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faenilso, I was calling a c++ function with 3 pars, from QML,passing 4 pars, and QML said nothing00:17
faenilthat is annoying :)00:17
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ZogG_laptopanybody used camera in qml?00:20
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SpeedEvilluke-jr was, I think00:21
ZogG_laptopit's wierd i have it not full screen00:22
ZogG_laptopas well when in ortrait it flipped00:23
ZogG_laptopi mean the image is like on side/rotated00:23
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befordhey, if I publish something on the ovi store for free, I can change the price after, right?00:33
ajalkanebeford: so I've understood, but never tried it00:39
ajalkaneJust read the docs and online help and got that impression00:39
befordthanks ajalkane00:42
ZogG_laptopbeford: what you gonna put there?01:09
befordstardict with a qml ui01:09
faenilhow do I get a qreal from a qint64?01:12
faenilis there any conversion/trunc ?01:13
ZogG_laptopdamn camera just wont work properly01:18
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faenilnevermind mine was just typo mistake01:25
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* rZr : just installed #ScumVm fotaq from repo on !n950club !n9 !HarmattaN but how to CalibratE the #TouchScreen ?03:06
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awcphey everyone05:33
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chris__Hello, how do I invoke the emergency caller applet feom Qt code?06:15
chris__(on N9)06:15
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chris__I'm looking into control panel applets but the path to install their desktop files in this howto seems invalid:, whats the correct path?08:52
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l32606hi guys. I try to use the libcommhistory API with QtSDK but callmodel.h is not found. I wonder how can i use the libcommhistory API?10:32
l32606BTW, my development environment is XP+QtSDK.10:34
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posixl32606: probably im not the right person to answer you, and probably this solution isn't the one you should use, but downloading the libcommhistory source and refering the src/ directory as an include directory in your project may solve your problem10:45
l32606posix: thank you! i think is a little wierd that the Platform API' .h files are not released in the SDK...10:55
dm8tbrl32606: I guess the proper way would be to install the necessary packages in the SDK (including -dev packages for the headers)11:03
l32606dm8tbr: in ubuntu i found this package:libcommhistory-dev - Development files for libcommhistory0. I'll try it.11:12
dm8tbrl32606: ubuntu is obviously not harmattan11:12
dm8tbrl32606: the SDK allows you to install additional harmattan packages for development. I'd read up about that.11:13
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l32606dm8tbr: I install the package in the scrachbox and the Head files are installed. Thanks11:26
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chris__ I'm looking into control panel applets but the path to install their desktop files in this howto seems invalid:, whats the correct path?11:45
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Richlvon n9, is it possible to get neighbouring cell info ?12:49
dm8tbrmatrixx: there is something wrong with theme-changer, it has a Qt icon in the 'applications' listing (and also during the uninstall dialog)12:56
Sazpaimonanyone know where I can get some good 854x854 wallpapers for my N913:03
Sazpaimoni like all the portrait ones, but the cutoff is starting to get annoying13:03
SpeedEvilRichlv: There is no public API to get the cellmo to tell you.13:11
SpeedEvilRichlv: and nobody has reverse engineered it13:11
RichlvSpeedEvil, thanks. that's a shame :/13:15
Richlvhas anybody put something on about it ? :)13:16
Richlv(or would that be out of scope for it ?)13:16
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SpeedEvilSame applied to n90013:22
SpeedEvilSure raise a bug.13:22
SpeedEvilAdd use-cases.13:22
SpeedEvilI suspect it'd be igored.13:23
Richlvclosed as wontfix, i guess :)13:23
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Sazpaimoni think i mightjust stick with the portrait wallpapers13:27
Sazpaimonthey're too good to abandon...13:28
Richlvmy usecase would be openbmap, as it's dev said basically the same at
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thpX-Fade: ping13:39
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chris__I'm trying to execute code when a page is loaded/unloaded but I'm failing this is what I tried:13:52
chris__onStateChanged: {13:52
chris__        if ( status == PageStatus.Active )13:52
chris__            digimeUI.nfcStartDetection();13:52
chris__        else if ( status == PageStatus.Deactivating )13:52
chris__            digimeUI.nfcStopDetection();13:52
chris__    }13:52
thpchris__: you either mean onStatusChanged or if (state == ..) I guess?13:52
chris__thp, right, thank you!13:54
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porriHey everyone14:01
porriA quick question: Is enabling developer mode on N9 really an irreversible operation?14:01
porriAnd what exactly means for the device "being in tainted state" in practice?14:02
TronicDeveloper mode is not irreversible, dunno of open mode (I suppose you actually meant that).14:02
SpeedEvil np: Softcell - Tainted Love14:03
Richlvdefinitely not14:03
thpporri: developer mode is reversible, you can even disable it via the UI (or reflash if you really feel like doing so)14:06
porriI mean the documentation at, which seems to pretty clearly state that the device is left in tainted state after disabling dev mode.14:06
thpporri: "Flashing the devices resets the security policy as well." - so at least flashing will bring you back to a sane state14:07
thpporri: i think what the page there says is that if you disable developer mode, some packages might still be installed, and things you changed while in developer mode don't get reverted14:08
porrithp: Cool, thanks. That's a relief.14:08
porriQemu is too slow to be usable on my laptop, Scratchbox Xephyr environment incomplete in terms of accounts, so my only option seems to use an actual device.14:10
porriAnd I can't do anything irreversible to it as it's my employers.14:10
Richlvyou can enable/disable it as thp said14:14
Richlvit basically installs a bunch of packages & enables some daemons (like sshd)14:15
Richlvdepending on your firmware version, be either careful or very careful security wise14:15
Richlvfirst versions enabled sshd with root login and well known password14:15
Richlvlatest version disabled remote root & as far as i know doesn't have any usable account with a known password (but i might be wrong there, i just reset 'developer' account password right away)14:16
porriOkay, will do, thanks.14:17
Richlvonce dev mode is enabled, you can enable additional functionality (which just seems to install additional packages like tcpdump, gdb etc)14:17
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Venemowhy is transifex a piece of crap?15:00
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kevinBanyone knows where can I find NSU for mac15:13
kevinBit seems there's a beta preview around15:13
kevinBno good url though15:14
auenfnsu for mac was on betalabs15:17
kevinBgot malf screen and no windows station around15:17
auenfthink its finished and not going into production15:17
kevinByes he was15:17
kevinBjust wanna try it15:18
* auenf kicks google15:18
kevinBI cant see download link anywhere15:18
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auenfcause its finished and nla for download15:19
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kevinBSecurity problem (devicelockd) /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/imageformats/libqtga.so15:22
kevinBit rebooted when I was trying to set lock in params' and show only this screen since15:23
kevinBpoor me15:27
kevinBthere s a beautiful girl's number inside that phone, hope I would not lose it :D15:27
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tommakevinB, you installed quick3d ?15:30
chris__how can I insert a delay into a qml function?15:31
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kevinBmaybe I could mount my N9 and delete this lib?15:32
kevinBis it possible on OS X? Can I mount N9 while it's off?15:33
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amppachris__: not within the function. start a timer in your function and continue on another when it triggers15:58
kevinBwhere are log calls stored in harmattan?15:58
kevinBk I'll look at it if I can16:03
kevinBbut do you know if I can mount one N9 's partition on OS X?16:04
amppano idea16:07
chris__amppa, yes, that works, how do /I call a qml function from qt?16:10
chris__I tried16:10
chris__QDeclarativeComponent myComponent(m_viewer->engine(), qmlFileName);16:10
chris__    QMetaObject::invokeMethod( myComponent.create(), "nfcEnrollmentComplete" );16:10
chris__but it says: QDeclarativeComponent: Component is not ready16:11
dm8tbrkevinB: there is an kernel/initramfs you can use to poke around in the device16:17
kevinB:) tell me more, just flash the kernel and, all my trouble will go? :D16:18
chris__trying to start my daemon from my postinstall script but no luck, tried two ways: start apps/digimedaemon16:18
chris__and /usr/bin/aegis-exec -s -u user /opt/digimedaemon/bin/digimedaemon16:18
amppachris__: you usually want to call a function in an existing component instead of creating a new one16:19
chris__none of which works, the other command in the postinst scip execute ok btw16:19
amppafor that i think you should take QDeclarativeView's rootObject and use invokeMethod on it16:19
chris__I see, so replace myComponent.create with viewer.rootobject16:20
amppathough i usually expose a qt class as a property for qml, emit in the qt class and connect on these signals on qml16:20
amppaseems more natural way to do it16:20
chris__amppa, yes but the every time the qml is loaded an instance of the qt class will be created16:21
amppano, i create the class in c++ side and expose this instance as a property for the rootObject16:22
chris__also I'd have no acces to the created qt class instance from c++16:22
chris__ah you can do that?16:22
chris__with registertype?16:22
kevinBdm8tbr : thanks :) cool16:23
amppachris__: don't need to even register16:23
chris__how to expose it then?16:23
amppaif you're using the QmlApplicationViewer16:23
chris__I am16:24
amppaviewer->rootContext()->setContextProperty("foo", object);16:24
amppawhere object is the class with Q_INVOKABLE functions / Q_PROPERTY properties / signals16:24
amppathe you can use this directly in qml: foo.function()16:25
chris__yes but I want to call a function in qml, not the other way around, basically signalling my qml to change page16:25
amppaor bind for properties, or use Connections QML element to connect for signals16:25
chris__so many options16:26
amppagoogle should give fine examples for the direct function call16:28
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lucidoamppa, chris__ here, thanks!16:33
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MrModRis it popssible to install imagemagic on harmattan?17:15
lucidoamppa, tried that example but invokemethod returnes false, heres the code:
lucidoamppa, never mind, there is a typo in tyhe object name lol17:17
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mzanettiI try to install something from the harmattan-dev repo but aegis rejects it with "origin cannot be determined  -- signature check failed". Any hints?17:46
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lucidoI'm tryinf to disallow swipe but the screen.allowswipe = false method doesn't seem to work, do you have another method?18:15
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lucidowas discnnected18:19
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wirwehey guys, is there a way to type a german `sz` on the n9 keyboard?18:27
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dm8tbrwirwe: by changing to the german layout?18:34
lucidoI want to start my daemon upon boot and I placed this:  file as .conf into my /etc/init/apps folder but it doesn't start up on boot18:38
dm8tbrwirwe: actually even works in the english layout (hold down 's')18:39
wirwedm8tbr: ok, thanks, i was just too stupid.^^ i didn't know that i have to hold it.^^18:42
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kevin_bso where is the hashlist causing the malf lock stuff?19:02
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vandenoeverstrangely widget.setAttribute(Qt::WA_AutoOrientation, true); does not work for a non-qml application19:14
vandenoeverperhaps there's a signal that is triggered when orienation changes19:14
vandenoevermy applicatoin uses opengl, so with a matrix change i could fix this if qt does not support it19:15
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vandenoeverperhaps i'd have to use QOrientationSensor, but it would be nice if the orientation attribute simply worked19:26
lucidodoes anyone know how to autostart an app at boot on the N9 because I put a .conf file with an exec line into the /etc/init/apps directory but it doesn't seem to do anything?19:27
mgedminlucido, you also need 'start on ...'19:27
mgedminlook at other apps19:27
mgedminwait, /etc/init/apps? what's that for?19:28
lucidothats a folder to place conf files for apps to be used by upstart19:32
lucidomgedmin, I used this guide to create a daemon:
lucidobut it doesn't start on boot19:34
mgedminah! interesting19:34
lucidoit says that for 3rd party daemons: # start on (not allowed)19:35
mgedminyes, I see that19:35
mgedminI wonder how it's done19:35
mgedmindo they have a startup script that goes through /etc/init/apps/*.conf and manually issues start for each19:36
mgedminor did they patch upstart to do something like that?19:36
mgedminyes, /etc/ini/xsession/group-ext-apps.conf does the first19:36
mgedmindoes your daemon start fine when you 'start apps/yourthing' manually?19:38
lucidono it doesnt19:39
mgedminthe exec line must be wrong, then19:39
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lucidoif I try from the shell as user I get:      -sh: start: not found19:40
mgedminyou probably need to be root19:40
mgedminor try /sbin/start19:40
mgedminbut you probably need to be root19:41
lucidoexec /usr/bin/aegis-exec -s -u user /opt/digimedaemon/bin/digimedaemon19:41
lucidoI tried from devel-su, dame result19:42
mgedminsame result "-sh: start: not found", or some other "same result"?19:43
lucidostart not found19:44
lucidoI'm running a find on start19:45
mgedmindevel-su doesn't change your $PATH or $HOME19:45
mgedmin'devel-su -' would19:45
mgedminstart is in /sbin, which is not in the $PATH for the regular user19:45
lucido/etc/init/xsession $ /sbin/start apps/digimedaemon19:46
lucidostart: Name "com.ubuntu.Upstart" does not exist19:46
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lucidomgedmin, from devel-su:19:48
lucido~ # /sbin/start apps/digimedaemon19:48
lucidoapps/digimedaemon start/running, process 302319:48
lucidobut ps aux|grep digime shows nothing19:49
mgedminwhat if you do the /usr/bin/aegis-exec -s -u user /opt/digimedaemon/bin/digimedaemon directly (as root)?19:50
mgedmindoes it start then?19:50
lucidomgedmin, yes it starts19:50
vandenoeveris there a harmattan tag for qmake files?19:52
vandenoeverlinux-*:LIBS also includes harmattan19:52
lucidothere is unix and then  else:unix {19:53
lucido    maemo5 {19:53
lucido        desktopfile.files = digiMe.desktop19:53
lucido        desktopfile.path = /usr/share/applications/hildon19:53
lucido        icon.files = $${TARGET}64.png19:53
lucido        icon.path = /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps19:53
lucido    } else:!isEmpty(MEEGO_VERSION_MAJOR)19:53
vandenoevermeamo5 might do the trick19:54
lucidono, check for MEEGO_VERSION_MAJOR19:55
lucidomgedmin, I found these in syslog:19:55
lucidoinit: apps/digimedaemon main process (3023) terminated with status 119:55
lucido[ 4584.243621] init: apps/digimedaemon main process ended, respawning19:55
lucidoit keeps respawning19:55
mgedminlucido, I would be tempted to try stracing it to see why it dies19:56
mgedminsomething about the environment is different when it gets launched from upstart19:57
lucidostrace, never done that19:57
vandenoeverlucido: thanks! that works!19:58
mgedminstrace -f /sbin/start apps/digimedaemon19:58
mgedminit'll print all system calls the program and its children make19:59
mgedmin(-f is follow forks)19:59
mgedminI don't recall if developer-mode installs strace by default, or if you have to apt-get install it separately19:59
mgedminthere are probably other ways to debug upstart config files, just I don't know them...20:00
lucidounfortunately there is no strace20:00
mgedmin has it20:00
mgedmini.e. just apt-get install strace20:01
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lucidomgedmin, heres the strace, trying to figure it out:
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mgedminstart doesn't actually launch your app; it communicates via dbus to the init daemon, which starts your app20:18
mgedminso stracing /sbin/start won't answer any questions20:19
mgedminok, that idea went nowhere...20:19
* mgedmin scratches head20:21
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mgedminmaybe increase the logging level of upstart with /sbin/initctl log-priority, then try start, then check syslog?20:21
mgedminooh, or maybe change the .conf file to do20:21
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mgedminexec strace -o /tmp/digimedebug.log -f /usr/bin/aegis-exec ...20:22
mgedminthen /sbin/start then look at /tmp/digimedebug.log?20:22
mgedminor maybe google 'debugging upstart jobs'20:22
* mgedmin goes out hunting for food20:23
lucidomgedmin, good luck20:23
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matrixxhey, which package includes qmlviewer?20:50
matrixxI was a bit surprised to not find it by default20:50
lucidomgedmin, here's the strace from the script:
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vandenoeveri'm trying to find the aegis permission needed for calling screensaver.setScreenSaverInhibited(true);22:07
vandenoeveri'm getting this error now: "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied" "Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.6255" (uid=29999 pid=16479 comm="/opt/frec/bin/frec ") interface="" member="req_tklock_mode_change" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="" (uid=0 pid=535 comm="/sbin/mce --force-syslog "))"22:07
vandenoeveri'm trying to avoid the device from being blocked, this should be common requirement in e.g. video players22:10
mgedminlucido, did you notice the "2338  write(2, "digimedaemon: cannot connect to "..., 42) = 42" ?22:28
mgedminstrace truncates all strings to 32 characters by default; there's an option to change that number22:29
mgedminor you can probably tell upstart to log the stderr somewhere (syslog?); I'm not very familiar with upstart22:30
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rcgthat's how i did it22:37
rcgiirc i didn't had to do anything special aegis-wise this way22:39
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vandenoeverrcg: thanks! it's not exactly simple, but if it works that should be good enough22:48
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vandenoeverit avoid linking to QSystemScreenSaver which is in libQtSystemInfo22:49
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ZogG_laptopanyone used camera in qml?23:17
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ZogG_laptopi always here when noone here =)23:23
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: i'm trying to add camera support now as you advised, but it's working wierd23:23
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SqRt7744anyone have a qml component of a menuitem with a checkbox? or is there a better way to show a boolean...23:30
SqRt7744erm, I'm talking QML23:32
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SqRt7744woops accidentally disconnected.23:35
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ZogG_laptopSqRt7744: what's the point of it?23:42
ZogG_laptopSqRt7744: you can use just different text for it that would depend on state23:44
ZogG_laptope-yes: hey23:46
ZogG_laptope-yes: finally got it?23:46
rcgvandenoever: yw :)23:48
SqRt7744ZogG_laptop, well, I was thinking about that, but i think it would be more obvious if i have a checkmark beside the word "online"23:48
vandenoeverrcg: qfunzel shines the way :-)23:49
SqRt7744i just embedded a checkbox with text, and that kinda works, but it's hard to align because apparently meego doesn't have platformLeftMargin  !23:49
SqRt7744symbian get's all the love.23:50
ZogG_laptopSqRt7744: make just icon for it with two states, green and grey23:51
ZogG_laptopwhat are you writting?23:51
SqRt7744ZogG_laptop, I'm writing a QML interface for Zams, a free software MC training program23:52
SqRt7744... I need it to study for my upcoming state exams23:52
SqRt7744it's in Qt and runs already, but the interface is really awful on the phone.23:53
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SqRt7744ZogG_laptop, I've also been trying to port evopedia, and it runs fine in the simulator, but when I try to run in on the phone, i get a the error "bzlib.h: no such file or directory". I don't know why it can't find the header when I change the target to the Harmattan device. Suggestions?23:57
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: check out the recent AGTL Alpha release - it is using the camera element and seems to work OK23:59

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