IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-02-03

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gabriel9why can't i add more then 9 wav files to my project?00:15
djszapiyou cannot ?00:15
gabriel9they are 600KB in size00:16
djszapiwhere is the limitation ?00:17
gabriel9i can't find any documentation about limitation for number od files in project00:18
gabriel9and this output does not offer any clue00:19
djszapiinteresting. What is MeePiano about btw ?00:20
djszapiplaying piano on an artificial piano ui ?00:20
gabriel9i created ui00:21
gabriel9and added white keys and sounds00:21
gabriel9and one black thats00:22
gabriel910 sounds00:22
gabriel9soorry that is 9 sounds00:22
djszapiat least, there was such a thing with synthetizer.00:22
gabriel910th sound is iposible to add00:22
djszapioh, btw I have not found a cool metronome app in ovi back then for instance.00:23
gabriel9well my app is cool :) i plan to add more sound groups(high, and lov)00:24
djszapican you record and then play back with meepiano ?00:24
djszapiwhen I used to compose music, I played some effect on guitar, recorded, and then played bass for that00:24
gabriel9for now no, i'm new to qml :)00:24
gabriel9but now when you mention ti i will try :)00:25
djszapiit is a cool way for mixing up instruments, and experiment alone.00:25
djszapiwhy do you have 600 kb for one sound btw ?00:26
gabriel9i don't know, i found them on web00:26
gabriel9free samples and voila00:27
djszapiyou use SoundEffect from mobility ?00:27
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itsnotabigtruckbtw check out freesound.org00:27
itsnotabigtrucklots of pretty good cc-licensed sounds00:27
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djszapiyes, creepy :p00:27
gabriel9i will see00:27
itsnotabigtruckmake sure not to use proprietary sounds00:27
gabriel9sound is proprietary, what a irony00:28
djszapigabriel9: you have 9 distinct soundeffects ?00:28
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djszapibecause one does not work with setting the source more times00:28
djszapiwhich is sad00:28
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djszapialso, make sure SoundEffect accepts your wav files.00:29
gabriel9well all files are different00:29
djszapiit does not accept every valid header.00:29
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gabriel9well this is new platform it will grow00:29
gabriel9N9 is selling really good00:29
gabriel9my colegues are also interested when i talk and show them qml and N900:30
gabriel9what's funny00:32
djszapi"it will grow".00:32
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gabriel9all good stuff grow, well except cancer00:33
faenilcancer's not good stuff :)00:35
gabriel9no, he is bad. My friend lost testicle becouse of it00:35
gabriel9but, can someone tell me what i do wrong with this files00:36
gabriel9last night i lost two hours trying to solve it00:36
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faenildjszapi: have you already made him check the header?00:38
gabriel9he said about header, somefile.h ?00:39
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faenilnope, file header00:40
faenilthe first bytes in the file00:40
faenilit only accepts one type of wav encoding, iirc00:42
faenildjszapi checked that out yesterday00:42
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gabriel9i just checked every sound and they all worked00:52
gabriel9but only when there is 8 of them00:53
gabriel9when i try to add any other the deploy does not work00:53
gabriel9so is this bug?00:54
gabriel9or there is some limit on number of files or size?00:54
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ZogG_laptoptry to add only that one that added last01:06
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gabriel9i tied01:08
gabriel9and it works01:08
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ZogG_laptopmaybe it should be preloaded01:20
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gabriel9i don't know01:20
gabriel9i'm tired, need dream01:20
gabriel9good night all01:20
ZogG_laptopi mean like the files should be preloaded01:20
ZogG_laptopbut it uses all valiable memory01:20
ZogG_laptopi know there are ifferent types than listmodel01:21
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gabriel9i will try tomorow again01:27
gabriel9thanks all01:27
gabriel9good night01:27
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ieatlintyou ever stop and wonder why the calculator is a fullscreen app that covers the top status bar?08:36
SpeedEvilBecause maths is important!08:48
SpeedEvilThe most important thing you will ever learn!
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griSpeedEvil: the test is very cool :)09:53
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hhartz_I have an issue where an application is visually closed - but the process is still running. This means the App can't be started again until 'normal' users reboot - or advanced users go in and kill the process. Anyone know what might be happening (or not happening) in invoker here?10:37
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DocScrutinizerdang, mediaplayer context menu of a song has "set as ringtone" next to "view details" and it has no confirmation dialog :-/   --  Well done, GUI designers! Usability evaluation done by (not even) figuring things while looking on a sketch on a paper?11:05
griDocScrutinizer: everytime my small cousin uses the n9 to listen to music, I have another ringtone :)11:07
* jreznik hates more the run a run debug buttons in Qt Creator :) ringtone would be better11:07
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* jreznik is leaving for #fosdem, see you guys11:08
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DocScrutinizerNokia HARM UI designers: you never seen this rule #3 in your UI design guidelines? "any action that changes settings, deletes things, etc, has mandatory either a) an easy and obvious way to rollback/undo the action,  or b) a confirmation dialog" - ooh, there's no such rule in your guidelines? Too bad then11:09
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griQtMobility's qml classes are very confusing ...12:45
grithe docs tell you there is a Contact::details(string) function ... but there is none. You have to call contactInstance.details["somevalue"] that it does not throw an error but it also does not work :)12:47
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grioh well, it seems they have the property and a function with the same name - is this possible in qml?12:49
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xarcassgri: why not? i always give getters same names as properties12:51
grixarcass: also in qml?12:51
grixarcass: I mean they have two details() functions, the one without a parameter is a Q_PROPERTY, the one with the string parameter is only a Q_INVOKABLE12:52
xarcassgri: well, haven't tried that - QML properties don't have getters. user-defined that is12:52
griif I try to call the details("string") function, qml says I should not call on objects12:53
xarcassgri: haven't a slightest idea. though i've tried to make several Q_INVOKABLE with the same name, but different signatures - works perfectly12:54
griI'm writing a test class now to verify I'm only too stupid to use mobility :)12:54
jonniits not a function, its readonly list property12:54
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grijonni: it's both12:55
grithis one + line 107 + line 11012:56
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jonniso examples in are not working for u?13:02
grithe example code calls contact.detail not details13:04
gribut I did not know of the contact.phoneNumbers[] so that would be a work around13:05
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grijonni: commenting out the Q_PROPERTY line changes the output to:13:10
griAppSettings test property: [object Object]13:10
griAppSettings function: I am a function and my parameter is 'Hello'13:10
radiofreegri: according to the mobility source there is definitely a details function there13:15
radiofreeQ_INVOKABLE QDeclarativeListProperty<QDeclarativeContactDetail> details(const QVariant& name);13:15
griradiofree: see my pastebin entry13:15
radiofreeand the property details.... which uses the details function to read it...13:15
radiofreeit seems there's some crazy overlap there13:16
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radiofreeah, actually, the property uses the details() function13:17
griit seems you can't  have a Q_PROPERTY and a Q_INVOKABLE function with the same name13:18
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torarneQ: Anyone know the syntax to delete an SMS using sparql? I've tried this, but the SMS is still there: tracker-sparql -qu "delete { ?u a nmo:SMSMessage } WHERE {?u a nmo:SMSMessage FILTER (?u = 5127) }"13:21
radiofreeforgot content13:22
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djszapiHi! Can I get a map of a city in my country, and use it already offline abroad for navigation ?13:22
djszapiis there a way for that with Harmattan ?13:23
torarneradiofree: after running that delete query, this still gives me the sms: tracker-sparql -q "select * { <message:5127> ?o ?p } "13:23
radiofreething of <message:5127> as the primary key13:24
radiofreeso you don't need to filter on that13:24
torarnedjszapi: dunno, but you might be able to do what people have been doing for google maps on ios, ie, download and fill the tile-cache on a desktop computer, and then ssh them over13:24
fralsdjszapi: just use the map manager or whatever its called in maps13:24
radiofreejust do tracker-sparql -qu "delete { <message:5127> a rdfs:Resource }"13:24
radiofreedelete the rdfs:Resource rather than the nmo:SMSMessage13:25
djszapiokay, and how can I make sure it is not gonna do any roaming tonight at FOSDEM ? :)13:25
fralsits going to ask when it wants to roam, so unless you accept it it wont...13:25
radiofreedjszapi: yes, just go and maps and go to the city13:25
torarneradiofree: nice! it's gone!13:25
fralsmaps -> the ... button on tab bar, "manage maps" -> options -> add maps13:26
torarneradiofree: do you also happen to know why my HAVING() clause it not working? tracker-sparql -q "select ?u ?ta ?d ?ptc COUNT(?d) AS ?count { ?u a nmo:SMSMessage; tracker:added ?ta; nmo:sentDate ?d; nie:plainTextContent ?ptc } GROUP BY ?d ORDER BY ?count"13:26
radiofreethere's also some.. map packs or something you can pre download13:26
radiofreebut as far as i'm aware they aren't *that* detailed, download them, then go to the city and flick about a bit, just to be sure13:26
torarneradiofree: if i add HAVING(COUNT(?d) > 1) i get a syntax error13:26
radiofreetorarne: where do you put it?13:28
radiofreeGROUP BY ?d HAVING(COUNT(?d) > 1) should work13:28
torarneradiofree: at the end, GROUP BY ?d  HAVING(COUNT(?d) > 1) , gives me syntax error missing ":"13:28
radiofreehmm.. select ?u ?ta ?d ?ptc COUNT(?d) AS ?count { ?u a nmo:SMSMessage; tracker:added ?ta; nmo:sentDate ?d; nie:p13:29
radiofreelainTextContent ?ptc }  GROUP BY ?d HAVING(COUNT(?d) > 1) ORDER BY ?count *should* work13:29
radiofreeI just tried that and I don't get a syntax error13:29
torarneCould not run query, GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.Tracker1.SparqlError.Parse: 1.148: syntax error, expected `:'13:30
torarnetracker-sparql -q "select ?u ?ta ?d ?ptc COUNT(?d) AS ?count { ?u a nmo:SMSMessage; tracker:added ?ta; nmo:sentDate ?d; nie:plainTextContent ?ptc } GROUP BY ?d HAVING(COUNT(?d) > 1) ORDER BY ?count"13:30
djszapifrals: radiofree the maps apps crashes :)13:31
radiofreedjszapi: oh dear...13:31
grithat's a safety feature13:31
radiofreedjszapi: hopefully not a release image?13:31
radiofreetorarne: it works for me13:31
djszapiradiofree: it is13:31
djszapiand super slow after the launch up13:32
torarneradiofree: weird :)13:32
torarneradiofree: but it's all right, i managed to delete all the duplicates, yei! Thanks so much for your help!13:32
radiofreetorarne: try putting it in a file13:32
radiofreejust put the query in a file13:33
djszapiheh, and it only works with WI-FI lol13:33
radiofreethen use tracker-sparql -f file13:33
radiofreetorarne: this - works for me13:33
radiofreeusing tracker-sparql -f query13:34
radiofreedjszapi: maps works over 3g here13:34
radiofreeor at least.. it did13:34
radiofreehopefully they haven't changed that13:34
djszapiradiofree: downloading maps ?13:35
djszapiit explicitely writes WI-FI connection.13:35
radiofreeoh, you mean the map packs?13:35
radiofreebrowsing the city using 3g downloads the map, I haven't tried downloading a map pack over 3g13:36
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djszapiradiofree: you cannot download over 3g13:37
torarnedjszapi: know anything about track&protect? i enabled it, then took out the sim card, and now the phone asks me for a pass-code on boot, even if i insert the old sim card, and i have no idea what the passcode is :(13:37
djszapiyes, but I am busy, and soon heading to the airport, sorry :/13:37
radiofreedjszapi: are you talking about map packs?13:37
djszapiradiofree: download maps for a country, yes.13:37
radiofreeI'm flicking around a city i don't have a map for right now, and it's downloading as i move around it13:37
torarnedjszapi: np, have a good trip, we can discuss later if you have time13:37
radiofreeover 3g13:37
radiofreeas i said, i haven't tried a map pack13:38
radiofreebut browsing a city, in the map pack, certainly does download over 3g13:38
djszapiyeah, it is the problem with the pack.13:38
radiofreejust browse around Brussels on a high zoom :)13:38
radiofreeyou'll get the map that way13:38
djszapiit is already downloaded over the Nokia wi-fi13:39
djszapi(the whole Belgium pack, that is)13:39
radiofreei don't think the map packs are that detailed13:39
radiofreeI downloaded a England/UK map pack13:39
radiofreeit just had the major roads on it13:39
djszapilet me check13:40
radiofreezooming in to city detail it had to download all the side streets and what not13:40
torarnefor people from google: how to delete duplicate sms on N9/n950/harmattan:
* djszapi thinks marble should be tried out for this.13:42
radiofreetorarne: lovely stuff13:43
radiofreetime to figure out the single sparql query for the delete though ;)13:43
torarneradiofree: hacky, but did the job :) yeah, single query could be better, but i got fed up and just wanted the dupes gone :P13:43
djszapiradiofree: okay, thanks you for your patient and help!13:45
radiofreetorarne: so to reproduce, I take a backup, restore it on another device, then sync that device with the original stuff?13:45
djszapiradiofree: turned out I cannot modify the repeater model on the fly.13:46
djszapiso everything model related I need to do in C++ :(13:46
radiofreechalk up another qml bug13:46
djszapiso the whole bunch of data is being bookept on two distinct layers :(13:46
radiofreewell, bug... lack of feature ;)13:46
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torarneradiofree: what got me into the mess was: N9 with lots of contacts and SMS, another stock N9, sync the two once (using the on-device sync feature, not backup/restore). then wait a few weeks, then repeat the sync. the last sync will (in my case) sync both ways, so copy SMSs back to the original N9, and also re-sync every SMS from the original to the new one without looking for duplicates13:47
radiofreeah, right, that's not too good...13:47
torarnethe sync will also fail with "connection failed", even after "initing, sending, reciving.."13:48
* RST38h suggests doing the rest in C++ too =)13:48
torarneradiofree: so you think the sync failed, and you try again, which duplicates the data even more13:48
djszapiradiofree: yes, but book keeping the same at two different layers is error-prone :/13:49
djszapiand nasty.13:49
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djszapiradiofree: I cannot browse the map in offline mode13:55
djszapieven after downloading the pack.13:55
radiofreeworks here13:56
radiofreeI browsed paris for testing just then (over 3g)13:56
radiofree*not* downloading the map pack13:56
radiofreeturned on flight mode, I can still browse the paris map13:56
djszapi1) I downloaded 2) Closed 3) Turned internet connection off 4) Open Maps 5) Type address into the search field 6) no results.13:57
radiofreetorarne: DISTINCT may have also worked for your problem13:57
djszapi6) worked fine during the internet connection13:57
radiofreeactually, it wouldn't, never mind13:57
torarneradiofree: yeah, if i could do a reverse of distinct13:57
radiofreedjszapi: address search probably won't work13:59
radiofreecan you manually browse to belgium and browse?13:59
radiofreeif i do that (still in offline mode) i can see all the major roads, but not city detail14:00
radiofreei'll turn 3g back on now14:00
*** leinir has quit IRC14:00
radiofree3g back on, zoom in on brussels, detailed maps are downloading14:01
radiofreeclose maps... flight mode on14:02
radiofreeopen maps, brussels maps are browseable14:02
radiofreeit asks for wifi connection, i just say no14:03
radiofreebut yeah, it definitily saves the maps, I think it's best to just flick around the city a bit until the detailed maps have been downloaded14:03
* gri still likes good old paper maps14:09
djszapiradiofree: figured out the problem14:12
djszapiradiofree: if I do not type the city it works14:12
djszapia.k.a. just the address14:12
djszapiI was typing like this: City, Address14:12
* djszapi is off to the airport, 10x, radiofree14:14
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illissiushi. anyone ever had problems (Madde) with mad dpkg-buildpackage not finding a dependency even after you've just installed it with mad-admin xdpkg -i, and mad-admin dpkg -l and -p report that it is installed?15:06
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illissiusapparently when I install the package with mad-admin xdpkg, it's putting some files under $SYSROOT_DIR/madde_xpkgs/, but not anything under $SYSROOT_DIR/var/dpkg.15:34
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* djszapiN9 will prolly mis the flight to fosdem :)15:38
radiofreewhy? snow?15:38
RST38hBecause it is so much more fun to be here on irc!15:39
djszapiN9yes, half an hour on the bus, and we went 1 km15:39
radiofreeI suppose the train to the airport can't come soon enough15:41
djszapiN9omg !!15:42
djszapiN9full power to the speed and we could hardly go up a bit on a not straight road :)15:43
radiofreeare you on the finnair bus?15:43
radiofreebetter make yourself comfortable then ;)15:44
djszapiN9cannot hack since no free seats :(15:44
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deramradiofree: the train would be worse 99% of time, as it would be operated by VR15:45
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan15:46
djszapiN9radiofree, have you tried marble ?15:47
radiofreedjszapiN9: I've tried Marble beer, but that's probably not the marble you're referring to?15:48
djszapiN9hahahaha :d15:49
djszapiN9it is a cool kde project app in jovi15:49
djszapiN9replacinh maps to me15:50
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radiofreewow, looks cool15:50
radiofreeuses openstreetmap?15:50
M4rtinKthe Ovi store QA is really hit and miss15:50
M4rtinKthey don't like Mieru has a startup script in /usr/bin/15:51
djszapiN9radiofree, no clue15:51
djszapiN9put into opt...15:51
M4rtinKso I checked a random app from Ovi - it has the binary in /usr/bin/ :)15:51
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djszapiN9and this is understanable15:52
djszapiN9report it pls15:52
M4rtinKand even some files in /usr/doc (which also isn't on the list of path exceptions)15:52
djszapiN9that is a screw up thingy15:52
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djszapiN9radiofree, have you tried the qt5 packages ?15:55
djszapiN9i will give a quick glance to check out the qml imrpovments15:56
radiofreedjszapiN9: I don't have qt5 setup on this machine yet15:57
radiofreeit's on my desktop at home though15:57
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djszapiN9radiofree, train does not go to the airport btw afaik16:18
radiofreedjszapiN9: not yet, they're currently building the line16:19
djszapiN9eta ?16:19
djszapiN9(for getting that available?)16:20
radiofreeI think16:20
* djszapiN9 is switchin' into derp mode :p16:21
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djszapiN9darn email client app16:25
djszapiN9it is creepy, does no real fetching at all :/16:25
itsnotabigtruckDocScrutinizer: i think they may have been trying to avoid being too much like symbian16:25
itsnotabigtruckwith the confirmation boxes for *everything*16:25
auenfargh, been using n9 too long16:26
auenfforgot how to close a zoomed in photo on n90016:26
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aheineckedjszapiN9: weeel ;) there is that alternative e-mail client, you could just fix it so that it really becomes usable :P16:42
M4rtinKanybody successfully used the --single-instance option in invoker with a Python application (--type=e) ?16:45
M4rtinKit doesn't launch another instance but also doesn't bring focus to the running instance16:46
djszapiN9made it!!!!!!!!16:52
djszapiN9On board!!)!16:52
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ZogG_laptopfrals: ping19:18
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befordieatlint, ping21:57
befordhey, I asked this before but can't remember what you answered me sorry, its about removing the grey bottom bar at some Qt applications.21:58
*** lamikr has quit IRC21:58
ieatlintoh, yeah... that appears whenever an application is based on QApplication21:58
ieatlintyou need to use MApplication instead21:58
ieatlintif you don't have the source, you're SOL21:59
ieatlintlunch, bbl22:00
ajalkaneFriday... the drunk coding day. One of the best drunking coding days in the week.22:06
ajalkane* drunken, excuse my french22:06
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ZogG_laptophey guys22:50
ZogG_laptopwhat would you say if i release my app as opensource and post in in but on OVI i'll make it paid?22:51
e0xi think is OK22:52
e0xZogG_laptop: is GPL ?22:52
e0xGPL let you do that22:52
wmarone_I'd do that22:53
ZogG_laptopwmarone_: i saw gpooder client and cutetube are paid - but i think those are gpl22:55
ZogG_laptopbtw to publish app i need to pay money to ovi?22:55
*** rm_work has quit IRC22:57
ZogG_laptopwmarone_: is it publish.ovi i need to register?22:57
befordyes 1 euro22:58
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan22:58
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ZogG_laptopone time payment?22:58
befordI believe so :)22:59
ZogG_laptopi hope so23:00
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Mekhmm, I have some TextField that once activated never seems to lose its focus, so the keyboard never hides (until I swipe out of the entire app)23:21
*** oytunx has joined #harmattan23:22
ieatlintZogG_laptop: do it -- it's good and fair23:24
ieatlintand yeah, 1eur to register.. nokia says it's to prevent spamming accounts23:24
ieatlintbut if you're hurt enough by it, i'm told they can waive the fee23:24
minimecMek: I would contact the developer of the application (includ your firmware version). This is probably a bug in that application.23:26
Mekno, it is my own application23:26
*** decibyte has quit IRC23:26
Mek(this is a development channel after all I thought :) )23:26
*** artemma has quit IRC23:27
minimecMek: I apologize... ;) i am yet a newbie... you are rught.23:27
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Mekhmm, actually it does properly loose focus, but somehow that doesn't cause the keyboard to disappear23:32
*** artemma has joined #harmattan23:34
ajalkaneMek: and you're using standard harmattan qt-compontents and not your own?23:34
ajalkaneThat's weird.23:35
befordif you can show the QML Mek it could be easier to help23:40
MekI'm trying to reduce it to a minimum example23:41
Mekalthough the strange thing is that when just copying the qml bits to a new project, it works fine, but the exact same qml code (even with all non-related code removed) fails in my actual application23:42
ajalkaneMek: have you tried rebuilding, and deleting the build directory and rebuilding23:43
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