IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2011-12-19

MohammadAGwhile we're talking about antialiasing00:00
MohammadAGWTF is it, in 1 sentence00:00
Venemo_N950gri, weirdly, the app performs a LOT better since I got rid of QWidgets in it, but still not perfect00:00
Venemo_N950MohammadAG, you want to know what antialiasing is?00:00
griVenemo_N950: yeah strange there's not so much to see that it should slow down00:01
gricalculating average color values of neighbor pixels?00:01
Venemo_N950all heavy stuff is done before the game starts00:01
grino, I meant that's what I think what antialiasing is :)00:02
pawkyMohammadAG: well, when it comes to graphics, its all about making things look less jagged...00:02
Venemo_N950well, antialiasing, simply put, means the employment of some technique to make edges appear smoother.00:02
interiorcrocodilis there an android logcat equivalent for n9?00:03
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MohammadAGinteriorcrocodil, syslog00:23
MohammadAGthe standard linux syslog00:23
interiorcrocodilMohammadAG: what if system hasn't fully booted yet00:27
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interiorcrocodilcan it output messages through usb?00:27
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Venemo_N950MohammadAG, ping02:19
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TSCHAKeeehmmm, any examples on how to set up a Page that uses the inverted (Dark) colours?02:26
mgedminTSCHAKeee, I looked that up once and added this to my main.qml:02:28
mgedminComponent.onCompleted: theme.inverted = true // Prefer white on black02:28
TSCHAKeeegot it.02:28
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Venemo_N950MohammadAG, zz_gri, OK, it seems that I was able to optimize the performance in some ways :)03:07
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rs65Hi, do I have to do something "special" to access a QObject property? I have an Album class (that inherits QObject) with "code" property, I have a list of QObjects (Albums), and when I do qDebug() << downloadQueue.first().property("code") I get QVariant(, )04:42
rs65am I missing something?04:42
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ieatlintvery OT, but as a bit of news... kim jong il is dead05:08
i483I have a InfoBanner and if I call the banner is visible just the first time, I there something I need to do?05:14
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luke-jrieatlint: so UN takes over?05:22
ieatlintif that's a serious question, then no, mcdonalds does05:25
ieatlintapparently, according to NK state tv, his cause of death is working too hard05:29
ieatlinta photoblog commemorating his lifelong work
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SpeedEvilBeing the glorious leader is hard work.05:40
SpeedEvilWho was the son with a silly name?05:40
ieatlinti dunno, we just call him leader now05:46
yipdwSpeedEvil: Kim Jong-un, perhaps05:59
* SpeedEvil tries to convince himself he doesn't need an atomic clock for christmas.06:00
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TSCHAKeeeWhat are we supposed to use in QML to do swipe gestures?06:55
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u8Hi, do I need special permissions to write to a file in /home/user/MyDocs/ from my app? I'm using QNetworkAccessManager to download a file, it works fine on desktop but on Harmattan I get a 1 bit file07:52
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DocScrutinizerno, you usually can write to that location07:54
* DocScrutinizer wonders how a 1bit file looks like07:55
DocScrutinizeroccasionally you get "strange effects" due to the fact the fs on MyDocs is VFAT07:56
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DocScrutinizerso no user, no permissions, no execute...07:56
u8and could you think of a reason of why it doesn't work?07:56
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u8I even tried /home/user07:57
u8and the same thing happens07:57
DocScrutinizernot really, when you don't request special permissions, or odd filename that's forbidden on VFAT. But then it's  not a 1bit file (assuming you meant 1 byte)07:58
u8the file it's like 2Mb07:59
DocScrutinizerstrace it07:59
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DocScrutinizeryou'll see "plain text" what happens07:59
DocScrutinizerI assume a bug in your program08:00
u8but it works on desktop08:00
u8and maemo08:00
u8it download the file08:00
u8that's why I don't understand why it is failing to do it08:01
u8on N95008:01
DocScrutinizerhope you're not running it as root08:01
u8of course not08:01
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DocScrutinizernfi, strace!08:01
u8I've tried as developer and as user08:01
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TSCHAKeeedoes anyone have code for a simple swipe gesture?!08:08
Sazpaimonnot sure how i could stand my n900 after harmattan08:14
Sazpaimonits just so much more responsive08:14
DocScrutinizertbh I never could stand harmattan despite any pinching and responsiveness, and it's always a delight to go back to N90008:15
TSCHAKeeeguess i will have to roll my own :/08:16
Aranel_N9_Sazpaimon exactly my train of thought. I couldn't,08:19
SazpaimonI gave my N900 to my girlfriend08:21
Sazpaimonshe uses it for sketch08:21
Sazpaimontried to use mypaint on it, but its so laggy08:21
Sazpaimoni couldnt do it08:21
Aranel_N9_I gave it to my mom, she was using so ancient phones, I couldnt stand it anymore.08:22
interiorcrocodilhi DocScrutinizer08:25
interiorcrocodilsorry, i really don't see which link is relevant to me08:26
Sazpaimonmypaint is probably bad because im using the extras-devel version08:29
Sazpaimonwhich is probably buggy08:29
DocScrutinizerwhich should be exactly your kernel (and uname) and thus match the existing modules08:29
SazpaimonDocScrutinizer, does opensh work yet08:30
DocScrutinizerproven to fail as soon as you enter secure mode again08:30
interiorcrocodilthanks DocScrutinizer08:30
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MohammadAGSo, has anyone mentioned whether the open mode kernel doesn't break stock apps?12:28
MohammadAG Meh, new Qt doc layout sucks12:29
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MohammadAGYou can't see all methods of a class (including those inherited), probably due to site designers not giving a crap about QWidgets anymore12:30
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trxthat sucks12:31
leinirMohammadAG: Have you told them? They take feedback, you know... in particular one of them, who's a personal friend, knows what a LART is ;)12:32
xarcassMohammadAG: feel free to file a bug: I've had similar problem in creator, wrote a report and they've fixed it.12:32
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MohammadAGI'm talking about the site xarcass12:33
MohammadAGleinir: I'll see about that, in Uni now12:33
xarcassMohammadAG: yeah, i see. my point was that they likely will fix it if you would have reported the problem12:34
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ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ping12:49
*** zz_gri is now known as gri12:52
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MohammadAGZogG_laptop: Pong13:21
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ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: do you port facebook client to n950?13:25
MohammadAGOnly part left for 0.1 is the profile page and commenting sheet13:28
jonniblaah, have anyone else runned into following error: QNetworkReplyImpl::_q_startOperation was called more than once13:28
MohammadAGIt's a warning13:28
MohammadAGHappens on Fremantle and harmattan, ignore it13:29
jonniohwell might be warning, but looks like that I'm not getting reply from http server...13:29
jonniohwell maybe I'm just having other issues then13:29
MohammadAGConnected the signal?13:29
jonniQObject::connect(nam, SIGNAL(finished(QNetworkReply*)), this, SLOT(finishedSlot(QNetworkReply*))); // finished slot seems never happen13:31
jonnifrom server side I can see that GET query does reach the apache server just fine.13:31
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MohammadAGHmm, weird13:34
MohammadAGI connect the reply itself but that shouldn't matter13:34
MohammadAGPaste your code?13:34
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ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: did you use oauth if yes do you use meego's one?13:38
*** thresher has joined #harmattan13:41
MohammadAGMeego's what?13:42
MohammadAGOAuth needs a web browser13:42
MohammadAGSo I just use a QGraphicsWebView13:42
MohammadAGWhats the meego thing you mentioned though?13:43
grioauth2 does not need a webview13:43
MohammadAGWasn't that XAuth?13:44
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ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i'm trying to understand how it works rithg now13:44
jonniMohammadAG: very basic test basicly copypasted from qt examples:
threshersorry.. just checking... is it normal to have to simply flash the open kernel.for.the 950 and provide the ape for n9 to get a perfectly de aegised n9... they might as well have made it easier dor tj13:45
threshereasuer for customers than devs... running the 20.4.whichever firm off navifirm13:46
MohammadAGWhat the...13:46
ZogG_laptopgri btw in that example they included oauth2data.h wich are local ,but isn't it art of lib?13:46
MohammadAGgri: So that uses the built in fb login sheet,13:46
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griMohammadAG: could be, the mechanism decides what you see13:47
MohammadAGSo basically I can't use my own Uo13:47
MohammadAGUI ffs13:47
griZogG_laptop: that file should be somewhere in your sdk, if not I bet you can get it from scratchbox - but you can also access all the values from the SignOn::SessionData object, you just have to use the string values then13:49
griMohammadAG: well the purpose of the plugin is to let the system do the authentication, so there's now custom ui I assume, yes13:49
grinow = no13:49
MohammadAGgri: So this is harmattan specific?13:50
griMohammadAG: yes, but I don't know if they included it in meego ce13:51
MohammadAGNot that it matters13:51
grias far as I know it's being ported to ubuntu, too13:53
MohammadAGSo how does it work?13:53
Jaffaalterego: Woohoo! And, was the N9 one of the "Welcome Gift" choices? If so, hopefully it'll still be there next year :-)13:53
alteregoJaffa: it was a welcome gift yeah :)13:53
MohammadAGInvisible browser?13:54
griMohammadAG: I did not try it for oauth13:54
gricompile the example code and try it :)13:54
MohammadAGalterego: Congrats :)13:54
alteregoJaffa: I've actually just put the cyan sleeve on my black N9, but I still feel more colourful :)13:54
MohammadAGI have to provide my secret key13:54
alteregoJaffa: and the welcome gift is the 16G model. But still, will make a good target for Mer13:55
griMohammadAG: why? this is yours13:55
ZogG_laptopgri: MohammadAG and what about qml oauth module?13:55
MohammadAGI don't use WML13:55
griZogG_laptop: don't know of such a thing. If you want to do your auth from qml, you have to use the webview. Or build a c++ class that does the auth13:56
alteregoMohammadAG: isn't good enough for QML yet :P13:56
MohammadAGQML isn't good enough for me13:56
ZogG_laptopgri: webview13:56
MohammadAGalterego: compiled > interpreted13:56
alteregoActually there's very little performance issue with QML when used as intended.13:57
MohammadAGiOS UIKit > Android Dalvik13:57
alteregoIf you start using JS for stupid calculations then .. Well ..13:57
MohammadAGalterego: Yeah. It takes 5s to start an app13:57
MohammadAGWhereas with mtf you get 1s startip13:58
alteregoProbably it building the scene.13:58
alteregoI can't argue with you there ;)13:58
MohammadAGSo fix slow startup and I might consider it13:59
grithe startup is slow, yes - that's the biggest problem of my app13:59
MohammadAGBut still I prefer C++13:59
MohammadAGgri: In mtf it'd start immediately14:00
* gri learned to like qml since it forces you to write better code (core and gui separation)14:00
MohammadAGI do that with MTG14:00
Jaffaalterego: The sleeve on my brother's new Lumia800 interferes with the device too much - even though it's a very nice case.14:01
Jaffaalterego: So I'm glad I haven't got the blue one to put on my N9. I'll get a blue Luna headset instead14:01
griMohammadAG: you can do that with everything but when mixing qml and c++ you can't even do it other than that :)14:02
ZogG_laptopMDeclarativeCache: No such file or directory wyf14:07
ZogG_laptopi have it second time, and ii don't remember how i fxed it first time14:08
alteregoJaffa: how so? It has an extra hole for the button but looks mostly the same?14:08
alteregoI haven't tried putting the lumia case on an N9 though14:08
griZogG_laptop: add14:08
griPKGCONFIG += qdeclarative-boostable14:08
alteregoJaffa: one interesting thing, the welcome gift N9 package is different to the one I bought, it has the same headset + remote as my N8 did, where as the one I bought only has a single button headset ..14:09
alteregoThe N9 sales package also has more cardboard boxes inside for manuals unlike my purchased N9 .14:10
Jaffaalterego: I meant he's got the sleeve on his Lumia800 and I don't like it in practice14:10
alteregoOh, you just don't like the sleeves?14:11
grithe rubber condom looks cheap (on the n9)14:19
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alteregoWell, after I dropped my N9 a couple of weeks ago, I kinda want the added protection ;)14:23
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* MohammadAG cringes14:26
ZogG_laptopgri i had it, commented compiled uncommented compiled and now it's just fine, wieeerd14:28
alteregoYeah, took a small graze in the lower left corner :(14:29
ZogG_laptopalterego: buy the glue than and stick it to your hand =)14:32
griI never dropped any of my phones but my girlfriend regularly drops my phones on the ground ...14:32
ZogG_laptopgri: drop the gf than =)14:32
griZogG_laptop: if I drop her, I need to move out of here :(14:34
griand also learn how to cook :)14:35
jonniblaah, looks like that Im better of calling wget with system(), than using QNetworkRequest which just fails14:35
grijonni: why does it fail? never had an issue with it14:35
ZogG_laptop cook better than any of my gfs i ever had =)14:35
jonnitried to connect to reply too, but nothing just happens14:35
ZogG_laptopgri can you help me understand that example they gave for oauth?14:36
grijonni: you have the paste code somewhere?14:36
jonnigri: finished signal seems just never happen14:36
ZogG_laptopjonni: what are you trying to do?14:36
grijonni: very strange since that should even come on errors14:36
jonniIm just trying to get string returned from url, but maybe Im doing something wrong :)14:37
ZogG_laptopjonni: i just did it with my app, wanna see my code?14:38
jonniZogG_laptop: sure, if you have example somewhere14:38
ZogG_laptopactually i took it from somebodies example and modified it14:38
grijonni: it looks correct ...14:38
griZogG_laptop: there's not much to understand about the oauth thingy but I can try the example on my phone to verify it working14:39
jonnigri: atleast server side apache logs looks ok, GET request etc comes, but nothing seems to arrive to device14:39
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ZogG_laptopjonni: but it's with post, though i think it's the same14:41
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan14:41
ZogG_laptopgri: as i understand they have already token, but i don't have one, and it uses oauth while my service supports only oauth114:42
ZogG_laptopjonni: but what are you trying to get back?14:43
jonniZogG_laptop: well basicly a string, or html page, or just one number14:44
jonniheh, would be happy to get back anything at all14:44
ZogG_laptopjonni: i used response to read all and than parsed what i need14:44
ZogG_laptopjonni: anyway look into my example it may help you14:44
*** Riude has joined #harmattan14:44
jonniproblem in my case is that finished signal never seems to be triggered14:45
jonniso pretty hard to read anything when I dont get any response14:45
*** koelli_ has joined #harmattan14:46
griyou can also connect the the finished() slot of the reply itself but that should not make any difference14:46
*** mgedmin_ has joined #harmattan14:46
griI do nothing different in my code and it works:
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jonnigri: yep tried to connect finished() of the reply, but that was never triggered either14:47
*** lbt_ has joined #harmattan14:47
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griwow, irc servers gone crazy :)14:47
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griZogG_laptop: in the plugin code itself you can see which values to fill for oauth114:48
ZogG_laptopgri the main problem of example is that it already has token as like i authorize with it, but i need to request one at first as i understand14:48
*** fignew has joined #harmattan14:49
griand line 24714:50
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Appiahhmm I thought there was some limited java support on N950/N9 , but there is none at all?14:56
*** kulve has joined #harmattan14:57
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ZogG_laptopgri but what is captcha url?15:01
ZogG_laptopis it pin?15:01
ZogG_laptopor is it oauth/....15:02
griI haven't seen any captcha with oauth yet15:02
gribut I also did not use so many services :)15:02
ZogG_laptopvoid OAuth2Plugin::sendOAuth1AuthRequest(const QString &captchaUrl)15:02
griit seems this can be empty15:03
grisearch for the usage of sendOAuth1AuthRequest15:03
griit's called without that parameter15:03
*** artemma has quit IRC15:04
ZogG_laptoptoo hard for me to understand it straight15:09
grijust ignore that parameter15:10
ZogG_laptopyeah but i want to understand how i pass the nickname and so on15:11
grioauth does not need a nickname?15:12
gri UserName can be set15:13
*** zk8 has quit IRC15:14
jonniblaah no error messages anywhere, so I guess I just call wget from my code....15:24
griwget is not available without developer mode15:25
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*** vladest has quit IRC15:45
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan15:48
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:49
*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:58
MohammadAGthp, you have an iOS device, download Edge (game on app store) and see if you can make a similar game for Harmattan :)16:01
*** harbaum has quit IRC16:08
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan16:09
jonnigri: wget is available if I just add depends: wget to my deb file :)16:11
ZogG_laptopso it canWould like to see this feature as well! Of course i could wait for some 3rd16:11
ZogG_laptopparty app, but you know what: I don't buy a Mercedes and then also a BMW just16:11
ZogG_laptopfor moving the seats from the BMW into the Mercedes because it came without16:11
ZogG_laptopnice quote on some not planned baisc features on harmattan =)16:12
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: not after thp finishes tap tap revange =)16:13
thpMohammadAG: funky game16:15
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC16:15
MohammadAGthp, FYI, it's free only for today :P16:15
*** adlan has joined #harmattan16:16
thpyep, just DLed today. the ipod is more of a gaming machine + website testing device these days, anyway ;)16:16
MohammadAGthp, and speaking of free games, asphalt 6 is free but that's off topic :P16:17
MohammadAGI need mine for WhatsApp and Viber16:17
MohammadAGtill I get people to start converting anyways16:17
thpZogG_laptop: well the taptap prototype code is open ;) so grab it and start hacking16:21
hiemanshuMohammadAG: there is also eBuddy XMS which is available for the N916:23
MohammadAGhiemanshu, yeah, already have it16:24
artemmaXMS for N9 is just for text messages for now16:24
jreznikwhat's so special on whatsapp when we finally have jabber?16:24
MohammadAG<3 open mode16:24
artemmamore or less just lke yet another messaging net16:24
*** tbf has joined #harmattan16:24
artemmajreznik: what's special about WhatsApp is marketing :D16:24
artemmapeople don't buy jabber if nobody sells it16:25
artemmaexcept for geeks certainly16:25
hiemanshuMohammadAG: well I am waiting for the Lumia now, WhatsApp on it looks awesome16:25
MohammadAGerr, shit /usr/bin/sociality-mtf: Operation not permitted16:25
ZogG_laptopthp: i'm too nobie =)16:27
ZogG_laptopjreznik: the special that you don't need to add anyone and register username, it's outof box16:29
ZogG_laptopgri: oh dear gri16:29
ZogG_laptopgri: it's wierd as when i compile it with #include "oauth2data.h" it's fine, while with "oauth1data.h" it's not16:30
jreznikZogG_laptop: uf, should try it somewhere, don't understand it at all :)16:30
ZogG_laptopsays it can't find it16:30
ZogG_laptopjreznik: the point there that you don't need to request anything to add friends, it registers to your number and than it adds people from contact list by number, simple as it16:31
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:32
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan16:34
*** BluesLee has quit IRC16:34
corecodewhat's up with these libpurple-based IM accounts?16:36
jreznikZogG_laptop: so useless on fremantle/harmattan where you have all contacts in one contact app, could be interesting on other platforms maybe16:36
alteregoNice, good news about the first Qt app being accepted to the Apple app store.16:37
ZogG_laptopjreznik: you are so wrong as do you have friends with other phones?16:37
ZogG_laptopjreznik: would you bother to ask everyone to download jabber client and register it?16:37
ZogG_laptopadn than ask one by one what are username and to approve you?16:38
ZogG_laptopjreznik: jabber is good when u use jabber on computer and it's just mobile16:38
ZogG_laptopthe mobile communication should be planned different16:39
CissWitthere's SMS and MMS to IM with contacts.16:39
jreznikZogG_laptop: yep, I said - on other platforms maybe, but every phone now have some fb chat (jabber) client - much more easier and all friends there... I don't know anyone using this whatsup/ebuddy clients but 90% of my friends are usually online on fb chat for example16:39
ZogG_laptopjreznik: you would be surprised if you install it and find that most of friends do have whatsapp on iphones16:40
ZogG_laptopyou don't need to log in on facebook to use it as well16:40
ZogG_laptopit's just like sms16:40
CissWityes, what's the point over sms ?16:40
ZogG_laptopCissWit: sms and mms cost money and whatsapp have more features16:41
ZogG_laptopsimple as it16:41
ZogG_laptopi have enuf internet plan for whatsapp16:41
ZogG_laptopi used to send msg to gf every minute and don't bother to make them even word by word while sms cost me a lot16:42
jreznikZogG_laptop: don't want to argue here :) just still don't understand it and iphones are not very populat here so...16:42
ZogG_laptopjreznik: it's on android and bb too16:42
ZogG_laptopeven not that in computers people use it16:42
ZogG_laptopthat's the point16:42
ZogG_laptophere everyone use it16:42
ZogG_laptopgri: still here?16:43
jreznikhere no one, but everyone is on fb chat online :) so I understand you know, it's useless when you have no friends using such network (for me), for you it makes sense16:43
CissWiti have a lot of friends using whatsapp, but they are all using gtalk in the same time.16:44
CissWitand having unlimited sms16:44
*** faenil has quit IRC16:49
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:50
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:51
corecode <- any idea what post don is refering to?16:52
griZogG_laptop: nope, was not here16:55
*** arcean has quit IRC16:59
ZogG_laptopgri i have no idea if it works =)17:03
*** tbf has quit IRC17:03
*** thresher has quit IRC17:04
ZogG_laptopit complies for sure but not sure if i did it right as i send request, what should i do next? like in oauth there is pin or something17:04
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC17:13
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC17:26
jonniblaah creator doesnt like me, even qml console.log doesnt work, or do I need to do some magic to enable it17:27
*** alterego has quit IRC17:28
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan17:36
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:36
*** Guest13398 has quit IRC17:37
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC17:39
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan17:42
*** xnt14 has joined #harmattan17:43
*** zk8 has quit IRC17:45
jonniah nevermind someone has managed to break it on N9 :)17:47
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan17:47
ZogG_laptopgot out coz battery is finished17:48
*** kulve has left #harmattan17:52
*** kevin_b has joined #harmattan17:52
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*** etrunko has joined #harmattan18:04
MohammadAGthe fuck ~ $ ./oauthclient18:04
MohammadAG-sh: ./oauthclient: Operation not permitted18:04
MohammadAG~ $18:04
infobotfrom memory, $ is a dollar sign18:04
MohammadAGI have --relaxed-exec18:04
*** beford has joined #harmattan18:06
*** beford has joined #harmattan18:06
MohammadAGI think DBus or something is borked18:08
MohammadAGsome poinstinst isn't returning18:08
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: are you trying to use that oauth from meego?18:14
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC18:16
jonniah managed to get console.log after I installed my own msghandler18:22
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:25
infobotaegis-no-thanks is probably
faenilguys what can I check when I get "module "..." is not installed" in qml?18:45
faenilwho's causing the error?18:45
hiemanshufaenil: most likely the imports are missing or the version number isnt correct18:47
hiemanshufaenil: is it with qt components or your own module?18:48
faenilown module18:48
faenilqt components for android actually :)18:48
faenilmade by a guy ;)18:48
hiemanshuah, interesting18:48
hiemanshuits most likely looking at the wrong place or something18:48
faenilif you have 2 mins, this is what he writes18:49
*** lamikr has quit IRC18:55
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan18:58
faenilmaybe they're not compatible with Honeycomb?19:00
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:02
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC19:04
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan19:21
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:23
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*** natunen has quit IRC20:32
artemmaQuick question: can somebody confirm that handling streamed audio in Qt for Harmattan is Ok and works fine? No very well known weird bugs? I think I've heard of huge delay when starting to play music in QML, but that's ok if using QML just to ask C++ side to start playback, correct?20:33
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan20:35
*** daniel_o has joined #harmattan20:40
jpwhitin`hey all, I've got a weird question that I've seen on forums also, but no solution other than 'reinstall the sdk'20:45
jpwhitin`I have a project that works fine on N9 device itself, but if I add a simulator device in creator and try to run in the simulator it gives me an error about Qemu20:46
*** etrunko has quit IRC20:48
jpwhitin`ah, nm, had to create a new target besides harmattan (Qt simulator) not just add an emulated device20:56
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan20:58
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*** conny__ has joined #harmattan21:15
ZogG_laptop~seen mardy21:16
infobotmardy is currently on #harmattan #meego, last said: 'djszapi: yes it should be like that'.21:16
ZogG_laptopmardy i would like to have some help with oauth on meego21:16
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan21:17
M4rtinKanyone porting unrar to Harmattan ? :)21:21
*** faenil has joined #harmattan21:26
ZogG_laptopyou are now21:34
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:37
*** mikelima has joined #harmattan21:39
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan21:46
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*** rzr is now known as RzR22:11
mardyZogG_laptop: hi!22:18
*** beford has quit IRC22:18
mardyZogG_laptop: please tell me, maybe I can help22:20
*** faenil has quit IRC22:24
*** vladest has quit IRC22:25
*** vladest has joined #harmattan22:25
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*** RzR is now known as rzr22:37
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*** faenil has joined #harmattan23:02
M4rtinKRzR: I have a few new packages if you are interested :)23:02
*** heymaster has quit IRC23:05
*** vladest has quit IRC23:06
*** vladest has joined #harmattan23:06
RzRyes I was looking at your dir23:07
RzRis gtk ok ?23:07
M4rtinKnot yet, unfortunately23:07
RzRwhere is the major isssue ?23:07
M4rtinKstill the same issue23:08
RzRunpredictable obs ?23:08
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:08
RzRi was looking if i can use iodine23:08
RzRthe dns tunnel23:08
M4rtinKin one project it builds in other (including yours :) ) it doesn't23:08
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan23:09
RzRwe can make some test23:09
M4rtinKbut I have a few others - Mieru (a manga and comic book reader I wrote) and two unrar packages (free and nonfree) ported from Debian23:09
RzRdisable all packages to be used as builddepends23:09
RzRand try to enable them one after one23:10
M4rtinKI pretty much done that and it still failed23:10
M4rtinKI even did a clean repo23:10
RzRis there an exorsist here ?23:10
M4rtinKX-Fade ?23:11
RzRbtw i see that libsdl in nokia repo23:14
M4rtinKwell that's quite nice :)23:14
RzRwere u able to test a real gtk app ?23:15
RzRwe should also port ELF too lol23:15
M4rtinKmy GTK based GPS navigation system (modRana) runs fine23:15
M4rtinKquite a bit faster than on the N900 :)23:15
M4rtinKthanks to the custom Cairo drawn UI23:16
M4rtinKbut all GTK widgets are unskinned23:16
M4rtinKand virtual keyboard is not triggered23:16
Sazpaimon_dont default qt apps have the same issue wuth unskinned elements?23:17
M4rtinKwhich is quite a showstopper for the N923:17
Sazpaimon_i installed a regular qt app from debian, and it appeared unskinned for me23:17
Sazpaimon_vkb worked though23:17
RzRI built the tea qt editor23:18
RzRbut forget using menu based apps23:18
Sazpaimon_thats  a shame it cant be more like hildon23:19
Sazpaimon_which seamlessly integrates menus23:19
M4rtinKBTW, for all interested, this is the repo with the working GTK libbs for Harmattan:
M4rtinKwell, for average values of working, as mentioned earlier :)23:19
Sazpaimon_RzR, still waiting for a fixed rdesktop with vkb support :(23:20
Sazpaimon_why oh why have you forsaken me23:20
RzRrdesktop is pretty stuck i think23:20
RzRwin8 is not supported23:20
M4rtinKonce we have a stable GTK build, we can start porting Hildon :)23:20
Sazpaimon_RzR, freerdp, then23:20
RzRyes that one is much active23:20
Sazpaimon_rdesktop has been dead for quite some time23:20
Sazpaimon_im not sure why maemo has it23:20
RzRbut i was able to connect to win823:21
Sazpaimon_freerdp is so much better23:21
Sazpaimon_and i think it supports pulseaudio23:21
Sazpaimon_so we could have audio redirection with it23:21
RzRi suppose there are vkb apps  that dont use qt23:22
RzRthere are no ..23:22
Sazpaimon_i doubt it23:22
Sazpaimon_for something like rdesktop, the vkb would need to be implemented in the app itself23:23
*** b3ll has quit IRC23:23
Sazpaimon_something like how symrdp works23:23
alteregoNot entirely true23:23
alteregoThe VKB is Maliit23:23
alteregoLook in to it.23:23
M4rtinKIIRC a recent CloudGPS release added a configurable custom VKB23:24
M4rtinK(it is SDL based)23:24
RzRi could link w/ qt too23:24
RzRpuae uses boths too23:25
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan23:28
*** buser has joined #harmattan23:34
*** RzR is now known as rzr23:40
*** rzr is now known as RzR23:40
ZogG_laptopmardy still around?23:45
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:48

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