IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2011-12-26

rcgyou might give that one a try00:04
befordthanks going to check it rcg00:09
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ajalkaneSo Lumia 800 probably arriving tuesday. Is there any chance of hacking Mer to it?01:26
ajalkaneI mean, I do intend to use it as my main phone for 2 weeks to get some idea what's WP's at.01:26
ajalkaneAh too bad01:27
dm8tbrit's completely different hardware, and there are no drivers and it's most likely HS with locked down silicon01:27
ajalkaneYeah. Well, no big surprise. Would have been nice...01:28
RzRwill all n950club get a fake e9 ?01:31
ajalkaneRzR: seems so01:31
RzRwell i can infirm this01:32
ajalkaneBut I have to say it's a really nice gift from Nokia. While I'm not into WP and this whole strategy, I do appreciate it.01:32
RzRwhat is the process you can a mail and then you purchase it ?01:33
ajalkaneRzR: yeah you order it pretty much like you did with N95001:33
RzRbut they need to get your lp id by email 1st ?01:33
RzRI might have lost that email01:33
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RzRwell i could live w/out01:34
ajalkaneRzR: Yeah, at least for me they send an e-mail and I could only get it by following that e-mail01:34
ajalkaneRzR: But yeah, I'm not "tingling with excitement" like I was with N950. It's just, it arrives when it arrives. Instead of clicking frantically on the delivery status to see where N950 is travelling.01:35
ajalkaneI know I won't be developing for WP, but I'm willing to check what it's about as a user.01:36
RzRlets hope it will boot linux someday :)01:37
ajalkaneRzR: yeah, for this christmas holidays, that's something to pray baby jesus for. Otherwise, I may use it as a phone when I go to cottage or some other accident-prone locations01:38
RzRwhen did you get that email ?01:38
ajalkaneI got it last week. I think wednesday01:38
ajalkaneAnd I know many other people got theirs the week before. So it seems also to be somewhat regional.01:39
RzRare you in europe ?01:39
ajalkaneI'm in Finland01:39
RzRok they closer to nok01:40
ajalkaneHmm... I got it pretty fast after I wanted replacement N950. Dunno if it's correlated.01:40
RzRwhen i start mistyping this means its time to sleep :)01:40
RzRwhat happend to you n950 ?01:40
ajalkaneRzR: a mass of dead pixels in the bottom01:40
RzRmine is ok and i dropped it twice01:41
ajalkaneI wonder how many spare N950s they have01:41
ajalkaneRzR: yeah I've treated it goldly. I don't know if it's the dropping temperatures in Finland or what caused it.01:42
ajalkaneJust glad they gave me another one.01:42
RzRthis is nice yes01:42
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ajalkaneyes, say what you (and I) will about the current direction, there's some good people there.01:43
RzRwell i donno i have mixed feelings01:44
RzRthe device is so brillant01:44
RzRand the community so weak01:44
RzRthis is not the expected story01:44
RzRi was ready to wait maybe 10 years to get a n95001:44
ajalkanemaybe it just needs time. I don't know how much the N9 has sold, but I gather it's sold pretty well.01:45
RzRbuilt on freesoftware01:45
RzRand now we got it01:45
ajalkanegreat device. The first one I've been excited about since N95.01:45
RzRand the probablity to get an other linux phone soon is very low01:45
RzRso this is unclear01:46
RzRi donno if we should jump into the nemo project01:46
ajalkaneUnfortunately. This is pretty much now or who knows when :(. And the latter seems more likely01:46
ajalkaneThere's no other viable project right now01:46
RzRor just try to help for support as for maemo01:46
ajalkaneSo at least I'm going to put my time for now into this and hope for the best01:47
ajalkaneIf it doesn't pan out, at least I've had fun, and I've learned new things.01:47
RzRtoday i feel i can help to make harmattan sw support as good as freemantle01:47
RzRyes there is no reason to switch to wp01:48
ajalkanethat's good... N900 is still the gold-standard in many ways in community support01:48
RzRif only nokia sold n95001:49
ajalkaneAndroid is IMO the only viable alternative. It's the least worst of what's left if maemo is dropped for good01:49
RzRandroid is no altertive for me01:50
RzRi do some android devel some time to time01:50
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ajalkaneNothing is alternative to me as a development platform right now. But if I were to buy a new phone, it would be android unless N9 gets a successor. Or Tizen becomes something.01:51
RzRand i dont think it will bring us more freedom01:51
RzRn9 is a decent platform if you can of what google can not bring01:51
RzRif you care01:51
ajalkaneyeah Maemo stands alone at the moment as a semi-mainstream Linux distribution based OS.01:52
RzRhey openmoko01:52
ajalkanehehe... it's not even semi.01:52
ajalkaneThough I appreciate the effort. Too bad it didn't take off.01:52
RzRit did not crash neither01:53
ajalkaneCan't say I have experience. Although I tried following what's happening with it, nothing seemed like something I wanted to purchase.01:54
RzRi can understand01:54
RzRso what does nokia expect from you to do w/ lumia ?01:58
ajalkaneRzR: as far as I could see, nothing. It's a gift. If they expected development work, I would have refused it.01:59
RzRi will ask them to trade it for a spare n950 :)01:59
ieatlintyeah, the lumia is just a gift, but they're hoping you'll develop for it02:00
ieatlintnot a chance they'll do that, RzR02:00
ieatlintif i had to guess, microsoft is paying for these lumia 800s being given out02:00
ajalkaneIf I could trade it for N9, I would. But I don't think that'd be possible.02:00
ajalkaneN9 would be useful for some NFC stuff.02:01
ieatlintdepends on what nfc stuff02:01
ieatlintnfc on pr1.1 is crippled02:01
ajalkanehow is it crippled?02:02
ieatlintnamely, no tag type specific access... which means you can only do basic read/write ndef operations on ndef tags02:02
ieatlint(but you can't even do things like lock tags to be read-only)02:03
RzRhave you looked at BB qnx platform ?02:03
ieatlint(or for that matter, detect how big a tag is before you try to write data to it)02:03
ajalkaneieatlint: okay... well, I probably would just need things like "this NFC tag here, do something if tapped near it".02:03
arnetbesides, are n9 drivers available? so we can expect nemo port anyway.02:04
ieatlintajalkane: ok, that's do-able02:04
ieatlintthe only restriction you'd hit is if you wanted your app to make the tags read-only so others can't re-write them02:04
ajalkaneI see. I wouldn't want such functionality for my app, but I do think such missing functionality in N9 API is quite bad02:06
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ieatlintwell, there's always the chance it'll come in future software updates02:06
ajalkaneHopefully. But frankly all this NFC stuff is just play and games, little stuff, verssus the big stuff of payments that N9 can't support.02:07
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ieatlintwhat i'm sad about, is there are nfc transit cards here (like london oyster card) that allow anyone to read them -- so you can use an nfc enabled phone to tell you the balance on the card02:07
ieatlintthere's an android app for it already02:07
ajalkaneI dunno what Nokia thinks, but IMO all the play-and-games stuff follow the big payment stuff, not the other way around02:07
ieatlintand i can't do it for the n9, because you need tag type specific acces02:07
ieatlint(but it'd work for symbian, heh)02:08
ajalkaneah sucks02:08
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ieatlintbut it'd be useful to use my phone to see my transit card balance :P02:08
ieatlintand if i had an android nfc phone, i can02:09
ajalkaneSure, that would be useful02:09
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ajalkaneI dunno why Nokia only implemented some trivial stuff to N9 about NFC. Didn't they at all check what's up-and-coming real-life usage and just considered Angry Birds tapping stuff? :)02:09
ieatlintwell, i'm also hoping something called SNEP appears in a future update02:10
ieatlintit'll allow exchanging things like vcard entirely by NFC02:10
ieatlintandroid's ice cream sandwich supports it, so it'd work cross-platform and be awesome02:11
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pawkyHow are things going with USB host mode on the N9? Has it been accomplished yet, or is aegis in the way as usual?04:57
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Sazpaimonstill no proper RDP app for harmattan :(08:44
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BluesLeegood morning10:29
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BluesLeedo we have a dlna client for harmattan?15:06
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thpX-Fade: btw, do i need to remove the old version from the "source files" section when i upload a new one or can i keep it in there?15:39
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PaulePanterHi everyone. On the N9 trying to install `kdepim-mobile` <> and `libpurple0` <> something screwed up and `halt`ing the phone and restarting it now only Nokia on a black background is shown. :(17:42
PaulePanterIs there a way to reset everything? I also forgot to make a back up of the original image.17:44
DocScrutinizerreflash is it I guess17:45
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
PaulePanterDocScrutinizer: Thanks. I will take a look.17:45
pawkyok.. lets go fishing... anyone succeeded replace the kernel to openmode without having to flash the firmware as well? the --flash-only=kernel does not seem to work17:47
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pawkyPaulePanter: does it reboot several times after a while, or is it just stuck?17:48
pawkys/several times//17:49
infobotpawky meant: PaulePanter: does it reboot  after a while, or is it just stuck?17:49
PaulePanterpawky: It is just stuck.17:49
pawkyDocScrutinizer: will not aegis give you an error on the screen, if something has buggered it?17:50
PaulePanterI issued `halt` and it powered down. Now it does not boot up at all.17:50
pawkyPaulePanter: well.. it does what you asked it to... ;-)17:50
PaulePanterHitting the power button it just vibrates once and then »Nokia« is displayed on a black screen.17:51
kralorguys do you know if aircrack-ng has been compiled for N9 ?17:51
RzRif only you could do a such think on fake n9ies17:51
PaulePanterpawky: Powering down is not allowed?17:51
pawkyPaulePanter: I think DocScruitinizer is right, but I have earlier succeeded to get it up and running by rebooting it a few times...17:51
pawkyPaulePanter: I was just joking a bit :-)17:51
RzRkralor: i can have a look but there is a design issue17:51
PaulePanterpawky: You got me. ;-)17:52
kralorRzR: which issue ?17:52
RzRthe ability to go in promiscutious mode i think17:52
pawkyPaulePanter: A reflash will definitely fix your problem, but give it another one or two reboots first.17:52
pawkyRzR: aegis?...17:53
RzRthis is a time question now17:53
kralor[ 5863.905548] device wlan0 entered promiscuous mode17:54
kralorI ran tcpdump and it seems it works17:54
pawkyRzR: but if yuo can use tcpdump you should be able to use promiscuous mode...17:54
kralorat least tcpdump works17:54
pawkykralor: like i thought :-917:54
kralorI guess the only problem will be the packet injection (and rfmon)17:55
RzRi did build iodine too17:55
RzRbut did not test it in real life yet17:55
RzRif freewifi matters17:55
PaulePanterpawky, DocScrutinizer: Where do I get the “delivery”/Nokia image? Sorry the aegis link did not give something useful for reflashing.17:56
DocScrutinizerindeed, it wasn't meant to do that17:56
kralorwell I'm gonna try to compile aircrack-ng then17:56
RzRis that what you are looking for ?17:56
RzRkralor: let me try 1st17:56
DocScrutinizerRzR: my server won't help for reflashing17:57
RzRok i mixed some urls17:57
DocScrutinizerit's this fileserver where you might (or might not) find the right firmware image for your device17:58
PaulePanterDocScrutinizer: Thanks.17:58
DocScrutinizer  +-20pages might help17:58
PaulePanterpawky: Powering down is not allowed?ping: unknown host
PaulePanterping: unknown host
DocScrutinizeralas Nokia still doesn't feel like it would be necessary to provide official instructions on how to reflash18:00
pawkyWell, its not that of a hard thing to do the flash, its damn harder to find the right version to flash, if you are not using NaviFirm..18:03
pawkyI use flasher 3.12 do do the job, and theres quite a bunch of examples out there. But if anyone has a good way of finding the right firmware from nokias nds server when using linux you are very welcome to enlighten me :-)18:05
PaulePanterpawky: Just reading a blog post <> about that.18:05
PaulePanterJust for reference, the ID is 059L698 16GB.18:06
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PaulePanterI got to go now. I will try the reflash process later on.18:07
PaulePanterThank you for all your help DocScrutinizer and pawky!18:07
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pawkyPaulePanter: well, I didn't do to much this time, but your welcome ;-)18:12
RzRkralor: we need to fix that one 1st
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kralorRzR: fix what ?18:16
kralorah sorry didn't see the url18:16
RzRit should build18:16
kralorlibpcap should be already built18:16
kralortcpdump uses it I think ?18:16
RzRyes but was it published ?18:16
RzRi am building it now18:17
RzRlet's cross our fingers18:17
* kralor tries to compile nmap18:18
RzRi did try that one too18:18
RzRi need to break the depends on libgtk2.0-dev,18:18
kralorit works ?18:18
RzRnot yet18:19
kralorthat's for zenmap I guess ?18:19
RzRno that's from debian IICR18:19
RzRbtw wanna join the repo ?18:19
kralorI should18:20
pawkystill fishing for anyone who has succeeded to replace only the kernel to openmode.. no one in here who's succeded? :-)18:20
kralortho I've never worked with .deb packages18:20
DocScrutinizerRzR: anyway your >>kralor: let me try 1st<< was actually very appreciated, I need a few proper success (or failure) reports on flashing openmode kernel, preferably with detailed cmdline quotes18:21
kralorRzR: btw how do you compile ? cross or on device ?18:21
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: well my report says  sucess --> nothing :D18:22
RzRnow i am out of home doing this on obs18:22
RzRbut scratchbox is a goodstart18:22
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: sorry, doesn't parse18:22
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: it tried loading the kernel in question which resulted in a success stdout form flasher but no action on the n918:23
DocScrutinizerhmm, that's a fail then18:23
DocScrutinizerwhich one did you try? did you flash or just load-to-ram?18:23
DocScrutinizerand what'S your OS version (regarding kernel modules / uname) you came from?18:24
RzRDocScrutinizer: RzR: anyway your >>kralor: let me try 1st<< was actually very appreciated, I need a few proper success (or failure) reports on flashing18:24
merlin1991I tried both patched and unpatched and I was on 1.118:24
RzRdocScrutinizer: i was talking about building some packages not wreaking my golden n95018:25
merlin1991n9 is currently in repair so I can't try anything18:25
RzRkralor: pcap built !18:25
kraloryeah here too :P (the libpcap from nmap)18:26
DocScrutinizerjavispedro tested the patched one on N950 and for him it worked (at least he said it did)18:26
kralorno problems so far (still compiling nmap)18:26
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: did you ramload or flash?18:26
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: btw PR1.1 might be a bit unspecific regarding vermagic of kernel modules18:27
kralorRM696-40-4:~/packages/nmap-5.61TEST2# nmap -v18:30
kralorStarting Nmap 5.61TEST2 ( ) at 2011-12-26 17:30 CET18:30
kralorRzR: error when trying to use SYN scan mode (dnet: Failed to open device wlan0)18:32
kralorotherwise TCP mode (-sT) works18:32
*** norayr has joined #harmattan18:34
kralorI have to go, laters18:36
RzRkralor: i am building it now18:38
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:38
RzRit built !18:44
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techwais there anyway to delete all messages from conversations?19:57
merlin1991techwa: factory reset? :D19:58
techwai think that as long as emmc is not flashed, all setting and user data like messages persist?19:59
techwathere's gotta be a better way to empty the database19:59
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lizardoanyone working on OTR chat for N9 ?20:06
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tommatechwa, reset tracker?20:22
tommait will clear messages, contacts etc20:23
techwayeah i was thinking about resseting tracker. How do u do it?20:24
techwaClearing messages was actually easy20:24
techwajust long press the messaging window, and click on 'clear all messages'20:24
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Tronicabout a dozen black dead pixels just appeared on my n950 :(20:52
*** si9 has joined #harmattan20:53
SpeedEvilOpen the screen20:54
pawkyok, tried to flash kernel only to open mode.. it might have worked, if I only knew how to check whats running now...20:54
SpeedEvilAre they about where the hinges fix to the screen-top?20:54
Tronicany idea on who to contact for possible replacement?20:54
pawkyYES!... it bloody works! :-D20:55
Tronicmight try fixing it myself too, yes.20:55
pawkyDocScrutinizer: dude... I think i just got the open mode in, kernel only :-D   doni accli -I tells me open. Then its open right?20:55
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: would you please check if following this scheme results in fail or success for you?20:56
infobotpawky meant: s/doing/doing20:56
DocScrutinizerpawky: sure20:56
Tronicthe dead pixels are near screen center in a semi random pattern20:56
SpeedEvil2011-12-16.051838+0000GMT.txt:(07:01:34 AM) hiemanshu: Teo`: email DDP20:56
SpeedEvil2011-12-16.051838+0000GMT.txt:(07:04:07 AM) Teo`: hiemanshu:
Tronicmultiple rows and columns20:56
si9Hi, what do I need to test open mode?20:56
SpeedEvilTronic:  :/20:56
Teo`what's up?20:56
Teo`Tronic: let me guess, a line of dead pixels about halfway through the display?20:57
SpeedEvilTeo`: nothing - just copy-pasting something that happend to hav eyour nick, as Tronic's n950 is borked20:57
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: well I was stuck after halley:/ # ~jr/bin/flasher_950_32 -l -b -k ~jr/Documents/N900/N950/openmodekernel-patched/zImage-
merlin1991n9 didn't boot20:57
merlin1991ah wait sry20:58
Teo`FYI DDP did reply but they still haven't told me the address where should I send the faulty N95020:58
DocScrutinizerit "boots" to charging ACT_DEAD mode20:58
Teo`the holidays got in the way I guess20:58
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: then you need to switch it on! ;-D20:58
merlin1991anyway will see what I can do when I get it back from care20:58
DocScrutinizerwhich in fact is just a change of initstate20:58
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: though isn't it known to malf after openmode kernel install if I boot back to normal kernel?20:59
DocScrutinizernot if you don't touch any of the protected files21:00
*** briglia has quit IRC21:00
DocScrutinizerI.E. don't install anything21:00
DocScrutinizerdon't mess with anything in etc/21:00
DocScrutinizeretc etc pp21:01
merlin1991basically do nothing :P21:01
DocScrutinizeryep ;-P21:01
merlin1991is aegis source avaiable?21:01
DocScrutinizermost of it anyway21:01
DocScrutinizerthey told me21:01
merlin1991so technically we could wire a userspace tool that sets aegis to current state = valid state in all it's persistant storages ?21:01
DocScrutinizerdunno, maybe they managed to permanently lock the aegisfs for openmode, when it got 'sealed' in securemode. That'S how a security framework is supposed to work21:03
DocScrutinizerwe should be able to use aegisfs when freshly formated under openmode though, AIUI21:04
pawkyjust for the backlog, this is how I flashed the unit, firmware only flasher -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin --flash-only=kernel -f -k zImage-
DocScrutinizerpawky: many thanks, I'll add this to my howto immediately21:05
pawkyNow how does one get rid of the anoying, having to write the passwords for all your e-mail accounts at every reboot?21:05
pawkyDocScrutinizer: thought you would be a bit interested... ;-)21:06
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and the bin file is downloaded through navifirm... as you might have guessed.21:06
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan21:07
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and for reference my unit is a: 059L7N6 64GB21:08
DocScrutinizerhmm, you also can get it via wget or sth, if you knew the actual URL on Nokia's server21:08
pawkyDocScrutinizer: right, but I didnt... :-(21:09
DocScrutinizerethereal might help21:09
pawkyyeah... or tcpdump... but then its to late don't you think? ;-)21:09
DocScrutinizeras AIUI the navifirm tool also gets those firmware images from Nokia server21:09
DocScrutinizersure, for you it's too late then ;-)21:10
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yeah...21:10
pawkyDocScrutinizer: couldn't someone just rip all the links and put them on a site? Cannot see any uber unlegal part in it.. except for someone gettinga bit pissed of...21:11
SpeedEvilIt's warez, exactly as if it's images of winodws.21:11
pawkystill fishing for the solution how to not having to put in the e-mail passwords on every boot from now on, any one having the solution? I heard someone speaking about..yada,yada eMMC or something?...21:11
DocScrutinizersomebody did, but that site somehow metamorphed into a mp3 download site then21:11
pawkyDocScrutinizer: not to surpriced...21:12
pawkyDocScrutinizer: whats the URL for your howto?21:13
DocScrutinizerpawky: that's exactly the problem related to aegisfs I talked about with merlin1991 some 10 lines above21:13
DocScrutinizerthe URL is also above21:13
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ok... back logging...21:13
pawkyDocScrutinizer: a bit odd, jonni told me that was a bug to be fixed in 1.2 .... if it's aegis, i cannot really see it as a bug... :-(21:14
DocScrutinizerI don't know details or good info (yet)21:17
DocScrutinizercheck mount21:17
DocScrutinizertry to find out if you can access content of aegisfs21:18
fralscheck syslog about the email passwords asking, probably accounts.db is corrupted by aegisfs21:18
DocScrutinizersee if aegisfs are r/o mounted21:18
DocScrutinizersee if you can reformat, or delete, or reinstall, or whatever those databases in aegisfs21:19
DocScrutinizerand IIRC we got PR1.1 right now21:20
DocScrutinizerso the bug probably is what javispedro found: aegisfs mounted r/o in openmode, while according to sane common sense it should be empty but writable, or have crippled unreadable content (due to encryption). Setting it READ-only doesn't make any sense21:22
pawkyDocScrutinizer: will check.. :-)21:26
pawkyDocScrutinizer: mounted in /home/user as rw ...21:29
DocScrutinizer~ $ id21:34
DocScrutinizeruid=29999(user) gid=29999(users) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),44(video),670(pulse-access),29999(users)21:34
DocScrutinizer~ $ ls -la /home/user/.positioningd/*21:34
DocScrutinizerls: can't open '/home/user/.positioningd/private': Permission denied21:34
DocScrutinizertotal 021:34
pawkyDocScrutinizer: was that for me? :-)21:35
DocScrutinizerwell, if it gives you ideas...21:36
*** briglia has joined #harmattan21:36
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I also got permission denied on that one...21:36
DocScrutinizerI'll try to reboot to securemode now, to compare21:36
pawkyDocScrutinizer: but I got permission denied as root...21:37
DocScrutinizereven root won't do decryption for you, of files encrypted and sealed under secure mode. That's what I'd expect from a security framework (see filesystem type aegisfs)21:39
pawkyDocScrutinizer: i can cd to private as user...21:40
DocScrutinizerls: can't open '.': Permission denied21:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ok... i moved that .positioningd to somewhere else and created a new .positioningd/private21:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: now what would happen if I reboot?21:41
DocScrutinizerthis is in securemode though (if I haven't accidentally flashed the openmode kernel)21:42
pawkyDocScrutinizer: accidentaly?... i have willingly put in the openmode kernel :-)21:42
DocScrutinizerpawky: I don't know. Worst thing to happen probably is your positioning via GPS etc borks and blows chunks21:43
pawkysounds  scary....21:43
DocScrutinizer~/.positioningd/private $ accli -I21:43
DocScrutinizerCurrent mode: normal21:43
pawkycurrent mode: open :-)21:43
DocScrutinizerso I wonder how I'm supposed to access this friggin data in private anyway21:44
DocScrutinizerOr at least find out who and how would be able to access it21:45
pawkycool.. I get location info in my new private folder :-)21:45
DocScrutinizerso I fsckd mine by simply changing to openmode?21:46
DocScrutinizercool sh*t21:46
pawkyi got the file location_settings into ~/.positioningd/private a config file..21:47
pawkyDocScrutinizer: but wouldn't a simple thing be to make sure that fuser version of aegisfs simply doesnt mount and then create the dirs oneself?21:48
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# ls -la /home/user/.positioningd/*21:49
DocScrutinizertotal 421:49
DocScrutinizerdrwxrwxrwx    1 aegisfs  crypto        4096 Dec  3 22:43 .21:49
DocScrutinizerdrwxrwxrwx    3 aegisfs  crypto        4096 Jul  9 19:12 ..21:49
DocScrutinizerlrwxrwxrwx    2 aegisfs  crypto          20 Nov 23 15:36 .pid -> /var/run/aegisfs.59521:49
DocScrutinizerthis on a N950 that hasn't seen openmode kernel yet21:49
DocScrutinizerunder root ;-D21:50
DocScrutinizerno "private"21:50
pawkyDocScrutinizer: shouldnt you have one?21:51
DocScrutinizerI could figure "private" is a non-readable dir that aegisfs hides all the real stuff in when it got not correctly unlocked (I.E. when mounting aegisfs in openmode)21:51
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yes, but why not make aegisfs not mount, and create the dirs manually?21:52
DocScrutinizersure, you're free to do that, I guess21:52
DocScrutinizerjust umount friggin aegisfs, create the dirs as 'normal' dirs (if they don't already exist), test if storing passwords etc works - here positioning log data - and if it works, just find where in initscripts those friggin aegisfs get mounted and comment out those lines21:54
DocScrutinizerI'd argue it's a bug those aegisfs get mounted at all, in openmode21:55
pawkyDo you know where it gets mounted? Can't see it in fstab..21:56
DocScrutinizermaemo had the annoying habit to have hardcoded mount cmds in initscripts21:56
DocScrutinizerwhile fstab got generetad new on every boot21:57
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ok.. checking init scripts..21:57
DocScrutinizerhaha for Nokia's claim of "everything just works as usual in openmode"21:58
javispedroDocScrutinizer: lack of private means the app didn't write yet21:59
javispedroon closed mode, private still appears21:59
javispedroI was just checking this, heh.21:59
javispedro(wrote this post : )21:59
DocScrutinizerand HI javispedro21:59
DocScrutinizerfinally some expert around21:59
*** Guest9494 has joined #harmattan22:00
javispedroI am going to spend a few days with the n950 in closed mode, I want to work a bit on fm and sdl22:00
javispedroand a malf during holidays...22:01
*** Guest9494 is now known as Aranel22:03
*** Aranel has joined #harmattan22:03
DocScrutinizeranyway, I'm happy to see you around here. Been a long time since...22:03
DocScrutinizerand I guess I just have no f'ing clue about this aegis stuff, compared to you22:04
javispedrono one has, we booted the last one who did =)22:05
*** zk8 has left #harmattan22:05
DocScrutinizeranyway I finally "tasted my own dog food" and tested openmode_patched kernel22:05
pawkyhow did it go?22:05
DocScrutinizerno use in somebody who maybe has a clue, but only uses this to tell others that they don't have any - real help was scarce from him22:06
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:06
pawkyjavispedro: wasn't that one of the inventors of that piece of sh...22:06
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan22:07
pawkyfunny how nobody screams anymore that flashing the unit is illegal... such a calm channel these days  ;-)22:07
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: do you think my approach to not even mount aegisfs in openmode is feasible?22:08
DocScrutinizerto fix issues with apps that used to use aegifs protected storage22:08
DocScrutinizerpawky: indeed22:08
DocScrutinizerthough I only see the indirect effects, thanks /ignore22:08
pawkyI am all ears, because I am up to making aegisfs not mount anything at all in /home/user22:09
javispedroDocScrutinizer: depends on the app22:09
javispedroDocScrutinizer: timed is the only one I've seen so far, and it would work22:09
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: are there apps that *check* if storage is secure?22:09
javispedrobecause it just puts its data on the aegisfs but does not do any additional chec22:09
javispedroDocScrutinizer: that is what I don't know.22:09
DocScrutinizeror use different functions to access it?22:09
DocScrutinizernah, that would be too insane, even for aegis22:10
*** Soder has joined #harmattan22:11
DocScrutinizerpawky: mount|grep aegisfs22:11
DocScrutinizerneuter all those, check how it feels :-D22:12
pawkywow... i could do cat /home/user/.accounts/accounts.db   wasnt that one supposed to be encrypted?22:12
pawkyDocScrutinizer: thats wha I am working on... :-)22:12
DocScrutinizeryep I think so22:12
javispedrothe accounts db has two parts22:13
DocScrutinizercat: can't open '/home/user/.accounts/accounts.db': Permission denied -- on 95022:13
pawkyDocScrutinizer: try as user22:13
*** tsdgeos has joined #harmattan22:13
pawkybecause what I understand it should neither work as root nor user, when you run openmode right?22:13
DocScrutinizeruser works22:14
DocScrutinizeron 95022:14
pawkyDocScrutinizer: openmode?22:14
*** tsdgeos has left #harmattan22:14
DocScrutinizerno openmode available here atm22:14
pawkyDocScrutinizer: then I am a bit lost here. I thought the password problem, amongst others, was due to one not being able to reach encrypted stuff in open mode..22:15
DocScrutinizerlemme check on "fsckdup(?)' N9 securemode22:15
DocScrutinizerpawky: yep, same here - also nfc what's wrong22:15
javispedroas I was saying, the accounts db has two parts22:15
DocScrutinizeryou said...?22:15
javispedroyou should not see any passwords22:15
javispedro<javispedro> the accounts db has two parts =)22:16
pawkyjavispedro: listening...22:16
javispedroit is the reason it remembers the accounts after boot, but does not remember the passwords22:16
pawkyjavispedro: because?22:17
DocScrutinizernow we know why we never get a second chance to create a working nokia account22:17
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: where's the "hidden" part?22:17
pawkybut one should be able to create a new such file when re-entering the accounts, right?22:17
javispedroDocScrutinizer: I think that either signonfs-mnt (not on my n950 at least...) or ~/.signon/private22:18
DocScrutinizerwell, I assume you should be able to copy all that shite to MyDocs under securemode, then under openmode copy back to plain ext3 directories in place of aegisfs?22:19
pawkyok... then lets re create that directory without aegisfs and recreate the accounts then?22:19
DocScrutinizeryeah, try that22:20
DocScrutinizera *sane* app will recreate that db when it's missing22:20
DocScrutinizeralas I've not seen any sane genuine Nokia maemo/HARM app yet22:20
javispedroaccounts/signon is (partly) FOSS too, so if there's an issue, it should be fixable too.22:22
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: who's creating those friggin .db ?22:22
DocScrutinizerdo they ship as image with fiasco?22:23
DocScrutinizerHMMMMMMMMMM, >>reset to factory settings<< :-D22:23
pawkyDocScrutinizer: what, Is that the solution???22:24
DocScrutinizershouldn'T try to mount aegisfs, but for sure should create empty database files22:24
DocScrutinizeralso in openmode22:25
javispedrosignond seems to do22:25
javispedrosee signon-8.38/src/signond/credentialsdb.cpp:29322:25
DocScrutinizerthough I heard a lot of users seen MALF after >>reset to factory<<22:26
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: you're an animal :-D22:26
javispedrono, "grep sqlite -r *" is =)22:26
DocScrutinizeranyway, fellas, I got some real real-life appointments, like e.g shower, dinner (first real meal since 3 days)22:28
* DocScrutinizer waves22:28
DocScrutinizerkeep me updated nevertheless22:28
* javispedro leaves, dinner time22:29
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:29
*** etrunko has quit IRC22:30
*** heymaster has quit IRC22:33
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan22:33
*** techwa has quit IRC22:33
ieatlinthappy kwanza all22:35
*** si9 has quit IRC22:36
*** beford has joined #harmattan22:44
DocScrutinizeryo ieatlint22:44
DocScrutinizerieatlint: how about openmode? interested?22:45
ieatlinti'm curious the risk of bricking and ability to revert to original state though22:51
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:02
DocScrutinizerieatlint: get the right flasher and image, that's mandatory prior to meddling with such elementary things (well, on HARM everything is elementary)23:22
DocScrutinizerramloading the openmode kenel shouldn't be too risky though23:22
DocScrutinizeras long as you don't try to mess with initscripts or etc/* in general, or try to install anyrhing (which indirectly also is messing with etc/*)23:23
DocScrutinizeradverse effects on your "secure data" like accounts etc is unclear though, yet23:24
ieatlintbut the point is i can always take the current nokia-released image and flash it back on?23:24
DocScrutinizer*might* nuke it, when e.g trying to create a new or recreate an old account23:25
ieatlinti don't care about ruining data on the phone, just making sure i can get back to a clean starting place23:25
DocScrutinizeryes, you can always flash stock image, if you ever were able to do that23:25
ieatlinti'll be interested23:25
ieatlinthave my second n9 here i can screw with :)23:25
DocScrutinizerbtw I only can *guess* that there's no possible scenario that would permanently brick your device. So if you brick it anyway, best thing I can offer is we swap devices :-D23:27
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan23:27
DocScrutinizerhere you go:
DocScrutinizerread backlog of this chan though, of the last ~4h23:28
DocScrutinizerthere are obviously issues with accounts etc23:28
DocScrutinizerdunno if you want to tackle them23:29
DocScrutinizerwatch pawky23:29
ieatlintgoing to have to wait until later tonight to really undertake this23:30
ieatlinti'm home for xmas and new year for the first time in a month from a business trip, and people are apparently insisting i not spend the few daylight hours left on a laptop23:30
DocScrutinizerno daylight here23:31
ieatlintyeah, they clearly don't understand me23:31
* DocScrutinizer waves23:31
ieatlintonly 1:30pm here23:31
ieatlintwill be around, tschuess23:32
DocScrutinizerso enjoy your day with family ;-)23:32
jonnirefering to your earlier discussion, in open mode, aegisfs is rw, but open mode is using different key to sign the encrypt/decrypt, and in secure mode that key is not supported which causes the malf.23:34
jonniso if you happed to install any application in open mode, it signs the refhaslist in openmode key, so it will have openmode signature, -> malf if you ever boot back to secure mode, but should work as long as you stay in open mode.23:36
jonniand those signing keys are not accessible from userspace.23:36
jonniand you cannot do userspace tool to fake your mode.23:37
DocScrutinizerjonni: just for the >those signing keys are not accessible from userspace< part. What does this mean in detail?23:43
DocScrutinizerI can access aegisfs content in securemode and copy it to random location?23:44
DocScrutinizerI can copy same content back to aegisfs (or plain directory) from that random location, in openmode?23:44
jonniyes you can copy fs content thats not bĺocked23:45
DocScrutinizerare there apps that won't work when there's no aegisfs on their "secure storage" dirs they use?23:45
jonniI mean that userspace has the encrypt / decrypt data functions where you pass the data, that data is signed in PA side which userspace cannot access23:46
DocScrutinizerblocked means? the right key aka same mode as on writing? or is there another way to "block" things?23:46
jonniI mean that reading the fs content is allowed by user23:48
DocScrutinizerhmm yeah, there *are* methods to just verify a "password" but no way to copy it23:48
DocScrutinizerI guess this doesn't apply to aegisfs content though23:48
DocScrutinizerit's more like a TPM thing23:49
*** trx has quit IRC23:49
DocScrutinizerwhere TPM hw holds a "secret" key and you only could ask for verification that your key is right23:49
SpeedEvilHang on - where is the openmode key from?23:49
DocScrutinizerbut you couldn't copy out the "secret" (aka hidden) cert23:50
SpeedEvilIs there a seperate openmode key in the FW?23:50
jonniuserspace doesnt hold any key, the key is only in tpm side23:50
jonniso you cannot give any key to the function23:50
DocScrutinizeryes, you would ask TPM to verify e.g. a hash-signature over a file23:50
DocScrutinizermeh, I lost my thread23:51
DocScrutinizeractually SpeedEvil 's question been quite interesting - is there a openmode key in HW?23:54
*** trx has joined #harmattan23:54
DocScrutinizeror in sw??23:54
DocScrutinizerquite obviously we can't use the secure mode key in openmode, to "unlock" aegisfs for reading or store securemode compatible stuff to it23:56
DocScrutinizerbut what key is aegisfs using then, in openmode?23:56
PaulePanterDoes anyone know if NaviFirm+ is a Mono application and can be run from GNU/Linux?23:57
DocScrutinizerI heard in some blog that somebody tried in vain to run it under wine23:57
PaulePanterOr written differently, was anyone able to run NaviFirm+ under GNU/Linux?23:57
jonniDocScrutinizer: well it doesnt matter, even if secure mode key vs openmode key would be "secure" vs "open" -strings :)23:57
DocScrutinizersure, just out of interest23:58
PaulePanterDocScrutinizer: <>23:58
PaulePanterDocScrutinizer: At least that is written in there too.23:58
DocScrutinizerthat's where I read it, PaulePanter23:58
*** briglia has quit IRC23:59
jonniDocScrutinizer: userspace and kernel dont have access to read it anyways :)23:59
jonniand dont have access to set them either.23:59

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