IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-12-20

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Appiahso if I want see if something can compile on harmattan ,  how do I test that? is it setting up a scratchbox?00:34
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grior QtSDK00:45
gribest is to have both :)00:45
Venemo_N950hey gri :)00:48
grievening Venemo_N95000:49
griand also bye, I need sleep :)00:51
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MohammadAGhow do I run an app as root?00:54
MohammadAGI keep getting Failed to connect to remote themedaemon. Retrying in one second.00:54
Venemo_N950MohammadAG, devel-su?00:57
MohammadAG~ # /opt/auto-caller/bin/auto-caller00:59
MohammadAGUsing the meego graphics system00:59
MohammadAG"/opt/auto-caller/bin/auto-caller" Failed to connect to remote themedaemon. Retrying in one second.00:59
Venemo_N950maybe the theme daemon runs in userspace?01:01
Venemo_N950seriously, why does Qt have to be a heap of bugs?????01:04
marsjehey, I just got the same error01:05
marsjewith drive-qml01:05
marsjeI just got my N9 and Drive only worked once01:06
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marsjemaybe it has to do with enabling development mode01:06
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Venemo_N950MohammadAG, btw, I was able to do some noticable performanceoptimalizations in my app :)01:07
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artemmawhat was the name of API that allowed you to group your net activity with the other apps net activities?01:14
artemmaAh! Heartbeat it was!01:29
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Sazpaimon_hey guys06:07
Sazpaimon_open accuweather06:07
Sazpaimon_and go to lifestyle06:07
Sazpaimon_look at the skiing forecast06:08
Sazpaimon_tell me you see what I see06:08
Sazpaimon_you obvioulsy do if you could assume what it was06:17
Clinti see "Poor"06:27
Clintand i assume you wouldn't be saying "hey guys" for that06:27
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DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: you never run apps as root, you allow the needed actions to that particular app07:27
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: that's what aegis is all about07:28
DocScrutinizereven if you _could_ "run as root" any app, this still wouldn't mean the app could do a single thing better than under user account, thanks to aegis. See develsh/develsu07:30
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: so the right way is your app requesting for all the tokens/permissions needed, and if those aren't available in OVI you're basically doomed07:31
DocScrutinizeron the large picture when your userland app needs to do root things than quite frequently this indicates a poor and faulty architecture of the app. Rather you use proxies aka services running under root, to do root things, and you talk to these services via usually dbus07:39
Sazpaimon_Clint, i was referring to the icon itself07:41
Sazpaimon_sorry i didnt specify07:42
DocScrutinizereither dbus, or - occasionally - via system() and help of sudoers, or you got a library stub include that hides away the implementation completely from your code, or whatever07:42
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infobotHey, thanks for that - I haven't had idea of such functions07:45
DocScrutinizeror, the aegis way, you find out which tokens any account (root too) would need to do that "rogue" task you plan to do, and request then via manifest, and possibly need an aegis-exec or whatever to actually allow the permissions associated with the tokens to the app07:47
* infobot starts crying and hides from docscrutinizer in the darkest corner of the room. :(07:48
ZogG_laptopSazpaimon_: i have meecast only =)08:16
mardyZogG_laptop: 'morning, now I'm around :-)08:37
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Teo`so I just woke up and found a huge and spreading cluster of dead pixels on my N95008:42
Teo`do you guys know if the display is serviceable, can you even buy a replacement anywhere?08:42
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SpeedEvilNo, return for replacement08:45
SpeedEvilMohammadAG:  recently went through that, and a ouple of others08:45
Teo`SpeedEvil: what do I do, contact Quim about it?08:45
SpeedEvilI don't recall.08:45
SpeedEvilSorry, not had to do that, fortunately.08:46
Teo`right, thanks anyway08:46
Teo`hope somebody who had sees this08:46
SpeedEvilThis is a really quiet time of day on this channel.08:49
SpeedEvilOnly the very early birfd are awake in europe, and those on the west oast of the US have largely gone to bed08:49
qronicHad it installed before flashing, now can't remember how to install "file" utility. What package contains it?08:54
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hiemanshuTeo`: email DDP09:01
hiemanshuTeo`: yes that one09:04
Teo`hiemanshu: ok thanks09:04
Teo`you think they'll replace it even though I've had it for a few months?09:04
hiemanshuyes, I am sending in mine for a replacement soon-ish09:07
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Teo`hiemanshu: SpeedEvil: btw this is what popped up on my N950
Teo`and it seems to be spreading ;_;10:22
SpeedEvilI recall hiemanshu's (?) image looking quite similar, but with the defect about the same distance up from the 'bottom' of the screen.10:23
hiemanshuTeo`: exactly same situtation as mine :P10:23
Teo`hiemanshu: did you do anything? mine just happened overnight10:24
SpeedEvilCoincidentally? Both defects look exactly over the hinges.10:24
Teo`SpeedEvil: you think it might be mechanical?10:24
hiemanshuTeo`: same here :P10:25
SpeedEvilTeo`: Yes10:25
Teo`maybe that's what they were referring to when they said the device was beta quality10:25
Teo`cause I sure didn't abuse it, got two N810 in perfect working order here10:25
SpeedEvilCould be anything, from it being compressed in a pocket, to assembly defets10:26
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Teo`I'd rule out pocket compression, I wear true geek size baggy pants :D10:26
Teo`the weather was especially cold though, maybe that could have done something10:27
Teo`above 0°C but it was a sudden drop in temperature10:27
* SpeedEvil looks at the thermometer reading 5C.10:27
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grifrals: did nokia "steal" your idea? :)12:29
griups, not you :P12:29
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RST38hMoo all12:47
grihmm, that "MeeScan" installs on the n9 here but not on the n95012:47
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lardmangri: have you got an old version of mBarcode installed?13:08
lardmanas the naming of libdmtx conflicts with what I was using13:08
grinot that I know of13:08
lardmanTry installing from the terminal, shame Ovi gives such poor error messages13:09
grihow to install ovi packages from terminal? :)13:09
lardmanI got something along the lines of "failed download" when in fact it was more like "won't install as a package conflicts"13:09
griyeah, I had the conflicts first time, then "failed download"13:09
lardmangri: devel-su; apt-get install meescan13:09
lardmanworked for me anyway, and made me think that perhaps there is still a place for mBarcode13:10
gridoes not work, ovi is not a repository "package meescan can not be found"13:10
lardmanhmm, no idea then, I certainly didn't set Ovi up manually13:11
grimBarcode on the n900 was much faster than this app :)13:11
lardmangri: wait until the weekend and I'll give you a working version of mBarcode13:11
lardmangri: at decoding?13:12
lardmanI think the frame size is probably larger and it's being fed to the same decoders13:12
lardmanso it takes longer13:12
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lardmanZXing is quick though and that's what I'm using, though I'll need to do some coding on that as it's an incomplete port13:12
griwell I did not scan anything yet13:12
gribut the camera in the app is slow13:12
griand I had to click five times on the menu button that it actually appears13:13
lardmanon the N900 startup was quite slow too13:13
* lardman thinks that there's nothing like the motivation of a competing app :)13:14
griI removed mine after 10 hours from ovi store :/13:14
lardmanyeah I've not even considered the Ovi store hoops, perhaps a dev only package13:15
auenfwas it 10 hours from when you put in the request to remove, or when it actually dissapeared from the store?13:15
griauenf: 10 hours until I put the request to remove it (saturday), it actually got removed yesterday at noon time13:15
gri144 people have downloaded a broken package13:16
auenfso you requested it to be removed before i got my n913:16
auenfand i had downloaded it before it got removed :P13:16
auenferr, yesterday at noon being monday or tuesday?13:17
griabout 24h ago13:18
griso here this is monday noontime13:18
auenfok, so removed next working day from the request13:19
griI wonder how long it takes them to publish the fixed version (actually 2 lines of code changed), got no reply from qa staff yet13:19
grithe communication with the qa team is a bit annoying since they are in canada and therefore reply to emails when it's early in the morning here :)13:20
auenfthey are probably still asleep atm13:21
auenfso hopefully they'll sort it out today13:21
griyeah, they start working when it's 19:00 here13:22
ArkanoiD_Is there _working_ tool to manage quick launch bar?13:22
auenfwhich one isnt working?13:22
auenfshortcuts is working?13:24
auenfaltho no PR1.1 for me yet13:24
griWhat is /var/log/pasms.log and pareplysms.log?13:27
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auenfmy pareplysms.log is still at the firmware date cause i havent sent an sms yet13:29
auenfand only contains a newline13:29
griyeah, both are 19 oct here13:29
auenf1 sep13:30
hiemanshu1 Oct and 1 Aug for me13:30
auenfhmm, 'PhoneActivation'13:32
auenfsome MyNokia thing13:33
auenf[2011-12-20T21:21:35] void PhoneActivation::subscribe(CherrySmsEngine::SignupInfo, QString):13:36
auenf[2011-12-20T21:21:35] void PhoneActivation::smsSendFinished(bool, QString): success = "[1mtrue[0;39m"13:36
griI don't have these lines13:38
auenfthere is a phone number listed13:38
auenfwhich is the local MyNokia mobile number according to google13:38
griseems I did not activate :)13:38
MohammadAGCall it, see what happens13:39
MohammadAGYou have reached Nokia HQ, your phone will self destruct in 3, 2...13:39
griauenf: CherrySms::*? CherrySMS is an online sms service13:40
auenfrofl, first entry is 2011-01-0113:40
auenfsif this phone was working then :P13:40
auenfat least it wont cost me 25c if it used cherrysms then :P13:41
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auenfPR1.2 on n900 had a similar thing13:43
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* SpeedEvil notes the 'response' entirley omits mention of the UK premium rate regulations, which it breaches.13:45
auenfpremium rate?13:45
grigot reply from ovi store13:46
griQA failed13:46
grifor the same package as  before13:46
SpeedEvilThe SMS is a premium rate one (in the UK) within the definitions.13:46
griI am only allowed to install to /opt/13:46
griwell, how to install accounts files then?13:46
auenfwhat causes it to be a premium rate sms?13:46
SpeedEvilauenf: The number it's sent to13:47
auenfits not a standard mobile number for uk?13:47
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auenfand it seems it will use cherry anyway, so no sms cost to user, but data cost to user tho13:48
SpeedEvilNo, it's not13:48
auenfstandard mobile number in au13:48
povbotBug 10506: 'My nokia' unsubscribe attempt costs money. This is in breach of the UK regulations on premium rate texts.13:48
MohammadAGgri: I am only allowed to install to /opt/13:49
MohammadAGThe fuck13:49
griMohammadAG: they accepted the same package on friday13:49
griI only commented out two lines13:49
auenfahh, unsubscribe costs premium13:49
MohammadAG/opt is under /13:49
griMohammadAG: funny thing is, they complain I copied files to /usr/lib/AccountSetup and /usr/lib/qt4/imports/ and /usr/share/l10n13:50
MohammadAGThere is no optification concept on harmattan13:50
leinirgri: i didn't even update my package and it got declined (multiple instances of the app, got around it, but bleh, it's a feature you nunce :P )13:50
auenfdifferent QA people are reading different QA checklists?13:50
grithere's no way of installing to other dirs13:51
MohammadAGThat's the fremantle qa13:51
gri/usr/share/l10n is required for MLocale13:51
gri/usr/lib/AccountSetup is required to show up something in "Accounts"13:51
gri/usr/lib/qt4/imports is required to install qml plugins13:51
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MohammadAGDid you figure out how to make an AccountsSetup bin?13:52
griwell I made mine in qml13:52
X-Fadegri: Install in opt, symlink from / ?13:52
X-Fadegri: Not sure if they like that though13:52
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griX-Fade: it's just why did they accept it before then?13:52
X-Fadegri: Don't ask me :)13:53
auenfX-Fade, technically it would still be writing outside /opt/ :P13:53
MohammadAGResend the pkg13:53
auenf<gri> X-Fade: it's just why did they accept it before then? <-- <auenf> different QA people are reading different QA checklists?13:53
X-FadeI wonder if it is a 'using storage space' requirement or more 'make a mess' one.13:53
griyeah, they sent me this:
grithere are a few paths missing in their list13:54
ArkanoiD_auenf, no, shortcuts isn't. it says it should appear in settings/applications menu -- it does not, and when i run it manually, it does not save anything i drag onto the shortcuts bar13:58
auenfsave as in close shortcuts app, or only after a reboot?13:59
ArkanoiD_neither works14:05
auenfPR1.0 or 1.1 ?14:05
auenfits working fine for me on PR1.014:06
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ArkanoiD_thanks, at least manual repair did help14:36
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divanGuys, is it possible to install Nemo or Harmattan on Lumia 800 at this moment?15:58
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deramafaik completely different hardware15:59
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Jarehow do i schedule a shell script? It seems that atleast cron is missing. Is there another way to do it?16:03
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divanderam, AFAIK Meego supports Snapdragon, no?16:17
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miroslavShould be easier to get working than WP7 :-)16:51
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corecodeam i doing something wrong?  i can't seem to be able to set my sender name for imap/smtp accounts17:14
corecodeit always just puts my mail address there17:14
MohammadAGdid unseal.ko ever work on beta2?17:15
deramcorecode: same problem on me, desided not to search solution further, since my email address has my name in it17:17
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corecodemine doesn't17:18
Richlvwhat was that problem about forgetting passwords ? one n9 here with PR 1.1 seems to ask for twitter password whenever it reconnects to wifi... is that some bugreport already addresses ?17:18
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jonniRichlv: yes known but which is fixed in future PR release.17:44
infobotjonni meant: Richlv: yes known bug which is fixed in future PR release.17:44
Richlvjonni, ok, so it doesn't happen only after a reboot, right ?17:48
jonnihappens everytime you roam17:49
jonniie switch between 2g/3g vs wifi17:50
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jonnigri: if you have qml plugin only for your app, you can also install it under /opt/ as /usr/lib/qt4/imports is only needed for global plugins17:59
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grijonni: and how to load it then? what's wrong with making it global?18:00
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jonniload them just normally with import,  so there is qml plugin searchpatch, by default it looks from    . && /usr/lib/qt4/imports, like if your app is /opt/foobar/bin/foobar, it automaticly searches /opt/foobar/bin/imports18:02
jonni(you can use strace to see what paths is automaticly searched)18:03
griproblem is that parts of my program are in /usr/lib/AccountSetup, the other part is in /opt/web2sms18:03
griso I'd have to set them by hand in my code I guess18:04
jonnigri: they only check whats inside the dep, just make everything to install in /opt/web2sms, and when app starts just generated the needed stuff into accountsetup dir on the fly ;-)18:04
infobotjonni meant: gri: they only check whats inside the deb, just make everything to install in /opt/web2sms, and when app starts just generated the needed stuff into accountsetup dir on the fly ;-)18:05
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grijonni: but that's stupid when I start to generate files where no one knows where they come from18:07
grithere are also other packages from ovi that do no install to /opt18:07
griit really must depend on the tester18:07
jonnibut in reality reason behind requiring apps to install to /opt/ is that same deb needs to work in pr1.0, pr1.1 and pr1.1.1 images, and thats why nothing is allowed in system dirs, since it causes bricks very easily :)18:08
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gribut there is a list of exceptions18:08
griit's just missing the account stuff paths18:08
jonniwell yes, for that you might need to contact ovi qa support and ask if they can ask another excemption path, (or just kludge around it by generating files on the fly, although that is bad bad(tm)) :)18:09
infobotjonni meant: well yes, for that you might need to contact ovi qa support and add if they can ask another excemption path, (or just kludge around it by generating files on the fly, although that is bad bad(tm)) :)18:10
jonniblaah I cannot type right today18:10
jonniblaah and searchreplaced wrong word :)18:10
grijonni: I already wrote them their list is incomplete18:13
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grilet's see what they reply :)18:13
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griIt's cool to have a amazon warehouse 20km from here: Ordered something yesterday at 23:40 by standard mail and got it today at 10:30 :)18:42
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* RzR is about to install kde experimental debian packages20:58
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ZogG_laptopmardy: i'll stalk you till we talk =)21:21
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griZogG_laptop: maybe you have to clarify your question that he replies :)22:02
*** mck182_ has quit IRC22:03
lizardogri, did you manage to convince nokia store QA about the accounts plugin path ? I was willing to implement an account plugin, but if it blocks QA, I'd rather store credentials on the app :(22:08
lizardoat least for the first version22:08
grilizardo: They told they ask back the meego team if these paths are ok and then notify me what they said22:09
lizardogri, it would be nice if we can get people in touch to update the documentation as well22:10
*** beford has quit IRC22:10
lizardogri, so they can't use it as evidence to QA fails :)22:10
griI think they will do this if the meego team says these paths are ok22:10
griatleast I hope so :)22:11
MohammadAGthey actually returned it22:11
* MohammadAG cries22:11
MohammadAG/cc DocScrutinizer22:11
griMohammadAG: I thought you had your n950?22:12
ieatlintnow that's a happy chanukah, MohammadAG :P22:12
lizardoMohammadAG, it seems to have been bounced a lot next to the destination :|22:13
MohammadAGgri, that's the second one22:13
MohammadAGbasically I was sent three N950s22:13
MohammadAGFirst in August, second is that, third is with me22:13
MohammadAGbasically, that's probably javispedro's replacement :P22:13
lizardoMohammadAG, HW issues ?22:14
griMohammadAG: Next time send it to someone outside of isreal and let him/her take it to you :)22:14
MohammadAGlizardo, first one? overheating22:14
lizardoMohammadAG, mine has the keyboard backlight blinking , but I 'ill not dare to sent it back, it was sooo difficult to get here :)22:15
ieatlintoh yeah, send it to me, i'll totally come to .il to give it to you, honest22:15
MohammadAGgri, too late, heya lumia22:15
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan22:16
ZogG_laptopgri: he ones that coded signon22:17
griZogG_laptop: I know but as everyone don't expect him to know every line of code he has written more than a year ago22:17
*** beford has joined #harmattan22:20
MohammadAGa game that originated on Symbian is a top app on the apple app store22:26
MohammadAGit seems like the same code base + touch support, it has the same res (pixelated)22:27
*** petteri has joined #harmattan22:29
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*** Riude is now known as Riussi23:02
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rm_worki think the backlight on my n950 keyboard stopped working23:46
rm_workor never worked]23:46
rm_worki'm not really sure23:46
rm_worki just noticed last night that I couldn't see anything T_T23:47
rm_workis there a command to test the backlight?23:48
rm_workjust force it to turn on?23:48
GeneralAntillesrm_work, it seems buggy.23:48
rm_worki'd work on fixing it23:49
rm_workbut only maybe 20 people in the entire world would ever notice23:49
rm_workmy motivation dwindles23:49
grimine also does not work sometimes23:50
grireboot helps most times23:50
GeneralAntillesMine sometimes turns on only half of the backlight, too.23:51
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:53
RzRsame here23:53
RzRi just open it23:53
RzRand the light is ok now23:53
RzRthe powersupply is not plugged now23:56

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