IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2011-12-21

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MohammadAGthp: Download jetpack joyride00:30
MohammadAGOn your iPod, tbh if theres a game to mimic its that00:30
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ajalkaneRzR: this might be a stupid question, but why does that guy look happy even as the news seem kinda bummer?00:35
mgedmin"opportunity to move to a new data center yay!"00:36
RzRwhen there is nothing you can just smile and hope noone will notice there is something wrong :-)00:36
mgedminI liked how there was going to be scheduled downtime on Thursday, that was canceled, but now we've got some unscheduled downtime instead00:36
ieatlintit's always a good idea to make infrastructure changes without proper planning in order to take advantage of your other failures00:37
ajalkaneCool. Finding the silver lining in face of critical failures. Something I must learn00:37
RzRi am not a statusnet expert but a true decentralised system should be able to fix itself00:38
ieatlintthere's a reason why sr sysadmins for major sites make $100-150k/year00:38
ieatlintalthough in this case it may have been a dba00:39
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kimjuhmm, how do you add another 3G APN in harmattan? settings -> internet -> add new supports only adding new wlan connections01:49
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rm_youGeneralAntilles: yo03:02
rm_youLumia 80003:04
rm_youwtf is this03:04
rm_youand why am i getting a free one?03:04
rm_youare they trying to make me a winmo dev?03:05
rm_youhow many other people got one03:06
rm_youi mean like03:06
ieatlintthe lumia 800 is a gift promised to all nokia launchpad members back in february when the original announcement was made03:06
rm_youi assume most people here got the offer -- how many bothered GETTING it03:06
ieatlintyou got a launchpad membership because you got an n950 i presue03:06
ieatlintwell, you're just collateral damage :P03:07
ieatlintit was targeted at people who wanted to be launchpad members for nokia development03:07
ieatlintand i think most in here took it... nokia offers you a free $700 phone, few say no03:07
rm_youlol yeah03:09
javispedrorm_you: virtually everyone ordered it03:09
javispedro(who could, that is)03:10
rm_youi mean, i guess i will03:10
rm_youwho knows, maybe i'll actually use it...03:10
rm_youor maybe having a "working phone" will allow me to actually get some real dev done on my n95003:10
rm_youwhich i've been too busy to flash past beta1 yet because i need it to work03:10
rm_youactually that sounds like a decent excuse to try it, at least03:11
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, you sent back your N950?03:14
GeneralAntillesN9 or?03:15
javispedrowell, expecting to get it back some day..03:15
GeneralAntillesAh, warranty issue?03:15
javispedroscreen :(03:15
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GeneralAntillesWhen I read that you sent it back I was worried you were choosing a new platform. :P03:16
rm_youwhen i first heard you guys talking about the lumia 800 i thought you were talking about some sort of chinese n800 clone :P03:20
GeneralAntillesWe were. :)03:20
javispedromany guys around writing "lumia n800"03:21
javispedroI hope this typo spreads around, I want to be able to show my n810 around03:21
javispedrowith pride =)03:21
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ieatlintjust tell people your n9 is the 800, and that's what wp7 looks like03:26
javispedrowhat n903:27
ieatlintyou haven't stolen one yet?03:29
* javispedro ponders who to stole it from03:29
ieatlintfind a local meetup group03:30
jpwhitinghey all, when developing a new application that needs permission to install files into /usr/share do I need to add something to the manifest.aegis or something?03:44
javispedrounless you mean "install at runtime"03:45
jpwhitingmy .pro file has a MANAGER_FILES.path = /usr/share/telepathy/managers/ and INSTALLS += manager_files03:45
jpwhitingbut when my .deb file is installed on the device I don't get the new file there in file browser03:45
jpwhitingno, at install time should be enough03:45
javispedroI suspect it ends up in /opt/$YOUR_APP/usr/share...?03:46
jpwhitingah, could be, /me checks03:46
javispedrootherwise, check your packaging03:46
jpwhitingok, will do, thx03:47
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infobotHey there old haxor - how can one turn off already received onjoin message? infobot welcomes me with Your message about irc log everytime I join #maemo07:50
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mardyZogG_laptop: looks like we live in quite different timezones :-)08:26
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* gri is curious about the daily ovi qa email, what will come this time? :)10:22
jonniheh, atleast you get daily mail vs week waiting  :)10:23
griwell it's just that I try to get my application in the store for 21 days now10:24
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kimjulet's try asking this again: how do you add another 3G APN in harmattan? settings -> internet -> add new supports only adding new wlan connections10:26
auenfkimju, tell me and we'll both know :P10:27
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auenfi only had the 1 APN listed, so i changed that one to the one my provider required10:27
auenfdo you need a 2nd one, or you just need a specific APN?10:28
kimjuediting it gets old very quickly if you need to switch between two apn's..10:28
kimjuyes, I need two.10:28
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kimjubinary only?10:31
fralsyeah, guess you just have to trust me10:31
fralsneed to clean up the code before publishing it, its horrible atm10:32
kimjuuhh.. no thanks :)10:32
kimjuso no official way then, if you've made an app?10:32
fralsno official way10:32
fralsand if you own a n9/n950 you are already trusting my binary only stuff on your device ;)10:33
ieatlintyeah, but if the base image steals my data, i have realistic legal recourse10:37
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ieatlinthence nokia putting in the big disclaimer when installing a .deb from an untrusted source10:37
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kimjufrals, running strings on that binary gives some hints.. could you tell how to add the new apn manually, or should I spend some more time reverse engineering that? :)10:38
gri"I didn't see a disclaimer, I used dpkg." :D10:39
fralskimju: i could tell you, but would you trust me?10:39
frals/system/osso/connectivity in gconf10:39
ieatlintgri: the disclaimer was turning on dev mode10:39
griieatlint: damn.10:40
auenfdo you need to turn on dev mode to install debs :P10:40
ieatlintauenf: no10:40
kimjufrals, well, I'm more likely to trust instructions that seem to make sense than random binary from random website10:40
ieatlintyou can allow installations from untrusted sources10:40
ieatlintthat said, i'd actually trust frals completely on this :P10:40
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auenfdunno, one of his old apps charged me 50c every time i sent something with it :P10:41
ieatlintmaybe, but i'm sure he spent it all on beer10:41
auenfnone of it would have gone to him either10:42
fralsmms messages do tend to cost ;)10:42
auenfthey didnt for me initially10:42
ieatlintthere's no mms support on the n9/50 right?10:42
griI never sent nor received a single mms in my life ..10:42
fralsmms works oob10:42
fralsauenf: well, blame your operator not me ;)10:43
ieatlintcan you configure the mms apn?10:43
auenfmy sim is a mobile broadband sim with voice provisioned10:43
auenfinitally, mms failed to receive or send on any device10:43
auenfthen it was finally enabled, but mms' werent charged (or listed anywhere) for about 6 months10:43
ieatlintah, nm, yes, i found the mms apn settings10:44
ieatlintmms is pretty much dead though10:44
ieatlinti just use an img hosting site and distribute the url, far easier and doesn't require reseting my data connection10:45
kimjujonni, thanks10:46
auenfreseting data connection?10:46
jonnikimju: havent tested that one, just googled around. joten perävalotakuu10:47
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jonniI've earned one cheap bottle of wine from my ovi store app... can't quit my day job yet :)10:57
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griatleast you earned something :)11:11
grijonni: What is your application?11:11
jonnikludge app to enable swipe lock on any application.11:12
jonnijust pushed updated version to ovi store, but lets see how long does it take for it to appear11:14
gri1.99 € is too much for me :)11:15
decibyteis there a way to make this chance work without rebooting? <>11:16
gridecibyte: maybe matrixx knows about that since it could be done by the same thing that themechanger does11:18
jonnigri: heh yes, I'll might change it to .99 after the new year.11:18
decibytegri, cool. i hope matrixx sees this then :)11:19
jonnidecibyte: most likely you can just do: initctl restart xsession/mthemedaemon11:24
auenfbah, mail client keeps coming up with 'Error occured'11:25
auenfnfi which account tho11:26
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jonnidecibyte: just tested it and the right command is: initctl restart xsession/sysuid11:33
grijonni: that does restart themedaemon without killing all processes? :)11:38
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jonniheh, well atleast doesnt need reboot, ofcourse some processes will be restarted :)11:43
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kimjujonni, fyi, that recipe to add an apn worked fine.12:10
grimy neighbours might hate me this week: received a package for me yesterday, today and will tomorrow :D12:11
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grianyone received the lumia yet? would be interested which color they are :)12:22
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SpeedEvilI've not had any shipment notifiction - I had an OID of *19712:32
RST38hgri: Pink!12:35
griSpeedEvil: got notice, OID ends with *05412:41
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griRST38h: I wish they were pink :)12:46
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decibytejonni: thanks!12:58
matrixxjonni: ah, you found it already13:00
matrixxshould be sufficient13:00
RST38hgri: Black will do nicely, thank you13:06
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hiemanshugri: two people have got it so far, its most likely cyan/black13:07
* RST38h still needs to figure out what to do with the fake N9 though: need NDK for it13:08
* RST38h reads Microsoft Certified Posters explain to some wondering developer him not being able to develop native code is The Good Thing13:12
griyou don't have to use that crap called OpenGL which no one uses :P13:18
grialso your code runs better since you have to rewrite everything in c#13:19
grihiemanshu: thank you. Black is bettern than blue even though I really hoped for red13:20
hiemanshugri: I want black too, Cyan is kinda odd, and Magenta, not that much13:21
grin950 is black, n9 blue so red would be the best addition :)13:21
RzRIICR there is a NDK for MSWP operators13:30
* MohammadAG spams hiemanshu 13:31
hiemanshuone more sent today :/13:31
MohammadAGUnlocking mg iPhone to 20 notifications is fun13:31
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matrixxgot the white n9 today <313:36
X-Fadematrixx: Those are nice eh?13:36
matrixxX-Fade: yes, it's beautiful13:39
X-Fadematrixx: Yes, like them a lot.13:39
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan13:39
X-Fadematrixx: feel is better than the blue one I have.13:39
auenfcause it feels like it doesnt 'stick' to your hand as much?13:41
X-FadeThe surface is different yes.13:41
hiemanshugri: yours sent yet?13:44
grihiemanshu: Sent mail came 3 hours ago, dhl says tracking code is still invalid13:45
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griso it does not seem to have left the building yet13:45
hiemanshugri: thats good then :P13:45
Venemo_N950morning guys13:45
Venemo_N950gri, hey :)13:46
griVenemo_N950: hey - it's not morning anymore :D13:46
Venemo_N950gri, I've managed to boost puzzle-master's performance.13:47
Venemo_N950gri, a lot! :)13:47
griso what was the bottleneck?13:47
MohammadAGHe now allows a maximum of one puzzle piece13:47
Venemo_N950well, the conclusion is that the gpu hates alpha trasparency13:48
MohammadAGThe pieces were transparent?13:48
Venemo_N950also, it was worth to set whatever optimalization flags there were13:48
gridid you use the gpu? (opengl)13:49
Venemo_N950MohammadAG, the stoke around them was transparent yes13:49
Venemo_N950gri, yes, the meego graphics system uses opengl when the app is in the foreground13:49
griif you draw the pice once into a pixmap and only redraw this, the transparent stroke should not matter13:50
Venemo_N950gri, the stroke is a QPainterPath13:50
grisure but you only have to paint it once to a pixmap13:50
Venemo_N950does QPainter draw pixmaps faster than QPainterPaths?13:51
griotherwise you can never fill your 1gb memory :P13:51
griI assume a pixmap to be faster than the painterpath13:51
Venemo_N950well, that remains to be seen13:52
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griis your latest code on gitorious? then I could try :)13:53
Venemo_N950yes it is there13:53
Venemo_N950dragging and rotating is also noticably faster13:53
Venemo_N950and I also found a bottleneck at merging, so that's faster too13:54
artemmaWhy does "orientationLock: PageOrientation.LockPortrait" sometimes work and sometimes doesn't?13:54
Venemo_N950I also reduced the size of the pixmaps on the pieces, but that required some further bloat to their generation, so that's a bit slower13:55
Venemo_N950gri, do you have the gitorious url?13:55
griVenemo_N950: yes, I already downloaded it but have to change the debian dir to get it working without scratchbox :)13:56
grionly a matter of a minute ..13:56
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Venemo_N950gri, it works from qt creator the way it is....13:57
griVenemo_N950: mine does complain about the debian dir if it's not in qtc_packaging13:58
Venemo_N950gri, oh13:58
Venemo_N950I don't package13:59
griwell, I just have to mkdir qtc_packaging and move debian to qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan and it works :)13:59
Venemo_N950I don't package with Qt Creator14:00
Venemo_N950it's slow and unneeded for testing14:00
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griVenemo_N950: what OS do you use?14:02
grithe "package and run" is pretty fast for me, takes about 3 - 10 seconds14:03
griqrc:/qml/other/ImageChooser.qml:24: TypeError: Result of expression 'imagesModel.get(imageSelectorGrid.currentIndex)' [undefined] is not an object.14:04
griqrc:/qml/other/FileSelectorDialog.qml:25: TypeError: Result of expression 'imageSelectorGrid.model.get(imageSelectorGrid.currentIndex)' [undefined] is not an object.14:04
griseleciton does not work, can't start a game :(14:04
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Venemo_N950gri, hmm maybe I forgot to push the fix to dat14:06
Venemo_N950gri, wait a minute14:07
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan14:08
Venemo_N950aww yea, forgot to push14:08
Venemo_N950gri, could you please try to pull it now?14:11
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan14:12
griperformance is really a lot better now14:13
Venemo_N950gri, you liking? :)14:15
griVenemo_N950: much more than before since it now runs fluently14:18
RST38h"Amazon, Microsoft, and Nokia sniff around RIM" (C)TheRegister14:19
SpeedEvilBecause what nokia needs at the moment is another platform.14:19
RST38hRIM is more like a US customer base than a platform14:20
RST38hNobody needs their platform, but everyone wants their customers14:20
SpeedEvilI suppose the hope would be to transition them over to windows14:20
RST38hSpeed: false hope, indeed14:20
SpeedEvilAnd gain some cdma space14:20
RST38hSpeed: Because, from what I know about these guys, most of them know what they want and it is not a smartphone14:21
SpeedEvilRIM has a wierdly split market in the UK14:21
SpeedEvilbeing popular with teens14:21
RST38hWeird indeed14:22
RST38hIn the US, it is popular among business types because it is said to be "secure" (mostly snake oil) and they apparently like the BreakOut game it comes with14:22
Venemo_N950gri, I also added a dialog that gives feedback on the creation progeress14:27
griVenemo_N950: I am waiting for some shiny shader effects ;)14:28
Venemo_N950gri, you want it to be slow again?14:28
griWell, the gpu is capable of doing a few great effects without slowing down14:29
Venemo_N950gri, also, now you can't drag 'em out of the board14:29
Venemo_N950they'll bounce back14:29
RST38hSpeedEvil: Watching anything on this screen should be pornography14:31
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Paliping X-Fade14:37
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*** leinir has joined #harmattan14:50
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*** Venemo has joined #harmattan14:50
Venemogri, I'll make a package this night and send it out to the others too for testing :)14:51
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pawkyMight there be anyone in here today that could tell me what different initial volume lever the ringtone tune uses compared to when playing back the song through the player?15:02
pawkyit's very anoying the ringtone sounds distorted whilst plaing the song doesn't15:02
pawkyThere are quite a few levers in alsamixer to choose from...15:03
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pawkymy question seems to be a hard nut to crack :-(15:33
Venemopawky, if it works in any way similar to how the N900 did it, then I have a guess15:34
pawkyVenemo: which is? :-)15:35
pawkydoesn't anyboyd have a sound chip routing schema or similar?15:35
infobotpawky meant: doesn't anybody have a sound chip routing schema or similar?15:36
Venemopawky, the N900 converted the ringtone song to .wav, moved it to the rootfs and downsampled it to mono and a lower bitrate.15:36
pawkyVenemo: aha... maybe i just have to choose  it again now when i have adjusted the levers in alsamixer..15:37
Venemopawky, IIRC the reason for this was to avoid the need to decode it whilst still sparing the rootfs15:37
pawkyVenemo: Then the question will be, what levers are used when doing this downsampling?15:37
Venemopawky, on N900, one just needed to find the .wav file in question, replace it with a custom-made .wav file of any quality, and then it worked.15:38
Venemopawky, I'm unfamiliar with the details of this conversion15:38
pawkyVenemo: thout rootfs was readonly..15:38
infobotpawky meant: Venemo: thought rootfs was readonly..15:38
Venemowhy would it be readonly?15:38
pawkyVenemo: maybe to much Android lately?... :-)15:38
Venemopawky, yuck15:40
VenemoI would pick Windows Phone 7 over Android any day.15:40
pawkyVenemo: yuck...15:40
pawkyVenemo: no windows in my home... in whatever way..15:41
pawkyThen again, one can of course question wether openSuSE indirectly is Microsoft these days... ;-)15:41
TronicVenemo: I really don't know which I'd choose. WP7 works much better but Android can do more.15:42
pawkyTronic: yes, if you root it :-)15:42
TronicFortunately there is Harmattan :)15:42
pawkyTronic: I agree! :-)15:42
Tronic(that you'll want to root, too)15:42
pawkyTronic: yeah, but I'm not in that much of a hurry compared to Android...15:43
pawkyTronic: then again, the openversion, isnt that a tad buggy?15:43
pawkyTronic: thought it might be smart to wait a bit before flashing it into the N9. Or am I just wasting my time waiting?15:43
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pawkyVenemo: any idea what the file might be named to after the conversion?15:50
VenemoTronic, android is bloated horseshit. and srsly, who wants to develop in java?15:51
Venemopawky, I can't recall, but it was mentioned in a TMO thread... I mean, in the N900's case.15:51
artemmaWhy can't I make orientationLock: PageOrientation.LockPortrait work?15:59
artemmaIt was working on one of the pages for some time, but now it doesn't work anymore :/15:59
artemmaWhat could be overriding it?15:59
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TronicVenemo: Java, DotNET, what's the difference?16:14
jreznikTronic: for Android you can use Qt :) so no Java! wish it would be possible to have something like android-components, metro-components and just slightly change ui to match the target platform...16:16
artemmaah, these were subpages inside a higher level page (with tabgroups)16:18
Tronicjreznik: AFAIK Qt is or will be available for WP7 as well.16:18
artemmaTronic: why would it happen?16:18
artemmaNokia is so much pro-MSFT nowadays16:18
Tronicartemma: I recall Nokia saying so at some point.16:18
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan16:18
artemmaand other MSFT partners have strong interests against Qt16:19
jreznikTronic: it isn't and I recall Nokia saying the opposit16:19
artemmaSamsung most notably16:19
Tronicartemma: Nokia is a combination of development groups, many of which are still very anti-MS, no matter what the CEO says.16:19
artemmaTronic: this development groups certainly can have lots of fun with their hacked devices :D16:19
Tronicartemma: Irregardless of that, porting Qt to WP7 helps the platform.16:20
jreznikTronic: but MS controls what's get into WP :)16:20
jreznikno native code allowed for 3rd party devs in WP as I know16:20
artemmaI can't see how Qt could help WP platform16:20
artemmaMSFT has lots of developers who know MS stuff16:20
artemmaonly company and developers Qt would help is Nokia and Nokia devs and I have doubts MS really cares about these. No more than it cares about pleasing Samsung I guess16:21
jreznikartemma: write once, deploy everywhere :)16:21
artemmaand why on earth MS would care about you to be able to deploy everywhere? :)16:22
jreznikI've been to Nokia&MS event and seems like they push HTML5 quite a lot these days because of "deploy everywhere" == also wp 716:22
* artemma looks back at 30 years of MSFT history trying to find a single example of MS supporting run-once-deploy-everywhere16:22
artemmawell, HTML5 is clearly anti-nokia to me16:23
jreznikartemma: when you are major platform - it's not good for you, but they are not now... so they support html 5 to get more apps on wp but restrict wp 7 apps to be deployed elsewhere :)16:23
artemmaand in any case got little to do with supporting Qt16:23
*** mece has quit IRC16:24
artemmawell, I am not sure if MS is that much into supporting exactly Samsung, HTC or whatever other manufacturer, but definitely that would care about them more than about the interests of nokia16:25
artemmathe more nokia is locked to MS, the better16:25
artemmaright now there is still a chance (small one) to revert strategy to meego, soon it will be totally dead16:25
marsjewhy do I get this?16:28
marsjetcpdump: socket: Operation not permitted16:28
marsjewhen doing: /usr # ./sbin/tcpdump -i wlan0 -s 0 -w ~/dump.cap16:28
fluxmarsje, try develsh first16:28
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:29
marsjeanotehr shell that gives me more rights?16:30
VenemoTronic, it's better. that's the difference16:30
marsjeis there any place where I can read more about this?16:30
*** miroslav has quit IRC16:30
VenemoTronic, although I must admit that I'm a little bit biased.16:30
TronicVenemo: From developer POV it is easy to agree, C# is clearly superior to Java.16:32
* marsje goes back to his C# code now16:33
VenemoTronic, what other POV is there that matters?16:43
TronicUser, and it is more important than the developer one.16:45
Venemowell, a user doesn't care whether an app is written in C# or java16:46
*** CepiPerez1 has joined #harmattan16:47
*** CepiPerez1 has quit IRC16:50
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC16:50
*** etrunko has quit IRC16:51
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:53
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan16:57
*** Pali has joined #harmattan16:57
*** lamikr has quit IRC16:57
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan17:05
*** tbf has quit IRC17:11
*** zk8 has quit IRC17:17
*** faenil has quit IRC17:19
Richlvoh, wow17:25
_MeeGoBot_Bug 253 enh, ---, ---, ext-risto.lahti, RESO FIXED, Enhancement ideas to N9 alarm clock17:25
pawkymarsje: are you devloper root on the unit?17:25
Richlvi am actually interested in an update for my phone. that's a new thing for me :)17:25
Jarean open bugzilla is a great thing, but it really makes you wait for the future releases x)17:35
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:44
marsjepawky: I turned on developer mode, yes17:45
marsjepawky: and I typed devel-su17:45
pawkymarsje: hmm..17:46
pawkylet me try on mine..17:46
Richlvoh, something i've been unable to solve... is there any way to automatically remove duplicate contacts ?17:47
Richlvmigration from e71 or somesuch on one n9 created 2-4 dupes for many entries17:47
pawkymarsje: works for me..17:47
Richlvand when such a call is received, n9 doesn't show any of them17:47
Richlvso the user is quite annoyed :)17:47
Richlvif all else fails i could export, script, import, but i'd prefer to avoid that17:48
pawkymarsje: did "tcpdump -i wlan0 -s 0 -w ~/dump.cap"17:49
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:52
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:52
*** Pali has quit IRC17:53
marsjepawky: if I don't enter the full path I get: sh: tcpdump: not found17:54
marsjewhere is your tcpdump coming from?17:54
pawkymarsje: /usr/sbin/17:55
griifconfig is also not in path17:56
pawkymarsje: even works without devel-su mode..17:57
pawkymarsje: N9 phone... standard firmware...17:58
marsjeme too, as far as I know18:00
marsje/usr/sbin is not in my PATH18:00
pawkymarsje: PR 1.1 ...18:01
marsjebut yes, /usr/sbin/tcpdump work as user "user"18:01
pawkymarsje: so it works?18:01
marsjeyes :)18:02
marsjebut not as root18:02
pawkymarsje: fair enough, forgot to tell I first logged in as developer...18:02
marsjewhich seems strange18:02
pawkymarsje: a bit...18:03
marsjemy N9's wifi drops all the time... is this power saving?18:03
pawkymarsje: what do you expect it to do?18:04
marsjemy wifi? to stay up until I stop it or get out of reach18:07
pawkymarsje: why?18:11
marsjepawky: why I expect it? Don't get your question...18:12
marsjewhat I originally wanted to do with tcpdump is seeing if my N9 was trying to reach my mailserver18:12
marsjeto see if that explains high idle power usage caused by "Synchronization Services" according to the battery usage app18:13
*** miroslav has quit IRC18:13
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:14
SpeedEvilThe battery usage thing is at best a rough guess18:17
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan18:19
*** adlan has joined #harmattan18:20
pawkymarsje: well, is it disconnecting while you are doing something, or when its idle?18:22
pawkymarsje: why do you want it to be connected whilst nothing happens?18:23
marsjebecause I'm connected to it from my workstation of wifi with ssh :)18:23
marsjeI can imagine it's not made to behave as a server... I guess I could instruct ssh to send keep alives18:25
*** zk8 has quit IRC18:25
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan18:28
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:33
*** mck182_ has quit IRC18:40
Teo`hiemanshu: have you sent back your N950 too?18:43
Teo`hiemanshu: my display is twice as bad today as it was yesterday18:43
Teo`hiemanshu: I emailed DDP and they said I should send it back to them with a note, but they didn't provide an address °_°18:44
hiemanshuTeo`: email them back for an address18:47
* gri would guess the address is the same as the one they used for sending?18:48
Teo`hiemanshu: did that, yesterday :-/18:48
hiemanshuTeo`: they emailed me back with a mailing address, but it depends on who handled it18:49
Teo`gri: I'd guess that too, but I don't have the original packaging any more18:49
Teo`hiemanshu: yeah there is an address in the signature, but they don't say that I should return to *that* address18:49
griwhat is the address in that mail?18:49
Teo`it might be the office address of the person, nothing more18:50
griKarakaari 13?18:50
Teo`Karakaari 13, 1st floor18:50
Teo`02610 Espoo18:50
griHmm, mine came from 5th floor18:51
Teo`gri: yeah my concern is that the shipping dept might be somewhere else nearby, but if the right hand doesn't talk to the left hand much I might get my package back for a stupid different floor18:51
Teo`this was the address they had sent it from a few months ago18:53
Teo`Karakaari 1318:53
Teo`5th floor18:53
Teo`Espoo, 0261018:53
Teo`so 5th floor :-/18:53
Teo`and the person just said "send it back to us", who is "us"18:53
*** miroslav has quit IRC18:55
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:57
*** lizardo has quit IRC18:59
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan19:01
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan19:03
*** KRF has quit IRC19:10
*** fuz_ has quit IRC19:11
*** KRF has joined #harmattan19:11
*** KRF has joined #harmattan19:11
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:12
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC19:20
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan19:29
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan19:29
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan19:33
pawkymarsje: was just going to suggest trying keep_alive...19:34
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan19:35
*** miroslav has quit IRC19:38
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan19:38
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:40
*** etrunko has quit IRC19:40
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan19:40
npmwould something like this allow me to use the same SIM on incoming Lumia 800 and N950:
npmand is cutting a standard size sim recommended way of getting it to fit in lumia? once i cut it, will the adapter still work in n950 or is it unreliable?19:41
mgedmindo not use microSIM adapters in a n950!19:42
mgedminit'll get stuck inside19:42
npmah. that is good advice :-/19:42
npmsad, but good. so what to do?19:42
* mgedmin got himself a separate microSIM card, and then got his plan changed so two SIM cards ended up being cheaper than the original one19:43
npmis there a special plan for having two sim's share the same account (???) , or you ended up getting two accounts w/ some kind of "family plan" ?19:45
specialmost carriers (in the US, at least) won't let you share data, so two accounts would be obscenely expensive.19:47
mgedminI'm not sure about the terms19:47
specialthere are probably well-built adapters that could handle the n95019:48
mgedmintwo accounts, I suppose... either 0.5 or 1 GB data/month for 2.65 USD/month19:48
CissWiti can use my micro seam in my n95.19:48
CissWitmicro sim* ...19:48
* special pays $25/mo for 2GB data.19:48
ZogG_laptopmardy: probably we are =)19:50
CissWitspecial: doest it include any sms or voice call ?19:50
specialCissWit: extra :)19:50
mardyZogG_laptop: ok, now I'm also online :-)19:51
ZogG_laptopmardy: i wanted to ask you if singon-oauth2 support oauth1 as well? as i'm trying to request token but get the empty resonse19:51
CissWiti pay 19€/mo for illimited sms, illimited data, and 2hours voice. (But the data might be bandwith limited after 300Mo per month)19:51
ZogG_laptopmardy: =* i missed you darling sooo much =P19:51
mardyZogG_laptop: yes, it does19:52
ZogG_laptopCissWit: i have 2 gb data 500 sms and 500 minutes19:52
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:52
CissWithow much do you pay ?19:52
ZogG_laptopmardy: i just didn't find any proper documentaion and as i'm noobie, i'm pretty sure i do something wrong19:52
mardyZogG_laptop: see the header file
ZogG_laptopmardy:  i did use it19:54
mardyZogG_laptop: do you have signon logs?19:54
ZogG_laptopmardy: i have someoutput19:54
mardyZogG_laptop: they are in the syslog, once you cset the logging level to 2 in /etc/signond.conf19:55
*** clbr has joined #harmattan19:55
ZogG_laptopmardy: lemme check it19:55
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:55
mardyZogG_laptop: and you need to kill signond, in ordeer for it to pick up that setting19:57
ZogG_laptopDec 21 19:59:09 (2011) signonpluginprocess: "Failed to load /usr/lib/signon/ (reason: Cannot load library /usr/lib/signon/ (/usr/lib/signon/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory))"19:57
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:59
ZogG_laptopmardy: do i need to set it to oauth1 or should, coz in code i saw i need to set the type to make it use oauth119:59
mardyZogG_laptop: the name of the plugin being loaded depends on the method20:01
mardyZogG_laptop: so, set the method to "oauth2" when creating the authsession20:02
mardy(the name of the plugin is oauth2)20:02
ZogG_laptopi thought i need to set mechanism to the plaintext or the second one20:02
*** vladest has quit IRC20:04
ZogG_laptop signonpluginprocess: "Failed to load /usr/lib/signon/ (reason: Cannot load library /usr/lib/signon/ (/usr/lib/signon/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory))"20:04
*** Pali has joined #harmattan20:04
*** Pali has quit IRC20:04
*** Pali has joined #harmattan20:04
ZogG_laptoptherei no liboauth2 there20:05
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:07
mardyZogG_laptop: is that from scratchbox, or directly from the device?20:10
Paliping X-Fade20:10
mardyZogG_laptop: actually, I just checked: I don't have it on my N950 either :-O20:11
ZogG_laptopmardy: device20:12
*** daniel_o has joined #harmattan20:14
ZogG_laptopmardy: so it's no go?20:22
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC20:26
ZogG_laptopmardy: ? =(20:27
ZogG_laptopi just wanted to use something system avilable and not port other libs or use other libs =\20:27
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan20:28
grisignon-xauthplugin - xAuth/OAuth authentication plugin for Single Sign On (SSO)20:30
grimaybe that's an extended version of the oauth one?20:30
ZogG_laptoplemme try20:33
ZogG_laptopgri it did worked actually20:35
grionly the plugin loading or the oauth session?20:36
ZogG_laptopgri: not fully as expected20:36
ZogG_laptopgri i think oauth20:36
ZogG_laptopgri it started something still had no response20:38
ZogG_laptopDec 21 20:38:41 (2011) signond[11634]: ../../../src/signond/pluginproxy.cpp 542 queryMechanisms ("HMAC-SHA1")20:39
ZogG_laptopDec 21 20:38:41 (2011) signond[11634]: ../../../src/signond/pluginproxy.cpp 196 createNewPluginProxy The process is started20:39
ZogG_laptopDec 21 20:38:41 (2011) signond[11634]: ../../../src/signond/signonsessioncore.cpp 150 sessionCore The new session is created : "0+xauth"20:39
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan20:39
ZogG_laptophe also created session SignonAuthSession "/com/nokia/SingleSignOn/AuthSession_3"20:40
ZogG_laptopthe question now is how i request token, as i didn't get it in reply20:40
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan20:42
*** mck182 has quit IRC20:42
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan20:42
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan20:43
*** miroslav has quit IRC20:44
*** clbr has quit IRC20:51
*** tbf has joined #harmattan20:53
*** b3ll has quit IRC20:54
*** petteri has quit IRC20:56
ZogG_laptopgri: mardy as i assume i need to connect to dbus to get info right?20:58
grino, there's a class for authsession21:04
grido you have your code around?21:05
ZogG_laptopi just get yeap21:06
ZogG_laptopbut it's ugly =)))21:06
ZogG_laptopi get PendingRegistration that's the problem21:07
*** lizardo_ has joined #harmattan21:10
gritry HMAC-SHA1 or PLAINTEXT in line 5221:10
Appiahcant get the Qt SDK to install for some reason , Execution failed .. "/opt/QtSDK/Simulator/Application/simulator -registeronly"21:12
ZogG_laptopgri 53?21:12
Appiahif I ignore I get some other error about harmattan postinstall script failing21:12
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:12
griZogG_laptop: the line where currently this is: m_session->request(data, "xauth");21:13
grichange it to m_session->request(data, "HMAC-SHA1"); and try again21:13
griif it fails, try PLAINTEXT21:13
ZogG_laptopgri tried both21:13
griboth result in the same?21:14
*** beford has joined #harmattan21:14
ZogG_laptopgri i think the request is not going anywhere21:14
ZogG_laptoplast lines of syslog Dec 21 21:15:21 (2011) signond[11634]: ../../../src/signond/signonsessioncore.cpp 1020 addRef21:14
ZogG_laptopDec 21 21:15:21 (2011) signond[11634]: ../../../src/signond/signonauthsession.cpp 101 getAuthSessionObjectPath SignonAuthSession is created successfully:  "/com/nokia/SingleSignOn/AuthSession_6"21:14
grihmpf .. I don't understand why the oauth plugin is not there but instead the xauth one where the sourcecode does not seem to be public21:15
ZogG_laptopgri updateState Updating state:  PendingRegistration  and than process sending to queue21:15
*** lizardo_ is now known as lizardo21:15
ZogG_laptopgri i found some kinda api that involves DBUS but no proper explanation21:16
grisignon communicates over dbus as far as I know21:16
ZogG_laptopgri: yes but do i need to connect to dbus ?21:17
ZogG_laptophere is the part of api21:17
grinormally not since those classes are a wrapper around the dbus calls21:17
gribut ask the xauth plugin for the mechanisms21:18
ZogG_laptopdo i need to ask?21:19
ZogG_laptopi found this21:19
grithe SessionData is the base class of your OAuth1PluginData21:20
ZogG_laptopgri: as i understand it might work different21:21
ZogG_laptopas no oauth2 anymore21:21
griDocScrutinizer: here?21:22
griZogG_laptop: Without sourcecode or documentation what the xauth plugin really is, it's hard to guess21:24
ZogG_laptopgri: the api i sent is not the api for it?21:25
griZogG_laptop: I can not tell whether the xauth plugin can work with OAuth1PluginData or if it has a different structure21:26
gridoes it change something when you supply a SessionData instance of the OAuth1PluginData?21:27
griin a way of "does it go crazy when you supply stupid data or does it stay the same?"21:27
ieatlinthell yeah, someone made an xmas ecard app... finally, i can create clip-art graphics to send season's greetings on my phone21:35
ZogG_laptopgri: i don't think it does anything21:36
ZogG_laptopgri may this help ? ->
griieatlint: irony?21:37
griZogG_laptop: if it fails it should atleast come back to the error slot21:39
ieatlintno, there's no irony in that statement21:39
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:40
griieatlint: that's why I asked :)21:41
AppiahAnyone have a idea on how to debug the Qt SDK installation? I'm just getting errors when it comes to the harmattan target21:41
ieatlintplenty of sarcasm though21:41
AppiahInsatllationLog.txt does not say anything about it21:41
ieatlintZogG_laptop: good job on the imgur app btw :)21:41
ZogG_laptopieatlint: i can't make that oauth thing21:43
ZogG_laptopi'm pretty stuck21:43
ieatlintthere are qt based oauth implementations out there21:43
ieatlintlgpl or gpl though21:43
ZogG_laptopgri: i don't think it fails, it creates dbus , how can i check the dbus data from console btw?21:43
gri"qdbus <servicename>"21:43
ieatlintobviously if it could be integrated in as a sharing account it would be awesome... i wonder if anyone in here who knows how that's done could help21:44
ZogG_laptopgri: btw there is liboauth2plugin on repo21:44
gribut apt-cache can't find the oauth plugin on the device repositories21:44
ieatlinti might have some info to help on my laptop at home actually... will look this evening21:45
ZogG_laptop qdbus /com/nokia/SingleSignOn/AuthSession_1021:45
ZogG_laptopService '/com/nokia/SingleSignOn/AuthSession_10' is not a valid name.21:45
grino that's the path21:45
ZogG_laptopgri only on rzr lib21:45
ZogG_laptopi thinl xauth has it inside21:45
gri"qdbus /com/nokia/SingleSignOn/AuthSession_10"21:46
grimight be your line21:46
griieatlint: in what timezone are you since it's not evening where you are? :D21:47
ieatlintcalifornia, where it's 10min til noon21:48
grioh ok ...21:49
ZogG_laptopgri: hmm there is someinfo there21:49
griZogG_laptop: those are functions you can call bot none of these makes sense in qdbus21:50
griand as you see, these functions are the same as the AuthSession class has21:50
ZogG_laptopgri nosense to me eaither21:50
daniel_oieatlint: same timezone like me :)21:51
* ieatlint likes vancouver :)21:52
ieatlintgot to visit vhs last march21:52
daniel_oi'd like to visit california.. :D never been to the u.s. yet.. :D21:52
Appiah/opt/QtSDK/Madde/targets/harmattan_10.2011.34-1/bin/qmake is not existing <- any Idea on why I get that during the installation?21:53
ieatlintcheap flight or not the worst drive21:53
ieatlintyou just have to deal with US customs violating your personal space21:53
mardyZogG_laptop, gri: speaking to some of my ex-colleagues in Nokia, it may be that the reason why the oauth2 plugin is not installed is simply because there is no package depending on it21:55
ieatlintmake it to sf and i'll buy you a beer21:55
mardytherefore it is not pulled in the device image21:55
mardyZogG_laptop, gri: the good news is that it will probably be present with the next release21:55
mardyZogG_laptop: so, for the time being you could ship it yourself with your app (maybe rename it, to avoid conflicts)21:56
daniel_oi don't drink beer.. :D but ok :D21:56
grimardy: Ovi rejected my app yesterday for installing sometething outside of /opt21:56
griso he can't do that :)21:56
ZogG_laptopgri: f the ovi, i'll use repos =)21:57
griwell then you're fine21:57
*** briglia has quit IRC21:58
ieatlintdaniel_o: ok, then i'll buy you an effeminately named drink at a bar that oddly has no women in it21:59
ieatlintit's a good sf experience22:00
daniel_o:D ok22:01
*** petteri has joined #harmattan22:01
ZogG_laptopgri: mardy what u say about that?
grithat's not a signon plugin and even Qt-less22:04
ZogG_laptopgri: that's the one thing i found that is build22:07
griZogG_laptop: if you plan to use the repositories, build the plugin yourself and let RzR upload it if not already done22:08
ZogG_laptopmardy: do you have the pckage?22:09
Paliping X-Fade22:09
ZogG_laptopgri: going to use - but long way to it22:09
mardyZogG_laptop: just checkout the "harmattan" branch, the packaging is in there22:09
*** jabis_ has quit IRC22:15
*** mikelima has joined #harmattan22:15
ZogG_laptopmardy: downloaded opened in qtcreator22:16
ZogG_laptopand it fails to build22:16
griyou should use scratchbox to build it22:18
griQtSDK stops here: dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: signon-plugins-dev (>= 9.15)22:19
ZogG_laptopmeh, why is it so complicated =)22:19
*** frinring has quit IRC22:20
ZogG_laptopmardy btw there is merge requests for support for oauth122:20
ZogG_laptopi'm close to give up =)22:23
*** jabis_ has joined #harmattan22:23
ZogG_laptopmardy: if you still here can you approve merge for oauth1.0a support22:24
ZogG_laptopas actually my service is 1.0a22:24
grisignon-plugins-dev in the sdk is 8.38 while the gitorious one wants a newer one ... :)22:24
*** augustl has joined #harmattan22:27
DocScrutinizergri: pong22:28
griDocScrutinizer: Do you have a link to the sources iso?22:28
grithank you :)22:29
*** jabis_ has quit IRC22:35
ZogG_laptopgri: but i'm too noobie to write maakefile =\22:37
griZogG_laptop: huh? There is no need to write a makefile22:37
*** trx has quit IRC22:37
*** trx has joined #harmattan22:38
*** jabis_ has joined #harmattan22:41
ZogG_laptopgri: than?22:42
gridownload the file, extract it, go with the terminal into the directory and do "fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage" and hope for the best22:42
gribut in this case I don't think it's that easy. You may have to build some dependencies, too. Or downgrade the oauth plugin until it compiles against the sdk versions22:43
ZogG_laptopwhy it's not even on sdk22:50
jonnisdk matches pr1.022:51
ZogG_laptopdpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: signon-plugins-dev (>= 9.15)22:55
pawkyDocScrutinizer: is that one just as stable as the 1.1 kernel that comes with the N9?22:57
grithat means: downgrade your package sources until they fit the sdk ones OR also build signon-plugins yourself OR change the dependencies (ignore them) and hope it works22:57
jonnior if your brave add -d parameter to ignore dependencies :)22:58
DocScrutinizerpawky: no idea23:01
DocScrutinizerI thought it's identical23:01
ZogG_laptopgri: ignore not working and i can't downgrade as i have 8.38-7+0m6_armel23:02
DocScrutinizerpawky: why should there be any stability differences? except for open mode maybe introducing issues23:03
pawkyDocScrutinizer: Well... I don't know.. I think I asked before and some people wrote about stability issues..23:04
jonniits identical, so no stability issues23:04
DocScrutinizerwell, now you're writing about stability issues23:04
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. isnt that the same?23:05
griif you revert back to that revision or the one before it was changed to 9.15, it may compile23:05
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:05
ZogG_laptopgri:  it may not work as well =)23:06
ZogG_laptopgri: i think i'll give up on it, the funny thing is that twitter somehow works on n9 and it uses 1.0a23:07
pawkyjonni: oh, now I saw your reply.. :-)23:07
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan23:08
DocScrutinizer>> There's another similar openmode kernel in which isn't patched at all and will simply make harmattan switch to openmode. <<  Isn't patched at all means 'identical'23:09
DocScrutinizerminus the missing nokia signature, for obvious reasons - which makes it an openmode kernel23:10
ZogG_laptopgri i think i found soluton, but need to try23:12
pawkyDocScrutinizer: well.. if that makes the phone open i will not cry to much if the nokia signure wouldn't be there, even if it would be nice.. ;-)23:14
*** augustl has left #harmattan23:14
DocScrutinizerpawky: you're missing the point: only the missing signature makes it enter open mode23:16
DocScrutinizerit's absolutely the identical kernel23:16
DocScrutinizermissing signature is the only difference23:17
DocScrutinizerxloader 1st stage bootloader detects missing siganture and switches to open mode23:17
DocScrutinizerooops actually nolo 2nd stage23:17
DocScrutinizerif it had a valid signature it wouldn't be an openmode kernel but the original stock PR1.1 kernel23:18
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:19
jonniofcourse it would be even nicer, if patched version would have signature23:19
ZogG_laptopgri i think it uses signon23:20
ZogG_laptopso the problem is to get there an interacte with it23:20
jonnithen you have working dbus and could bypass policy limitations23:20
ZogG_laptopgri: what do you think - can i use it after i create session?23:21
griZogG_laptop: signond loads the plugins and offers you the dbus interface, so I don't get what you're asking?23:21
DocScrutinizerjonni: yes, the patched version would yield a true "aegis free secure mode" - if signed23:23
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: jonni: yes, the patched version would yield a true "aegis free normal mode" - if signed23:23
*** beford has quit IRC23:32
ZogG_laptopgri: anyway i'll try to develop something else for now, maybe other lib and than would switch to this one as it would be avialble23:35
griyou can code the xbox live timetable program I have to do to see whether my brother cheaths his parental control or not :)23:36
ZogG_laptopgri ps3 ftw23:41
griZogG_laptop: I have a ps3, no xbox23:42
ZogG_laptopgri: i would like to implent a lot of things in my app but i need autharization for that23:42
ZogG_laptopgri: but your bro has xbox?23:42
ZogG_laptopfat family23:42
ZogG_laptophmm tried calling from n9 had no volume, wierd23:42
gribut my brother (who lives with my mother) cheats his play times and xbox parental control sucks ... so I have to write a program that checks and the router and writes down when his xbox is running and which game23:43
ZogG_laptoprestart would show23:43
*** beford has joined #harmattan23:43
ZogG_laptopis it healthy to take out simcard when phone is on?23:48
ZogG_laptopoh toggled flightmode on/off/on and than it shows no connection to cell, than called and it shows that i have and call is ok23:50
ZogG_laptopdamn bugs are everywhere23:50
*** vladest has quit IRC23:50
*** vladest has joined #harmattan23:52
*** NIN102 has quit IRC23:56

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