IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-02-12

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ZogG_laptope-yes: =)00:31
ZogG_laptopi always miss-spelled your nick name here00:32
phunguynever misspell again00:37
itsnotabigtruckphunguy: until you get someone else with a vaguely similar nickname, heh00:39
Sazpaimonhey e-yes, out of curiosity, have you ever looked at porting the dalvik runtime elsewhere ala alien dalvik/icedrobot?00:39
Sazpaimonsince other people are highlighting you00:39
e-yesSazpaimon, no00:43
e-yesdalvik is cross platform00:43
e-yesproblem is inside framework/base and hal00:43
Sazpaimonyeah I have absolutely no idea how dalvik works, never even used android, not even nitdroid00:44
e-yeslet assume that dalvik is some scripting language interpretator (like php/perl/python/etc)00:45
e-yesthen framework/hal is 'bindings' to various libraries that give ability to interact with I/O devices, perform IPC and so on00:46
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Sazpaimonso I assume alien dalvik either acts as a bridge to these libraries or rewrites them completely00:53
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Sazpaimonwould anyone be interested in adding steam chat to telepathy?02:35
Sazpaimonthere's a C# project for it02:35
SazpaimonI made an attempt, but I don't know a lot about C# and even less about telepathy02:36
djszapiI know somewhat both, and I have an interest, but no time :/02:36
Sazpaimonwell should you ever change your mind there's a project at
Sazpaimonsince there's now a steam chat program for android and iOS, it'd be cool to get one for harmattan/fremnantle over telapathy, to 1-up the official client02:40
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itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: hmm, sounds interesting03:02
itsnotabigtrucknot something i'd do myself, but interestijng03:03
itsnotabigtruckthe thing is that steam chat really exists for chatting, while playing games, on steam03:03
itsnotabigtrucknot your phone03:03
itsnotabigtruckneither steam chat nor facebook chat are suitable for general purpose stuff03:03
itsnotabigtruckotoh both of them seem to have kinda taken off for exactly that03:03
itsnotabigtruckand "traditional" im isn't exactly popular now among the 'general population' heh03:04
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, yeah, I agree, Steam was never meant as a social IM type of thing03:06
Sazpaimonbut it's certainly become that with stuff like group chat and the lik03:07
Sazpaimonand now Valve has officially supported steam chat on android and iOS03:07
Sazpaimonand I know a large majority of my friends, myself included, either use IRC or steam for communication03:07
itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: get them to use jabber! especially if they already use a multiprotocol im program03:08
SazpaimonI dont ever use AIM or MSN03:08
itsnotabigtrucke.g. if they use pidgin for their irc03:08
itsnotabigtruckforget aim/msn/yahoo though03:08
itsnotabigtruckalso if they're using pidgin get them to install pidgin-otr too03:08
SazpaimonI dont know why I should 'get people' to do something different just to meet my needs03:08
itsnotabigtruckjabber is somewhat secure, but it can't be trusted for interdomain connections on most servers atm03:08
Sazpaimoni already use gtalk for work, and I agree its a superior protocol03:09
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itsnotabigtruckbecause then they can chat on a better im system? i mean, yeah, not everyone is very receptive to that03:09
Sazpaimonbut everyone I know uses steam, because we all already use steam anyway03:09
itsnotabigtruckbut in the chance event that they are, i don't see what's wrong with trying to "get people" to switch protocols or whatnot03:09
itsnotabigtruckbtw is steam chat ssl'd or aything like that?03:10
Sazpaimonit uses some form of encryption, yes03:10
Sazpaimonit isnt plaintext going back and forth03:10
itsnotabigtruckgeez this code is ugly03:12
Sazpaimoni believe this goes over the formst03:12
itsnotabigtruckwhere's the messaging code?03:12
Sazpaimonits been a while since I looked, let me see if i remember03:13
itsnotabigtrucki found some stuff that looks pretty warm03:13
Sazpaimondamn, youre right this code is a mess03:14
Sazpaimonif it helps, Vapor is the actual client03:14
itsnotabigtruckstill haven't found anything that would seem to have anything to do with sending a steam friends message03:14
itsnotabigtruckdidn't realize that was it03:15
SazpaimonSteamRE is the protocol behind it03:15
Sazpaimoni actually tried getting vapor to work on Mono on the N900, it wouldn't run03:15
Sazpaimonwhich is strange becaus it was developed for use with Mono03:15
Sazpaimonbut I think Mono's ARM port is mostly abandoned03:15
Sazpaimonyeah, Steam3 is the latest steam protocol that handles a lot of steam community and gameserver<->steam communication03:17
itsnotabigtruckok, so the message send function is here
SazpaimonI think steam2 is only really used for CDN purposes at this point03:17
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Sazpaimonsteam is actually a really complex and powerful protocol, I have to hand it to Valve on that03:18
itsnotabigtruckapparently they're using some custom crypto layer?03:18
Sazpaimonyeah, steam3 crypto is documented on the wiki03:18
Sazpaimonit's AES based03:18
Sazpaimonthere we are03:19
itsnotabigtruckeh, "aes based" is pretty irrelevant...basically everything that isn't absolutely terrible is using aes03:20
itsnotabigtruckbut what really matters is key management03:21
itsnotabigtruckfor example: Client generates a 256bit session key.03:21
itsnotabigtruckThis key is encrypted by a 1024bit public RSA key for the specific universe.03:21
itsnotabigtruckthat's dumb...1024-bit rsa = 80-bit security level03:21
itsnotabigtruckso using aes-256 is just wasting a lot of bits03:21
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Sazpaimonoff topic, but apparently whitney houston died03:22
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Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, just came across this:
Sazpaimonapparently valve opened up their web api for steam chat04:16
Sazpaimonwhich is what they use for the mobile client04:16
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itsnotabigtruckSazpaimon: ah, maybe that's a better idea04:40
itsnotabigtruckas long as it's encrypted04:40
Sazpaimonitsnotabigtruck, yes, their web api uses standard SSL encryption04:40
Sazpaimonwhich would be a LOT more sane than dealing with their custom encryption04:40
itsnotabigtruckyeah, it's making an ssl connection to https://someip04:40
itsnotabigtruckbetter make sure to validate that stuff04:40
Sazpaimonand, it would allow for publishing to the ovi store since it isn't reverse engineering04:41
itsnotabigtrucklooks like it's just https://store.steampowered.com04:41
Sazpaimonand the path defines what gets done04:41
itsnotabigtruckre ovi store, though it's problematic how they don't let you package stuff correctly04:43
itsnotabigtrucklike there should really be e.g. a cross-platform telepathy-steam package, and then an accounts-plugin-steam or something like that04:43
Sazpaimonhow does extraplugins handle it04:43
itsnotabigtruckit probably doesn't, lol04:43
itsnotabigtruckwell, actually, doesn't it use telepathy-haze?04:44
itsnotabigtruckthat's in the nokia repo04:44
Sazpaimonlet me check the control file04:44
itsnotabigtruckso extraplugins would just be the account plugin part04:44
itsnotabigtruckhence the name04:44
Sazpaimonit bundles haze04:45
Sazpaimonand libpurple04:45
Sazpaimonit actually has telepathy-haze binary bundled with it04:45
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itsnotabigtruckwell that's ugly :/04:49
Sazpaimonwhich is probably why it conflicts with every other package04:49
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AranelWhat is the gconf key for auto-security lock? I want to set it to immediate by setting it over gconf05:27
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npmeast midlands is a no place for a n9 to be stuck for a day07:54
* npm tracking dhl07:55
npmhope the package doesn't get mixed up with a hobbit's "it encompasses the combined area  Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and most of Lincolnshire."07:59
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djszapirzr: The xsltproc package is broken. Could you fix it please ?09:42
djszapilibxslt1.1 (>= 1.1.25) -> libxslt1.1 (>= 1.1.19) That is the fix.09:43
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djszapican someone send me the link of the libjpeg62-dev package, please ?09:51
djszapi -> packrat does not find it, nor do I.09:52
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djszapirzr: actually the real fix is to delete xsltproc from the community repository altogether since it is provided by Nokia even if a lower version.09:56
djszapiPackage 'libxslt' was removed successfully from project 'home:rzr:harmattan' -> ok, history.09:57
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djszapiohh it is not free.10:17
djszapican someone get please the non-free link who has it already installed ?10:18
djszapiohh they recently make the non-free visible as well, cool:
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djszapirzr: found a fast way for ~1 hour kdelibs build :)12:16
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djszapiX-Fade ping, how many cores are there on the c-obs build machines ? Do you use the /proc/cpuinfo + 1 number for -jX ?12:18
djszapilbt, too ^12:18
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bluesleei have some issues with sb installation on rpm based os, 64-bit: is it correct to use ? is this the latest installer, are there any up-to-date install/run instructions?12:52
djszapiyes, that is the latest.12:53
bluesleeokay, it says i should start scratchbox with "scratchbox" which is unfortunately not found on my linux box, i modified the installer script to install scratchbox to /home/user/meego/scratchbox12:56
djszapifaenil: o/12:56
faenilo/ djszapi12:56
bluesleei habe run and tried ./login from the scratchbox folder12:57
djszapiblueslee: what is the question ?12:58
bluesleethe question is how to run scratchbox? is there a binary called "scratchbox" like the docu says?
djszapiblueslee: you need to log in.13:01
djszapi-> /scratchbox/login13:01
djszapias user...13:01
djszapi/home/user/meego/scratchbox/login in your dirty hack.13:02
bluesleebefore i do this from the scratchbox folder as root "./sbin/sbox_ctl start"13:02
djszapiand be done, what is wrong ?13:02
bluesleeeverything seems to be dirty:-)13:02
bluesleei get "sudo: /home/xyz/meego/scratchbox/users/xyz: command not found"  where xyz is my user13:03
bluesleeWelcome to Scratchbox, the cross-compilation toolkit!13:04
bluesleeUse 'sb-menu' to change your compilation target.13:04
bluesleeSee /scratchbox/doc/ for documentation.13:04
djszapiI am seriously not getting the issue.13:04
djszapi/home/user/meego/scratchbox/./sbin/sbox_ctl start && /home/user/meego/scratchbox/login -> done13:05
bluesleethe first one has to run as root13:05
djszapiyes of course13:06
djszapisince it is a sbin command anyway13:06
djszapibut what is the issue ?13:06
bluesleelogin does not work as i always get "sudo: /home/xyz/meego/scratchbox/users/xyz: command not found"13:07
djszapiwhy not use su user ?13:07
djszapibefore login ?13:07
djszapiyou do not wanna login as root13:08
bluesleewhat do you mean? i have theree terminals, one with root for the sbox_ctl (setting some mounts), one with user for xephyr, one with user for the login13:09
bluesleean the latter outputs the above errors13:09
djszapithree terminals :D :D13:09
djszapils /home/xyz/meego/scratchbox/users/13:10
bluesleehehe, three is my luck number13:10
djszapithree terminals for 2 commands, not bad.13:11
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djszapianyway since you are inside the sb already.13:12
djszapiwhy not create the missing user in sb ?13:12
bluesleewhatever, it does not change anything, i could sudo the first one, add & for teh second and have the error in one single terminal13:12
bluesleei did that13:12
djszapialso why not post the output I ask ? :)13:12
djszapihelp us help you :)13:12
bluesleegroups shows that user belongs to sbox13:12
bluesleeit shows me a folder named xyz13:13
djszapiplease paste the /whole/ output whilw doing your procedure.13:14
bluesleeand "ls -al /home/xyz/meego/scratchbox/users/xyz" some symbolic links for mapping13:14
djszapiI seriously think it is some communication issue13:14
djszapiit cannot be that hard.13:14
djszapias xyz: ls /home/xyz/meego/scratchbox/users/ && sudo /home/user/meego/scratchbox/./sbin/sbox_ctl restart && /home/user/meego/scratchbox/login13:15
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djszapiI did not ask for this output, really :)13:17
djszapiVenemo_N950: o/13:18
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djszapiplease give from prompt13:22
djszapils -lda /home/held/meego/scratchbox/users/held13:24
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djszapiI would recommend following the installer without any hackery.13:29
djszapiperhaps, it is not robust enough13:29
djszapiyou can move the stuff later after the installation.13:29
Venemo_N950hey djszapi13:29
bluesleeyeah yeah13:30
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djszapiVenemo_N950: how is stuff ? :)13:54
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mtdis aegis-developer-mode gone in pr 1.2?  it's not in $PATH...15:12
bluesleedjszapi: sb work now, same installation path as before15:16
bluesleedjszapi: thanks for your patience, its a matter of minutes for my next questions:-)15:17
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Venemo_N950djszapi, ping15:58
Venemo_N950djszapi, I'd like to ask you for advice15:59
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Venemo_N950djszapi, where're you when I need you? :P16:49
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lucidowould you guys recommend gitorious for vc?17:10
lucidofrals, it's better?17:15
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tabaskoargh, annoying to try get zip file downloaded to n9 =)17:33
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bluesleetabasko: what is the issue?17:48
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itsnotabigtrucktabasko: is it the browser being fussy about MIME types?17:51
itsnotabigtruckif you control the server, change your web server's settings so it works17:51
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itsnotabigtruckif you don't, just use wget or something17:51
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SqRt7744does anyone know how to get the text of the selected item in SelectionDialog as a signal back to c++?17:55
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trxcreate a invokable function in cpp and call it from onChange/onSelect/whatever its called18:02
trxor create a context property with notify action18:03
trxand use it as the index18:03
bluesleeitsnotabigtruck: i am using opera. though it is sticked to landscape mode it has different advantages18:03
SqRt7744trx, thanks, I'll try that. You wouldn't be able to point me to some sample code, would you?18:04
bluesleeitsnotabigtruck: sb is running and i packaged lixml2* with your instructions, now i will see if this was sufficient18:04
itsnotabigtruckblueslee: nice18:04
trxSqRt7744 not really for your exact problem but you can use this to learn :
trxSqRt7744 "Exchanging Data between QML and C++"18:05
SqRt7744alright sounds good18:06
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Richlvare there any wireless analyzers or similar apps for harmattan/n9 ? my searches come up with nothing19:35
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* rzr Setup my !DebiaN #FreeDomBox #NaS + #SfX as #AudioPlayer and using #n950 as #MpD remote control ; !n950club19:39
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Richlv#that's !a #new !style, #seems !to #have !taken #over #SZ19:57
itsnotabigtruckrzr: what's up with the rAndomCaPs!!!20:01
rzrnot big entropy random ...20:03
rzrbtw let me rebuild the qml version ...20:03
djszapiblueslee: cool20:05
djszapirzr: I updated kdelibs to 4.820:05
djszapiwe can now rock ;)20:05
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djszapiitsnotabigtruck: hey man o/ :)20:08
bluesleedjszapi: also thanks to you, now i have an auto updating public transport information screen on the lps screen of my n920:10
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: what's up20:10
djszapiblueslee: very cool :)20:11
rzrdjszapi: building ?20:11
djszapirzr: just locally, I need to push to the comm repo20:12
rzrill try out that kde4 mpd client20:12
djszapiwe will have plasma components soon :)20:12
rzrthis does not insure obs will handle it20:12
rzrthis is a nice job20:12
djszapirzr: I do not give a shit to obs :)20:12
djszapiI can upload to the fallback kde repo20:13
djszapiso that is gonna work always20:13
djszapigetting it work on c-obs is just a plus20:13
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Sazpaimonso if I'm gonna make this steam chat thing20:22
Sazpaimonim not gonna make it in qt creator20:22
Sazpaimonbecause i cant stand qt creator now20:22
Sazpaimonits complicated as hell20:22
* Sazpaimon sticks to vi20:22
Sazpaimonalso, if I make the account plugin in qt that makes it incompatible with mamo 5 doesnt it20:23
Sazpaimoni'd need to rewrite the interface in gtk20:24
djszapiin qt ?20:24
djszapithat sounds a bad idea...20:24
djszapieither MTF or qml20:24
djszapiI personally prefer MTF for that task.20:24
Sazpaimonyeah thats what I meant, qml20:24
SazpaimonI was just going to base it off of extraplugins, which uses qml20:25
djszapisince the builtin plugins were written in MTF, and most of it is copy/paste, it sounded a straight-forward idea to me :)20:25
djszapiexcept facebook, twitter20:26
djszapiactually even the facebook account bits are in mtf20:26
Sazpaimonbut if I wanted a maemo 5 port, would need to rewrite the ui in gtk or does maemo 5 provide telepathy qt4 libs20:26
djszapimaemo does provide qt and qml.20:27
djszapiimo there has also been an ongoing components effort, perhaps from Kate ?20:27
djszapithe meego summit app was written in qml for instance, so was the gluon player.20:27
SazpaimonI know it has qt, I wasnt sure if it had the qt bindings for telepathy that works20:27
djszapifor N900, that is.20:27
djszapiI think it is always possible to port it easily, isn't it20:28
Sazpaimonbeats me, I always used gtk/libhildon for maemo 520:28
Sazpaimonits much easier to work with in that environment20:28
Sazpaimonqt/qml is just kind of slapped on there20:28
bluesleedjszapi: itsnotabigtruck: i have to work on the umlauts ...
djszapiblueslee: yes20:29
djszapiSazpaimon: the meego summit app was cool in qml20:29
itsnotabigtruckblueslee: nice20:29
Sazpaimondjszapi, its just a lot of qml apps for maemo seem disconnected from hildon20:29
itsnotabigtruckis it an encoding problem or the font you're using20:29
itsnotabigtruckalso i like the font but it doesn't seem to realy blend in with everything else20:30
SazpaimonI'd also not use yellow20:30
* djszapi would use pink20:30
Sazpaimonthe standby screen should just be all white20:30
itsnotabigtruckbut the yellow looks cool...but again it doesn't fit in20:30
itsnotabigtruckit would be awesome if the clock was made to look similar20:30
SazpaimonI'd kill for someone to come up with sleeping screen for harmattan20:30
SazpaimonI had it on my N8, it was always an eye catcher when someone saw it sitting on my desk20:31
djszapiSazpaimon: it does not integrate that bad either20:31
Sazpaimonthe phone itself, notsomuch20:31
itsnotabigtrucksleeping screen?20:31
bluesleehehe, its not yellow, it should be orange20:32
bluesleeand making the fonts bigger looks better, here is an example20:32
djszapithis was programmed in qml20:33
djszapiI think it looks cool20:33
itsnotabigtruckwhatever, it's orange-yellow :p20:33
itsnotabigtruckit's whatever color the middle light on a traffic signal is20:33
djszapithere is no color apart from pink, dot. :P20:33
Sazpaimonanyway, Im gonna have to spend more time learning about telepathy20:34
Sazpaimonbecause I know next to nothing about it20:34
Sazpaimonand nobody else seems to want to do this but me :(20:35
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: lol. you might be pleased to know that weechat displays your nick in pink20:35
itsnotabigtruckalso blueslee is blue20:35
* djszapi has never understood why nobody did a telepathy based irc client yet...20:35
Sazpaimondjszapi, telepathy-idle20:35
Sazpaimonits an irc client for telepathy20:35
djszapithat is just a communication manager20:35
itsnotabigtruckthink he means a gui frontend20:35
djszapisomeone needs to actually use it for an irc client20:35
Sazpaimonthat would be complicated as hell20:36
Sazpaimonhow would you send commands?20:36
Sazpaimonwhois people20:36
Sazpaimonoper up20:36
djszapiwell, if the irc connection manager was not designed for making an irc client frontend, that is bad ...20:36
djszapisince all the other telepathy connection managers (jabber, xmpp, sip, what not) are completely eligible for their intended plans.20:37
Sazpaimonbecause they're all IM clients at their base20:37
djszapiI cannot believe it would be that hard.20:37
djszapinot really.20:37
djszapiyou can have conference stuff20:37
djszapilike in skype.20:37
Sazpaimonits still just chat in the end20:38
SazpaimonIRC is a little more complex than chat20:38
djszapiso is irc20:38
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan20:39
djszapiVenemo_N950: o/20:39
Venemo_N950hey djszapi :)20:39
*** risca has joined #harmattan20:39
djszapihow is heck ? :)20:39
Venemo_N950djszapi, sent you a pm20:40
Sazpaimonalso Venemo would never allow a telepathy irc client20:40
djszapiSazpaimon: I advised way ebefore the irc-chatter project started.20:40
djszapihonestly, that was the first app I was missing :P20:41
Venemo_N950I haven't got a single clue about telepathy. sorry.20:41
djszapiI have been missing that ... like for 1-2 years.20:41
djszapinever understood why Nokia did not provide one.20:41
djszapirzr: do you know how c-obs build packages ? with -jX X = ?20:42
*** blueslee has quit IRC20:43
Venemo_N950however, after the refactor, it'll be dead easy to add a telepathy backend to irc-chatter if someone that has a clue cares enough20:43
*** adlan has joined #harmattan20:44
*** blueslee has joined #harmattan20:45
*** blueslee has quit IRC20:46
*** Venemo_N950_ has joined #harmattan20:48
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC20:49
*** Venemo_N950_ is now known as Venemo_N95020:49
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC20:52
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan20:52
*** Anssi138 has joined #harmattan20:57
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan20:59
*** faenil has quit IRC21:00
*** adlan has quit IRC21:03
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:06
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*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:19
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan21:33
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*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC21:41
itsnotabigtruckfor what it's worth i think empathy has a moderately functional chat interface21:42
itsnotabigtruckand empathy = all telepathy21:42
itsnotabigtruckso there has to be a way to implement a functional irc client on top of telepathy-idle21:42
djszapimmmh, c-obs build only just on one core...that is prolly not nifty :)21:43
itsnotabigtruckhmm, is anyone else getting a redirect loop on http21:45
djszapiThe page isn't redirecting properly21:45
*** Nirkus has quit IRC21:46
*** longthen has quit IRC21:54
*** parancibia has quit IRC21:55
djszapiis it possible to create an empty tarball without nay files ?21:55
*** longthen has joined #harmattan21:55
djszapitar cvf your-empty-tar-filename.tar --files-from /dev/null -> ohh sure21:56
itsnotabigtruckdjszapi: tar -cfT blah.tar /dev/null21:57
*** vLassi has quit IRC21:57
itsnotabigtrucklooks like you found basically the same thing21:57
djszapiyes, I need to have such a hackery to port meta-kde to harmattan21:58
djszapiwhich is a native package containing only debian folder.21:58
djszapiformat 3.0, that is21:58
*** Guest7144 has joined #harmattan22:03
*** lucido has quit IRC22:05
Guest7144anybody knows about pr1.2 release?22:06
Guest7144did you know when it will be release?22:07
djszapiyeah, but not public information, sorry.22:07
djszapiheh, the spammy "No AEGIS_HASH_FDS environment" c-obs message is still present.22:08
Guest7144it's ok, by the way I want to buy the n9 white, looks beautiful22:08
Guest7144mine is black22:09
djszapiblack is scary :P22:09
Guest7144and also I like the cyan color too22:10
Guest7144beside n9 apps, nokia store and n9 fan club where can I find more apps for my n922:11
djszapirzr: -> what the heck is this man ? :)22:11
*** Nirkus has joined #harmattan22:11
*** Nirkus has joined #harmattan22:11
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:13
*** faenil has joined #harmattan22:15
Guest7144cant open that file22:17
Guest7144or page22:17
Guest7144not.on my.phone22:18
Guest7144I will try on my.laptop22:18
djszapiit was not for you lol22:18
faenilcan you read me guys22:20
Guest7144ok sorry22:23
djszapifaenil: no22:24
*** Guest7144 has quit IRC22:26
*** beford has joined #harmattan22:29
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*** admiral0 has quit IRC23:14
*** admiral0 has joined #harmattan23:14
*** adlan has joined #harmattan23:15
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan23:44
*** piggz has quit IRC23:49
djszapirzr: I fixed the grantlee package. It kept failing.23:51
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:53
SqRt7744I'm having a problem connecting signals from QML to slots in c++.  I've posted the offending code here line 67-70, I'm getting "Object::connect: No such signal PageStackWindow_QMLTYPE_18::signalLanguageChanged(QString)"    Does anyone see an obvious problem??23:53
djszapiSqRt7744: why not just call a slot from qml ?23:54
djszapiin the signal handler, that is.23:54
SqRt7744djszapi, how is that easier?23:54
djszapiwould work oob ?23:55
SqRt7744djszapi, do you mean, just call the c++ function from QML?23:57
djszapicall the slot.23:58
djszapiI call a property setter here indirectly for language selection23:59
djszapijust call your slot there.23:59

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