IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2011-12-22

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Venemogri, ping :)00:10
grido I have to reply with pong?00:10
Venemoanyway, do you think there are any issues left with puzzle-master that I should fix?00:12
grifrom what I've tried I haven't found more issues than the one you corrected00:15
gria portrait menu would be cool but that's not an issue :)00:15
griit sometimes puts parts together I don't even see00:16
griif there's a stack of items and I don't see the fitting one and move a piece over it, they merge :)00:16
grieven if the fitting piece was invisible due to z-order00:17
griand sometimes it does not merge even if the items are a few pixels near to each other and are already rotated00:20
grisome kind of "virtual desktops" would be cool to sort items :)00:23
Venemowell, consider the accidental merges to be a feature rather than a bug - the app can't determine whether you can see them or not00:24
Venemoand yeah, the method that calculates whether they can merge or not, well, it's not very much up to the task, unfortunately.00:24
Venemoit was written before the rotation capability and it hasn't been properly updated yet.00:25
griwell as I only have feature requests, I have found no bugs yet00:26
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Venemohonestly, I've also noticed that sometimes the items just don't merge until you put them VERY close to each other00:27
grirotating a piece with 2 fingers sometimes leads to move the piece and one below (or near to it) in different directions00:28
griespecially with 5x500:28
Venemothat's because you accidentally tap on the other piece00:28
Venemobut well, I've just checked up on that method, and I can't seem to find anything particularly wrong with it.00:28
Venemogri, you can move as many pieces at once as many touch points your touchscreen supports00:29
Venemoyou can also move more than one of them at once00:29
griI know but I can't think of two things at once00:30
Venemoif you want to put together two pieces, you can grab both of them and rotate them to match each other. it's very handy.00:31
VenemoI've just noticed that latest master segfaults on this.... pfhew.00:31
ZogG_laptopVenemo: hi and bye (going to sleep)00:32
VenemoZogG_laptop, LOL indeed00:32
griVenemo: yep, it segfaults when doing this :D00:33
Venemogri, I know what's the issue and also how to fix it...00:37
griI just tried it because you told me it crashes :)00:37
VenemoI changed deleteLater() to the delete operator in the merge code... and it seems Qt doesn't like that :P00:37
Venemogri, so you voted that a QPixmap is faster to draw than a QPainterPath, right?00:44
griyes but for drawing a stroke a pixmap might also be overweight :)00:45
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VenemoI will not bother with that yet then00:46
griwell I said that since I thought your code still runs slow00:46
gribut now it's fast so you don't have to test that00:47
Venemowell, it might be even faster00:47
Venemobut who cares? it's fast! :D00:47
grithat's what I wanted to say, just in other words :)00:48
Venemogri, do you think I should disable swipe while playing?00:52
Venemogri, it annoys the crap out of me sometimes00:52
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griI managed to nearly get an item so close to the edge that I had to try 10 times to not swipe the screen but get the piece back00:55
grifor situations like this: yes00:55
gribut you could make a settings screen, users like having control :P00:55
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Venemogri, I was thinking, disable swipe while the game is actually ongoing and reenable it when you get to the menu or back to the selection screen00:56
grithat's how other games do it00:57
griI have to sleep now, good night :)00:57
Venemoall right, good night to you too00:58
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l32606l32606  anybody know how to make n9 vibrate using dbus?02:59
l32606The mce interface does not work on harmattan, but ok on my N90003:02
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npmyay, my qt-based webserver i'm building in to voicetogoog now invokes gstreamer to convert audio files used for recording to htm5 audio element compatible wav format03:23
npm was helpful03:25
luke-jrplz don't :P03:26
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auenfweird, auto avatar for a contact is 'JP'08:17
auenfbut in messages only its 'JP', its 'Ji' incontacts08:18
auenf'Ji' in web2sms also08:21
DocScrutinizerJLP would be more obvious to me ;-D08:28
auenfsms from a land line08:29
auenfdont think i reply with a sms08:29
auenfseen as it was an text to speech missed call service sms08:30
DocScrutinizererr what?08:32
DocScrutinizersb sent an SMS to your landline, which got translated to speech, you missed it and it got recorded and you got a SMS informing you about the missed call?08:33
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DocScrutinizerI don't parse >>text to speech missed call service sms<<08:34
auenfsome one rang me, i missed it, they left a message, it was translated to text and smsed to me with the from number being the originall caller08:34
DocScrutinizerso it's speech to text, not text to speech08:34
auenfi cant type properly today it seems08:34
DocScrutinizersiri for the poor then ;-P08:35
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DocScrutinizerI'd love to get informed about such weird service - as a caler leaving a message - so I could use my worst slang to not feed their database with private info08:37
auenfthis person has a very strong accent08:38
auenfand broken english08:38
DocScrutinizerI wonder if such service was mayne completely illegal here in Germany08:38
auenfthe 2nd sentence doesnt make any sense, need to work out what words are wrongly translated08:39
DocScrutinizers/siri for the poor/commercial echelon/08:40
DocScrutinizerwhile siri itself is the worst commercial echelon alike system I could figure. Only could get worse if they "optimize out" the record button and do a 24/7 recording from every client08:41
DocScrutinizerbut who knows, maybe the record button already is only informative and they do this right now :-P08:42
auenfwhat % of iphone users would notice the extra data being sent :P08:43
DocScrutinizerrecording and compressing 5 minutes chunks of audio all the time, which the siri server can fetch via a pull service...08:44
auenfas long as it doesnt go over their monthly allocation, most wouldnt realise?08:44
DocScrutinizerif it wasn't for the battery drain, nobody will notice it - almost nobody08:44
auenfhmm, i can install terminal without enabling developer mode?08:45
auenfwell, irssi installed terminal08:45
DocScrutinizerhm, I think you can08:45
DocScrutinizerpull dpkg from Nokia repo, install via ... errr, browser pointing to the local .dpkg ?08:47
auenfor just install irssi and it installs terminal for you08:49
DocScrutinizerobviously you also can get it as a dependency08:49
DocScrutinizerbut I guess you as well could install terminal directly the same way08:50
DocScrutinizerif it isn't already preinstalled on every device08:50
jonniyes you can make helloword.deb which has terminal and busybox-devel-su as depency, and you would get those without enabling developer mode.08:51
DocScrutinizerand only the icon gets hidden when no develmode08:51
jonniand those icons wouldnt even be hidden08:51
DocScrutinizerhi jonni08:53
DocScrutinizerand o/ :waves: bbl08:54
DocScrutinizertime for LTE daywork :-D08:54
DocScrutinizer(building the modems for your 2014 devices)08:55
SpeedEvilBeamforming yet?08:55
SpeedEvilHAve fun08:55
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DocScrutinizersure, 4*4 MIMO on higher rates08:56
DocScrutinizerI wonder how the "phones" will do that XP08:57
SpeedEvilDone right it could reduce SAR08:58
DocScrutinizererrr, cat5:
DocScrutinizerbut I'm not doing Network Signalling, I'm working on data protocols (like I2C, SPI, several highspeed interchip connects...)09:03
DocScrutinizerhave to run09:03
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merlin1991ffs my n9 went dead over night10:14
auenfforgot to charge it?10:15
merlin1991actually I did charge it10:15
merlin1991it already had powered down10:15
merlin1991now I can't get it on anymore10:15
merlin1991pluging a charger in makes the led blink10:16
merlin1991(for a while)10:17
merlin1991then the led lights solid for a second or two, n9 vibrates and goes back to blinking10:17
merlin1991and that happens in a circle10:17
hiemanshutried flashing it?10:17
merlin1991hiemanshu: I did nothing that would need a reflash to fix10:18
merlin1991unless normal phone use creates the need of a reflash10:18
hiemanshumerlin1991: well if the phone doesn't power on, and you cant get far enough to fix it, I'd recommend a reflash10:19
hiemanshumerlin1991: or try booting an open kernel10:19
jonniif led is blinng it means that it charging, if battery is really empty, you need to leave it blinking for an hour or so before pressing the poweron10:19
merlin1991jonni: I think it tries to power on by itself too early10:19
jonnibecause if you press power on too early it just fails to boot since battery will run out during the boot10:19
merlin1991because it has steady light for a few secs and short vibration burst10:20
merlin1991then goes back to blinking10:20
jonnithen just leave it on charger, it should succeed eventually10:20
hiemanshusteady light + short vibration = power on10:20
merlin1991I actually think that the battery is semi dead, the thing charges it a lil to get into act dead (while blinking) then tries to boot (steady light + vibration) and fails that due to battery10:20
merlin1991but the cycle repeats within 37 seconds10:21
jonniand are you using charger or usb cable to charge?10:22
jonnihmm, and you havent enabled r&d mode with flasher?10:22
merlin1991I don't think it will get out of this cycle without charging longer than a few secs10:23
jonnihave you tried to keep the poweron button down like 15-20 seconds (untill you get the vibra boot)?10:23
jonnifor the real powerdown mode?10:23
merlin1991tried, it never came10:23
jonnisometimes it takes more than 30seconds10:24
*** artemma has joined #harmattan10:25
merlin1991did hold it for over a minute now, nothing10:25
merlin1991I was skiing yesterday, so the lower temperature might have done something to the battery?10:26
jonnior you could try ./flasher --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset,force-power-key10:26
jonnithat could help10:26
merlin1991hm I'm a step further now on charger I actually get a nokia logo (no flasher yet)10:27
hiemanshuwasn't there a charging only option?10:27
jonniah, then it just low battery, should be ok if you just keep it on charger eventually.10:28
merlin1991but how can it get to proper load if it tries to boot every 37 secs?10:28
merlin1991an I also had it on the charger all night long10:28
jonnihiemanshu: there is no-charging option but that does the opposite10:29
hiemanshujonni: I recall a charging option, maybe that was for maemo then10:29
jonnimerlin1991: you should try to press poweroff during the boot, and hope that it goes to state where it doesnt not try to reboot10:29
merlin1991it was on the charger that came with the n9 untill earlier, now I've connected it to the n900 charger10:29
merlin1991in theory they should be the same though :D10:30
merlin1991jonni: tired, but no reaction to power button while boot, still in a loop10:30
merlin1991jonni: what would the flasher options do you suggested?10:31
jonnimerlin1991: first I would try   sudo ./flasher --read-device-id    since that should put your device in the mode where it doesnt try to boot up10:32
jonniie would stay in charging state10:32
jonniand if that doesnt help then I would use  --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset,force-power-key10:32
* merlin1991 wonders why the n9 decided todo such a silly loop10:32
merlin1991force-power-key does what?10:33
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jonnias with those flags device doesnt reboot if watchdog timer expires, and force-power-key gives powerkey as boot reason, so it never goes to ACT_DEAD state10:33
merlin1991are the options persitant of for 1 boot?10:34
jonnithey are persistant so if you want to remove them you do --clear-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset,force-power-key10:34
merlin1991did the read device id, now just let it connected to ubs?10:35
jonniyep, when doing readdeveice id, just leave it there and dont disconnect (ie your charging with your linux machine)10:36
jonni(or windows/mac)10:36
merlin1991btw what would the hw revision look like on a bought n9?10:36
jonnihw revision is printed on the back of the simcard holder10:37
merlin1991nah I mean what would flasher report ?10:37
merlin1991flasher here says 150710:37
jonnithat varies but 1507 is quite common10:38
merlin1991any sign if it really charges in that read device id state?10:38
merlin1991or do you know it will?10:39
jonniif the front bottom while led is showing up it is charging10:39
jonnibottom left corner10:39
merlin1991solid light10:40
jonniyep then it charging10:40
jonniso most likely if you leave it like that for a while, you will be ok10:40
merlin1991I really would like to know why it went into that loop10:41
jonniusually its too empty batter & rd-mode10:42
jonnibattery even10:42
auenfsolid light is charged isnt it?10:42
merlin1991uh oh, light is gone10:42
merlin1991how could I query if r&d is enabled?10:42
merlin1991ah --query-rd-mode10:43
jonniyou can do --disable-rd-mode10:43
jonnioh and sometimes changing charger can help too, I've had bunch of car chargers that dont give enough power to the device etc10:44
merlin1991seems like I drained the battery completely, --query-rd-mode isn't working10:45
merlin1991flasher never finds the n910:45
jonniit should find if if you press the powerbutton that 30seconds10:46
merlin1991silly, now it did10:46
merlin1991prudction mode and r&d flags 000010:46
merlin1991so I guess no r&d at all :D10:46
jonniyep looks like normal10:47
jonniyou could try to that sudo ./flasher --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset,force-power-key -R10:48
merlin1991btw now I don't get an instant response to flasher commands, device sits there with half powered solid light for some time before it responds to flasher10:49
merlin1991and then the light goes to full power10:49
jonnithats normal, flasher commands only gets response on very initial state of the boot10:50
merlin1991yeah but it sits like that for about a minute before vibration and response10:51
jonnithats why I usually press the powerbutton 30seconds after issuing any flasher command that I give10:51
jonniwith that -R and force it should try to bootup in the normal mode without pressing anything.10:52
merlin1991still waiting for the phone to react to flasher :/ (I did press powerbutton 30 secs beforehand)10:53
jonnitrick is to keep button down untill the vibration starts and then release10:54
merlin1991the device is more than dead, even holding it for a full minute issues no vibration10:55
jonniif you release before vibra, it does nothing10:55
jonniand if you keep it pressed after the vibra it will mess you up also10:55
merlin1991didn't boot, gave a short ping and then went to blinking led, now dead led10:56
jonniohwell if N9 charger overnight didnt help, then you could try n900 charger for few hours10:56
jonnisounds really wierd though, since i've never seen a device that fails to charge up after a while.10:57
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merlin1991well it was in the cold for the first time yesterday10:59
merlin1991maybe something in the charger chip / battery got messed up10:59
merlin1991it also reported "battery almost empty" on the ski trip but went back to nah I have enough when I got home (wich is not that unlikely with a cold battery)11:00
merlin1991hm connecting the charger yields no result at all11:00
jonnithat is normal too, sometimes it takes 10+ minutes to get any results, like led starting to blink11:01
merlin1991so we did just drain the battery even more trying to resurrect it?11:01
jonniif the led port on pc didnt give enough power then yes. But I would just leave it for N900/N9 charger for a while, and if it hasnt booted up in 24hours, then its nokia care time11:03
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merlin1991nokia care is going to be funky11:05
merlin1991I got not a single paper that shows the device is mine, because I got it on a nokia event here in vienna, and all they took in return was my email11:06
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan11:07
jonniheh, that shouldnt matter that much, device has been on the market less than an year, and for most countries there are always atleast 1 year warranty. Anyways most likely it will wake up after a while if you try different chargers.11:09
merlin1991only have the n900 and the n9 one11:11
merlin1991will try to keep it on n900 charger for a few hours11:11
merlin1991wtf somehting new11:11
merlin1991nokia logo + some scewdriver thingy below11:11
jonniand afaik care has fixed/replaced the other developer devices, like the free N950's on other developers.11:11
merlin1991(still blinking led)11:12
Richlvwould something like work on n9 ?11:12
jonnithe screwdriver comes from the rd-mode flags (and will go away when you --disable-rd-mode again)11:12
jonnibut its a good indicator if led blinks, since then its still charging11:13
merlin1991hm I did disable them11:14
merlin1991at least it doesn't try to boot anymore11:15
merlin1991hopefully it can charge enough to boot again11:16
Venemohey guys :)11:18
merlin1991jonni: I've had other weird issues with this n9 as well11:19
merlin1991it can't load custom kernels for example11:19
merlin1991flasher -l -k somekernel does nothing :D11:19
jonni-l -k -b you mean, since -l -k shouldn't do anyways anything?11:20
merlin1991yeah sorry11:21
merlin1991I always forget the boot flag11:21
merlin1991but yes it didn't work iwth -l -k -b11:22
jonniand flasher says OK?11:22
merlin1991yep falsher claims success11:23
merlin1991I tried the openmode kernel, dunnno what happens if  I just recompile the current kernel from sources11:23
jonniyou tried both patched and unpatched?11:24
merlin1991btw what nolo version should flasher report, I think it says 2.12 here11:24
jonnihmm, 2.1.5 shows atleast on my PR1.111:25
jonnido you have PR1.1?11:25
merlin1991yes I have11:26
jonnisounds like your nolo would be too old one which doesnt support openmode kernel11:26
merlin1991ah wait nolo is 2.1.411:26
merlin1991sry for the confusion11:26
merlin1991err 2.1.511:26
merlin1991silly, I ran --disable-rd-flags=.. but it still left the dvice in r&d mode11:28
jonnijust tested on my N9, if I do --read-device-id and unplug and connect to charger without pressing anything it just charges and doesnt boot.11:29
jonniyou need to run --disable-rd-mode and not flags11:29
merlin1991well I'll just leave it charging for now11:29
merlin1991or not since it went back to reboot try loop11:30
jonniyep, if led is blinking now, then it should be alright after a while11:30
merlin1991tried the -i -> replug to charger now, it tries to boot again11:32
jonniheh, general rule if charling led if blinking, dont touch the device :)11:34
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*** mck182 has joined #harmattan11:34
merlin1991well the device is back let's charge a little fail boot repate mode11:34
merlin1991and ofc I have no backups :/11:36
* merlin1991 headdesks11:37
*** zz_gri is now known as gri11:38
dm8tbrmerlin1991: there is also flasher -O wait_charging or sthg like that (check chan logs for details)11:41
*** nebulon has quit IRC11:41
merlin1991-Owait-charging according to what I found in changlogs11:44
merlin1991though that option is for flashing11:45
merlin1991and ofc flasher 3.12.1 treall moe invalid option O11:46
merlin1991s/treall moe/tells me/11:46
infobotmerlin1991 meant: and ofc flasher 3.12.1 tells me invalid option O11:46
Venemoguys, you're gonna hate me.11:50
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan11:50
merlin1991no change I hate my n9 currently way more :D11:51
infobotmerlin1991 meant: no chance I hate my n9 currently way more :D11:51
VenemoI've got the Lumia, and I actually like it! am I a bad person?11:51
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*** Aranel_N9_ is now known as Aranel_N911:54
merlin1991Venemo: I guess so11:54
Hq`I've been using one for a few days too... It's ok, but harmattan is still better11:56
VenemoHarmattan is still better, that's true11:59
Venemobut I'd pick WP7 over android/ios any day.11:59
merlin1991gotta love it, the nokia warranty includes 6 months of warranty for battery, but you can't change it in the n912:02
Hq`Venemo: yeah, me too12:04
Aranel_N9merlin1991 they'd replace it for you.12:04
merlin1991in exchange for a service fee, yay for that12:04
Teo`gah how am I supposed to send back the faulty N950 if they won't give me an addres... :-/12:10
Teo`I've been waiting for a reply from DDP for 3 days now12:11
*** Natunen has quit IRC12:12
hiemanshuTeo`: email em again then :P12:14
*** rm_you has quit IRC12:16
Teo`hiemanshu: yeah I've just done that ;)12:19
*** Aranel_N9 has quit IRC12:19
Teo`that cluster of dead pixels has been spreading quite a bit ;_;12:19
*** adlan has quit IRC12:20
hiemanshuTeo`: yeah it will spread for some time and stop12:22
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grilol, my app got rejected again for using /usr/lib/AccountSetup and /usr/share/l10n/12:42
merlin1991hm /usr/lib/AccountSetup sounds a lil necessary?12:46
merlin1991and I bet some of that used /user/share/l10n/ ?12:46
griAccountSetup is necessary to provide a ui for accountsetup12:46
gril10n is necessary for the translation strings in /usr/share/accounts/providers/*.provider12:47
*** Ormod_ has quit IRC12:47
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grilast time I replied them their "list of path name exceptions" is incomplete. They replied with "we will check with the meego team". Now two days later I have no remail reply what the meego team said but simply got qa rejected for the same reason12:48
jonnimost likely you could duplicate translation strings into your app dir12:48
*** kimju has joined #harmattan12:48
*** vsync_ has joined #harmattan12:48
*** Aranel_N9 has quit IRC12:48
jonniand accountsetup will be rejected untill someone would add it to allowed list12:49
*** Ormod has joined #harmattan12:49
jonniafaik translations can be located anywhere you want12:49
griwell I think the guy who did the qa did not know of the "ask the meego team"12:49
jonni(ie in your app dir)12:49
grijonni: Nope, the translations of meegotouch have to be in /usr/share/l10n/meegotouch12:49
griand "Accounts" ui is a meegotouch application12:50
*** secyrita1 has quit IRC12:50
jonnigri: I though you can add custom paths with qt api's12:50
jonniie extending the search path12:50
griwell the "Accounts" app is the harmattan system one12:50
griclosed nokia source12:50
jonnibut cant you add the path to your plugin, or maybe my brains are just on holiday mood12:51
griwhere should I add this path?12:51
griI feed "Accounts" with a simple xml file12:51
grino code involved12:51
jonniah, and you introduce some new strings that need to be translated, ie cannot use existing translations?12:52
grisure, why should my strings exist in harmattan?12:53
grithey are my own :)12:53
jonniand you cannot change strings to icons which wouldnt need any translations? :)12:53
griI can only define a <translation>appname</translation> key12:53
griSure I can make it untranslated but I want translations!12:54
griwhy should I submit crap because ovi qa is too stupid?12:54
jonniah, or they just dont allow 3rd party account plugins, but hopefully someone from meegoteam will change the policy and add the allow path12:54
*** arcean has joined #harmattan12:54
griI really wonder why they did accept the application once in the store12:55
*** secyritas has joined #harmattan12:55
griand now rejected the same package with 2 changed lines of code twice12:55
jonnithey got instructions to actually check the debian paths, like my fried got application approved earlied which installed under /usr/bin earlier, and now he got reject on updated version12:57
*** mck182 has quit IRC12:58
griI hate timezones12:58
grisince the qa team is in vancouver and the meego team in finland I think12:58
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan12:58
*** mck182 has quit IRC12:58
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan12:58
griso if they ask the meego team back it takes more than a day12:58
jonniI hate 7 days feedbacktime on any small change :)12:59
gri22 days of hopeless publish tries here12:59
griI wanted to take part at the "Qt Innovation Challenge" which says the app has to be in the store on 31.12. ... but I think my app won't make it :(13:00
jonniI've never had any rejects yet, just slow approval times. knock the wood :)13:01
merlin1991n9 still in happy reboot loop, nokia care it is13:02
grilumia will knock on my door today says dhl13:03
*** miroslav has quit IRC13:04
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan13:10
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan13:12
*** l32606 has joined #harmattan13:15
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan13:15
*** vladest has quit IRC13:20
ieatlintgri: yours shipped?13:21
gridhl says delivered13:21
griand signed with my name13:21
gribut I'm not at home13:21
ieatlinti thought i was quick to order, and mine still hasn't been processed at all13:21
* SpeedEvil has it!13:21
SpeedEvil(not really)13:21
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: still not shipped?13:21
ieatlint"New Order" "Last Modified Date: 14.12.2011"13:22
* SpeedEvil hasn't checked email today.13:22
grithe n950 was delivered by dhl and was at the front door of the house13:22
SpeedEvilDear Customer, our order has been sent on 22.12.2011. Please see the order information below. Order: OID-06019713:22
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: WTF13:22
griit seems the dhl guy did again sign by himself and put it somewhere in the garden (it's raining)13:22
hiemanshustill not sent for me, and I am at 16013:22
SpeedEvilThis morning, 1 hour ago13:22
ieatlintyeah, my order is 060183, you theiving bastard13:22
ieatlintyou stole our places in line13:22
hiemanshuieatlint: lets kill SpeedEvil13:22
ieatlintand you will pay13:22
grimine was 06005413:22
ieatlintyou will suffer wp7 longer than any of us13:23
hiemanshuieatlint: if its suffering, then send me your Lumia lol :P13:23
ieatlinti don't rightly know yet :P13:23
ieatlinti do have a morbid curiosity13:23
SpeedEvilI promise not to sell it on ebay, and I might do something with it that doesn't involve dropping it from 100000 feet.13:24
*** vladest has joined #harmattan13:24
SpeedEvil(though that'd be kinda cool and might not be percieved as negative by them, if done right)13:24
ieatlintmy plan was just to take the silicone case it came with and trade it with the one on my n9 so i can take videos of people without that pesky amber light13:24
SpeedEvilI note that I duct taped my n950 yesterday for that very purpose.13:25
ieatlintpervert... naturally13:25
ieatlintbut so long as i do it from public property, it's legal where i live13:26
arekinathdo all the children keep asking their parents questions about what the red light means?13:26
ieatlintno, but they're curious about that hand in my pocket13:27
SpeedEvilI was actually taping someone that came to my house.13:27
SpeedEvilIn order to have evidence, if required about what I said to them.13:27
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan13:27
*** l32606 has quit IRC13:27
ieatlintmy gf has repeatedly borrowed my n8 to secretly record things actually13:28
ieatlintSpeedEvil: if it's an actual legal matter, save yourself the trouble by not mentioning it here :P13:28
arekinathSpeedEvil: be careful with that, in some jurisdictions, recording a conversation where the person would have reasonable expectation of privacy can be inadmissible in a legal setting. ianal13:28
SpeedEvilieatlint: This particular act was legal.13:28
ieatlinti've been in a lawsuit.. the fewer people involved with any info the better13:29
SpeedEvilI checked.13:29
Richlvugh, hadn't noticed that silly light. can it be just disabled ?13:29
ieatlintRichlv: i think it might actually be done by the camera module itself13:29
ieatlintso realistic answer: no13:29
rwhitbynothing a very small drill won't fix13:30
Richlvwell, the flash leds themselves can be controlled as evident by the flashlight apps...13:30
ieatlintrwhitby: but then no flash or light13:30
TronicOn N900 at least the recording light can be controlled.13:30
SpeedEvilieatlint: It's not13:30
TronicI am pretty sure that on N9 as well, probably handled via the same register as the flash leds.13:31
ieatlintnice then13:31
SpeedEvilieatlint: It's similar to on the n900 - it's a video4linux control on the camera interface13:31
ieatlintperhaps in the future i won't need tape to facilitate my secret recordings13:31
SpeedEvil- well - at lower level, it isn't - but that's what it is to the medium layers.13:31
SpeedEvilIt's not hardware13:31
ieatlintthe flash i knew was on phone firmware13:31
ieatlintbut i had actually guessed that the firmware on the camera module would control the red/amber recording led13:32
Richlvi don't plan any secret recording, i just don't like silly lights & sounds :)13:32
ieatlinti agree with the latter part of that13:32
ieatlintand it's 100% legal here to have no sound or light13:33
TronicIn Finland secret recording even in private spaces is permitted, if you are there yourself. The idea goes that if you can see/hear something, you may also record it without telling the others.13:33
TronicSame for telephone calls.13:33
ieatlintand here it's a crime to record a phone call with someone without their knowledge13:33
SpeedEvilHere, only if you're not one party13:34
Tronicieatlint: Yes, it appears to be so in many places.13:34
ieatlintbut i don't have to be present to record people secretly -- so long as it's my property or public property, and the subject doesn't have a reasonable expectation of privacy13:34
ieatlintie, toilet no, open window yes13:34
TronicThat's why older Nokia phones would beep every few seconds when recording.13:34
ieatlinti know i had to change my n8 software to another product code to allow me to disable the picture capture sound :(13:36
Richlvon this n9 i just removed some wavs :)13:37
Richlvand if sound is turned all the way down, that also removes camera sounds13:37
ieatlinton the n9 it doesn't make noise if the phone is in silent mode13:37
Richlvbut i still liked the feeling of removing those files13:37
ieatlintyeah, i'll probably do the same13:37
grimy video camera also has no lights or sound13:38
ieatlintalso, entirely off-topic, but i just drove 700km to get home and now i have beer13:39
* ieatlint is having a good day13:39
* Richlv tries to find some other camera app to figure out whether lights go on with it as well13:39
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan13:43
ajalkaneHallelujah. Santa Nokia gave me a replacement N950 for the dead-pixel mess that I had13:43
ieatlintjust wait though, nokia is going to demand all those n950s back next month13:45
hiemanshuajalkane: I still have to send in mine13:45
ieatlint(this is how rumours start :)13:45
ajalkaneieatlint: oh, so that we can concentrate on WP development on the Lumias? :)13:45
macmaNthanks for making me bring up irssi thanks to that highlight13:46
ajalkanehiemanshu: you should... who knows how long their N950 batch lasts13:46
hiemanshuajalkane: I dont have extra phones to do, but I'll do it after new years now13:46
ieatlintwhat's wrong with your n950 hiemanshu?13:47
Richlvhrm. failed to find any other app that could use camera for video13:47
ieatlintcertainly seems like there's a noticeable failure rate on these13:47
hiemanshudead pixel mass in the middle of the screen13:47
hiemanshuthat grew for a few days at a significant rate, and its still growing now, slowly thouhg13:47
ajalkanehiemanshu: yeah it's hard to part with it. I had it easy as I live near where they're supposed to be returned, so I just went there and got replacement on the spot.13:49
*** gri is now known as zz_gri13:49
hiemanshuajalkane: aah13:50
ieatlintso how easily can you bribe those people then?13:50
ajalkaneThey were nice and friendly, but I didn't get the feeling they were looking for bribes :)13:52
hiemanshuajalkane: then try and get one more :P13:53
Richlvoh, btw, i couldn't get something like to work on n9 - what did i do wrong ?13:55
ieatlintRichlv: you assumed the n900 and the n9 were compatible13:56
Richlvi stopped doing that some time ago ;)13:57
Richlvbut i still hoped there would be similarities13:57
ieatlinti think qtmobility might actually be able to offer some of that functionality though13:57
*** Pali has joined #harmattan14:06
*** Pali has quit IRC14:06
*** Pali has joined #harmattan14:06
auenfaccuweather ad fail14:08
auenfaparently i have won a free ipad 214:08
auenfbut i have to 'click here to claim'14:09
auenfhow do i click on a touch phone?14:09
ieatlintdude, you're so lucky14:09
ieatlintall my friends have won ipad 2s... one even was selected to beta test the ipad 3 from an ad14:10
*** l32606 has joined #harmattan14:12
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan14:16
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:17
merlin1991jonni: care took it without asking :)14:19
Paliping X-Fade14:20
jonnimerlin1991: good :)14:22
merlin1991Now 7 to 10 days, suuure with all the christmas business :)14:28
*** zz_gri is now known as gri14:30
grilumia is black if one is interested in that14:45
auenfblack is the new ???14:52
auenfbtw, is "open sms notifications with web2sms" broken in the broken version?14:53
griit only works when the program is running14:54
RST38hgri; And how is it, otherwise?14:55
griRST38h: ?14:55
RST38hthe lumia, I mean14:56
griI haven't turned it on14:56
gristill in the plastic cover14:56
auenftrying to work out how to fit all the n950 bits inside it?14:56
grino, I will give the pleasure to start it to my girlfriend14:57
merlin1991Even though the harmattan browser sucks it's still better than microb14:57
DocScrutinizer51not really14:57
*** lizardo_ has joined #harmattan14:58
griauenf: you can also have a unbroken version if you tell me which provider you want to use :)14:58
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:59
griok, we were not able to verify exetel working so you could test that for us (yet none of the providers worked at the first try)14:59
Richlvieatlint, hrm, can qtmobility be queried from the cli ? i don't think there's a shiny app for that yet14:59
l32606hi guys, anyone know how to make N9 vibrate using d-bus?15:00
npmi have a dumb question regarding gstreamer -- I setup a way of inline converting media formats before sending over network -- but it sends over network at original audio playback rate... i want it sent as fast as possible... how??15:00
auenfit wasnt working the other day, came up with a message saying i was using a broken version15:00
*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan15:01
npmand nothing in suggests why introducing 'appsink' would do this15:02
l32606"req_vibrator_pattern_activate" doesn't work, but it's ok with my N900.15:02
*** lizardo_ is now known as lizardo15:02
Elleonpm: at a guess you might need to set the sync property to false15:02
*** mck182 has quit IRC15:02
npm(other than that, i just got the hard part of  working :-) )15:02
Elleootherwise I believe it'll keep to the playback clock15:03
npmElleo: thanks15:03
Elleonpm: voice2goog is cool by the way :)15:03
*** tbf has quit IRC15:05
* npm finds
npmElleo: thanks!15:05
npmalthough this current feature isn't anything anybody wants, it is infrastructure that i've alwayys wanted...15:08
npmand yes the sync property seems to be the key15:08
*** mece has left #harmattan15:08
*** piggz has quit IRC15:14
* npm because every phone needs it's own webserver built in, of course.... :-)15:18
npmwell other than coredumping, that went perfectly15:19
npmoh actually it's fine15:20
*** vladest has quit IRC15:21
* npm wow i can't believe it works :-)15:21
*** vladest has joined #harmattan15:22
Elleonpm: cool :)15:23
*** piggz has joined #harmattan15:25
jonnil32606: you can just use Qt mobility feedback api to activate vibra, no need for d-bus.15:28
*** gri is now known as zz_gri15:29
*** piggz has quit IRC15:30
*** Pali has quit IRC15:30
*** piggz has joined #harmattan15:36
l32606jonni, feedback does work! Thank you.15:37
Richlvis there some intro in using that api from the cli ?15:39
l32606Richlv, the api is for c++, not for shell...15:46
Richlvright, but maybe there is some cli tool to send queries to it ?15:47
*** X-Fade has quit IRC15:49
*** lizardo has quit IRC15:50
l32606i think there should be.15:52
l32606but i don't found it15:52
*** l32606 has left #harmattan15:57
*** lfranchi has quit IRC16:00
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan16:03
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan16:06
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:12
*** briglia has joined #harmattan16:13
ajalkaneFunny... after reflashing the new N950, and restoring backups, the MTF accounts don't work anymore. Not even if I re-enter the password16:13
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:20
ajalkaneSeems like reboot cured it16:26
*** lizardo has quit IRC16:30
*** tarantism has quit IRC16:45
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan16:48
*** warp_ has joined #harmattan16:59
warp_does anyone know how to make remote valgrind works with n9? im getting the following error :
warp_this is the configuration im using
*** fuz_ has quit IRC17:06
*** beford has joined #harmattan17:06
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan17:08
*** arcean has quit IRC17:11
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan17:11
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:23
*** trx has quit IRC17:25
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:25
*** miroslav has quit IRC17:37
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan18:01
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:05
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan18:12
*** lardman has quit IRC18:20
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:29
*** mairas has joined #harmattan18:39
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*** tbf_ has quit IRC18:49
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*** jluisn has joined #harmattan18:52
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan18:56
*** mck182 has quit IRC18:56
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan18:56
*** mck182 has left #harmattan18:57
*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan19:01
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:15
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC19:17
*** vladest has quit IRC19:20
*** rzr-mob has joined #harmattan19:23
*** nebulon has quit IRC19:29
*** rzr-mob has quit IRC19:31
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*** leinir has quit IRC19:41
*** briglia has quit IRC19:43
*** Pali has joined #harmattan19:51
*** Pali has quit IRC19:51
*** Pali has joined #harmattan19:51
*** rafael2k has quit IRC19:54
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan19:54
*** trx has joined #harmattan19:59
*** leinir has joined #harmattan20:03
RST38hThe Boeing 747 Airborne Laser project has been mothballed despite successfully destroying a ballistic missile and other targets.20:07
RST38hAlso see:
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC20:11
*** daniel_o has joined #harmattan20:13
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan20:15
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC20:17
ZogG_laptopRST38h: i like you injections of news =)20:19
ZogG_laptophm nokia suits beta is out20:19
* RST38h throws up at the mention of Nokia Suite20:19
ZogG_laptopinteresting - does it support N920:19
ZogG_laptopi wouldn't bother to boot into windows to check and jus find out it doesn't20:19
daniel_ofor testing i have to delete the n9 first, right?20:20
*** Sput has joined #harmattan20:22
ZogG_laptopdelete n9?20:22
ZogG_laptopdaniel_o: what do you mean by delete?20:25
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan20:25
*** arcean_ has quit IRC20:27
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan20:28
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean20:28
DocScrutinizer>>... Starting 11 January 2012, the Nokia Lumia 710 phone&nbsp;will be available in the United States at T-Mobile retail stores, at selected dealers and retailers, and online. The phone will sell for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with a two-year plan.<<20:28
daniel_oZogG_laptop: from the nokia suite..20:28
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:28
*** warp_ has quit IRC20:29
*** beford has quit IRC20:29
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan20:32
ajalkaneLumia 710 is SOOOOO beatiful! Great way to enter USA!20:35
hiemanshubut 800 is better!20:35
ajalkaneI was just sarcastic. I think 710 is ugly, 800 looks great and should have been introduced instead20:36
luke-jrDoes N9[50] use phonet?20:36
ZogG_laptopdaniel_o: if you have support, do not update as they deleted support from certain version20:37
ajalkaneI hope someone figures out a way to install Mer to 800 :)20:37
ZogG_laptophmm TalkBox on n9 )20:37
daniel_oyeah i installed Nokia Ovi Suite first, n9 works, then updated to nokia suite 3.2.100 or sth.. still works :)20:38
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:38
ZogG_laptopdaniel_o: i don't use windows almost at all so don't care =)20:40
daniel_oi use it, but i don't like ovi suite :D so i don't really care too :D20:41
DocScrutinizerluke-jr: phonet0   Link encap:UNSPEC  HWaddr 15-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-0020:47
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: can you test gps2 on it plz? ☺20:47
DocScrutinizerhow would I do that?20:47
luke-jrwget && chmod +x gps2 && ./gps220:48
luke-jreasiest way20:48
DocScrutinizerhmm, I doubt this will work, but I'll give it a try as it's c&p ;-D20:48
luke-jrI'm basically trying to answer the question "is this protocol common for all phonet phones, all Nokia phones, or just N900?"20:49
DocScrutinizersh: ./gps2: Operation not permitted20:49
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# ./gps220:50
DocScrutinizergps2: gps2.c:90: main: Assertion `sck >= 0' failed.20:50
DocScrutinizerAborted (core dumped)20:50
DocScrutinizerdevel-su, not sudo20:51
*** lardman has joined #harmattan20:51
luke-jrthat assertion is a simple "open phonet socket" :|20:51
luke-jrI'm assuming you have the cellmo running/online20:51
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: is it possible to bypass the DRM?20:53
DocScrutinizerhah, no, I got nop SIM20:53
DocScrutinizerno SIM20:53
DocScrutinizernevertheless I guess that's not the cause20:54
luke-jrI don't know anything about N9 DRM :/20:54
luke-jr *might* help if you get past the DRM issue, but this one is a lot more likely to be N900-specific so unlikely to work on other stuff20:55
luke-jrI suppose firing up the N9's GPS would do the init too20:55
luke-jrmight have to reboot later if liblocation and gps2 try to do the same thing tho20:56
*** zk8 has quit IRC21:13
*** zz_gri is now known as gri21:44
*** alfredtessman has joined #harmattan22:02
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC22:06
*** alfredtessman has quit IRC22:08
*** alfredtessman has joined #harmattan22:13
*** Pali has quit IRC22:14
*** ajalkane has quit IRC22:16
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:20
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan22:20
*** npm has quit IRC22:21
*** npm has joined #harmattan22:21
artemmaI am googling for how you get started with Qt autotesting and fail to find a tutorial or simple project to start from. Please, advise something22:24
artemmaI know how to use testlib itself and I am able to create and run tests for my classes. I am looking for the proper project structure and for info on how to use it with qmake/make22:25
*** gri is now known as zz_gri22:27
*** Free-MG has joined #harmattan22:35
*** Free-MG has quit IRC22:40
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan22:53
*** vladest has quit IRC22:53
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest22:54
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan22:54
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:01
*** javispedro has left #harmattan23:17
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:17
javispedroturns out I dislike PenTile...23:17
javispedroread on XDA someone asking whether the Lumia also had a bluish tint when viewed from an angle like the N9, and someone else answering "no".23:19
javispedroeither this Lumia is defective, XDA is filled with idiots, or with fanboys that outright lie =)23:20
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan23:26
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:29
marsjehow can I restart the sshd daemon on the N9?23:36
daniel_oit was sth like: tkill -o sshd23:37
daniel_obut let me check :D23:37
ajalkaneartemma: I don't have a good solution for unit testing with qmake, but this was my compromise between simplicity and doing tests:
marsjeyeah, check, before I kill someone :)23:38
ajalkaneI'm also interested in seeing a proper way to do unit tests.23:38
artemmaajalkane: I pretty much ended up copying qt source structure23:38
artemmanot super happy, but progressing23:38
ajalkaneartemma: okay, was it relatively painless and does it work well?23:39
artemmaright now figuring how to make it build tests only when needed and running them via "make check"23:39
*** spenap has quit IRC23:39
artemmaajalkane: my mileage is some 30-40 min only23:39
daniel_opkill -o sshd23:40
artemmaso far, ok. Biggest clash with my views in that you need to build a parallel hierarchy of tests next to src23:40
daniel_omarsje: that's the correct one23:40
artemmaI prefer having tests as a subdir of sources23:40
ajalkaneartemma: okay cool, thanks, doesn't sound too bad, I have to take a look23:40
artemmaoh well, you can have tests as a subdir of sources, but then there were too many .pro file and their name clashes and I m not very experienced with .pro syntax, so I resorted to parallel tests tree23:41
marsjedaniel_o: that works, thanks23:42
ajalkaneI'm okay with parallel tests trees. As long as I can easily run the tests, and still get the final executable without the tests, it's okay for me23:42
marsjedaniel_o: eventhought the outout doing it as "user" is the same as when root (= nothing), it only works as root23:42
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan23:44
daniel_omarsje: yeah of course.. :)23:44
marsjedaniel_o: yeah, of course, but I was expecting some kind of error message when doing it as non-root23:45
daniel_ooh yeah right :D23:46
marsjewas trying to enable keepa-lives in sshd to keep my ssh/wifi connection up23:47
marsjebut seems it does not work23:47
daniel_ohmm i never played around with that23:48
*** zk8 has quit IRC23:48
marsjeI ssh into my N9 over wifi, but after 20 seconds idle my connection is gone :)23:48
daniel_obut wifi is stable?23:48
gabriel9anyone wish to help to create harmattan sdk package for my distro(archlinux) ?23:49
gabriel9i just need some advice23:49
daniel_oi used that often, for hours.. and never had disconnects.. even my wifi conncetion isn't the best23:49
gabriel9i will maintain package and update it23:49
marsjedaniel_o: I was stable before, but not anymore... I think since I disabled all accounts on my phone to try to do anything on the network23:50
marsjedaniel_o: I was guessing it would disconnect it because it was idle23:51
daniel_omarsje: sounds weird :)23:51
marsjedaniel_o: well, I only have it a week and I see many weird things...23:52
daniel_ojust to make sure, i try ssh connection now again23:52
marsjealso I disabled background connections23:52
marsjeso I think, and hope, the phone is being smart and disables the wifi because it's not needed23:53
ajalkaneIt's funny with this Lumia 800. I don't even care when it arrives. With N950 I was clicking every couple of hours on the posting delivery link to see if it's soming near. But I guess it may whoop me off me feet and I'll be developing on it in no time? :)23:53
daniel_omarsje: hmm on battery safe mode it does23:54
marsjedaniel_o: it recharging right now, but battery level is still low23:54
marsjeyou mean the energy saving mode that starts when the battery is almost empty right?23:54
gabriel9anyone use Linux for develpment?23:55
marsjegabriel9: I managed to install the SDK this week, but I haven't used it yet. I'm on Xubuntu 11.1023:55
daniel_omarsje: yeah, but u can change it to always use this mode, or never use this mode23:56
jpwhitinggabriel9: I do here23:56
jpwhitingit works fine with the Qt sdk from the website23:56
marsjedaniel_o: so it's the combination of wifi being idle and battery almost empty23:56
daniel_ocould be23:56
gabriel9i already have Qt creator23:56
marsjejpwhiting: it does not work that fine for me... installing it was a disaster23:56
daniel_osettings - device - battery23:57
jpwhitingmarsje: hit probably?23:57
marsjejpwhiting: but I had to add a command line option to the installer and then it wen much better23:57
* jpwhiting changed the qt theme from gtk+ to cleanlooks and it worked fine after that23:57
marsjejpwhiting: not sure if it's that one, but could be... I got a huge window that did not fit on my screen so I could not press any buttons23:58
jpwhitingmarsje: yep, same here23:58
jpwhitingunity hang basically23:58
marsjeand at the same time my machine started swapping like crazy making my system unsuable23:58
* jpwhiting nods23:58
marsjeI got the same effect when I started the SDK and tried to install the updates23:59
marsjethis is how far I got with the SDK so far..23:59

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