IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-12-25

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DocScrutinizer>>Right now, I’ve basically jury-rigged a system for libmtp to make sure that using the Zune from Linux was actually viable:<<00:01
* DocScrutinizer passes a beer over to sajid anwar00:05
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fralsGeneralAntilles: maybe no free lunch, but we have free education ;-)01:03
vsync_is there an easy way to transfer music and cover arts into n9 in linux,01:09
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DocScrutinizertransfer music: mass storage -- cover art: MussOrgSky01:27
DocScrutinizerwhich btw is one of the most useful pkgs after backupmenu01:27
DocScrutinizerregarding how terribly Nokia fsckd up the media player cover art and title handling01:28
vsync_with mass storage mode, I'll just put the files in either Music or Music/content?01:28
DocScrutinizeryep, "thanks" to tracker it doesn't matter at all if you did the fancy to sirt your music nicely into A B C D folders or anything01:29
DocScrutinizerjust place them wherever you want, on MyDocs/.music(ß)01:29
DocScrutinizerit also doesn't matter what the files are named like, as tracker looks into the mp3 to find ID-tags01:31
DocScrutinizerand this also is the only location where it looks for cover art01:31
DocScrutinizerterribly fsckdup stupid concept01:32
DocScrutinizermaybe they patched tracker to act a bit smarter meanwhile, what I told you was true for PR1.0(.1)01:33
vsync_hopefully. Thanks a bunch though!01:33
DocScrutinizerooops, sorry - I messed up channels, not realizing this is #harmattan here01:37
DocScrutinizerhowever I suspect that tracker dependencies got even worse on harmattan, compared to fremantle which my comment above was based on01:38
vsync_Well I think it's close enough :)01:38
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pawkyto put in the openmode kernel one uses the flasher software right?02:14
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DocScrutinizerright, that's what I'd suggest to use02:43
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yeah, sorry... and as far as i understand you can get stuff back to stock root by reflashing it with the original pr1.1 firmware right? :-)02:55
pawkyDocScrutinizer: (as it will flash both kernel and .. the rest)02:55
GeneralAntillesfrals, paid for by your ridiculous, burdensome taxes.02:55
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pawkyGeneralAntilles: yo what?02:56
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Thanks..02:56
GeneralAntillesfrals is trolling me on delay. :D02:56
DocScrutinizeryou'll need the stock kernel to replace the openmode kernel, and you'll need a clean rootfs that doesn't make aegis go haywire02:57
GeneralAntillesMerry Christmas, to my European friends. :)02:57
DocScrutinizerthnaks :-/02:57
pawkyGeneralAntilles: merry christmass to you as well.. and all in here :-)02:58
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GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, well, it's only once a year so you might as well enjoy it. ;)02:59
DocScrutinizerone of the worst days in the whole year02:59
DocScrutinizerhave a hard time to enjoy it, I'm hungry02:59
DocScrutinizerand TV is unbearable03:00
DocScrutinizerirc is basically dead03:00
Clintit's a hard-knock life03:00
GeneralAntillesEverything looks better under sunlight. :P03:01
pawkyDocScrutinizer: don't use TV, get your films and docs from the net and have a quality time instead :-)03:01
pawkyGeneralAntilles: depends on who your dating....03:02
DocScrutinizerI'm not exactly equipped to do that03:02
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. your online right, thats a good start :-)03:02
DocScrutinizerlinux doesn't support the VGA out of my laptop, and copying movies to N900 is the nly annoying way to watch anything on a decent screen03:03
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DocScrutinizerthough quality of AV from N900 is sub par03:03
pawkyDocScrutinizer: what strange laptop do you have?03:04
DocScrutinizerFujiSie Esprimo03:04
DocScrutinizerdirt cheap crap03:04
pawkyDocScrutinizer: great on the N9 as well. It's strange they don't advertice the AV out anywhere even though works very nicely03:04
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Ill guess thats a fujitsu..03:05
DocScrutinizerfujitsu Siemens03:05
pawkyDocScrutinizer: it sounds quite strange to me its not supported.. are we talking about VDPAU or the card in general?03:05
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Ive used fujitsu for many years without any problems.. i still have around... 4-5 in my closet with linux on nicely running..03:06
pawkyDocScrutinizer: when it comes to VDPAU you might be out of luck, but thas only if you want to watch high def movies..03:07
DocScrutinizerhas a friggin video chipset that even Raster gave up on teaching manners, so I got even crappy interpolation lines on the *800 display as the chipset driver doesn't know other than 76803:07
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I think they uses the ATI chip right?.... what flavour are you running?03:07
pawkyDocScrutinizer: or intel..03:08
DocScrutinizermy brain asked Freud about how to handle the name....03:08
pawkyDocScrutinizer: npe?03:08
DocScrutinizerSIS970 or sth03:08
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ohh.. yeah... these old cards...03:09
DocScrutinizerI'm actually amazed it supports anything better than hercules03:10
DocScrutinizerwell, the whole friggin thing was cheaper than a N90003:10
DocScrutinizerand is 2 years older03:11
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and you have checked the net thoroughly you wont be able to get it to work?03:12
DocScrutinizerfan broke 2 times already, I'm waiting for my brute force fix not sustaining it to work and I'll probably bin it then03:12
DocScrutinizerpawky: yes, I think I did03:13
DocScrutinizerand I think 3 or 4 years ago Raster did as well03:13
DocScrutinizerand I'm not hoping for any new drivers to emerge *now*03:14
pawkyDocScrutinizer: what linux flavour did you say you are running?03:14
DocScrutinizererr, openSuse03:14
DocScrutinizerdoes this matter?03:14
pawkyDocScrutinizer: err... I have used it on most boxes... it usually works... weird..03:14
pawkyDocScrutinizer: tried debian?03:14
DocScrutinizernah, debian xorg doesn't have better drivers for graca03:15
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. yes and no, what comes with it and what you have to compile yourself..03:15
DocScrutinizerthere's nuttin neither for precompiled nor for building by myself, for any flavour of kernel03:16
DocScrutinizeralias Xserver03:16
pawkyDocScrutinizer: i got stuck with "#¤%!! ATI radeon card on a mini pc a couple of years ago, and knew there would be no update ever.. thus I know how it feels..03:16
pawkyDocScrutinizer: But at least some hardware modes should work... at least standard vga 800x600.. or similar..03:17
DocScrutinizer1024*768, but the display is *80003:18
DocScrutinizeror was it 1280*768?03:19
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ill bet the first one..03:19
DocScrutinizermeh, useless03:19
pawkyDocScrutinizer: if its a 4x3 screen03:19
pawkyDocScrutinizer: then the latter..03:19
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well... i can tell you the worst investment so far for me has been an ASUS Transformer...03:20
pawkyDocScrutinizer: except for its powersupply litterarily falling to pieces, and it giving low current through its alloy fram you can feel... the battery halfway falling out of the keyboard so you cannot plug int the power cord on the side without pushing, the whole idiotic idea of having a phone OS on a computer, limited like hell.. well, shall I continue?03:21
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: its 1280x800 or 1366x768 those or the common modes, 16:9 or 16:1003:21
infobothiemanshu meant: DocScrutinizer: its 1280x800 are 1366x768 those or the common modes, 16:9 or 16:1003:22
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pawkyDocScrutinizer: I wish I will soon be able to flash the unit with Debian... once and for all...03:23
pawkyhiemanshu: yeah... that sounds more like it..03:24
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DocScrutinizerSilicon Integrated 771/671 PCIE VGA adapter03:25
pawkyDocScrutinizer: some guy here is saying if one contacts him, he has a 3d driver....
DocScrutinizermonitor: width:1024, height:76803:30
DocScrutinizerthe display is *800 though03:30
DocScrutinizerand thus is interpolating every 15th line or sth03:30
DocScrutinizerpawky: wow03:31
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Irony?03:31
DocScrutinizerI wonder if I should do some work to put a half-broken hw to final purpose03:31
DocScrutinizerno irony, just amazed03:31
pawkyDocScrutinizer: the page might have old links... but it at least gives a hint someone somewhere, might have a solution to it all.. :-)03:32
pawkyDocScrutinizer: its just a matter of getting old of that guy or the code..03:33
pawkyDocScrutinizer: but maybe you'r on your way to by a new machine anyway... then it might not be worth the hunt... if not for the thrill...03:34
pawkyDocScrutinizer: in return, I will have to pester you a bit more regarding this openmode stuff... :-)03:35
DocScrutinizeryou're more than welcome to do that03:35
DocScrutinizerthough I'm not the ultimate expert on it03:36
DocScrutinizeras mentioned I just host this stuff for somebody else who wants to stay anonymous03:36
pawkyDocScrutinizer: reading on that site, they are taling about booting into the openmode kernel to install the opensh deb... is this the same as the opensh kernel? (I know.. but you have been reading up a bit more than me :-) )03:36
DocScrutinizerthere's no opensh kernel03:37
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and then return to closed mode, still having root. All I want to achieve at the moment is to be able to install what ever I want to install.. forever..03:37
pawkyDocScrutinizer: ok.. so its the deb they are talking about then...03:37
DocScrutinizerI thought I added a "THIS DOESN'T WORK!" at top of opensh page?03:38
pawkyDocScrutinizer: aha... and that one doesn't really work as well as adverticed then. As you are back in restricted mode...03:38
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yes..... you certainly did... but other said.... etc..03:38
infobotpawky meant: DocScrutinizer: yes..... you certainly did... but others said.... etc..03:39
DocScrutinizeropensh does NOT work, installation of any pkg causes MALF when entering secure mode (aka using stock kernel) later on03:39
DocScrutinizeropensh would work if yu could get it installed03:40
DocScrutinizerbut it won't install under secure mode, and it causes malf when installed under open mode, as soon as you revert back to secure mode03:40
DocScrutinizeryou probably *could* install it when you got a hacked secure mode03:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: As you might understand.. now after nearly two monts of battering with Nokia to get a new phone and finally having it, im a bit hesitant to put in some other kernel screwing things up.. Then again, I value the freedom of being able to install what I want very highly.03:41
pawkyDocScrutinizer: and there is no such thing as a hacked version yet, right?03:42
DocScrutinizerthe unpatched kernel doesn't differ from stock kernel in any way, except for stock kernel has Nokia signature03:42
pawkyDocScrutinizer: And people are heavily working on it I asume?...03:42
pawkyDocScrutinizer:and it will boot as such everytime I boot the thingy... no need to press special buttons and what have you?03:43
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DocScrutinizerno need to press special buttons, it just may display the warranty warning on each boot, or maybe not03:45
DocScrutinizerthen boots up system into open mode03:45
pawkyDocScrutinizer: sounds great!.... time to press enter ;-)03:45
DocScrutinizerNOLO detects that kernel has no (valid) signature and switches device to pen mode03:45
DocScrutinizerlater on aegis will notice that the hardware is in open mode and will somewhat reduce his nastiness03:46
pawkyDocScrutinizer: fair enough :-)03:46
pawkyDocScrutinizer: somewhat?... i want it gone!... gone forever... nada enchiladas... muerto...03:46
DocScrutinizerI told you aegis is implemented on a number of places in kernel, filesystems, initscripts and so on. It's a LOT of work to clean aegis out of harmattan03:47
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I haven't paid for it in the first place!.... well.. as a matter fo fact I have... but anyway... its just as evil as... hmm... Android..03:47
pawkyDocScrutinizer: I really hope someone is working on getting it out of there :-)03:48
DocScrutinizermer is what you want then03:48
pawkyDocScrutinizer:ahh.. thats the name :-D03:48
DocScrutinizeras a number of apps (like conversations for example) won't work on a completely aegis-free system, it depends on aegisfs AIUI03:49
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Usually i don't chicken out that much.. I am very trigger happy.. press enter first, read later... but this time when finally... having a phone that actually works... ;-)03:49
DocScrutinizerwell, just make sure you got a proven to work way to reflash stock PR1.103:50
pawkyDocScrutinizer: it wont work?.. i am all ears... i assume AIUI can be replaced.. as far as I know it doesn't exist on the N900 right?03:50
infobotwell, aiui is As I Understand It03:50
pawkyDocScrutinizer: yeah.. I got the stock earlier from here.. thats how the dispute with mr... dj...  started03:51
DocScrutinizerconversations app is rather different on HARM than on fremantle03:51
pawkyDocScrutinizer: oh my god........ didn't see that one coming ;-)03:51
pawkyDocScrutinizer: in what way?.... something talking.. TCP/IP i presume..03:52
DocScrutinizerSMS are stored in a different way, that is based on aegis-filesystem, on HARM03:53
DocScrutinizerthat'S why you probably will lose all your text msgs when switching to open mode03:53
DocScrutinizercontacts probably all the same03:53
DocScrutinizeraccounts for sure too03:54
pawkyright.. :-)03:58
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pawkyDocScrutinizer: thus as far as i got it, will i ever want to use any alternative repository besides their market, Aegis has to go...04:02
pawkyWhy can hardware manufacturers never advertice the limitations on their devices giving you the opportunity of choice BEFORE one buys their product?... grrr...04:06
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pawkyThis is odd.. Shouldn't flasher find the phone when you plug it in and its off?04:49
ieatlintyes, but it takes a little bit for the phone to boot into the setup mode04:55
ieatlintalso, before you plug the phone in, the flasher should be looking for it04:55
pawkydid that... no effect. Moved the phone to different slots, and no effect. Worked well with my old buggy phone, but not my new one...04:56
pawkyBut do i get it right I must flash the firmware as well when wanting to change the kernel to openmode?04:57
ieatlintand the flasher never says anything at all?04:57
pawkynope.. just waiting..04:57
pawkyit is a bit odd to the least..04:57
ieatlintcan the phone boot?04:58
pawkyi can see the unit with lsusb when turned on.. and the port works fine when plugging anything else into them..04:58
pawkyyes, phone boots fine..04:58
ieatlintbecause you can also do it with the phone on, if you select "sync" mode when the phone is plugged in04:58
pawkyflasher version 3.1204:58
pawkyflasher version 3.12.104:58
pawkytried --query-rd-mode, but to no avail..04:59
pawkyahh.. now that last command succeeded :-)05:00
pawkydoes anyone know If I can only replace the kernel with flasher or do I have to reflash it all?05:02
pawkywell.. that answer provided itself when trying ;-)05:03
pawkyoh.. didn't know about that sync mode.. :-)05:12
ieatlintyou can flash just the kernel, yes, but i don't remember the command off hand05:20
ieatlintthe help command might be useful05:21
pawkyieatlint: I did check the help command.. .not much there...05:32
pawkyieatlint: im trying to find the DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4.339.2_PR_339(.bin?) file somewhere on the net for download without success05:34
pawkyieatlint: (i am only running linux, thus no navifirm)05:34
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DocScrutinizerthere'll be only one location to find it: nokia's fileserver07:35
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ieatlintas i recall, there's a way to flash just the kernel from a fiasco image08:41
ieatlintbut i haven't done it in a while08:41
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l32606hi guys, how can i change the MNotification disappear-time? Is there the API?10:58
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merlin1991--flash-only ? at least that was it on the n900 flasher11:10
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tulliovichey guys. i tried to install kontact touch on my n9, but it didn't work. the howto says to download it directly and install it via dpkg: but the link doesn't work anylonger. am i right in this channel?11:17
tulliovicah thank you :-)11:18
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ejasmudarcan we change the refresh rate of the events window?12:32
Elleoejasmudar: settings -> applications -> feeds -> auto-update interval12:33
Elleothat might just be the rss feeds in the events stream though12:34
Elleoalso #n9 might be a better place for that sort of question12:34
ejasmudarThanks. WIll the battery consumption be very high for 30 minute12:34
ejasmudarOh, there is an #N9?12:34
ejasmudarThanks for the info12:35
Elleoyeah, #harmattan is mostly dev stuff12:35
ejasmudarregd developement12:35
ejasmudaris it required to setup scratchbox in windows?12:36
ejasmudar(i'm running windows)12:36
ejasmudaror is just qtcreator enough?12:36
ElleoI wouldn't have thought scratchbox would work at all under windows12:36
ejasmudarhmmm so how can we go about developing in windows?12:37
ElleoI think you should be able to setup qtcreator and qemu for emulation under windows though, dunno for sure though12:37
ElleoI'd suggest reading the dev docs12:37
ejasmudaryeah sure12:38
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* Richlv woders whether votes in harmattan bugzilla affect anything, because they allow 10000 votes :)12:39
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* RST38h moos at themoon14:14
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techwain harm, conversations are stored in tracker, right?14:26
techwais there anyway we can edit it?14:27
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merlin1991techwa: I don't think tracker has integrity checks and it only some sort of db15:28
merlin1991so I guess yes15:28
merlin1991techwa: tracker source should be avaiable15:28
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DocScrutinizerindeed, but a major PITA17:00
DocScrutinizerwhat is it you want to edit?17:01
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DocScrutinizertracker is using some sort of plugins/conduits to extract the info bits from raw scanned data files, you can configure and augment these17:02
DocScrutinizerbut obviously it's rather useless to edit something in a database that gets checked and updated to the 'real' data at arbitrary point in time rather soonish17:03
DocScrutinizeryou'll never know when your edit "s/simon&garfunkel/Simon and Garfunkel/" will vanish and get restored to original info bit from media files that tracker scans frequently17:04
DocScrutinizerso since you can'T tell how long your edit stays stable, you as well can forget about it all together, and find a better method to achieve what you plan to do17:05
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DocScrutinizertracker originally has a concept similar to spotlight and other well known local system wide indexer services - you could think of it as "the google search on your local machine". Alas Nokia decided to abuse it for an alternative filesystem directory, ignoring the real life fact that nobody is using google to skip from one page to the next of same site, once he found the relevant URL of the whole site via google. Nokia apps completely17:10
DocScrutinizerignore locality and local relation of e.g songs of one album gathered in one directory17:11
DocScrutinizeractually it's almost impossible to find out about the true filename of a song playing in mediaplayer, and all sorting of your nediadata in a classical way using file and directory hierarchy is pointless as tracker will happily ignore it17:13
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: he talked about conversations though17:16
merlin1991which are stored in tracker one way17:16
merlin1991raw data is lost17:16
DocScrutinizersimple example: I'm using the camera to shoot holiday family shots and store it to device. Now I have photos done in my company's lab by a video microscope and I need those when I travel to a customer, I move them to a special folder on same device. On galery now all are mixed up and no way to stop my customer see my holiday shots, and my friends see secret business stuff while watching my holiday shots :-((((17:17
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: indeed, next step to complete perversion17:18
DocScrutinizerthis smell so extremely like sh...., err university BS not backed up by real life experience from some decades of IT. It makes me shudder17:19
DocScrutinizer"hey forget about fs directory hierarchy concept, it's old it's obsolete. We invent something way better in 18 months. Really amazing none of our 1000s of predecessor IT experts had that idea before..." OMFG17:21
DocScrutinizers/experts/expert colleagues/17:22
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: "hey forget about fs directory hierarchy concept, it's old it's obsolete. We invent something way better in 18 months. Really amazing none of our 1000s of predecessor IT expert colleagues had that idea before..." OMFG17:22
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DocScrutinizerduring the last ~40 years XP17:23
DocScrutinizerhybris par excellence17:23
DocScrutinizerinvented by apple who failed epically with the concept, so Nokia thought they know how to do it *right*17:24
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DocScrutinizer>> [DocScrutinizer] an implementation and architecture like done by an alcoholic, based on a concept specified by a kid with only Tom&Jerry education<<
DocScrutinizer>> [Venemo] who the hell stores the contacts in the same place as the album arts?<<17:30
DocScrutinizerlisten Nokia: if you're going to reinvent the filesystem directory hierarchy concept, you have the damn obligation to ALSO RE-IMPLEMENT *all* the filesystem related tools from unix toolbox, like ls, mv, rm, cat, you name it17:32
DocScrutinizerwhere T F is tracker-rm, tracker-mv, tracker-cp, tracker-grep, tracker-vi etc etc pp???17:33
DocScrutinizertracker knows just ONE thing: the analog to find(1)17:34
DocScrutinizerand even that is missing a function toolbix find delivers via -exec parameter17:35
Venemohey DocScrutinizer :)17:36
DocScrutinizerhey Venemo17:36
VenemoDocScrutinizer, are you interested in betatesting Puzzle Master v2 on your N9(50)?17:37
DocScrutinizerhmm, not that much, as I rarely touch any of those devices, they are tethered to my laptop via ssh 24/7 and sit there on my desk collecting dust physically while I exclusively use shell to do "things" on them17:38
DocScrutinizerI hate that capacitive touchscreen, the vkbd, and whatnot else17:39
DocScrutinizerand I clearly stated that before and even while Konttori convinced me to apply for 95017:40
DocScrutinizerI'm only interested in the raw system incl hw, not in the device as such, and my efforts regarding hostmode are 100% altruistic, as I never will want to use it for myself17:42
DocScrutinizerI just learnt I'm now one of the guys that bring to you the next generation Lumia chipset :-D  Nova Thor ->
DocScrutinizerwhich doesn't mean my (private) interest in Lumia was any higher than in N9/HARM17:50
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luke-jrDocScrutinizer: you must be the only one not interested in Maemo to get a N950 :P18:04
DocScrutinizerseems about right18:05
DocScrutinizerdon't get me wrong, I'm always interested in investigating hw properties of new stuff - but that's completely unrelated to N950. And when I applied for 950 I had no idea how bad HARM actually differs from fremantle, or from a true linux in that regard18:07
DocScrutinizeractually I'm undecided if I'm any more interested in hooker800 than in N950, other way round, or if simply the interest for both is exactly 0.00 from a "use it for a daily phone, or develop on it" perspective18:08
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC18:08
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan18:17
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VenemoDocScrutinizer, all right, sorry for bothering you :)18:22
DocScrutinizernp Venemo - sorry for not feeling like helping on that with joy. If you ask me to test it I will do it nevertheless18:23
VenemoDocScrutinizer, naw, I've already have a couple of testers, I just recalled that you liked the old version on the N900.18:24
Venemowell, Lumia 800 is not bad at all. I know most Linux fans here will kill me for saying this, but I kinda like WP7 too.18:27
DocScrutinizerthe WP7 GUI, apart from all crippledness regarding paradigm and configurability, is pretty swift and better than anything I found on any linuxy phone yet18:36
DocScrutinizermaybe also due to the 1.4GHz CPU in hooker18:37
DocScrutinizermaybe due to lower screen res, NFI what they actually use18:37
fralsprobably also due to lack of multitasking18:38
fralsie not in foreground and not ms approved to run in bg? -> you dont get cpu18:39
Venemoit's very primitive, but in the good sense. I've never needed to think where I need to click to find what I want18:42
VenemoI also like the way I can change the colors in its theme.18:42
Venemofrals, I'm not exactly sure how they achieve the "feeling" of multitasking though.18:43
Venemofrals, ie. what happens to the process when it's sent to the background18:43
*** norayr has joined #harmattan18:52
DocScrutinizerVenemo: I wondered several times where to click to get what I want :-D Each time I finally failed to find it... It's just not there18:53
*** norayr is now known as arnet18:54
DocScrutinizerI'm basically missing any status menu18:54
DocScrutinizerand long tap to "<-" button was sth that took me a while to find out18:55
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:56
arnetI think people here aware about maemo devices, so, I would like to discuss which is better, no get N9 or N900.19:02
arnetActually I prefer N950 as it has keyboard19:02
arnet And I need to press ctrl + c sometimes in terminal19:02
arnetMy purpose is non commercial development and tinkering with device for fun.19:02
arnet So I think if I get N900 at least I can run mer/nemo on it19:02
arnetOn the other hand I can develop for harmattan and test on device if I get N919:02
arnetBut this N9 is too slim for me. I'd prefer possibility to change the battery and sd card slot19:03
VenemoDocScrutinizer, well, I've had some experience with the WP7 emulator (as I'm a .NET dev), so I knew about long-press "<-", but yeah, it's non-discoverable otherwise.19:03
arnetAlso, as far as I know, I need to get a firmware with navistore, in order to reflash a device if I brick it. I bricked my n900 many times during experiments. I had known that I always can reflash it. Now its harder.19:05
arnetThen, afaik there are no fcamera ports for harmattan, I use fcamera almost every day.19:06
Venemoarnet, methinks you've pretty much convinced yourself19:07
Venemoanyway, I need to leave, so good night everyone :)19:12
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:12
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan19:26
ScifigGood Morning19:28
ScifigDoes any one know where are the contact avatars stored in harmattan?19:28
GeneralAntillesEgads the Lumia 800 screen looks like shit.19:29
GeneralAntillesI'm not sure who thinks PenTile is an acceptable compromise19:29
GeneralAntillesBut that person should go play somewhere else.19:30
ScifigGeneralAntilles, I can adjust to the tiles concept but can't tolerate so much of screen space being wasted19:31
GeneralAntillesAMOLED sucks.19:31
* Scifig hopes Nokia will announce the existence and future of so-called Meltemi at CES 201219:32
arnetGeneralAntilles: as I am in process of making decision about bying N900 ar N9 please tell me more about amoled19:35
arnetand why it sucks19:36
arnetToday I compared my N900 screen to the N9 screen, and colors and brightness on N9 was way too impressive19:38
arnetOn the other hand I dont get a device only because af the impressiveness19:39
DocScrutinizerarnet: livetime of AMOLED still under evaluation19:40
DocScrutinizerburn-in is a known problem, that's why the standby-screen clock on N9 jumps all the time19:40
DocScrutinizerin bright sunlight AMOLED still barely readable, while N900 at least gives you a semi-monochrome "passive" transflexive display19:41
DocScrutinizeron the bright side lighting up a few pixels on OLED is rather power economic so you *can* do such things like standby-screen clock at all, while LCD backlight would eat way too much no matter what's the display content19:43
RST38hmerry christmas, etc19:48
RST38hDoc: Nokia's LCD standby clocks also jump19:49
GeneralAntillesAMOLED's big problem is that it has half the resolution with the stupid PenTile shit.20:11
GeneralAntillesarnet, just get the N9.20:12
GeneralAntillesYou'll be happier.20:12
*** lbt_ has joined #harmattan20:12
*** lbt_ has joined #harmattan20:12
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*** smokex|away has quit IRC20:17
GeneralAntillesWell, it's official WP7's IE is a better browser than Harmattan's WebKit shit.20:18
ZogG_laptopms is tha best20:22
ZogG_laptopdamn i can't continue to develop my app till pr1.2 coz Nokian's politic are not the smartest thing20:24
cos^anyone else have problems with setting up mms on N9(50)?20:26
ZogG_laptopwhat do you mean by setting? it works outofthebox20:29
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan20:31
*** smokex|away has joined #harmattan20:33
*** arcean has quit IRC20:35
arnetGeneralAntilles: hmmm. I personally dont care about screen that much. I explained I need something to tinker with. I can run Nemo on n900.20:42
arnetBut Nemo has small amount of users20:42
*** tulli has joined #harmattan20:43
arnetI may write and test something on N9 for N9 users. On the other hand as I can see from the there are no communnity.20:43
DocScrutinizerarnet: you won't tinker much with HARM, thanks aegis20:44
arnetYes, and I aslo wonted to talk about drm20:44
arnetAs far as I understood I can disable it20:45
tulliDoes anyone know how I can change the MAC address on an N9 with developer mode enabled?20:45
arnetbut then propriatary nokia staff like maps won't work20:45
tulli`ip link set wlan0 down` gives `Operation not permitted`.20:45
arnetI use Mappero (OPSM) so I dont need nokia maps anyway20:46
*** beford has joined #harmattan20:48
*** Scifig has quit IRC20:53
arnetDocScrutinizer: I can disable drm and also I can reflash the N9 if I brick it right?20:59
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:11
*** rZr is now known as rzr21:12
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*** tulli has quit IRC21:13
DocScrutinizerarnet: well, both answers should be "yes". Though we're in the beginning of investigating all that21:20
DocScrutinizerand also there's not exactly any DRM, but rather a security framework protecting system integrity, while DRM would be about multimedia content etc21:21
DocScrutinizerI.E. you can't playback DRM-protected media on HARM, and you can obviously transfer any media content from N9 to other devices. What you can't do is messing with initscripts, backup and restore any user data like contacts, msgs etc, install own programs that would need to do any of those (the tokens only available to Nokia)21:24
arnetthe same is on n950?21:25
DocScrutinizerjavispedro has set up a wiki page "what aegis policies forbid" or sth like that21:25
DocScrutinizeryes, same on 95021:25
arnetand there are no official way to change it?21:25
DocScrutinizerthe "official way" is using openmode kernel, which basically is just a stock kernel missing Nokia signature, so bootloader will switch hw to openmode state, and aegis should detect this and stop throwing sticks at your legs21:26
DocScrutinizerbut as mentioned above, we are in initial phase of investigating all this21:27
DocScrutinizerthere's no mature tested way to get openmode yet21:28
DocScrutinizereven reflashing of the device with stock firmware seems rather experimental yet - no official advice from Nokia how to do it21:29
arnetok, thanks :)21:30
DocScrutinizer(last comment applies to N9 only, for N950 Nokia advised developers how to reflash with latest firmware)21:31
arnetI've read smth about downloading the firmware with navistore21:36
arnetbut at least I have to find someone with windows to dowsload it once21:36
npmGeneralAntilles: the pentile lumia 800 display is a mixed bag... however it makes videos look really nice... and combined w/ silverlight and drm necessitated for distributing tv/movie content, i can now watch movies on this device that i could formerly not watch, given that i have no windows boxes that run silverlight...21:47
npmand i have best of both worlds... nice big n950 lcd, and lumia 800's amoled...21:49
npmand i no longer risk my n950's delicate display as a daily use phone21:49
npmand don't need to carry it around in a huge sunglasses case to protect it from fumbles when walking around21:49
npmnow if someone would just get Qt and QtMobility up on this phone, i can start developing apps.21:50
npmin the future, i'm hoping nokia will be sending us meltemi devices to celebrate may-day :-)21:54
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*** rzr is now known as RzR22:28
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befordhey, is there any kind of guide to port a Qt app to QML/harmattan?23:31
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