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* javispedro has been working on a multiple consumer one producer queue, trying to understand why it was losing tokens, adding fix and workaround over and over again, only to realize, after a few plots, that ... the consumers are slower than the producer :(00:16
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scifigHi, N950 went to MALF state "Device not working properly". Any way to restore files in MyDocs before reflashing?05:11
scifig didn't help. USB device not recognized on windows host. Nothing happens on Linux host.05:11
scifigWell, the pictures from N950 were not that great anyway. Reflashing...05:28
ieatlintyou could also have unpacked the OCF, which would've given you the FIASCO image, and then flashed without erasing the mmc05:52
ieatlintwhich would've left MyDocs untouched05:52
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Aranel_N9hotspot looks okay but doesn't show up on other devices, any ideas?09:44
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auenfsome devices dont see ad-hoc10:35
auenfbut you dont care, you didnt wait for 1min for an answer10:35
hiemanshuauenf: he waited for 3 mins :P10:42
auenfmy point is still very valid :P10:43
jussicould someone point me to a guide to setting up a build environment for harmattan/walk me through it? Im running Kubuntu oneiric as my workstation.10:48
jussiie. I want to build things packaged for harmattan with my own minor changes built in10:49
nid0its quite annoying just how many devices dont see adhoc networks tbh :\10:50
jussior is there some build service like an ubuntu PPA, where you upload the code and it attempts to build it?10:50
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tommajussi, you can use harmattan sdk in scratchbox or then download QtSDK and install harmattan toolchain which uses madde11:07
tommaand scratchbox seems more valid for your usage11:08
jussitomma: is there a guide somewhere? or even better a build  service where I can just give a nice git url and it builds it?11:10
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jonnion scratchbox you can just say "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot" if you want to build debian package, for build service you would need to use public obs and play with .spec files11:39
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wirwehi. i flashed my n9 and now some icons of preinstalled programms (like facebook-meego, twitter, phone, cam…) are shown twice on my home screen. how can i remove them?12:19
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thpwirwe: hmm if you flashed it, it should all be gone12:32
thpwirwe: did you check if there are any files in ~/.local/share/applications/?12:32
jonniwirwe: if reboot doesnt do the trick, then you can manually delete the duplicate .desktop files from filesystem12:32
wirweahhh, the .desktop files. that's it. thanks.12:35
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wirweok, i figured out now, that one .desktop-file seems to contain two icons… so if i remove it, both icons are removed. btw: i don't have a .local-directory…12:58
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faenilmorning people :D13:30
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jussihow do I do private browsing on meego?13:57
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SpeedEvilPut a bag over your head, and operate the n9 from inside the bag14:00
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deramSpeedEvil: not considered private, unless you leave the phone in the bag14:06
wirwejussi: there is a firefox-app, maybe this can do it…14:09
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DocScrutinizerwtf is "private browsing"?14:27
Hq`it's "don't leave browser history items for the porn sites you visit"14:28
DocScrutinizerso the question is "how do I delete browser history" aiui14:29
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: more like 'how do I delete browser history for the last X minutes'14:30
DocScrutinizertbh I have a hard time finding any history on this crippled browser14:32
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jussiwirwe: where is the firefox app? I cant find it on the store?15:01
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wirwejussi: it is not a official app, you shouldn't use it, if you don't have some experiences with terminal/root: <>, here is a how-to: <>15:26
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wirwejussi: or a package build by others can be found here: <>15:28
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rZrwirwe:  i have a working package on my n950 , ask me if you cant find one working version15:42
rZrwirwe: i also built a minimal browser too15:43
ZogG_laptopwhat are you talking about?15:44
rZrprivacy online15:44
rZrwirwe: just published #HarmattaN #DeB of helium-mobile-browser #Qt #WebKit (#HtmL5Test=226+1) for #N950Club #N9?15:44
ZogG_laptoprZr: i dreamed to be pirate all my childhood15:45
ZogG_laptoprZr: any screenshots or description is welcome15:46
wirwerZr: nice to know, thanks.15:46
rZrZogG_laptop: does not worth it15:47
ZogG_laptoprZr: and can you delete IE tag from there it would scary people15:47
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rZrthe screenshot ?15:47
rZrits a gtk window15:47
ZogG_laptopthe tag15:47
rZrSpeedEvil: so true15:48
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MongkeybizI am looking for a Nokia N9 developer who can make SMS filter. Is that possible? thanks16:05
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DocScrutinizerthat's a tricky question, probably depends on what's your filter supposed to do16:26
DocScrutinizermeh, drive-by asker16:27
astraljavaTime is money. Apparently that one didn't have much.16:27
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DocScrutinizera pity, I was already warming up my arguments machine, to explain about aegis, and maybe introduce the whole thing with "I can *make* such thing, but alas you can't install it on your phone"16:30
grisms filter is possible but the phone would still beep and then dismiss the message. But Monkeybiz is already gone, so he won't read this :)16:31
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DocScrutinizerhow would you dismiss a SMS?16:34
DocScrutinizeris there a way to ack/delete SMS from underprivileged userland?16:35
DocScrutinizerwell, maybe the relevant token for this is actually available from OVI16:36
griwell, my app already inserts sms16:37
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griand it also can delete them16:37
griso it's possible16:37
DocScrutinizerhey, inject SMS? :-D16:38
griI also fetch the "new sms" notifications16:38
griand delete them16:38
DocScrutinizerfake SMS?16:38
grisms is sent via webservice and inserted into message history16:38
griso it's not fake16:38
DocScrutinizerso actually a fake SMS, basically16:38
DocScrutinizeras it never been sent from phone, as SMS16:39
griwell, in my definition fake means "just show it and do nothing"16:39
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DocScrutinizermock SMS16:39
DocScrutinizersorry my english isn't that great16:39
grimeins auch nicht :)16:39
DocScrutinizerit's amazing aegis lets you do this16:40
lizardogri: which app is yours btw ? :)16:40
DocScrutinizerHARM YAPS16:42
DocScrutinizerwell, YAPS iirc only knew dial-in modem SMS gateways16:43
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* gri never heard of yaps16:46
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lizardogri: nice :) does it handle captcha's ? my operator's website uses captcha16:46
DocScrutinizergri internet stone age16:47
grilizardo: not yet, it's just released and we are working on getting the providers stable. The plugin system has to be changed for captcha's16:48
griit took me 28 days to get this into ovi store :P16:49
lizardogri: so you managed to solve that account path problem? :)16:49
griofficially not16:50
DocScrutinizergri: when you used such things like 56k modems or ISDN, and internet was accounted by the minute online. There were dialin SMS gateway services that charged your phone bill for the SMS to send, and you used a special text only protocol to transmit the SMS data to that dial-in number with your modem16:50
griI cheated them ...16:50
griDocScrutinizer: I remember that but I did not know it's called yaps :)16:51
DocScrutinizeryaps way yet another pages service (iirc), a linux program16:51
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: yaps was yet another pages service (iirc), a linux program16:51
DocScrutinizerpager* meh16:52
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lizardogri: I suppose they mostly check the .deb paths (e.g. dpkg -c)  then? Anyway, I will try to avoid using the accounts API for now...16:53
grilizardo: yes, they do "dpkg -x" and "du" in the extracted directory16:54
grilizardo: So now I have evil postinst and prerm scripts that do the necessary parts16:54
merlin1991gri: so you just move your crap in postinst / prerm?16:55
merlin1991evil :P16:55
merlin1991sry about crap I meant files16:55
wirwehey it's not for nothing. Monkeybiz can read this in the irc log online^^16:55
grimerlin1991: only translations are copied, the rest is only symlinked16:55
merlin1991since it obviously provides funcitonality :D16:55
lizardogri: unfortunately necessary because of documentation/communication issues :(16:55
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gabriel9i don't know will i be online, but in any case happy new yea17:40
M4rtinKgri: you mentioned having some experience with Ovi QA17:41
M4rtinKcan you possibly help me make some sence of this testing report they sent me ?
M4rtinKI don't really get what they mean by "ACTUAL RESULTS: The application does not use the opt with error message &quot;operation not pemitted.&quot;."17:43
griM4rtinK: yeah, no clue. Do you install to /opt ?17:43
SpeedEvilI think they mean if they do their test with dpkg -x - that's what happens17:44
M4rtinKand when I run that command17:44
SpeedEvildpkg -x ...  - and they get operation not permitted17:44
M4rtinKit just unpacks to the temp17:44
M4rtinKfolder and shows the opt and usr folders17:44
M4rtinKon the N95017:44
SpeedEvilIs usr in the list of exceptions?17:44
M4rtinKyep - thats where the icon is17:45
M4rtinKand .desktop file17:45
M4rtinKand they also mentione the application not starting in the same mail17:46
M4rtinKI think their testing setup might be broken17:47
M4rtinKalso AFFECTED DEVICES: N9 V10.2011.34-1_PR_00117:51
M4rtinKis that PR1.0 or 1.1 ?17:51
arceanPR 1.017:51
grithey only test with PR 1.017:52
arceanno, my app was tested with PR 1.117:52
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M4rtinKI think I'l just bump the version number and submit it again :)17:53
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amppawould someone know how to deploy a library with a qt application?22:16
amppai can get the library to be installed to /opt/foo/lib just fine22:17
amppabut can't figure how to make my application find it22:17
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javispedroamppa: you can add something like QMAKE_RPATHDIR += /opt/foo/lib to the application's .pro file22:22
javispedroin another topic, I find it funny that because of the glib vs qtcore duality that exists in harmattan, most applications open two connections to the system d-bus22:24
javispedroseems that glib-dbus and qtdbus couldn't agree the same way gmainloop and qcoreapplication do22:24
amppajavispedro: thanks, that fixed it right away :)22:28
javispedroamppa: yw22:30
javispedrooh I have like 30 terminals opened22:31
javispedrotime to close them all, brb.22:31
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norayr1am I right that Harmattan kernel is open, drivers are available, and theoretically it is possible to recompile the kernul and get rid of aegis?22:32
*** norayr1 is now known as norayr22:32
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norayralso, does harmattan have gtk out of the box? it has gpodder then it has to have gtk.22:40
*** rcg has joined #harmattan22:53
infoboti heard aegis-no-thanks is
DocScrutinizernorayr: alas aegis isn't simply a kernel module to get rid of, it seems that also some userland programs rely on aegis running, so you need a bit of meddling with a number of mounts and whatnot else to make e.g. accounts storage work when aegis got nuked22:57
DocScrutinizernorayr: mount|grep aegisfs22:58
DocScrutinizernorayr: we're still in the process of finding our way thru this maze22:58
SpeedEvilIn principle, yes, you can simply compile your own kernel with no aegis.23:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:01
SpeedEvilThe fun part is how much of the stoc software won't work if you do that.23:01
DocScrutinizerthe fun part is if harmattan will even boot with such a kernel23:02
SpeedEvilThat too23:03
norayrAlso I remember I've read something about address book API23:03
norayrsomething like aegis prevents from editing address book to third party apps23:05
M4rtinKnorayr: I got fremantles GTK sort of running, see: also, gPodder is using QML on Harmattan IIRC23:06
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RST38hMEANWHILE: Orangutans To Skype Between Zoos With iPads23:16
RST38hGood night, all23:16
DocScrutinizerI knew it - iPads are for Orang Utans23:17
*** artemma has joined #harmattan23:21
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*** jani has joined #harmattan23:26
janiany ideas if there's something fishy with MLocale::addTranslationPath ?  88   MApplication app(argc, argv);23:27
jani 89   MLocale::addTranslationPath(QString(FLIGHTOGGLE_L10N));23:27
janii have that in my code and for some reason, the new path doesnt get scanned for catalogs ..23:28
*** rcg has joined #harmattan23:29
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