IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-12-18

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ZogG_laptopmgedmin: redownload it if you downloaded it already, added busyindicator (small for now) and added portrait lock00:01
ZogG_laptopi have luck that guys helping me to code it +)00:01
bemascajalkane: do you know how to get groups that aegis has associated with a running process?  II'm still not seeing any video, and I'm trying to figure out if my manifest is having any effect.00:07
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gribemasc: "ps" to get the process id, then "accli -I -p <pid>"00:07
bemascawesome, thanks.  That does show GRP::video, so I guess I have some other bug...00:08
bemascis an Appstderr/stdout logged anywhere?00:11
bemascis an App00:11
bemascok, I can't type.00:11
grilogged to disk, no. But when you run it via console or QtCreator, you should see the output00:14
bemascI'm seeing stderr, yeah00:14
bemascmaybe I'm getting stdout too00:14
griI just use qDebug() from c++ and console.log() from qml - that's always visible for me :)00:15
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bemascI'm using a library that spews stuff to stderr; just trying to make sure I'm getting max debug info.00:21
griwell, write something to stderr in the first lines of your main function and you will know00:22
grias long as you don't use MApplication but QApplication the stderr output should be visible00:23
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TSCHAKeeeok seriously, wtf00:26
TSCHAKeeeever since i upgraded to this more recent PR release, development has been pure hell00:27
TSCHAKeeenow, for some reason, even though Qt SDK compiles, deploys, runs the app, I do not get an icon on my app screen.00:27
TSCHAKeeemain menu rather00:27
griTSCHAKeee: do you use absolute paths in your .desktop file?00:28
TSCHAKeeei'm using Qt Creator00:28
grithat does not change my question00:28
TSCHAKeeehow the hell would I know?00:28
griopen it?00:28
TSCHAKeeeit's not like i'm manually creating it00:28
* TSCHAKeee resists the urge to dunk gri into a trashcan00:29
griwell the .desktop file is somewhere in your directory00:29
TSCHAKeeehm, there was no desktop file in the build parameters.. I had to press add desktop file00:31
gridoes not matter, inside the .desktop file is an Icon=/some/path line00:31
grimake sure the path exists00:31
grithen you icon will be visible :)00:31
TSCHAKeeeI understand that, I've dealt with desktop files since 1997 when gnome was spawned from the depths of hell00:32
griok sorry00:32
TSCHAKeeeno, it's okay, i'm being an ass.00:32
* TSCHAKeee hugs gri00:32
griI just can not guess your experience :)00:33
TSCHAKeeejust a little irritated that i'm working on a _LARGE_ QML/Qt project that spans across multiple platforms00:33
TSCHAKeeeand shit breaks a little too easily00:33
bemascok ... maybe I found a bug in Harmattan?  /dev/video0 appears to advertise V4L2_CAP_STREAMING but not V4L2_CAP_VIDEO_CAPTURE00:34
bemasci.e. a kernel driver bug00:34
bemascthat would only be detected by very meticulous userspace00:34
griare the images are actually deployed? The icons usally work for absolute paths. Non-absolute paths I know there are some bugs00:34
bemaschmm.  Maybe /dev/video0 isn't the camera...00:35
TSCHAKeee*nod* i'm digging through the terminal to see wtf is going on00:35
JackaLXbemasc: `udevadm info -ap $(udevadm info -q path -n /dev/video0)'  might give you some clues.  Also try /dev/video1 through to /dev/video600:45
pawkyis there a way to set the initial volume levels for the N9 phone in relation to the volumes you can set in with the graphical interface? The speaker distorts heavily when setting the ringtone level to a high enough level so one can hear it.00:45
pawkysome register somewhere that needa patch?00:45
bemascJackaLX: yep.  Looks like /dev/video1 is the camera.  Unfortunately it also looks like the kernel driver reports an error on VIDIOC_ENUM_FMT.00:47
bemascSo the kernel driver is WAY out of compliance with the V4L2 spec requirements, and then Nokia has some sort of crazy user-space workaround built into gstreamer.  Which sucks if you aren't using gstreamer...00:50
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Venemohey everyone :)01:13
VenemoI've downloaded a Lumia 800 skin for the WP7 emulator01:13
gridoes it look better now?01:16
Venemoyes! a lot.01:16
ajalkaneI'm not sure what a WP skin has to do with harmattan, and I'm afraid to ask. It shudders my bones to think of WP skins on harmattan.01:17
grimy girlfriend tried to swipe to the task manager on a lumia today01:18
Venemoajalkane :)01:18
Venemogri, yeah, I try to swipe on every phone. I think I'm a swipe-addict.01:18
griIt's funny to see how she tries to swipe on every phone she does not understand01:19
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JackaLXI was amazed at how easy and quickly it was to get used to swipe.  It just seems so natural.01:20
VenemoJackaLX, me too01:20
Venemogri, so you have a lumia?01:20
JackaLXdoesn't lumia have swipe?01:20
Venemonope, lumia has wp701:21
griVenemo: not yet, we took a look at one in a shop01:21
JackaLXyeah, I know it has wp7, but thought that would have swipe01:21
ajalkaneJust get her an N9. A phnoe without a terminal, no gf would use that01:21
griwell, my gf is not a technician ... if she has her sms and telephone ui it's fine01:22
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grithat's why I can use her for ui testing01:23
griif she does understand it, everyone does01:23
ajalkanehah, I'm using my wife also for UI testing01:23
ajalkaneWomen are great for that kind of thing. I'm always over-thinking stuff. Things that are obvious for me can be just confusing for many users. God bless women.01:24
JackaLXevery developer should have at least one non-techy person they can use for idiot-proofing LOL  I have wife and kids :-)01:24
ajalkaneWell, not women per-se, but non-technical spouses :)01:24
JackaLXthough my kids aren't staying non-tech for long01:24
ajalkaneKids are just so annoyiong fast learners01:24
grimy 12 year old brother already knows how to cheat windows passwords etc.01:25
Venemoajalkane, JackaLX, gri, so, that's +1 reason for me to get a new gf?01:25
ajalkaneVenemo: gf can be an abbreviation for a girlfriend, or a goldfish. A thumb up for either one.01:26
grithe fish won't cook01:26
JackaLXfish can't swipe01:26
ajalkaneTrue true, but a fish won't disturb you from coding either.01:27
ajalkaneNo complaining about beer drinking either.01:27
JackaLXfish can't make you coffee01:27
JackaLXor fetch more beer01:27
ajalkaneI've found it hard to convince my wife to fetch me more beer. Maybe I just had bad luck.01:28
Venemoajalkane, I was thinking girlfriend. we've broke up with the previous one a couple of months ago.01:28
Jareis using the ui drunk sufficient for a non-techy person?01:28
ajalkaneVenemo: ah that's bad to hear. Well, if you miss it, fetch a new one. I guess I would miss it after a while.01:29
JackaLXJare: not really, when you're drunk you still know _what_ you want to do, you just can't physically do it :-)01:29
grithat brings me to the idea I should make a "drunk messaging" application with predefined texts like "Pick me up, I'm at the police" "Lost my keys" "where are you?" :D01:30
JareJackaLX: darn, i shouldn't find a techy gf then ;)01:30
ajalkanegri: can you make the screen detect when you vomit on it? It'd be cool to send some predefined message when you're just so drunk all you can do is vomit on the phone01:31
griI don't think so but the screen might detect whether you cover it completely with your face or not :D01:31
ajalkaneIt wasn't long ago I forgot on my drunken adventures my keys to the appartment. Of course my wife had the phone on silent.01:32
ajalkaneLuckily I had the car keys, so I could warm up the car and sleep there.01:32
ajalkaneStill sucked.01:32
grithere are always non-digital stones for windows :)01:33
ajalkanetoo bad I live in the highest floor01:33
griwell I once slept in the underground parking of my office since I forgot my keys, had no money for taxi and it was too cold - and the warm air of the airconditioning of our server room ended there :)01:35
ajalkanethat sounds bad :)01:36
grino, the warm air from the server room heats up the whole parking lot01:36
ajalkanehehe... so it's almost like sleeping on grass on a warm summer night01:37
grilike that, yes :)01:37
ajalkanewith a bonus of sniffing that sexy server smells01:37
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Venemoajalkane, hehehe01:38
Venemoajalkane, well, "fetch a new one" isn't that easy unfortunately.01:38
griajalkane: That was the only time I thought "hooray for non-optimized cpu-wasting code" :)01:39
ajalkaneVenemo: true that. I guess the correct phrase would be "stumble on the right one". Meanwhile, there's many good things about being single, so enjoy them while it lasts!01:39
JackaLXVenemo: ebay? :-)01:40
* gri still has no christmas present at all ...01:40
ajalkanegri: hehe yeah, such an incident would encourage me to install some SETI background CPU churning apps to keep the servers nice and hot all the time01:40
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Venemoajalkane, hehehe :D01:48
VenemoJackaLX, thanks, but no thanks!01:48
Jarenice, hot and noisy ;)01:48
ieatlintyou can get women on ebay?01:51
ieatlinthere i thought you had to use craigslist01:51
grino, mine is from a catalog01:51
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ieatlinti'm pretty sure my landlord has a chinese mail-order bride... she barely speaks english and very obviously hates him with a passion, and there's more than 10 years age difference01:54
ieatlintbased on what i've seen, save your money :P01:54
ajalkaneRumor mongering time... first time I've ever seen Elop saying a change in strategy is possible: "you always have to ask yourself if your chosen path is the right one. The mobile market has shown it can change quickly and radically, so we have to always track our strategy with the reality of the industry and make the adjustments—large or small—as necessary."01:54
ajalkaneBefore it was always "Plan B is Plan A is success" or something01:54
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merlin1991javispedro: you said I should get rid of the harmattan sdk repo as soon as possible, why?03:15
javispedromerlin1991: you'll eventually dist-upgrade, install bash or some other potentially boot-breaking package03:16
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merlin1991becuase of dependencies or sillyness on my side? :D03:17
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javispedroone or the other =)03:17
merlin1991I don't trust dis-upgrade with nokia os anymore after several stories around the n900 :D03:17
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TSCHAKeeehmm, my n950 does not have 1.103:44
TSCHAKeeeit has 1.003:44
TSCHAKeeethere doesn't seem to be an upgrade for me though.. *scratch-head*03:45
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GeneralAntilles1TSCHAKeee, they're only available as full images.03:49
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GeneralAntilles1Well, that's not true actually03:49
* TSCHAKeee facepalms03:49
GeneralAntilles1But I think the first one was flash-only.03:49
TSCHAKeeei'm getting very tired of Qt's inconsistent documentation...03:50
GeneralAntilles1Yeah, it's rather frustrating.03:50
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GeneralAntillesIt's too bad because it rocks when you can get past that.03:50
TSCHAKeeeI know03:51
TSCHAKeeewe've managed to do some amazing work03:51
TSCHAKeeebut i've been away from harmattan work for four months now03:51
GeneralAntillesThat's really the saddest part about Tizen.03:51
TSCHAKeeei had to take care of other things03:51
GeneralAntillesNo Qt. :(03:51
TSCHAKeeeenough stuff has changed that it's making me ache.03:52
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IktwoI just finished an app to show the password of previously connected WiFi Networks, here's the code and the binary hope someone could test it and give some feedback, it's already on QA05:08
TSCHAKeeedoes anyone have a link to some QML that makes a nice harmattan header bar that follows UX?05:28
* TSCHAKeee really finds it silly that this wasn't made as a default component.05:28
Iktwoactually I have a tittle bar in WiFi-Pass-Recovery05:29
Iktwothe link of github05:29
Iktwolook in the qml folder05:29
Iktwo here it's te tittle bar05:29
Iktwoand to use it you can see MainPage.qml05:30
Iktwoit supports a logo and the author name if you want, you can change the color05:30
TSCHAKeeethanks, it's pretty close to mine.05:31
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AranelHow can I call some element from another .qml? like  calling a Sheet{ from SomethingElse.qml, but not copy/pasting it of course.06:04
Iktwothe name of the element must beggin with a capittal letter and you call it with that name06:05
Iktwofor example if you a QML called Bar.qml06:05
Iktwoto use it06:05
Iktwoyou have to do Bar{}06:06
Iktwoand set properties06:06
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AranelIktwo: well I have some elements on Bar.qml, I want to pick Sheet out of them to use it on another qml file, how can I? (like importing it)06:06
IktwoI'm not sure if I understand your problem, but I would split all elements to separte .qml files and the call it as I said Bar{}06:08
AranelIktwo: think of it like you have a file named Menus.qml, and you want to use secondMenu { something } from it.06:09
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AranelIktwo: well If I create a seperate file each time I want to share an element, I'd have to maintain an army of them :|06:10
IktwoI understand06:10
IktwoI haven't done what you need06:11
AranelIktwo: okay ^^ thanks anyway.06:12
Aranelmy question stands, how can I call an element from SomethingElse.qml to use it in Something.qml, instead of c/p of course? Suggestions, Anyone?06:13
Iktwoand if you try to make a general menu?06:13
AranelIktwo: general menu as in?06:14
Iktwoand set properties for each one?06:14
Iktwommmm you don't want to separate each menu (if the menu example it's ok) because you will have a lot of files06:14
Iktwowhy not just a gneral file and change the properties for each instance?06:15
Iktwois it possible to do that in your application?06:15
AranelIktwo: I have elements like this one: Menu { id: headerMenu visualParent: pageStack MenuLayout {... } , I have to use this menu on couple of other Page's, each Page has it's own .qml file, like AboutPage, DetailPage, SettingsPage etc. So I'm looking for a better option than copy/pasting the menu.06:16
AranelIktwo: hmm I  couldn't understand that, can you give me an example code?06:17
Iktwothe menu it's the same in all of the pages?06:17
Aranelyes, it's exactly same with same attributes and exact same MenuItems06:17
Aranelif I simply c/p it, a) It's a waste of resource b) It's hard to maintain, since If I make a change on that Menu, I have to grep it out and find every instance I've copied it and change it manually.06:18
Iktwobut if the menu it's the same you can call it from all your QML, I'm looking for an example that could be useful to you06:20
Iktwocould you try to create a Menu instance in your main qml file assign and ID and then test if you can set it to otther qml files with that ID?06:21
IktwoI think that's possible06:21
AranelIktwo: yup It works that way, but it doesn't work on the reverse, I can't make it call a Sheet on SettingsPage.qml for example, it works like main.qml > SettingPage.qml, not the other way, they don't share elements.06:23
Iktwooh :S06:24
AranelIktwo: for example if I place the Menu on main.qml and onClicked:, It won't work.06:24
Aranelthen I would need something like "import" again :)06:24
AranelTSCHAKeee: by the way, there was a wiki page for standardized headers, if you still need a resource for it.06:25
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TSCHAKeeeAranel: i would like to see it, yes.06:29
AranelTSCHAKeee: I can't remember the exact URL, but I'm also using a mostly c/p 'ed version of it with small changes, I'll pastebin it for you.06:32
Aranelremove the MouseArea and Image (I added them to make it call a menu) , change it's color and text, and here you go.06:34
TSCHAKeeethanks. yes, I am doing similar.06:35
* Aranel just dreams of a Pastebin screensaver. Wouldn't it be awesome *-*06:36
TSCHAKeeedamn... I remember there was a way to do a Menu component dynamically06:56
TSCHAKeeebut I lost all my code from months ago that did it... anyone remember what was needed for that?06:57
TSCHAKeeei remember now... a repeater.07:13
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chris_hi do I launch the emergency call app programmaticaly?09:19
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chris_also how do I launch my control panel applet programmaticaly?09:21
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rainistompr: it only gives wrong rootcontext if you use QScopedPointer (if you disable booster it will work ok), and the application skeleton for booster will be fixed in next qt creator release.15:39
rainistoknown bug in current sdk release(tm)15:39
*** rainisto is now known as jonni15:40
jonnihmm, was my secondary nick in use for some reason...15:40
tarantismDoes anyone know how to minimise an app programmatically? I've searched and I've hunted and searched and hunted ...15:50
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grijonni: booster = invoker?16:12
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Aranelhow can I change acceptButton color in Sheets? It defaults to blue, but calendar uses orange buttons, so it should be possible?17:59
M4rtinKmaybe through some styling properties ?18:08
dymaxionDoes  anyone here still have problemsm with Facebook account logging out repeatedly?  I get this all the time, and eventually I get "Account Disabled" in the harmattan client... I have to delete the account and re-add and start again.18:17
dymaxionafter a few days the same problem eventually gets the account locked on the N9... and repeat.... it's driving me mad!18:18
dymaxionalso after rebooting, I have to re-enter ALL my passwords for every account all over again... eg 9 times... FB/twitter/ ( gmail & gmailchat x 3) etc.etc.   anyone seen this prob?18:19
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Araneldymaxion: I remember that I heard of that problem you last mentioned (re-entering all pw), check Harmattan Bugs, most likely it's already reported.18:58
* Aranel wonders if "Incorrect Password" on FBChat/GTalk bug is resolved yet19:01
_MeeGoBot_Bug 123 maj, Highest, ---, ext-risto.lahti, RESO FIXED, accounts passwords are not remembered accross reboots19:02
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pawkyI had it after flashing the firmware, someone has told me it will go away if one also flash(?) eMMC19:18
pawkymight also have to to with restoring from backup after doing a firmware flash..19:19
pawkywhat are you to do if you have a form that takes 2 Date inputs, but you only enters one of them? as the second field is saved as an empty string, Catalyst goes bonkers over it when wanting to show the update....19:28
pawky(bugger!... wrong channel)19:28
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jonnigri: yep, booster = invoker19:36
grijonni: Do you know when they will remove that fork() code? :)19:37
jonnigri: most likely never, but they will fix creators wizard application template so it doesnt create 2 QDeclarativeView instances for every boosted app19:39
grihmm that does not help me since I don't even use the template19:40
jonniwill be fixed in qt crator 2.4.019:40
griI have the problem that when I provide tokens in my manifest.aegis, my application does not get those until I restart the phone or applauncherd19:41
grithis means simply installing and starting app with invoker = credentials missing19:41
jonnigri: that is different issue, which can be fixed in your deb packages postinst script19:41
grijonni: currently I restart applauncherd in postinst19:41
gribut this has a side effect19:41
griit closes all applications started by invoker19:41
grithis means: install my app with ovi store client and it will close the ovi store client :D19:42
jonniheh, a feature, maybe just issue reboot in postinst :)19:43
jonnior how do you restart, with initctl19:44
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:44
jonnimight work better if you just kill the process, that way it most likely wont kill the running ones19:47
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:48
grithe funny part is: it does not kill the instances immediately19:49
jonniatleast when I did kill -9 to the process, it didnt kill the existent invoker sessions19:49
griit takes up to 20 seconds until it starts closing applications19:49
griwhich one to kill19:50
gribooster-d or the root one?19:50
griroot is not allowed to kill19:51
jonniall the invokers are still up and running and its been a few minutes already. :=), and it automaticly respawns another applaucherd.bin when I just kill -9's it19:51
jonnisend kill -9 as user19:52
gripostinst will be run be root, so is there a way to exec something as user from there?19:52
jonniyou can run postinst as user, just say so in the aegis file19:53
*** manankanchu has joined #harmattan19:53
grihuh? tell me how :)19:53
grikill did also kill the phone ui19:54
griso nothing different to initctl restart19:54
griit closed 20 seconds after the kill19:54
jonnihmm, didnt close for me19:54
jonni   there is "request credentials for install scripts"19:55
grijust tried again: phone, contacts and browser visible in task manager19:56
grithen the kill: 20 seconds nothing, then all start closing19:56
jonnior you can just devel-su - user -c "echo foobar"19:56
jonniand you did kill -9 <pid> =19:56
jonniah, then it just just a feature that if you use booster in application that you need to initctl restart or reboot the device and apps will close. But if your app doesnt need the faster startuptime and want to introduce credentials in clean way, then just dont use booster/invoker at all.19:59
jonniit only gains you few hundred ms in startuptimes to use booster.20:00
grimy application start is already as slow as hell :D20:00
jonniqml loaders (tm) :)20:00
griso I need the applauncher for the image, otherwise users think it never starts20:00
jonnior just make minimal qml application that shows image first and use loaders to load the rest20:02
grialready tried that20:03
gribut the loaders don't load threaded20:03
griand the library loading takes the time20:03
ZogG_laptopjonni: \o/20:07
jonnior make 2 binaries, one launcher kind, which is started with invoker, ie get splashscreen fast on screen (which doesnt introduce new credentials) and just systems the second one which is the main app where those new credentials are.20:07
jonnibut yes its a kind of tricky if you introduce new credentials to system and want to use booster20:08
ZogG_laptopjonni: led wouldn't work for communication no matter for pattern20:08
jonniZogG_laptop: yep, nothing in the backend is using it, only bme uses charger pattern20:09
*** heymaster has quit IRC20:09
ZogG_laptopnothing has credials for it20:10
ZogG_laptopjonni: btw my led while charging started to work suddenly after few reboots probably20:11
ZogG_laptopi just saw it now20:11
ZogG_laptopas at night i charged and it didn't work20:11
ZogG_laptopjonni btw for what is nokia account is used except sync and what it would do if the sync fails? coz it asks me for password every 20 mins now20:14
grijonni: Did you know that the AID changes after ovi store has signed a package?20:24
ZogG_laptophaha Ovi20:28
ZogG_laptopi can't use ovi store20:28
dymaxionAranel, thanks for the bug link. Looks like the account bug is fixed,. but I just have to wait for PR1.2  or full reset my phone :-(20:29
ZogG_laptopdymaxion: who said it' s really fixed in pr1.220:29
Araneldymaxion: yes, unfortunately it seems so20:29
jonniafaik, full reset will not fix it.20:37
*** mikelima has quit IRC20:40
ZogG_laptopjonni: full reset and full flash may do that, but than again, who said it would never happen again. my phone worked fine till one day i got that bug20:41
ZogG_laptopi'm not even sure if it's fixed =)20:41
ZogG_laptopjonni: that's why bugfixes for critical things should be released sooner than new update. i can't use /download/ login in ovi store app on phone. so don't ask me about piracy after that20:42
*** manankanchu has quit IRC20:43
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan20:44
jonniI havent been asking :)20:44
*** manankanchu has joined #harmattan20:46
*** manankanchu has quit IRC20:49
ZogG_laptopyour idea is stolen as i assume your code20:49
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan20:56
*** mck182 has quit IRC20:56
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan20:56
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:58
*** conny__ has joined #harmattan20:58
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:59
ZogG_laptopnoone gives me even negative reviews for app20:59
griZogG_laptop: what is your app?21:01
*** conny_ has quit IRC21:01
pawkydoes anybody know of any config file where one can trim the maximum volume output for the device? When using the graphical volume changer, the sound will be distorted after just about half the total volume at hand...21:13
pawkyThere must be a way to fine tune the driver a bit... or the hardware..21:13
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:14
ieatlintit'll be pulseaudio config in /etc, but aegis might protect it21:18
ZogG_laptopgri imgrup21:23
ZogG_laptoppawky: alsamixer?21:23
pawkyusing, config file?21:24
griZogG_laptop: the name does not tell me anything about it :) What does it do?21:24
ZogG_laptophmm upload images to imgur ? =)21:25
grioh ok, never heard of that service21:25
chris_hello, what is the best way to toggle the autostart at boot of my app from a settings-applet?21:26
*** adlan has joined #harmattan21:27
pawkyZogG_laptop: What config file is the alsamixer using?21:27
ZogG_laptoppawky: u can start it fom terminal21:27
ZogG_laptoppawky: check the tmo people tlked about it there. i just know the app as i use it sometimes over ssh to control volume on computer21:27
pawkyZogG_laptop: Remember it from the Openmoko projekt, didnt know it was on the N9. Will try it :-)21:28
ZogG_laptoppawky: it's actually builtin for alsa app and we have it on almost all computers using alsa as most computers do by default21:29
ZogG_laptoplinux of course21:29
ZogG_laptoppawky: but i bet u have lower volume than others cozz of mainboard problems =)))))))))21:29
pawkyZogG_laptop: Oh, no... not again....21:30
pawkyZogG_laptop: Is that a known issue?21:30
*** gri is now known as zz_gri21:30
pawkyZogG_laptop: Or are you just standard mocking me... :-)21:30
ZogG_laptoppawky: mokcking21:33
ZogG_laptopvolume problem is standrt for all n9 as far as i know21:33
ZogG_laptoppeople complain it's too quite though it's fine for me21:33
pawkymine is.. ok, except for that jimmi hendrix distortion that comes with it...21:33
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC21:34
pawkywell.. the sound is distorted...21:34
pawkylike.. jimmi hendrix quitar, .. the guy ho invented the distbox..21:35
ZogG_laptopany call?21:35
pawkyits, not the call.. its the ring signal..21:35
pawkythe voice call is ok21:35
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan21:35
ZogG_laptopand music? tried headphones? changing ringtone?21:36
ZogG_laptopmp3 or what format is it btw21:36
*** tarantism has quit IRC21:36
pawkyi believe head phones is ok.. and playing music through speaker is, fairly ok as well...21:37
pawkyFirst it was, the standard it came with.. now its an MP3..21:37
pawkyi think alsamixer might do the trick... once I remember how to ssh into this damn thing..21:37
pawkyis it user@ or deve-su@?21:38
ZogG_laptopdepends on pr21:39
ZogG_laptopdeveloper if sdk connection is installed21:39
ZogG_laptopand than devel-su21:39
ZogG_laptopcheck the password in it as well21:40
ZogG_laptoproot is disabled in pr1.121:40
pawkyin what way?21:40
pawkywhy didnt anybody tell me thes BEFORE i upgraded the damn thing to 1.1 :-(21:40
pawkyoh, maybe you only meant root as login name..21:41
ZogG_laptoproot as ssh21:41
pawkynope.. developer@ doesnt woork..21:41
ZogG_laptopdevel-su should work21:41
ZogG_laptoppawky: do you have developer mode enabled?21:41
ZogG_laptopif you do than open sdk and set wlan or usb config as you desire21:42
ZogG_laptopi use wlan as i failed to make usb work21:42
pawkyZogG_laptop: But of course.. :-)21:42
pawkyZogG_laptop: I have succeeded with USB with the broken N9, so it should work.. i just dont get past login.21:42
pawkytried developer, user, root, and devel-su....21:42
ZogG_laptoptry over wlan with developer21:43
M4rtinKhmm, Ovi publishing interface doesn't look that bad but there are still quite a few quirks21:44
*** adlan has quit IRC21:44
M4rtinKlike many fields with character count limit but without realtime character counter21:45
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK is only guy thanked me for imgrup21:46
ZogG_laptop =)21:46
ZogG_laptopM4rtinK: i have updated the app, feedback on forum is welcome21:47
pawkyhad to set a new password for developer@ to log in...21:51
ZogG_laptoppawky: you need to open sdk and generate one than just generate keys for passwordless ssh =)21:53
jonniand there is instructions in internet howto enable root ssh on pr1.1 also.21:55
pawkywell..I did search...21:57
*** BluABK has joined #harmattan21:59
*** interiorcrocodil has joined #harmattan22:00
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:01
jonnipawky: googlesearch "n9_pr1.1_remote_root_ssh_login.txt"22:02
BluABKHeya, folks. Is anyone here good with flashing Nokia N9? When I try to flash it, it says that the kernel file is sent, but it still boots into the default one. Even when I flash it with an invalid kernel it says thatit's sent and it boots fine (into the defualt one). The command I use to flash is: ./flasher-3.5 -k <kernelpath> -l -b. What am I doing wrong? =/22:02
pawkyjonni: got my new N9.. what a DIFFERENCE.... :-D22:03
jonniBluABK: 1st of all you need to use 3.12.1 and not 3.5 of the flasher22:04
jonnias 3.5 is only for N900, and 3.12.1 is for N922:05
BluABKjonni: oh, any particular reason for that? Just curious22:05
BluABKI see22:05
BluABKThanks, I'll try that then ^^22:05
*** Aranel has quit IRC22:06
jonnipawky: yep its nice feeling when there is no random reboots :)22:08
pawkyjonni: yeah, it took me about two months, but finally Nokia sent me a new one, and the old is going back next week. :-)22:09
BluABKjonni: Oh and by the way, is there a non-debian version of the N9 flasher? I can only see .deb's =/22:10
pawkyBluABK: well, should run under Ubuntu as well I presume ;-)22:10
pawkyBluABK: but none for the RPMs as far as my investigation goes..22:10
BluABKWell I have archlinux and gentoo at this end... great.. So I need to set up a virtual machine for the sole purpose of N9-flashing, yay...22:11
jonniBluABK: pawky: yep only debs available, but you can use ar x to extract debs on rpm distros22:13
BluABKRight, I'll try that then. Thanks again.22:14
jonniso you can just extract the flasher and use it on other distros aswell22:14
pawkyjonni: I think I tried with various results... installed debian on another machine to solve it once and for all..22:15
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC22:28
pawkyI don't get this... How come the sound is different when a MP3 is playd as a ringtone, compared to the ordinayr player?22:30
pawkywhen it's played as a ringtone its a bit quieter, and distortion... but not when played manually through the App....22:31
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan22:31
pawkyIs there any hardware wiring guru who knowse what volume lever goes to what part, and which is to be changed to make them similar, when using alsamixer?22:33
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan22:38
chris_M_LIBRARY macro isnt recognized22:44
BluABKOkay I tried with the correct flasher (extracted from .deb) and it's exactly the same as last time. Nothing seems to be changing on the phone... Any ideas?22:46
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:46
pawkyBluABK: how do you mean?22:47
*** Jonno has quit IRC22:48
BluABKwell it gives me "Sending kernel image (100 kB)...", but when I boot it's the default kernel and nothing's changed at all, even flash ed with an invalid kernel, and nothing happens then either..22:48
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:48
BluABK(the example pasta is from the invalid kernel, thus 100 kb large)22:49
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:49
pawkyBluABK:using OS?22:49
BluABKpawky: gentoo, but tried with the windows flasher as well yesterday (and that one flashed PR 1.1. FIASCO fine) with same result..22:50
pawkyBluABK: the result being, nothing happens?22:51
BluABKit boots as if I never flashed any kernel image at all22:51
pawkyBluABK: what's the flash log saying?22:52
jonni-l -b -k doesnt flash anything it only boots the kernel in memory, you need to use -f -k -a if you want to flash something22:54
BluABKreally? Well I only got the -l and -b from javaispedro's post about the kernel flashing on the forums22:55
BluABKbut I suppsoe that's for the 3.5 flasher?22:55
chris_anyone knows about binary settings applets here?22:56
chris_trying to follow this:
jonniBluABK: in 4.5 -l -b only loads if also22:56
jonniBluABK: in 3.5 -l -b only loads if also even22:56
BluABKjonni: so what do I supply to the -a? The PR 1.1 FISACO .bin file?22:57
chris_problem is I dont know what suposed to go into #include "dcpskeleton.h"22:57
jonniBluABK: yep22:57
BluABKRight, so much for thinking I wouldn't need to re-install my apps all over again.. oh well, not like it's the first time =P22:57
BluABK"[x] kernel       [finished   100 %    2708 /    2708 kB    2105 kB/s]" wee!22:59
BluABKjonni: Thanks ^^22:59
*** diverse_izzue has joined #harmattan23:04
*** FLaT^_ is now known as flat`23:04
*** deimos has joined #harmattan23:08
*** zz_gri is now known as gri23:11
BluABKWell flashing seems to work, however I keep "bricking" it... Only working flash atm is the FIASCO image using the -F and -f parameters only *sigh*23:16
*** xnt14 has quit IRC23:18
BluABK - flasher output23:20
*** xnt14 has joined #harmattan23:20
ZogG_laptopjonni: ping23:25
jonniZogG_laptop: pong23:25
*** heymaster has joined #harmattan23:26
ZogG_laptopjonni: what oauth library is used on meego?23:26
jonniZogG_laptop: no idea23:26
griZogG_laptop: ?23:29
ZogG_laptopgri: thanks, have you ever worked with oauth on harmattan?23:30
artemmaHi All23:31
griZogG_laptop: no, but it should be easy23:31
artemmaMy Daily Wallpaper became one of the Qt showcases :)23:31
artemmalooks cool23:31
ZogG_laptopartemma: mazal tov23:31
artemmaand it eventually works most of the time :D23:32
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan23:32
griartemma: how long did it take until you got a reply from ambassador application?23:34
artemmagri, that was super-fast actually23:34
artemmaeverything took less than a week and I know that person caring after it was traveling from Oslo to SF dev days on that week23:35
grihmm, I haven't received any reply for 3 weeks now23:35
artemmaor well, exactly app review, maybe a little over a week23:35
artemmadid you decide to submit your app yourself?23:36
Venemo_N950hey gri23:36
grihey Venemo_N95023:36
griartemma: I only filled out the forms on their website23:36
*** chris_ has quit IRC23:37
griartemma: but I linked to nokia developer projects which was down from that day until last week :D23:37
artemmahmm, I was invited, maybe that causes some difference in timing, though it shouldn't probably23:37
Venemo_N950gri, are you "theoriginalgri" on twitter?23:37
artemmaoh, being unable to test the project may indeed delay it from being a showcase :)23:37
griVenemo_N950: in most cases, yes23:38
Venemo_N950gri, in most cases? :P23:38
griVenemo_N950: If you curse theoriginalgri or do some voodoo, it's not me23:38
Venemo_N950gri, were you able to fetch my .deb?23:39
griVenemo_N950: I installed it on the n950 but had no time to actually play with it23:39
*** TSCHAKeee has quit IRC23:39
griI was not able to rotate a part with 2 hands, only one worked for some reason23:40
*** TSCHAKeee has joined #harmattan23:40
griI think my finger are broken23:40
grinow it works :D23:40
Venemo_N950gri, it should work. N950 accepts 6 touch points, so I can rotate 3 different pieces at once23:41
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:41
grithere should be a button that shows me the complete image again, otherwise I might never solve it23:42
Venemo_N950gri, just use the tabs and blanks and your logics :)23:42
Venemo_N950gri, about the touch issue: all people accidentally tap on the blanks (the cut-out areas), and those are not considered part of the piece.23:42
Venemo_N950gri, there's currently no option to reshow the full image, but it's a good idea :)23:43
gria one-finger-mode would also be great: for example show a round circle around the piece (like the one google earth has to rotate)23:44
*** diverse_izzue has quit IRC23:44
grialso cool: drag a piece out of the screen, it never comes back23:45
Venemo_N950gri, one-finger mode is something I haven't came up a good gesture for yet.23:45
*** adlan has joined #harmattan23:46
Venemo_N950gri, yeah, don't drag 'em out. that's a known issue with the current release23:46
Venemo_N950gri, also if you add a custom image, the app will forget it on next launch.23:46
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, ping23:47
pawkyjonni: do you know someone who could tell which different volume levers are used for ringtone compared to playing music?23:48
pawkyjonni: in alsamixer that is...23:49
pawkyis vim available for the N923:51
Venemo_N950gri, also, what's your opinion about the app's startup time?23:52
griVenemo_N950: it starts fast but the framerate inside the application is not perfect23:52
MohammadAGVenemo_N950, just a little iOS-y tip23:53
Venemo_N950gri, during the game itself or the animations?23:53
MohammadAGiOS has a radius around every touch point, so you almost never miss a UI button23:53
Venemo_N950MohammadAG, I'm listening as always :)23:53
MohammadAGhave an invisible touch-sensitive radius around the puzzle pieces23:53
griVenemo_N950: when dragging pieces it appears as not dragging fluently23:53
MohammadAGnot something big though,, that would cause problems23:53
Venemo_N950MohammadAG, hmmmm dat's a good idea23:53
MohammadAGPlease, use proper english :P23:54
Venemo_N950gri, how many pieces are there and how many apps are running in the background?23:54
Venemo_N950MohammadAG, hmmmm that's a good idea23:54
MohammadAGit shouldn't matter23:54
ZogG_laptopgri do you think it's only oauth223:54
MohammadAGthe N950 should be able to pilot a nuke while running puzzle-master23:54
MohammadAGseriously, it's your code, not the N950 :p23:55
griVenemo_N950: no other apps, 4*3 pices23:55
Venemo_N950so it's just crappy :) I get it.23:55
Venemo_N950I'll see what I can do about it, but I don't have too many ideas about this.23:56
gritoo much antialiasing?23:56
ajalkaneWhen I have no idea about how to fix it, instead of admitting my own failure I just say "it's open source, why don't you fix it yourself instead of complaining"23:57
griZogG_laptop: what are you asking?23:57
Venemo_N950gri, no antialiasing at all23:57
Venemo_N950gri, I just paint a pixmap and a QPainterPath there23:57
ZogG_laptopgri is it only oauth 2.0 or it includes oauth 1.023:58
griZogG_laptop: in the source 1.0 is also mentioned, so it should be both23:59

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