IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-12-27

DocScrutinizerso the same mechanisn is delivering different keys in the same way, for open and secure mode00:00
DocScrutinizerjust to get my image of the world sorted00:00
jonnitpm is checking the the mode in trusted side, and kernel/userspace cannot affect on that, its set in nolo level or so on what mode device has booted up in.00:01
DocScrutinizeryes, I know that00:02
jonnionly way to get around it would be finding the signing key for rd certificate as that can be written into flash from userspace, but signature of that cert if checked inside tpm, and that is device specific signature.00:03
DocScrutinizerI'm just interested if there is special code dealing with openmode somewhere in kernel, or for kernel the whole thing is completely transparent00:03
jonniits transparent for the kernel00:03
DocScrutinizerjonni: btw I heard Nokia will use NovaThor for next gen winPhones :-D That's my daily business to deliver this chipset to you00:05
PaulePanterJust a paranoid question. On the SIM slider there is 059L698, but on NaviFirm+ there is just 059L6B8. B instead of 9.00:06
jonniDocScrutinizer: no idea, I havent even seen win phone yet :)00:06
PaulePanterI guess this is still different and not compatible.00:06
jonniDocScrutinizer: I should be getting lumia in early next year00:06
* DocScrutinizer holds a hooker800 under jonni 's nose00:06
PaulePanter059L6*B*8 is Country Variant Arab Emirates so I guess it is not the one I am looking for. :/00:08
DocScrutinizerterribly useless device ;-D Not even mass storage, so without a windoze box runing this zune crap you can put it in your bottom drawer00:08
PaulePanterI guess I have to look at older releases.00:08
PaulePanterI found the correct ID in the list for release 20.2011.40.4.00:09
DocScrutinizerwhich happens to be the most recent official release00:09
PaulePanterSo to sum it up, it was not a typo and 059L698 and 059L6B8 are different.00:09
PaulePanterDocScrutinizer: It also shows 22.2011.44.200:09
PaulePanterBut just not my model.00:09
DocScrutinizeryeah, semi-'leaked' by 'accident'00:10
merlin1991according to not semi leaked00:10
DocScrutinizeronly for china and arab locales afaik00:10
merlin1991middle east and africa00:10
jonnithats not leaked,00:10
jonni20.2011 == PR1.1,  22.2011 == PR1.1.1, both are official00:11
jonniPR1.1.1 is only in asian market00:11
DocScrutinizerprobably Nokia was short of a bugfix version for those nations00:11
PaulePanterI see. Thanks for the clarification.00:12
* DocScrutinizer sighs in relief that nobody starts bitching in this chan when we talk about that :-D00:12
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DocScrutinizerjonni: so what's the "official" tale about changing locale? Is it supposed to work to flash e.g. Norway firmware to an australian device?00:14
DocScrutinizer(assuming we're not trying to "downgrade" from pr1.1.1 to pr1.1, which probably is "not allowed")00:15
jonnidowngrade is blocked if your device doesnt have rd cert, only rd cert devices can be downgraded00:16
fralschanging locale is fine as long as you dont try a downgrade00:16
DocScrutinizeryes, I said we won'T discuss this special case00:16
DocScrutinizermany thanks :-)00:17
jonnibut otherwise hardware is the same so in theory you can flash any locale to device, but warranty might be lost :)00:17
DocScrutinizerany flashing vids waranty00:17
DocScrutinizerin theory00:17
fralsotoh unless its done during a 1.0->1.1 or 1.1->1.2 to upgrade its unlikely to work in both directions00:18
jonniand on some regions there are differences in cmt side, due to legislation, so you might screw your cellular, if you flash full image00:18
fralssince one of the variants probably have a newer timestamp on cmt00:18
fralsbut thats just my speculating00:18
DocScrutinizerbottomline: it's risky either way00:19
DocScrutinizerjonni: is there info available on the general nature of those differences in GSM/3G specs?00:20
jonniDocScrutinizer: not that I know of00:21
DocScrutinizerhow a modem has to behave different in country A vs country B, when both use same bands00:21
DocScrutinizerseems to me N900 US cmt was different00:21
DocScrutinizerto global00:22
jonniits like wifi, that us US it can only use limited numbers of channels00:22
DocScrutinizerdang, so they still not got that sorted, even for globally specified bands?00:23
DocScrutinizer~lart USA & FCC00:23
* infobot whips out a sword and chops USA & FCC in half00:23
kimjuand in practice, no-one really notices nor cares if you bring phone from some other country for your personal use.00:24
DocScrutinizersure, as the phone will only TX on the freq the BTS tells it to use00:24
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DocScrutinizermy new job has real potential to get funny00:25
DocScrutinizeresp when they continue to do same such weird things on LTE00:26
* DocScrutinizer makes a mental note to find out if NovaThor has same nice zeroclock and semi-automatic finegrained power savings technology as OMAP SmartReflex00:29
DocScrutinizernext year :-D00:29
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gabriel9i have page, and in that page custom component header which is rectangle. When i click it can i acess some variable from page component, or PageStackWindow00:50
PaulePanterIs there a recommended Instant Messenger packaged in Harmattan?00:50
PaulePanterUnfortunately I need MSN support.00:50
*** infobot has joined #harmattan00:51
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot00:51
PaulePanterI would have used Empathy since the Telepathy packages seem to be available.00:51
gabriel9there is some guidelines for MSN on talk.maemo.org00:51
PaulePanterBut Empathy is not in the repositories.00:51
PaulePantergabriel9: Thanks. I found <>.00:54
PaulePantergabriel9: But trying that some hours ago libpurple had size 0 KB – when clicking on the deb file to install it – it did not progress and rebooting the phone it does not work anymore and I am in the process of reflashing it. :(00:55
gabriel9ask some on the forum00:56
PaulePanterAt least the installation dialog showed 0 KB.00:56
gabriel9they are willing to help00:56
gabriel9i really don't know anything about MSN suport00:56
gabriel9i'm not using it00:57
PaulePantergabriel9: After having the N9 reflashed I might be doing that.00:57
PaulePantergabriel9: Thanks.00:57
gabriel9how to remove rounded corners from textarea?01:03
DocScrutinizerPaulePanter: libpurple probably had size 0 because all was already installed?01:10
DocScrutinizerso 0k *additional* size required01:11
jonniPaulePanter: or use irssi & bitlebee combination for msn01:14
rwhitbyDocScrutinizer, pawky, PaulePanter: Linux users can download firmware from
pawkyrwhitby: looks good, links are going to Nokia so no fuzz there :-)01:17
rwhitbyI would not trust anything else01:17
*** macmaN has quit IRC01:18
pawkyrwhitby: exactly01:18
* rwhitby got an N9 from rkerris, who used to run webOS dev relations, and now runs nokia dev relations01:18
pawkyThis is odd, I took away that stuff in the aegisfs.conf file and still it seems to mount the aegisfs stuff... WTF????01:19
pawkyPaulePanter: have you looked at cutIM ?...01:21
pawkyrwhitby: the question is, how long these links will be maintained?...01:22
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PaulePanterReflashing following <> worked like a charm!01:30
PaulePanterI used `DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.299.5_PR_LEGACY_299_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin` and now everything I had installed before (KTouch and libpurple) is gone which is expected.01:31
PaulePanterMy files remained. So I can sleep well now and tomorrow I will take another step at trying to install additional packages!01:32
PaulePanterThanks and good night!01:32
DocScrutinizerrwhitby: thanks :-D01:35
pawkyDocScrutinizer: as far as I can interpret Nokias warning sine actually flashing your unit back to its original firmware will maintain warranty, and I believe as Nokia has no specific way to prove wether you did it directly or if you went out on a strawl meanwhile, a unit with its original firmware is a unit with warranty. :-)01:36
pawky(well you all get the drift anyway..)01:37
DocScrutinizernot entirely clear, rumour has it that there's a bit toggled somewhere in flash when you ever run sth with that waranty warning popping up01:38
pawkyyes, but it clearly states that if you want to keep your warranty you have to "imediately" reflash it with the stock firmware :-)01:39
DocScrutinizerbut even if that's true, I bet Nokia won't check, unless the defect is obviously related to e.g. overclocking or burning display with wrong control parameters or sth01:39
*** RzR is now known as rzr01:41
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PaulePanterpawky: Regarding cutIM do you have a link?01:42
PaulePanterGoogling »cutim instant messenger« did not find anything useful.01:42
pawkyPaulePanter: found it on the Market... again, it looked good and I presume it might do what you want.. but hold I can check..01:42
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pawkynope.. no MSN.. :-(01:43
PaulePanterpawky: I see. Thank you for your help!01:44
PaulePanterI will do more trials/tests tomorrow.01:44
PaulePanterGood night!01:44
pawkyDocScrutinizer: how has things gone this evening, any news regarding removing aegisfs?01:54
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pawkyhell yeah, it works!02:09
pawkyMaybe my lame hacker attempts will not be approved by the lot here. But this is my results getting this N9 thingy to remember my E-mail stuff again:02:10
*** Natunen has quit IRC02:13
pawkyfirst I changed the /etc/aegisfs.conf file and removed the line saying what conf files do read in /etc/aegisfs.d, well that didn't do much.. So I continued into /etc/aegisfs.d and removed the file signon-private.conf02:18
pawkyafter rebooting, i can suddenly enter /home/user/.signon/private and happily do a cat /home/user/.signon/private/signon.db happily showing all my passwords and what have you just as if they would be in a sqlite database :-D02:20
pawkyand, after rebooting... voila! it will still remember your good old clear text passwords in your signon.db file :-)02:20
pawkywhat?... you already knew about this?02:21
RzR just published !HarmattaN #DeB of helium-mobile-browser #Qt #WebKit (#HtmL5Test=226+1) for !N950Club #N9?02:22
pawkyThus, my conclusion is, one seems to be able to get access to that private directory under /home/user/.whateversubdir/private by removing its mount point under /etc/aegisfs.d02:26
pawkyor access.. I presume it creates a new file...02:26
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pawkyoh, yeah I didn't really delete the files but just moved the signon.private.conf file to the /root directory... I have no clue if it makes any difference, but just so you know...02:50
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PaulePanterGood morning. Although having set automatic update of the time, the clock is three minutes ahead.11:22
PaulePanterIs that a known problem or do I do something stupid?11:23
SpeedEvilPaulePanter: It's quite possible that your cellphone provider is broadcasting the wrong time11:25
*** nix-cyrus has joined #harmattan11:31
merlin1991PaulePanter: or not broadcasting it at all (that's the case here)11:32
SpeedEvilIndeed. Here too.11:33
SpeedEvilInstal openntpd11:33
SpeedEvilnvm - wring channel11:33
PaulePanterSpeedEvil: Thank. Why wrong channel?11:40
SpeedEvilBecause I don't think openntpd is abailable on harmattan11:41
SpeedEvilI don't know if it's possible to port it, I suspect it probably is.11:41
kimjudoes aegis allow running it?11:41
SpeedEvilThe question is - does agis allow something else to fiddle with the time.11:42
SpeedEvilI don't know that.11:42
SpeedEvilI can make arguments for why it shouldn't, but I don't know.11:42
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PaulePanterSpeedEvil: Thanks.11:57
DocScrutinizerpawky: thanks12:01
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DocScrutinizer(auto-time) or you need to do a call, so your carrier sends time at all via GSM. Or maybe you simply want to disable auto-time and set it manually ;-D14:42
DocScrutinizerbtw I wonder if auto-time via GSM still fails miserably on roaming to another TZ14:43
DocScrutinizerI never considered it a nice or sane thing to auto-adjust the time on my gadgets inadvertently when roaming TZs, it confuses a lot of things and also user14:45
auenfset up ntp instead?14:46
DocScrutinizerwell, this would be the better way if only your gadget had a stable always-online connectivity to internet14:46
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: Auto-time worked fine for me even while roaming, changed the TimeZone accordingly14:47
DocScrutinizerfor mobile devices with random occasional connectivity ntpd is utterly poorly suited14:47
deramrunning ntpdate on every connection established otherwise would be usable14:48
deramand using cellular network timesignal for elimiunate drifting clock14:48
DocScrutinizerthat's what I frequently recommend14:48
DocScrutinizerforget about drift, it's negligible14:49
DocScrutinizeresp *never* use /etc/adjtime auto-drift-adjust mechanism of ntpd14:49
deramis it? I've seen very poor RTC:s in SOC based devices...14:49
DocScrutinizererr of hwclock14:50
DocScrutinizerderam: that'S usually not the RTC aka cmos-clock but rather the system time that lags behind due to missed IRQs or sth14:51
deramthat might be true.14:51
*** adlan has quit IRC14:52
DocScrutinizerthat's why it's a poor idea to spoil your RTC by adjusting it to a terribly off systime on shutdown and even write this unjustified "penalty" to etc/adjtime14:52
DocScrutinizerI.E. never use hwclock --systohc  in shutdown, always use --no-adjfile or what's the name of this parameter, and consider to augment your ntpdate call in ifup to look like "ntpdate && hwclock --systohc --no-adjfile"14:54
DocScrutinizerand you'll never again worry about drift14:55
DocScrutinizerusual RTC drift is <<10s per day14:57
DocScrutinizerand for sure it's not constant drift14:57
*** xarcass has quit IRC14:59
DocScrutinizerbut on stock HARM thanks to paegis there's just so much you can do about all this15:02
*** briglia has joined #harmattan15:04
pawkyDocScrutinizer: could you try what I have achieved to confirm it actually works? :-)15:16
DocScrutinizerpawky: I surely will, but not very soon15:17
pawkyDocScrutinizer: The only thing you seem having to do is to move the file under /etc/aegisfs.d/singon-private.conf to somewhere else, and then recreate your accounts15:17
DocScrutinizeryep, understod. The point is I have no accounts basically. Mind that I don't use HARM devices as daily phone15:18
pawkyMaybe someone else could try this in openmode. If it works one could go from stock to openmode without anything being erased (on still has to reconfigure and sync your E-mail accounts).15:19
DocScrutinizerand I don't see that change anytime soon15:19
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. you could just create a hotmail address or a Nokia account :-)15:20
DocScrutinizerbut for sure "we" want to provide a proper openmode howto and maybe even pkg/script/whatever for regular users. You're more than welcome to contribute15:20
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well... I just need this confirmed from others as well first...15:21
DocScrutinizerof course :-)15:21
pawkyBut to my knowledge more or less removing everything from /etc/aegisfs.d/ might also help eliminating other problems. Then again I just did some trial and error. Maybe others with a bit more in depth knowledge will oppose to this fix due to some reason.15:23
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan15:24
DocScrutinizerWTF? /etc/init.d almost empty, no /etc/events* at all... How does HARM system init work?15:25
RzRif it maters i've copied openntp to my repo15:28
DocScrutinizerRzR: \o/15:31
RzRits building now15:31
DocScrutinizerflux: only *.conf in there?15:31
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I believe it all starts with /etc/init.d/rcS...15:31
fluxdocscrutinizer, the configuration files for upstart?15:32
DocScrutinizerpawky: no such thing .oO(???)15:32
*** wirwe_ has joined #harmattan15:32
flux/sbin/init = upstart15:32
*** wirwe_ has left #harmattan15:33
DocScrutinizerflux: ooh, indeed15:33
* RST38h yawns for the Tentacled One15:33
*** wirwe has quit IRC15:33
DocScrutinizer.conf made me not even look into a file. Actually they are upstart files I searched for in /etc/events.d/*15:33
DocScrutinizer~curse upstart15:34
infobotMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest your most sensitive regions, upstart !15:34
pawkybut what config file is /sbin/init using?15:38
pawkyor, to be more correct where is the inittab?15:40
fluxsprinkled in /etc/init/*15:40
DocScrutinizeranyway hwclock invocations in /etc/init/timeconfig.conf are missing --noadjfile parameter, which makes me shudder15:46
fluxyou think it'll eat flash too fast because of that?15:48
*** rcg has quit IRC15:49
fluxor that it's worthless to keep track of drift due to varying device temperatues?15:49
DocScrutinizer"keeping track of drift" by judging a pretty decent crystal based RTC by using a usually off systemclock as reference is a broken concept. And even if you would make sure your system time alsways is "better" than RTC's notion of time when you invoke hwclock, it's still amazingly complicated to get it right every single time, e.g. when roaming, when adjusting time manually, when adjusting for ecovery from complete messup due to battery15:54
DocScrutinizerflat/removed or some runaway program messed with the RTC registers... Then you write some bogus crap values to adjfile to compensate for a "systematic" drift that's actually random and in the magnitude of hours/day. Have fun with recovering from that15:54
DocScrutinizerthe whole concept of adjfile drift compensation is meant for servers only, which *never* get shutdown or lose connectivity to internet15:59
DocScrutinizertry to get it right on a dualboot workstation ;-P16:00
DocScrutinizerI'd think it's even less suited for mobile devices with only random occasional connectivity to and stratum-N time source16:01
DocScrutinizers/and /any /16:01
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: I'd think it's even less suited for mobile devices with only random occasional connectivity to any stratum-N time source16:01
*** rcg has joined #harmattan16:02
DocScrutinizer[2011-12-27 10:22:18] <PaulePanter> Good morning. Although having set automatic update of the time, the clock is three minutes ahead.   [2011-12-27 10:25:41] <SpeedEvil> PaulePanter: It's quite possible that your cellphone provider is broadcasting the wrong time16:06
DocScrutinizer---> adjtime "punishment" for RTC: 3min/day, for being correct while carrier's time broadcast is crap? great!16:07
*** norayr has quit IRC16:12
auenfwill RDP make PR1.1 OTA arrive on my phone any quicker? :P16:16
DocScrutinizerflux: I usually replace /sbin/hwclock on all my boxes and devices with >>#!/bin/sh \n /sbin/hwclock.real --noadjfile "$@" <<16:21
DocScrutinizerI also make sure I reset /etc/adjtime to read "0.0 0 0.0 \n 0 \n $tz" on every boot16:23
DocScrutinizerjust in case16:23
DocScrutinizerI've seen standard distro installations on user PCs set system tome off by years, on every boot. Each time user adjusted time, just to find the skew being even larger on next boot -- bizarre!16:25
DocScrutinizerand this was *not* caused by a flat cmos battery or anything, just messup of etc/adjtime16:26
*** jussi has joined #harmattan16:29
jussiright, so I have a nice shiny n950, with development turned on. how do I apt-get install stuff from the terminal? seems I dont have rights...16:30
DocScrutinizermight help16:31
jussinope, sadly it doesnt. just continues to ask me about the lock file.16:31
DocScrutinizeror devel-su, or both16:31
DocScrutinizerooh, lock file16:32
jussihrm.... devel-su asks for a password?16:32
DocScrutinizererr yes16:32
DocScrutinizeryour root password16:32
jussiIm sorry if Im coming across silly, just got this thing :)16:32
DocScrutinizerusually rootme until you changed it16:33
DocScrutinizernp :-D16:33
DocScrutinizerwe all asked those questions16:33
jussiahh excellent :)16:33
*** yipdw has quit IRC16:33
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan16:34
jussiahh now it works :)16:34
jussithanks DocScrutinizer16:35
jussinow to try get quassel2go installed...16:35
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:37
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RzRjussi: is it in some apt feed ?16:45
jussiRzR: Im not absolutely sure - theres a maemo deb on Qt apps, but not seen it elsewhere16:46
RzRi can try to build that one16:47
*** hardaker has quit IRC16:47
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LilltigerIs there any RDP viewers for the N9, like rdesktop?16:49
*** GeneralAntilles1 has joined #harmattan16:54
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jussiRzR: Id really appreciate that - thanks!16:55
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*** GeneralAntilles has joined #harmattan17:14
*** rcg has quit IRC17:29
Lilltigergot rdesktop to work.. but it seems like win7 is retarded and only allows one user at a time so it logs out my workstation17:37
hiemanshuLilltiger: you need Windows Server or a license for multiple users IIRC17:41
Lilltigerguess ill go for VNC insted, windows is just getting worse and worse.. if only the games ran flawless in linux..17:42
*** rcg has joined #harmattan17:43
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:43
rcghmmz re17:43
rcganyone experienced with qtmobility?17:43
rcg I keep getting errors about: "... error: 'QNearFieldTarget' has not been declared" etc.17:43
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:43
rcgI include the appropriate header files and added the appropriate lines to the *.pro file17:43
rcgalso the compiler command seems sane: "... -I/targets/HARMATTAN_ARMEL/usr/include/qt4/QtConnectivity ... -I/targets/HARMATTAN_ARMEL/usr/include/qt4/QtMobility ..."17:43
rcgsorry if this is send twice.. i just re-sent the whole shebang as i just got disconnected and dunno what was properly send...17:44
rcgfurthermore the include files are at the respective paths and are getting processed17:45
rcgwhat could be the reason that it is not picking up the classes?17:45
*** beford has joined #harmattan17:48
*** snowpong has quit IRC17:50
rcgah well.. found it... missed "QTM_USE_NAMESPACE" in my header file... as mentioned there ->
rcgwell.. that took me quite some time to figure out...17:51
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:58
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:59
merlin1991Lilltiger: ultravnc works nice on windoze18:00
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:09
Lilltigermerlin1991, well i also need to find a vnc client that works well on the n9 :)18:13
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:23
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan18:23
Lilltigerargh, I so hate aegis, it's so damn stupid it wont let me install another version of libjpeg62, that is a dep of the vncviewer..18:39
Lilltigerthe ppl behind aegis realy destroyed the N9 phone, I wish i could get a refound18:39
*** trythil has joined #harmattan18:45
*** trythil is now known as yipdw18:45
*** yipdw has joined #harmattan18:45
*** rcg has quit IRC18:46
*** nebulon has quit IRC18:47
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:59
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:00
*** rcg has joined #harmattan19:01
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan19:08
unreal-Hum. I've just compiled a binary, and when I upload it to the n9, it runs, but has no access to the filesystem... aegis i guess ?19:12
unreal-is so, any way to give it access?19:13
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:14
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:14
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan19:18
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC19:19
*** vladest has quit IRC19:19
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:19
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan19:20
*** zk8 has left #harmattan19:27
infobothmm... aegis-no-thanks is
DocScrutinizerunreal-: no access to fs is a bit fuzzy a statement19:28
DocScrutinizerwhen I'm logged in as normal user to my PC, I also have "no access" to e.g. /etc/shadow19:29
unreal-DocScrutinizer: to be more precise, I've compiled ffmpeg, I run ffmpeg -i somefile.mpeg, and ffmpeg cannot open the file19:33
unreal-the unix rights are 644 on the file i'm trying to open19:33
DocScrutinizerthat should work19:34
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC19:34
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:35
DocScrutinizerwhat's ls -l somefile.mpeg telling?19:35
unreal-~ $ ls -l toto.mpeg19:35
unreal--rw-r--r--    1 user     users     17362185 Dec 27 17:50 toto.mpeg19:35
DocScrutinizerso when ls can access it, your ffmpeg should as well19:36
unreal-well it can't19:37
DocScrutinizerwhat's the error msg?19:37
DocScrutinizer(not that I would assume ffmpeg could run at all when not installed by Nokia, thanks aegis)19:38
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC19:39
DocScrutinizerunreal-: ?19:40
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:40
DocScrutinizer... please hold the line ... tuu taaa tooo ... please hold the line ...19:40
*** rcg has quit IRC19:40
unreal-DocScrutinizer: i was trying something ;)19:41
unreal-no error message, just:19:41
unreal-   Stream #0:0[0x1c0], 0, 1/90000: Audio: mp2, 0 channels19:41
unreal-    Stream #0:1[0x1e0], 0, 1/90000: Video: mpeg2video, 90k tbn19:41
unreal-with is incorrect, of course19:41
DocScrutinizerI'm trying to get a shower, might actually succeed when given enough "free" time with no convo here19:41
DocScrutinizerstrace ffmpeg, I bet it can'T access *output*19:42
DocScrutinizerI can't see why it would fail on reading media file19:42
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC19:44
DocScrutinizerfor audio, video, you may need special tokens you have to request from aegis, in ffmpeg manifest file that comes with dpkg. For video I doubt it could work at all - I.E. probably no such token existing to allow an app to playback video19:44
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:45
DocScrutinizerI'm jusat guessing though, please take all this with a grain of salt19:45
DocScrutinizerwhat's the video output method ffmpeg is using?19:46
unreal-it would seem as if the reported size of file is wrong19:46
unreal-ffmpeg seems to think the file is 262144 bytes19:46
DocScrutinizeranyway, /dev/video* (if that'S maybe what ffmpeg uses for playback) is crw-rw----    1 root     video19:48
unreal-i'm not using video19:49
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan19:49
DocScrutinizeryou probably need to be in group video to access it as user, or you need to be root and then you couldn't read your mediafile possibly19:49
DocScrutinizermoo javispedro19:50
DocScrutinizerhmm, user is actually in group video19:53
javispedrounless you have GRP:video or GID:video ...19:54
DocScrutinizer        GRP::video19:54
javispedroa quick lazy question: did anyone test if harmattan media player supports flac?19:55
DocScrutinizeruid=29999(user) gid=29999(users) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),44(video),670(pulse-access),29999(users)19:55
DocScrutinizeradm??? err19:55
javispedroas said aegis policy overrides that19:56
DocScrutinizer        GRP::adm19:56
*** rcg has joined #harmattan19:56
DocScrutinizeraccli -I19:56
* DocScrutinizer feels like he thoroughly hacked that 950 ;-P19:57
javispedronah, it's on mine, stock19:57
javispedrodo a find / -gid adm to see how probably useless GRP::adm is19:57
DocScrutinizergot blinded by the name19:58
DocScrutinizeranyway, your take on running homegrown ffmpeg on HARM?19:58
DocScrutinizerfeasible, or not?19:59
javispedroof course19:59
javispedrocannot think why not atm...19:59
DocScrutinizerI thought it might want to access GFX-accel or anything like that19:59
javispedrowhat gfx accel19:59
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC20:00
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC20:00
javispedrothere's only omapfb, and if you were to hit it, you'd fight with Xorg20:00
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan20:00
dm8tbrffmpeg would be CPU only unless someone recently came up with some magic incantation to use dsp-link(?) from ffmpeg20:00
*** rcg has quit IRC20:00
DocScrutinizerunreal-: so don't blame aegis, this single time :-D20:01
* javispedro reads logs and suggests strace indeed.20:01
DocScrutinizerthanks :-D20:01
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan20:02
* DocScrutinizer waves and heads out for shower, shopping, shits'n'giggles20:02
*** zk8 has left #harmattan20:08
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan20:12
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC20:12
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan20:12
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*** rcg has joined #harmattan20:16
*** zk8 has quit IRC20:16
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan20:21
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, wich of the three ways, opensh || unpatched_openmode_kernel || openmode_kernel_PR1.1 would you recommend?20:22
*** javispedro has left #harmattan20:22
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan20:22
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC20:23
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan20:23
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:27
*** rcg has quit IRC20:27
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*** hardaker2 has quit IRC20:31
RzRjussi: here?20:31
jussiRzR: yep20:32
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan20:32
RzRjussi: building that irc client you mentionned earlier20:32
jussiRzR: ahh!20:32
RzRdid you install it ?20:32
RzRit just failed to build20:33
jussiI tried, but it would not install.20:33
RzRlet me fix it20:33
jussihad a dependency issue20:33
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan20:34
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan20:35
*** arcean has quit IRC20:35
jussiRzR: Says: Can't install. Unable to trace installation package dependencies20:36
* javispedro rofls20:37
jussijavispedro: ?20:37
javispedrojussi: ah sorry, not about your conversation20:37
jussijavispedro: ahh fair enough :)20:38
RzRwatching the cartoons ?20:38
javispedroJaffa ranting about storing contacts in Tracker20:38
javispedro(in twitter)20:38
javispedrowhen on desktop summit I remember there was a session titled20:38 freedom haters !20:38
javispedro"Call us crazy, but yes, we _store_ contacts in tracker"20:38
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: openmode_patched20:38
*** wirwe has quit IRC20:39
jussibtw, can anyone recommend a decent mail app?  the default one is rubbish, no mass selection, no threading for gmail etc. Ideally, Id want something I can use my multiple gmail accounts with.20:40
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: BWAHAHAAAHAAAAA20:40
DocScrutinizerI'd like to use other terms than "crazy"20:40
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan20:41
DocScrutinizerand ~lart tracker20:41
DocScrutinizer~lart tracker20:41
* infobot throws tracker's poor little doggy off a cliff20:41
*** rcg has joined #harmattan20:42
* DocScrutinizer trows tracker on the poor little doggy mush at foot of the cliff20:42
LilltigerDocScrutinizer, so I need to set up a n9 dev environment and compile the kernel myself, then flash that kernel on too my n9, right? (cant find any instructions)20:42
Lilltigeri just read that line20:43
*** wirwe has quit IRC20:44
Lilltigerand boy, i feel stupid now20:44
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan20:44
kralorRzR: hey, any luck with aircrack-ng ?20:44
*** wirwe has joined #harmattan20:45
DocScrutinizeron N9?? on AEGIS?? you're dreaming, are you?20:45
RzRkralor: i did built it20:46
RzRkralor: but did not test20:46
* DocScrutinizer figures how first k-line aegis policy ready */air*20:46
RzRkralor: wanna install it ?20:47
DocScrutinizerI'd be highly surpeised to find the wlan kernel driver support any modes actually useful for airodump/aircrack20:48
kralorRzR: yep20:48
RzRit's said dump is easier than replay20:48
kraloryou built it from sources without modifications ?20:48
RzRmore or less yes20:49
DocScrutinizersure, nevertheless the fremantle driver even failed on dump20:49
kralorand what about the nmap problem ?20:49
RzRdid not investigate that one20:49
jussiRzR: is quassel2go horrible? or looks like a simple fix?20:49
kralorI'll check it then20:49
* javispedro thinks the n950 speaker sounds way better than the lumia one, weird.20:49
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: 50ct cheaper20:50
* RST38h moos at javispedro evilly20:50
javispedroHELO RST38h20:50
* DocScrutinizer yawns evilly20:51
RST38hjavispedro: any cool hacking? =)20:51
RzRi have no fake n9 and i donno what will i do of it if i can get one20:52
RzRpoisoned gift ?20:52
RST38hRzR: You will create a repository for open source C# software!20:52
javispedroRST38h: yeah, trying to see if I can integrate fmradio into the builtin music player somehow, Lumua-style =)20:53
RzRreimplement all cygwin  in c#20:53
tommayeah... which cant be installed to phone unless you pay microsoft... and even then you can have only 7 of them installed20:53
RST38hjavispedro: !20:53
RzRi have a vouncher of ms20:53
RzRfor their store20:53
RST38hjavispedro: What I would really love is subtitles though20:53
*** rcg has quit IRC20:53
RST38hjavispedro: There is a third party video playerthat is supposed to do subtitles, but it dies on most subs files20:54
RzRi think it will try to create html5 demos20:54
RST38hThe whole thing is still gstreamer, isn't it?20:54
RzRbut i think they refuse to ship webview apps20:54
javispedroRST38h: only mafw has changed somewhat20:54
RST38hGoing to ask the guy responsible in a moment20:54
javispedroseems that tracker is now a hard dependency20:54
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:59
*** rcg has joined #harmattan21:08
javispedroI can fake radio presets as songs on the media player21:12
javispedrolooks kinda ugly though but it's one way to integrate it.21:12
RST38hjavispedro: People-who-know are saying that additional gst modules can be added to harmattan,as long as DRM support is disabled21:16
javispedroit is exactly what I'd do21:16
javispedroinsert a new gst element that plays radio, insert fake tracker entries that point to this new gst element21:16
RST38hOh, almost forgotten about tracker21:16
RST38hWell, subs probably won't require the tracker part21:17
javispedroah, subs21:17
*** Soder has joined #harmattan21:17
javispedroiirc there was a working subs implementation in fremantle21:17
javispedroit replaced mafw renderer21:17
javispedrothis seems to be closed in harm...21:17
RST38hgst upstream has a separate module for subs21:18
RST38hthat gets inserted after the render afaik21:18
javispedroso it would just be a problem of replacing the mafw renderer so that it uses that module :(21:18
*** spenap has quit IRC21:41
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan21:42
*** nid0 has quit IRC21:50
*** rcg has quit IRC21:52
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:02
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan22:05
*** rcg has joined #harmattan22:07
*** wirwe has quit IRC22:15
*** briglia has quit IRC22:15
*** BluesLee has quit IRC22:19
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan22:23
*** norayr has joined #harmattan22:33
ZogG_laptopjabis: you still here? i thought you boought ipphone22:35
RzRjussi: ready to be tested now22:35
*** beford has quit IRC22:35
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan22:37
ZogG_laptopRzR: can you build this - ?22:38
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan22:39
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:40
*** suy has joined #harmattan22:48
*** etrunko has quit IRC22:52
jussiRzR: where can I find it?22:55
jussiRzR: sorry about the delay, I was in sauna :)22:57
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC23:11
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan23:11
*** zk8 has quit IRC23:20
gabriel9we need more examples for development23:26
gabriel9now i can't create dialog23:26
gabriel9something is wrong :/23:26
*** rcg has quit IRC23:34
*** rcg has joined #harmattan23:37
*** rcg has quit IRC23:50
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:52

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