjszapi: well, yeah - i have that in my statement, but can't find anyone around that line that's only remotely named like "thp" ;)10:12
djszapithis is yet another good example.10:12
infobotthp meant: djszapi: well, yeah - i have that in my scrollback, but can't find anyone around that line that's only remotely named like "thp" ;)10:13
djszapithp: why would you find ?10:13
djszapiyou was not here, but your package was discussed10:13
djszapiit is broken in the community repository10:13
djszapiso please try to fix it it, otherwise I will need to drop it.10:13
thpoh, so you did talk to me there..10:14
thpwhat's broken?10:14
djszapidefiniteily, do oyu have time to fix this package for others in the community repository or shall I delete it ?10:14
Sazpaimonthp, in the community repository, pidgin is built against libxml2 2.4.3010:15
Sazpaimonthis leads to broken symbols on harmattan10:15
thpso what's the libxml2 version that's available?10:16
thpsome log output or something would be great10:16
djszapithp: see the context around, 2.8.7 was posted10:16
djszapibut you can probably check the build what it found10:17
thplink to the build log?10:17
djszapiwell, it is the same work for me to go to the c-obs build log ...10:17
djszapiyou are welcome :)10:18
djszapino version mentioned about finding.10:20
djszapisodouble check the control file entry.10:20
thpdid i request the push to home:rzr?10:20
thp says rzr requested it and i accepted it10:20
thpin that case, if it's broken, just get it out of the repo there10:21
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan10:21
djszapisource: home:thp:protolol / pidgin10:22
djszapitarget: home:rzr:harmattan / pidgin10:22
djszapiso he requested you ?10:23
thprequests in state: (select accepted)10:23
thpthen you'll see in the column "requester" who requested what10:23
djszapiin any case, can you contribute back to the community with this or just let people not be able to use it from the community repository, like Sazpaimon ?10:23
thpi don't stop anyone from using or modifying it10:24
djszapibut it is not working in the community repository.10:24
thpthen fix it or remove it?10:24
djszapiright, so you have experience with this, but you do not wanna push it to others ?10:25
* djszapi is removing10:25
thpi basically pulled the source packages from debian10:25
thpand put them on the obs10:26
djszapithat is not the question10:26
djszapiI am a bit sad, you do not wanna, for some reason, help others with this if you once got it working.10:26
thpat that time (7 weeks ago) it worked fine on a then-updated harmattan device10:26
djszapibut it is jusy maybe me having a different mindset10:26
djszapianyway, it is deleted and no pidgin for now.10:27
thpi can help people if they have questions, i won't be allocating time to work on this just because you are asking10:27
djszapithat is a sad approach.10:27
thppackaging something once isn't a commitment for life to maintain it10:27
djszapiit was 7 weeks ago10:28
djszapinot 50 years ago.10:28
djszapibut anyway, whatever fits you. I have a bit distinct mindset for sure.10:28
thps/for life/for 7 weeks/10:28
infobotthp meant: packaging something once isn't a commitment for 7 weeks to maintain it10:28
djszapithat is not really a community friendly approach10:29
djszapibut as you feel, really.10:29
djszapiI do not need piding anyways :)10:29
djszapiI am just trying to help others here ...10:29
thpi'm not even sure why it breaks in the community repos - it doesn't break on harmattan itself10:29
djszapiit does break on Harmattan10:30
djszapiand it does not break on community repository.10:30
djszapiit is just that it is brokenly built.10:30
thpexplain "brokenly built"?10:30
djszapiwedid that more times.10:31
djszapiplease read the backlog.10:31
thpso why does the community repo (home:rzr:harmattan) have a different version of libxml2 than the one that's in harmattan?10:33
djszapiit does not.10:33
thphome:rzr:harmattan has: libxml2_2.7.8.dfsg-4 / harmattan has: 2.7.8-0maemo5+0m610:34
djszapiI nuked it, already several months ago ...10:35
djszapiwhy is that back again, rzr ?10:35
djszapithp: though, that is probably not the problem10:35
djszapisince they are the same versions10:35
djszapiI think the problem was with some distinct version10:35
djszapithe problem is that if I nuke libxml2 again, most part of the repository gets rebuilt, but still the best to do imo.10:36
Sazpaimonso where did libxml2 2.4.30 come from again?10:36
Sazpaimoni cant remember10:36
thpthe repo page says: "PLEASE do *NOT* add any packages that are already available in the Nokia repositories! This is also very IMPORTANT because it will just cause troubles later that are hard to be caught and addressed."10:36
djszapiand now 400 packages rebuilt :)10:37
djszapithp: yes, I wrote that :P10:37
djszapiafter I spent a weekend with cleanup last time :P10:37
djszapiwe should have some automated script to check this.10:37
djszapisome validation while uploading.10:37
djszapiit is not the current problem though10:38
djszapiwe never had 2.4.30 iirc10:38
thpdjszapi: it builds fine in my home:thp:protolol repo against harmattan10:38
Sazpaimonso why was libpurple trying to get xmlSAXUserParseMemory@LIBXML2_2.4.3010:38
djszapiso good luck with rebuilding the packages c-obs for today ;)10:39
djszapiSazpaimon: no real clue, apparently the log either.10:39
thpSazpaimon: could be (although that's only a guess) that this symbol was introduced in 2.4.30?10:40
Sazpaimonor its possible that libxml2_2.7.8.dfsg-4 implements those symbols10:40
Sazpaimonfor backwards compatability10:40
Sazpaimonwhereas 2.7.8-0maemo5+0m6 does not do that10:41
djszapiwho wanna write an automated validator for good ? :)10:41
thpdjszapi: so my suggestion is that after the cobs rebuilt everything, you could try to re-import pidgin from my repo and it should build fine - if not, there might be another conflicting package in there10:41
djszapithp: no thanks.10:42
djszapiwe do not break again10:42
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan10:42
djszapiif it ever gets accepted by me, that is after a successful local osc build.10:42
Venemo_N950hey :)10:42
Sazpaimonmaemo@maemo-desktop:~$ readelf -sd /usr/lib/ |grep xmlSAXUserParseMemory10:43
Sazpaimon   837: 0003e2d0   223 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT   12 xmlSAXUserParseMemory@@LIBXML2_2.4.3010:43
Sazpaimon2.7.8.dfsg-4ubuntu0.1 has that symbol10:43
Sazpaimon2.7.8-0maemo5+0m6 only has xmlSAXUserParseMemory10:43
thpdjszapi: also ok. the community can always get working pidgin packages from the home:thp:protolol repo10:43
djszapibe aware with "always" :)10:43
djszapiif someone pushes it for review, I will ask for local osc build log.10:44
Venemo_N950djszapi, news: irc-chatter master can connect to multiple servers :)10:44
Sazpaimonso yeah, nuking thelibxml2_2.7.8.dfsg-4 from the community repository, and rebuilding everything that needs it will fix the issue10:44
djszapiand a prove for that.10:44
djszapi-> local osc build.10:44
djszapisince we do not have proper CI10:45
Sazpaimonand this is why you should never try and replace nokia supplied libraries with debian ones10:45
thpso, in the end, pidgin supposedly broke *because* of the community repo, and not because of harmattan..10:45
djszapiSazpaimon: yes, that is why I wrote the big warning last summer'ish10:45
Sazpaimonthp, because the community repo wasnt following its own advice :P10:45
djszapiapparently not big enough10:45
Sazpaimonmake it red10:45
Sazpaimonand blinking10:46
djszapiso my question again: who wanna contribute to an automated validator ?10:46
Sazpaimonand marquee10:46
Sazpaimonand add some javascript to make it fly around the mouse cursor10:46
djszapithe validator should be an obs patch though, nothing specialised to us10:47
djszapiideally the project config should mention the conflicting repositories.10:47
djszapiso the obs codebase should provide this functionality (configurability) for the project admins10:47
Sazpaimondjszapi, how do you propose I submit my modified haze plugin to the community repository10:48
djszapiyou need to get an account first.10:48
Sazpaimonit has all the same functionality as haze, but with the addition of knowing the steam protocol exists10:48
djszapiname it differently if it is not what project truly is.10:49
djszapior whatever.10:49
Sazpaimonyeah I named the binary itself telepathy-haze-steam10:49
*** Venemo_N950 has left #harmattan10:49
Sazpaimonto not conflict with telepathy-haze that extraplugins already uses10:49
Sazpaimonbut that was just for the ovi store10:49
djszapithp: yes rzr pushed this package again after my last nuking :P10:50
Sazpaimonfor the community repo I suppose i could just make the package replace telepathy-haze10:50
djszapiwell ovi and the community repository are different10:50
Sazpaimononce I get it all working and submitted to nokia I'll work on making a proper dpatch for the package and running it through osc10:50
djszapiyou can have, for instance, deps in the comm repo10:51
djszapiso I package my app in two different ways10:51
djszapione for comm repo, one for ovi10:51
Sazpaimonthats my plan anyway10:51
Sazpaimoni already have two different build trees10:51
djszapidpatch ?10:51
djszapiyou mean quilt ?10:51
Sazpaimonold habits10:51
djszapiSazpaimon: right, now I need help with testing my app.10:52
Sazpaimoni keep saying dpatch because im used to gentoo and epatch10:52
Sazpaimonebuilds are so much easier than debs, i swear10:52
djszapijust no flamewars pls :P10:53
Sazpaimonokay, now to write the account plugin10:54
Sazpaimonthe fun part10:54
djszapithat is a very hefty task ...10:55
Sazpaimonso im looking at the extraplugins source and it looks like he just tacks on the accountmanager stuff at the end of qmlapplicationviewer.cpp10:55
Sazpaimonthat's.. not really what youre supposed to do is it10:56
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan10:56
thpdjszapi: btw, what's the difference between apps for meego and the rzr community repo?10:57
djszapithp: they are distinct at large. The former is an app store, the latter is a repository10:58
Sazpaimonthp, think of the community repo as the extras repo for fremantle10:58
djszapibut with much more packages :)10:58
djszapiand less maintainers :P10:59
thpi think of apps for meego as "harmattan extras"10:59
Sazpaimonwhich works like a regular debian repository, where debs can have arbitrary dependencies10:59
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC10:59
djszapithp: ovi store is not equal to nokia repos right ?10:59
Sazpaimonwhereas the store can only have dependencies on stuff thats in the nokia repository10:59
djszapiSazpaimon: nope11:00
djszapithe apps4meego store can have dependency repos.11:00
djszapiin a customized manner.11:00
thpso why not join forces with apps for meego?11:00
djszapithp: because they are different on purpose11:00
djszapiapps4meego cannot pull all the repositories out there in.11:01
djszapiand it does not wanna do either.11:01
djszapiit is just the higher level for apps.11:01
Sazpaimondjszapi, I meant the nokia store11:01
thpdjszapi: but then, things like pidgin should probably end up in apps for meego and not the community repos11:01
djszapithp: not neccesarily.11:01
thpwhy not?11:02
djszapiyou can always test stuff in the comm repo.11:02
djszapiwithout pushing crap to an app store.11:02
djszapito the users.11:02
thpfor testing, there's the AFM staging/testing repo11:02
djszapiyes, but what is the benefit of the huge amonut of work to push it in there ?11:03
djszapiI mean it is already working in the community repository11:03
djszapiwe do not change it for fun11:03
thpdjszapi: "huge amount of work"?11:03
djszapiyou did not even help with one package to another repository :D11:03
djszapiso why would you force us to do ?11:03
djszapiyes, huge amonut of work11:03
djszapito get to know what apps4meego is exactly.11:03
djszapihow it works11:03
thpno, it's just another obs request11:03
djszapiwhat QA processes11:04
djszapietc etc etc11:04
djszapicomplete different mindset11:04
djszapiand I do not have time to learn it.11:04
djszapinot that I wanna either since I have more important things to do11:04
djszapiit is in general a good practice: do not break what works :)11:04
thplike fixing broken packages because the community repo is messed up?11:04
djszapibecause people do not wanna focus on 500 things11:05
djszapi that is the purpose of the community repository.11:05
djszapiwhy split up if we already spend 8 months with establishing ?11:05
djszapiI would like to preserve the integrated solution we already have in place.11:05
djszapialso, way more people use the comm repo than apps4meego anyway11:06
*** diggy has joined #harmattan11:06
thpreally? how's that measured?11:06
djszapibecause packages are available here ?11:07
djszapiand people got used to it ?11:07
djszapiand why break the nvironment for them without real reasons ?11:07
djszapiand there are like few pakcages only in apps4meego11:07
djszapiand the client still has bugs anyway11:07
thpi don't talk about breaking. i'm just suggesting that everything that can go into apps4meego should go there, and the community repo should then be only for important stuff11:08
thpthe community repo doesn't have any client11:08
djszapiand I heavily object to that11:08
*** auenf has quit IRC11:08
djszapibecause I would not like to use apps4meego11:08
*** auenf has joined #harmattan11:08
djszapiI would like to execute something from cli and done11:08
djszapiand it already works11:08
djszapiso you would kindly break it for many people.11:08
thpit doesn't need me to break things, apparently11:09
thpanyway, i just think that the community wasn't as disparate in fremantle times where we had the extras repo and it integrated well with a client (HAM) and had a website ( and could also be used from the command line11:10
thpright now, there's ovi, there's apps for meego, there's the community repo, and nothing is perfect. i'm just suggesting that apps for meego and the community repo should take the best things of both and that should result in something like "harmattan extras"11:10
djszapisorry, but we will not break the already established technology almost in 8-9 months11:11
djszapifor fun11:11
thpi'm merely stating my opinion, i'm not forcing you to break/shut down/... anything11:12
djszapimany people use the community repository every single day, we cannot just simply break the workflowfor them11:12
djszapi"...and nothing is perfect." -> I wonder how you would like to get anything perfect :D11:12
djszapiwhat we can only do is to crop out a core repository11:13
thpi think it doesn't matter anyway11:13
djszapiIF, we can configure the current comm repo to depend on them explicitely for everybody11:13
djszapibut even that, that would be a huge work11:14
djszapiso until someone steps up for helping, and it is not only done by me and rzr, it is not gonna work out in practice.11:14
thpyou're not open for suggestions, apps for meego and ovi store are the only end-user-friendly (yes, end users also exist!) repos, and so just let everything be as it is11:14
djszapiapps4meego end user friendly :D11:14
djszapiwith few packages ? :P11:14
thpyes it is.11:15
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan11:15
djszapiofc users matter the most, that is why we did the security platform11:15
djszapibut again, we do not break the workflow of the many people for fun11:15
djszapiwithout even any resource to do that in the practice nicely without a haywire transient11:15
thpgotta go, happy trolling11:15
djszapiso what you should actually propose is: hey, I am here, how can I help with ideas ?11:15
djszapi"how could I make it actually work ?"11:16
*** risca has quit IRC11:16
djszapiuntil there is nobody helping, we cannot break it, and unfortunately such a refactoring is a huge work.11:16
djszapiand then there are people not planning to push their stuff to apps stores at all.11:18
djszapithere are people having project without being feature completeness.11:19
djszapithp: "and so just let everything be as it is" -> wrong, I will not resist against pushing your stuff into any app stores since it is your stuff after all11:21
djszapibut we are not planning to change the current community repository, especially without too much manpower.11:21
lbtSazpaimon: yeah - the first I heard from you is at 5:52am local time on a sunday ... now it's 9:21 am and ... "what account would you like enabling" ?11:21
lbtas djszapi says... not a huge burden or latency :)11:22
djszapilbt :P he wanted to play with osc locally for the community repository, but it needs to have an account apparently.11:23
lbtnp - and you know the drill11:24
Sazpaimonlbt, hi11:26
djszapithp: even nemo has app repositories for c-obs. I need to admit we did a monolithic repository with its own advantages and drawbacks.11:26
Sazpaimonaccount is "sazpaimon"11:26
*** niwakame|away has joined #harmattan11:26
lbtSazpaimon: done - have fun :)11:28
djszapithp: - I think we could do the same, but again: a lot of manpower needed for that.11:28
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC11:29
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan11:30
bambee_hi, does skype work well for you ? it worked during a while and suddenly disconnected. Now each time I try to connect to my account I get the following message "unable to connect to skype"  :(11:30
bambee_except this bug, meego harmattan is really great <311:30
*** niwakame|away has quit IRC11:31
djszapiyeah, it works for me.11:31
djszapi(at least the chat bits)11:31
*** beford has quit IRC11:34
djszapibambee_: do other accounts work ?11:35
bambee_mhh.. trying11:35
bambee_djszapi: does not work too11:38
bambee_"unable to connect to skype" , I am connected and other services like FB or GT work fine11:39
bambee_is possible to get logs for skype ?11:39
djszapimmh maybe if you run it from console11:40
djszapior syslog11:40
*** rcg has joined #harmattan11:48
bambee_  <--- I found this11:57
bambee_(grep skype /var/log/syslog)11:58
bambee_line 311:58
bambee_this is with harmattan pr 1.112:02
djszapin9 ?12:02
bambee_well, "mission-control" is part of telepathy. isn't it ?12:08
djszapianybody knowing the location of the info icon (monochrome) on the system ?12:22
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan12:24
*** arcean has joined #harmattan12:40
*** ijusten has joined #harmattan12:53
ijusten> Hi!12:56
ijusten[12:55]  <ijusten> I have the black 64gb N9 and noted that the phone average battery consumption while idle (no programs but the battery monitor on, clock on the screen) is 94mA p12:56
ijusten[12:55]  <ijusten> If I understand correctly, the right consumption should be below 20 mA. Has anybody else encountered this problem and how did they solve it?12:56
ijusten> Hi!12:56
ijusten[12:55]  <ijusten> I have the black 64gb N9 and noted that the phone average battery consumption while idle (no programs but the battery monitor on, clock on the screen) is 94mA p12:56
ijusten[12:55]  <ijusten> If I understand correctly, the right consumption should be below 20 mA. Has anybody else encountered this problem and how did they solve it?12:56
ijustenHups, sorry for the doublepost12:56
ijustenI should maybe mention that I had rebooted the phone before checking this, so there should be nothing on the background, either12:57
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC12:57
virtualdif you have just rebooted then maybe it didn't have time to get a low average13:11
*** ieatlint has quit IRC13:16
*** ieatlint has joined #harmattan13:16
ijustenI gave it three hours13:25
ijustenThen I tried something to solve it and now the average idle consumption is 120 mA13:25
ijusteni would laugh if I didn't actually use this phone as my main phone13:26
virtualdopen the terminal and run top13:27
ijustenand "active consumption" is 300 mA13:27
ijustenI'm not a developer, how do I do that?13:27
ijustenIf you don't want to teach a noob, that's quite ok :)13:27
virtualdsorry i've been awake for too long, and this is also a question for #n9, and you need to activate developer mode in the menus13:28
ijustenok, I didn't really grasp the difference between the channel13:30
ijusten#N9 just seemed like it was about screen protectors and best games13:31
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan13:32
*** eean has joined #harmattan13:33
*** guybrush has joined #harmattan13:33
*** adlan has joined #harmattan13:46
*** guybrush has quit IRC13:47
djszapiby the way: is there any workaround for the Nokia SDK repository to get it usable on the device in the sources list with PR1.2 ?13:49
*** niwakame|away has joined #harmattan13:55
djszapiDoes someone confirm the width/height of the virtual keyboard buttons, please ?13:58
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan14:01
*** Venemo_N950_ has joined #harmattan14:09
*** Venemo_N950_ has joined #harmattan14:10
Venemo_N950_sorry djszapi, I was away14:11
Venemo_N950_djszapi, what can I help you with?14:12
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan14:12
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC14:12
*** Venemo_N950_ is now known as Venemo_N95014:12
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC14:13
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan14:13
*** leinir_ has joined #harmattan14:26
*** leinir has quit IRC14:26
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir14:27
*** jkk__ has quit IRC14:30
*** jkk_ has joined #harmattan14:31
*** tarantism has quit IRC14:35
lbtwe have some unplanned maintenance on obs... sorry for the slight outage14:42
djszapilbt big issue ?14:43
lbtnot really - should be sorted soonish14:43
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC14:47
*** decibyte has quit IRC14:49
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan14:50
*** adlan has quit IRC14:55
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC15:18
*** guybrush has joined #harmattan15:34
*** arcean has quit IRC15:38
DocScrutinizerhey lbt :-D15:38
DocScrutinizerlbt: any clue what's up with
DocScrutinizerlbt: how's meego / mer going to interface the modem now?15:42
* lbt thought you were being sarcastic about ?15:42
lbtwhich it deserves :D15:42
DocScrutinizerwell, I'm concerned about (C)-holders withdrawing their support for foundatin technologies15:43
lbtI'm afraid I don't know the site - I assume it is what it sounds like and also wonder if it's just a sunday morning maintenance break15:44
DocScrutinizerthere are other projects than just ofono relying on wirelessmodemapi15:44
DocScrutinizerit was Nokia's official ISI specs page, and it's down since weeks now for all I can tell15:45
DocScrutinizerat *least* weeks15:45
lbtI'd ping Stskeeps on that one15:45
* DocScrutinizer idly ponders to search the donkeynet et al for the latest wirelss modem specs15:48 ssl cert ran out too15:49
DocScrutinizercreeping death :-S15:50
* DocScrutinizer just wonders when Qt will start to bitrot15:51
* merlin1991 idly wonders why has "contact privacy policy terms of server" when none of those three links actually points anywhere15:52
DocScrutinizerprobably M$ picked the right pawn to kill linux15:52
DocScrutinizerwhenever there's any contract or promise Nokia gave regarding any key technology relevant for Linux, M$ will happily kill Nokia to void that obligation16:08
*** benares_98 has joined #harmattan16:08
DocScrutinizeryou have to wonder how silly and shortsighted the Nokia board may be16:09
DocScrutinizer"N9 outperformas hooker sales" - wut? doesn't matter. We'll deal with that later, maybe get Flop some help16:10
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: don't forget the Qt-becomes-BSD deal ;)16:13
luke-jrif that happens, former TrollTech employees could easily respawn a new company to develop/maintain it16:13
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:14
DocScrutinizerhah, I'm waiting to see that happen16:14
DocScrutinizerbtw my faith in constant respawning to for a strong company is somewhat limited, at least since PalmOS16:15
DocScrutinizerto form*16:15
DocScrutinizerthe Xth respawn of trolltech?16:16
*** vLassi has joined #harmattan16:16
*** diggy has quit IRC16:20
*** diggy128 has joined #harmattan16:20
*** diggy128 is now known as diggy16:20
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan16:23
*** Aranel has quit IRC16:23
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan16:23
*** vLassi_ has joined #harmattan16:23
*** Aranel has quit IRC16:24
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan16:24
*** Aranel has quit IRC16:24
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan16:24
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan16:28
AranelHow  can I use QML and Python together? To be spesific: I want to share variable 'a' from Python on text_field.text from QML.16:30
*** eean has quit IRC16:34
*** eean has joined #harmattan16:36
merlin1991Aranel: view.setContextProperty16:46
merlin1991Aranel: I assume you use pyside, then this example might be helpfull:
*** adlan has joined #harmattan16:57
Aranelmerlin1991: thanks :) I don't really have any knowledge about PySide or PyQt, I'm just a guy with a Python script and Qt Creator-generated QML interface.17:07
merlin1991I've been looking into that stuff a few days ago, so hit me with questions if you feel like17:08
Aranelmerlin1991: ^^ well my first question is, where to look at first? Learning PySide from beginning may consume a lot of time, since my aim is simply getting/setting a Python variable from QML interface.17:09
merlin1991Aranel: start here:
merlin1991it's your basic set up a qml view from python script :)17:11
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:23
Aranelmerlin1991: I've tried an example from pyside-qml-article-1.1, here:
Aranelmerlin1991: but it didn't render the interface properly.17:45
merlin1991define "properly"17:46
Aranelmerlin1991: I'm taking a screenshot =)17:46
merlin1991while you're at it, pasetbin the qml too17:47
Aranelit shows up the top bar twice (which is kind of, weird?) and an ugly bottom bar instead of actual menu17:49
Aranelmerlin1991: QML file
merlin1991Aranel: is that the full qml? (I'm missing the main.js and a proper pagestack)17:56
Aranelmerlin1991: main.js is simply function wdir() return "something", so I didn't add it :) pagestack is on the way, in a moment17:57
Aranelmerlin1991: main.qml
*** trx has quit IRC17:59
merlin1991Aranel: I guess the top bar get's fixed if you adjust the python code to use view.showFullScreen() instead18:00
Aranelmerlin1991: view.showFullscreen() instead of
Araneloops, typo.18:02
Aranelmerlin1991: yay :) it also fixed the bottom menu too :)18:04
*** trx has joined #harmattan18:05
*** guybrush has quit IRC18:08
pais it possible/easy to overclock the N9?18:08
merlin1991possible yesa18:18
merlin1991easy no18:18
Corsacnot a good idea: yes18:19
merlin1991Corsac: agreed :D18:20
pashouldnt the chip support up to 1.2ghz?18:25
Aranelmerlin1991: now I figured out to show my variables (wdir and sleep) on UI too =)18:26
Aranelmerlin1991: how can I run a Python function when user clicks on "Save" ?18:26
merlin1991on an object you expose to qml vie setContextProperty you need to declare a funciton as a Slot18:27
merlin1991@Slot(parameters) annodation18:27
merlin1991http:// (my server) has an exmaple that also includes an implementation of the qt datamodel for list delegates18:29
merlin1991the dataclass exposes 2 functions to qml to add and remove content which are also used by toolbar buttons in the qml18:29
Aranelmerlin1991: reading the codes for 15min~ now, still couldnt understand most of it :|18:54
Aranelmerlin1991: if you have a minute, could you give me a simpler example? Like "when you push this button, print hello world" kind of thing =)18:54
*** decibyte has quit IRC18:55
merlin1991Aranel: when you look at the TestLineModel you'll have the two funcitons remove and add18:56
merlin1991those are called from test.qml in the menu18:56
merlin1991so you basically make the funciton a slot, epxose the class instance via setContextProperty, and then call it in qml with propertyname.functionanme()18:57
Aranelso if I make def remove(self): print "Hello world", would it work?18:58
*** Dotti has joined #harmattan18:59
*** adlan has quit IRC19:02
*** e-yes_ has quit IRC19:03
pabut is it true that harmattan can run android apps?19:04
Aranelmerlin1991: yes it works ^^ but even If I change the Working Directory (wdir) input box to something else and click Save, it still prints the old value.19:04
*** zk8 has quit IRC19:05
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan19:09
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan19:10
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan19:14
*** e-yes_ has joined #harmattan19:16
djszapiN9is it a problem, if I use the phone out there in falling snow, if it has cover except the screen in front ?19:16
merlin1991Aranel: I don't think it sets the python variable when you change the text19:18
merlin1991you'll have to give that value as a parameter of the save function I guess19:18
Aranelmerlin1991: like this? onClicked: {,meesetting.sleep) }19:20
merlin1991you'll have to have parameters for the function in python19:21
merlin1991and the @Slot needs them too (looking up syntax)19:21
merlin1991Aranel: @Slot(str, str) should do the trick19:23
Aranelmerlin1991: I did that onClicked with def save(wd,slp): print wd + slp19:24
merlin1991did it work? :D19:24
Aranelmerlin1991: TypeError save() takes exactly 2 arguments, 1 given19:24
Aranelnope. :)19:24
merlin1991do it with str, str then19:24
merlin1991afaik in the @Slot( you define type19:24
Araneldo you mean save(str,str) ?19:25
merlin1991@Slot(str, str)19:25
merlin1991def save(wd,slp): print wd + slp19:25
itsnotabigtruckdjszapiN9: i don't think it's a problem unless there's uber amounts of snow19:25
djszapiN9there is :p19:25
itsnotabigtruckbetter shelter it then19:26
merlin1991djszapiN9: I used it without cover in full rain19:26
merlin1991n9 didn't care :D19:26
*** eean has quit IRC19:26
itsnotabigtruckalso did you guys manage to get the libpidgin in c-obs un-hosed?19:26
djszapiN9heh i am also using it, let us see then19:26
djszapiN9itsnotabigtruck, we found the bug19:27
djszapiN9so i will submit later19:27
Aranelmerlin1991: takes exactly 2 arguments 3 given19:27
* djszapiN9 hopes to net wake up in other city again on the bus ;)19:27
merlin1991hm this is odd19:28
djszapiN9the problem is that if i fell down in this snow19:28
merlin1991Aranel: I forgot about self :D19:28
djszapiN9i would not find my phone19:28
merlin1991def save(self,wd,slp)19:28
AraneldjszapiN9: by the way, talking of snow, does your N9 perform well under low temperature, such as 10 C?19:29
itsnotabigtrucki really need to sign up on tmo and post some of my wares19:30
itsnotabigtrucklike the calendar thing19:30
AranelI have a friend complaining about his device claims empty battery and all kinds of weird stuff under -519:30
merlin1991Aranel: mine did too19:30
merlin1991battery actually went dead and care replaced it19:30
djszapiN9Aranel, yep19:31
AranelO.o never experienced sth like that on my N900 or N950 even under -20, now that's scary!19:31
Araneldid you put it to somewhere cold or just take it from your pocket and it gone crazy?19:32
merlin1991Aranel: I ended up with an infinite charging loop where it tried to boot too early19:32
merlin1991I used it on a skiing day :D19:32
*** Stecchino_ is now known as Stecchino19:32
merlin1991though the new battery survived a full week of such usage19:32
Aranelmerlin1991: it doesn't complain about TypeError anymore19:34
Aranelmerlin1991: but still shows old value on print.19:34
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:36
merlin1991don't use the meesttings. but the id of the textinput19:38
merlin1991(in the qml that calls)19:38
djszapiN9Aranel, are you from fi, or canada ?19:39
AraneldjszapiN9: nope, not even near =) tr19:39
djszapiN9or antarctica ? :p19:39
Aranelwell often I think some cities here maybe colder than antarctica, but I'm not sure :p19:40
djszapiN9which cit's ?19:41
AranelAnkara, capital city.19:41
Aranelwhich will be -19 C tomorrow night :|19:42
Aranelwell we have much colder cities too, such as Erzurum, -31 C according to google.19:43
djszapiN9-40 in yhe north sometimes.19:45
itsnotabigtruckwhich is more correct: Depends: ..., calendar (<< 0.18.98)19:47
itsnotabigtruckor: Conflicts: ..., calendar (>= 0.18.98)19:47
itsnotabigtruckfor a situation where package versions >= 0.18.98 provide overlapping functionality19:50
itsnotabigtruckdjszapiN9 ^19:50
AraneldjszapiN9: oh :|19:51
AraneldjszapiN9: well I'm a summer person, I guess =p19:51
djszapiN9itsnotabigtruck, i see the first more often19:51
Aranelmerlin1991: aaand.. It works! :))19:51
djszapiN9Aranel, not just summer, but sauna ;)19:51
itsnotabigtruckdjszapiN9: yeah, on second thought that's the better idea, because calendar must be installed, and it must be less than x19:52
itsnotabigtruckas opposed to, it doesn't work if calendar greater than x is installed, but it doesn't need calendar either19:52
AraneldjszapiN9: maybe I should move to south, to Antalya, those guys enjoying a nice 13 C today, can't believe we're living in the same country.19:54
AranelI imagine Hell as a very, very cold place :p19:55
djszapiN9itsnotabigtruck, agree19:55
* djszapiN9 is incredibly enjoy the finger drum app in ovi20:06
djszapiN9extremely super fun :)20:08
merlin1991Aranel: perfect :)20:08
SpeedEvilnp: SouthPark - Fingerbang20:10
itsnotabigtruckok, could someone else with PR1.1 validate this?20:10
itsnotabigtruckdownload via browser, run, verify that the description looks proper, install, go back to home screen and ensure that the calendar icon says 1920:11
DocScrutinizeror 2020:12
itsnotabigtruckfor the australians, yeah20:12
itsnotabigtruckalso installing the pr1.2 ssu when it comes out will either automatically get rid of this, or block until it's removed manually20:14
itsnotabigtrucknot sure which20:14
DocScrutinizeritsnotabigtruck: if it conflicts with calendar >=18foo, then that's it20:16
DocScrutinizerif it needs calendar and a certain version of it, then it's depends calendar (<18)20:17
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: remember for the signature issue with the nokia repository on PR.2?20:17
DocScrutinizerhard to confuse the two20:18
DocScrutinizer"provide overlapping functionality" is "conflicts" in my book20:18
DocScrutinizer"provides needed functions" is "depends"20:19
DocScrutinizerAIUI you app uses functionality of calendar, so it probably depends on calendar20:20
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: it doesn't use calendar but it mutates one of calendar's files20:20
djszapiI bricked my device today with that issue.20:20
djszapiit did not boot anymore.20:21
DocScrutinizerhmm, providing that file is a functionality of calendar20:21
DocScrutinizeryour app depends on that20:21
djszapiso I will raise the issue tomorrow...and we do not still have nice workaround. :/20:21
itsnotabigtruckand calendar on pr1.2 provides a script that mutates its own icon20:21
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: :/ in what way was it bricked?20:21
DocScrutinizerso your app depends on calendar <pr1.2 installed20:22
itsnotabigtruckright, which is what i went with20:22
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: try calendarrrrrrr!20:22
itsnotabigtruck(that's what that qrcode link up there is)20:22
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: it did not boot anymore.20:23
djszapiI have the log I could save out.20:23
djszapibrick.txt :P20:23
itsnotabigtrucki thought the issue was that it refused to install packages, not that it did so and screwed things up20:24
itsnotabigtruckor are we talking about a different signature issue20:24
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: I cannot disable the repository20:24
djszapithat is not a workaround for me.20:24
djszapibecause the KDE stack is way huge20:25
djszapito do things manually.20:25
djszapiif I disable that, the comm repo is also gone, sort of.20:25
merlin1991itsnotabigtruck: wtf?20:26
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: hm?20:26
merlin1991[19:22:32] <itsnotabigtruck> merlin1991: try calendarrrrrrr!20:26
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: i'm assuming you're using an N9 on PR1.1, and calendarrr = a calendar icon updater i wrote and i'm trying to get people to test20:27
*** Myname24 has joined #harmattan20:27
merlin1991itsnotabigtruck: wasn't it out already by thp?20:27
itsnotabigtruckit's like the other calendar icon updater that was posted on fmc and ovi store, but better20:28
itsnotabigtruckthp's isn't any good :p this one is fully time-zone aware and doesn't require a continuously running daemon20:28
itsnotabigtruckalso the daemon in the original one seems to spawn lots of processes for some reason20:28
merlin1991how does yours work (can i see the source :D)20:29
merlin1991nice usage of implicit dh rules :)20:31
djszapidoes anybody know the height/width of the keys on the VKB ?20:33
merlin1991take a ss and check, sry dunno20:34
itsnotabigtruckthere really needs to be a utility with timed to register tasks20:34
itsnotabigtruckit can be done with dbus-send but the interface is ludicrously complicated and in theory it could change from release to release20:34
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:35
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: I do not know what bricked my device :D20:35
djszapiI mean I see the output, but not sure what made bash and other things gone.20:36
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: well, it looks like you'd already removed mp-harmattan-rm680-pr20:36
itsnotabigtruckwhich is always dangerous20:36
itsnotabigtruckbut you didn't run an autoremove so i don't get why that happened20:37
djszapiapt-get -f install I ran.20:37
djszapiI directly checked, and it did not mean to remove anything serious20:37
djszapiI could check out things on the serial port.20:37
djszapibut I do not have that, just at the company.20:38
djszapiohh not even that since it is a production device, ok well then ... :D20:38
itsnotabigtruckis it possible that autoremove is automatically run sometimes?20:38
itsnotabigtrucki know pkgmgr runs it after every op20:39
djszapihope for nope20:39
djszapialso weird why those packages are thought unneccesary :D20:39
djszapipretty much the base system :)20:39
itsnotabigtruckit's because you removed mp-harmattan-x-pr20:40
itsnotabigtruckby default everything is marked as automatically installed20:40
itsnotabigtruckexcept that20:40
itsnotabigtruckif you remove the release package, apt considers everything removable20:40
djszapiI do not see mp-harmattan-x-pr in that pastie20:40
djszapiand I have not done anything20:40
itsnotabigtruckthat's part of why i was bitching about apt-mark the other day20:40
djszapithat is all what I did.20:40
itsnotabigtrucki'm pretty sure you got rid of it before the stuff you pasted20:40
djszapiI wanted to install the kde stack, and that libqt4-dev thingie was the prerequisite20:41
itsnotabigtruckpossibly without even noticing20:41
itsnotabigtruckthe mp-harmattan-x-pr package has an exact version dependency on everything in the system20:41
itsnotabigtruckso attempting to upgrade anything will cause apt to try and get rid of it20:41
djszapimy phone was working.20:41
djszapiI tried to install install kde20:41
djszapiit requested libqt4-dev20:41
merlin1991itsnotabigtruck: you solution looks really nice :)20:41
djszapiI thought ok, I install it.20:41
djszapiand that is what happened.20:42
djszapithere was nothing after trying to install kde and before the libqt4-dev try.20:42
itsnotabigtrucknext time, i'd suggest apt-marking everything on the system as manually installed20:42
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:42
itsnotabigtruckthen remove mp-harmattan-x-pr20:42
itsnotabigtrucki *think* that'll work20:42
*** beford has quit IRC20:42
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:42
itsnotabigtruckit'll also probably make it impossible to SSU it, but no big loss20:42
*** diggy has quit IRC20:42
itsnotabigtruckwell, you could apt-get dist-upgrade and then immediately reboot, that would do the same thing20:42
faenilhad anybody got experience with ubuntu wifi + android ?20:43
faenilI know I'm completely OT x20:43
faenilI just can't waste one more minute on this stuff20:43
itsnotabigtruckno android experience whatsoever here...20:44
djszapifaenil: no but we are windows phone expert here...20:44
itsnotabigtruckhow about trying an android channel20:44
faenilI'm so impressed, the more I use android, the more I want to burn that tablet20:44
djszapion say... bsd20:44
faenildjzapi: so you know how to create a wifi network for Lumia :)20:44
djszapiand you know how to use tab for completion ;)20:44
faenilitsnotabigtruck: the expert on #android put me on ignore list XD20:44
itsnotabigtruckbtw has anyone ported aptitude (apt ncurses) to n9?20:45
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: next time, before you hose your phone, try this20:47
itsnotabigtruckapt-cache depends mp-harmattan-001-pr | sed 's/  Depends: //' | tr '\n' '\0' | xargs -0 apt-mark manual20:47
itsnotabigtruckapt-get remove mp-harmattan-001-pr20:47
faenildjszapi: didn't get you :D20:47
itsnotabigtruckyou need python-apt from the sdk repo first20:47
djszapifaenil: you happen to mistype my name instead of using tab.20:48
faeniloh :O LOL20:49
faenildidn't know there was autocompletion in here XD20:49
faenilitsnotabigtruck, you were causing big troubles writing your name at high speed20:49
djszapifaenil: you serious ? :D20:50
faenildjszapi, unfortunately, yes XD20:50
faenilI remember there was a way to autocomplete, but didn't try the easiest one XD20:50
itsnotabigtruckthe problem with tab complete is when there's two people with similar nicks and you keep getting the wrong one all the time, heh20:50
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: that is a bug if the base package gets removed.20:50
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: the bug is everything on the phone being marked as autoinstalled20:50
itsnotabigtruckdon't do that20:51
itsnotabigtruckalso i think apt is supposed to protect "essential" packages20:51
*** diggy has joined #harmattan20:51
itsnotabigtruckso the harmattan core system should probably be marked as essential20:51
djszapithe bigger issue is the fact: there is no workaround on the top of my tongue.20:52
djszapifor having the repo in the source list, and still work.20:52
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: ah...think i found the issue20:54
itsnotabigtruckit's a new check that causes it to bomb out if the package is determined to be from an unrecognized source20:57
itsnotabigtruckthat unrecognized source is "signature check failed" which is filled in whenever a package doesn't have a valid apt signature20:57
*** faenil has quit IRC20:57
itsnotabigtruckso...that's really bad20:57
djszapiwell, it should not be unrecognized source in the first place.20:59
itsnotabigtruckas in, if they tape out with this dpkg wrapper, any repo that isn't a) signed, b) declared in a domain20:59
djszapilet us call it "unknown" instead of "unrecognized" to use the jargon20:59
itsnotabigtruckwill be broken entirely20:59
djszapilet me not raise it then :P21:00
djszapithe wrapper is written perl21:00
djszapiand I would really like to avoid any perl tasks !21:00
itsnotabigtrucki think the solution is simple21:00
itsnotabigtruckinstead of returning 'signature check failed', return ''21:00
djszapiwhere did you get that snippet from ?21:01
itsnotabigtruckor alternately special case 'signature check failed' in the function that's failing righgt now21:01
itsnotabigtrucklike you said, the wrapper is written in perl :p21:02
djszapiwe provide a binary nowadays21:02
djszapihow did you get the source ?21:02
djszapiapt-get source aegis-install ?21:03
merlin1991the worst mindfuck with aegis is the digsigsums thing21:05
merlin1991just the syntax of that file, major mindfuck21:06
itsnotabigtruckeveryone should probably sign their repositories ASAP21:08
itsnotabigtruckit's a good idea anyway21:08
*** Myname24 has quit IRC21:09
djszapiespecially Nokia....21:09
djszapibut is is signed21:09
djszapiso fixing that perl code is still not the real fix for the Nokia sdk repo.21:09
djszapithere is some glitch ongoing.21:09
djszapiit should realize the proper origin for the signed nokia repo21:10
itsnotabigtruckthe sdk repo isn't signed, and neither is the rzr repo21:11
itsnotabigtruckso it's time to get some secureapt action going21:11
djszapiit is signed21:11
djszapithe Release file contains the hashes fyi.21:12
djszapiso I think there are more issues here.21:12
djszapiat least two.21:12
djszapiyou better off using the community repository term, to not highlight the pure guy allthe time21:13
djszapidarn me suggesting his place for being the repo last summer21:13
djszapibut we did not get a community account (why btw?)21:13
itsnotabigtruckit's not signed21:13
djszapicheck the file locally.21:13
itsnotabigtrucknot signed :p21:14
itsnotabigtruckapt signatures are gpg detached signatures, they aren't in the release/packages files21:14
itsnotabigtruckthe hashes in those files are just that, hashes21:14
*** adlan has joined #harmattan21:14
djszapiyes and there was a gpg attachment21:15
*** vLassi has quit IRC21:15
*** vLassi_ has quit IRC21:15
djszapialso, the code you showed was not changed recently.21:16
itsnotabigtruckif that were the case, that link i gave wouldn't be a 40421:16
itsnotabigtruckand scratchbox wouldn't complain about unverifiable packages every time i install stuff21:16
djszapilast half a year21:16
djszapiwell, it never came as unknown package.21:16
*** jbos has quit IRC21:18
*** abinader has quit IRC21:18
itsnotabigtruckand a diff says otherwise, that snippet was added between 1.3.19 and 1.3.2221:19
itsnotabigtruckso check again21:19
djszapi1.3.19 was  very long ago21:22
djszapieven bit more than half a year21:22
djszapithis change was added half a year ago21:22
djszapiIn any case, It is a serious regression prior to the previous operation in my opinion.21:23
djszapiin comparison with*21:23
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan21:24
djszapiand since the community repository depends on this repo ... lucky guys who can manage the stuff manually.21:25
djszapiI personally cannot for the KDE stack. :/21:25
*** smoku has joined #harmattan21:26
*** SqRt7744 has joined #harmattan21:29
djszapiI hope I can catch the dpkg wrapper maintainer tomorrow in email ...21:29
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC21:31
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: do you know the vkb button sizes ?21:33
*** smoku has left #harmattan21:33
*** risca has joined #harmattan21:36
djszapiportrait in EN is 40x60 for such normal keys, 76x45 for landscape.21:41
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC21:43
djszapiCan the ToolIcon be used outside a ToolBar, or is there some image type qt component respecting the platform specific icon id instead of passing a full url ?21:46
*** faenil has joined #harmattan21:49
pawhats the difference btw 20.2011.40.4 and 22.2011.44.2? (in navifirm)21:55
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:57
itsnotabigtruckpa: pr1.1 and pr1.1.121:58
itsnotabigtruckthe latter has arabic support and was only released in the ME21:58
itsnotabigtruckso you probably want pr1.121:58
pathanks, yes thats true21:58
itsnotabigtruckalso no idea about the virtual keyboard button size21:58
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: why not, I have just written21:59
djszapiyou should know from now on :P21:59
itsnotabigtruckoh right :p21:59
pabut i have a question: if i make mess with my phone, can i always reflash it?21:59
itsnotabigtruckpa: depends on the type of mess, but usually yes21:59
itsnotabigtruckbut you can't "downgrade"21:59
pawhat do you mean?21:59
itsnotabigtruckwhere downgrading means going to a lower version, or a lower variant code on the same version21:59
paso i cant reflash from scratch22:00
itsnotabigtruckso if you put pr1.1.1 on your phone, you can't go back to pr1.122:00
itsnotabigtruckor if you put pr1.1 variant code 003 (china) on, you can't go back to pr1.1 variant code 001 (the west)22:00
itsnotabigtruckbut you can go to variant code 005 (australia)22:00
pabut how comes this limitation?22:00
itsnotabigtruckbecause nokia says so, it's a rather ridiculous imposition22:01
itsnotabigtruckall nokia smartphones have such restrictions22:01
pai see22:01
itsnotabigtruckthere's ways to downgrade symbian phones that might work on the n9, but that requires extraordinary measures22:01
itsnotabigtruckso just try to avoid needing to do that, lol22:02
paah, like for example?22:02
itsnotabigtruckcracked nokia service software, that kind of thing22:02
paah i see22:02
itsnotabigtruckbut the N9 works differently from the symbian phones in that respect22:03
itsnotabigtruckso i think even that wouldn't work22:03
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:03
itsnotabigtruckalso pa: you can reflash from scratch, as in wipe the phone and reload the firmware you're on right now22:07
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:08
itsnotabigtruckyou can even secure-erase the flash to ensure no data could be recovered from your emmc22:08
Sazpaimonthat was easier than I thought22:08
Sazpaimonanyway I have the accounts plugin code compiling22:09
Sazpaimonjust need to test it22:09
itsnotabigtruckso what plan did you go with?22:09
SazpaimonI'm going to rename the haze binary to something else22:10
itsnotabigtruckmaking a custom gutted libpidgin, custom gutted telepathy-haze, and rename them so they don't conflict?22:10
Sazpaimonstill need to do the same with libpurple22:10
itsnotabigtruckwhen you take a break put this on your phone
*** e-yes_ is now known as e-yes22:13
befordI read somewhere that pr1.2 includes that live icon calendar thing, confirmed?22:13
*** ijusten has left #harmattan22:19
itsnotabigtruckbeford: yup22:26
djszapi22:01 < itsnotabigtruck> because nokia says so, it's a rather ridiculous imposition -> not entirely.22:27
djszapiif that was possible, many software would get broken in no time.22:27
djszapiSazpaimon: yes the generator is nice, whereas I miss the 128x128 generation option22:28
djszapior the svgz support for generation22:28
*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan22:33
admiral0i'm writing lpsmagic 2.022:33
admiral0and now i need dbus22:33
admiral0let's say i want a org.admiral0.lpsmagic22:34
admiral0on system bus22:34
admiral0will aegis break balls22:34
rcgwhat's up with obs?22:41
rcgall my packages fail as: unresolvable22:42
rcgor am i missing something that has changed?22:42
djszapilink ?22:43
*** diggy has quit IRC22:43
rcgdjszapi: me?22:47
*** diggy has joined #harmattan22:48
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:50
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan22:54
*** Free-MG has joined #harmattan22:57
*** zk8 has quit IRC22:57
djszapircg: you23:03
faenildooes anybody know how to use hostapb?23:05
djszapiwhat did you break again ? xD23:08
admiral0faenil: ask me, i had some fun with hostapd23:10
faenilyeees :D23:10
faenildjszapi: still trying to get shitty android to connect to wifi xD23:10
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:12
*** blueslee has quit IRC23:14
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan23:14
*** tomma has quit IRC23:15
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:21
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:22
*** decibyte has quit IRC23:27
djszapiIs it possible to set the background of the query dialog with my custom image ?23:30
*** Free-MG has quit IRC23:30
*** longthen has quit IRC23:31
*** longthen has joined #harmattan23:32
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan23:41
djszapino clue, should be okay:
rcghmm ic.. thx anyway23:43
djszapircg: try to use osc for debugging.23:43
djszapiWhat is the best practice of shifting an element, if that is positioned vertically and horizontally inside the parent, for instance the Page, with the centerIn: parent; line but apparently not the best alignment according to the background for instance23:47
djszapiso I would like to get for instance a centerIn - X position vertically or horizontally without getting hard coded23:48
djszapiwould it be better by using horizontal/verticalCenter properties ?23:48
*** Guest16670 is now known as ybot23:49
*** ybot is now known as yb0t23:49
Aranelmerlin1991: are you there? :)23:58

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