IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2012-02-13

SqRt7744hmm. Call me fool, but I don't get it.00:02
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djszapiSqRt7744: on_languageChooser_currentIndexChanged -> you have this slot, right ?00:03
djszapiyou can call it from qml directly.00:04
djszapiprovided you expose the container class as a context property.00:04
djszapithis is an example how to do that:
SqRt7744djszapi, ah ok, i think i get it. will try, thanks00:07
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SqRt7744djszapi, cool, it works. But I would still like to know why the signal/slot stuff isn't working the normal way...00:14
SqRt7744thanks though!00:15
djszapithe is not the normal way00:16
djszapiforget that design in qml really, and do not spend more time with it.00:16
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djszapinot worth it.00:16
djszapirzr: ping00:27
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SqRt7744in a ListView, does anyone know what the correct signal when an item is selected? onAccepted doesn't seem to exist...00:46
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SqRt7744ok blast this, does anyone know how to pass a QModelIndex (the selected index in ListView) back to C++?? When I try, I get an error "Unknown method parameter type: QModelIndex"01:32
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M4rtinKthp: you there ? :)02:58
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Sazpaimonyou know that show undercover boss05:03
Sazpaimoni would kill to have an episode about nokia05:03
Clintmake your own05:04
Sazpaimonbut then elop has to agree to that05:04
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djszapiohhh SqRt7744 left05:33
itsnotabigtruckthat's strange, i saw myself get booted with a ping timeout05:34
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djszapiLOL kdelibs is still building05:43
djszapiit was around 60% when I left 5 hours ago.05:43
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* djszapi ponders whether some dependency update got it retriggered for building05:45
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SazpaimonI just looked at nokia public transport06:46
Sazpaimoni want it06:46
Sazpaimonso bad06:46
SazpaimonI can uninstall Gapp06:47
Sazpaimonbecause for somne reaason harmattan's maps app things I should walk 3 miles to get to the train station instead of taking a bus06:52
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djszapirzr: you generated at least 2 broken packages (aspell and hunspell)10:06
djszapiI am not sure it is fine making aggregations, but please aggregate the dependencies as well at least.10:06
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rhkfinHas anyone noticed that the bluetooth pairign code doesn't match when pairing N950 & N900: For example N950 shows 739090 and 900 shows 073909. Or 735900 and 073590. It's one number shift. But however the binding is made successfully.11:33
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ArkanoiD_Did anyone fill harmattan bug on rotation and vkb regressions in pr1.2 beta?11:39
ArkanoiD_cannot find if there already is one11:39
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djszapiArkanoiD_: what type of regressions ?11:40
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ArkanoiD_djszapi, with 1.2, vkb often either does not go away when swiped down or opening hardware kb or leaves occupied space unavailable to applications even after it goes away11:42
djszapiArkanoiD_: N9 does not have hwkb, so are you speaking about N950 ?11:44
djszapiI will ask mikhas.11:44
RST38hvkb did not go away for me even before 1.211:50
RST38hhave to learn a really special gesture for that =)11:50
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djszapiArkanoiD_: 1) Is there a reliable way to reproduce issue? 2. Does it only affect certain apps?12:00
ArkanoiD_djszapi, almost every, and for sure terminal and messaging. I will try to find out if secondary factors affect ability to reproduce -- say, swipe being on or off, etc12:07
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SivaHi all, is there an OCR app for harmattan ?12:13
djszapiSiva: :)12:14
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djszapiI do not see any generic one.12:15
Sivadjszapi: but it looks like it's just for symbian devices..12:17
djszapiI think your best bet is to check whether there was anything on fremantle12:18
djszapiand port it or so.12:18
djszapior just write a frontend on top of an existing library for that goal.12:19
NsaneCoffeDoes anyone else have problems with messageserver on nokia n9? Sometimes it constantly using 100% cpu even if im not using the phone. 300mAh batteryusage is a bit much in idle state12:19
djszapiit is sometimes overflooded with requests12:20
Sivadjszapi: I am digging into this for now..
djszapibecause at certain times, it gets many many requests12:20
djszapiSiva: saw that one earlier, but cannot comment on it, sorry.12:21
NsaneCoffeyeah but its been using 100%cpu for the last 3 hours12:21
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NsaneCoffei have to reboot the phone to get rid of the problem12:22
NsaneCoffeits quite annoying12:22
djszapisame for me with the email stuff ever since :P12:22
NsaneCoffelooks like the developer did the messageserver program on a monday =p12:24
NsaneCoffehad kind of the same problem on N90012:24
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NsaneCoffebut it just sometimes used alot of cpu when i was using chat12:25
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djszapiArkanoiD_: apparently related to a race condition13:05
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djszapianybody from Darmstadt ? :)14:15
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Araneldoes Nokia Store allow CLI-apps? I'll package xmp (module player) for myself, may release it on Store too if it's allowed.14:27
petterithere is irssi at the store14:28
Aranellooks like Nano too :) They would require a shortcut/launch to xterm I guess.14:29
djszapiit is fine, but I am not sure on purpose..14:30
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pyhimystracker-store has gone berserk on the phone. :(  Any recommendations that I can do to it?14:40
ArkanoiD_pyhimys, NOTHING :-(14:49
pyhimysArkanoiD_: not exactly the answer i was hoping for :(14:59
ArkanoiD_pyhimys, this bug?15:02
_MeeGoBot_Bug 245 maj, ---, ---, ext-risto.lahti, REOP, CPU 100% tracker contacts merge15:02
pyhimysArkanoiD_: that's the bug15:04
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Sivahi.. has anyone tried to compile tesseract-ocr for harmattan?15:23
dymaxionhi there, are there any tools to measure wifi strength on my N9 ?  Also would it be able to differentiate two different WDS stations?  I have setup a WDS mesh network, and would like to see whether I'm connecting to the base AP, or the client (extension) and what the signal strenghts of each are...15:26
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AranelI've coded a CLI app on python, and made a QML UI for it, how can I make them work together? Any manuals?15:31
djszapiwhat do you mean by "make them work together" ?15:32
Araneldymaxion: doesn't SysInfo app show wifi strength? I think it does.15:32
Araneldjszapi: I mean using a variable I set on python, on QML, or making some Python function run (signaling?)15:33
djszapiSiva: no, but seems trivial to port.15:33
djszapiAranel: Have you tried PyQt ?15:34
djszapiyou could have this variable as a property for instance and access from both directions then.15:34
Araneldjszapi: d'oh, no. I only tried
djszapiSiva: I can make the package for you if you wish :)15:34
Araneland failed, it didn't show up as It does normally.15:34
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djszapiAranel: I do not know PySide, just PyQt, sorry.15:35
Araneldjszapi: no problem, I have no idea about both of them anyway. Is there a good Harmattan PyQt manual?15:36
Sivadjszapi: I have been trying that myself a bit.. but so far no luck.. could you package it for me?15:36
djszapiAranel: python is not officially supported, but I think general manual is also good for you to begin.15:37
ArkanoiD_pyhimys, the whole idea of replacing sqlite with tracker for everything is screwed :-( no dump/repair tools --> nothing could be done except waiting for a fix :-(15:37
djszapiSiva: what currency do you pay in ? :)15:37
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l32606hi, could anybody tell me where can i find the pulseaudio-utils package for N9?15:38
Araneldjszapi: general manual? where?15:39
djszapiAranel: just one of those:
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l32606djszapi: thank you!15:40
Sivadjszapi: I guess I have paid in advance in image processing units ;)15:41
djszapiSiva: how urgent is it for you ?15:42
Araneldjszapi: thank you ^^ looks like I'll have to read a lot of text, but better than nothing =)15:43
Sivadjszapi: sooner the better..15:44
djszapiSiva: I know everybody says that to me everywhere in each project :P15:45
l32606djszapi: BTW, can i install it using apt-get? i don't know how can i add the source to /etc/apt/source.list.d?15:46
djszapideb harmattan/sdk free non-free -> into your source list15:47
djszapiSiva done15:48
djszapiAranel: there is a harmattan guy with a lot of PyQt skills, but I cannot recall his name..15:51
djszapiSiva: follow the community repository because it should be there soonish15:53
djszapias soon as c-obs publishes it.15:53
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djszapiAranel: it was pycage15:58
djszapi(Martin Grimme)15:58
aquariusI'm thinking about getting an N9, but I do a lot of development of "mobile apps" which are actually on the web but with offline support. Does the N9's browser know how to cope with that sort of thing?15:59
Araneldjszapi: oh thanks :) I'll contact him if I have any problems regarding PyQt. =)16:00
djszapiSiva: echo 'deb ./' >>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/nicks.list16:04
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djszapiX-Fade: hi, how much time does it take us to get a built package published ?16:30
X-Fadedjszapi: 30 secs?16:35
djszapiX-Fade: so why is it not there for half an hour ?16:35
X-Fadedjszapi: It must hate you? :)16:35
X-Fadedjszapi: build log?16:35
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X-Fadedjszapi: rebuilding and watching the logs to see what is going on.16:56
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djszapiX-Fade: not the only package I experience this with.16:57
X-Fadedjszapi: Well, need to start somewhere :)16:58
djszapiyes, just fyi.16:59
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faenilguys how can I get file info with qml?17:18
faenilfolderlistmodel just gived fileName and path -.-17:19
djszapiwith bugreport ? :P17:20
faenil:O is that a way to say it's not possible atm? :D17:21
djszapiyes, but I am unsure whether it is worth adding/exposing.17:22
djszapiwhy not exposing it from C++ side btw ?17:22
faenilI'm using folderlistmodel to show files...17:22
faenilI thought that would have provided also a QFileInfo ..17:23
faenilwhat do you suggest doing? create a c++ QFileInfo when file details are requested and pass that to qml?17:23
djszapicould do that.17:24
djszapianyway gtg :)17:25
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djszapiX-Fade any observations ?17:30
X-Fadedjszapi: Yes, it doesn't publish your repo, but does others..17:30
djszapinot my repo, but community :)17:31
X-FadeBut I have not found out yet why it does that.17:31
X-Fadedjszapi: Well, whatever, rzr's..17:31
djszapiX-Fade: publish flag seems ok:
X-Fadedjszapi: Yeah, I even removed it and put it back again.17:32
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djszapiX-Fade: shall I open a bugreport ?17:34
djszapifor book keeping.17:34
X-Fadedjszapi: Sure17:35
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SqRt7744does anyone know how to get the selected item's modelIndex from a ListView back to C++?17:57
SqRt7744my attempts end in segfaults.17:57
radiofreeemit it?17:57
SqRt7744i'm guessing the modelindex isn't preserved...17:57
SivaSqRt7744: doesn't currentIndex of ListView solve your purpose?17:59
djszapiSqRt7744: I gave you the example yesterday ;)18:02
djszapiSqRt7744: selectedIndex18:03
djszapiI also added deselectedIndex in master.18:03
djszapiagain, here is the selectiondialog:
djszapioopsie, that is for SelectionDialog.18:04
djszapiListView has this "index".18:04
SqRt7744djszapi, really? I thought we were talking about the signal/slot problem. In any case, trying to return selectedIndex segfaults18:04
SqRt7744I'm going to try it again right now18:04
SqRt7744this is the last piece of the puzzel, then evopedia is ported! Yay!18:05
djszapiand as Siva said, currentIndex too18:05
beforddjszapi, hey, did you get your app aproved yet?18:06
djszapibeford: nop :)18:06
befordheh ok :p a couple more days then18:07
djszapiX-Fade: why doesn't c-obs use -jX like -j5, and not just -j1 ?18:08
X-Fadedjszapi: Because you have multiple cores.18:09
djszapic-obs does not ?18:09
X-FadeIt does.18:09
X-FadeEach build has 4 cores assigned.18:09
djszapiWhy does it build with -j1 then ?18:09
X-FadeWell, that is because of someone complaining that we didn't follow the debian spec :)18:10
djszapiI could speed up the kdelibs build up to about one hour by using -j5, but it is still the old slow on c-obs :/18:10
X-FadeAs per debian spec you aparently should use -j1.18:10
djszapisounds bad.18:11
X-Fadedjszapi: Or at least that discussion.18:12
X-FadeUgly ;)18:12
djszapiWell, it is obvious that the debian folks donĀ“t care about anything outside18:13
djszapitheir ivory tower."18:13
djszapiso true.18:13
X-FadeClassic discussion :)18:13
jpwhitinghey all, where does one get the firmware files to use with flasher to reflash an N9 device?18:14
jpwhitingI see there are some in navifirm, but what about folks without windows...18:14
djszapijpwhiting: you can extract it.18:14
djszapibut you might lose the warranty which is not a problem for N950.18:14
X-Fadedjszapi: not for N9.18:14
jpwhitingout of navifirm?18:14
jpwhitingwell, currently the device can't even start up all the way, so I'm willing to risk it :)18:15
djszapiI do not use navifirm, and I do not personally recommend that.18:15
*** risca has quit IRC18:15
jpwhitingah, where should I extract the firmware from?18:15
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:15
djszapibut that might be the only option I am afraid.18:15
jpwhitingah, other options are nsu?18:15
djszapiwhat is wrong with the Nokia software ?18:15
jpwhitingdjszapi: which nokia software?18:16
*** faenil has joined #harmattan18:16
*** faenil has quit IRC18:16
jpwhitingwell, I have no windows machine for one18:16
djszapinobody around you ?18:17
jpwhitingand to get it to work in the windows virtualbox, virtualbox needs to be able to set the usb device from the host18:17
* jpwhiting should probably go install xp on the machine sitting in the closet I guess :/18:17
djszapiyou can pass usb to virtualbox afaik18:17
djszapiit had issues with 2.0 few years ago, but I bet that is not an existence anymore.18:18
jpwhitingyes, but the device currently wont stay on for more than 30 seconds18:18
jpwhitingwhich makes it very hard to pass to virtualbox18:19
*** zz_gri is now known as gri18:19
djszapicannot it be automated and pass it in couple of seconds ?18:21
djszapiso automatically when you connect ?18:21
Sazpaimon_so Im guessing fennec addons written for firefox for android arent compatible with our fennec right?18:26
Sazpaimon_(as in, almost all of them)18:26
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:26
SqRt7744ok djszapi , I remember what the problem is.  When I try to return a modelIndex, I get the error "Unknown method parameter type: QModelIndex". I don't seem to be doing much (anything) different thatn what you are doing. My qml file can be seen here:
*** risca has joined #harmattan18:27
SqRt7744I guess I pissed him off18:28
*** zk8 has quit IRC18:28
*** diggy has quit IRC18:30
*** faenil has joined #harmattan18:30
faenilhas anyone coded a file manager in QML?18:34
*** miroslav has quit IRC18:38
*** dickensc has joined #harmattan18:39
befordthere is soemthing on the meego wiki18:39
befordoh its a fileselector not manager, sorry18:40
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan18:45
faenilthe problem is that just gives fileName and filePath18:45
NsaneCoffeHey guys how to i find out what shit app that's constantly asking Internet connection? It's driving me nuts18:45
SqRt7744NsaneCoffe, what do you have installed?18:49
*** Free-MG has joined #harmattan18:49
faeniltomma: thanks, I'll give that a look18:49
*** dickensc has quit IRC18:50
*** risca has quit IRC18:52
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan18:53
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan18:55
NsaneCoffeSqRt7744, way to much18:55
faeniltomma: but that doesn't use QFileSystemWatcher to update folders, or did I miss that?18:56
*** nebulon has quit IRC18:57
*** stef_204 has joined #harmattan18:59
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:59
npmwell the PR1.2 alarm function works and has a pleasant tune, i can attest for that (it reminded me to watch the android conf :-))19:00
npmalthough you should be able to access the clock/alarm app from the statusbar after clicking19:00
npm(it puts up a nice alarm-bell icon, but you can't do anything w/ it)19:01
tommafaenil, QFileSystemModel handles that
faeniloh ok wonderful, I got confused after reading
faenilbut folderlistmodel uses QDirModel, which is obsolete19:02
npmi wish nokia made an industrial version of the n9, with an armored exterior like a panasonic toughbook, and a really loud speaker with decent bass19:04
npmor at least the volume level and bass of the n95019:04
* npm waits for N9 "With delivery courier ... Destination Service Area: IRVINE, CA"19:07
SpeedEvilnpm: :)19:07
* npm hadn't actually held an N9 until I saw qgil's at booth @ SCALE conf in LA19:08
npmjust a few weeks ago. a rare bird in the land of iphones and clones19:09
npmso much for the android conference video stream or the 9AM start...19:11
*** suy has joined #harmattan19:12
npmmaybe they're worried about having stallman chase them down, or apple sue them and so not broadcasting
npmbecause "Can "classic" Linux apps be made to run with or under or on Android? Can such apps be made to "talk" to Android components and vice-versa? Beyond getting the basic BusyBox, glibc and glibc-compiled apps running under Android, this talk will go over some tips and tricks for making classic Linux apps coexist and interact with the Android stack on the same Linux kernel." seems interesting19:15
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:16
npmoh it's on19:16
*** leinir has joined #harmattan19:18
*** ieatlint_ has joined #harmattan19:21
*** auenfx4 has joined #harmattan19:21
*** test_ has joined #harmattan19:22
*** mgoetz_ has joined #harmattan19:22
*** rantom__ has joined #harmattan19:23
*** auenf has quit IRC19:23
*** ieatlint has quit IRC19:23
*** mgoetz has quit IRC19:23
*** Free-MG has quit IRC19:23
*** SqRt7744 has quit IRC19:23
*** rantom has quit IRC19:23
*** SqRt7744 has joined #harmattan19:23
*** ieatlint_ is now known as ieatlint19:23
*** e-yes has quit IRC19:24
faenilhas anyone tried to dualboot on n950?19:25
tommadualboot to what?19:26
*** xTs has joined #harmattan19:26
faenilfollowing this guide19:26
npmlinux fnd android talk just mentiond  alien dalvik on meego19:34
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan19:36
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:36
*** rantom__ is now known as rantom19:37
*** tomma has quit IRC19:40
NsaneCoffeLol i can see that i havent been paying attention19:47
NsaneCoffenever heard of Nemo19:47
NsaneCoffemigth try to load it onto my n900 if its possible19:47
djszapiNsaneCoffe: #nemomobile channel19:51
faenildoes anyone know how to disable usb networking on ubuntu?19:53
faenilit messed up my n95019:53
faenilgot to reflash  :(19:53
djszapireally ?19:53
djszapiwell you can always do the reverse steps19:54
faenilI need to disable that19:54
faenilbecause it's what blocks the modified moslo from repartitioning the device imho19:54
faenilubuntu trying to take control of it19:54
*** faenil has quit IRC19:56
*** aquarius has left #harmattan20:00
*** sp3001 has joined #harmattan20:02
*** test_ has quit IRC20:03
*** infobot has joined #harmattan20:03
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot20:03
*** admiral0__ has quit IRC20:04
*** admiral0__ has joined #harmattan20:04
*** Iktwo has joined #harmattan20:05
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan20:08
*** risca has joined #harmattan20:09
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:10
*** faenil has joined #harmattan20:16
faenilso. nothing, couldn't get the dualbooting to work20:17
faenildoes anyone know marquiz?20:18
* djszapi is disappointed in nemo20:18
faenilthere are too few people working on it, we need hjelp20:18
djszapiI wish that was the biggest issue, and not wrong decisions.20:19
faenilwrong decisions about what20:19
faenilwe're trying to rewrite all softwares in qml20:19
djszapiabout not supporting kde in the "official" repository20:20
faenildon't know about that20:20
djszapiI do not even consider nemo until they realize kde is one of the biggest community on top of qt20:21
djszapiand many people are interested in kde app development for mobiles.20:21
itsnotabigtruckwell, in all fairness, it's nemo mobile, not kde mobile20:22
djszapiand that is exactly why I avoid it20:22
djszapithey dismiss everybody else who do not use their stuff20:22
itsnotabigtruckyou can't just dump a desktop environment in a repo, you have to pick one thing and stick with it20:22
djszapithis is not open minded to me.20:22
djszapidesktop environment ? huh ?20:22
djszapiwhat are you talking about ?20:22
itsnotabigtruckthe DE in KDE20:23
djszapiI think you got stuck 10years ago20:23
djszapior maybe 15 :)20:23
djszapiI recommend you to go through my slides before thinking this wrong ;)20:23
itsnotabigtrucknot exactly...anyway...20:24
djszapiactually even Harmattan ships kde app by default anyway20:24
*** admiral0__ has quit IRC20:24
*** admiral0__ has joined #harmattan20:24
itsnotabigtruckthe problem with nemo is that it seems they're tyring to solve crippling bureaucracy with more bureaucracy20:24
itsnotabigtruckand "Primary customers are device vendors - not end-users" when no device vendor wants it20:25
djszapiI do not care about nemo more at this point, sorry :)20:25
itsnotabigtruckwhat about implementing something by users for users, instead of yet another os that works for somebody else20:25
*** Guest33960 is now known as jani20:25
itsnotabigtruckdesktop OSes like ubuntu are built to serve the user, mobile OSes like android, meego, and so on are built to serve entrenched interests20:26
hiemanshumer + KDE is a better thing than, nemo + KDE repo20:26
djszapihiemanshu: please let kde the app developers and users decide what they like :)20:27
djszapiI do not think there is universally better.20:27
hiemanshudjszapi: nemo mobile = mer + nemo UI20:27
djszapiyes...and ?20:27
djszapiyou can use nemo mobile with a kdelibs functionality...20:28
hiemanshuif you want a different UI, use add a mer KDE repo, dont force it on a nemo repo20:28
djszapiI do not really understand your point20:28
djszapiI think you do not know what kdelibs is20:28
djszapibut this is *not* a different ui20:28
djszapithat is the main point here.20:28
hiemanshuoh sorry I forget, only you know things20:28
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: the whole point of kde is to have tightly integrated apps/launcher/utilities/etc.20:28
itsnotabigtruckit's kind of an all or nothing proposition20:28
djszapiat least the kde users and developers (most of them) do not think so :)20:29
itsnotabigtruckmaybe nemo should have been built on kde...i don't really know much about it - but that would probably represent pretty much starting over20:29
*** Anssi138 has joined #harmattan20:29
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: you do not know either what kdelibs is ?20:29
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: it is not plasma.20:29
NsaneCoffeAPPS not ui20:30
djszapiitsnotabigtruck: I would seriously suggest you checking out the kde apps on Harmattan20:31
djszapiand my slides are perfect for that20:31
djszapiyou would see we do use the Harmattan Ui style.20:31
djszapithat is not the main point behind this.20:31
djszapiit would not be any different for nemo either.20:31
rzrcongratz djszapi20:32
*** trx has quit IRC20:32
rzri wish i had more time for harmattan20:32
rzri had to finish a simple qml app20:33
itsnotabigtruckwell, for example, consider the port of kmail, it doesn't look anything like harmattan, and it doesn't integrate with things like the contacts database20:33
djszapi:) rzr we have some publishing issues in the community repostory for more packages.20:33
itsnotabigtruckwhy? because it was built for kde and kde's pim subsystem20:33
djszapiexcept that kmail is not available.20:33
itsnotabigtruckkontakt touch, whatever20:33
djszapiseriously, check out my presentation before saying wrong things :)20:34
djszapino offense, really.20:34
itsnotabigtruckyou tend to have an interesting idea of "wrong" most of the time20:34
djszapiI have no idea how you got to kmail from kdelibs20:35
itsnotabigtruckalso, no idea where said presentation would be found20:35
djszapisince I was talking about kdelibs20:35
djszapiplease do not bypass the matter.20:35
itsnotabigtruckno, you were talking about kde everything, then brought up kdelibs all of a sudden20:35
djszapivery wrong20:35
itsnotabigtruckthe problem is kde-everything else20:35
djszapiI was saying kdelibs20:35
djszapieven on #nemomobile actually20:35
Iktwodjszapi: where can I check your presentation?20:36
djszapiIktwo: fosdem page.20:36
*** trx has joined #harmattan20:37
djszapiIktwo: I tried to dismiss the false visions that we read above for instance :)20:40
djszapithough the slides are simple, and it was not unfortunately recorded :/20:40
*** gri is now known as zz_gri20:43
*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan20:43
*** faenil has quit IRC20:44
*** admiral0__ has quit IRC20:45
IktwoI've checked them, personally I don't use KDE but I do know that it's one of the biggest communities on top of Qt as you said it20:45
*** decibyte has quit IRC20:54
SqRt7744ok djszapi , I remember what the problem is.  When I try to return a modelIndex, I get the error "Unknown method parameter type: QModelIndex". I don't seem to be doing much (anything) different thatn what you are doing. My qml file can be seen here:
djszapibusy, ping in half an hour please.20:59
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan21:00
djszapiX-Fade: got a clue why kdelibs has kept rebuilding for two days, like instantly ? :)21:01
djszapionce a build is done ?21:01
SqRt7744djszapi, I'm guessing you don't use ccache? (only good for recompiling..)21:02
djszapiI do not know whether I use or not21:02
SqRt7744then you probably don't, def. worth setting up, it's only an apt-get* away21:03
SqRt7744assuming you're on a debian based linux system21:03
djszapiSqRt7744: I do not explicitely, but the debian scripts might use that I included.21:04
* ieatlint has his first code merge into qt :)21:10
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan21:10
djszapiieatlint: link ?21:12
djszapiIktwo: do you like KDE, if I may ask ?21:12
ieatlintunfortunately my name isn't on it...,1595221:15
ieatlintbecause of how it was done, a nokia employee merged the code, and only notes my current employer21:15
ieatlintbut i wrote a udev handler for keyboards so it adds multiple keyboard support with hotswap21:16
ieatlintand also detects keyboards (in qt4, you had to tell the keyboard driver for qpa/qws where your keyboard was)21:17
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan21:21
DocScrutinizerieatlint: well, given that inane auth requester I can figure what happened21:21
ieatlintyou can make a reasonable guess that would have elements of truth, but the actual story is far more convaluted21:22
ieatlinti wrote the code in october, for instance21:22
ieatlintand it's been in limbo since, used on raspberry pi qt5 demos at nokia booths21:23
djszapiieatlint: well done :)21:23
Iktwodjszapi: yes I liked it21:24
Iktwolong time ago21:24
Iktwobut I don't use it now21:24
djszapiieatlint: wow, it is not a small patch21:24
ieatlintdjszapi: it's bigger than it looks21:24
djszapiIktwo: do not use plasma or kde apps in general ?21:24
ieatlint90% of the keyboard code is actually from qt421:24
Iktwokde apps in general21:25
ieatlintwith some tweaks, mostly namespace21:25
ieatlinti took the qt4 keyboard code (which was mysteriously removed from the qt5 tree back in august), and wrote some udev code and updated namespace... since i did that, it's been cleaned up more, and the namespace has been changed again as the evdev* system was implemented21:26
ieatlintbut it's like 1k lines of just a keyboard map, for instance21:26
ieatlintand now i'm in a painful presentation at a conference... note: don't make a presentation that consists of "here's a bunch of code i wrote, let me quickly go over it"21:28
djszapiIktwo: not even okular ? :)21:29
*** Iktwo has quit IRC21:31
*** risca has quit IRC21:32
djszapiX-Fade: is it possible to grab dependencies from here for apps4meego packages in case nemo ?
djszapiieatlint: so ... could you help me please with building qtbase then ? :) Cannot seem to sort it out.21:33
djszapi followed these instructions more or less ( I did not close the doc repository )21:34
*** risca has joined #harmattan21:35
ieatlintdjszapi: i've compiled qt5 (all modules) for arm embedded and x11, and x68 x11 :P21:35
djszapiieatlint: basically clone, configure, and then make.21:36
ieatlintalthough most recently in mid-december21:36
ieatlintit takes patience, especially for webkit21:36
ieatlintthe configure line is what matters21:36
djszapiaye, that is my other doubt. I would like to build only qtcore inside qtbase.21:36
djszapisince I hack only on qtcore atm.21:36
*** faenil has joined #harmattan21:36
SqRt7744I have had to work around the non-working passing of a QModelIndex from QML back to C++. I've gotten the code working, but only by passing back the name and using the name to research the entire model on the C++ side for the right index. Seems idiotic, but nothing else has worked.21:37
djszapiSqRt7744: why do you need to pass modelIndex ?21:39
* SpeedEvil asks ieatlint what QT stands for.21:39
*** diggy has joined #harmattan21:40
SqRt7744i have the model, created on the c++ side, then I display it in a qml ListView, and when the user selects an item from the list, I would like to know which item has been selected...21:40
ieatlintthat's a loaded question, so i'm going to knowingly respond quasar technology21:40
SqRt7744that is how it worked when it was using qt/c++ views, and i would have thought I could just take that code and add in some qml, and be away to the races21:40
ieatlintSqRt7744: i don't have trouble doing that21:41
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:41
SqRt7744ieatlint, code or it didn't happen  :-)21:41
ieatlinti simply use "index" in the listview delegate, which is equiv to QModelndex::row()21:41
ieatlintso when i look it up in the model on the c++ side, i just use that "index"/row21:42
ieatlinthave written several apps that reliably do that21:42
SqRt7744one does not simply use "index"  ?21:42
ieatlinti'm also confused about your sample code above... the SearchPage.qml21:43
ieatlinthuh, i guess i'm just unfamiliar with VisualDataModel21:44
ieatlintjust specifying the delegate in the model, and a submodel, is odd to me21:44
*** diggy has quit IRC21:47
SqRt7744ieatlint, yeah, it is the product of various attempts to get the stuff working.21:48
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan21:48
djszapiI am familiar at least with VisualItemModel, but I am not getting why "index" is not enough as advised few hours ago. Could you please explain the reasoning against that ?21:49
infobotmethinks ~. is not the escape sequence you're looking for.21:49
ieatlintit was indeed the one i wanted21:49
ieatlintin qml, a model only uses the "index" (ie, row) and the role21:50
ieatlintso the index/row is enough to reference any selected item in a qml listview21:50
SqRt7744i either get a segfault, or Error: Unknown method parameter type: QModelIndex21:50
ieatlintindex is int21:51
ieatlintand a segfault means you're model is somehow broken21:51
SqRt7744so how exactly do I use index?21:51
djszapiieatlint: the issue is that the data method expects QModelIndex21:52
djszapiat least that is the only issue I could think of.21:52
ieatlintdjszapi: fine, but do that in c++21:52
SqRt7744djszapi, exactly, thank you21:52
ieatlintyou shouldn't need the qmodelindex in qml21:52
SqRt7744technically I don't "need" it, since I can do the horribly expensive search through the model, give the name, to find the right index on the c++ side, just seems like there must be a better way.21:53
ieatlintyou can make a qmodelindex specifying the row/index from qml to pass to the data() method if needed21:53
ieatlintso you're trying to search a model for a text string?21:54
SqRt7744ieatlint, but what about the parent?21:54
ieatlintjust create a model filter21:54
ieatlintdo you have a tree model, or is it flat?21:54
SqRt7744ok, you got me, this one happens to be flat, but if it weren't..21:54
* djszapi tries to reclone qtbase21:55
ieatlintif it weren't flat, you'd be unhappy :)21:55
ieatlinttree models are a bitch in qml... i've ended up just flattening them, heh21:55
SqRt7744It's just evopedia. I've ported it now, it works, it's fast, but really ugly. So if anyone is interested in beutifying the QML side of things, that would be awesome. Iktwo might work on it, haven't heard from him in a while21:56
djszapiieatlint: the qt tree model is even bitch in c++21:56
SqRt7744i eat recursive for breakfast21:57
ieatlintSqRt7744: are you filtering by matching a string against a string in the model?21:57
SqRt7744ieatlint, um, well, let me see... (not my code)21:58
SqRt7744(I just ported it because it is incredibly useful)21:58
jpwhitingdjszapi: hmm, nsu wont work because the device wont stay on long enough for nsu to find it :/22:00
jpwhitingeven with a physical windows xp box22:00
jpwhitingnavifirm wont launch here either22:00
djszapijpwhiting: ouch :/22:01
SqRt7744ieatlint, doens't look like it. I think it is scanning the binary file or something. In any case it is fast. line 133 forwards22:01
ieatlinti've done halfassed filtering for that before... TextInput { name: filterString }; and then in delegate: "height: ( modelString.indexOf( filterString.text ) !== -1 ? 30 : 0 )22:01
ieatlintessentially hides delegates that don't match the string22:02
ieatlintbut truly half-assed :P22:02
SqRt7744ieatlint, i useually use regular expressions which qt can take as filter arguments, that works really well and is flexible22:03
djszapijpwhiting: have you tried to change the battery ?22:03
jpwhitingdjszapi: by opening it and such? no22:04
djszapiohh it is N9, not N950.22:05
jpwhitingitsnotabigtruck: you mentioned something last week about WinFlasher22:06
jpwhitingI have winflasher, but winflasher.exe /? isn't showing anything22:06
ieatlintyou can't get it to charge?22:06
jpwhitingieatlint: nope22:07
djszapijpwhiting: have you tried the wait option ?22:07
jpwhitingit charges if I plug it into the wall for about 30 secs, then turns off22:07
djszapijpwhiting: it might also well be a battery issue22:07
jpwhitingdjszapi: what wait option?22:07
ieatlintsomething is very wrong then... and flashing is unlikely to help even if you could22:07
jpwhitingieatlint: indeed, that's what I'm thinking too22:08
djszapisounds like a battery issue22:08
djszapiis it simple to disassembly the N9 ?22:08
jpwhitingdjszapi: could the power button be stuck or something? when I plug it into the wall it tries to power on22:08
ieatlintno, not at all22:08
djszapiat least the N950 battery was compatible with N8 (?)22:08
jpwhitingthen goes into charging (blinking light) then dies22:08
djszapiand one kde guy has this very same issue22:08
jpwhitingyep, I found images showing how to disassemble last night, and it is tricky looking22:09
ieatlintjpwhiting: it will boot the phone when you plug it in, this is normal22:09
djszapiI would give a try to this wait option22:09
djszapiother than that, I have zero clue, sorry.22:09
ieatlintbut it won't boot it all the way -- you won't get an interactive UI, and no radios get turned on22:09
jpwhitingdjszapi: what wait option are you talking about?22:09
ieatlintjpwhiting: have you tried plugging it in and just leaving it over night?22:10
jpwhitingieatlint: yep, it shows charging led on, sometimes the 2nd or third time it shows nokia on the screen22:10
jpwhitingieatlint: of course22:10
ieatlintyeah, hopefully it's under warranty, heh22:10
jpwhitingit cycles every 35 secs or so22:10
djszapijpwhiting: do not know by heart sorry22:10
djszapiyou need to grep in the manual22:10
djszapi(help output)22:10
jpwhitingdjszapi: WinFlasher wait option?22:10
djszapino, simple flasher22:10
jpwhitingieatlint: trouble is, I bought it in china, and live in the us...22:10
jpwhitingso even getting the warranty figured will be tricky22:11
jpwhitingthe us warranty only covers bought in the us devices it seems22:11
ieatlintyeah, that is unfortunate then22:11
djszapiahhh I remember when I had such an issue !22:12
djszapimy phone got into a reboot loop22:12
djszapiand it was out of the energy22:12
djszapiand the reboot loop consumed more energy than the charging22:12
jpwhitingI've had similar issues with N900 and fixed by taking the battey out22:12
djszapiand this wait option solved it22:12
*** faenil has quit IRC22:12
jpwhitingdjszapi: linux flasher?22:12
djszapisince it disabled the reboot loop22:12
djszapijpwhiting: does the flasher say out of the juice ?22:13
djszapilike 1-2 % ?22:13
jpwhitingdjszapi: I haven't found the linux flasher22:13
jpwhitingI downloaded an amd64.deb but it wouldn't install with dpkg22:13
* jpwhiting grabs it again22:14
ieatlintyou don't need to install it22:14
djszapithough I did not encourage you for navifirm ..22:14
ieatlinttake the deb and do this: ar x amd64.deb ; tar zxf data.tar.gz ; ./usr/bin/flasher22:14
jpwhitingwhere do I get the .deb again?22:15
jpwhitingnm, found it22:15
jpwhitingdjszapi: I don't see any wait in flasher --help22:19
djszapiieatlint: frankly, I do not see a simple page for building and shipping your patch in qt5:
djszapi(accidentally removed my clone with all my changes :( )22:20
djszapijpwhiting: just use it :)22:20
jpwhitingflasher Owait-charging22:20
jpwhitinglike that?22:20
*** risca has quit IRC22:21
ieatlintdjszapi: it's in qtbase... src/plugins/generic/evdevkeyboard22:21
ieatlintbut it will never get automatically built22:21
ieatlintand note that you don't need or want it if you're using xcb/wayland22:22
djszapiI am not into that22:22
djszapiI would like to 1) Clone qtbase 2) I would like to make the contribution 3) I would like to build it 4) I would like to test 5) I would like to push against upstream22:22
jpwhitingdjszapi: do I need an image to flash?22:22
djszapisome of them steps are undocuemnted.22:22
djszapijpwhiting: yes22:22
jpwhitingdjszapi: which I need to wait for access to for :/22:23
jpwhitingmaybe tomorrow22:23
ieatlintit's not fully working instructions, but it's good reference22:24
djszapiit talks about gitorious22:24
djszapiwhich is a readonly mirror22:24
ieatlintyeah, that's what i always worked on...22:25
ieatlintbut the instructions passed checking out the repo are what you need to build it, roughly22:25
*** faenil has joined #harmattan22:28
ieatlintugh, i love talks that have a slide that say "Somehow, it worked without any recompilation"22:28
*** snowpong has quit IRC22:29
*** beford has quit IRC22:30
*** beford has joined #harmattan22:32
*** franz` has joined #harmattan22:34
*** knee has joined #harmattan22:34
*** zz_gri is now known as gri22:42
*** zk8 has quit IRC22:42
itsnotabigtruckany idea where the initrd comes from on N922:43
jreznikieatlint: these instructions are correct ones to build qt 5 - tried it today, finally without any issues :)22:46
* djszapi still think qmake is disgusting22:48
rhkfindoes N900 video out cable work in N950?22:52
rhkfinit does. Thanks :)22:53
*** auenfx4 has quit IRC22:57
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:00
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan23:01
jreznikyep, it does23:02
djszapijreznik: it is crazy how unmodular qt5 is23:02
*** jreznik has quit IRC23:02
*** diggy has joined #harmattan23:02
djszapiI need to fetch the whole qt5 project including qt3d etc to experiment with the core, like what ? :D23:03
*** phunguy is now known as slnigr23:03
* gri is proud of his new desk :)23:03
*** slnigr is now known as slingr23:03
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:04
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:09
*** diggy has quit IRC23:11
djszapiqtbase is 421 MB here, and the qtcore, I am actually interested in, is 12 MB, funky =) (cannot clone separately)23:16
*** vta has joined #harmattan23:18
vtahi, I've got a bit of a problem here. I tried to upgrade my N9, using the official app. It installed an update, 20.2011.40-4. Then the phone rebooted and the app showed another update, which it said would take 5 minutes. That one failed, and since then the phone says that there's a problem with my sim card.23:21
*** benares_98 has quit IRC23:21
*** diggy has joined #harmattan23:22
vtaI've succeeded at flashing 40-4 again from Linux, with MMC included, though on my first attempt I got an error flashing cmt-mcusw. On this try everything seems okay, but it still says there's a problem with my sim card, so I have no cell connection23:23
itsnotabigtruckhrm :/23:24
vtadmesg has this: which suggest something isn't working right23:25
*** benares_98 has joined #harmattan23:26
vtaflasher output:
*** franz` has quit IRC23:30
itsnotabigtruckdefinitely sonds like your cmt (whatever that is) is hosed...23:31
*** longthen1 has joined #harmattan23:31
*** longthen has quit IRC23:33
*** faenil has quit IRC23:35
*** vLassi has quit IRC23:37
Sazpaimon_hey guys23:40
Sazpaimon_im not sure why nobody tried this23:40
Sazpaimon_but i took the from maemo, put it in .mozilla/plugins and it worked23:40
Sazpaimon_just fyi23:40
Sazpaimon_i had to resolve a few dependencies on hildon, but it worked23:41
*** auenf has joined #harmattan23:49
Sazpaimon_oddly youtube crashes with it23:49
Sazpaimon_but i was able to load a flash game fine23:50
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan23:52
befordsomebody was asking about it on TMO23:54
Sazpaimon_also does anyone have the leaked TI binary?23:55
befordAnswer to question: No.23:58
befordpff :p23:58
befordI believe I had it somewhere, never installed on my n900 though, I dont like flash :P23:58
Sazpaimon_well that's half right23:58
befordlet me check23:59
Sazpaimon_I cant get it to work on yourube23:59
*** SqRt7744 has quit IRC23:59
befordyoutube checks version and probably uses new features23:59
Sazpaimon_but i tried VVVVVV, a flash game, and it loaded fine23:59
Sazpaimon_i wasnt able to do anything without a keyboard23:59
Sazpaimon_and the vkb doesnt seem to work on it23:59

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