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SqRt7744Is it possible to change the font on a CheckBox's text element?00:04
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keithzg-n9So hey, are there any simple apps or tutorials that would show how to add the standard toolbar to a Python+QML app? I tried looking at the SeriesFinale source but I can't quite mentally parse it.01:34
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VladNistorHello. has anyone managed to run nokia web runtime .wrt files.on the n9? i to install the Bloomberg app.01:37
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lucidomgedmin, yes that is 2732  write(2, "digimedaemon: cannot connect to X server \n", 42) = 4207:30
lucidoHow can I disable swipe on qml page load, I tried two solutions without luck:07:44
lucido/Component.onCompleted: screen.allowSwipe = false07:44
lucido    onStatusChanged: {07:44
lucido        if ( status == PageStatus.Activating )07:44
lucido            screen.allowSwipe = false;07:44
lucido    }07:44
lucidonone of them work but strangely when I put the property change in a button it works:07:45
lucidoButton  {07:45
lucido            id: emergyButton_10_207:45
lucido            width: page10.height * 0.0707:45
lucido            height: page10.height * 0.0707:45
lucido            //visible: false07:45
lucido            anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter07:45
lucido            anchors.left: parent.left07:45
lucido            anchors.leftMargin: page10.height * 0.0307:45
lucido            onClicked: screen.allowSwipe = false07:45
lucido        }07:45
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lucidohow would you lainch an app from qt code on harmattan?07:55
ieatlintlucido: pastebin.com07:56
lucidoieatlint, ok07:56
ieatlintfirst issue..
ZogG_laptoplucido: pastebin =)08:04
lucidoZogG_laptop, ok08:04
lucidoieatlint, if you look at the code that I should have pasted to pastebin you can see that Itried that and it does not disable swipe on page loading, only the button works but I need it to be disabled on load08:07
ieatlinti'd verify that you are actually having those things triggered.  put in a console.log() and see if it prints out anything08:10
jonnilucido: you are doing ovi store application you cannot use screen.allowSwipe anyways, since that is PR1.1 only feature, and ovistore apps needs to work with PR1.008:11
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jonnibut if your not doing ovi store app, the its ok08:11
jonnithen even08:12
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ieatlintthe "manual" swipe lock via x might work with pr1.008:13
jonniyep that works with pr1.008:13
lucidoyou mean this:
jonniused that one for my swipelock application on ovi store08:14
lucidojonni, thanks08:14
ZogG_laptopjonni: worked with camera?08:20
ZogG_laptop - as seen in screnshot - it takes pictures rotated =\08:20
jonniZogG_laptop: what do you mean?08:21
ZogG_laptopjonni: here - you see my laptop on side while i handled phone verticaly in front of it =\08:21
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ZogG_laptopit's like camera capture 90⁰ left08:22
ZogG_laptopjonni: any ideas?08:24
lucidohow can I launch the emergency call applet from my code?08:27
jonniZogG_laptop: no ideas, havent seen any bugs open on that issue, so either your doing it wrog or nobody has reported bug08:28
jonnilucido: before I answer no, I ave o ask why would you need t call that aplet from yur code?08:29
ieatlintZogG_laptop: it's just an exif flag08:30
ieatlintbut watch the orientation of the buttons in the camera app08:30
ieatlintmove it back and forth and you can get more familiar with its behavior08:31
lucidojonni, I'm developing a lockscreen08:31
ZogG_laptopieatlint: what do you mean orintetion of the buttons?08:32
ieatlintZogG_laptop: the buttons rotate dependong on whether you're in portrait/landscape08:32
ieatlint(not their location -- that's static, but the icons themselves, which will tell you if the photo you're about to take will be considered landscape or portrait)08:32
ZogG_laptopieatlint: you mean to add buttons and chek if they displayed properly?08:33
ieatlintopen the camera app, look at (for instance) the take photo button, and rotate the phone08:33
ieatlintnotice what happens08:33
ZogG_laptopthe capture input is rotated - that's the problem08:33
* ieatlint sighs08:33
ZogG_laptopi don't get you =\08:34
ieatlintthe reason why is because the settings for what triggers the app to change orientation is not as sensitive as you are expecting it to be08:35
ieatlintit also won't update rotation if your finger is being held on the shutter button08:36
ieatlinti'm not saying it's not a bug, just that being aware of this will be a workaround... the orientation of the icons will tell you whether the camera will mark images landscape or portrait08:37
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jonnilucido: hmm, what kind of lock screen, some 3rd party app that tries to lock the screen?08:46
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jonnilucido: (which most likely will not go through the ovi store qa, as you cannot change the functionality of normal lock screen feature, in there short press powerbutton takes you to device lockscreen, and in device lockscreen, you can swipe away from your 3rd party lock screen... for efective lockscreen you would need to disable powerbutton which ovistore qa does not permit)08:48
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ZogG_N9ieatlint sorry i had to run, now from phone08:55
ZogG_N9the point is that not captured pic its live stream is shown like that and i did try to rotate phone08:56
ZogG_N9ieatlint and its exactly 90 rotated09:03
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jonniZogG_laptop: have you tried rotation 90 like in this example
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auenfhmm, where abouts is (808) 443-xxxx ?09:58
DocScrutinizer51is there no reverse lookup for US telnr?10:01
DocScrutinizer51though aiui you say 808 is countrycode?10:02
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kevinBI think rzr repo bricked device10:02
auenfwould be a us number10:03
kevinBintegrety of /etc/init.conf failure10:03
auenfnfi what state that is10:03
kevinBaegis is such a pain in the ***10:03
kevinBbut the sha1 sum is allright, dunno what make it wrong10:04
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janikevinB: if something modifies the bootscripts, the hashes changes == no boot ..10:31
jreznikanybody tried phonon on harmattan? I'm able to set resource, music plays, shows music controls but I don't now how to set up stream to get volume controls work10:34
djszapijreznik: yes, I even made a package from the kde version which is newer than the Qt one.10:35
jreznikdjszapi: could you point me to sources? :) qt mm is just broken... nothing works there...10:36
jreznikgoing to report a few bugs...10:36
djszapicommunity repository.10:36
djszapijreznik: you can always use openal as well :)10:43
* jreznik wants that hidden gstreamer :) and you know, then symbian is not an option... so phonon or qtmmk10:45
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djszapiwell, I am planning to add a phonon (implicitely gstreamer) backend to QtOpenAL.10:45
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djszapibut just for the decoding.10:49
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kevinBany link how can I retrieve the firmware I should use on navifirm12:39
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kevinBN9 bricked, windows NSU useless12:48
kevinBdunno which firmware I need to use12:49
kevinBmy os x flasher keep saying "cannot downgrade"12:49
marsjecan't you flash the same version?12:52
marsjeI did and it worked12:52
marsjeused the nokia flasher tool on ubuntu12:52
kevinBwhich one is "the same version"12:52
kevinBthat s my point12:52
marsjedo you have navifirm?12:52
thpkevinB: just grab the latest flasher from the harmattan-dev/ND website?12:53
kevinByea so?12:53
marsjeif you know which product version you have, you can find your firmware12:53
thpand with that, it should be flashable12:53
kevinBjust need help about : which firmware should I use12:53
marsjedid you check this code that is on the back of your sim card tray?12:54
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kevinBok thanks for the intel12:55
marsjeusing this number you can find out exactly which firmware you need12:56
marsjein navifirm you will find PR1.0 and if you are lucky PR1.112:56
kevinBho, so I may not find pr1.112:58
kevinBbut I cannot downgrade it said12:58
Aardyes, if you had updated to 1.1 before that's the only version you'll be able to flash12:58
kevinBthanks a lot really :D13:00
kevinBIf I have time, i'll create a blog just for writing a article about this mess :D13:01
kevinBneeda help poor noobies:)13:01
kevinBat least now I can flash from os x cool13:01
marsjefor my version PR1.1 was not available13:01
marsjebut I flashed to another region13:01
fralskevinB: flasher tells you the version before it starts flashing13:01
fralskevinB: unless you started flashing something else and it went fubar, i guess13:01
deramis there cases, where no pr1.1 image exists and ota upgrade for pr1.1 has been released?13:02
kevinBreally god, i didnt notice then13:02
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Corsacderam: well, that was the case for pr1.1 yes13:26
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kevinBho my, I forgot how fluid the swype UI is after a clean reflash14:03
Corsacnow try to find which apps causes the slowdown?14:03
jonnimost likely 3rd party tweak apps :)14:05
kevinBi guess so, think I wouldnt add extras repo this time14:07
kevinBanyway the difference is just 5-10 fps :p14:07
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kevinBCould it be the apps from  :
kevinBcausing slowdown?14:16
kevinBI love QtDrumKit :D14:16
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lucidohello, how can I use dbus to launch my app from my daemon? this doc only describes how to launch call a dbus method that launches an app that is already registered with dbus. Hod can I register a method/service with dbus that would launch my app?14:59
X-Fadelucido: You need to create a dbus service file.15:00
lucidois that permitted by aegis?15:03
lucidofor some reason it quits when started by upstart with strace ending in: 2732  write(2, "digimedaemon: cannot connect to X server \n", 42) = 42, so I decided to only autostart the daemon and take the UI out into separate app that the daemon would launch15:03
jonnilucido: just use system() if you dont want to use dbus :)15:04
lucidowhat are the drawbacks of using system()?15:04
jonniah, your trying to start from upstart in background.....15:05
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jonnithen you most likely havent included the right exports to get app starting in ui15:06
lucidoyes but I think the DISPLAY variable is incorrect thats it quits with that strace15:06
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lucidosuch as     exec  DISPLAY=":0" mybinary                   in the upstart .conf right?15:07
jonnimost likely you are missing the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS15:12
jonniwhich you need to export for app to start, ;)15:13
lucidojonni, you're misunderstanding, I needed dbus only because if I make my app into a single executable I cant autostart it on boot because of th UI I think15:15
lucidoso I was thinking to take out the UI into a separate app and start it via dbus15:16
jonnilucido: nope, you need that because every application is checking the themeengine in the start of the app, and without the export it fails and app doesnt start15:16
jonnisame export is needed if you start it from commandline or dbus15:17
lucidoI can start it from command line fine, only fails to start through upstart15:17
jonnilucido: because you have that export in your default command line :)15:17
lucidoI see15:18
jonnilucido: check export command on commandline :)15:18
lucidolet me try15:18
lucidoexport DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS='unix:abstract=/var/tmp/dbus-cgWMlil0l2,guid=2c7fb0c85f3ce9709e5e114e0000000d'15:18
lucidoso I need to ut this in the upstart .conf15:18
jonniand that variable changes on every reboot :)15:19
jonniso you need to read it from /tmp/session_bus_address.user after dbus service has started15:19
lucidoso how can I export it in my .conf file if I dont know what it is?15:19
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lucidoI see15:19
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jonniyou can look /etc/init/xsession/dbus.conf on how its created15:20
lucidoso I just add sh /tmp/session_bus_address.user to .conf?15:21
jonniyou can read the tmp file, and export the content of that file15:21
jonnilucido: nope, not that easy15:21
jonniah actually yes it is15:22
jonniyou might need to export pid and windowid too, but if I remember right exportin that one is enough15:23
lucidohave to put it between script...end scrip too I think15:24
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jonnilucido: there is easier way too, if you dont want to kludge with exports15:29
jonnilucido: you can just say  system("aegis-exec -l -u user /path/to/app");15:30
jonni-l emulates login shell (it automaticly puts the needed exports in env)15:31
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jonnithats from c++, just leave out the system call if wanting to run from conf script15:32
jonniie use aegis-exec -l -u user /path/to/app15:32
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lucidojonni, I was alreadu launching with aegis-exec and that didnt help. I added export DISPLAY=':0' to the .conf launch script and now it starts up the daemon alright but now in contrast to starting it from the shell it doesnt seem to detect the display going off which it normally does via a signal from a MeeGo::QmDisplayState instance15:42
jonnidid you use aegis-exec -l, since aegis-exec without -l doesnt work15:42
lucidoypu're right I used -d -u15:43
lucidosorry -s -u15:43
lucidocould not having set the dbus env variables affect the signals ?15:44
jonniatleast the dbus signals :)15:45
lucidoqt signals use dbus?15:48
lucidook the aegis-exec -l worked but still it doesnt catch the display state signals15:51
DocScrutinizer51session bus vs szstem bus?15:52
lucidojonni, now it is launched in two instances and as user nobody:15:52
lucido1992 nobody   -sh -c /opt/digimedaemon/bin/digimedaemon15:52
lucido 1997 nobody   /opt/digimedaemon/bin/digimedaemon15:52
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lucidois there a package in the harmattan repository that contains sudo?16:07
rafael2kpeople, Im now in open mode! now ill try to install all the toolchain in the device?16:13
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lucidowhere does harmattan store the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_WINDOWID16:20
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kevin_bwhat is the open-mode? dev-mode?16:23
befordinfobot fails16:24
infobotI fail?  I FAIL?  NO, YOU FAIL!!!16:24
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infobotit has been said that aegis-no-thanks is
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alteregoNeat Harmattan has built in support for NFC application launching.16:44
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lucidoupstart is driving me crazy, my daemon is started a user 'nobody'16:48
lucidohow to change that to 'user'?16:48
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alteregoWrong channel luci:P16:54
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kevin_bI heard, somewhere I cannot find, that I shall not install package while in dev mode17:20
kevin_bis it a valid assertion?17:20
mgedminif you mean 'can't', then the assertion is false17:24
mgedminyou can install packages when developer mode is enabled17:25
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kevin_bok, must be about openmode then17:31
DocScrutinizer51installing in openmode will burn the bridge back to 'normal' mpode17:39
DocScrutinizer51reflash is your only optiion then17:40
kevin_bI think I took the lesson :D17:40
DocScrutinizer51otoh openmode was useless if you wouldn't use it for breaking secure stuff ;-P17:40
kevin_bjust install third party software is enough get spank by aegis17:41
DocScrutinizer51in openmode yes17:41
kevin_bIn normal mode also :D17:41
kevin_bor maybe I installed rzr test repo instead of the stable one17:42
kevin_banyway in normal mode, yesterday it rebooted locked, and the malf file saying /etc/init.conf integreity failure17:43
kevin_band I installed qt3d package17:44
kevin_bcould be the reason17:45
kevin_bit was my Aegis baptism of fire17:45
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alteregoHrm, anyone else have issues logging in to the N9 via ssh as root over wifi?17:57
alteregoI've set permit root login to yes17:57
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kevin_balterego hooo yes I did18:04
kevin_buntil I understood, that I need to reboot once, in dev mode, for the ssh daemon to start18:04
kevin_band even sometimes I wa starting it manually18:05
kevin_bbut since I reflash, it works as expected18:05
kevin_bDunno what I screwed18:05
alteregoHrm, well ssh is running18:05
alteregoAnd I did reboot anyway.18:06
kevin_bhow can you tell it?18:06
alteregoBecause it asks for the password18:06
alteregoIt's an issue with the authentication18:06
kevin_bho nice then, must be nothing18:06
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mgedminalterego, you can't ssh as root18:16
mgedminthe value in sshd_config gets overwritten by a command line option from the init script18:16
mgedmin(upstart file, rather)18:16
kevin_breally? I was able to in pr1.1 after modifying sshd_config18:17
*** e-yes[mac] has quit IRC18:20
*** iktwo has joined #harmattan18:20
mgedminas root?18:22
kevin_bas root yea18:24
alteregomgedmin: so I can edit the init script? :)18:24
kevin_bI think there are a lot of post talking about setting rootlogin to yes18:24
kevin_bfor pr 1.118:24
* mgedmin is yak shaving18:25
*** lucido has quit IRC18:27
mgedminlook at /etc/init/ssh.conf:     root_permitted="-o PermitRootLogin=yes"18:28
mgedminand I'm not sure you can safely edit ssh.conf18:29
mgedminI'd be afraid of aegis noticing a checksum change and bricking my N918:29
kevin_bu may be right18:29
mgedminsome time ago on this channel we discussed a workaround: /etc/default/ssh18:29
kevin_bI remember now I applied some change to this file18:29
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan18:29
mgedminoh? and no brick?18:29
kevin_bho yea it did brick :D18:30
mgedminstock version:
kevin_bbut not after that, it was more sneaky brick18:30
alteregonvm, I'll just log in as devel and devel-su18:30
kevin_bwaiting for the moment I need the more my system18:30
mgedminthe hack would be to edit /etc/default/ssh and add the if/mkdir/chmod/fi/exec /usr/sbin/sshd $SSHD_OPTS to the end of it18:31
*** etrunko has quit IRC18:31
*** arcean has quit IRC18:32
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Jarebtw. now that Elisa/Saunalahti has been ordered to block Pirate bay in Finland, is anyone developing Tor for the N9?18:48
TronicYou won't be needing tor to bypass that.18:49
TronicJare: works, web-based anonymous proxies will work even if they block everything else.18:50
TronicA bigger problem is that there is no good torrent software on Store.18:50
TronicPerhaps on community repos but this stuff really needs to be on Store so that Joe Average user can install it.18:50
kevin_bthis is my first QML project18:51
TronicSo, someone port qBittorrent or whatnot?18:51
kevin_ba simple torrent client must be easy to implement as there s already one made with QWidget18:51
kevin_bjust need a new ui18:51
TronicThere is a lot to be done with the UI so using an existing desktop client as-is (as far as possible) would be optimal.18:52
lucidowhy is harmattan starting my daemon as user nobody via upstart when the exec command is: exec /usr/bin/aegis-exec -l -s -u user /opt/digimedaemon/bin/digimedaemon18:52
lucidoshouldn't it be user from -u user?18:52
kevin_bI heard about lftp18:52
kevin_bbtw it s just after installing lftp that my device bricked so ..... :)18:53
TronicSince all of them have a web interface nowadays, running as a daemon and actually using the browser for the UI might be an option.18:53
kevin_band command line is painful :)18:53
kevin_bit may18:53
kevin_bbut I needa learn QML18:53
TronicDoes lftp do torrent now?18:53
*** xTs has joined #harmattan18:53
*** iktwo has quit IRC18:54
Jareno i won't, but the actual Pirate bay block wasn't the point here. It was just the reason to ask for tor. Based on you can install tor on n900, so perhaps it could be ported to n9 too?18:57
kevin_bIsn't MeeTor what you want? Kinda good timing ha!18:57
kevin_bA Tor-torrent-client apps for Meego18:58
Jareisn't it just a bittorrent client?18:58
Jarenothing to do with tor18:58
*** snowpong has quit IRC18:59
kevin_bho god sorry19:00
kevin_bI was certain it was using Tor19:01
Jarethe name is a bit misleading, but even if it was using tor I suppose I still wouldn't be able to use it in the web browser itself.19:04
*** stef_204 has quit IRC19:10
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:12
itsnotabigtrucklame, right after i order from newegg, they add a free bt headset promotion19:16
kevin_b(pieeeeew) Game Over!19:16
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan19:17
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*** Smtih has quit IRC19:30
lucidook, for the record, the solution to my upstart problems can be found here:
*** briglia has joined #harmattan19:34
mgedmincongrats, lucido!19:37
*** lamikr has quit IRC19:38
*** Avengence has joined #harmattan19:41
lucidomgedmin, thank you and all the others for your help!19:41
Avengencehello everybody19:42
AvengenceHas anyone else experienced a problem wherein messageserver fails to start on its own?19:42
AvengenceI have not had working email on my N9 for some weeks and justr finally got around to digging into it last night after finding information on turning on the logging for all applicable processes.19:43
AvengenceI found in the Fenix logs a warning that communication to messageserver could not be established. I also saw that there was no log generated for messageserver itself.19:44
AvengenceI manually started messageserver and after a few minutes I saw all the email arrive that it should have collected over the past few weeks.19:45
Avengenceall I can figure is that something was changed which causes the messageserver to not start at bootup but I did not notice anything wrong until next reboot.19:46
AvengenceI had working email after installing PR1.1 so nothing wrong with that update. I did not have developer mode enabled at the time email stopped working, though I have since enabled it in order to debug the problem.19:46
AvengenceI havef searched with google and looked through bugzilla, but found nothing about messageserver not running. I found some people complaining it used 100% cpu, but that is different from the problem I am having.19:48
AvengenceAt thet moment, it works to simply start it in a terminal after booting the phone, but i'd like to correct the issue as there may be other problems I have not yet noticed. I am not sure if I am even running it properly as I don't know what user it normally runs as (user, root, something else?)19:49
AvengenceI am not familar with the startup process (init modes, what statrs before first login vs after, how things are statred) so a pointer in that direction would be helpful.19:52
lucidohow do I change the software input's enter button to a next button(jump to next textInput item) in qml?19:58
*** fuz_ has quit IRC20:14
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zk8someone visits CES ?20:22
*** janmalte has joined #harmattan20:24
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan20:25
faenilhey guys20:35
faenilI've got a problem20:35
faenilI'm using a PinchArea to handle gestures20:35
faenilI call c++ function in onPinchUpdated20:35
faenilthe problem is20:35
faenilI have  QElapsedTime to get the deltaTime between calls to this function20:36
faeniland this deltaTime is often 1ms!!20:36
*** e-yes[mac] has joined #harmattan20:36
faenilwhich is a bit low time...20:36
faenilhow can I fix that?20:37
faenildo you suggest any other method to get elapsed time between gesture events?20:37
*** rcg has quit IRC20:37
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faenilnone for the timer issue?23:05
*** oytunx has left #harmattan23:13
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