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aergusI've been developing an application, testing it with the emulator and it seems to work fine.00:02
aergusHowever, people at Ovi Store's QA department and a friend of mine who has an N950 tell me that the application is not opened when the icon is tapped on a real device.00:02
aergusHas anyone experienced anything like that before?00:03
ieatlintsounds like it segfaults00:08
ieatlintask your friend to execute it via the terminal and see if it outputs anything more telling00:09
tommai bet it has something to do with applaunchd and not making main() visible00:10
tommabut anyway happy new year00:10
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aergusso I should probably #include <MExport> etc. ( )00:19
SpeedEvilaergus: You know of RDA?/00:19
aergusSpeedEvil: no, what is it then?00:19
SpeedEvilremote device access00:21
aerguswow, looks cool00:22
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aergusAlright; it was using "invoker --type=d", which could not load symbol "main", setting --type=m caused StyleCache() errors and finally --type=e seemed to solve the problem.00:49
aergusSpeedEvil: thank you very much for that remote access thing00:49
SpeedEvilGlad to help!00:49
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aergusSo what are those 'invoking types' all about?  e stands for "exec booster", the generic one. d is "declarative" and what about m ? (is it "meegotouch"?)00:59
aergusThis thing is so important that an app doesn't launch if a wrong type is given, yet there is so little documentation about that.00:59
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js81Hi, I was playing with the N950, I was trying to replace a file in /etc, now it does nothing I think it's in dead mode, is there anything I could do?01:07
js81But it doesn't show at the pc :S01:08
ieatlintuse OCF01:11
ieatlintdon't plug in the phone until it says "waiting for phone01:11
ieatlintnote: will erase everything on the phone01:12
js81Oh thanks! it was indeed in some act dead mode, it's ereasing everything right now01:18
SazpaimonRzR, ping01:19
Sazpaimonany way to swipe away rdesktop when it's in fullscreen?01:19
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faenilHappy new year peopleeee :D01:27
faenilto all nerds on IRC during new years eve! :D01:28
aergusI literally began the new year while writing a message to this channel :P01:38
ieatlinti'm still back in 2011, suckers01:57
DocScrutinizerUTC newyear02:00
DocScrutinizerhappy new year!02:01
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[XeN]happy new year02:03
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ieatlint2012 is the year of the troll?02:08
faenilthat's what they said xD02:09
Jaregotta start trollin'02:11
ieatlintso nokia is releasing a wp7 image for the n9 so you can upgrade to the new platform02:13
befordthey see me trollin' they hatin'02:13
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vsync_dem tryina catch me trollin dirtayyy02:15
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faenilso all ya hackerz, here's how I kicked 2012 off! :D02:30
ieatlinti've already got a good idea what i'll be doing to kick off 2012.... taking off my dress and putting on pants to go home02:31
DocScrutinizerieatlint: troll dress? :-D02:32
ieatlintno, "pretty princess" dress... themed party, etc02:32
faenilwow :)02:33
* ieatlint has weird friends02:33
ieatlintit's where i just get to go "yeah... it's san francisco.."02:33
befordnot bad02:33
SpeedEvilpics! :)02:39
ieatlinti'm sure there'll be some02:44
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ieatlintexcellent, the nokia diagnostics app on the lumia 800 says my battery is 65535% charged!03:31
auenfdoes it say how much that much of an overcharge will kill the battery?03:33
befordits over 900!03:39
ieatlint9000 :P03:40
beford;C failed03:43
M4rtinKHappy new year, BTW. :)03:58
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grifaenil: happy new year :)13:52
faenilgri: to you too mate! :)13:53
faenilI kicked 2012 off by posting this!topic/android-qt/Pzn5HbHGi9013:54
griwell at this time I was still outside doing fireworks :)13:56
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gridid the "qml profiler" work for anyone on harmattan?14:34
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auenfwelp, my n9 can see a mastercard paypass as nfc, but not do anything with it14:50
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sivanghi all14:55
sivangI was wondering if there's a common practice to have an app wait in the background until it needs to remind the user of something?14:55
sivangLIke, an organizer app or so14:55
sivange.g. to program it to do so, be it written in QtQuick14:56
grisivang: can you be more specific?14:58
griwait until what exactly happens?14:58
sivanggri: sure, I have an app I'm working on, in qml. it is a reminder app, that is you add items that you need to be reminded off14:59
sivanggri: so for instance, there's something you need to be reminded off 3 times a day14:59
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grihmm, syncfw does not seem to be the right thing for that15:08
grisomeone here often mentioned alarmd but I can't find the docs for that15:08
BluesLeeis it safe to activate the developer repo on an n9? i know the general risk but are the dependencies okay if i activate it?15:09
sivanggri: syncfw is for syncing of contacts and stuff?15:10
sivangalarmd yes, prolly should have docs on the harmattan developer page?15:10
grisivang: syncfw is general for synchronization; I think it's also used for the facebook/twitter events15:11
sivanggri: interesting, why would it be used for that? first put data in local db and then fire an event about it?15:17
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griif anyone has a little bit time: can you try what QSystemNetworkInfo::homeMobileCountryCode (Qt Mobility) returns? On my phone this returns 262 for france but the phone has a german sim, german locale and norwegian product code16:42
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griah, wikipedia says 262 is germany .. damn, thought I get 49 somewhere16:56
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griDocScrutinizer: Any idea how to map E.212 to E.164 without creating a script that parses wikipedia?
DocScrutinizernope, sorry18:10
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GeneralAntillesHappy New Year, everybody.19:02
SpeedEvilHappy new year!19:02
SpeedEvil2012 shall be the year of the linux wardrobe!19:02
DocScrutinizerhappy new year #harmattan!19:03
faenilhappy new year everyone! :D19:03
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faenilhow can I have more PagestackWindows in the same screen?20:03
faenildocs say it's supposed to be the main application window20:03
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fralswhy do you want more than one pagestackwindow?20:11
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SqRt7744hi, I was here a few days ago, but still have the same problem (after reinstalling the SDK from the offline rather than online installer). I'm trying to port Evopedia to the N9, but when I try to run it on the device, the build process fails when it can't locate bzlib.h. It works in the simulator though, and the desktop build as well. Does anyone have another suggestion, other than reinstalling the SDK, which may help?21:47
SqRt7744If I run the "updater" from qtcreator, under "experimental", I can (or should be able to) install the harmattan platform for development, but it errors out with a dependency error.21:49
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DocScrutinizer>>but when I try to run it on the device, the build process fails...<< sorry, what?22:08
DocScrutinizerare you trying to *build* on device?22:09
SqRt7744DocScrutinizer, no, you can select targets from QtCreator, I selected "Harmattan -> run on device"22:10
DocScrutinizerthere's nothing on device that might create an error loke "*.h is missing"22:10
DocScrutinizerok, sorry22:10
SqRt7744you know, in the lower left corner22:11
SqRt7744...just as i have done for some other projects of mine, which ran fine22:11
SqRt7744it seems to me that the toolchain doesn't have the header/lib (bzlib), but I don't know how to install it.22:12
SqRt7744and I can't explain why it runs fine in the simulator22:13
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faenilhey Venemo :)22:31
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Venemohey faenil :)22:40
javispedrooh, qt creator 2.4 in the qt sdk22:58
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