IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2012-01-22

ajalkaneAnyway... QML was a pain for me at first. But once you learn the restrictions and how it does what it does, it becomes quite pleasing in many ways.00:00
djszapitoo bad I need C++ code for many fundamental functionalities :00:00
djszapiI do not see how it is pleasing to mess up with C++ code if you could add /one/ word in the qml bits.00:01
ajalkaneI don't think you need any C++ for what you want to do. If your anagram model is for example ListModel, it has all the functions you need already00:01
djszapinot ListModel.00:02
djszapithis is also sad, the repeater's model does not respect letter list :)00:02
ajalkaneWhat is it then?00:03
djszapiI need to use QStringList for letter list (a.k.a. string)00:03
ajalkaneYou need to create a subclassed version of that then. No way around it00:03
ajalkaneAnd provide some functions QML can access to it00:04
djszapisubclassed version of what and why ?00:04
ajalkaneBecause you need to access elements by index00:04
ajalkaneAnd for that you need to provide functions that can be called from QML00:05
djszapifor not exploiting your time: I know how to do things C++ since you can do anything from there. My original question was more like about doing it nicely.00:06
djszapibut apparently bugreport is the maximum I can do in that respect.00:06
ajalkaneindeed, if you want to use a C++ class as a model00:06
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djszapion a side note: it is also not possible from qml to nicely extend or truncate the stringlist model either00:08
djszapiso either adding a simple element in there, or just removing one.00:08
djszapianyway, thanks for your help. :D00:09
ajalkaneno. QStringList does not have QML accessible functions as far as I know00:09
djszapiand that is pretty sad especially because they represent the repeater model with stringlists in the example code ...00:10
djszapiI mean it is weird you cannot cooperate with such a basic type like a list in qml.00:11
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ajalkaneYes, I've been frustrated with that too00:16
ajalkaneEspecially with QStringList00:16
ajalkaneYou know, just wanting to show in a dialog choices that are populated by QStringList? Doesn't really work.00:17
djszapiheh :D00:17
ajalkaneYou're saving a lot of time by just going ahead and creating a QAbstractListModel that creates the functionality yourself00:17
djszapi(I am not Finnish people are drunk on Friday though :D)00:18
djszapiyeah, sure ... I mean, I can do, just I need to get enough power to do that small task after the frustration and shock.00:18
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ajalkaneI know. I was flaggerbasted and tried all kinds of workarounds because I couldn't believe it.00:19
ajalkaneBesides, I think finnish people like to be drunk on friday and also saturday. Preferably during the week too :P00:20
djszapiso the problem is that with the discussion above, I have two repeaters in a column, and for onClick I need to set one element in the other repeater at a given index.00:21
djszapi(the same value like the one erased)00:22
ajalkaneadjszapi: you need a model that has the elements, and then you need a property in the element that sets a property that emits a signal. In a nutshell.00:22
ajalkaneTHen the repeater automagically updates its value00:23
ajalkaneIt feels overkill for a QString based model, but QString probably doesn't emit signals when its value is changed00:24
djszapiHonestly, I do not see why I would need a signal apart from the general onClicked in qml.00:25
ajalkaneyou need the signal if you want QML to notice that one of the values is changed00:25
djszapias far as I understand, I can store the currentindex in a property in currentIndex: 0; variable and pass the value of that to a C++ function ...00:25
ajalkaneotherwise it just keeps using the original value00:25
djszapiand the method returns the altered model data, that is00:25
ajalkaneyes models emit signals when their data is changed00:26
ajalkanebut if you use QStringList as a model, it's not a real model00:26
ajalkaneThink of it as a static model, that should not be modified00:26
ajalkane(this is from memory)00:27
ajalkaneI might be wrong, but I know for sure I had lotsa trouble trying to get QStringList working directly and just gave up on it.00:27
djszapiyes, it is static, but it does not mean I need any special signal. It seems to me I can salvage without that.00:27
ajalkaneYou can if you emit changed signals in QML itself00:28
ajalkaneyou can declare signals in qml, and when you strange the qstringlist model a00:28
ajalkaneyou emit a signal that's handled in your qml... you can do it that way too00:28
djszapiI do not need to declare a new signal, just use the existing onClicked, right ?00:29
djszapiThereby, emptying, and a simple YetAnotherRepeater.model: MyClassInCpp.MyMethod(currentIndex);00:32
djszapi+ value parameter for sure00:33
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trxwhy did they make that so complicated i'll never know...01:01
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djszapiHi! Is it possible to set the background (landscape and portrait as well) individually for pages ? For instance, I would not like to use the default main page background for the settings page.02:03
djszapiI do not see any "id" property for the platform style so that I should change it or so.02:04
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artemmacode compiles fine on Mac/Desktop, but on Harmattan build I get undefined reference to `LanguageFiles::staticMetaObject'02:22
artemmaand undefined reference to `vtable for LanguageFiles' :/02:22
artemmaSome linking problem probably, but why on Harm only..02:23
djszapimoc included in the source ?02:23
djszapiand generated properly ?02:23
artemmahmm, I don't know02:23
djszapiCan you check out ?02:24
artemmasome moc_ files are in the build log02:24
artemmabut I don't really know how to check if they are generated correctly02:24
djszapithey should be in the build tree..02:25
artemmaI am using services from the common static library02:25
artemmaand it was working fine until I decided to create there an object for injection into QML02:26
djszapicheck your linkage options02:26
artemmaI am afraid your level of abstraction is too hight for me02:26
artemmaI don't know how to check these02:27
artemmaand what to look for02:27
djszapican you paste a build log ?02:27
artemmathough, hmm, if I check all PRE_TARGETDEPS..02:28
artemmabuild log -
artemmaaha, it is qmlRegisterType that is actually failing02:32
artemmastill some sort of a linking issue probably. It fails to register non-linked stuff maybe02:32
artemmais it ok at all to qmlRegister types defined in a staticly linked library?02:32
artemmafunny thing is that on desktop everything's fine :/02:34
artemmahmm, could it actually be incorrect lib deployment?02:40
artemmaI mean engine's .a file should be put to some correct place, shouldn't it?02:40
artemmaaha, found moc files in build tree02:48
artemmalook ok02:48
artemmashall I actually check .pro stuff?02:48
artemmasymbian: LIBS += -lswypeswitcherengine02:48
artemmaelse:unix: LIBS += -L$$OUT_PWD/../../src/swypeswitcherengine/ -lswypeswitcherengine02:48
artemmaelse: LIBS += -L$$OUT_PWD/../../src/swypeswitcherengine/ -lswypeswitcherengine02:48
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djszapiIs it possible to set the background (landscape and portrait as well) individually for pages ? For instance, I would not like to use the default main page background for the settings page. I do not see any "id" property for the platform style so that I should change it or so.10:11
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djszapihat is the best way of handling the event for the SelectionDialog when the user chooses an element out of it ? I do not see accepted signal for it in the documentation, like for the MultiSelectionDialog or just pure Dialog elements.10:58
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fralsfor page background you probably have to fill the page with an image/rectangle to do it11:23
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djszapifrals: those pure qml elements are not aware of orientation change.11:47
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fralsdjszapi: well, you just make a binding to something that is aware12:22
djszapiheh, that sounds rather dirty.12:23
djszapiit should possibly be a simple property, just like the tools, and the client code can decide whether use the same background (again, just like in case toolbarlayouts) for various pages, or individual ones.12:25
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AppiahAnyway to debug a site with the browser?13:26
djszapiMeh, the SelectionDialog does not accept stringlist model, just qlistmodel ... :)13:26
AppiahTrying to see why a html5 site is not working13:26
Appiahon the N913:26
faenilo/ djszapi13:26
djszapiHeya faenil :)13:26
djszapiAppiah: as usual, the first step is to check out the console and syslog13:26
djszapiand if grob has a specific log file, then that.13:27
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djszapiany simple way of putting, a dynamically generated, string list with unknown length in advance into a listmodel ?13:30
Appiahye I'll have to see what grob can do13:30
djszapithis thingy:
Appiahcan't find anything regarding grob13:34
djszapiwhy would ? :) I did not highlight you, just continued the analization of my issue. ;-)13:35
AppiahI mean13:35
AppiahI looking for manpages and sites13:35
Appiahand I come up with nothing13:35
djszapigrob is the browser.13:37
AppiahI know13:37
artemmamy yesterdays linking failure was cured by just deleting the build directory - apparently some old files weren\t deleted automatically..13:47
artemmashouldn't code that late again13:47
djszapiartemma: do every single night :)13:56
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Appiah well this is a start..14:02
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SqRt7744anyone interested in helping me port evopedia to harmattan? I could use some help...  progress is already hosted on github. The C++ ListModel stuff is mostly done, now we need to do the interface in qml.16:00
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SqRt7744for me this program is at the top of the priority list, I don't know how anyone gets on without it.16:01
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* DocScrutinizer all of a sudden recalls openmoko wikireader16:34
leinirDocScrutinizer: *nods* Certainly their best product to date :) Something simple, which did one job, and did it extraordinarily well :) People actually /wanted/ to buy that one, not just for the freedom aspect, but because it was useful :)16:35
RST38hCan't have that, can we?16:36
DocScrutinizerand the original design was rather nice (no wonder thanks to my massive participation), alas later on it went from clamshell with hw kbd to c-ts16:36
DocScrutinizerI still wonder if the WR as sold now still has the footprint to retrofit a USB receptacle as I insisted it to have in original design16:38
DocScrutinizerbut that's life: you design a hw, then they mess it up, and finally you never touched the product with your own paws16:39
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DocScrutinizerRST38h: can't have what?16:40
*** gri is now known as zz_gri16:40
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DocScrutinizerRST38h: WR? it's available e.g, via CONRAD by a rebranding17:00
DocScrutinizer  haha, connection refused17:03
DocScrutinizerwho would've thought ;-P17:04
djszapiI am now trying to expose my own model from C++ to the selection dialog, but I seem to fail with that. I am using this code in the main.cpp: ctxt->setContextProperty("anagramCategoryModel", kanagramEngineHelper.anagramCategoryModel()); and then justmodel: anagramCategoryModel; inside the qml file. What is wrong about it ? qDebug() << kanagramEngineHelper.anagramCategoryModel()->stringList(); shows the strings, but the model is empty in qml17:23
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wookhi folks17:34
fralsiirc the selectiondialog is completely and utterly broken since they "fixed" some bug in 1.1 (or the release after that)17:34
wookis there any tune up for camera module, to increase photo quality on device and enable 12mpx?17:35
djszapiafter that, but I imported the fix17:35
djszapifrals: you might wanna read this:
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djszapiso I imported the Common- and SelectionDialog with the fix in my project, and according to the comment in there: Another option is to copy to your project "SelectionDialog.qml" (and "CommonDialog.qml" because it is not exported) as "MySelectionDialog.qml" and make this17:36
djszapismall change. After that any model with a "name" role can be used in a MySelectionDialog.17:36
djszapiand I made a QStringList derivative with a simple setRoleNames call in the ctor, and that is all.17:36
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djszapifrals: there is an interesting thing over here: "file:///usr/lib/qt4/imports/com/nokia/meego/SelectionDialog.qml: File not found" -> I moved that file to a backup location in order to make sure my code is using the imported SelectionModel which is put into the binary by using the resource system, but apparently: it cannot find that for some reason. This might be the culsprit for the aforementioned issue.17:46
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djszapiokay, at least MySelectionDialog works. :)18:00
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djszapiI do not understand why, but it at least works this way. I would like to understand the reason behind though.18:01
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vLassiwell hello18:07
DocScrutinizerfrals: \o/18:07
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faenilso, it comes out ContentX is also changed when you change contentWidth...18:13
faenilthanks a ton Flickable...could have said that somewhere!18:13
djszapididn't you see that on the ui ?18:15
faenilyes but I didn't know who was changing that back to 018:15
faenilwhen I had bound that to other values!18:15
faenilwhat's the point of setting it back each time to 0? -.-18:16
faenilruin my plans!18:16
faenilI don't see why they must be related18:17
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faenildjszapi: this way, you can't pinch an image, and at the same time let the flickable know that he's not looking at the left part of the image, but at the center part, because it will keep resetting contenX to 018:38
faenilso it keeps thinking the center of the image (once zoomed) is the left edge of the image18:38
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M4rtinKthp: ping :)18:54
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faenilhow can I stop Flickable from resetting contentX to 0 when contentWidth changes? apart from modifying the sourcecode of flickable :)19:08
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thpM4rtinK: pong19:42
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l32606hi. when i use the dbus-monitor command on N9, i can only get the signal type output. but i can get all types of msg including method_call on N900.19:56
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l32606does anybody have ideas  how can i get the method_call message? Thanks.19:57
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eeanmhey is there a package of common qml imports for stuff like writing files?20:17
djszapiwhat do you mean ?20:18
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M4rtinKthp: the Touchpad PyGame guide is done:
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djszapiIs it possible to dynamically change the text value of a Text element for instance in a repeater, but from outside the repeater ? I would like to set it for instance to "" in the beginning, but for an event outside, I would like to switch it to "modelData". Was trying to do something like: text: isInit ? "" : modelData; but if I change the isInit boolean property value outside, the text does not change. :/22:23
djszapi(of course it is viable in C++, but that is behind the point of the question since I am interested in doing the operation in QML.)22:25
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thpM4rtinK: thanks, i've already linked it :) good work!22:45
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M4rtinKthp: oh, nice ! :)22:46
M4rtinKhope the guide would be useful to someone :)22:47
M4rtinKthp: also, any plans for a PySide port ? :)22:47
M4rtinKthe launcher already uses Qt 4.7&QML AFAIK :)22:48
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djszapiok, I was somehow lame. My boolean idea worked. I made a mistake inside the onClicked signal handling by typing ":" instead of "=" for the assignment. :/22:52
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faenildjszapi: okay, coz that sounded strange, should have worked :)23:01
faenilglad it did23:01
djszapithat is the only way of interacting between repeaters for instance because dynamic id is a no-go. For sure, C++ is always a fallback alternative.23:02
djszapiso my only left issue is this:
djszapisee my long comment in a reply to the guy ..23:03
faenilouch :) I don't think I can help with that :)23:03
artemmawhat's wrong with having an alias to property of a QML object implemented in C++? Works on Desktop, but on Harmattan I get Invalid alias location23:03
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CissWitHi there, i had the 232 repository set up in my souces.list.d but it returnes a 404 error.23:04
CissWitI tried to change it with the 005, that is configured in a friend's n9, and it now proposes more upgrades23:05
CissWitdo you know if it is safe to upgrade ?23:05
CissWitis there some kind of incompatibilities between versions ?23:05
djszapiyes there are for sure.23:05
artemmaHmm. What could be a reason for a QML property (of a c++ object) be accessible on desktop, but not on Harmattan? :?23:06
CissWitthere are hardware differences ?23:06
djszapiCissWit: you wanna take a look at some community page speaking about backups.23:06
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* artemma found the yet another linking problem, that was solved by deleting the build tree. Why doesn't clean clean everything?23:08
djszapiartemma: I guess you use qmake ?23:09
artemmadjszapi: I was trying to clean from QtCreator (and tried its "Run qmake" too)23:09
djszapiI am sorry, but I cannot help with qmake.23:10
*** artemma has quit IRC23:13
CissWitdjszapi: to backup before trying or to find information about country codes and compatibility ?23:16
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan23:16
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:18
*** artemma has joined #harmattan23:19
thpM4rtinK: hmm not really ;) probably depends on the availability of qt first. after that, we can talk about pyside ;)23:24
*** leinir has quit IRC23:24
artemmaIs there any was for an app to write to files in /usr/share owned by root?23:25
artemmaI got tired editing swype settings manually, half-wrote an app for that and.. swype settings file is owned by root23:26
artemmamaybe some cool aegis manifest could request the needed right? Or is writing to root-owned files totally forbidden even in /usr/share?23:28
djszapiit is a fairly simple task to achieve..23:29
djszapiyou might wanna check out the output of the following command in devel shell: "accli -I", and if not clear how to write a manifest file, look up the platform security documentation.23:29
djszapiit really is just few lines.23:30
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan23:32
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*** vladest_ is now known as vladest23:34
artemmadjszapi: do u mean that any app can just request the write to overwriting root-owned files?23:35
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan23:35
artemmadjszapi: and that would pass the ovi store QA?23:36
djszapiyes, any app can request it. As I said, check out my scenario above. About QA: dunno, I am not responsible for OVI.23:36
artemmaHeh, then I guess I just have to try, submit and see what happens23:37
djszapiwell if you do not use abuse it ...23:37
artemmanever used accli before23:37
artemmadjszapi: how can they know if I am abusing it or not23:38
*** rantom_ has joined #harmattan23:38
artemmaI am certainly going to change swype settings file only23:38
artemmabut even that could potentially be buggy23:38
*** vladest has quit IRC23:38
djszapialso, make sure you do not brick the device.23:38
* artemma went googling for aegis tutorials23:38
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest23:38
djszapiI do not think the aegis tutorials I wrote are in public yet.23:39
djszapimaybe with the next release :P23:39
* artemma trying accli23:39
artemmaI am not sure what set of credentials accli -I shows23:41
artemmayou mean all credentials possible?23:42
artemmaaha, then I can examine the list and see if there's somethign that looks like rooted files access23:42
djszapiI could give you those few lines you need to write, but then you do not learn anything ...23:42
artemmadjszapi: it's ok, now I am more into learning mode23:43
artemmaover midnight is my usual time for copy-pasting recipes :)23:43
artemmastill 15 mins till midnight in Finland23:43
djszapiwhich city in Finland ? /me Helsinki23:43
artemmareading about aegis credentials23:44
artemmais it really so that I can request an app to have all the powers of root?23:45
artemmasounds too powerful23:45
artemmausing <credential name="UID::root" />23:45
artemmawell, root uid23:45
artemmaor in root case, GRP::root is probably better23:46
Aarduid 0 != powerful with aegis23:46
djszapiroot is not a real unix root concept23:46
artemmaah, indeed, I keep forgetting that23:46
artemmayet with GRP:root I should be able to do whatever with all the root-owned files on the device, shouldn't I?23:47
djszapiyou should not.23:47
artemmathen I am missing the point probably23:47
artemmaI am following these docs
artemmaRequesting specific user accounts and groups is the only part I found that seems to be relevant23:48
djszapiit is not that simple as you think.23:49
djszapialso, requesting root for your binary is plain wrong.23:49
djszapisince you will /not/ be able to access user thingy anymore23:49
artemmaoups, it won't work. Manifest requires user used to be created in the same manifest23:49
djszapiwhat you need to actually achieve is to separate the variety of functionalities into different executables.23:49
artemmaoh, so it's not like adding user, it's like replacing user23:50
djszapiit is like running the executable with that user or group id23:50
*** artemma has quit IRC23:54
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan23:55
marsjeI'm trying to make my very 1st app of my life23:57
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:57
*** vladest has quit IRC23:57
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest23:57
marsjeI created a new project in Qt Creator and try to run it23:57
marsjeI get this message now: "Could not connect to the in-process QML debugger:"23:57
marsjeThe application is not set up for QML/JS debugging.23:57
marsjewhat am I doing wrong?23:58
djszapiyou use QtCreator ;-)23:58
*** artemma has joined #harmattan23:59
befordQtCreator ftw23:59

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