IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2012-01-06

twoboxenJohn Q. Aegis00:01
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ieatlintaegis fits in with nokia's new motto: "Well, it sounded like a good idea"00:04
twoboxenI thought their new motto was, "whatever you say, Steve"00:05
twoboxenor "let's do as Apple does.  Appeal to the most basic consumer that exists.  Power users be damned."00:06
twoboxenThis bug where updates don't show up in the application manager is damn annoying.  I'll wait for PR1.2 before reflash, i s'pose.  Perhaps i will also flash open kernel them00:07
ieatlinti'm told there will definitely be a pr1.2, but i wonder how long the wait will be00:07
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Aranel_N9ieatlint: I hardly think any motto better fits to a company =)00:13
javispedrowasn't sshd_config aegis protected?00:16
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javispedroah no, it was the upstart job file00:17
ieatlintyeah, as is my impression, the n9 is selling better than the lumia 80000:20
ieatlintbut that's not based on facts00:20
ieatlintjust my impression00:21
ajalkaneI gots same impression.00:21
ajalkaneOf course, my impression might be somewhat clouded by the fact that Finland doesn't have Lumia yet on sale.00:21
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ieatlinthaha, you can't get the lumia in finland?00:24
ieatlintthe cheaper lumia is about to go on sale in the US, and that will probably be a good indicator00:24
ajalkaneof course not.00:24
ajalkaneElop is trying to get us fins to get used to the idea its an american company now.00:25
ieatlintyou're welcome :)00:25
ajalkaneA good old fashioned butt-rape is always a pleasure00:26
ieatlintand us yanks do it so well00:26
ajalkaneBallmer is pretty good at it at least.00:26
ajalkaneAlthough I'm not sure if it worked as intended, as I much rather have the N9 on sale and am not missing Lumia00:27
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ajalkaneOf course having Lumia 800 sitting on my desk further enforces my opinion. I've used it basically just to play Fruit Ninja.00:28
ajalkaneAnd browsing the web when the N950 is recharging00:28
ieatlinti use mind to underwhelm friends and colleagues who haven't seen wp7 yet, but have heard "good things"00:30
ieatlinter, mine..00:30
ajalkaneI dunno, it looks good, is smooth, might make a00:30
ajalkanen impression00:30
ieatlintthat's their first impression, then they try to use it00:31
ajalkanebut I don't like using it so far.00:31
ieatlintthe wp7 is just an iphone knock off... first they copied the iphone's lack of copy/paste support, then the copied the iphones copy/paste support00:31
ieatlintnow they've copied their so-called multitasking00:31
ieatlintand requirement that you install a special software suite in order to get music onto it00:32
ajalkaneYeah, the UX is plenty different. But they copied all the stupid restrictions.00:32
ajalkaneWhat am I going to do with a phone I can't transfer stuff from Linux into?00:32
ajalkaneAnswer is of course play games, and it's a pretty nice game console.00:33
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javispedrosomeone has offered me swapping the lumia800 for another n900 :)00:33
ieatlintalso, try loading up the nokia drive app on the lumia and the n9, side by side... i find the n9 noticeably faster/smoother, despite the alleged cpu performance boost in the lumia00:33
ajalkaneieatlint: yeah... but MS Maps is very smooth on the other hand. Nokia Maps is slow.00:34
javispedroieatlint: now do the same with the nokia maps ... it's so slow on the lumia it seems it downloads the tiles from the www00:34
ieatlintjavispedro: it is downloading the tiles00:34
javispedropft, waste of space.00:34
ieatlintajalkane: nokia maps is slow because it has a mapping engine with it all cached locally00:34
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ieatlintMS maps is faster because it's basically just doing the task of a web browser00:35
ieatlint(note that's not necessarily a criticism.. sometimes i just want a map instantly and don't give a fuck if it has to download it on the fly)00:35
ajalkaneieatlint: I don't really understand the technical reason why that would have to mean Nokia maps has to be dog slow.00:35
ajalkaneBut on the other hand, I don't have to understand.00:35
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janiqml version bump would make n9 alot more responsive in certain apps, for example maps ..00:46
ajalkanemaps uses qml?00:48
ajalkanemost stock apps on harmy use meegotouch00:48
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ajalkaneMy biggest gripe is the very slow start up of QML based applications on harmy00:49
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janiajalkane: afaik, twitter, facebook, maps atleast where qml apps  ..00:50
ajalkanetwitter and facebook I knew, maps is a nice surprise. Figured it'd be such old code that it won't be qml00:51
ajalkanewhat qml version has the speed improvements? We don't have to wait for Qt 5?00:52
ieatlinti imagine maps is qgraphicsview00:53
ieatlintand that it's already rendering vector based maps via opengl00:53
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janiieatlint: qt-components in depends for maps package .. so qt-quick == qml . . right ?00:54
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ieatlintyes, but i refuse to believe they're rendering maps in qml like that00:55
janiand totally offtopic comment nothing to do harmattan: how on earth can a modern day linux distro ship without a tool to configure keyboard layout?!00:56
janiieatlint: i wasnt really saying that either .. just the ui components00:58
ieatlintdunno, i don't see any components i recognize in it00:59
janiwould it help to say that i worked 3½ years on harmattan project and maps is definetly not using meegotouch ;)00:59
ieatlintsure, but my assertion was that it used qgraphicsview, not qml01:00
ieatlintor mtf01:00
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jania fact: <- has a runtime dependency for that . can't say if its "real" qml or something else but its definetly used within maps ..  .. that or some idiot package maintainer =)01:04
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bkre_homeieatlint: qml is also based on QGraphicsView (it's not 100% correct, I should better say:  The QDeclarativeItems in 4.x are based on QGraphicItems ;) )01:07
bkre_homeYou can find the qml files for maps somewhere in /usr/libs/maps or /usr/share/maps, if I remember the location correctly01:08
ieatlintbkre_home: yes, but it's not the same01:12
ieatlinti'm ready to admit i'm wrong and it is qml based, but i'll be surprised01:12
ieatlintwill look at those locations...01:13
janifire up a shell and do dpkg-query -L maps ;)01:13
ieatlintinteresting... looks like the UI bit is qml indeed01:15
javispedromaps and drive are qml indeed01:15
ieatlintbut based on a quick look, they created a maps import that i'll then assume does the maps themselves01:15
javispedrothere's some common qml map component that is "private" to them but is a thousand times better than the qt mobility one01:16
ieatlintbecause if they're actually rendering maps in qml... i'll be somewhat impessed, and also understand why it's slow01:16
javispedroieatlint: nah, rendering is obviously native, libmos01:17
ieatlintyeah, that's why i was convinced it wasn't qml at all01:18
bkre_homethe facebook app has also some C++ backend code; most apps are mixing, some more, some less01:20
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ajalkaneI pity the fool that don't mix.01:21
javispedroI'd say that most apps are MTF/C++ ;P01:21
janiyeah, most apps use mtf but some do mix the stuff with qml too01:22
ajalkaneIt'd be nice to see some tutorial how to mix MTF components into QML application. It'd be nice to use for example the analog clock selection dialog from QML apps01:23
janiajalkane: ?01:25
janidunno if thats enough to mix mtf components to same app but atleast if you use separate windows it should work  ..01:26
javispedrovgba from RST38h does it01:27
ajalkanejani: thanks. One does lose the boostable stuff with that solution though, if I understand correctly. Not sure if the boostable has much difference though, I haven't seen much anyway.01:27
janithat goes beyond my knowledge01:29
ajalkaneanyone familiar with this QUiLoader class:
ajalkaneIt says "The QUiLoader class provides a collection of functions allowing you to create widgets based on the information stored in UI files (created with Qt Designer) or available in the specified plugin paths."01:32
ajalkaneI wonder if that could be used to access MTF widgets from QML?01:33
javispedrothat is probably from QtGui, not MTF or QML01:35
ajalkaneYeah, would have been too easy. There was just this one code example that got my hopes up "     if (availableWidgets.contains("AnalogClock"))"01:36
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javispedroanalogclock is the classical qtgui example custom widget :)01:37
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ajalkaneI saw that with googling. Another victory for pessimism trumps optimism :)01:38
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ieatlintyou shouldn't mix qml with any qwidgets as i understand01:39
ieatlintthings written using qgraphicsitem and such are able to be used01:40
ieatlintbut putting a qwidget into qml will make it render the widget via raster and then paint it in... it'll be slow01:40
ieatlintyou can also make a mtf application and have a qdeclarativeview inside it that shows your qml01:41
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janiwell, mtf doesnt base on qwidgets ..01:42
ajalkaneokay, good to know. I have quite non-existent understanding of the qgraphics*/qdeclarative* workings, mostly done just QWidget stuff before Harmy.01:42
ieatlintoh, indeed01:42
ajalkaneI guess I was expecting or hoping it's all based on QWidgets01:42
ieatlintso yeah, it should be possible :P01:42
janinah, its all qgraphics* stuff .. qwidget was avoided because that we could do better rendering  engine.01:44
janigoing afk now for a while.01:44
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faenil_anyone online?02:16
faenil_good :)02:17
faenil_let's suppose I'm painting with gl in a QDeclItem02:17
faenil_then a function binds another framebuffer02:17
DocScrutinizerI *am* (the) online02:17
faenil_how can I get the older framebuffer and bind that one back?02:18
faenil_you are everywhere Doc xD02:18
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faenil_now don't tell none knows the answer :P02:19
javispedroI think that you are playing with fire02:19
faenil_no other choice ;)02:19
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DocScrutinizersmells like unerasing files02:21
faenil_I did not write the function which binds another buffer but I have to use it (it's part of my project), so, I just need a way to set my old framebuffer back before rendering :P02:21
DocScrutinizerfor all I know and would guess, binding a new object always frees the old object - so basicaly your framebuffer could have become a sixpack rootbeer meanwhile, or a static noise in a letterman show02:24
faenil_or I can save it before changing it, so that I can set it back later...can't I?..02:25
faenil_anyway, gl doesn't delete all textures just because you're binding one :P02:25
faenil_(that was an example)02:25
faenil_you have ids to bind other textures after you've finished with one02:26
faenil_and I guess it's the same with framebuffers02:26
faenil_that's why I'm looking for a way to get the actual framebuffer02:26
faenil_I actually miswrote, I'm talking about render buffers02:28
faenil_not framebuffers02:28
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javispedroI'm just saying that I bet Qt doesn't like you change that part of the gl context02:30
faenil_is that a way to say I can't retrieve the current framebuffer via Qt? :D02:31
faenil_coz I have to :D02:31
faenil_it's my buffer, not Qt's :D02:31
faenil_Qt renders the UI in another gl context, afaik02:31
javispedroI don't know, tbh.02:32
faenil_beginNativePainting should guarantee that afaik02:32
javispedroEither way, you can get the current framebuffer with glGet*02:32
faenil_alllright! :D02:32
faenil_yeah, via Gl, better going lowlevel some times :D02:32
javispedrobut as I was saying I think that you're doing something weird02:32
faenil_I would let you read the code but you wouldn't like it :)02:33
faenil_it uses a DepthReader which has one framebuffer and 2 renderbuffers02:33
faenil_a normalreader which has one framebuffer and 2 renderbuffers02:33
faenil_and main viewer which has one frame and 2 renderbuffers02:34
faenil_and it plays with them02:34
DocScrutinizersounds like you're re-implementing age old amiga juggler02:34
faenil_Doc: it's an app from research centre, I bet they know what they're doing :)02:35
DocScrutinizeryou'd be surprised ;-P02:35
DocScrutinizerI bet they know what they're doing when leaving the office ;-)02:36
DocScrutinizerduring work hours though... not so sure02:36
faenil_oh come on...02:37
faenil_if you've got any iOS device, download MeshPad and see if they did a good job urself02:40
faenil_that's the app I'm porting02:40
javispedrowell, since it's not a game I guess performance doesn't matter02:45
faenil_it does when displaying 2M tri meshes :)02:46
faenil_on a tablet02:46
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faenil_sorry 2m vertices :P02:48
*** heymaste_ has joined #harmattan02:48
befordis it free02:53
faenil_it could have been renamed to MeshLab mobile for iOS02:54
befordit doesnt02:54
befordoh yea02:54
befordseems quite fast02:55
javispedrofaenil_: as long as you do not need lots of FPSs, these little things can push bazillions per second02:57
faenil_javispedro: it's a meshviewer, I don't want to go into details, but if you want to optimize a software, you do that :)02:58
faenil_and the more fps, the better :)03:00
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befordnice app03:03
*** javispedro has quit IRC03:04
befordand the lib seems to be oss so its better03:04
faenil_vcglib is OSS, yeah :)03:04
faenil_javispedro: fps is capped to 60fps, just in case you though we liked 500000 fps :D03:12
befordhe is gone03:14
faenil_oh right03:14
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC03:17
*** arcean_ has quit IRC03:18
faenil_good night people :)03:19
faenil_cya tomorrow ;)03:19
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan03:22
javispedrothe satisfaction of finally sending an email I've been willing to send for the past two weeks is ... satisfying03:23
*** faenil_ has quit IRC03:28
* ieatlint assumes you just threatened and/or told someone off03:30
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan03:30
javispedrono, that's what the receiver will do03:30
javispedroto me, obviously =)03:31
DocScrutinizerhah, whatever. Isn't satifying satisfaction all we ever needed?03:42
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* GeneralAntilles yawns.04:07
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chris__Hello, I need help with deploying my app08:17
chris__using qt-creator, suddenly it stopped deployment with :-1: error: Failed to upload package: Failure, File not found!, although it passes the connection test08:19
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khertanA question (not specific to harmattan) : I ve a dyndns account routing to my pc at home, when i m at the office i can connect to my pc using it, but when i m at home i can't use the dyndns on the local network and must use local ip. The problem is when i want to clone a git project, i must each time manual change the ip/dynhost on my n950 ... any way to do conditionnal hosts file depending on the networks ?11:21
*** petterw has joined #harmattan11:23
X-Fadekhertan: Wouldn't it be easier to just push your stuff to github or so? ;)11:23
*** rcg has joined #harmattan11:24
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khertanX-Fade: héhé ... indeed ... but not a free project :)11:25
X-Fadekhertan: then run a dns server inside your network.11:26
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan11:26
khertanhum ... need to learn how to configure that ... but yep ... less crappy solution i think :)11:27
khertanMorning gabriel911:27
gabriel9anyone knows how to download more detailed maps on N9, i have cities but i need also maps around cities11:29
*** vladest has joined #harmattan11:29
gabriel9yesterday i drive my bike and got lost becouse of the bad maps11:29
Jeffrey04aren't there a couple of maps available?11:30
Jeffrey04you may have better luck asking it on #n911:30
gabriel9ok, i asked them11:30
khertanYou can add maps ?11:30
gabriel9i downloaded maps for my country11:31
khertanvia the parameters / manage maps / menu / ...11:31
gabriel9and cities are ok, but when i go outside of citites there is just blured map with only main road11:31
khertanhum ... what country is it ?11:32
dm8tbrgabriel9: does have more detailed maps than you see on your N9?11:32
gabriel9Bosnia and Hercegovina11:34
gabriel9wait i will check11:35
marsjegabriel9: CloudGPS app supports Open Street Map.. which you can edit yourself :)11:38
gabriel9i can download some part of the map with detail layers11:38
gabriel9and then drive my bycicle over the hils11:38
gabriel9if you are right i will sing your name while i driving :)11:39
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*** petterw has joined #harmattan11:39
dm8tbrmarsje: that sounds interesting11:39
gabriel9dm8tbr: there is far more details on online maps on nikia site11:40
marsjedm8tbr: you can either change some things directly on the website or you can download a more advanced tool for creating your own maps11:40
marsjegabriel9: sounds like you have a map of another country, which has details for one country and only main roads for other countries11:40
gabriel9in my  Manage Maps i have Bosnia and Hercegovina downloaded11:42
gabriel9which is only 30MB11:42
gabriel9and no other11:42
gabriel9that 30MB is to small11:42
dm8tbrgabriel9: I guess you don't have mobile data connectivity enabled on your N9?11:43
gabriel9to expensive with this mobile network11:44
dm8tbrgabriel9: ok, then while on WiFi, browse the areas you want to use using the maps application11:45
dm8tbrgabriel9: remember to zoom in as much as possible/you need if you also use satellite11:46
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan11:46
dm8tbrthis will then download the maps from the nokia servers to your N9 and you'll be able to use them the next time you're riding your bicycle11:46
gabriel9are you sure11:47
*** khertan has left #harmattan11:47
* dm8tbr does that before business trips. 'scan' the city with the mapps application and then data is available offline11:47
gabriel9i will try for sure, thanks11:47
dm8tbrstill I'd be interested in that OSM app that marsje mentioned, sounds like a cool thing11:49
marsjedm8tbr: I mean you can edit the map on your pc, not yet on your N911:50
*** virtuald has joined #harmattan11:51
marsjeOSM starting point:
dm8tbrmarsje: I know what OSM is, where is the app for my n9... :)11:51
M4rtinKwell, there was OSM2GO on Fremantle :)11:52
marsjeI use JOSM on my pc (
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan11:53
dm8tbrah cloudgps is in the nokia store11:53
marsjedm8tbr: I'm just a user of OSM and an occasional editor. Also, I'm not yet a N9 dev...12:01
dm8tbrthat cloud-gps looks like it's already a really good app12:02
dm8tbrthe only thing I'd add right now would be pinch-zoom, but the zoom buttons work fine for me too12:03
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan12:03
* dm8tbr looks at tampere OSM maps using cloudgps, looks really good12:04
M4rtinKyou might want to also check the new AGTL version:,blog,agtl-n9-meego-alpha-212:04
M4rtinKhas a custom map widget that is quite snappy even though it is completely written in QML (!) + pinch zoom12:05
M4rtinKand I nice Augmented Reality feature12:06
M4rtinKI plan to port quite a few of those things to the new modRana Qt GUI BTW :)12:07
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC12:08
chris__anyone uses qt-creator on ubuntu here?12:09
marsjechris__: I once tried, but it sort of locked up my computer when I tried to update it12:10
*** adlan has quit IRC12:10
marsjeI did not find the time/energy yet to try again12:10
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:11
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*** smoku has joined #harmattan12:18
*** miroslav1 has joined #harmattan12:20
chris__I cant deploy to my n9 even though the connection tests ok and it works from my vm12:24
*** zk8 has quit IRC12:27
*** smoku has left #harmattan12:36
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*** vladest_ is now known as vladest12:38
kevin_bchris__ : did you try ; find / -name yourbinary12:41
*** e-yes[mac] has quit IRC12:41
chris__kevin_b, the problem is that the packege doesnt upload to the phone12:47
chris__therefore theres nothing to install, therefore no binary on the device12:47
chris__now I can upload it and install it manually from the shell, but this way I cant debug my app12:48
Tujuhi, what should i do when n950 oneclickflashing fails every time like this:
*** miroslav1 has quit IRC13:00
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ZogG_laptopchris__: why can't you upload to the phone13:14
*** norayr has joined #harmattan13:14
ZogG_laptopchris__: as well you can use console.log("text"); in qml or qdebug(); in c++ and see the output13:14
chris__ZogG_laptop, for debugging? yes but its much easyer to use creator for that13:15
ZogG_laptopit's the same13:15
ZogG_laptopchris__: are you trying usb or lan?13:15
chris__I dont know why can I upload, creator says upload failed,13:15
chris__it worked before13:15
ZogG_laptopin creator there is output13:16
chris__and it works on the same machine from my virtal machune (windows) with identical setup13:16
ZogG_laptopwhere it says error - right click -> output13:16
ZogG_laptopchris__: check the output13:16
chris__18:15:22: Deploy step failed.13:16
chris__Error while building project digime (target: Harmattan)13:16
chris__When executing build step 'Deploy Debian package via SFTP upload'13:16
ZogG_laptopit can't connnect thru ssh13:16
ZogG_laptopdid you set it properly?13:17
chris__how come the device tests is ok then ?13:17
ZogG_laptoptry to run test13:17
chris__yes, I deployed the key successfully13:17
ZogG_laptopthe ip i assume is the same13:17
chris__test says everything ok13:17
ZogG_laptopre-add the device13:17
chris__already re added a few times13:17
ZogG_laptoptry usb as well13:17
chris__usbnet doesnt work on my ubuntu13:18
chris__it all works from my visrtualbox windows install but it takes 15-20 minutes to comile there13:19
chris__how can I find a more detailed log of the deployment process?13:21
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*** etrunko has quit IRC13:33
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan13:36
*** zz_gri is now known as gri13:43
jonniby default it tries to scp over usbnet, you need to make that wifi device your default target in order for it to scp over there.13:47
jonniI've had similar broblems a while back, where device tests are ok, but deploy button tried to copy to wrong target, untill I figured out to setup the default.13:48
*** fuz_ has quit IRC13:54
*** norayr has quit IRC13:58
chris__jonni, you mean click projects -> harmattan -> run -> device configuration(select the wlan device config)? Because that is selected already13:59
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan13:59
jonnitools->options->"Linux Devices"->"Device Configurations"->"Set as default"-button14:01
jonnihmm, or what was it.. let me check again....14:02
chris__jonni, ok I set it to default and still :-1: error: Failed to upload package: Failure14:02
chris__how come it works from my windows virtual machine?14:02
jonnior you using usbnet or wifi, and what is the ip of your device?14:04
jonniset as default button next to generate ssh key button14:05
chris__I am using wifi the ip is good of course the keys have deployed, tests pare passed14:06
chris__jonni, are you using creator from ubuntu?14:07
jonnichris__: yep in ubuntu14:07
chris__and you updated it with the latest update?14:08
jonnithere was some tweaking needed sometimes to get the changed ip to be active inside the existing project14:08
*** leinir has quit IRC14:08
jonniie it tried to connect to old instead of the wifi ip14:08
chris__have you updated your sdk?14:09
jonnirunning qt creator 2.4.8114:09
jonniso should be about the lastest build14:09
chris__how do I check the version?14:09
jonnihelp->about version14:10
*** leinir has joined #harmattan14:10
jonniabout qt creator even14:10
chris__help about qt creator only says its 2.4.014:11
chris__also my app is only uninstallable from devel-su and not by press-holding on the app launcher screen14:14
*** trx has quit IRC14:20
*** xmlich02 has joined #harmattan14:21
xmlich02hi, i am trying to create package, but i missed something. Can anyone help?
*** trx has joined #harmattan14:26
*** e-yes[mac] has joined #harmattan14:37
jonnixmlich02: whats the problem?14:38
jonnixmlich02: ah missing aegis manifest file14:44
jonnixmlich02: ah it doesnt need one. I just created working deb from that tar.gz14:50
xmlich02jonni, can you send it to me?14:51
xmlich02how you created it?14:52
jonniwhat was your error?14:52
jonnionly thing that I needed to do was: "chown -R root. debian" and then run the x.sh14:53
jonnisudo chown14:53
*** khertan has joined #harmattan14:55
khertanHi again,14:55
khertanSomeone notice that sometime n950 GSM Network isn't working ?14:55
xmlich02some permission error14:55
khertanpermission about what ?14:56
khertanbecause it displays a coverage ... i can even see when i got more or less coverage14:57
khertanbut receiving call isn't possible and not emitting too14:57
khertanonly reboot seems to be the solution14:57
jonnixmlich02: yep that permission error was fixed with that chown, I pm'ed the deb package14:57
xmlich02i am not sure how to do it well on my computer. I was creating package in scratchbox on fedora..14:59
jonniin scratchbox most likely you just need to do: fakeroot chown -R root. debian15:00
jonnialthough you might have problems getting that passed in ovi store qa, since stopping sensord also stops proximity sensonr, criples the essential phone functionality15:02
jonnibetter approach would be to use javispedros approach, since that doesnt criple proximity sensor15:03
*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan15:03
jonniit also breaks screenshot application as it uses proximity sensor15:05
xmlich02i am not sure how to do it well. I do not know javispedros approach15:06
*** tbf has quit IRC15:06
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC15:09
xmlich02thanks, i will take a look on it ..15:10
jonnijust altering that one to lock to current orientation, and you get solution that doesnt break screenshot and phonecall15:10
*** e-yes[mac] has quit IRC15:11
chris__Ok so turnes out that me updating the SDK causes the unable to upload error15:12
*** etrunko has quit IRC15:30
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan15:32
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan15:38
*** KevinB_N9 has joined #harmattan15:39
petterwkhertan: I've noticed this too15:47
*** e-yes has quit IRC15:47
petterwmaybe once every 2 weeks15:47
petterwonly on n915:48
khertanpetterw: hum got it ... four time by dau15:48
khertanbut seems happen more when connected to usb at work15:48
petterwi get it when moving through a zone of bad gsm/3g coverage and then into good coverage15:51
petterweverything looks normal, but can't call and can't send or receive sms.15:52
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan15:52
*** hhartz has quit IRC15:53
khertanpetterw: same everythings look normal, but it s happen without moving to a bad coverage area ...15:55
*** JackaLX has quit IRC16:00
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:04
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:04
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*** norayr has joined #harmattan16:15
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*** goze has joined #harmattan16:31
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*** e-yes has joined #harmattan17:30
*** beford has joined #harmattan17:41
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:45
*** vladest has joined #harmattan17:48
Tujujonni: any good ideas how i could get n950 installed?17:48
Tujuit fails with all three known OCF.17:48
alteregoWhat error do you get?@17:53
Tujuthis was one attempt
Tujualways it fails on that rootfs, sometimes there is something about sudo17:55
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:57
mgedminTuju, this happened to mine; Nokia sent me a new one and I sent it back17:59
mgedminhardware problem, apparently17:59
mgedmin("it" == "the old, broken one")18:00
Tujumgedmin: ah, interesting.18:00
Tujumy device got bricked when i accepted the OTA update.18:00
mgedminmine kind of bricked itself before that18:01
mgedmindisk errors for the /home partition etc.18:01
mgedminbarely managed to boot18:01
mgedminI tried reflashing as a last resort; that didn't work18:01
Tujuack, i actually had some weird filesystem issues too in boot18:01
mgedminalthough I tried three times and each time it would fail sooner18:01
Tujugot that yeallow traffic sign warning about it - i guess that was related to low batt18:02
dm8tbrthe yellow warning is when e.g. the kernel is not properly signed or the device MALFs18:03
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:03
dm8tbrdepends on what the message says18:03
Tujucan't remember what it said.18:04
Tujubut i guess i'm wasting time with that unit then.18:04
mgedminI can't either18:04
mgedminsomething about 'device malfunctioning'18:04
Tujuor 'cannot read memory' or something about corrupted mem18:04
mgedminmine would enter a reboot loop, then show the yellow thingy after a few iterations18:04
mgedminI would turn it off and back on again18:05
Tujutypically that would help if you charged it.18:05
mgedminit would boot after maybe five such greater loops18:05
mgedminthen work for maybe a week18:05
mgedminthen crash in an interesting way18:05
dm8tbrTuju: did you try from a different computer?18:05
mgedminfinally I looked at dmesg and noticed filesystem errors, tried reflashing, found out it had faulty flash18:05
Tujudm8tbr: nope, but different usb-interface i did.18:06
dm8tbrmight be worth trying18:06
Tujui actually have windows 95 :)18:07
Tujunext to my x86_64 fedora box...18:07
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:07
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan18:21
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan18:21
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jonniTuju: yep, if its hardware failure, you should return it for replacement.18:59
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC19:00
Tuju...hmmmm....hmm..... jonni - you must mean that my desktop has a hardware problem? since it *succeeded* on windows 95 - which i just did and checked when you adressed me....19:01
Tujuit booted.19:01
Tujuwhat's the finnish timezone right now?19:01
Tujui better put back cover back on if some bug blows that li-ion back there to my fingers.19:04
Tujubut this looks boring, the same it had previously.19:06
Tujubtw, linux arpwatch says: ethernet vendor: <unknown>19:08
Tuju fedora package: arpwatch, file: /var/lib/arpwatch/ethercodes.dat19:09
Tujuarpwatch home:
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan19:14
*** rcg has quit IRC19:14
*** risca has joined #harmattan19:15
Venemohey guys :)19:17
*** BluesLee has left #harmattan19:18
*** Jeffrey04 has left #harmattan19:18
*** vladest has joined #harmattan19:19
chris__I can't uninstall my deployed app only from devel-su shell19:20
chris__why is that?19:20
Venemochris__, some misconfigured packaging settings?19:21
chris__Venemo, I didnt configure anything about packaging, what do you mean?19:21
Venemochris__, then it's no surprise that it doesn't work.19:22
chris__what am I supposed to configure?19:22
Venemochris__, by the way, IIRC only those apps can be uninstalled from GUI that you installed with the package manager of the os.19:22
chris__Venemo, are you positive?19:23
Venemochris__, it was so long ago that I forgot how it was exactly.19:23
*** Aranel_N9 has joined #harmattan19:24
Aranel_N9I remember that there was a workaround to make N9/N950 work with Nokia Suite, but cannot locate it now. Anybody have a link/hint?19:25
alteregoNever got it to work myself.19:26
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan19:28
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:36
chris__in qml how do stop the screen from compressing into half its size when the software keyboard comes up?19:37
CissWità/win MaC19:38
CissWitsorry u_u, little fail :)19:38
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean19:39
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*** Iktwo has quit IRC20:05
itsnotabigtruckAranel_N9: looks like the trick is to use an old version20:09
itsnotabigtruckalso apparently nokia suite's the only way to get usb tethering?20:10
ieatlinttheoretically you could do it via sdk mode and iptables, as done on the n90020:11
ieatlint(or via ssh)20:11
ieatlintssh -D20:11
itsnotabigtruckthat seems...less than elegant though20:12
itsnotabigtrucke.g. the tcp over tcp problem20:12
itsnotabigtruckbut yeah20:12
ieatlinti'm into OSS... wtf do i know about elegant20:13
mgedminunix pipes are elegant :)20:13
SpeedEviltcp over tcp is not a problem20:13
SpeedEvilIt's only a prob lem in the case of a congested pipe20:13
*** vladest has quit IRC20:14
itsnotabigtruckalso newegg *finally* verified my address on the n9 order...asshats :p anyway later20:15
M4rtinKthp: looks like your PyGame binaries work on my Touchpad :)20:15
ieatlintthey're about an hour from where i am right now... i'm happy to go scream obscenities on your behalf20:15
M4rtinKthough the example application doesn't seem to be getting any input from the screen (no idea if it should)20:16
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan20:17
*** aard_ has joined #harmattan20:17
Aranel_N9itsnotabigtruck: well it said R&D release expired or something like that today, forced me to update.20:19
*** fuz_ has quit IRC20:20
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*** e-yes[mac] has joined #harmattan20:42
Shadikkaj5ihsm :D20:42
Shadikkaphailed phone net, sorry :)20:43
*** IcanCU has joined #harmattan20:54
*** cfetzer has joined #harmattan21:05
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jonnichris__: uninstall x on grid usually depends on your desktop file.21:15
chris__jonni, again please21:15
chris__oh I get it21:16
chris__whats the enry I'm missing21:16
chris__this is my desktop file:
jonnidont remember, usually wizards desktop file is enough21:18
jonniah thats should be ok, then you have installed it manually and not through the sdk / appmgr21:19
jonniI've seen the x missing if I used dpkg and not the deploy button.21:20
chris__well, I downgraded my SDK so now I can deply, meaning I installed it via the SDK21:20
jonniah, then the x should appear in there21:21
chris__ok, now I can uninstall indeed, it takes some minutes after installation for the app to be uninstallable...21:21
*** hhartz has quit IRC21:28
*** hhartz has joined #harmattan21:29
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*** xTs has joined #harmattan23:16
*** e-yes[mac] has joined #harmattan23:18
xTsHi. I've got my N9 today and the first thing I wanted to do was to upgrade the phone. The phone is fully charged and plugged into the charger, the wifi connection works and the update is downloaded fully. But when the update should run it does nothing for some time (stays at 0%) and then fails with a very nonverbose error message23:18
xTsI've got no SIM card in the phone right now. Could this be the problem (but why should it?)23:19
*** rm_work has quit IRC23:19
xTsVersion is 10.2011.34-1.399.01.2_PR_33923:19
mgedminxTs, I have the same problem on my N950: "Upgrade failed", no reason given23:23
xTsactivating developer mode fails, too, because the installation of the developer stuff fails23:23
mgedminmy N9, OTOH, upgraded itself just fine23:23
xTsis there a software flasher somewhere? (Saw something in the meego forum, but for Maemo)23:24
mgedminfor the N950 yes, for the N9...23:24
mgedminthe flasher exists, but firmware images aren't officially available23:24
mgedminI hear people who have Windows can use navifirm (?) to get them23:25
xTsi guess there's no shell either... ;)23:25
mgedmindeveloper mode gives you an xterm23:25
*** vladest has quit IRC23:25
mgedminbut I believe you can also install xterm from somewhere else23:25
mgedminI suspect my N950 fails to upgrade because it runs out of RAM23:26
mgedmin(during the update, while it sits at 0%, I get the 'memory low' message several times)23:26
xTsI can't activate to get an xterm and I need an xterm to look further into it... ;)23:26
mgedminwho takes all the ram -- I dunno, I don't have any apps open23:27
mgedmintop showed me a bunch of builtin apps (such as calendar, phone, camera) all running with the --prestart command line option23:27
mgedminyeah, lack of working developer mode must suck23:27
xTslets try again. Did a reboot... now there should be enough ram23:28
DocScrutinizerrepo availability issue23:29
xTsthe download works23:30
DocScrutinizeror repo messed up23:30
xTsbut when it comes to the point where you actually can install the updates, it just sits there and fails then23:30
mgedminI wouldn't be too surprised to find out that latest developer-mode now depends on package versions from PR 1.123:30
mgedminwhich might explain why developer mode can't be turned on if you're on PR 1.023:31
mgedminI'm clueless about the failed update23:31
DocScrutinizerI've seen that and it fixed itself23:31
DocScrutinizerso obviously it's caused by sth outside of device -> repo23:32
xTsit says (roughly translated) "download finished. mobile phone can't be used during update. [Continue]"23:33
mgedminooh, fixed itself?23:33
xTsbroken packages? Possible, yes. meego uses rpm packages, right?23:33
mgedminmeego -- yes, harmattan -- no23:34
DocScrutinizerpossibly sth in repo got messed up23:35
DocScrutinizernothing particularly new23:35
DocScrutinizerif that's the case then it fits to the murphey's law rule of those things always happening on holidays and weekends, and you shouldn't hope for a fix before Monday23:36
DocScrutinizerbut we've also seen repo servers prematurely finishing download of files so the download doesn't throw an error but results in corrupted pkgs that wouldn't install. This usually only happens on some of the machines of the server farm, and fixes itself during some hours23:39
DocScrutinizerthen there are cases where some of the servers didn't finish their sync properly, so had a corrupted file collection for some 24h til next sync23:40
*** gri is now known as zz_gri23:41
DocScrutinizerthere's probably not much you could do either way, except for maybe using another DNS server so you might get another machine from load balancing/geo-routing23:42
xTsso the device tries to unpack the packages in the background and fails then23:43
xTsthat could explain why it looks like it doesn't do anything (but it's unpacking) and then fails23:43
merlin1991bring it to care, you'll get it  back weeks later :D23:45
merlin1991they told me 7 to 10 days, lulz23:46
merlin1991so far it's 1523:46
DocScrutinizerfor my N900 it's been 3023:47
*** KevinB_N9 has joined #harmattan23:47
DocScrutinizerback when N900 got repaired and not swapped for a N823:47
merlin1991well in my case it's just a fsckd battery ffs23:48
DocScrutinizerI actually wonder if finally I should disassemble the N923:49
mgedminthe technicials are still playing gof2 on it23:49
DocScrutinizermight be fun23:50
*** KevinB_N9 has quit IRC23:56

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