IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-01-07

ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer: there is video of full disassemble00:01
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jonnianyone have link to ovi store path name requirements?00:28
jonniI've lost my bookmark somehow :)00:28
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jonniah found it00:31
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faenilheya people :)00:32
faenilhi ieatlint :)00:38
ieatlintthis is an exciting day... it's friday, i got more than 6 hours of sleep, and i booked travel00:43
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jonnixTs: and you have setup your date&time to be today? since developer mode install fails if you try to install it without setting the date?00:45
jonni(as the deb package certificate validity starttime is later than 1.1.2011, and gives you failure if you try to install deb packages to new phone without setting datetime)00:46
xTsjonni: yes, that was the first thing I did, when I switched the device on00:47
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xTsuhm... yeah, we've got 2012...00:49
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: sup00:49
mgedminwriting unit tests for a patch for a gnarly package00:49
ZogG_laptopi added gallery to my app =)00:49
ZogG_laptopthe question should it be hot,top or new?00:50
mgedminthe imgur uploader?00:50
mgedminpersonally, I'd be interested in my history00:50
mgedminthings I've uploaded -- with options to edit/delete/whatever00:50
xTsjonni: well, I was in the wrong year... but after 1.1.201100:51
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: history is bump, coz i'm waiting to pr1.2 to make authorixation with signon-oauth200:52
jonnixTs: it needed to be after 10.10.2011 or something00:52
DocScrutinizerxTs: jonni said " validity starttime is *later than* 1.1.2011"00:52
jonniDocScrutinizer: I said that N9 defaults 1.1.2011 in 1st boot, didnt say when debian package validity started, it was much later than january00:53
xTsit was the 7.1.2011. But I don't know why. I was pretty sure that I set it to 2012. Even scrolled through the list to select january 2012...00:53
jonni7.1.2011 will fail for sure, for that certificate validity error (and UI doesnt say the reason) :)00:54
DocScrutinizerjonni: yes, I only added some emphasis around *alter than* to your quote00:55
DocScrutinizer*later than* actually00:55
xTsjonni: yes, that was the problem.00:57
xTsas I said, I have no idea, why it was 2011... but it's late here ;)00:58
jonnigood, that problem solved :)00:58
mgedminoh, interesting00:59
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* DocScrutinizer smiles at bmedatalogger and the similarity to / bq27k-detail01:23
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ZogG_laptopmgedmin: - 0.0.4 =)01:24
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* mgedmin battles his openwrt router01:29
ieatlintalways liked tomato... does everything i need/want and doesn't have much hassle01:33
ieatlintbut then, i don't use ipv601:33
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mgedminhey, did aegis become more permissive in PR 1.1?01:56
mgedminI copied a vmstat binary and its libraries, set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and ran it with no complaints01:56
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DocScrutinizererr, not afaik02:05
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DocScrutinizeras long as vmstat doesn't need special permissions...02:06
DocScrutinizerrunning arbitrary "normal" binaries under normal user always been possible02:07
mgedminI remember permission denied errors with... uh... beta 1? on the n950?02:08
mgedmineven shell scripts were verbotten back then02:08
DocScrutinizerso are they allowed now?02:08
mgedmin*I* haven't touched it02:09
DocScrutinizerwell, I can't comment as I never updated N95002:09
ieatlintthought you got an n9 though?02:10
ieatlintthat still on pr1.0?02:10
DocScrutinizererr, I'd guess no02:10
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DocScrutinizerproductinfo: PR1.1 (20.2011.40-4_PR_001)02:11
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DocScrutinizer2 sw-updates pending since 2011-12-1202:12
DocScrutinizerdeveloper-mode and meego terminal02:13
ieatlintyeah, nothing exciting there02:13
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e-yes[mac]openmode kernel report: it doesn't boot without flashing. After flashing it works fine, certs are present02:28
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e-yesi can03:16
e-yesi can't boot any kernel using "-l -k -b", but "-k -f -R" - ok03:17
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itsnotabigtruckieatlint: tomato, the router firmware? it's pretty, but it doesn't do much of anything the stock firmware doesn't03:41
DocScrutinizerthe catch is that while you still have plugged it to USB, the system boots up to chaging mode act_dead, and you need to "switch it on" *prior* to unplugging it from USB03:41
itsnotabigtruckand of course it doesn't run on modern hardware now03:41
DocScrutinizerotherwise it will power down when you unplug it, and thus your freshly loaded kerned evaporates into nirvana03:42
DocScrutinizere-yes: ~jr/bin/flasher_950_32 -l -b -k ~jr/Documents/N900/N950/openmodekernel-patched/zImage-
DocScrutinizerthen press powerbutton to "switch it on", only *then* unplug from USB (or not)03:45
DocScrutinizerhalley:~ # ~jr/bin/flasher_950_32 --version03:48
DocScrutinizerflasher 3.12.0 (Jun 30 2011) Harmattan03:48
DocScrutinizerhalley:~ # id03:48
DocScrutinizeruid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root),1000(sbox)03:48
DocScrutinizere-yes: ooh, and modprobe -r phonet03:49
DocScrutinizeror cdc_phonet03:50
DocScrutinizerall works all straight here03:51
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keithzgTomato can't run on modern hardware? Say what now? Methinks that be untrue.
keithzg(there are other ports too; sure, Tomato doesn't do much more, but it does stuff far better, and hey, fancy graphs! Don't dismiss the power of fancy graphs.)05:43
GeneralAntillesNon-shit web interface.05:45
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itsnotabigtruckkeithzg: hmm, that's a relatively recent fork06:53
itsnotabigtruckanyway, say you want to use it as an access point, not a nat router06:56
itsnotabigtruckand you want two SSIDs06:56
itsnotabigtruckand you want each SSID to be bridged to a different VLAN06:56
itsnotabigtruckwith firmware like tomato, that's a no go06:57
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ieatlintitsnotabigtruck: i don't want any of those things, and i run it on a 5ghz router10:23
ieatlintit does everything i want it to, including d-dns for my dns provider10:23
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thpM4rtinK: cool :) screenshot / video or photo of it? :)13:07
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M4rtinKthp: working on it :)13:35
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M4rtinKjust had to add the Python directories to the system path variables13:55
M4rtinKand I just pasted the pygame directory where needed and everything so far just works13:55
M4rtinKincluding touch input on that python game13:56
M4rtinKIMHO it should be possible to create one (rather large) ipk that has all of this conveniently inside14:03
M4rtinKeither standalone or added to the given PyGame based application14:03
ZogG_laptopsup sup guys14:06
ZogG_laptopi hate you for having one =)14:07
ZogG_laptoptried to buy it that day when ebay fall down =\14:07
thpM4rtinK: can you post instructions somewhere on the web, so i can link it from my python-on-webos page?14:07
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M4rtinKthp: ok, I'll do a short guide & ping you ass soon it's done14:12
thpM4rtinK: thanks :)14:14
ZogG_laptophmm, ok i need to figure it out14:22
ZogG_laptopthere is no way that someone has ovi updates thru global notification, right?14:22
ZogG_laptopcoz someone on TMO trying to prove me opposite14:22
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ZogG_laptopi ant to buy hp touchpad14:56
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rZrZogG_laptop: are there opensource firmware ?15:51
ZogG_laptoprZr: ?15:52
rZrthe hp tp15:58
rZrcan it run on opensource OS ?15:58
nid0well webos is open source16:00
nid0and it can run android16:00
rZrthen have you rebuilt it ?16:01
rZrshould be quick to rebuild16:02
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ZogG_laptoprZr: it runs ubuntu/mer/gentoo16:04
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rZrgood to know then16:16
rZrno closed bits ?16:16
ZogG_laptoprZr: it was closed till they decided to close the project and go oss16:17
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rZryes i know about16:26
rZrbut i was wondering how open it could be16:26
rZri guess there are closed driver remaining etc16:27
ZogG_laptopi don't care if there are untill they are well supported16:31
ZogG_laptopnever had problems with nvidia16:31
ZogG_laptopi it hildon on n9?16:41
ZogG_laptopis it hildon...16:41
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ZogG_laptop  - sweet17:32
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djszapiZogG_laptop: your project ? :)17:34
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ZogG_laptopdjszapi: i wish17:36
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Jareweird, I didn't get picture from tv-out using a standard 4-pin 3.5mm->rca cable, if I pushed the 3.5mm connector all the way into the jack of n918:22
Jareis there something special in the nokia ca-75u tv-out cable?18:23
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Jarei guess they are using a different pinout from the standard av-cable18:25
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auenfthe way nokia implemented the 4-pole AV cable is so the audio Poles lined up with a normal 3-pole 3.5mm stereo plug18:42
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ZogG_laptopX-Fade: ping18:45
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Jareaha, so it's gnd, video, right, left.. well that makes sense based on how the av-cable worked18:49
auenfon a standard av-cable, red is video18:50
auenfnokia should be (from tip): white (right), red (left), yellow (video, port also auto senses that for mic), then GND18:51
auenfiirc, theres a nokia document about it18:52
auenfits something to do with matching a normal audio or headset cable18:53
Jarea normal audio cable should have left channel on the tip, but otherwise that's the same order I had in my mind18:55
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auenfwhatever normal stereo 3.5mm is supposed to be, thats how the nokia av cable has the audio arranged19:05
ZogG_laptopwhatever.... whatever.. i do what ever i want... (c) Cartman19:10
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itsnotabigtruckwhat do you guys think about n9 cases? (i know this is #n9 material but it doesn't look like it's so active atm)20:03
itsnotabigtruckalso it's awfully confusing when people use 'tmo' for and not t-mobile :p20:03
rZritsnotabigtruck: ask batman20:04
merlin1991tmo is tmo on #harmattan #n9 and #maemo :D20:09
itsnotabigtrucklol, snazzy20:11
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itsnotabigtruckit looks like there's the nokia oem cases (cp-571, cp-553, cp-556), the noreve case, the proporta case, a few others20:14
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itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991 rZr: are you guys using cases at all (besides the in-box thing)?20:14
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faenilhey everyone :)20:19
faenilwhat's up? :D20:19
merlin1991itsnotabigtruck: nope don't even use the rubber in box thing20:23
itsnotabigtruckfaenil: hey, how about you - what case do you use on your n9?20:25
itsnotabigtruckmerlin1991: hmm, do you carry it around regularly?20:25
merlin1991when I had it I carried it 24/7, atm it's in care though due to a broken battery20:25
faenilitsnotabigtruck: I have the rubber case on atm, but I have to say it ruins the experience, I don't have it on the Lumia :F20:28
faenilthough I'd be very sad if it would fall with no rubber case on..20:28
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itsnotabigtruckyeah, i'm mostly worried about it getting scratched up and stuff20:29
itsnotabigtruckseems like a proper case is the obvious option except that it's hard finding any conclusive opinions about which ones are awesome and which ones aren't20:30
faenilitsnotabigtruck: I doubt you'll find anything better than the rubber case provided by Nokia20:33
faenilthat's a highquality one, fits the phone perfectly20:33
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ZogG_laptopmgedmin: M4rtinK ping20:40
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ZogG_laptopVenemo: ping20:41
M4rtinKZogG_laptop: ?20:42
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: i saw you thanked for my small app, so i assume you tryed it20:42
ZogG_laptopwant to ask any advices on how to make ui more user-friendly20:43
M4rtinKmaybe "select file" or "load file" instead of "take file" ?20:46
M4rtinKand "No file loaded/selected"20:46
M4rtinKalso, what does the "take file" button do anyway ?20:47
M4rtinKi see just some gallery with something that looks like stock photos20:48
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M4rtinKdirect selection of a file would be also useful - there is a QML Component for selecting files:
M4rtinKI use it in Mieru and it's really nice :)20:50
M4rtinKit might be also useful to show the current version on the about page + possible some contact information for interested users :)20:51
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:52
M4rtinKand when you click on "copy" a "url copied to clipboard" notification would definitely add a nice touch :)20:52
M4rtinKusers get nervous when they click button and seemingly nothing happens20:53
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VenemoZogG_laptop, pong21:12
*** risca_ has quit IRC21:12
ZogG_laptopVenemo: what model do you use for pics?21:20
VenemoZogG_laptop, what do you mean?21:21
ZogG_laptopmy app seems to show old pictures and not all of them21:27
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posixhello there22:22
posixcan anyone point me some documentation for the N9 sms management and call records interface?22:23
petterithere is this maemo scrobbler package (send music to, but it lacks gui to configure (basically add to accounts username/password dialog or something). Any tips where to start if I would like to do one for it?22:24
Richlvon n9, is it possible to get neighbouring cell info ?22:29
ZogG_laptopVenemo: can i advise you something? that would actually boost your app?22:33
Elleopetteri: you'd probably be best off talking to felipe about it, since he's the author of it, he did write some gui configuration stuff for maemo, so presumably he plans to for meego at some point as well22:33
Elleopetteri: not sure what his e-mail address is, but he's on twitter as @felipec22:34
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan22:34
petteriElleo: it has been like half a year since he published the scrobbler without the GUI, I am guessing that he is too busy doing something else22:34
VenemoZogG_laptop, sure22:35
Elleopetteri: he'd still be the best person to talk to, since ideally you'd want to do thing in such a way that he'd be happy to merge them into his version22:35
VenemoZogG_laptop, I'm listening22:36
ZogG_laptopVenemo: if you will use source: "file:///home/user/.thumbnails/grid/" + Qt.md5(url) + ".jpeg" instead of url, it would load images faster =)22:37
petteriElleo: probably, but it would be neat if I could just send him a patch with the gui, because doing stuff gets it going, and if does not like it, I could always provide a fork :)22:37
ZogG_laptopVenemo: anyway you need preview only22:37
Elleopetteri: well my intuition would be that'd probably want it to be done via the global harmattan settings app, since that's the approach he took under maemo22:38
Elleobut that's just my guess as to what he'd prefer22:39
Elleohe might rather have it just have it's own little configuration app or something22:39
Elleoalthough that seems excesive for just inputing a couple of usernames and passwords22:40
petteriyes, i was just looking how to add account settings, but could not find any official documentation22:40
Elleopetteri: well there's this for doing it as a general settings page:
Elleodunno about integrating with the overall "accounts" system though, that might be overkill22:43
Elleosince it doesn't integrate with any of the other accounts based stuff like the feeds page or anything22:43
petteriElleo: thanks22:44
Elleoand I think you'd need to switch the settings storage over to gconf22:44
Elleoinstead of being just in a ~/.maemo-scrobbler.conf file (or whatever it's actually called)22:45
VenemoZogG_laptop, what is the size of those thumbnails?22:45
VenemoZogG_laptop, I already load the previews in small sizes btw.22:45
Elleopetteri: let me know how you get on, I'm one of the developers, so I'm quite fond of that package ;)22:45
ZogG_laptopVenemo: you do but it takes time to load full images and scale them =)22:46
petteriElleo: I will22:46
VenemoZogG_laptop, mhm.22:47
ZogG_laptopVenemo: btw how do you have reject and accept button in dialog?22:48
ZogG_laptopi use querydialog22:48
ZogG_laptopin dialog i don't have those22:48
ZogG_laptopbut i do use qt quick 1.1 and not 1.0 as you and also i use
VenemoZogG_laptop, I use a custom component, not the meego components.22:50
ZogG_laptopor you made it?22:53
*** e-yes has quit IRC22:53
Venemojust look at the code22:53
ZogG_laptopVenemo: meh, i don't want to use yours and don't want to start writing mine, i would do after i'll have stable release22:57
ZogG_laptopVenemo: it's wierd when i use dialog i get loop error23:17
VenemoZogG_laptop, weird indeed.23:19
ZogG_laptopfile:///usr/lib/qt4/imports/com/nokia/meego/Dialog.qml:173:13: QML State: Binding loop detected for property "when"23:20
VenemoI need to leave now. bye!23:26
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:26
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