IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2011-12-28

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RzRi am installing it on n95000:05
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jussiRzR: I see the source link...?00:08
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jussiRzR: I also have n950. :)00:08
RzRthen you should know how to add a apt repo00:14
jussibah, I missed the repos. let me add it.00:16
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RzRui is screewed00:18
RzRwell it connected00:19
RzRi am unsure i will use it often00:20
jpwhitinghmm, anyone here know how to ssh into an N9 that already has ssh keys installed?00:20
* jpwhiting tried ssh -i .ssh/id_rsa_nopass user@ip00:20
jpwhitingalso tried developer@ip, but no luck, both asked for password still00:20
RzRjussi: can you tell me what are the benefit of this irc client ?00:23
jussiRzR: Im hoping it has the client part in it also - I have a quassel core, which it can connect to. So you have a core which is always on, and you coneect to it. somewhat like a bouncer, but more featureful00:24
javispedrojpwhiting: by default "user" is disabled, you need to enable it by either setting a password ("passwd user") or editing /etc/passwd00:24
javispedroah, you get asked for a password.00:24
pawkyDocScrutinizer: in your log it states I flashed the 'firmware only'. It should be 'kernel only' :-)00:24
jpwhitingjavispedro: running passwd as user it says I can't change the password for user00:25
jpwhitingin N9 terminal anyway00:25
javispedrojpwhiting: obviously, as root00:25
RzRjussi: i use bip on my nas00:25
jpwhitingah, how do I get root? just su?00:25
javispedrowell, not obviously =)00:25
javispedrojpwhiting: devel-su00:25
jpwhitingdevel-su also asks for a password...00:26
jussiRzR: fair enough, I use Quassel core on my server and quassel on the desktop.00:26
pawkymaybe its time for us to greate a FAQ?00:26
jussiRzR: have a look at:
jpwhitingis there a default root password or something?00:27
javispedrojpwhiting: rootme00:27
pawkythings are getting a bit repetetive here... then again not even I am perfect ;-)00:27
DocScrutinizerpasswd user00:27
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jussibah, i fail. its after midnight and I have work in the morning. Ill look at it then. In anycase, thanks very much RzR.00:33
jpwhitingjavispedro: thx00:33
javispedrojpwhiting: read the link DocScrutinizer gave above00:35
RzRjussi: how did it fail ? it worked for me00:35
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ieatlintoooh, my developer gift is now in leipzig01:02
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pawkywhat does it do in Leipzig?01:08
arcean_probably waits for another plane :)01:09
pawkyBusiness class or regular?01:09
arcean_cargo :P01:09
arcean_in Lepizig is the largest DHL sorting facility01:10
RzRieatlint: when did you get the faken9 email  from nok ?01:11
pawkyHas no one still tried my noob hacking solution to how to get rid of having to re-enter the passwords for all accounts after having flashed a N9?01:11
pawkyWould be nice to have some confirmation wether it works...01:11
ieatlintRzR: the shipment notification?01:11
ieatlinti got it  tuesday morning finland time..01:12
RzRno the 1st announce that you can order it ?01:12
ieatlinti ordered it dec 14 though01:12
ieatlinti never got an email telling me i could order it actually01:13
pawkyand it is a....?01:13
RzRi did not recieved that one01:13
ieatlinti just went to the DDP order page and it said i could order one01:13
RzRieatlint: so you just log in LP ?01:13
RzRi might have missed that day01:13
RzRi was bad this year, santa spyed me01:14
RzRsanta used spywares to track us01:14
RzRieatlint: i have a message : Please note we will not be adding new devices for Discounted Device Program service.01:14
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ieatlintwell, if you were eligible, i'm sure you didn't miss it01:16
ieatlintthat message is for something else01:17
ieatlintDDP isn't "discounted device program"01:17
ieatlintit's "device distribution program"01:17
RzRwell i am not hurry01:19
ieatlintif you are a nokia launchpad member, and you can't order it, you might want to email and ask01:19
RzRwho to email ?01:19
kimjuafaik, the discontinued program was for corporations to buy development devices at discounted prices. and there seems to also been clearance sale for those devices (for corporations)01:19
ieatlintbecause any delay should just be in it shipping, not in it not being order-able01:19
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ieatlintkimju: my understanding is the same... doesn't apply to nokia launchpad individual members01:20
RzRwell i wont kill for a such device01:20
ieatlinti don't know off hand who to ask01:21
ieatlintDDP themselves perhaps01:21
ieatlintnot sure01:21
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ieatlintthat was anticlimactic01:34
ieatlintthat must've been really drunk to be that impressed by an orange light01:35
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DocScrutinizerRzR: individual LP? or corporate01:46
DocScrutinizerpawky: "it" being a hooker80001:47
DocScrutinizerso nothing to get really excited01:48
javispedrohave they sold a hooker800 yet?01:50
DocScrutinizersure, my O2 store next corner has them on stock01:50
DocScrutinizersince weeks01:51
DocScrutinizer1€ down payment + 24 months a ~24€01:52
DocScrutinizeror sth like that01:52
DocScrutinizer21€? 19?01:53
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pawkyuhh.... a windows thingy :-(01:55
ieatlintyeah, and it doesn't work on 3g with my carrier here in the US01:58
pawkyis it a european version?01:59
ieatlinti get the impression nokia just took the ref platform MS gave them and the case from the n9 and say "tada!"01:59
* javispedro just noticed the spanish engadget review for the Lumia is giving Benchmark speed tests results in "L/s" which can only mean liters per second02:00
ieatlintthere are two umts carriers in the US... the lumia 800 works with one of them, and not mine02:00
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ieatlint(every single other smartphone released by nokia since the n8 has supported both US UMTS carriers)02:00
pawkycant you buy a cash card, or what they are called?02:01
ieatlinta prepaid sim? sure... but why? i have a postpaid account, and i don't plan to ever use this phone for really anything02:02
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Did you change the comment in your log from firmware to kernel? :-)02:02
ieatlintwill work with wifi and 2g for any testing i want to do02:02
pawkyfair enough02:02
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DocScrutinizerpawky: not yet02:05
DocScrutinizernow I did02:06
pawkyDocScrutinizer: :-)02:06
DocScrutinizeralready thought it might be wrong02:06
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, is there any easy way to check if one is using the new open mode kernel or the regular one, uname -a shows the name of the open mode one, but i dont know if the regular one is named the same or not02:07
javispedro"new" open mode kernel?02:07
SpeedEvilcheck the compile date02:07
pawkyaccl -I02:07
SpeedEvilor that02:07
pawkyshould tell you open02:07
DocScrutinizeraccli -I  -> open vs normal02:08
DocScrutinizersee my successful-session-log02:08
Lilltigerok so i failed :)02:08
pawkyDocScrutinizer: maybe you can do me the honers and test that signon trick? :-)02:08
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infobotpawky meant: DocScrutinizer: maybe you can do me the honours and test that signon trick? :-)02:09
Lilltigerwinflasher closes the window so fast that i dont see what it says :(02:09
DocScrutinizermeh, winflasher02:09
Lilltigerindeed meh02:09
Lilltigeri miss my linux.. stupid games :p02:10
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Lilltigerwhat mode should i connect my usb with when flashing, the Sync mode is the only one that detects my phone in winflasher02:12
pawkythen sync mode it is ;-)02:12
pawkyor.. you can also turn it of...02:12
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: you shall sart flasher, then plug in the shut-down device02:13
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Lilltigerohh shut-own hehe dident try that one02:13
pawkybut you can also flash by using sync :-)02:13
DocScrutinizerhighly amazing as that's not really invoking ROMBOOT02:14
pawkyWhen wanting to change my kernel lastly I didn't get my phone to get recognised in its off state, so I used the sync state...02:14
Lilltigerhmm the infoscreen just dissapears, cant see what is happening :(02:14
pawkywell.. I think ieatlint gave me the hint to use sync... :-)02:15
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: use a decent method! use cmd and cmdline flasher, when you NEED to use windows02:15
DocScrutinizerthis is no clicky-micky thing02:15
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, i do use the cmd flasher, but the cmd window the flasher opens dissapers before i can see what it says02:16
pawkywell a decent method in my oppinion would be flasher from linux ;-)02:16
DocScrutinizeryou shall OPEN A DOSBOX!02:16
pawkyoh, my god Harmattan has turned into a dos school...02:17
* javispedro hears dosbox and runs02:18
Lilltigeri start cmd, i gotr to the folder with flasher.exe02:18
pawkyyou need to run flasher from a command line02:18
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Lilltigeri type in: flasher.exe -f --flash-only=kernel -k zImage- -b02:19
pawkyso.. you have run cmd.exe02:19
Lilltigerthen it opens a new cmd window02:19
Lilltigerthat waits for the usb connection02:19
pawkyyes, thats a good start :-)02:19
Lilltigerand as soon as i connect it that new window closes02:19
Lilltigerwithout me seeing what it says02:19
pawkyyes.. thats because your not doing things right..02:20
pawkylook at DocSCruitinizers log where I have done exactly what you want to do...02:21
pawkyyou need to include a bit more information if you want to succeed to only replace the kernel.02:21
pawkylook here to what I did:
pawkyyou need that file as well to succeed.. you can download it through NaviFirm..02:22
javispedrotime to setup a sane development environment on n950 with NFS to workstation, being able to run unsigned executables and scratchbox working: 5 hours02:22
pawkyyou also need to have the right version for your phone.02:22
* javispedro dies and ponders going to bed before starting the actual development02:23
javispedros/on n950/for n950 =)02:23
pawkyLilltiger: what are you upto actually? What do you want to achieve?02:23
Lilltigeri want the open mode, simply so i can run stuff like vnc-viewer and NFS02:24
pawkyLilltiger: Remember if you want to use the open mode kernel, yuo will enter the land of having to manually having to enter the passwords for all your accounts everytime you boot... BUT02:24
javispedroyou do not need openmode for vncviewer02:24
pawkyI think I have found a solution to that problem, and you can be my guniea pig being the second one to try it :-D02:25
Lilltigerjavispedro, well but for NFS i need it right?02:25
pawkyand javispedro is right about that as well..02:25
javispedroyou need it for nfs _client_ as well02:25
pawkywell.. you can do quite a bit of things without having to change your kernel...02:26
javispedrothere are some userspace servers that might work02:26
DocScrutinizerpawky: I already wondered why exactly we'd need that fiasco image to flash kernel only02:27
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: so it's Nokia, not you. Sorry for shouting :-)02:27
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. I think flasher rips out some structure stuff out of it.. haven't given it to much though.. as it did the trick ;-)02:27
javispedroDocScrutinizer: doesn't --flash-only=kernel help there?02:27
pawkyjavispedro: no.. you need that other file as well..02:28
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: I'm a windows noob, but wasn't there a option in context menu of *.exe where you can configure whether dosbox closes or not, after termination of command02:28
pawkySomehow flasher need so to know the .... firmware(?)... structure...02:28
javispedronever needed it02:28
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, might be.. used windows for 6mothns the last 11years.. :p02:29
pawkyjavispedro: then what was your flasher line that made it all work? I didnt succeed with all the ones I could find or think of..02:29
DocScrutinizerpawky: javispedro: for just loading kernel to RAM the short cmd also mentioned there did it for me, under linux (obviously)02:29
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yes... but I am talking about flashing the unit once and for all :-D02:30
pawkyand to my knowledge you will then need that other file as well.02:30
DocScrutinizerI know02:30
DocScrutinizerjust wondering why that would need fiasco image while ramloading doesn't02:30
DocScrutinizeror windows needs it while linux doesn't?02:31
pawkyDocScrutinizer: oh.. hmm.. maybe it need so know exactly the position where to replace it?..02:31
pawkywhilst in RAM you just change som pointers temporarily?02:31
DocScrutinizersounds kinda plausible02:31
jabisZogG_laptop: where did you get such a ridiculous idea from? x)02:31
pawkyits just a wild guess..02:31
DocScrutinizerthe bZimage has a header telling where to load it to in RAM, not where to flash it to02:32
pawkyLilltiger: are you going to flash into openmode once and for all? :-)02:32
DocScrutinizerI thought flasher would know, hardcoded02:32
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. i believe the position might change depending on compilation/version...02:33
javispedropawky: exactly as I have always done, -k ... -f -b02:33
DocScrutinizerit's always /dev/mtd102:33
pawkyjavispedro: are you supposing you can flash kernel only without that fiasco file?02:34
javispedroI've always flashed kernel only02:34
DocScrutinizerand mtdparts it *might* read out from device, or simply assume they are never changing, or actually read from fiasco02:34
javispedrolarge chance mtd parts are hardcoded on the kernel02:34
pawkyjavispedro: well.. I tried it with your parameters, and it didn't work... with the fiasco file it did an excellent job :-)02:34
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: NOLO02:35
javispedroDocScrutinizer: oh, indeed.02:35
pawkyI believe somewhere when using that fiasco file flasher mentions something about extracting sub... somethings from the fiasco file..02:35
pawkyjavispedro: so... you are running openmode right?02:36
pawkyLilltiger: how are things going?02:37
DocScrutinizerhey, we'll test your accounts thing sooner or later :-D02:38
javispedrowhat accounts thing?02:38
javispedroah, unmounting aegisfs and creating the private folder manually?02:38
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I am putting my hoppes to Lilltiger02:38
pawkyjavispedro: yes! :-D02:38
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: pawky kicked all aegisfs out from init02:38
javispedroqole says it "broke all of his accounts"02:38
DocScrutinizersure it does02:39
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well... not all yet... I just started with the signon-private.conf  Havent dared to kick them all yet :-)02:39
DocScrutinizeropenmode does, actually02:39
pawkyjavispedro: what broke all of his accounts?02:39
pawkyDid he try my hack?02:40
Lilltigerpawky, im downloading from NaviFirm right now02:40
pawkyjavispedro: thats not what I did02:40
javispedroit's virtually the same02:41
pawkyjavispedro: I removed the mounting of aegisfs .signon directory.. now thats different02:41
pawkyjavispedro: no...02:41
javispedrothe mount is on the private dir, as usual02:41
pawkyBecause when doing it as I have mentioned you will be able to watch whatever might exist in that private catalog..02:41
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: quite obviously that will break all accounts as all credentials/certs/whaever "vanished". Of course you need to restore or recreate all the stuff02:42
pawkyyes.. but he seems to have erased the directory in /home/user02:42
Lilltigerpawky, but maybe i should not use the --kernel-only param, itäs not used in the log (the first example)02:42
javispedromoving it and creating another empty directory on its place is effectively the same as unmounting it for applications that just find it via the mount point path02:42
javispedropawky: you will not be able to watch whatever was there, because after unmounting, the directory will be... empty =)02:43
pawkyLilltiger: well.. javispedro and I disagree wether or now it will work without the fiasco file.. i say it doesn't he tells me it does.. just try without first and get back to us with the end results ;-)02:43
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: PLEASE don't mix up command lines, one is for ramload, one for flashing02:43
pawkyjavispedro: no... you have to recreate your accounts again..02:43
javispedroso, that's what qole did =)02:43
pawkyohh.. yeah.. you probably have to manually create the directories..02:43
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, ahh ok :)02:44
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: anyway when you leave out --kernel-only and give it a fiascofile, you'll reflash the whole device02:44
pawkyafter that.. you recreate your accounts and they will happily be there readable by you as  a user (and root as well if not being wrong) as a sqlite database file (guessing), where you can happily see your passwords in cleartext :-D02:44
pawkyDocScrutinizer: HUH.. yeah.. DONT leave out kernel only!02:45
Lilltigerwhat does the "-b" mean to the flasher, i see that pawky did not use it02:45
pawkyflasher -h ?02:45
pawkyor was it flasher --help02:45
DocScrutinizerfor Lilltiger nothing will work, as probably his windows occupies USB with cdc_phonet or whatever the name on wincrap02:45
Lilltigerit closes right away :(02:46
pawkydoes he have the right rights for USB?02:46
DocScrutinizeryes, probably as you have nokia-suite or whatever installed or even running02:46
DocScrutinizeralso you need admin rights for USB02:46
pawkyahh.. yeah.. no nokia suite..02:46
Lilltigerguess i have to find out how to not make the cmd windows to close right away first02:46
pawkyyou need to be a poweruser or higher i presume....02:47
pawkyjavispedro: then again, I am not sure what qole means? Yes you have to recreate your accounts again as you need to create a new file...02:49
DocScrutinizeryep, exactly02:49
pawkythen again if thats all the 'cost' for getting an open kernel I think thats acceptable..02:49
DocScrutinizerthat's what I'm saying ^^^02:49
DocScrutinizeryou might have a harder time with SSL certs02:50
pawkyok... maybe I missed a line or two...02:50
DocScrutinizerand certs in general02:50
pawkyI have not noticed such thing..02:50
DocScrutinizerwhere from do you import all the https certs, from thawte et al? from Nokia??02:50
pawkythey come with the browser I presume..02:51
pawkyprove me wrong then :-)02:51
pawkywhat page should I visit?02:51
pawkylets try verisign :-)02:51
DocScrutinizerany https02:51
javispedroand certs failure is weirder02:52
javispedrobecause cert store is not encrypted02:52
pawkyduh.... your right...02:52
pawkyor.. maybe my link was wrong..02:52
DocScrutinizeranyway when you nuke aegisfs by simply not mounting it, for sure your certs for any https page are missing02:53
pawkyDocScrutinizer: your right...  how come no one written anything about this BEFORE i changed to openmode :-(02:54
pawkyAnd I assume no one has a simple trick to fix this?...02:54
DocScrutinizerpawky: it's still experimental, you're an early adopter, a betatester :-)02:54
javispedroI even wrote a bug report about it =)02:54
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yipicayeeeeee........ or not... :-(02:54
javispedroeither way, it's probably time to open a new thread02:55
javispedromy aegis rant is getting old (even if it's mostly true...)02:55
DocScrutinizerI'd think yopu can get SSL certs and install it to a fresh aegisfs-free database02:55
pawky#we_who_hate_aegis ? :-)02:55
javispedro*if it's still mostly true02:55
Lilltigerthis is not my day.. cant get flasher.exe to not close it window, tried all the /k and (-k) ways :(02:56
pawkybut the certs should be in some simple directory right?... and you who are still having the original kernel must be able to rip them out.. and then its just about placing them into a directory outside aegis... or?02:57
pawkyLilltiger: maybe ask someone at #windows?02:58
DocScrutinizerI'd think the way to go is to copy everything you can get out of >> cat $(ls $(mount|grep aegisfs)) << to Mydocs in normal-mode, then restore it to de-aegified plain "private" dirs in openn-mode02:58
Lilltigerpawky, unsure if I can live with myself if I enter that channel :P02:58
javispedroDocScrutinizer: ls -l /etc/ssl/certs/ on a openmode device to see how that will not improve the situation much02:59
pawkyLilltiger: they helped me with NFS client for windows..02:59
DocScrutinizeror maybe even better, run a backup/restore - we got such a thing in harmattan already?02:59
javispedroDocScrutinizer: back in beta2 openmode tests, that directory was not empty, it had all of the certificates; yet the UI refused to show them. that is on my original bug report.02:59
javispedroconclusion: the UI had hooks into aegisfs03:00
javispedrodunno why or what for.03:00
Lilltigerpawky, ahh, win7 has that built in, finaly :)03:00
pawkyjavispedro: or is it, it cannot read the files in openmode?03:00
pawkyLilltiger: probably thanks to SuSE...03:01
javispedroLilltiger: only from Enterprise edition upwards I think03:01
javispedroyet another awkardly stupid decision from our little MS friends.03:02
Lilltigerjavispedro, like anyone actually buys windows.. :p03:02
* javispedro looks to his MSDNAA03:02
DocScrutinizerpawky: that'S what I thought03:03
pawkyjavispedro: our?.. your if i may...03:03
DocScrutinizer(must be able to rip them out.. and then its just about placing them into a directory)03:04
javispedrowell, easy check, just ls -l /etc/ssl/certs03:04
Lilltigerpawky, i typed in like your line, (but with my image from navi) it did alot of stuff but took like 10sec, and now my phone is black (the white dot is blinking) is it safe to remove the usb connection now?03:04
javispedroon openmode03:04
Lilltigeras the window closed again without me seeing what it actually said..03:04
pawkyDocScrutinizer: looking into it.. but I only have openmode now so you guys are my window into the original kernel..03:04
pawkyLilltiger: changing kernel goes fast..03:04
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: I dunno what you're telling me03:04
javispedroDocScrutinizer: that the aegisfs store _is readable_ from open mode03:05
javispedrothe files are there03:05
javispedroat least for ssl certs03:05
javispedrothey are on /etc/ssl/certs both in open and closed mode03:05
javispedroso copying them from closed will have no effect.03:05
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: no, you need to switch it on now! please read my session-log!03:05
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: maybe browser tries to open them r/w?03:06
DocScrutinizeror some similar nonsense03:06
javispedroor hooks into aegisfs for some unexplained reason which was my initial diagnostic =)03:07
pawkywell.. they are readable under /etc/ssl/certs03:07
pawkyif they can be read, they should work...03:07
pawkyat least user can read them..03:08
pawkysorry.. devel-su03:08
pawkyand also user...03:08
DocScrutinizerbtw all my "aegisfs crypto" are symlinks in there, and all real files are "root root"03:08
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, ok, hmm what happens if i did unplugg the usb? cos i did, dumb as I am, the device booted i got a scary warning, then it started up03:09
pawkysame on openmode03:09
pawkyLilltiger: then you probably have succeeded :-)03:09
Lilltigeraccli -I says open now03:09
DocScrutinizerthen you obviously FLASHED the kernel, not just ramloaded it03:09
pawkynow you need to try my little hack :-)03:09
Lilltigerwell going to see what works and what not works first03:10
pawkyLilltiger: try read e-mail..03:10
pawkyyou will have to enter your passwords... and this will be the case for every boot, until you try my solution :-)03:11
Lilltigeremm I dont have any emails on it i think03:11
pawkywell.. then get some..03:11
DocScrutinizerless  /etc/ssl/certs/f4996e82.003:11
DocScrutinizerworks here03:11
pawkyLilltiger: it also includes the Nokia account03:11
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and same to me...03:11
Lilltigerahh yes gmail asks for password03:12
pawkyDocScrutinizer: javispedro: so it's a bit odd why it doesn't work...03:12
pawkyLilltiger: there you go... :-D03:12
DocScrutinizerstrace browser03:12
pawkyLilltiger: are you a willing guniea pig to try my fix?03:12
javispedrothe weird thing is that we are exactly on the same situation we were a month and half ago03:12
DocScrutinizerpawky: you have a fix? ;-P03:12
Lilltigerpawky, well what can go wrong? :D03:12
pawkyDocScrutinizer: we will soon find out :-D03:13
DocScrutinizerseems you have a partial fix, at best03:13
pawkyLilltiger: ok.. this is what I did... about...   you will have to enter devel-su03:13
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ahh.. come on, it works for me :-)03:13
Lilltigerrestarting my phone to see if i have to enter the password again03:13
DocScrutinizernot for SSL certs03:13
pawkyLilltiger: good start03:13
pawkyso.. where are we on these certs?03:14
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan03:14
pawkyas what user is the browser running as?03:14
Lilltigeromg will i always get that warning when i start the phone! so annoying :p03:14
DocScrutinizerwe are at the point where we know that we dunno03:14
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC03:15
pawkyDocScrutinizer: a quite common starting point..03:15
DocScrutinizerand I suggested strace browser03:15
javispedroLilltiger: see flasher's --suppress-warranty-warning option03:15
pawkyLilltiger: yes...03:15
DocScrutinizer~hail javispedro03:15
* infobot bows down to javispedro and chants, "I'M NOT WORTHY!!"03:15
pawkyDocScrutinizer: isn't that coooool? :-D03:16
javispedroNote I've not tried that...03:16
Lilltigerjavispedro, i cant see any of the options :p silly winflasher thingy closes so i cant see any options at all03:16
Lilltigerpawky, indeed have to enter the password again after restart03:16
pawkyLilltiger: aha!... so now your in my hands.. he he he...03:16
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: I'm temped to kick you on next "windows" mentioning03:16
DocScrutinizerget decent tools first, windows not supported03:17
LilltigerI have nice windows in my house!03:17
pawkyLilltiger: ok... so here is my theory... aegisfs mounts that signon stuff but as you are running openmode you don't seem to be able to edit the file that houses the passwords..03:18
Lilltigerpawky, so should I start by entering the password for my mail, or do the hack before?03:18
pawkyLilltiger: that doesn't matter..03:18
pawkypawky: you will have to re-enter your accounts again anyway..03:18
DocScrutinizertalking to yourself?03:19
pawkythe trick goes like this... you want aegisfs to stop mounting /home/user/.signon03:19
Lilltigerpawky, in devel-su now03:19
pawkyLilltiger: listen first..03:19
* Lilltiger holds his hands over his ears and sings * lalalala03:19
pawkyLilltiger: you want aegisfs to stop mounting that directory.. this i did my moving  the file under /etc/aegisfs.d/signon-private.conf to /root (or wherever you want)03:20
pawky(use the mv command)03:20
DocScrutinizeryou oughta 've copied all the stuff out of all the aegisfs first, best before flashing openmode kernel03:20
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ahh..!03:20
javispedroplease note that right now is probably the last chance you have of reverting to normal mode without a malf03:21
pawkyLilltiger: yes.. sorry about that.. getting a bit rusty..03:21
javispedrohope you had backups =)03:21
pawkyjavispedro: yes.. a VERY GOOD POINT...03:21
DocScrutinizeron the bright side, you still can ramload stock kernel, and it might not even MALF unless you already edited some relevant files03:21
Lilltigerjavispedro, backups of what?03:21
javispedroLilltiger: of whatever you had on the device03:21
pawkythen again.. i believe you are already fully aware you are entering a nomansland...03:21
Lilltigerjavispedro, so all my Red Dwarf episodes! :p03:21
pawkyLilltiger: thus.. meditate and ask yourself if zen can be reached by using openome..03:22
LilltigerI dont even have a sim.card for the phone :D03:22
pawkyLilltiger: so.. as DocScrutinizer said.. you need ot move files first.. so this is what I did...03:22
pawkyLilltiger: I first went to /home/user and did a mv ./.signon ./.signon-03:22
DocScrutinizeryou oughta 've copied all the stuff out of all the aegisfs first, best before flashing openmode kernel!!03:23
DocScrutinizeron the bright side, you still can ramload stock kernel, and it might not even MALF unless you already edited some relevant files03:23
pawkyDocScrutinizer: wait!03:23
DocScrutinizeredit == mv, for this one03:23
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ohh.. yeah.. well.. if you don't touch anything.... you can just flash things back..03:23
DocScrutinizeryou din't even need to flash, you can ramload to securemode kernel03:24
pawkyLilltiger: again, I let it all up to you understanding what openmode is.. and if you decide like i did that is the right path to go.. continue with my hack..03:24
*** NIN101 has quit IRC03:24
DocScrutinizerdon't come begging for upload of all aegisfs content later!03:25
pawkyLilltiger: ok... so you move the mountet .signon under /user/home to something else... like .signon-03:25
pawkythen you create the directories that one has... like .signon and .signon/private...03:25
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, isent it best to just make an copy of all that stuff first of all?03:25
javispedroI am quite convinced copying aegisfs content from closed mode is worthless, mostly because03:26
pawkyand copy all the files from .signon- to the new .signon03:26
javispedroa) it is protected, meaning you cannot read it from closed mode without proper tokens03:26
javispedrob) as seen with certs there's something else going on03:26
DocScrutinizeryou can as well rm -rf it, as it won't be of any use after mv for all I understand about aegis03:26
javispedroc) i'd assume most apps will recreate their dbs if they find them nonexisting.03:26
pawkyLilltiger: then you will have to make sure aegisfs doesn't mount the .signon directory by moving the file under /etc/aegisfs.d/signon-private.conf to by example /root03:27
Lilltigerok, and if I do move it, and I dont like it, cant i just reflash the device totaly and restory it to closed mode?03:27
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: a) who got the tokens if not user? b) for normal accounts pawky says it works for him and c) what I said, you can as well rm -rf03:27
*** adlan has joined #harmattan03:28
pawkyLilltiger: after a reboot, you will again have to enter your passwords, which now will be written into a (new?) file undet /home/user/.signon/private03:28
javispedroDocScrutinizer: it's not about user, it's about apps. Each store can only be read by the app that owns the corresponding token, period.03:28
pawkyLilltiger: after this that problem will be solved...03:28
DocScrutinizerbrainfsck aegis03:29
pawkyso.. where where we on certs..03:29
javispedroalso, account info is unprotected03:29
pawkyjavispedro: yes, i believe so to.. but just to be sure one can copy stuff from a moved mounted aegisfs dir if one wants to..03:30
Lilltigerpawky, but the qustion remains, if I do it, is there a way to revert it all and bring back the closed mode?03:30
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: err, obviously it isn't - otherwise pawky's "hack" had no effect03:30
pawkyLilltiger: If i am not wrong, by doing anything that affects aegisfs you will not.. thus by even entering your password for that gmail account is bad enough..03:31
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: you can reflash anytime :-)03:31
pawkyLilltiger: again.. thats why I told you to listen first...03:31
Lilltigergetting mixed info here.. :p03:31
pawkyAnd if reflashing, i presume all you need to do is just enter the accounts again...right? or are more things going bonkers?03:31
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: there IS NO WAY back to securemode from an openmode that got "used"03:32
DocScrutinizerexcept full flash03:32
Lilltigerright but a full flash restores it all, but i lose evrything on the phone right?03:32
pawkyLilltiger: I believe not what you have copied to it..  but accounts and such yes..03:33
Lilltigereither is fine by me, just dosent want to permanently ruin the phone if something went wrong03:33
pawkyLilltiger: this you cannot do... you can always flash it.. :-)03:34
DocScrutinizerAIUI you'll lose everything, incl all media you had on MyDocs03:34
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I am not so sure.. as i recalled from my old phone it still contained my movies and such.. then again... you can always backup that stuff now when being in openmode as well... thus no need to worry..03:35
DocScrutinizerpawky: not really, there are ways to permanently brick03:35
Lilltigerhmm, but if I move it aegisfs wont be happy, what if one just mount --bind over the folder, that way the folder wont be changed at all, but the current fs wont see it03:35
pawkyno.. you need to remove aegis from mounting it on next move..03:35
pawkyjust do what I wrote..03:35
pawkymove the mounted aegis /home/user/.signon to /home/user/.signon-03:36
*** xnt14 has quit IRC03:36
javispedroI do not think bind mounting something different on top of it is a bad idea03:36
DocScrutinizerI think you can't mount on a used mountpoint03:36
DocScrutinizerpawky: why?03:36
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC03:36
pawkyDocScrutinizer: the move?03:36
DocScrutinizerwhen you umount aegisfs anyway03:37
pawkyjust to be able to create the new .signon and sub directories.. and copy files from the mount into it..03:37
pawkywell.. you do this first... then you kick the aegisfs mount and reboot :-)03:37
DocScrutinizerthat'S nonsense03:37
pawkyagain.. javispedro MIGHT be right its unnecessary, but I wanted to recreate the directory structure just in case..03:37
Lilltigeryhee why move it at all then, if you kick the mount it wont mount it there03:38
DocScrutinizerwhy rename a file on a USB stick before removing it?03:38
ieatlintok, next year i need to make more money... i think half my friends are in berlin for 28c3 now03:38
pawkyjust to copy the files into your own made .signon and .signon/private...03:38
DocScrutinizerieatlint: yep, same here03:38
pawkyyou might try without doing this...03:38
javispedrobtw, going to FOSDEM?03:39
DocScrutinizerpawky: why rename a file on a USB stick before removing it?03:39
pawkyLilltiger: its up to you if you skip this step... it was just what I did to copy the files..03:39
pawkyDocScrutinizer: you just rename it to be able to copy from the aegisfs mounted dir into your newly created dir..03:39
DocScrutinizerpawky:  /home/user/.signon is a mount03:39
pawkyDocScrutinizer: which you can move to /home/user/.hello world..03:40
DocScrutinizerwhat for?03:40
ieatlintDocScrutinizer: hopefully yours are nice enough to send you messages telling you what you're missing each night03:40
pawkyDocScrutinizer: to copy the files(!)...03:40
DocScrutinizeryou do not copy any files with mv03:40
pawkyDocScrutinizer: before saying good by to your mount..03:40
pawkyDocScrutinizer: true.. you first mv /home/user/.signon /home/user/.signon-not03:41
DocScrutinizerand as mentioned before you can'T access the content when in openmode anyway03:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: then you can do a cp -r or what ever from /home/user/.signon-not to your newly created /home/user/.signon03:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well some files you can...03:41
DocScrutinizeryou would need to COPY it while still in securemode03:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Well.. i didn't ...03:42
pawkythere are files in .signon as well..03:42
pawkynot only .signon/privaet03:42
DocScrutinizerthat's why you have to re-enter account data03:42
DocScrutinizerand no "copying" will change that03:42
pawkyDocScrutinizer: again it MIGHT be unnecessary.. but thats what I did... better safe than sorry?03:42
pawkybut... Lilltiger, as you are the new guniea pig.. why not go bold and skip that step?03:43
DocScrutinizerno, cargo cult evalutation is worthless as it keeps us from learning03:43
pawkyfair enough.. i only told you what I did when experimenting.. :-)03:43
pawkyand why...03:43
Lilltigerbut if you move them, you change the fs info, should be better to copy if anything, althought copy might not help at all, still by just not mouting it wont remove the files03:43
pawkymostly i did this just to be able to create the same directory structure..03:43
pawkyas i though maybe it only creates the files, not the directories..03:44
Lilltigerwell by just unmounting it you wont change anything03:44
pawkyLilltiger: no.. listen.. you move .signon to .signon-not   as its a mounted partition03:44
Lilltigerthe files will still be at the old folder03:44
DocScrutinizermaybe not for aegisfs?03:45
pawkyLilltiger: again.. this part MIGHT not be necessary.. i just mentioned what I did..03:45
pawkyLilltiger: this was simply to be able to create the directories.. but as I had the mounted dir..  i just copied everything from .signon-not to my newly created .signon as i thought it could do no harm..03:45
pawkyagain... if you don't want to do it fine..03:45
RzRi feel a backup to ssh app would help to switch to openmode :-)03:46
pawkywhat you will HAVE to do is to move the file under /etc/aegisfs.d/signon-private.conf to another place example /root03:46
Lilltigeri copied them, dident move, to avoid changing the orginal structure03:46
DocScrutinizeraegis checks file content hash PLUS inode, for normal protected file. I'd be surprised if aegisfs would allow such stuff like meddling with mountpoint name, but well...03:46
* javispedro feels completely lost here, but has given up minutes ago03:47
pawkyLilltiger: well.. I am fairly sure the directory structur wont be there when not mounting that partition as they are on the mounted partition03:47
pawkyjavispedro: regarding the hack?03:47
javispedroregarding what are you doing here03:48
Lilltigerpawky, yes but if aegis keeps some hash if the filesystem, if i move them then want to revert i will change the hashes, but if i just copy them the orginal structure will be unchanged when i revert03:48
pawkyjavispedro: its actually simple.. just take the /etc/aegisfs.d/signon-private.conf file out of that directory  so it wont mount... and create the directories to where your new files will go to..03:48
DocScrutinizeryou're way too busy discussing elementary things, guys. Where Lilltiger - like javispedro, and me - thinks the mv is worthless and now you discussed since 10 min why it may or may not be worthless03:48
pawkyLilltiger: the move is just so you can create the .signon and .signon/private under user..03:49
pawkyhow else will you be able to create them when you have something mounted there?03:49
DocScrutinizerpawky: I can do this with mkdir, no?03:49
pawkyDocScrutinizer: not while aegis has the .signon mounted..03:50
pawkyDocScrutinizer: you only do the move so you can free up the possibility for you to crate your own .signon whilst aegis is still mounted..03:50
javispedrowhy don't ya kill signond and unmount it03:50
DocScrutinizerwhy would I need aegisfs still mounted??03:50
pawkyjavispedro: well.. im not sure what that will result in, but you dont have to..03:51
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. maybe if you just want to see the directory structure and copy what files there might be in there..03:51
DocScrutinizeryou can not copy that stuff, in openmode!03:51
pawkyDocScrutinizer: or you just do a mv simply so you can create your own .signon i belive a mv .signon .whatever is quite fast to do..03:51
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well i could..03:51
javispedroand not in closed mode either, because aegis protects it.03:51
pawkywell.. what I notice was that there were some files unde .signon and i just copied them..03:52
pawkybut then again.. i believe the most important part was to create the directory structure..03:52
javispedro.signonfs/private is the aegisfs dir!03:52
pawkyjavispedro: well.. i believe  you can get into that one in user mode, but not open it..03:52
pawkyjavispedro: so you skip the file...03:52
DocScrutinizerFACTOID: aegisfs on /home/user/.signon/private type fuse.aegisfs03:53
pawkybut you probably still have to create the directory structure.. right?03:53
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yes.. so you cannot copy that one, and you dont have to..03:53
DocScrutinizerso WTF would you mess with .signon at all?03:53
javispedrothe subdirs of .signonfs are not touched at all because they are not part of any aegisfs mount, they're on the rootfs.03:53
pawkyDocScrutinizer: thats where the account data will be stored..03:54
javispedroit's the private dir the one that is under aegisfs and therefore the one where the actualy passwords are stored.03:54
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and in openmode you can not do anything with the already existing file under private..03:54
* DocScrutinizer goes watching TV03:54
javispedroDocScrutinizer: too late, only pr0n on TV at these hours03:54
pawkyjavispedro: yes.. and you dont have sufficient rights to that file as far as I know..03:55
pawkyjavispedro: maybe thats what he wanted to watch ;-)03:55
javispedropawky: well, that is the problem as we know it.03:55
pawkyjavispedro: which can be solved with my hack!03:55
pawkythink of things like this... how can I make sure the account manager will be able to create a file it can read?03:55
pawkywell.. by making sure there is a directory structure there you have the rights to... right?03:56
javispedrothis is _one step_: umount ~/.signon/private03:56
pawkyhow are you going to achieve it, when aegisfs has someting mounted and that file is probably also open?03:56
DocScrutinizerumount /home/user/.signon/private, enter password stuff again... test&profit03:56
pawkyjavispedro: yes.. that fine by me...  but I still believe you will have to create the dir structure..03:56
javispedrowhat dir structure!03:56
DocScrutinizerdnag, javispedro was faster03:57
pawkyas user...03:57
pawkyso.. you can proabaly very well also just unmount the aegisfs mount (though I believe you will not be able to do so as its locked by an open file)03:58
Lilltigerim trying something different, too see what happens03:58
javispedroso, you kill the process that holds it03:58
Lilltigeri just mounted a dummy folder over my .signon folder03:58
pawkyThe important part is just to (re)move the /etc/aegisfs.d/signon-private.conf file03:58
Lilltigerand that hides the real .signon folder03:59
javispedrojust remove it, reboot, and see what happens.03:59
*** arcean_ has quit IRC03:59
javispedrothere's no need to do anything else. in fact, you CANNOT do anything else...03:59
DocScrutinizereverything else is cruft03:59
pawkyguys? ... aren't you all a bit TO focused about that creating dir thing whilst the actuall trick is to move or remove the file under /etc/aegisfs.d/signon-private.conf ???03:59
Lilltigerjavispedro, well, wont my approtch have a chnce to work, to just mount --bind over it03:59
pawkyread my last comment..04:00
pawkythe thing is not what you do when its running at the moment, but you want to make sure it will not get mounted at boot..04:00
pawkythats actually the fix to it...04:00
javispedroLilltiger: DocScrutinizer was right in that you cannot bind mount over an already existing mountpoint (I should return my UNIX card soon :D )04:00
pawkythis directory copying/moving stuff whas just what I did to be able to look what I had, and to copy what I could...04:01
Lilltigerjavispedro, well I just did04:01
javispedroLilltiger: so it's not as easy as that, you'd have to play with mount --move and friends which I'm not sure are supported by busybox04:01
pawkyjavispedro: well... thats what I have been saying...04:01
Lilltigerand ls says it's my dummy folder04:01
pawkyjavispedro: the move solves it..04:01
pawkyLilltiger: just kill that bloody mount somehow will you?...04:01
javispedroand what we have been saying is that there's NO NEED to do any of this04:01
javispedrobecause you are doing a series of noops04:02
Lilltigerjavispedro, that i do know :)04:02
DocScrutinizerpawky: you're getting offtopic04:02
pawkyjavispedro: and I have always agreed upon you maybe being right about it...04:02
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I just want Lilltiger to do whats necessary..04:02
DocScrutinizerno, you don't04:03
DocScrutinizeryou want him to do what's actually NOT necessary04:03
pawkyLilltiger: so... after you have killed, moved or what have you with the mounted .signon directory.. i would recommend you to create .signon and .signon/private again..04:03
pawkyDocScrutinizer: no.. i just told him what I did, and why...04:03
* javispedro feels the sudden urge to read a "A Series of Unfortunate Events" book04:03
pawkyand I do agree upon it MIGHT not be needed at al... but when you and i did test this last time, we came into an agreement copying whatever was in there might be a good idea..04:04
DocScrutinizer[2011-12-28 02:58:48] <pawky> The important part is just to (re)move the /etc/aegisfs.d/signon-private.conf file  [2011-12-28 02:59:03] <javispedro> exactly.  [2011-12-28 02:59:13] <javispedro> just remove it, reboot, and see what happens  [2011-12-28 02:59:26] <javispedro> there's no need to do anything else. in fact, you CANNOT do anything else...04:05
pawkywell... there are some files you CAN copy even though it MIGHT NOT be necessary.. and that are some db files under .signon04:05
* javispedro dies04:06
javispedrothose files are NOT under the protected storage04:06
pawkyDocScrutinizer: but other wise you are correct... and i BELIEVE one has to make sure /home/user/.signon and .signon/private pre exists...04:06
DocScrutinizerwhen I don't mv away .signon, I don't have to cp anything later on04:06
javispedrothey did NOT change when you booted into open mode04:06
javispedroit's only _private_ which is a aegisfs mount04:06
pawkyjavispedro: well.. they are still on the mount point right?  a bit hard for me to see as i don't have it running..04:06
pawkyif its only the private then you are VERY RIGHT04:07
pawkybetter? :-D04:07
pawkylets come to some agreement shall we?04:07
DocScrutinizer[2011-12-28 02:53:04] <DocScrutinizer> FACTOID: aegisfs on /home/user/.signon/private type fuse.aegisfs04:07
pawkyfair enough.. :-)04:07
pawkythen all you will have to do might be to create the dir private... maybe...04:08
pawkythen again... why not live on the edge and not creating it? :-D04:08
javispedroprivate is already there.04:08
pawkyLilltiger: Why not be the first to shorten the list of what you need to do by only move the file under etc to root and do a reboot? :-)04:10
pawkythen we will know for sure whats needed.... i believe jav04:10
Lilltigerpawky, already on my way doing that04:10
pawkygreat! :-)04:10
pawkyLilltiger: then go check if you can enter the /home/user/.signon/private if so you should be able to do a cat on the file there and see your stuff... e-mail address, password... etc. I believe its a sqlite file, if you want to see it in its pure form..04:11
javispedroyou will not be able to, it's the entire point of aegis04:11
pawkyjavispedro: you WILL, thats my hack..04:12
pawkyjavispedro: or.... ? wait...04:12
LilltigerSuccess!! no password needed after reboot04:14
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: after nuking aegisfs! that's what he said04:14
pawkyLilltiger: there you go then...04:14
auenfsame /opt/ issue as you?04:14
pawkyLilltiger: no password when entering e-mail?04:15
Lilltigerpawky, indeed and the filestructure is there on .signon did not need to do anything04:15
Lilltigerit recreated it all04:16
pawkyLilltiger: as i suspected... and can you cat the file under .signon/private ?04:16
DocScrutinizeremail creates it when trying to store your pw04:16
pawkyok.. so somehow my hack seems to work.. we just don't know why then....04:17
DocScrutinizerwe all know why04:17
Lilltigeryes i can cat the signon.db under the private folder04:17
DocScrutinizerjust you are so tired now you forgot ;-D04:17
pawkyLilltiger: but I believe after a new reboot you will not be able to again... try it.. :-)04:18
DocScrutinizeryou found how to stop aegisfs mount on boot, and that's all that's needed04:18
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yes.. well.. i found a way how to be able to read write the file under private.. by making aegisfs not mount it..04:18
pawkywell.. I am happy Lilltiger finally killed our quarell regarding that move I did... ;-)04:19
DocScrutinizersounds about right04:19
pawkyand I am happy the guniea pig survived the ordeal :-D04:19
Lilltigerhmm, but isent there advantages to letting aegis mount it on boot, as it should be possible to tell aegis just to not encrypt it04:19
DocScrutinizerlol, no04:19
pawkyLilltiger: HELL NO ;-)04:20
Lilltigeror is the encryption all itäs good for?04:20
pawkyLilltiger: and making your life a bit more misserable...04:20
pawkyso... whe have 2 persons now confirming it will fix the problem :-D04:20
Lilltigerwell i was thinking for apps that relied on aegis, if e just ran aegis as it is, but without encryption.. :P04:20
DocScrutinizerand of course it stops evil evil malware from reading out your email passwords04:21
pawkyto be honest... I also removed the include file under /etc/aegisfs.conf  :-)04:21
DocScrutinizerit has to use strace email to get them04:21
javispedrohm, wait, it did not ask for the password on next boot?04:21
javispedroit should have asked it at least once with the aegisfs mount gone.04:22
pawkysorry.. i meant the include statement.. in that file..04:22
Lilltigerjavispedro, first boot it did04:22
pawkyjavispedro: thats what my hack is all about..04:22
pawkyjavispedro: true...04:22
javispedropawky: can you stop about "your hack", it does not exist04:22
Lilltigerjavispedro, but after entring it once it store it for next04:22
pawkyjavispedro: sure... my fix?04:22
pawkymy... idea?04:22
javispedroLilltiger: you mean, after unmounting aegisfs?04:22
Lilltigerjavispedro, yes, umount, restart, enter password, restart then it keeps it04:23
javispedroah, perfect.04:23
DocScrutinizerthat's what we expected04:23
pawkyI see it as a hack... hacking=typing :-D04:23
pawkyI typed, therefore it is... ;-)04:23
Lilltigeryour discovery04:24
javispedroit might have been the case that signon was to call aegis_crypto stuff and thus it did not work04:24
javispedro*it would not have worked04:24
pawkybut it does :-)04:24
javispedrowhich is what happens with certs04:24
pawkywell this is the next thing to challenge... are you in for it? :-)04:24
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: I still don't buy that so easily04:25
pawkyjavispedro: ohh.. i think i have a solution to that as well.. :-)04:25
javispedroDocScrutinizer: well, unmount and try04:25
Lilltigerafter reboot the .signon/private/signon.db is readable04:25
DocScrutinizerI think it might be caused by certs aegisfs miunted r/o04:25
DocScrutinizeralso the symlinks owned by aegis crypto04:26
pawkyjavispedro: and I will tell it to you ONLY if i may call it my hack! :-D04:26
pawkyit actually works... :-)04:26
pawkyim such a hacker... la la la la la...04:26
pawkyok, silence speaks for itself... you are all in agreement :-D04:27
pawkyjust read what more I did above04:27
DocScrutinizerpawky: please stop it now, get some sleep and get sober, come back tomorrow04:27
javispedrono, I am looking at the ChanServ documentation to see how can I get +O and how /kick works04:27
pawkyi am sober ;-)04:27
pawkyjavispedro: do this, just remove the include statement in the /etc/aegisfs.conf and it works..04:27
javispedro(j/k ;P)04:27
pawkyjust tried
pawkyit will ask you if you want to stor the certificate...04:28
pawkya bit weird though.. but that s what it did.. :-)04:28
DocScrutinizerthat's expected once again04:28
pawkyso i can now see
pawkywell.. then case closed :-)04:28
javispedrono, he's making it up04:28
pawkyjavispedro: i am not.. do you want me to send you a screen shot?04:29
pawkyit works..04:29
javispedrothe prompt on self-signed certs says something akin to "Continue eitherway"04:29
javispedroi've seen it bazillions of times04:29
pawkywell.. the thing is.. it didn't work when having that include statement ... it does work without.04:29
pawkythus, obviously again its aegisfs.d that loads something we don't want to have loaded.04:30
pawkyseriously, it does work...04:30
javispedroDocScrutinizer: if it does work, then you are right and it's just a ro thing04:30
pawkydon't you guys believe me anymore?04:31
pawkyhey.. lets ask Lilltiger.. he should have the same problem now, before removing that include statement..04:31
pawkyLilltiger: can you settle this once and for all?04:31
Lilltigerwhat is the issue?04:31
javispedroI don't know how to sigh louder04:31
pawkyLilltiger: try to go to (HTTPS)04:31
pawkyLilltiger: will it work from the N9 browser?04:32
Lilltigercertificate not trusted04:33
* DocScrutinizer wonders if Valium or Haldol was the right drug to cure this hysteric state04:33
pawkyLilltiger: thats odd.. as i got couldn't connect..04:33
Lilltigerit shows the cert looks corrct04:34
pawkyok... so whats the conclusion here... only my phone had a bad day not being able to connect to verisign at all the first time?04:34
DocScrutinizeroption to permanently trust?04:34
Lilltigerno such option04:34
javispedrothere's only continue eitherway as I said04:34
javispedro*"continue either way"04:35
javispedro(sorry I have es_ES locale and I'm not sure of the phrasing)04:35
DocScrutinizeryou need to import the cert somehow04:35
javispedrocerts app04:35
Lilltigerwhen restarting the browser it asks again04:35
DocScrutinizeraah :-D04:35
pawkyDocScrutinizer: aaarrgh... :-(04:36
javispedroeither way, if it is a ro thing, this is the right time to copy everything from the aegisfs /etc/ssl/certs04:36
pawkyIm just such a non hacker :-(04:36
javispedrowhich you can do because it is non-encrypted.04:36
DocScrutinizerI still wonder if for certs a mere copy should work04:36
javispedrothe path suggest it works like standard openssl04:37
javispedroso it should work (TM)04:37
Lilltigeris verisign supposed to be trusted?04:37
javispedroyou should even be able to grab the stuff from debian04:37
DocScrutinizerdang, javispedro was again faster04:37
pawkyor any place..04:38
javispedrowell, not their HTTP cert for sure =)04:38
javispedroyou should go and find the root cert04:38
pawkyjavispedro: yes.. .thats the guys who more or less invented certs..04:38
javispedros/HTTP/www ;P04:38
DocScrutinizerjust copy content of certs to $rnadom place, umount, copy back04:38
pawkyDocScrutinizer: have you tried it?04:39
pawkyDocScrutinizer:  well devel-su does not have the right to do so..04:40
pawkyDocScrutinizer: umount that is..04:40
javispedroget opensh04:40
DocScrutinizerumount as in "do pawky 's HACK" and kick the mount cmd out for next boot04:40
pawkyjavispedro: DocScruitinizer warned me about opensh..04:40
pawkyDocScrutinizer: aha.. trying :-)04:41
DocScrutinizeryou'll want to cp -aR though04:41
javispedropawky: you've changed a file from refhashlist, malf is already guaranteed.04:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: resource busy.04:41
pawkyjavispedro: by doing?04:42
javispedroif you return back to closed mode04:42
pawkyjavispedro: ohh.. yeah if ever going back from openmode, wich I never will, if no one could convince me why..04:42
javispedroyou gain little in openmode if you do not install opensh.04:42
DocScrutinizerdevel-su - user04:42
pawkyjavispedro: whats the link again?04:43
Lilltigerwhere is the file that mounts the ssl/certs located?04:44
DocScrutinizercp -a /etc/ssl/certs MyDoc/certs04:44
javispedro and
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: patched_openmode FTW04:44
DocScrutinizeraegis will *alwaqys* just smile04:45
javispedronot entirely the same thing04:45
pawkyehh.. i have unpatched.. .still valid i hope?04:45
javispedrosome applications can still fetch the list of tokens your process has from aegis and deny04:46
javispedroon their own04:46
DocScrutinizerhmm, trrue04:46
javispedroe.g. the d-bus server, but fortunately it stops doing that if it finds itself in open mode.04:46
pawkyjavispedro: ok.. so now its just to relogin and go for root instead of devel-su?04:46
javispedroer, yeah.04:47
pawkythanks :-04:47
DocScrutinizeractually even relogin is not needed04:48
pawkyoperation not permited..04:48
pawkycannot unmount..04:48
pawkyi think some files are in use in there.. for ssh..04:49
DocScrutinizeryou shall use your own discovery, and nuke the mount out of the includes list04:49
DocScrutinizerthen reboot, then copy back the crap from MyDocs/certs to original place04:50
javispedroEPERM is not EBUSY04:51
pawkyby by phone...04:51
* DocScrutinizer ponders to get himself some Valium04:51
* DocScrutinizer relizes he has no such stuff04:52
pawky*pawky gives valium to DocSCrutinizer *04:52
pawkygreat, an empty certs :-)04:53
DocScrutinizerwell, that's expected04:53
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, i just did the cert copy thing, and seems like verisign still isent trusted (althought I do not know if that is expected or not)04:53
pawkynot expected..04:53
DocScrutinizerno, after copy it should maybe behave. Try chown, chmod on all certs04:54
pawkythey are root:root04:54
DocScrutinizeractuall chmod a+rwx should suffice04:54
Lilltigermine are mixed between root root and aegis crypto04:55
DocScrutinizercheck less  /etc/ssl/certs/f4996e82.004:55
pawkynope.. still asks you to confirm.. :-(04:55
DocScrutinizercheck >># less...04:55
Lilltigergot rights to show it04:56
pawkyyeah.. all of them are root..04:56
Lilltigerlooks like a proper key04:56
DocScrutinizerplease pastebin ># ls -l /etc/ssl/certs|head04:57
pawkyjust a sample midst..04:57
Lilltigerhow did you do that so fast?04:58
DocScrutinizerI think javispedro is right04:58
pawkyLilltiger: trigger happy :-D04:58
pawkyDocScrutinizer: about?04:58
DocScrutinizerplease ># chmod a+w /etc/ssl/certs/*04:59
pawkyDocScrutinizer: scary...04:59
javispedroor you can try the Certs app in settings and try to import one05:00
DocScrutinizerwell, it's a copy, no? ;-)05:00
javispedroand see what it does05:00
Lilltigerthere is ine05:01
pawkyit must be somewhere else you credit these pem files to be valid..05:01
pawkyLilltiger: have yuo disabled aegis mounting cert under /etc/aegisfs.d/ ?05:02
DocScrutinizerchmod a+w /etc/ssl/certs05:02
Lilltigerpawky, yes05:02
pawkyDocScrutinizer: did it... no improvments..05:02
pawkyLilltiger: then it should only be root there..05:02
DocScrutinizerI think javispedro is right05:02
pawkyLilltiger: and you rebooted as well i suppose?05:02
pawkyDocScrutinizer: not if its about the +w flag, as it makes no difference.05:03
Lilltigerpawky, ofcourse, the mount is gone, i just copid the symlinks, i guess you dident05:03
DocScrutinizerpawky: sorry?05:03
pawkyDocScrutinizer: what is he right about?05:04
Lilltigerverising is still not trusted after chmod a+w05:04
pawkywhich it should be..05:04
DocScrutinizerpawky: about sth in browser checks for aegisfs05:04
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ohh.. ok..05:04
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: last chance: try what certapp does05:05
DocScrutinizeras javispedro suggested05:05
DocScrutinizermaybe strace it, fileaccess, |grep ssl05:05
pawkyquestion is.. which of all the certificates corresponds to verisign?...05:06
DocScrutinizeror rather, redirect output to a file, and less "+/ssl"05:06
pawkyi install all of them..05:06
DocScrutinizeroooh, you can install from local copy. Now THAT is a nice idea :-D05:07
pawkyi am a bit bewildered.. you can choose, install verisign.. then you get what it includes.. and you can only go back..05:07
javispedroyes, blame Harm UI designers.05:07
pawkyso.. it wont install then or?05:08
javispedroonce you go back, it should be in the list.05:08
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: so how do I import certs?05:08
pawkytrying verisign05:08
javispedrodid it stick on the list?05:08
pawkyfirst one..05:08
* DocScrutinizer calls it a day05:09
pawkythere is no confirm, or do button after install..05:10
DocScrutinizerone last thing, anybody dared "reset to factory state" yet?05:10
pawkyno chance......05:10
pawkywhy would i want to do it?05:11
pawkythen i would get all my aegis back i presume...05:11
DocScrutinizerbecause that is supposed to restore all databases to a sane state, incl all the certs and whatnot05:11
pawkyI believe i did so with my old phone though, without success..05:11
pawkymaybe Lilltiger can try? :-)05:11
DocScrutinizerand no, you won't get back aegis this way05:11
javispedropft, it'll surely explode05:12
pawkyjavispedro: because?05:12
DocScrutinizerbut so what? reflash and redo openmode ;-D05:12
*** lbt has quit IRC05:12
DocScrutinizerpawky: because there are reports it did on a stock harmattan system, whenever somebody tried that05:13
pawkyhuh.... then that would be a bad suggestion to give then... ;-)05:13
pawkywhats the connnection between these tiny links and the big pem file?05:13
DocScrutinizernah, maybe you're smarter than the guy who got MALF after "restore factory settings"05:13
DocScrutinizerso it might work for you05:14
pawkyyeah.. like screaming hack, when there was none... :-(05:14
DocScrutinizerthe links point to files :-D05:14
pawkyDocScrutinizer: thank you for clearing that one out...05:14
pawkynow, the question is... why?05:14
DocScrutinizerI'm not sure why system needs those particular links05:14
DocScrutinizeralso the names are rather strange05:15
pawkyi moved them to a sub dir and rebooted...05:15
pawkynow lets try again...05:16
DocScrutinizerprobably the pem files are named after a hash of the file itself, while the links pointing to them are named after a hash over the URL that needs that cert05:16
DocScrutinizeror sth like that05:16
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan05:17
Lilltigerohh well time for bed here05:17
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: good night05:17
Lilltigerat least my mobile is somewhat free now ;D05:17
* DocScrutinizer follows good example05:17
javispedrognite then05:17
pawkynot me.. i want to crack this..05:17
pawkyjavispedro: will you be up a few more minutes?05:18
DocScrutinizerpawky: so rethink my strace suggestion05:18
javispedroprobably not05:18
pawkyIt must be me then.... :-(05:18
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yes.. i will..05:18
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC05:18
DocScrutinizergn8 all05:18
pawkywill be part 2..05:18
DocScrutinizerfor javispedro: bn805:20
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC05:20
DocScrutinizerbuenas n8s05:20
pawkyjavispedro: the bug seems partly to be not being able to install any certificates what so ever..05:20
pawkyjavispedro: due to lack of ok button..05:21
javispedroDocScrutinizer: gute n805:21
javispedropawky: no, that's normal as I said05:21
javispedrothe interface is designed that way, don't ask me why05:21
pawkyjavispedro: but there must be some other file containing the list of which ones are installed..05:21
pawkyworking on it..05:22
javispedrowell, feel free to read stuff about how openssl stores certificates05:22
pawkyWell.. I thought your knowledge might give me a shortcut... :-)05:22
DocScrutinizer># cat /etc/ssl/certs/*.pem|find-name-of-ssl-cert  ??05:25
pawkyDocScrutinizer: have you started the browser from ssh?05:26
pawkyDISPLAY=:0.0 doesn't seem to help..05:26
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. the first cert listed when importing will be the verisign cert  if thats what your after :-)05:27
DocScrutinizernever did05:27
pawkyDocScrutinizer: maybe i can hock on to the pid..05:27
DocScrutinizerI'd strace the certmanapp05:27
*** javispedro has quit IRC05:27
DocScrutinizerwhatever that is05:27
DocScrutinizermaybe it's inside browser?05:28
pawkythe browser name is fenix right?05:28
pawkyor not..05:29
pawkydoesnt work..05:29
pawkyohh... ok..05:29
pawkywhats the browser name?05:30
pawkywtf... ptrace operation not permitted...05:32
pawkyim not able to connect to a process with strace?05:32
pawkyhas anyone succeeded to connect strace to a running process?05:34
DocScrutinizeryou are, when either using opensh or same user05:34
pawkynope.. not as user..05:36
pawkyand not through opensh05:36
*** tarantism has quit IRC06:04
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan06:07
pawkyjavispedro: still there?06:10
pawkyThis is what I have done so far: mv /etc/aegisfs.d/*.conf /root06:13
pawkyThis will make the certificates show up in the certificate list. :-)06:13
pawkyyou still seem to have to confirm using them thought :-(06:14
pawkyany one having an idea why its totally impossible to remove the files copied from /etc/ssl/certs to /home/user/certs/certs ?07:00
pawkyno matter if I'm devel-su, opensh root,user and no matter who I set is the owner of the directory and files..07:01
pawkyi get the feeling that opensh root isnt true root either...07:02
*** hardaker has quit IRC07:10
*** beford has quit IRC07:31
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan07:49
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:57
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan07:57
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Arkenoidamn IM/voip account diagnostics sucks big time. everything that could happen is either "network error" or "incorrect password", while being neither of two :-/12:16
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan12:20
*** lbt has quit IRC12:21
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matrixxis there a way sync contacts only to PC?12:45
matrixxneed to get them transferred from normal sim to micro one (n950 -> n9) :)12:45
hiemanshumatrixx: nokia suite?12:47
matrixxdoes it work with N9/N950?12:48
hiemanshuIIRC yes12:48
matrixxok, let's try it out, thanks12:48
*** rcg has joined #harmattan12:52
matrixxseems to say it's not supported, but still seems to work :D12:56
*** rcg has quit IRC12:56
*** xarcass has quit IRC12:58
*** arcean has joined #harmattan13:01
matrixxhiemanshu: it seems to do the trick for N950 but not for N9 :/13:01
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan13:02
jussimatrixx: stick your sim in some phone and do the import via bluetooth - thats what I did  from android -> n95013:02
CissWitmatrixx: can't you use bluetooth to transfer contacts directly from n950 to n9 ? It worked for me from n95 to n9.13:03
CissWitdunno if it could fit your needs13:03
jussiCissWit: hehe :D13:03
CissWitjussi: :) you're quick !13:03
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan13:04
*** psycho_oreos has joined #harmattan13:05
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan13:05
*** gabriel9 is now known as gabriel9|work13:09
*** rcg has joined #harmattan13:11
*** xarcass has quit IRC13:13
matrixxthanks jussi, CissWit!13:13
matrixxbluetooth worked perfectly13:13
jussimatrixx: so it worked?13:13
matrixxI was thinking too complex13:13
matrixxpc-backup would be nice though, but maybe we get the support later13:14
jussimatrixx: yeah, I agree, would be nice, but not essential.13:15
matrixxyeah, can do without :)13:15
matrixxnow I've set my N950 free for Nemo :)13:16
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan13:22
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan13:22
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*** xarcass_ is now known as xarcass13:40
*** rzr-mob has joined #harmattan13:43
rzr-mobI am testing an other irc client now13:48
rzr-mobSeems to work13:48
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan13:50
rzr-mobNoticed i cant log into the twitter app too13:53
*** jussi has quit IRC13:54
psycho_oreosnot nokia  accounts problem?13:54
*** jussi has joined #harmattan13:55
rzr-mobProbally do u know how to fix it ?13:55
psycho_oreoswhen I had issues with inability to create a nokia account, I reflashed, though others say restting back to default may help13:57
*** xarcass has quit IRC13:57
psycho_oreosactually correction, after reboot I cannot bootup properly, something about dnsmasq issues13:58
psycho_oreosso yeah essentially I was forces to reflash13:59
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan14:04
rzr-mobI will live without it14:04
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan14:09
rzr-mobHi gtkman14:10
*** xarcass_ has joined #harmattan14:13
*** xarcass has quit IRC14:13
*** xarcass_ is now known as xarcass14:13
*** piggz has joined #harmattan14:20
*** rzr-mob has quit IRC14:31
pawkydoes anyone know how I will be able to erase all certificates I have copied from /etc/ssl/certs to /home/user/certs/certs ?14:36
pawkydoesn't seem to mater who I am or who owns those files they always give me permission denied when trying to.. :-(14:38
*** rcg has quit IRC14:40
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan14:44
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan14:47
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC14:48
_MeeGoBot_Bug 245 maj, ---, ---, ext-risto.lahti, RESO FIXED, CPU 100% tracker contacts merge14:49
Arkenoican't wait for the update!14:49
pawkydoesn't anyone have an idea how to erase the files?14:52
jussiRzR: I figured out whats wrong. We need to set the package to build the mobile client.14:54
*** rcg has joined #harmattan14:55
jussiRzR: so in the packaging, pass "-DWANT_MOBILECLIENT" to cmake.14:55
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan15:02
CorsacArkenoi: do we have any news on pr1.2 btw?15:09
infobothmm... pr1.2 is available since early Tuesday morning. More information at -- see ~flashing for how to update15:09
*** lizardo has quit IRC15:12
pawkyjonni: might you have the answer to my un-erasable files in /home/user ?:-)15:15
*** xarcass has quit IRC15:20
*** piggz has quit IRC15:22
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC15:27
jussiRzR: also, its no longer available in the ovi store15:29
Venemo~seen MohammadAG15:30
infobotmohammadag <~MohammadA@Maemo/community/contributor/MohammadAG> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 7d 1h 41m 31s ago, saying: 'The pieces were transparent?'.15:30
Lilltigerpawky, what does it say when you try to remove it?15:33
*** Guest90454 has joined #harmattan15:34
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan15:45
pawkyWell.. it tells me permission denied :-(15:49
*** piggz has joined #harmattan15:49
pawkyLilltiger: No matter who I am, or who owns the files.... i cannot delete them what so ever..15:49
pawkyLilltiger: I think I will reset the account and see how that goes..15:50
Lilltigerpawky, all of the files, or just some?15:50
pawkyLilltiger: all of them15:50
Lilltigerand it's the certs?15:50
Lilltigeras i copied them as well, i can try15:50
pawkyyes.. a bunch of copied certs from when aegis owned them.15:50
pawkyLilltiger: But I have removed aegis to be the one owning /etc/ssl/certs after copying the files in them to /home/user/certs/certs15:51
*** Pali has joined #harmattan15:51
*** Pali has quit IRC15:51
*** Pali has joined #harmattan15:51
pawky(I am still trying to crack that certificate issue)15:52
pawkyThus, I can change the rights on the files, The owner of the files, but not delete them15:52
Lilltigeri can move thous delete them, hmm15:52
pawkyLilltiger: I think something went terrible bonkers... so I reset account..15:52
pawkyLilltiger: I think I came a bit further yesterday regarding the certs.. can you check if you have any certs in settings->security->certcs?15:53
Lilltigeri got all of them there15:54
pawkyLilltiger: clearing device...15:54
pawkyLilltiger: the phone seems to other wise work quite happily without any files in /etc/aegisfs.d/15:55
Lilltigerbtw the browser name is grob15:55
pawkyLilltiger: yeah, i figured that one out yesterday ;-)15:55
pawkyLilltiger: though strangely i wasn't able to strace it properly. Grob starts, but strace ends after a while..15:56
Lilltigeri dont have strace installed :(15:56
pawkyLilltiger: its going to be interesting what a 'reset' means for a unit that doesn't have a single aegis mount...15:57
pawkyLilltiger: then install it :-915:57
pawkypawky: you got lots of nice stuff under developer mode15:57
*** Guest90454 has quit IRC15:57
pawkywget, strace, tcpdump15:57
pawky(gosh, I just spoke to myself...)15:57
Lilltigerdepends of tk but tk wont install when i do apt-get install strace15:59
pawkyLilltiger: gosh... you can use the UI15:59
pawkyLilltiger: what is it... settings->security->developer mode yada yada.. i think.. my phone is rebooting16:00
Lilltigeri thouhgt i had it all, but did not :)16:00
pawkyLilltiger: :-)16:01
Lilltigerall i had was utils :D16:01
pawkyLilltiger: There are a few other goodies there as well...16:01
Lilltigerwonder wich of em includes strace16:02
*** briglia has joined #harmattan16:02
pawkyLilltiger: click on them and they tell you before installing..16:02
pawkyahh.. my phone boots :-)16:03
Lilltigerohh my it was included in "Tracing" i would never have guessed that16:03
pawkyLilltiger: right...16:04
pawkybut I have never been able to get that strace to good use, as you cannot hook it unto a pid..16:04
Lilltigerindeed, operation not permitted16:09
pawkyLilltiger: you can do a strace grob -prestart but strace will end after a few seconds..16:10
*** piggz has quit IRC16:11
Lilltigergrob seems to fork itself16:12
*** Pali has quit IRC16:13
pawkyLilltiger: yeah... there are som other tracers there as well not known to me... maybe they could do better...16:19
Lilltigeremm hmm16:24
Lilltigernot even gdb can follow it even if i tell it to follow the child fork16:24
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan16:25
pawkyLilltiger: how are things going?16:26
Lilltigeri wonder what it does, it seems like it dosent fork16:29
Lilltigermaybe it does and exec call throught the kernel16:29
Lilltigeris the openmode kernel hardened?16:30
pawkyLilltiger: not that I know of...16:30
pawkyLilltiger: I think it forks... just as when you open another page..16:30
pawkyLilltiger: but the irritating part is that you don't seem to be able to connect to its pid..16:31
Lilltigerthen gdb should have been able to follow it, when i have set the detatch-on-fork off16:31
Lilltigerill try the other way16:32
pawkygood thought..16:32
*** lizardo has quit IRC16:34
*** maskatti has joined #harmattan16:35
pawkynow... this is strange....16:35
Lilltigerfollow-exec-mode does not work either16:35
pawkyi reset my phone only to notice it hasnt reset anything under /home/user  my bloody /home/user/certs/certs is still there "#¤!!!16:36
pawkymaskatti: ehlo16:36
Lilltigerpawky, do mount | grep certs16:36
pawkyI thought it would clear /home/user once and for all16:36
Lilltigerto make sure it's not a munt16:37
pawkybut nothing should moun it there..16:37
Lilltigeri know16:37
maskattiN900 and Nemo mobile16:37
Lilltigerbut just to make sure, better safe then sorry16:37
pawkynothing... as expected16:38
*** maskatti has quit IRC16:39
pawkymaskatti: thank you for sharing16:39
*** adlan has joined #harmattan16:39
*** snowpong has quit IRC16:41
Lilltigerpawky, try "lsof" one of the files16:42
pawkyLilltiger: I have tried that before as well to no avail... its something really strange going on here... I presume aegis is the guilty one again..16:43
Lilltigerthen why can i change them16:44
Lilltigerand if you copied them aegis cant have any hold over them16:45
pawkyi think it might have to do with me doing some moves earlier..16:45
Lilltigerhmm did you change the ssl deamon to look for the certs there?16:46
pawkybut the big question is, how does one actually reformat /home ?16:46
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:48
Lilltigerwell.. you could unmount all that is mounted to home, install fdisk and then unmount home and fdisk the partition it was mounted to16:49
Lilltigerbut i think that would be a bad idea..16:49
pawkyLilltiger: i think the phone will go beserk if doing such a thing...16:50
pawkyLilltiger: yeah... the UI wouldn't like it...16:50
pawkyLilltiger: but there must be a way to totally clear your unit.... a total flash?16:50
Lilltigerwhat if you flash it with the navi image and do a total flash16:51
Lilltigerthen after that do the reflash with the openmode16:51
pawkyLilltiger: I think thats my next step... :-(16:51
Lilltigerbut hmm try to move your certs folder16:52
*** heymaster has quit IRC16:52
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:52
pawkyLilltiger: I can do nothing with it..16:52
Lilltigercopy it?16:52
Lilltigercopy works?16:52
pawkyand change rights and owner...16:52
pawkybut not move, or rm16:53
Lilltigercan yuo remove the copy?16:53
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan16:54
pawkythats interesting... i suddenly also have a file called keychain in /home/user/.signon/private16:54
pawkydo you have that one as well?16:55
Lilltigercat it16:56
pawkyi did :-)16:56
pawkywill save..16:56
Lilltigermaybe you have a daemon that is using the certs and that is the reason to why you cant delete them16:57
pawkyLilltiger: but who would look for them there?16:57
Lilltigernothing, unless you told it to.. or hmm maybe ~/certs/ is a standard path for the daemon to look in16:58
pawkynah... i created that one myself.. then made a misstake not adding the / so I got two certs/certs ...16:58
Lilltigerwell yes you might have made it yourself, but some daemons check for folders in ~/ by default so if one makes a folder that correspodent to it the daemon will pick it up17:00
*** piggz has joined #harmattan17:00
pawkycopied that keychain file :-)17:00
Lilltigerbut then i named mine certs as well17:00
*** xnt14 has joined #harmattan17:01
pawkythat keychain contains some bytearray 1="@ByteArray(\xe8\xa8  etc...17:02
pawkyI wonder where that one came from as you don't seem to have it...17:03
Lilltigermybe you did some ssh ing?17:04
pawkyno, actually i cannot do that of some unknown reason at the moment..17:04
pawkyor... well.. yeah.. i did try to connect out of the unit.. so that must be it....17:05
Lilltigerbtw have you tried with another browser17:05
pawkyprobably a known_host file then..17:05
Lilltigerlike the opera one?17:05
Lilltigermaybe we should17:05
Lilltigermight be something in the built in one17:05
pawkyThe question is... if a full firmare flash still will not erase /home/user I will be kind of stuck...17:06
pawkyas I will certainly get a MALF17:06
*** beford has joined #harmattan17:08
*** GodXen has joined #harmattan17:09
DocScrutinizerpawky: a full reflash resets ALL afaik17:10
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ahh.. there you are :-)17:11
DocScrutinizerno :-P17:11
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well... there you where then...17:11
DocScrutinizeryou only think that I'm there17:11
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, actually, you only which you arent here17:12
pawkywhats that eMMC stuff actually?17:12
pawkyexternal MMC memory?17:13
DocScrutinizerpawky: strace -f `pidof grob`17:13
befordembedded Memory card17:14
DocScrutinizerI bet it forks, without -f you'll lose the forks17:14
befordmultimedia card or something17:14
pawkytried with -f17:14
pawkywhy would one want to reflash it?17:14
*** piggz has quit IRC17:14
pawkycould that be /home/user ?17:14
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, operation not permitted, and gdb cant even follow the forks17:15
DocScrutinizerstracing grob is a bit tricky as it gets prestarted on boot17:17
Lilltigeri tried to kill all prestarts and the invoker17:17
*** piggz has joined #harmattan17:17
Lilltigerthey died17:17
Lilltigerbut still same result17:17
DocScrutinizerso you starting it manually will just send a msg to the already running instance17:17
DocScrutinizeryou can kill grob, it respawns. you can't kill invoker17:18
Lilltigerahh never checked if it restarted hehe17:19
DocScrutinizerkilling invoker should cause a reboot, for all I would assume17:19
Lilltigerkillall invoker dident say anything17:20
DocScrutinizerthough maybe it's not invoker, but dsme that does the respawn of all preloaded processes and will cause reboot when killed itself17:21
DocScrutinizerinvoker probably just is a shared lib sharing wrapper17:21
DocScrutinizeraround all GUI processes17:21
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan17:22
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, would the Opera Browser have it's own certs?17:22
Lilltigerbecause using it it did not complian about the cert for verisign17:23
DocScrutinizerfrom fremantle:17:23
DocScrutinizerIroN900:~# ls -l `which modest`17:24
DocScrutinizerlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 2011-11-30 18:44 /usr/bin/modest -> /usr/bin/maemo-invoker17:24
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: the quite probably yes17:24
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: actually I recall one of last fixed tickets of opera was sth about ",ark diginotar revoked in opera's certs"17:25
DocScrutinizerso yes, it is using its own cert store17:25
Lilltigerhmm how about fennec17:26
Lilltigerno fucking clue?17:28
DocScrutinizerabout invoker: it is a common shared process to provide all the shared libs only once. It invokes the real binary (modest, grob, whatever) from the name it is invoked itself. In above example maemo-invoker gets started with $0 = "modest" and thus it lauches modest.real or sth, with all *.so already loaded/linked to process addr space17:28
hiemanshuNear Field Communication17:28
infobotnfc is probably No Fucking Clue, or near field communications17:28
DocScrutinizerNot the Faintest Clue ;-D17:29
Clintdon't forget the unicode normalization17:29
*** lizardo has quit IRC17:31
DocScrutinizer(invoker) to accomplish that task invoker probably just sends a msg to the already running instance of itself, then terminates - otherwise the goal of keeping all the *.so already preloaded was moot17:31
DocScrutinizerthe already running instance then launches xyz.real17:31
DocScrutinizerKDE does exactly same AFAIK17:31
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan17:32
DocScrutinizerwell kinda17:33
*** Pali has joined #harmattan17:33
*** Pali has quit IRC17:33
*** Pali has joined #harmattan17:33
DocScrutinizerto strace17:33
DocScrutinizeras it obviously makes stracing a bit tricky17:33
DocScrutinizerand general preloading doesn't help either, which is yet another concept used concurrently17:34
DocScrutinizer 5577 user      20   0  135M 24920 17860 S  0.0  2.5  0:00.00 /usr/bin/grob -prestart17:38
DocScrutinizer 5578 user      20   0  135M 24920 17860 S  0.0  2.5  0:00.00 /usr/bin/grob -prestart17:38
DocScrutinizer 5575 user      20   0  1836   504   440 S  0.0  0.0  0:00.00 /usr/bin/invoker --type=m /usr/bin/grob -prestart17:38
DocScrutinizerhtop ^^^17:38
DocScrutinizerthere's dsme too17:39
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:39
DocScrutinizerso not that much changed from fremantle17:39
DocScrutinizerjust they don't use symlinks anymore, thanks aegis I guess17:40
DocScrutinizerwhat a terrible waste of manpower17:40
DocScrutinizerto code all that 'nonsense'17:41
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan17:41
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:41
DocScrutinizergifted young Nokia developers wasted for adopting the MSSF requirements into all binaries17:41
trx[16:40] <DocScrutinizer>  5577 user      20   0  135M 24920 17860 S  0.0  2.5  0:00.00 /usr/bin/grob -prestart17:41
trxgrob = grave in serbian17:41
DocScrutinizergrob = brute in German17:42
gabriel9who is serb here_17:42
*** auenf has quit IRC17:42
DocScrutinizertoldya Nokia never was short of ideas for really strange names17:42
DocScrutinizermicrob is at least as bewildering a name for a browser17:43
gabriel9microb is microorganism in serb17:43
gabriel9ups mikrob :D17:43
gabriel9dam'n this eng17:44
gabriel9i forgot my own language17:44
gabriel9my ancestors are turning inside their graves17:44
DocScrutinizernah, I'll never forget Pascal17:44
gabriel9good one17:44
*** auenf has joined #harmattan17:45
trxgabriel9 me17:45
gabriel9trx from where are you?17:45
gabriel9odakle si?17:45
trxVojvodina, Novo Milosevo17:45
trxnear Kikinda17:45
gabriel9Banja Luka RS17:46
ZogG_laptopgabriel9: you obv did not forget you lang17:46
pawkygabriel9: chvala kako ti?17:46
trxhow's Harmattan development in BL? :)17:46
ZogG_laptopas you said "my ancestors are turning inside their graves17:46
gabriel9stvarno mi je drago da barem neko ima odavde još(i'm really happy that there is someone from this lands)17:46
DocScrutinizerenglish please!17:46
trxlets keep it plain english17:47
gabriel9i must go17:47
gabriel9work over17:47
ZogG_laptopit's common phrase in russian s well, but damn, it doesn't sound normal in english17:47
trxbon voyage17:47
gabriel9see ya17:47
trxrussian and serbian are very simmilar17:47
trxwell, all slavic languages17:47
DocScrutinizercya, kids. bbl17:48
ZogG_laptoptrx: yeah but still my penis is longer =P17:48
ZogG_laptopDocScrutinizer: don't lie17:48
trxgood for you17:48
ZogG_laptopyou'lll be here all the time scanning the chan for info17:48
ZogG_laptoptrx: not me but my gf =P17:48
pawkytrx: zdrazvotje   :-)17:49
trxyeah, i dont think so, you mentioned it on #harmattan :)17:49
pawkyDocScrutinizer: so.. where are we regarding those certs?17:50
pawkyI am überflashing my phone back to stock, to get rid of those pem files under user... :-(17:50
pawkyany luck debugging things Lilltiger ?17:51
ZogG_laptoppawky: so how was your open mode exp?17:51
pawkyZogG_laptop: well.. i found a way to get the passwords to stick :-D17:52
pawkyZogG_laptop: and I kicked out all the aegisfs mounts :-)17:53
pawkyZogG_laptop: in general things worked as suposed :-)17:53
pawkyZogG_laptop: but we do have some problem with the browser root certs.17:53
*** adlan has quit IRC17:53
pawkyZogG_laptop: and playing with those I succeeded to copy them into user space where they got superstuck..17:54
pawkyhence reflashing...17:54
pawkyi thought a reset would actually clear /home but it doesnt17:54
*** adlan has joined #harmattan17:54
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC17:58
pawkyI think I go back to open mode again.. much more fun there... :-D17:58
DocScrutinizerpawky: so before flashing back to securemode/stock, did you try "reset to factory settings"?18:00
pawkyhmm.. reset account that is..18:00
pawkyi can try the other one as well if you want.. what should happen?18:00
DocScrutinizernono, reset whole device to factory settings18:00
pawkyDocScrutinizer: will it die a horrable death?18:01
DocScrutinizerit should recreate all the databases to what the device shipped with18:01
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan18:01
pawkywell... I have just installed the openmode kernel again, after an eMMC flash18:01
DocScrutinizersystem maybe, actually probably will. hw not though ;-D18:01
DocScrutinizerhey javispedro18:01
javispedrooh no18:01
javispedrostill there?18:01
pawkygreat all are back on track again :-D18:02
pawkyi will remove all aegisfs mounts again :-)18:02
DocScrutinizerpawky: actually I think "reset to factory defaults" failed for those poor pals DUE TO aegis, and it has better chances to work on your openmode aegisfree setup18:03
pawkyill bet it does18:03
pawkyjavispedro: are you not happy to see me? :-)18:03
DocScrutinizerit shall restore all databases in an "e,pty" state (incl the default accounts that ship from Nokia), it also *should* restore certs18:04
javispedroa lot18:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o javispedro18:04
DocScrutinizerjust in case18:04
*** javispedro changes topic to "A place for harmattan device and development discussions | Customers help customers on #N9, hurry and you're the senior member | Please stay on topic and no NDA stuff here | Developers : | lng_page | logs: htthahp:// | ~aegis-no-thanks"18:05
*** javispedro changes topic to "A place for harmattan device and development discussions | Customers help customers on #N9, hurry and you're the senior member | Please stay on topic and no NDA stuff here | Developers : | | logs: | ~aegis-no-thanks"18:05
DocScrutinizermissing /topicdiff18:05
*** javispedro sets mode: -o javispedro18:05
javispedrojust a typo actually =)18:06
*** rcg has quit IRC18:06
DocScrutinizerooh, you already *are* in access list :-D18:07
pawkythis is odd.. i cannot connect to the unit through USB any more :-(18:07
DocScrutinizerpawky: unusual18:09
DocScrutinizercaused by your PC I'd guess18:09
pawkyjust restarted /etc/init.d/network18:09
pawkywell i get the connection... cant ping the unit though..18:09
DocScrutinizerflasher is known to mess with kernel modules, to make flashing work18:10
DocScrutinizerdunno if you maybe need to modpobe cdc_ether cdc_phonet, or sth18:10
DocScrutinizero/ again, to prove ZogG_laptop false18:11
pawkybut do i get it correctly flahing eMMC will just erase /home ?18:11
pawkysomething seems seriously screwed.. tried on another machine with the same results..18:15
pawkysuspecting the lack of certs might have to do with this.... somehow..18:16
pawkyso lets try that factory reset while at it :-D18:18
pawkybye bye phone... :'(18:19
*** wirwe has quit IRC18:20
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan18:22
*** adlan has quit IRC18:22
*** rcg has joined #harmattan18:22
pawkywell.. if one (as I have) has removed all conf files under /etc/aegisfs.d/ a factory reset doesn't do much at all...18:23
pawkyI am getting a bit bewildered what to actually flash to get a total reset?18:26
pawkythat eMMC flash seems to only have reset /home which is nice but not all needed..18:27
pawkyshould it be the DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_LECACY_339_ARMRM-696_PRD_signed.bin ?18:27
*** wirwe has quit IRC18:30
pawkyof some reason it doesn't like to be flashed :-(18:31
pawkyi get a SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terminated with error code 10: Security failure... :-(18:32
rcgalright, any hint on where to look for a nfc low-level api for the n9?18:40
javispedrothe situation is friggin increible with nokia suite and the n918:40
javispedrothey basically blacklist the n9 for unspecified reasons18:40
rcgseems like those cards need to be formatted first to be used as type 2 tags:
javispedroI don't know if there's malice involved ("let's fsck the n9." signed: elop), naivety (the n9 is so great it needs no stinking sync program), or what18:41
rcgbut well.. apparently qtmobility aint the right tool for this job as it seems to expect "usable" nfc tags18:41
rcgbtw. I was already digging through the qtmobility code that is publicly available.. it seems qtm is getting most of its data/information about nfc tags via dbus18:42
thprcg: there's rlinfati's nfc tag writer app, and a "ps ax" shows the nfcd running18:43
thprcg: maybe have a look at how qtmobility talks with the nfc/nfcd18:43
thprcg: also on nokia developer you will find the nfcinfo app with source18:43
*** heymaster has quit IRC18:44
rcgthp: yeah, been already using that app for testing purposes.. but it's too high-level, I assume18:44
rcgthp: thanks for the nfcd hint.. that's another place I can digg around18:45
javispedroseems closed source18:45 expected :/18:45
*** awallin has quit IRC18:46
rcgwell.. other cards work well, with rlinfati's app, with the nfcinfo reference implementation, and also with my own app18:46
*** awallin has joined #harmattan18:46
rcgit's just those mifare ultralight thingies which refuse to work properly...18:46
pawkyI think I am a bit out of luck here... does anybody have a link to the 22.2011.44.2 firmware for the 059L7N7? :-(18:46
thprcg: i had problems reading my passport with nfcinfo, but an oyster card worked great (serial no only)18:47
*** nebulon is now known as nebulon_off18:47
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan18:47
rcgthp: ic... as far as I can tell, those ultralight tags are picked up as type 2 tags but report a memory size of 0.. that's at least what I could get with the debugging code in my app...18:48
rcgbtw I also played around with my id card and passport.. the id card gets identified as proprietary tag and the passport is reported as tag4.. fwiw18:48
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC18:49
javispedrothp: btw18:49
DocScrutinizerpawky: what's the problem?18:49
pawkyDocScrutinizer: cannot flash :-( last line before pipe speaks about Downgrade disallowed)18:50
javispedrothp: I didn't integrate the changes to fmrx because I'm writing a replacement so that only a daemon runs as root18:50
rcgfor the sake of completeness.. i also have a type4 card here which works just fine18:50
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan18:50
DocScrutinizerpawky: for flashing, start flasher, then plug in the POWERED-DOWN device to USB18:50
pawkyDocScrutinizer: got some Security 10 error when trying to flash the 20.22.40-4 version18:50
javispedrothp: just in case you wanted to know why the merge request is still pending :)18:51
thpjavispedro: sounds good :) that's the right thing do to18:51
thpjavispedro: btw, did you do any work on sowatch lately or has that project been put on the backburner? ;)18:51
javispedrooh, I did somework to get it working on the n900 while I didn't had my n95018:51
javispedroI pushed it last week iirc18:52
pawkyDocScrutinizer: nope still the same Security 10 error :-(18:52
javispedrowith the n950 back i'll get onto it once I finish fmrx18:52
pawkyDocScrutinizer: maybe that openmode kernel is a 44.2 version?18:52
pawkyDocScrutinizer: what is security 10 then???18:53
rcgi just hoped for some very low level access to the nfc stuff...18:53
rcgwith respect to nfcd.. a quick google showed this up:
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and its the 1.1GB file that is the one to flash right?18:56
DocScrutinizerthere are many fiasco images, you need to use the one matching your model (well, not necessarily, as frals told us, we could flash to other local if it doesn't introduce conflicts with e.g. cmt firmware special build for a particular country)18:58
pawkyDocScrutinizer: got all the files for my model using NaviFirm..18:58
DocScrutinizerwell, then what's written in whole thread, and in tmo similar thread, that's all I know19:02
thpjavispedro: i had a merge request for sowatch too iirc, but i never followed up on it, so i'm not sure about the status19:02
*** heymaste_ has joined #harmattan19:02
javispedromerged long ago I think19:02
thpok great :)19:02
javispedroyou can find it on OBS these days btw19:03
*** heymaster has quit IRC19:03
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC19:03
thpyay :) haven't used the metawatch for some time now, though.. the digital version's display is really hard to read19:03
javispedroah well :)19:04
thpjavispedro: did you promote it to apps.formeego already? or is it missing a gui?19:10
thpi'd like to do the same for fmradio after you tell me that you are done with your refactoring work19:11
*** rcg has quit IRC19:12
javispedroit's missing a ui indeed..19:12
Lilltigerboth Fennec and Opera Mobile verifies verisign as safe source, but they both seem to provide thire own certs so..19:16
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC19:19
pawkywow.. has anybody ever got the message Reinstall authorized operating system ???19:19
fluxpawky, what did you do?-)19:20
pawkywell... i just dif flasher --erase-user-data19:20
infobotpawky meant: well... i just did flasher --erase-user-data19:20
pawkyI think I need some help now..... :-(19:27
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:27
*** auenf has quit IRC19:30
pawkyit seems the system believes the version in the phone is newer than whats actually in it...19:31
Jarecan i see the current cellular signal strength in dBm from somewhere?19:34
pawkyIf i just want to put in the stock closed kernel, which of all the files might that be?19:37
pawkyok.. i think I am back on track again... stock stuff going in...19:42
*** Zombie3 has left #harmattan19:42
*** Jonno has joined #harmattan19:46
pawkyanybody having an idea what might go wrong after that warning message comes up and clears away with nothing else happening?19:48
*** Jonno has quit IRC19:48
*** Jonno has joined #harmattan19:48
*** ab has joined #harmattan19:48
*** ab has quit IRC19:48
*** ab has joined #harmattan19:48
kraloranyone knows why socket(PF_PACKET, SOCK_RAW, 768) fails with a -1 EPERM (Operation not permitted) ?19:49
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan19:50
kralorok it seems so19:50
kralorwtf is that aegis ?19:50
kralorI was reading about it while searching "sock_raw harmattan"19:50
pawkysecurity thingy making your life misserable..19:50
kralorhow is it implemented ?19:51
kraloris it a module ?19:51
pawkyim no expert in its implementation... but the only way to bypass it would be to use an openmode kernel...19:51
pawkya kernel which ignores aegis jibberish..19:52
*** vladest has quit IRC19:52
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest19:53
kralor"Only processes with effective UID 0 or the CAP_NET_RAW capability may open packet sockets."19:53
pawkyyes.. and very few are uid 0...19:55
kralorwell nmap is 019:55
kralor-rwxr-xr-x    1 0        0          1797049 Dec 26 17:30 /usr/local/bin/nmap19:55
pawkyor root, to be a bit more precise..19:55
kralorand I ran it as root19:55
kralorI'll check if it drops privs19:56
pawkyhow did you run it as root?19:56
pawkydevel-su is not true root..19:56
kralorerhm logging as root ?19:56
kralorah ok19:56
kraloryeah so I did it with devel-su -19:56
*** Pali has quit IRC19:56
kralorok so the most elegant way would be19:56
pawkyhave you just tried to run it as user?19:56
*** Pali has joined #harmattan19:56
kralor"Only processes with effective UID 0 or the CAP_NET_RAW capability may open packet sockets."19:56
*** Pali has quit IRC19:56
*** Pali has joined #harmattan19:56
kralorto set that CAP_NET_RAW to the process19:57
kralornop but I need to be root for raw sockets anyway19:57
pawkyjust try...19:57
kralorTCP/IP fingerprinting (for OS scan) requires root privileges.19:57
pawkyi think I spoke with someone about this earlier a few days ago.. check the backlog for nmap or tcpdump.. i think it was tcpdump..19:57
kralordamn I hate this busybox shell19:58
pawkywell.. my phone is kind of a 'brick' at the moment.. so I cannot check for you..  try if tcpdump works..19:58
kralorI ctrl-c and it fucked my shell19:58
* kralor wants bash19:58
kraloryes tcpdump works like a charm19:58
pawkyctrl-c should work in your shell..19:58
kralorit works but it then fuck up the display :)19:59
kralorno more 'echo'19:59
pawkymaybe landscape mode will do better?19:59
kralor/home/user $ -sh: eeeee: not found19:59
kralorI'm through ssh ;)19:59
kralorI don't feel like typing on that tiny screentouch kb19:59
*** ab has quit IRC20:00
kralorcool there's 'bash'20:00
pawkythen its your terminal f--ing things up..20:00
kraloralways had this kind of problems with set-up boxes also20:01
kralorwith busybox20:01
pawkyhas anybody any instructrions how to flashe this N9 back to true stock?20:01
kralorash is just a piece of crap20:01
pawkykralor: well I don't... when connecting through ssh...20:01
kraloralso it's a shame to have 3des in /etc/passwd20:01
kralorpawky: just run nmap20:02
kralorthen you will have the problem20:02
kralorctrl-c while it scans20:02
pawkywell... as my phone is a BRICK at the moment, i think running that softy will be highly unlikely...20:02
kraloryou fucked it ?20:02
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan20:02
*** ab has joined #harmattan20:02
*** ab has joined #harmattan20:02
kralorI'm not sure I should follow any of your advices then?! ;P20:02
pawkywell, would i have done that, I would at least have hade some pleasure with it...20:02
pawkywell.. the advice to make the password stick in openmode is still very much valid...20:03
kralorah :)20:03
*** daniel_o has joined #harmattan20:05
pawkyi think this is the time when ones problems could be compacted into only one word... HELP!!!20:05
kralorwhy the hell can't we be "true" root ?20:05
pawkykralor: because then you can do true root things..20:05
kralorhow could tron hack into the server through pci port without true root20:06
pawkyprobably by exploiting a softy that has root priveliges...20:07
kraloroh yeah nice20:07
kralorI forgot that path20:07
infobotpawky meant: probably by exploiting a softy that has root privileges...20:07
kralorI like race conditions20:07
kralormy shell is supposed to have root20:07
kralorhow can I differentiate a true/fake root proc ?20:08
*** lbt has joined #harmattan20:08
*** lbt has joined #harmattan20:08
kralor 3116 root     -bash20:08
pawkywell.. i believe in this case its all about what aegis lets you do.. no matter if you are root or not..20:09
pawkyroot, is not root under aegis..20:09
pawkyor everyting aegis controls..20:09
pawkyi am not an expert on aegis... but it kind of feels like one is communicating with a different computer to which you have limited rights... and who lets you mount some stuff on it with limited privileges...20:12
pawkybeing root on your system will not give you root on aegis... if you understand my analogy..20:13
pawkyso, aegis, running a complete different process will then let your kernel mount stuff on it... kind of..20:14
*** artemma has joined #harmattan20:20
pawkyDoesn't anybody know how to flash the N9 back to be a true stock firmware phone???20:22
*** adlan has joined #harmattan20:23
pawkyi can flash that DFL61 EMMC image, but it just wont boot :-(20:25
pawkyjavispedro: yeah.. really funny :-(20:26
javispedrothe blackberry native audio SDK is basically a copy of the ALSA api20:26
javispedroor a subset of it20:26
javispedroDocScrutinizer^^ =)20:26
*** artemma has quit IRC20:28
*** artemma has joined #harmattan20:28
pawkyAm I the only one who experienced nothing happens after the warning splash screen?20:29
pawkyjavispedro: don't you know a thing or two about flashing? :-)20:31
javispedronot on the N9.20:31
pawkyjavispedro: I think N950 will do as well :-)20:31
*** artemma has quit IRC20:33
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan20:35
pawkyjavispedro: what is this APE algorith stuff actually?20:36
*** arcean has quit IRC20:36
DocScrutinizerapp proc env algo, to flash the cmt20:37
DocScrutinizerthe flasher program running on N9 linux, that talks to modem to flash cmt fw20:38
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Now when I cannot boot my device, its sooooo  silent over here.. :-(20:38
jonnipawky: to your question earlier. most likely you just tried rm as wrong user20:39
pawkyjonni: ahh.. my hero is back :-)20:39
pawkyjonni: do you have any link how I will succeed to get this thing up and running again?20:40
*** phunguy has quit IRC20:40
jonnipawky: you mean normal flashing? :)20:40
pawkyyes... i flash it.. and it wont go beyond the warning screen20:40
pawkyi have tried to find anywhere where Nokia would tell me how to flash it back to stock... but I cannot find it..20:41
*** phunguy has joined #harmattan20:41
pawkyit complains about security issue 10.. whatever that is..20:41
pawkyjonni: Do you know what Security 10 means?20:41
jonnipawky: sudo ./flasher -fF [filenamewith40-4].bin -R20:41
pawkyjonni: if using the file not having EMMC in it.. it wont flash giving error 1020:42
pawkyjonni: and if using the EMMC.. it flashes.. but wont boot.. :-(20:42
jonnipawky: sudo ./flasher -f -F[filenamewith40-4].bin -F[emmcfile] -R20:43
jonniboth files in the same commandline20:43
*** artemma has joined #harmattan20:43
javispedrothe N9 has separate emmc and rootfs files again?20:43
pawkyjonni: ok.. will try.. DONT GO AWAY..... :-D20:43
pawkyjavispedro: it looks like it :-(20:44
pawkyjonni: what is this Error state with status 10?20:44
jonnipawky: no idea, that error never comes if using right parameters :)20:46
pawkyjonni: this will not work: flasher -f -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.1_EMMC_339.bin -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin -R20:47
jonnipawky: what error does it give during flashing?20:48
pawkyjonni: it just give me that 10 error....20:48
jonnipawky: during flashing?20:48
jonnion the console?20:48
pawkyit wont flash20:48
pawkyyes :-(20:48
jonniso you have runned that command, and pressed the powerbutton about 20seconds untill device vibrates?20:49
pawkythe last line tells me Downgrade disallowed (1323696025) and then pipo 0 finnishing error state status 1020:49
pawkyi have run that last command, but that will not flash..20:49
jonniwhat does ./flasher -i tell you20:50
jonniwell if thinks that your downgrading then it will always fail20:50
pawkyi vill paste it.. (its on another machine..)20:50
pawkyyes.. thats what I think.. but its the same firmware20:50
pawkyits the one I have :-(20:50
pawkythere is no other to upgrade to :'(20:50
jonniwell some people have flashed pr1.1.1 and trying to downgrade to pr1.120:51
pawkyi can flash the EMMC if I also provide -a and the EMMC file..20:51
jonniand some people have flashed different region and trying to downgrade on same version20:51
pawkyI have not..  i only changed the kernle to openmode :-(20:51
*** TSCHAK has joined #harmattan20:51
TSCHAKanyone know where the white N9 is being sold ?20:51
pawkyTSCHAK: google?20:52
pawkyTSCHAK: I think i read it on the Nokia news..20:52
TSCHAKfair enough.20:52
*** artemma has quit IRC20:52
pawkyTSCHAK: sorry, i don't have the link... but i am certain you will find it..20:52
pawkyjonni: The one I have is a Swedish 64GB phone with the 40-4 firmware on it :-(20:53
jonniflasher -i?20:53
javispedroI believe that the latest NSUs can flash N920:54
*** faenil has quit IRC20:54
jonniyou should always be able to flash same core image again, it only should give downgrade disallowed if you try to flash wrong variant20:54
pawkyjonni: i know.. but it IS the right one... the 059L7N620:56
jonnipawky: but thats not necessarily the right one, if someone has flashed vanilla core, then you cannot flash the right variant back20:56
jonnithats why Im asking -i20:56
pawkyjonni: well.. you know I got it from Nokia..20:56
jonnithey might have flashed different image than the variant20:57
pawkyjonni: DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_339 :-)20:57
jonniin that case you need to match the image file and not the variant string20:57
jonnipawky: thats the output of flasher -i?20:57
pawkyjonni: well.. the short version (its on another machine)..20:58
pawkyi can paste it... hold..20:58
pawkyjonni: this is -i minus EMAI
jonnipawky: hmm, that doesnt say anything, next more helpfull paste would be the output of the flasher -f -F -F -R command21:01
pawkyjonni: hold :-)21:01
pawkythere is one command that works... that is if supplying the -a SOMEFILE.bin and then also flash EMMC_something.bin21:04
pawkybut it will still not take me beyond the warning screen.. .21:05
jonnithen options are that your 40-4 files checksum doesnt match, it download has corrupted some byte21:06
jonnior you need to flash 40-4 vanilla version21:06
pawkyi have also tried to flash just the kernel which I assumed was the RM696_059L76N_20-2011.4_001_signature.bin21:06
lizardopawky: "Downgrade disallowed" at the end means you are trying to flash a variant which is lower than the one flashed on your device21:06
pawkylizardo: yes, this i know.. except for it being the same firmware thats on the unit :-(21:06
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC21:06
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan21:07
jonnipawky: or you can just do ./flasher -fF[40-4].bin --flash-only=kernel21:07
lizardopawky: well... for some reason the N9 bootloader disagrees :)21:07
lizardofor reference, I got exactly this when attempting to flash a PR001 variant image onto a PR009 one...21:08
jonniif you have tried to flash signature.bin files you might have just screwed your device, since your not supposed to play with those :)21:08
jonnias that one is not the kernel, kernel is always inside the 40-4.bin image21:09
lizardopawky: try cold flashing (adding -c to the flasher command) and see if it tells you which version it thinks is on the device21:10
lizardothat means something like :  flasher -f -F <rootfs> -F <emmc> -c -R21:10
jonniah yes, sudo ./flasher -f -c -F[40-4].bin -F[emmc].bin -R21:10
jonnipaste of that one might help21:11
pawkylizardo: jonni: doing..21:11
DocScrutinizerpawky: wait WHAT? you flashed *.signature?21:11
DocScrutinizerooh, nm21:11
pawkyso.. its adding -c to the command in the paste? or the one that works with the EMMC and some APE stuff?21:12
DocScrutinizercaldflashing might actually help, regarding the random manner you compose your flashing commands ;-D21:12
jonnipawky: the one with -f -c -F -F -R, there is nothing interesting in -a one, since malf is expected in that one21:13
pawkythat line doesn't work :-(21:15
jonniah dont try to flash emmc,  use ./flasher -f -c -F[40-4.bin]21:17
jonniemmc flashing doesnt help you on malf anyways21:17
pawkyjonni: i have no clue if i have a MALF... but if a black screen is its clear sign then that it is...21:18
jonnipawky: any luck with that command, or shall I give other options to try?21:18
DocScrutinizerpawky: you nuked your kernel21:19
DocScrutinizerI'd guess21:19
DocScrutinizerbut jonni shall know more21:19
pawkyjonni: it complains about the 1st image not being supplied when using -c21:19
lizardopawky: this *_PRD_signed.bin you got does not look like a regular N9 image...21:20
pawkyflasher -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin  -f -c -R21:20
pawkylizardo: well. its 1.1GB big..21:20
jonni./flasher -f -c -F[40-4.bin] -h RM-696:1601 -R21:21
lizardopawky: you can try unpacking it with flasher -F <image>  -u (using the old Maemo5 flasher, as the harmattan one lacks the -u)  and compare the unpacked components with the one from another image21:22
pawkyno such parameter -h21:22
javispedroit's been removed too in 3.1121:23
pawkyflasher -v 3.2.121:23
pawkywell... I can go for an old one if you think thats a good idea?... link anyone?21:24
lizardojavispedro: flasher 3.5 still works to unpack harmattan images :)21:25
pawkylizardo: so.. I should upgrade?21:25
pawkyexcept for 3.5 not existing for x64 debian :-(21:26
pawkyjonni: have you given up on me?21:27
jonnipawky: most likely you need to also download DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin21:28
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan21:28
lizardojonni: this one looks more familiar (the name) :)21:28
pawkyjonni: I thought that one was for.. like... arabia.. or something..21:28
jonnipawky: that one is the vanilla21:29
pawkyjonni: fair enough.. then that will probably do the trick then.. (testing)21:29
lizardopawky: the flasher-3.5 binary is 32bit but it should run on 64bit debian/ubuntu (at least the most recent versions with multiarch support), anyway it is only useful if you want to unpack the image you downloaded to see what's inside21:30
pawkylizardo: ok.. I go for finding that OEM thingy first :-)21:30
jonniatleast that image should hold all the 1st images for available hw21:32
*** Jonno has quit IRC21:33
pawky*downloading that OEM thingy at best *21:33
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:34
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:34
pawkyjonni: lizardo:  I will try to burn that image... and then I have to go pickup my gf. Will you be around here say in an hour as well?21:35
pawkyjonni: lizardo: because your tips are quite a bit beyond my knowledge level to say the least.. ;-)21:35
jonnimost likely, atleast not going to sleep atleast for 3 hours21:35
jonnibut didn't -c tell anything about current version, or does the paste fail before that?21:36
pawkyjonni: great to hear... i believe that vanilla firmware will to the trick.. but one never knows...21:36
*** Jonno has joined #harmattan21:37
lizardopawky: not sure I will be here, but the only thing i had to add is that the image file name (esp. for the _PRD_signed.bin suffix) looks odd, and even more strange is that cold flash didn't work with it , meaning it may be somehow incomplete. The OEM image would be a good choice21:38
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #harmattan21:38
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC21:38
pawkylizardo: I do agree.. but that was one of the file i got using NaviFirm... I didn't dare questioning it..  expanding using -u and that -h might also be interesting if the OEM won't cut it...21:39
pawkyThe file had about the same size as an old image for my returned phone.. so it looked legitimate enough being 1.1gb..21:40
jonnipawky: sometimes those downloads are corrupted, so redownloading might do the trick21:40
jonniis it also says downgrade disallowed if bin file is corrupted21:40
*** decibyte has quit IRC21:41
pawkyjonni: I was starting to think about that as an option as well.. even though corrupt files are quite rare these days..21:41
jonniatleast in this channel quit many people have had corrupted bin21:41
pawkyI can imagine a corrupt file could create downgrade disallowed..21:41
jonnithats why people have pasted md5sums of the bin so people can check21:42
SpeedEvilDiddn't more recent ones check?21:42
pawkywell.. Nokia made som official web page for these downloads one could avoid having to use NaviFirm on a dedicated Windows machine..21:42
pawkymaybe MD5 would do the trick confirming the files..21:43
fralsrunning version are you running and what are you trying to flash?21:43
jonniand ofcourse you can try NSU and pc suite on windows to flash the device.21:43
pawkyjonni: huh... never ever...21:44
pawkyI am happy with linux...21:44
pawkyOK.. have to run.. will be back in 30 minutes :-)21:44
*** spenap has quit IRC21:46
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan21:46
jonniheh, well I'm not limited to one OS, some things are easier to do with Mac, some with Linux and some with win.21:47
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:54
*** diggy has joined #harmattan22:00
*** faenil has joined #harmattan22:14
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:16
*** adlan has quit IRC22:17
*** briglia_ has joined #harmattan22:23
*** briglia has quit IRC22:24
*** Pali has quit IRC22:27
faenilis there anyone online?22:27
faenilgot some problem with qml :P22:27
kralorfaenil: #qt ?22:27
faenilalready written there22:27
faeniland in qt-qml22:27
faenilanyway, really simple problem: I've got a Rectangle{} and a QDeclItem, let's call it Bye{}22:30
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC22:30
faenilMy code is Rectangle { Bye{} }22:30
faenilnow, why is the rectangle always drawn over my Bye?22:30
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan22:30
faenilif anyone know why, please let me know, I have tried some things, but nothing helped22:32
faenilok solved, I had accidentally commented out beginNativePainting()22:35
pawkyjonni: That OEM flash gives the same error 10 cannot downgrade.22:36
kralorguys is there any way to force nokia software updater to apply the update ?22:40
pawkykralor: que?22:41
kralorwell my device is up to date, but I need to apply it again22:41
pawkykralor: why?22:41
kraloractually I have a 'Device not working properly' now22:41
pawkybkralor: because?22:42
kralorSecurity problem (pulseaudio): /usr/local/lib/
pawkykralor: tampered with aegis have you?....22:42
pawkyyou need to reflash the unit at worst..22:42
kralorwell I compiled/installed some stuff22:42
pawkykralor: not a to good thing to do if not runing openmode kernel...22:43
pawkykralor: thus if you reversed your doings and that wont solve your issue a nice firmware reflash, stock kernel might do the trick..22:44
pawkypawky: you might also be able to get arountd the problem by just replace the kernel....22:44
kralorwell I can't do anything now22:45
kralorI can't login22:45
kralorI just need "Nokia Software Updater" to launch the update procedure22:46
pawkykralor: well.. flashing you do from command line..22:46
* kralor wants a "force update" in Nokia Software Updater22:47
*** briglia__ has joined #harmattan22:47
*** vladest has quit IRC22:47
fralspawky: what version did you have installed and what image are you trying to flash?22:48
pawkyfrals: trying to flash the same firmware thats on the phone  40-422:48
fralswhats the exact versoin string you had before flashing and exact filename you are trying to flash?22:48
pawkyshould be in the back log... hold..22:49
pawkyfrals: earlier I tried this one:DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin22:50
DocScrutinizer51kralor: NSU can not reflash same version. That's known22:50
pawkyfrals: but now also DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin22:50
DocScrutinizer51sometimes legacy info is helpful?22:50
*** briglia_ has quit IRC22:50
*** briglia_ has joined #harmattan22:51
fralspawky: and what version did your device have before you started to attempt the flashing?22:52
pawkyfrals: (got it on another computer.. hold)22:52
*** briglia__ has quit IRC22:53
Appiahis there a bug tracker for apps in ?22:53
pawkyfrals: this is whats on it DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4_PR_00122:53
pawkyfrals: Thus I would say, pretty much the same...22:53
fralspawky: thats what "about product" said when it was working?22:54
pawkyfrals: except for me having also installed the openmode kernel  by --flash-only=kernel22:54
pawkyfrals: yes... as far as I know.. I haven't changed it except for changing the kernel...22:54
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC22:54
fralswhere did you get your device from?22:54
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #harmattan22:54
fralsie a store or from nokia as a dev device?22:55
pawkyfrals: from store...22:55
fralsso you probably did not have 20.2011.40-4_PR_001 then22:55
pawkyfrals: well... I did..22:56
fralswhich country, out of curiosity?22:56
pawkyfrals: this phone is a 64GB swedish22:56
pawkypawky: I did check things when wanting to change kernel.. thats why I know its a 40-422:56
pawky(wow... i just spoke to myself...)22:56
fralswell 40-4 i dont doubt, i do however doubt it didnt have some extra numbers at the end22:57
pawkyfrals: what number do you need?22:57
fralswell if it said smth like 40-4.249 or smth like that22:57
fralswhich retailer did you get it from in .se, or was it some operator store?22:58
pawkyits a 339 i presume22:58
pawkyfrals: dustin22:58
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan22:58
pawkydirectly from Nokia more or less..22:58
fralsdo you still have the terminal log from when you tried the first flash?22:58
pawkyits a059L7N722:59
pawkyno.. that was a few days ago... :-(22:59
fralsanyway, if it was 339 then the 40-4_PR_LEGACY flashing will fail for sure since its considered downgrade22:59
fralsIF it was 339.2 then DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin should probably work, based on the filename23:00
pawkyfrals: nope... that doesn't work.. check paste..23:00
BluesLeehello, i am trying to build an existing qt project for harmattan but i have two issue. i modified the ui dimensions to geometry 480x854, its okay on the desktop but not on the n9, there its again landscape mode23:00
fralsyeah... never seen it bail out that early on a failed flash for me23:01
pawkyfrals: me neither ;-)23:01
fralswhat cmdline did you use there?23:01
pawkythats one of them...23:02
*** BluesLee has quit IRC23:02
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC23:03
*** briglia_ has quit IRC23:03
fralstry just flasher -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin -f23:03
fralsnot that its likely to make a difference23:03
pawkyfrals: that will not work..23:03
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan23:03
pawkyfrals: it will then complain it needs an image..    hold and i check the error message..23:04
fralssounds like your file is busted in that case23:04
pawkydo you have it?....23:04
pawkyfrals: to do an MD5 upon?23:04
fralsnope, sorry23:04
pawkyfrals: ok.. ill give it another download try then, but I presume I will end up with the same error...23:05
fralsif its a proper image it should accept it afaik23:05
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:07
pawkyfrals: I fully agree upon that, except for it not working on my phone... :-(23:07
jonniso -c with vanilla also complained about 1st image?23:09
pawkyjonni: jupp.. :-(23:09
pawky*double checking -c *23:10
pawkylets see...23:10
pawkydoing something...23:10
pawkygive some ASIC IDs...23:12
pawkyand error Status 1023:12
jonniit should also tell the current sw version in the paste23:12
pawkyyes.. it was a stripped down reply ;-)23:13
DocScrutinizer51error status 10 is worthless, the 'downgrade frobidden' is relevant23:13
pawkyit tells its that 20.2011.40-4_PR_00123:13
jonnibut if it doesnt complain about 1st then its atleast in there, then you can try -F yournormal339variant -a 40-4vanilla -c23:13
pawky"please supply 1st image OR specifa hardware type"23:15
pawkyi am also in parallel downloading the 339 bin again..23:16
pawkyjonni: do you have that file to do a MD5 upon?23:16
jonnithen most likely your bricked your device with that signature.bin... but hopefullly that redownload 339 will solve your problem. sorry I only have md5 of vanilla, since I only use vanilla bins myself23:17
pawkyjonni: in... there is no way out of it???23:17
DocScrutinizerdon't mess with certs via flasher!23:21
pawkyDocScrutinizer: geee thanks..23:21
pawkycan't really say I do....23:21
DocScrutinizerthose are the certs that are stored in TPM or cmt, and you actually can irrecoverably brick the device by messing with those23:21
DocScrutinizeractually some Nokians bricked theirs this way, and had to "send them in" for repair23:22
pawkyDocScrutinizer: but I haven't done anything with any certs..23:22
pawkyDocScrutinizer: even though it seems complaining about the certs when flashing..23:22
DocScrutinizerlet's hope that *signature.bin wasn't implicitly doing sth with certs23:23
pawkyDocScrutinizer: how would you be able to mess with those certs in the first place?23:24
DocScrutinizerdue to complete lack of documentation from Nokia regarding all the flashing, it's a highly obscure topic that obviously nobody understands completely in all aspects23:24
DocScrutinizerthere's a --option in flasher23:24
DocScrutinizer--store-cert or sth23:24
jonniin theory you cannot brick the device, as reflashing same version always should work, unless you manage to screw up the 'current version' string from flash23:24
DocScrutinizerjonni: nuking your certs WILL brick permanently23:25
pawkyjonni: how about that arabian.. .44.2 stuff?... could that be my saviour?23:25
DocScrutinizerunless you could get a new cert file from Nokia to install it23:25
jonniso hopefully redownloaded bin just works23:25
DocScrutinizerjonni: NO! I *strongly* discourrage you to flash any 44 version23:26
jonniwell yes 44-2 shouldnt complain about downgrade, but that bin is really not meant for europe23:26
DocScrutinizerand NO way to revert to 40-4 then23:26
jonniyou really should try 40-4 as long as you can23:26
DocScrutinizercause THAT is really downgrade which is forbidden23:26
pawkynow why is a downgrade so blody forbidden in the first place? who cares if someone wants to use an older firmware...23:27
DocScrutinizerNokia platsec gets nightmares on that23:28
jonnifcc and operator requirement23:28
DocScrutinizerthey roll out new fw versions to fix vulnerabilities23:28
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Well... i get a nightmare out of this...23:28
pawkyjonni: so.. retry with that first 339 firmware and thats pretty much it?...23:28
jonnipretty much, if vanilla or your region 339 doesnt work, then its care time, or waiting for pr1.223:29
DocScrutinizerFCC requirement??? WTF?!23:29
pawkyjonni: they will shoot me... it took me 1 month to make them change my other phone..23:30
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC23:31
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan23:31
DocScrutinizerpawky: a) nokia care *loves* to help customers who got fscked by insane platsec restrictions and already spent days trying to help themselves out of the misery. b) it's only a reflash for them ;-D23:32
pawkyDocScrutinizer: but if they can reflash, then so should I23:33
DocScrutinizerunclear, as all around flashing23:33
DocScrutinizerflashing N9 I have to say23:33
DocScrutinizerflashing N900 is pretty much completely understood, well maybe 90%23:34
DocScrutinizerflashing N950 is at least officially documented and supported23:34
DocScrutinizerflashing N9 is officially inexistent, it seems23:35
pawkyjonni: no... the files are the same.. and the new file give the same downgrade error.. :-(23:37
fralsmy personal speculation is that the reason n9 flashing is not "supported" is due to the different variants and the way you cant "downgrade" between them23:37
fralswhich would be horrible for any support person to try to explain to an end user23:37
DocScrutinizerpawky: on N950 we had to resort to tricks like using previous version flasher with recent image, changing flasher cmdline parameters to make eMMC erasing work at all, etc. I guess for N9 there should be similar "tricks", just it's even less documented at all, and not even the images are "officially" available23:37
*** rcg has joined #harmattan23:37
cos^anyone noticed bug that N9(50) drive application crashes when zooming out?23:38
DocScrutinizerfrals: so it's up to support then to rather flash for user than to explain to user ;-D23:38
pawkycos^: no..23:38
cos^i hope it's not just mine23:38
fralsDocScrutinizer: a lot easier to do probably23:39
cos^first time i actually tried to use the drive app.. it worked pretty well except the crashing part23:39
DocScrutinizersure, and those lazy 1st level helpdesk dudes need some kick anyway XD23:39
pawkyso... any tip to use another flasher version???23:39
DocScrutinizeryou already tried vanilla version? European version, whatnot else version?23:40
*** faenil has quit IRC23:40
fralswhere are you downloading these images from btw?23:41
*** faenil has joined #harmattan23:41
pawkyNaviFirm.. thus Nokia..23:41
DocScrutinizerfrom Nokia fileserver, where else?23:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I have tried the correct version for my phone yes..23:41
DocScrutinizerjust that fileserver is a MESS23:41
fralsfuck do i know, last i heard was from chinese website so :p23:41
pawkyThe Swedish version for 64GB23:42
DocScrutinizerpawky: did I ask that?23:42
ieatlinthere, i've got the latest 52-3 build that i'll send out to people23:42
fralspawky: "Swedish 64gb" doesnt automagically mean you have the right image since operators have customized images afaik23:42
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I have not tried the whatnot else version no.... as I wouldn't know where to start.. and cannot really see the point..23:42
DocScrutinizerI just can assume that means you have NOT tried the generic Nokia version, the EU version...23:42
pawkyfrals: true.. but this is not an operator phone..23:43
pawkyits bought directly from the distributor, without any operator..23:43
DocScrutinizerieatlint: EH???23:43
fralsyeah, but i think even those doesnt have vanilla image since they are customized for scandinavia market23:43
fralsDocScrutinizer: also known as throwing out random number string to impress people.. for some reason23:44
pawkyfrals: I have downloaded the one for my 059L7N6 ...23:44
DocScrutinizerpawky: fine for you that you know so exactly what'S the firmware on your phone. Alas it doesn't give any of us here a clue how to help you23:44
DocScrutinizerfrals: gathered as much23:45
ieatlintyeah, it's got a built in open-mode even23:45
DocScrutinizernot exactly helpful when somebody is really watching the shit hit the fan23:45
fralspawky: and i assume you know what 059L7N6 means?23:45
ieatlinti'm also probably a chronic liar though23:45
pawkyfrals: well.. as far as I know for what market and what type of phone it is..23:46
fralspawky: where did you find this information? 0:}23:46
pawkyfrals: well.. if look on the SIM card holder you can see these numbers...23:46
ieatlintstandard nokia product codes23:46
pawkyfrals: but I assume you mean my interpretation of it..23:47
pawkyieatlint: for different markets I assume.. which might have different firmwares...23:47
pawkyor extra goodies..23:47
fralspawky: yes, i was curious how you made the jump to "market and type of phone", especially the first part23:48
pawkySo.. have we come to the conclusion I have succeeded to brick my unbrickable phone.. that should always be able to flashed back to stock???23:48
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:48
fralswho said its always flashable back to stock?23:48
fralsthat person should stop saying that :p23:48
pawkyfrals: well.. looking upon different variants on NaviFirm I believe one could find some correlation to number and country etc..23:48
ieatlintpawky: the images are the same for the n9 i think actually23:49
pawkyfrals: somehow i got that impression talking to people here regarding start using the openmode kernel..23:49
DocScrutinizerfrals: he made that jump by guidance of an underground hacker tool called navifirm23:49
*** Milhouse has quit IRC23:49
ieatlintexcept in this arabian one to add arabic case23:49
fralspawky: well, i wouldnt do that23:49
pawkyieatlint: then how come mine suddenly believes I am flashing an older version23:49
DocScrutinizerieatlint: please, we already been there 5 times today already23:50
DocScrutinizerpawky: we came to the conclusion that you refuse to accept reasonable advice, as you think you know better23:50
ieatlintpawky: you sure that says 059L7N6?23:51
*** stroughtonsmith_ has joined #harmattan23:51
pawkyas its a swedish phone... its 64GB,black and all... and its bought in Sweden... from a Swedish distributor...23:51
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan23:52
pawkyand its the numbers I can read on the SIM card holder..23:52
ieatlintyeah, just got confused by something23:53
DocScrutinizerand it doesn't work23:53
DocScrutinizerso whom you gonna blame now? Nokia? navifirm? us?23:53
fralspawky: go to nokia care, and in the future stay away from using unofficial tools to mess with your device :)23:54
ieatlinti'd suggest me23:54
DocScrutinizerI suggested to try flashing vanilla23:54
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC23:54
DocScrutinizeraka *NDT* iirc23:54
ieatlinti generally like taking the blame for ruining electronics, and am used to being blamed for things23:54
DocScrutinizervery helpful23:55
* DocScrutinizer sighs and turns away23:55
*** stroughtonsmith_ has quit IRC23:55
pawkyDocScrutinizer: But I tried the vanilla as well..23:56
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan23:56
pawkyfrals: one shoudl stay away from items that doesn't accept downgrades maybe...23:56
fralspawky: yeah, maybe that23:57
jonnior try with windows NSU, since it migt autodetect the problems and reflash the fix :)23:57
pawkyjonni: ok.. i can do that but NSU i believ wants the phone to be up and running.. right?23:58
jonniafaik it doesnt need to be up and running, just long powerpressed23:58
tommahave you flashed some custom firmware there which has never version flag or something?23:58
pawkytomma: The funny thing is I haven't... I only changed the kernel to openmode23:59

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