IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-01-21

faeniladmiral0: where you from, in Italy?00:01
faenilmy gf's from Piario :)00:02
admiral0near there anyways00:02
ieatlintapparently your coast guard has balls00:03
ieatlinthilarious to see those transcripts, etc :P00:03
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admiral0yes, but he keeps them out of reach when on board00:03
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faenilleft :D00:04
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admiral0i feel i could be a better captain than him00:04
ieatlintpretty sure anyone could00:04
admiral0even if i can't drive(?) a ship00:04
admiral0even if i know little about naval rules00:04
admiral0even if i can't swim00:05
ieatlintthe story just keeps getting weirder... they're now saying nearly an hour after it happened, he ordered dinner from the ship's kitchen00:05
ieatlintit's kept me entertained at work this week00:05
admiral0the funniest parts are the calls00:05
admiral0"get your ass on the ship!"00:06
djszapihow could I fill in a repeater model with the letter of a string if the string is generated randomly for each button click for instance ?00:06
ieatlinthe didn't mean to evacuate, he tripped and fell into a life boat00:06
* ieatlint will use that excuse00:07
admiral0nah, he accidentally a nokia 331000:07
admiral0is that bad btw?00:07
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wirweahhh … guys! is there a kind of trashfolder for files that are deleted using `rm` on the n9?00:17
ieatlintwhat? there's a trash folder for rm?00:18
djszapiof course00:18
admiral0look in /dev/null00:18
ieatlintheh, yeah00:18
M4rtinKor /dev/random (as using rm on a file is basically game over for the unfortunate file)00:19
djszapiwirwe: all I saw was a filemanager deletion.00:19
admiral0to reverse rm -rf /. -r stands for reverse, -f stands for folder00:19
djszapiand trash folder for that inside the user directory00:20
M4rtinKadmiral0: that's not nice00:20
coffetimeyou can make alias on rm00:21
M4rtinK-r = recursive -f = override all warnings / = filesystem root folder00:21
M4rtinKcoffetime: good point00:21
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coffetimeI have it on my desktop00:22
ieatlintheh, so yeah, pretty much assume anything you delete with rm is permanently gone00:22
coffetimeand it moves file to temp00:22
ieatlintthere are exceptions... especially if it was in MyDocs, but it's never a guarantee, and walking someone through it is painful00:23
ieatlintcoffetime: that's dangerous00:23
ieatlintnot the moving things to temp, but the alias of rm00:23
ieatlintif you change its behaviour, you create the risk of a false sense of security00:23
ieatlintsuddenly your user profile gets overwritten or something, and files ou thought were safe until reboot are actually gone00:24
ieatlintbetter off using a new name00:24
wirweadmiral0: /dev/null and /dev/random are no folders. how can i undelete my files?00:25
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djszapiwirwe: only if you have backups, like the editors tend to do on host laptops.00:26
coffetimeiealint: I'm still using it as rm, I don't rely on it00:26
ieatlintwirwe: he was being sarcastic.  they're gone00:26
admiral0wirwe: there is no way. rm is single way00:26
coffetimeI've actually never used it yet00:26
admiral0rm removes and you cannot recover00:26
djszapiyes, you can00:27
djszapibut that requires a bit more investigation00:27
djszapiwith specialized companies for the task.00:27
wirwehaha. not funny. okay, so i need my .desktop-files back. is there a website, where i can download .desktop-files of some standard-programs?00:27
ieatlintcoffetime: fair enough, i just generally caution people about changing default behaviours of core utils :)00:27
admiral0djszapi: i know, ddrescue, photorec and such00:27
djszapiwirwe: what did you exactly delete ?00:27
ieatlinthaha, deleted all the .desktop files?00:28
admiral0that is nasty00:28
ieatlintyeah, i would ask someone to tar up their .desktop files, and then have you reinstall any non-standard apps00:29
wirweno not all.^^ i had them twice, so i deleted one. it worked perfectly until i rebooted. :-( now the second one is missed also00:29
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admiral0what desktop file?00:30
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wirwethe desktop files for the standard-webbrowser, the standardmailprogramm and fmobi00:30
admiral0that was the browser00:32
wirwethank you :-)00:32
admiral0can't help with fmobi as i don't have it installed unless it's the default one00:33
wirwethanks. that's great. does anyone else have fmobi installed and can copy&paste the .desktop-file for me?00:34
djszapiwhat is fmobi ?00:35
wirwea facebook app00:36
admiral0fmobi was an application for n900 afaik00:36
faenilqt app for facebook00:36
faenilqml iirc00:36
djszapiapparently the facebook client:
djszapithe builtin facebook client is qml based00:36
wirweunfortenately the standard-facebook-app doesn not suppert groups.00:36
faenilnow, wonder what you use on your N950s/N9s :P00:36
djszapithough the package is not called facebook by any mean00:37
djszapi2 EUR in Ovi, and I do not have the sake to download the trial.00:38
faenilisn't it free anymore? :O00:38
ieatlintyou can probably just reinstall the app00:39
ieatlinteven "apt-get install fmobi" should work with devel-su00:39
wirwereinstall and paying 2€ again? :-(00:39
ieatlintit should be tied to your nokia account00:40
djszapiyou can redownload it from ovi again00:40
wirweokay, i will try00:40
djszapiI think 10 times or so00:40
ieatlinti've not actually bought stuff from ovi00:40
djszapibad boy00:41
ieatlinti've published stuff to ovi, does that help?00:41
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djszapiif crappy app, yes.00:41
ieatlinti should just start publishing shitty apps and charging $20 for them00:41
ieatlintbehold my new app, "Rectangle" .. it displays a rectangle on the screen!00:42
ieatlintit's got pointy edges and is rather geometric00:42
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djszapihas anybody tried the root the device completely app from Ovi ?00:42
admiral0brb doing "I am rich"00:43
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ajalkaneSo... any opinions on PR1.2?01:34
TronicI think it sucks that it isn't available yet.01:37
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faenilis it out?01:39
ieatlinti think it's brilliant, it shows true imagination01:40
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faenilis there any release date for n950 pr 1.2?01:44
ajalkaneI think it will finally bring MeeGo feature parity with WP Mango01:47
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ajalkaneWhat's missing, you ask, my answer: ... hmm... The browser is faster in Mango.01:49
ieatlintthat's not really feature parity01:49
ieatlintthat's performance01:49
ajalkaneOh... did I tell you, I lost my temper today01:49
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faenilajalkane: what's missing? too much! :D01:49
ajalkaneI saw today in one of the operator shops, they were taking down the N9 stand because they're replacing it with Lumia stands.01:50
faenilLumia = smooth01:50
ieatlintyou should've asked for the n9 stand01:50
ajalkaneI lost my temper. Totally. Berzerk.01:51
faenilharmattan just can't keep up with it atm...01:51
faenilharmattan = qt world, dev paradise01:51
ajalkaneI'm going to go there, next week, and wait until those sales people start harassing me.01:51
ieatlintin related news: random harmattan supporter arrested, pyschiatric evaluation ordered01:51
ajalkaneGoing berzerk in my case means I'm swyping furiously angry chat messages with N95001:52
ajalkaneI'm kinda lame like that01:52
ajalkaneIf I was more of a man I would have gone there, wrecked the lumia stand, took out my N950 and burned some shit with the Flashlight app01:53
ieatlinti would've asked for the n9 stand, would be a funny souvenier01:53
ieatlinti have a bunch of meego stuff that will only get funnier with time01:53
ajalkaneWell... the stand was the same, they just replaced the phones and the posters01:54
ajalkaneBut like I raged in my incoherent IMs, it'll be me laughing in few months time when the customers realize what they've bought.01:54
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faenilcome on ajalkane, lumia is better for the average joe01:55
ieatlintyou think they'll like the phone for a few months and then suddenly go "oh shit, no, it sucks" ?01:55
ajalkaneI can't even bear to sell my Lumia 800, as I'd feel bad for making disappointed01:55
ieatlintfaenil: i actually wouldn't even argue that... harmattan is pretty user friendly01:56
ajalkaneI think they'll try using it for few months, and when the "oh look at that flying text thingy" wears off, they realize this motherfucker doesn't even have a unix shell or ssh server.01:56
ieatlintand despite MS's insistance that they wanted to integrate "people" into things, i find the n9's messaging and social networking integration to be more seamless, and less EULA01:56
faenilieatlint: but it's nowhere near WP regarding smoothness01:57
ieatlinthaha, yeah, i can imagine the average user 3 months down the road going "oh shit, i don't have an ssh server!"01:57
ieatlintfaenil: it's on par or better than android01:57
faenilieatlint: +1, I'm not comparing it to android :)01:57
ieatlintand i really don't see the "smoothness" everyone keeps insisting with wp7..01:57
faenilyou don't see it?01:58
faenilnothing ever lagged since I had lumia..01:58
ieatlintnot to the extent people say01:58
ajalkaneI just want to see those sales people faces when they try pushing me Lumia when I go ask about N901:58
faenilonly Nokia's Apps Highlights app.... (-.-)01:58
ieatlinti also don't like metro.. the cut off text is just odd01:58
ieatlintand i find the UI on harmattan more intuitive01:59
ieatlintit does have a 2min learning curve, but that's it01:59
ajalkaneIt's smooth. But you can't even transfer stuff with USB cable into it. What, how am I gonna transfer stuff on and off the thing without a Windows machine somewhere?01:59
ieatlintmost people don't care so much about that02:00
ieatlintthey care about aesthetics, novelty and apps02:00
ieatlintwp7 is slightly ahead of harmattan on apps at the moment due to more commercial support methinks02:00
ajalkaneMaybe not. But I've heard Zune software is dog slow. Say they wanna transfer a video to the device, I guess it's a bit of an annoying process.02:00
faenilI use N950 for the things lumia can't do02:01
ieatlintajalkane: so is itunes02:01
SpeedEvilHas microsoft actually put apps on lumia?02:01
faenilbut use the lumia for all the rest, because it's workflow is much smoother02:01
ieatlintgo tell all the iphone owners they're wrong02:01
ajalkaneI bet all those iphone users are crying mom and dad too when they realize they can't ssh into their phones. But it's too late, the money has been spent, so bob's your uncle.02:02
ieatlintactually they can get ssh on their phones02:02
ajalkanethey can?02:02
ajalkaneno wonder they're happy bunch02:02
ieatlintpretty sure there's dropbox on it if you root it02:02
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faenilgotta go, bed's waiting for me :)02:04
faenilcya ^^02:04
ajalkanebye fae02:04
faenilbye bye02:04
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Sazpaimonthinking of buying one of these:
Sazpaimonis the housing the only part of a white N9 that's different?05:57
Sazpaimonor does it have any other special stuff05:57
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djszapimeh, it is not that simple to append/remove an element to/from a repeater model, meh meh11:11
djszapi(since if I write a javascript function, it does not respect the stringlist type what the model expects meh meh)11:12
djszapi(and the variant type is read only)11:12
djszapiany idea how to change a model data dynamically in qml ?11:12
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admiral0djszapi: use c++12:00
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DocScrutinizer!seen infobot12:05
_MeeGoBot_infobot was last seen 34 hours, 11 minutes and 52 seconds ago, saying 'it has been said that malf is' in #harmattan.12:05
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djszapiadmiral0: that is exactly what I wanted to avoid.12:10
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djszapicreating a whole bunch of class in order to append/remove a simple letter is ... well, suboptimal, to be polite. ;)12:12
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djszapiDoes the repeater model accept letter (character) elements instead of string elements ?12:28
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Milhouselol - apparently this is the real price, not a mis-price:|prd%3A1546795&referrer=COJUN&cmpid=COJUN13:45
djszapiplease use tinyurl or similar service for long urls.13:45
auenfyou call that a long url?13:45
Milhousewant me to shorten it for you? :)13:46
djszapiyes, long enough to be unusable for a click.13:46
auenfmy google maps url from yesterday was twice as long :P13:46
djszapithat is behind the point.13:46
Milhousehere you go:
faenilhow comes it's so cheap?13:48
MilhouseSo, Lumia 800 doing well in the UK then. :) That, or a new phone (900) is inbound and retailers are desperate to shift their stock. Or (less likely) they're giving up on Nokia/MS/WP7 (if only).13:48
MilhouseSuppose MS could be trying to drive sales by subsiding retailers direct, though that would be mad, surely.13:48
MilhouseApparently The Verge have checked with Argos (the retailer) and they confirmed the price is correct, not an error.13:49
MilhouseIt turned up on Hot UK Deals, and it seems to have had a positive effect on sales:
faenilshall we get one? X13:49
auenfget one, and blend it?13:50
MilhouseA quick totting up of the numbers and I reckon UK Lumia 800 sales have doubled in the last 24 hours.13:50
faeniloh so you need the argos card13:51
faenildoes it ship internationally?13:52
Milhousefaenil: don't think so - that's just for instant credit13:52
*** djszapi has left #harmattan13:53
faenilExisting Argos Card holder13:53
faenilSimply pay for your purchases with your Argos Card when you are asked to enter your payment details. Youll automatically be given the best credit plan available (you can choose others if they are available)13:53
faenilHavent got an Argos Card yet13:53
faenilDont worry, you can apply and buy today. Simply choose the Argos Card option when you go to checkout from your trolley13:53
faenilRepresentative 29.9% APR (variable)13:53
faenilfor the spam13:54
faenilanyway, you need the argos card :D13:54
Milhousefaenil: no international shipping, UK only13:54
Milhousefaenil: hmm ok, that sucks13:55
Milhouse(about the card)13:55
Milhousenot that I had any intention of buying this phone anyway!13:55
Milhousejust that it's a sucky way to entice people to take on more debt13:55
auenfhmm, deal has been removed?13:56
SpeedEvil30% APR cards can be useful credit.13:56
SpeedEvilEven if only for 60 days.13:56
Milhouseauenf: nope, still there13:56
SpeedEvilAs that's the interest free period.13:56
MilhouseWould be interested to understand out why this is so cheap though - must be new device incoming, this one not selling, need to clear shelves before it moves even more slowly?13:57
auenfyou get 404 when trying 'buy or reserve'13:57
SpeedEvilOr argos are dropping the hundred or so they bought.13:57
SpeedEvilAnd havne't sold one of.13:57
Milhouseauenf: you're right, so you do13:57
Milhouseauenf: I was informed this was legit13:57
SpeedEvilIt may have sold out.13:58
Milhouseauenf: though more than a few people on HotUKDeals were ordering multiples, like 10's even 25's so could have sold out13:58
Milhousehopefully they all get stuck with phones they can't sell13:58
MilhouseCheck last page:
MilhouseSeems to have sold out13:59
MilhouseSo, Nokia has it's first Lumia Firesale?14:01
* SpeedEvil is sort-of-conflicted.14:01
SpeedEvilI want nokia to succeed, so there is a nokia to continue on with open-source in a meaningful way.14:01
auenfusing dropdown menus to find the phone, the listing doesn thave a price14:01
SpeedEvilBut I want the windows phones to fail hard - so that...14:01
SpeedEvilOf course, this raises the other thorny issue.14:02
MilhouseYeah, me too. Unfortunately I think they'll need to fail first, before they can "succeed" (as we might define it).14:02
SpeedEvilEven if they went to pushing the n9 hard, it's somewhat older tech now (I know) - and gearing up to sell it in volumes is a problem.14:02
MilhouseThere's no possibilty of calling the move to WP7 a success or failure for at least another 6 months. Got to wait for the US to have at least 2 quarters, and for Microsoft to have repeatedly tried and failed to raise interest in the platform (must be on their second attempt already).14:04
Milhouse"2 quarters with Nokia WP7"14:05
MilhouseThey seem to be stuffing their app store at an impressive rate, but apart from a few familiar faces on tech blogs does anyone really care about it? not that I can tell, anyway.14:06
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MilhouseArgos Lumia deal on The Verge:
auenfbattery 0%14:09
auenfestimated usage time left -14:09
auenfestimated active use time 0 mins14:09
auenfestimate idle usage time 0mins14:09
auenfmaybe i should charge my phone14:09
RST38hMilhouse: ANy confirmed sales figures?14:10
RST38hWorldwide, I mean? Compared to, let us say, N8?14:10
MilhouseRST38h: Nah. But Nokia figures come out 26 Jan14:10
auenfbut 26 jan is a public holiday :P14:11
Milhousenot here it's not.14:12
Milhouseauenf: where are you?14:12
MilhouseI'm guessing it's not a public holiday in finland...14:12
Milhousenever heard of it. ;-)14:13
Milhousesurprised you celebrate when you became one of our colonies!14:15
Milhousei suppose you can't really celebrate 1 jan as independence day14:15
auenfand when we finally decide to no longer being a colony, it'd be the same holiday anyway14:16
*** AIN2 is now known as NIN10114:32
MilhouseBah, seems like it WAS a pricing error after all! I wonder how many that placed an order will retain their interest and order at the corrected - higher - price? Looks at fingers on one hand...14:41
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SpeedEvilMilhouse: Pricing error != 'reduced to clear'15:15
MilhouseOr that is just the cover story, and it's all just an elaborate effort to get some cheap publicity while generating a material increase in weekend sales...15:19
MilhouseAt least they should now have worked out at what price the Lumia 800 will sell...15:20
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SpeedEvilIt's a good practice! Binary chop until you find the desired price-levels.15:34
*** trx has joined #harmattan15:38
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artemmaIs there some Harmattan counterparty for Symbian's ListItem15:55
* artemma is constructing the multiselection list in qml15:56
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan15:58
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:07
artemmaOh, there's ListDelegate in extras16:09
artemmafunny that similar components in MeeGo and Symbian are named differently16:09
Milhousefunny isn't the word i'd have chosen.16:14
ZogG_laptopanyway to check if source exist in image element without js script?16:16
ZogG_laptopin qml16:16
*** vladest has joined #harmattan16:22
artemmaZogG_laptop: Only if you find some way to check for it via mobility or your own extension16:43
artemmathough you can certainly just try loading image and check the status16:43
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan16:44
* artemma spent 20 mins trying to figure why using makes it so that app is invisible on N950. Then I realized that IP addresses changed overnight and my app was starting on N9 in another room :)16:45
*** Shadikka has quit IRC16:46
artemmaIs there any way for running 1.0 on desktop16:46
artemmaI like developing app with harmattan comps on desktop, but then I figured I want to try ListDelegate and it's in extras16:46
ZogG_laptopartemma: did this it didn't work16:50
artemmaZogG_laptop: What?16:50
ZogG_laptopthe problem is when i take a photo it doesn't create thumbnail for it yet16:51
artemmadon't know16:51
ZogG_laptopif there was way to reload it it would be even better16:51
ZogG_laptopartemma: what is in extras? =)16:51
artemmaListDelegate is in extras16:51
artemmaI am creating a list, so looking around for comps to use16:52
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan16:52
artemmainterestingly I can't see how to change padding/margin for text in ListDelegate16:52
artemmamaybe I'll resort to just a Rectangle16:52
tommaartemma, install qt-components16:53
*** vladest has quit IRC16:54
artemmatomma: I think I installed everything SDK offered16:54
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest16:54
artemmanon-extras harmattan comps work fine on desktop]16:54
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artemmaWhat?? file:///usr/lib/qt4/imports/com/nokia/meego/Button.qml:77:5: QML BorderImage: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/meegotouch-button-navigationbar-button-background-disabled17:20
faenilhow comes I set clip to true in both gridview and the delegate, and the delegates still paint outside of their cell?17:21
artemmaI tried to make ToolButton disabled17:21
artemmafaenil: is Text painting out?17:21
faenilit's Image17:21
artemmaoh, then don't know17:21
artemmaremember Text wanted to be clipped exactly on text level17:22
artemmamaybe same with image?17:22
faenilwhat do you mean17:22
faenilI'm clipping inside Image{}17:22
faeniland inside gridview17:22
artemmasorry, I got lost17:23
artemmadon't know17:23
artemmafck! Is there really no way to make ToolButton look disabled?17:30
* artemma can't believe he's the first one trying to disable tool buttons sometimes17:30
tommayou mean the ones in toolbar?17:32
artemmadisabled backgrounds seem to be missing from the theme17:34
tommai used "opacity: enabled ? 1.0 : 0.3"17:34
* artemma is playing with style trying to figure out replacement17:34
artemmaoh, opacity could do the trick17:34
artemmaI started overriding platformStyle for toolbutton and manipulating properties that influence background17:34
artemmabut couldn't find a good background for disabled17:35
artemmayeah, opacity would be simpler17:35
artemmathough.. hmm.. with the disabled background missing from the theme, button looks ugly regardless of opacity17:36
tommaoh well... all buttons i had to disable didn't have background in icon or i had to make whole icon my self17:38
rcgare you using text for the buttons or icons?17:38
artemmajust text17:38
rcgoh ic17:38
rcgfor the stock icons you always have a *-dimmed icon to signal disabled state17:39
tommaaahh.. i had toolicons17:39
artemmahmm, maybe if I force disabled background be same as enabled one and then do a trick with opacity..17:39
artemmaI am looking at icon list at
artemmacan't see dimmed for buttons17:39
rcgi used e.g., toolbar-add and toolbar-add-dimmed17:40
rcgor toolbar-edit and toolbar-edit-dimmed17:40
rcgfor the platformIconId property of a ToolIcon i.e.17:40
artemmaok, forcing to use enabled background + that trick with opacity worked fine17:42
artemmafaenil: thx for the opacity trick idea17:42
faenilmm I don't remember anything :D17:43
faenilbut, you're welcome ^^17:43
artemmaHe's what worked for me:17:43
artemmaToolButton {17:44
artemma            id: saveButton17:44
artemma            enabled: false;17:44
artemmatext: qsTr("Save")17:44
artemma            platformStyle: ToolButtonStyle {17:44
artemma                disabledBackground: background17:44
artemma            }17:44
artemma            opacity: enabled ? 1.0 : 0.317:44
faeniloh, and did I tell you that? :D17:44
RST38hartemma: Are you familiar with pastebin?17:44
artemmaRST38h: that's just few lines17:44
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* artemma is still amazed that his N950 and N9 swapped IPs overnight and QtCreator was connecting to N9 with the yesterday's N950 address17:47
RST38hartemma: correct, that is what pastebin is for.17:47
itsnotabigtruckuse https://gist.github.com17:48
itsnotabigtruckit has teh SSLs17:48
*** arcean has quit IRC17:48
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ZogG_laptopM4rtinK, mgedmin updated imgrup =)18:08
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*** gri is now known as zz_gri18:12
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* artemma is messing with .pro syntax. Trying to make the test project copy testdata22:19
artemmaah, can't figure how to make installs do it22:21
artemmadoes nothing22:22
artemmatestdata.path = $${DESTDIR}/testdata22:22
artemmatestdata.files = $${SRCDIR}/testdata/*22:22
artemmaINSTALLS += testdata22:22
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djszapiHi! How could I reach the Text element from the MouseArea in this hierarchy ? The issue is that they are siblings, and I do not know how to assign a unique id to a repeater element. Tried using the index as part of the repeater element identifier, but did not work out.23:35
*** Anssi138 has joined #harmattan23:36
ajalkanedjszapi: Text { id: anagramLetter } ... MouseArea { ... onClicked { anagramletter = "" }23:37
ajalkaneIn other words, don't use the parent.index thing23:37
djszapiajalkane: the letter can be the same for different elements, just like in a word anagram anytime ...23:39
*** diggy has quit IRC23:39
ajalkanedjszapi: I did not analyze the meaning of the code, but you don't assign dynamically ids in QML.23:40
djszapithe only difference /is/ the index.23:40
djszapiyou do not need to analyze the code, if you know what an anagram is :)23:40
ajalkaneIf you use it as the code implies, you don't need to access nothing but the current Repeater element, hence using direct ids works.23:41
ajalkaneSo assign simple ids, if they're inside the repeater and use them from there. They're siblings. What you need the index for? You don't.23:42
djszapinot getting you.23:42
ajalkanedjszapi: you want to clear the Text element when clicking on it?23:44
ajalkaneThen loose the anagramLetter + parent.index stuff, and just use id: anagramLetter23:44
djszapiand calling a javascript function with some arguments, like index, too.23:44
djszapiit would cause different repeater elements with the same id.23:45
djszapiso how would you make difference between elements that way ?23:45
ajalkanein QML you don't have to if they're inside the same repeater23:45
djszapifor instance if I click on the first elements, I would like to make something with the last ?23:45
ajalkanewith Javascript you might need accessors in your model to get the item by index23:45
djszapior with the second, etc23:45
djszapihow differentiate them ?23:46
djszapiif they do not have a different id ?23:46
ajalkaneQML ids are not to be confused with indices23:46
ajalkaneIf you need to access different elements in a model, you can.23:47
ajalkaneJust provide accessor Q_INVOKABLE functions in the model23:48
ajalkaneIf it's C++ model you're providing23:48
ajalkaneIf it's not, many of the QML models have JavaScript functions for accessing elements by id23:48
ajalkaneBut the code you pasted needs none of that stuff23:48
djszapiI do need.23:49
djszapiespecially because the inserted anagram letter (next one) will be in different element in the destination.23:50
djszapithat sounds strange if I cannot make individual elements individual.23:50
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC23:50
djszapiby using the index or any custom identifier tag for those.23:51
ajalkaneI'm not going to try and wrap my brain in this drunken state around the mysteries of anagrams and the various ways to build QMLized software around it. But I think you grasp the basics from above?23:51
ajalkaneYou don't create QML ids dynamically23:51
djszapisounds like a design issue.23:51
ajalkaneSounds like declarative issue.23:51
ajalkaneYou just haven't wrapped your head around it yet. It's a bit confusing at start, as it's sometimes declarative and soemtimes procedural23:52
*** nid0 has quit IRC23:52
djszapiI do not see how it would be any difficult on design level to accept this request.23:52
ajalkaneI'm not in the position to change the design23:53
ajalkaneBut I am in the position to try and help you a bit with my own foolish experience.23:53
djszapi23:51 < ajalkane> You don't create QML ids dynamically23:53
djszapi-> I am just having a use case for that, but I am pretty sure others do, too.23:53
ajalkaneI'm sure the people who designed QML would say you're doing it wrong and can do it properly23:54
djszapiso you do not know how to do it properly ?23:54
ajalkaneBut since I didn't design it, I just say, hang on there...23:54
ajalkaneI told you already.23:55
ajalkaneRead above23:55
ajalkaneIf you need accessors for individual elements, create them in your model23:55
djszapisorry, but messing up with C++ code, when I could just generate ids dynamically with one additional words sounds everything, but "proper".23:55
ajalkaneQ_INVOKABLE, slots, properties. There's many ways23:55
ajalkaneWhat's your model?23:56
ajalkaneMaybe your model already has the necessary stuff23:56
djszapino, I do not. Also, it is behind the point. ;)23:56
djszapiwhat you said sounds like more like a workaround in my opinion.23:57
djszapiand that is precisely what I wanted to avoid. ;)23:57
ajalkaneUnfortunately, my experience is that QML does not adjust to how I or you think things should work. Instead I and you must adjust to how QML works.23:57
*** trx has left #harmattan23:58
*** trx has joined #harmattan23:58
djszapisure ... provided, there is a sane reasoning behind ...23:58
ajalkaneFor the reasons I can not answer, that you have to take up with your friends at Nokia. I've sweared often enough with QML too.23:59
djszapiI do not really have qml friends at Nokia ;-)23:59
ajalkaneThey all hate it too? :)23:59

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