IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-12-31

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janiok, got that solved and next effing issue is frigin aaegis.. meh00:39
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janiso, the big question is, i have the app working on proto device which requires certain aegis token .. installs and runs fine but on oem device, the api call fails .. im wondering if i publish the deb to ovi, it will start to miraculously work..00:44
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DocScrutinizerdepends on what tokens those are that you need01:26
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DocScrutinizerand if they're available from OVI or not (and of course if OVI QA will accept your app)01:27
jpwhitinghmm, anyone know if I can install software from one firmware on a different region device?01:27
jpwhitingI have a eu N9 that has Facebook and twitter support, and an N9 from asia with QQ application01:27
jpwhitingbut QQ application is not in the ovi store01:27
DocScrutinizerooh, firmware01:27
jpwhitingany idea how I would do that?01:27
DocScrutinizernah, actually just apps? should "just work"01:28
jpwhitingeither add facebook,skype, etc. to the asian device, or add qq app to the eu device01:28
jpwhitingDocScrutinizer: by copying all the files for the app itself?01:28
DocScrutinizerthat's kinda tricky01:28
DocScrutinizerwon't work01:29
jpwhitingbecause of aegis? or because the app is part of the firmware?01:29
DocScrutinizeryou also need to add the tokens to refhashlist, restok, whatever the names of those lists01:29
DocScrutinizerusually that fake dpkg does that for you, on installing an app from OVI01:30
DocScrutinizerwhen you simply copy the binaries, the refhashlist etc will miss the records for those files/binaries, since you didn't install via dpkg -i01:31
DocScrutinizerif QQ was available from OVI, there shouldn't be any problem. For pre-installed binaries though... :-S01:31
befordisn't it possible to create a .deb with the binary?01:32
DocScrutinizernot a signed .deb01:32
befordbut if he enables the thing that says install from unauth sources?01:34
DocScrutinizerthat might work, for a number of apps which don't need special critical tokens01:34
DocScrutinizersome tokens aren't even available via OVI, only via Nokia01:34
jpwhitingcan I check the qq app on the one it's on to see what tokens it needs/requires?01:35
DocScrutinizeryes, but don'01:35
DocScrutinizert ask me how01:35
jpwhitingheh, ok01:35
DocScrutinizerlook into restok or sth like that01:35
DocScrutinizerless /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf01:37
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jpwhitingDocScrutinizer: qq and qq-guard in there both are empty01:38
jpwhitingjust Package: and Source entries01:38
jpwhitingno Request or Object or anything else01:38
* jpwhiting tries just copying01:38
befordI remember that javispedro did a script to run binaries after jsut copying them01:39
DocScrutinizerjpwhiting: then you might be lucky01:40
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infobotmay-I-edit () { grep `basename $1` /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist && echo "probably not" && exit; echo "edit if you feel venturous"; }01:42
DocScrutinizerjpwhiting: ^^^01:42
DocScrutinizeractually that function is not complete - it's missing when the directory the file lives in is monitored01:43
DocScrutinizeras changing the file always also means changing the dir inode01:43
jpwhitingfor /opt/meegoqq I would put meegoqq or qq in where basename $1 is?01:43
DocScrutinizermeegoqq and opt/01:44
jpwhitingheh, all the libraries in the bin folder are matched :/01:45
DocScrutinizerif /opt/ is a monitred resource, then you may neither add nor delete or edit any files in it01:45
jpwhitingso probably not01:45
jpwhitingah, I may be able to add it to the other one, maybe it's not watching that folder since it doesn't know about it?01:45
jpwhitingok, I was able to as root untar the files into /opt on the eu device01:50
jpwhitingturning it off and back on to see if qq appears in the home screen01:50
jpwhitingI don't think /opt is watched or protected, since I can install stuff there from Qt creator just fine01:51
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jpwhitingno qq in the home screen, probably missed something for that to appear01:52
DocScrutinizer /usr/share/*/*.desktop01:54
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jpwhitingDocScrutinizer: perfect02:00
jpwhitingthat and the icon file made it appear perfectly in the home screen02:00
jpwhitingthanks for the guidance :)02:00
* jpwhiting tries to sign in... sweet it works!02:01
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* javispedro repeteadly hits the site in vai02:12
javispedroI hate Linux more and more every day...02:12
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javispedroit's been down for god knows how long02:13
DocScrutinizerwell, throw some names, like poettering, PA, startd, avahi, and I'll agree it's not that hard to start hating linux these days02:14
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javispedroand of course, the gentoo guys decided for a change to be "fast" pushing the latest kernel version to the stable repo, and it doesn't even boot.02:14
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DocScrutinizeraegis, KDE402:17
* DocScrutinizer deletes the dd cmd from root console02:18
NIN101DocScrutinizer: you meant systemd, not startd !!1!one02:18
javispedrothank god02:20
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javispedroa fix was commited on Dec 17 2011 for a problem I reported on Oct 18 201002:21
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javispedrothe commited fix is exactly the one line patch I suggested save for one extra whitespace02:21
* javispedro needs one of those antistress balls02:21
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jpwhitinghmm, my  wife's N9 has an old version on it02:37
jpwhitingswipe to close doesn't seem to work02:37
jpwhitingunder product info it's not PR anything, just 10.2011.34-1.232.2_PR_23202:38
javispedroDocScrutinizer: lol, word "PulseAudio" managed to enter Kconfig, right there on the description of CONFIG_SND_HDA_PREALLOC_SIZE02:38
jpwhitingdo I need to reflash to update it to PR 1.1 like I have? under updates it says the device is up to date02:38
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auenfjpwhiting, some variants of the n9 havent received OTA update of PR1.1 yet02:39
jpwhitingauenf: can it get the update over wifi? or only over a cell network?02:39
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auenfmost variants have the update available through NSU02:40
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auenfbut that requires reinstalling apps afterwards iirc02:40
jpwhitingwhat's NSU? the windows app?02:40
jpwhitingI can get that from the nokia website?02:40
jpwhitingcool, thx02:40
auenfbtw, i'm still waiting for OTA update also02:41
jpwhitingno worries, she doesn't have any apps installed yet02:41
jpwhitingbesides what came on it already02:41
jpwhitingdo you have the bug where swipe wont close stuff?02:41
auenfof course do a backup first, not sure what else has to be re-put in02:41
jpwhitingand nothing appears in her feed either02:41
auenferr, bug?02:41
jpwhitingah, gotcha02:41
auenfin PR1.0, swipe down is off by default02:41
auenfyou can enable it in options02:41
jpwhitingyeah, when I swipe stuff from the top to close on hers02:41
jpwhitingah, /me looks02:42
jpwhitingah, gotcha02:42
jpwhitinghow do you close apps with that disabled? O.o02:42
auenffrom the multi tasking screen02:43
jpwhitingah, long tap, right02:43
auenfor if the app has an exit option02:43
jpwhitingwhich most conveniently don't have02:47
jpwhitingmeh, almost working just as well, thanks for the hints02:47
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ieatlintok, just got the lumia 800 gift...03:04
ieatlintand i'm again into that whole shouting "WHY?!?!?!" mode03:04
ieatlintalso, this may be the first nokia phone i've had in memory that doesn't give me info for *#0000#03:05
javispedrojust wait until it crashes03:18
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arekinathplease say it has a bsod crash screen03:42
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Milhouseieatlint - even better when you try to call *#0000#, the dialog shows garbage04:38
Milhouse(on the 800, that is)04:38
auenfdid n900 do *#0000# with initial PR?04:44
auenfi know it didnt do any other *# commands for ages04:45
DocScrutinizeron N900 OS and modem firmware both were from same manufacturer. Obviously nobody ever heard about *#000# in Redmond04:46
auenfhmm, does uiq do *#0000#04:46
MilhouseThe thing is, many of these *# codes are "secret" Nokia codes.... obviously WP7 isn't a Nokia product04:46
DocScrutinizerthat's not entirely true, it also did *06#04:46
javispedrothe n950 does *#0000# even for skype calls =)04:47
Milhousethe 800 seems to respond to *#06# though (IMEI)04:47
auenfhmm, seems nokia 6708 does *#0000#04:48
auenf(which is a rebadged benq siemens uiq phone)04:48
DocScrutinizerwhat? nokia sells siemens relabled hw?04:50
auenfwell, 2005 :P04:54
javispedroqt is great05:09
javispedrowell, it will be great, some day.05:09
Milhousequick lumia question - to transfer music and video to the 800, must you install this zune bloatware? there's really no drag & drop/mass storage support?05:25
auenfno msd in wp7 (afaik)05:27
Milhousewot a load of shit... no way zune is going anywhere near my pc...05:27
Milhousewas already bummed i couldn't ssh the files across over wifi.05:28
auenfdunno if you still need zune tho05:29
Milhouseyeah, looks like you do05:29
javispedroyou do05:29
javispedrow7 does install it if you plug the device, previously asking you "If you accept a large download to use this device"05:30
auenfwithout zune installed, does the phone install as just a device that wmp can see?05:30
javispedrow7 autoinstalls zune, that's what I meant05:32
javispedroat least if you let it continue when asked05:32
auenfsounds like you need zune then05:32
Milhousew7 hasn't auto installed much, if anything05:32
auenfmsd ftw!05:32
auenfalso, PR1.1 OTA needs to hurry up and show up...05:32
Milhousei can see the Lumia 800 as a Portable Media Player in devices, but I can't do much with it05:33
MilhouseApart from eject it05:33
auenfcant do that reg tweak?05:33
MilhouseJust as well I don't have any plans for this device. :)05:33
Milhouseauenf: can't find the zunedriver, not installed05:33
auenfsounds like wp7 cant live without zune05:34
auenfjust like iphone cant live without itunes05:34
Milhousei guess Zune is to WP7 as iTunes is to iOS05:34
Milhousejust so used to msd with nokia and hate having to install bloatware just to transfer my own media05:35
auenfzune is windows only05:35
auenftheres a mac connector05:35
auenfand nothing for lunix05:35
Milhousethere's a surprise. :)05:36
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Milhousemind you the same is true for itunes05:37
auenfbtw, the way wp7 handles conversations looks interesting in screen shots05:40
auenfnfi how it'd be to actually use it like that05:40
auenfrather than separate conversation thread for different contact methods05:41
Milhousewp7 does a few things better than meego-harmattan, but also a few things worse - for instance, I hate the text-heavy twitter view in the People Hub, and its complete lack of avatars which I use on the N9[50] to quickly identify the source of each tweet.05:48
Milhouseemail on wp7 is better than m-h05:48
Milhouseobviously i've no idea about the media player... :)05:49
Sazpaimonsure is a lot of WP7 talk around here05:49
Sazpaimondid i walk into the wrong channel?05:49
Milhousei guess a few have received their developer devices - don't worry, it won't last. :)05:49
Milhouseinteresting to compare/contrast but then it will die down.05:49
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ieatlintman, i need a pink one
ieatlintalso, a larger bunny12:49
SpeedEvil'I have no idea what you're talking about, so here is a bunny with a n9 on its head.12:50
ieatlinttoo heavy for me to actually balance it there :P12:54
SpeedEvilThat's why you use glue.12:54
dm8tbrdependency: large bunny12:55
ieatlintyes, if i used glue, my gf and a large number of other people would kick my ass12:55
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auenf<ieatlint> man, i need a pink one <-- err, the focus of the photo is on the bunny?13:18
wirwehi. does anyone use a on the n9 with the standard-mail-app and can tell me the smtp-configuration? i tried out different ports, but it just don't work. :-(13:18
ieatlintyeah, well, the bunny is an attention whore13:20
RST38hieatlint: So, which phone is rabbit's?13:20
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ieatlintthe n95013:20
auenfall the ones without keyboards id say13:20
RST38hieatlint: Oh no, the n950 is too precious!13:21
SpeedEvilI can only say that operating phones with ones nose is hard.13:21
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RST38hSpeed: Try doing it with your beak - the parakeet is having really hard time!13:21
SpeedEvilI wonder if rabbits have adequate fine motor conrol with their front paws.13:21
ieatlinthe'd probably just get frustrated and start thumping13:22
RST38hSped: I think you want these:
RST38hSpeed: rabbits simply won't do13:23
ieatlintdamn coons13:23
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DocScrutinizerwirwe: while I use only from regular PC, I can help with info: there's nothing unusual with smtp/pop3 setup. Just use proper authentication for smtp, and don't poll pop3 more frequently than every 15 min, otherwise you get "-EPOLLTOOFAST"13:30
nid0wirwe: your mobile provider might be blocking port25 though, many do, if so you might need to use 587 or another alternate smtp port if they provide one13:31
nid0(they = TLS13:32
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wirweDocScrutinizer: I'm using imap for retrieving mail, which works. only the stmp-server seems to be a problem. which is the proper authentification for smtp? does it matter if i choose ssl or not?13:35
wirwenid0: i already tried 587, but didn't work either…13:35
auenfwirwe, are you at least choosing login auth for smtp?13:36
wirweah TLS ok, i try13:36
auenfiirc, 'none' is default13:36
DocScrutinizerTLS, server requires authentication, PLAIN, username = local part of your mailaddr13:38
wirweauenf: normal password?13:38
DocScrutinizeryes, same password13:38
auenfgenerally smtp servers dont work without a login unless you are 'local' to them13:39
auenfie, your ISP's smtp server wouldnt require a login13:39
wirwedoes not work. :-( auenf: what meens i'm locat to them?13:39
auenfyour account details should work with them i assume13:40
DocScrutinizeryou noticed my comment about MINPOLL?13:40
DocScrutinizerit counts for *all* concurrently working mail clients, on all machines13:41
wirweoh really? means i should close my mailprogramm on the pc? although i'm not using pop3, but imap?13:42
DocScrutinizerin former times they also supported pop3_before_send13:42
DocScrutinizerdoesn't matter13:42
DocScrutinizerafaik imap isn't offivially supported by anymore, anyway13:42
janiDocScrutinizer: last nights conversation, do you know if there's a list of tokens that ovi can grant ?13:42
auenfimap doesnt work in hotmail, but mfe does :/13:42
DocScrutinizerI'd guess you must not poll more often than every 15 min, no matter which method13:43
DocScrutinizerjani: good question, alas I have no clue13:43
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DocScrutinizergenerally those that the SDE will ask for, as the SDE/IDE has a clue what's available from OVI13:44
DocScrutinizerbut that's how it *should* be, might break though in real life13:44
janias i have a creeping feeling that dsme::DeviceStateControl & mce::DeviceModeControl might be the ones that are only granted for nokia apps ..13:46
DocScrutinizerquite likely13:46
wirweDocScrutinizer: hm, that's weird. i'm using imap on every device, although it's not supported with freemail, right.^^ ok i will wait a few minutes.^^13:46
DocScrutinizernot supported means they stopped support, not that hey discontinued it completely13:47
DocScrutinizerand maybe I even confuse that with GMX13:47
DocScrutinizerMINPOLL also only applies to the free accounts, not to the paid ones13:48
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DocScrutinizeror maybe those have a shorter MINPOLL13:48
auenftelnet to the server to see what error it gives for your account?13:49
DocScrutinizerHAH, they even changed the error msg recently, no more "MINPOLL bla bla" gibberish: "login only every 720 seconds allowed"13:49
wirweauenf: am i doing it right? # telnet smtp.web.de13:55
wirwetelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out13:55
auenfneed to specify the correct port13:55
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auenfie, you are going to use telnet to attempt to connect to the imap or smtp service13:56
auenfyou may want to look up imap/smtp commands before connecting so you know how to login and quit ;)13:56
wirweauenf: right, with port 25 it seems to work.. ahh it's getting complicated xD13:56
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auenfrofl, meecast works in 201215:39
auenfbut doesnt show any 2012 forecasts until you make it into that year15:39
auenfohh, and something like 'happy new year'15:40
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faenilhey people :)15:42
tabaskois user:users permission right for /home/user -folder?15:47
tabaskoI try install quake2 but fails because root has no write permission to /home/user :D15:47
tabaskoin result quake2 is now only partly installed and there is green nameles icon in my homescreen15:48
DocScrutinizerdpkg *has* permissions to write to /home/user15:52
DocScrutinizeron HARM aegis changes the per-user permissions paradigm to a per-app token concept15:53
tabaskowow, confusing15:53
tabaskoI actually tried first install quake2 with meecatalog app, but it also failed15:54
tabaskobut Ill try dpkg, thnaks DocScrutinizer :)15:54
tabaskoDocScrutinizer: changing permissions by hand may be bad idea? or is it even possible?15:57
DocScrutinizerthis is a question nobody can answer with a simple yes or no15:58
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wirwewhat's the current situation for openmobile acl for the n9?16:03
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rZrwirwe: vaporware ?16:14
*** rZr is now known as RzR16:15
wirweRzR: okay, means it does already work, 'cause i read something different…16:22
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RzRwirwe: well i think we will know for sure on feb16:38
RzRafter bcn wmc16:38
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wirwehappy new year! :-D17:46
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javispedroaegis error messages for "you messed xml syntax" can be quite weird19:46
javispedroI got "Manifest error: Manifest cannot have <! ..> elements" because I ended a comment with -> instead of -->19:46
javispedrothe message is totally correct but it can confuse until you realize <! > elements are not comments19:47
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