IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-12-17

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tarantismHi all, Is it possible for an application to inhibit swipe to minimise/close? I'm getting many accidental closes due to multi-touches that are nothing like a swipe.00:09
ieatlinttrying to find the page on that now00:13
kimjusomeone even made an app for disabling that00:13
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griyay, finally after 16 days "Good news! The QA team will allow global distribution of the application. The00:15
gricontent is now in the final stages of QA and it should be published shortly."00:15
tarantismieatlint: Thanks very much indeed. I didn't know about those docs.00:16
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MohammadAGMList allows multiselection but there's no way to get a list of selected items01:10
MohammadAGwohooo for excellent API01:10
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griMohammadAG: erm it has a QItemSelectionModel?01:21
MohammadAGgri, and that does what?01:24
grihandling selections?01:25
grilike it does on every QAbstractItemView?01:25
MohammadAGQListView has a selectedIndexes method01:27
MohammadAGwhy doesn't MList have the same?01:27
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griyes, which is a forward to selectionModel()->selectedIndexes()01:27
griselectedIndexes() is very evil if you have a lot of items01:27
gri(which will never happen on a mobile ui)01:28
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grithat's why we have so much crap/appwizard/spam apps ...01:36
ieatlintthat and advertising01:39
ieatlinti'm going to make an app that just tells you what century it is and charge $2 for it01:40
ieatlintit'll use advanced proven astrology to get its answer01:40
griI'll do "drill sergeant", an app that will shout at you all the time no matter if you set your phone to silent or not :D01:41
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ieatlinthow about just make an application that claims it can "hack computers" when plugged into them, and instead just sends you their imsi and contact list01:43
grireally, why do we code when I see "Famous Quotes" in the ovi store which is a AppWizard application that simply displays a damn rss feed, costs 4.99 € and even has some idiot who rated it and therefore paid for it?01:44
ieatlintwe call those schills01:44
griieatlint: I bet ovi content guidelines forbid me to transfer the contact list :(01:44
* SpeedEvil should not have responded to that thread gri.01:45
griI really do not understand why they allow setting a price for those rss feed crap01:47
grithat not those01:47
SpeedEvilOh - thanks for reminding me - I have a response to my other thread that I'd missed.01:49
ieatlintprogramming is hard, you're just being elitist by insisting everyone who writes apps has to know how to do it01:50
SpeedEvilBut not a good response.01:50
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javispedroSpeedEvil: you are great (re that comment on the thread)01:51
SpeedEvilI'd much rather have found a positive response to the s40 proxy01:52
ieatlinthow about an app that costs $10 and just tells the buyer that they're irresponsible with their money01:52
SpeedEvilI can see RSS for money having  apoint.01:53
SpeedEvilFor example, someones blog that they want contributions for.01:53
javispedrocreating money from nothingness seems to be the rule these days, so why not01:53
SpeedEvilIf it's generally useful.01:53
griSpeedEvil: a contribution where nokia takes 30% off? (don't know the percentage, that's only a guess)01:53
SpeedEvil30% of n >001:54
ieatlintit's like 2000 again, except instead of web companies its mobile apps01:54
ieatlintwhich has suddenly reminded me of this
ieatlintblah, damn you google and your urls01:55
griI hate these "related entries" in newspapers, ovi apps etc.01:57
javispedrotime to hear this tired old song again
griespecially that does display the "similar apps" by default instead of the comments and rating of an application01:58
tommaand usualy those similiar apps are only similiar by not being any way related02:01
gri"you like crap? you might also like ..."02:02
yipdwit occasionally seems to work -- related applications for Spotify include "Internet Radio Player", "gPodder Podcast Client", and, amusingly, Spotify02:02
yipdwat least we know that an application is related to itself02:02
yipdwor maybe there's multiple entries named "Spotify"02:03
griI think the website lists all versions for an application if you haven't selected an device02:04
yipdwthat result list is from the Store application on my N902:04
yipdwif that's returning results for all devices, that's pretty broken :P02:04
griwell for now I just used the n9 and never symbian. But today I logged into a rda device and added my ovi account02:05
griand the symbian ovi app displayed all my n9 apps02:05
gribut I haven't tried what happens when I click on them02:05
tommai hope you removed that account after you used that rda device02:07
grisure :)02:07
tommait is pretty sad after you log in to device and notice someone has used facebook account there...02:08
gribut I found a n9 from rda where users did not remove their nokia account ...02:08
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: WOW02:09
DocScrutinizeryipdw: hooray! frooble: similar to snuzzle, oooomphla, and gruuun - now I know exactly how useful and awesome frooble is XP02:11
*** gri is now known as zz_gri02:11
DocScrutinizerincidentally I have no fucking clie what's spotify02:12
DocScrutinizerclue even02:12
yipdwDocScrutinizer: well, yeah, frooble might as well be closely related to those, just as it's closely related to foo, bar, and other metasyntacticals02:12
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DocScrutinizerif you missed the pint... not my fault02:13
DocScrutinizerthough I think you also missed a pint02:14
yipdwI think I get your point, but it's weakened if you don't know what Spotify is (it's a music streaming service)02:14
ieatlinti want a pint02:14
yipdwin that light there is a relationship between that application and the others02:14
DocScrutinizerso what?02:14
javispedroDocScrutinizer: you're a source of great web3.0 application names!02:14
yipdwso a client for a music streaming service is related to other music streaming applications via the fact that they all stream audio02:15
* javispedro goes register ooooomphla.gruun.net02:15
yipdwI didn't say it was a great relationship, but it is one02:15
yipdwI'm also not sure why you're attacking me over this02:15
javispedroieatlint: Pipe broken02:15
DocScrutinizeryipdw: sorry, a long nourished hatred against product detail specs like "xfrooble: an X GUI for frooble" - - WTF IS frooble?? KTNXBY02:18
yipdwDocScrutinizer: I understand that, but the description for the Spotify client lists it in the "Music" category and describes what Spotify is02:19
ieatlintbut frooble is awesome02:19
yipdwit really isn't that bad of a description02:19
DocScrutinizerk, then sorry for me kicking in inmidst the convo02:19
ieatlintshould make "xwhich: an X GUI for which"02:19
yipdwadditionally, someone who is looking for Spotify is going to know what it is; and someone who sees it in a list of relationships for music player applications can (well, should be able) to infer that it has something to do with music02:19
yipdwadmittedly, the Ovi Store relationships do fail at this in some instances02:20
yipdwlike the Battery Usage application is listed as being related to a flashlight app (what?)02:20
DocScrutinizerprobably both use python XP02:21
yipdwthey're both categorized as utilities, which I guess is part of the problem -- "utilities" is IMO a really terrible category, because you can throw so much into it02:21
DocScrutinizerbtw Battery Usage application might do exactly what the name suggests, other than what you thought it might do02:22
yipdwit reports battery usage, yeah02:22
DocScrutinizerit uses battery02:22
DocScrutinizerquite a lot02:22
* javispedro lols02:22
javispedroBattery Usage is this -- ?02:23
javispedrohm... how could it even try to estimate that information?02:24
DocScrutinizerwell, it's funny and coloful02:25
yipdwnot sure; I can't find its source code02:25
DocScrutinizerI'd add jumping hamsters02:26
yipdwbut, yeah, a similar method to powertop, probably02:26
yipdwBS on what?02:26
yipdwdo you mean that powertop's reports are BS?02:26
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil and ShadowJK and me are probably the 3 guys that know most about power consumption and how to measure it02:27
yipdwin that case, please enlighten me as to why powertop's reports are bogus02:27
yipdw"BS" isn't very educational02:27
SpeedEvilPowertop is almost bogus.02:27
DocScrutinizerand yoiu *can not* measure what's printed there02:27
SpeedEvilFor example, wakeups are not a very good proxy of anything.02:27
DocScrutinizeryipdw: how could I educate you on a false assumption made by YOU?02:28
SpeedEvilYou can wake up 4 times in a millisecond, and it will use essentially no power over waking up once.02:28
yipdwDocScrutinizer: I didn't make any assumptions about veracity of poewrtop02:28
DocScrutinizerI never even mentioned powertop02:28
SpeedEvilAnd md5sum /dev/zero will have no wakeups, but use 100% of CPU02:28
SpeedEvilMeasuring power use is _hard_.02:28
yipdwwhat I'm saying is that what the Battery Usage application might do is something similar to powertop02:28
SpeedEvilIf you want to attribute that use to processes.02:28
yipdwI don't know how accurate it is02:28
DocScrutinizerand I'm not a nice guy as SpeedEvil02:28
yipdwnor did I claim it was accurate02:28
yipdwhowever, if you can tell me why powertop is usually inaccurate, or at least provide papers or publications to such information, I'm happy to read them02:29
DocScrutinizerI could educate you though why ls or df figures are bogus for battery consumption02:29
yipdwI'm not really sure what ls or df figures have to do with battery consumption02:29
javispedroas I human I have a hard time attributing causes of power consumption, I am quite surprised someone would attempt to do it automatically02:30
DocScrutinizerI'm not sure what powertop has to do with battery consumption02:30
yipdwDocScrutinizer: dude, if you don't want to tell me, then just say so02:30
yipdwdon't give me some run-around02:30
DocScrutinizerwell, I*am* sure it's mostly unrelated02:30
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DocScrutinizerpowertop is just monitoring *one* thing: CPU wakeups02:32
DocScrutinizerpowertop has no fucking clue about e.g modem eating MASSIVE energy for TX02:32
yipdwI'm really not out to make you look bad, seriously02:33
SpeedEvilAs another analogy, powertop is trying to work out how much energy your house is using by analysing the sound it makes.02:33
yipdwI'm not trying to claim that powertop or any other automated method actually works, because *I don't know*02:33
yipdwall I said is that the battery usage application might use the same method02:34
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yipdwsorry if power management touches a nerve, but seriously, calm down02:34
DocScrutinizermaybe it does, and then it's bogus02:34
yipdwthat's fine02:34
javispedronote that the intel version of powertop, on acpi platforms, actually reports current current (A)02:35
DocScrutinizermaybe it's way smarter (actually possible) and tries to weigh power consumption of different subsystems by monitoring a twohundered system parameters, but still there are domains it is doomed to fail: phone for example02:36
yipdwno idea; as I mentioned I haven't yet been able to find its source02:36
javispedrothat's where my comment of "I'm having a hard time to do it as a human" fits in =)02:36
javispedrodoing it meaningfully requires quite a handful of rules02:37
M4rtinKX-Fade: you here ? :)02:37
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: and you won't get powerfactor for TX from modem, it keeps it02:37
javispedroand will still have thousands of weird cases, which usually happen when one is interested in power usage..02:37
DocScrutinizerI.E your modem, during phonecall, may get advice from BTS to send with 10mW or with 2W, or anything in between. No way to tell02:38
DocScrutinizerfor data the situation is similar02:39
DocScrutinizer(actually even there is *some* way to tell, but it seems BB5 doesn't support it)02:40
DocScrutinizerthis way is meant to reduce WLAN TX power when modem sends with Pgsm so that Pwlan + Pgsm is not exceeding a certain maximum02:41
DocScrutinizerI haven't heard of this feature ever been implemented in real life02:42
yipdwso powertop's pretty much useless on a phone because all it can do is measure what the CPU is doing, and is oblivious to coprocessors and indeed any other component02:43
DocScrutinizerit's useful to find runaway processes that hog the CPU02:44
DocScrutinizeractually one of the most useful values it printsa out is the percentage CPU stays in certain C-states02:45
DocScrutinizerand certain clockspeeds02:46
Richlvouch, sounds complicated for such a simple task. is that approach the best available ?02:46
DocScrutinizersince not too long ago "official" msg was "bt kbd doesn't work at all with harmatan"02:47
DocScrutinizerso anything better than that can't be completely bad ;-)02:47
* DocScrutinizer idly wonders if there'll be any silicon arriving for slaughtering before xmess02:49
DocScrutinizerpending: GTA04, hooker80002:50
RichlvDocScrutinizer, heh, ok, thanks :)02:51
* javispedro ponders if I'll get my VGA card before christmas02:53
javispedrostarting to get tired of 16bpp02:53
* DocScrutinizer ponders to order a VGA card at Amazon for javispedro02:53
DocScrutinizerwhen Asus returns your smoked-up one, we build a railgun out of it and shoot a new window to Asus building02:54
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javispedroplain rocks will be enough02:56
* ieatlint actually lives not far from their US HQ02:56
ieatlinti can go throw some rocks for you next week02:56
javispedroI think I'll spare the US guys, the problem lies in the EU branch02:57
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javispedrobut I appreciate the offer.02:57
MohammadAGwoo, facebook checkins 100% done02:58
MohammadAGwell, 99.9%, till I figure out how to preselect items02:58
MohammadAGbut that's not that major02:58
MohammadAGabout 5 times the lines of code for Fremantle though03:00
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG, your occasional posts get ever more gibberish ;-P03:00
MohammadAGSociality for Harmattan03:00
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan03:00
MohammadAGcause the built in client sucks03:00
MohammadAGthe UI's good, but slow, very very slow03:00
MohammadAGSociality doesn't have the same good UI, but is way too quick03:00
MohammadAGeven compared to the iPhone app03:00
mck182hey all, I'm trying to build my first n9 app but I'm stuck with this:
mck182I'm using the latest sdk downloaded straight from nokia03:01
DocScrutinizershall I place a bet what's the problem ;-P03:01
mck182I have a project with two subprojects - a lib and an ui03:01
Richlvah, there's some gui manager for bt keyboards -
mck182DocScrutinizer: packaging issue....but /me knows squat about that03:03
MohammadAGand Qt Creator segfaulted03:05
DocScrutinizerI place all my money I have in my hand on MSSF03:06
DocScrutinizeraka aegis and related policy03:07
MohammadAGhmm, MeeGoHomeTouch seems to fork all processes03:07
MohammadAGnot to*03:07
DocScrutinizerMeeGoHomeRun err MeeGo TouchDown03:11
MohammadAGkilling it kills all processes03:12
MohammadAGmuch like restarting SpringBoard on iOS03:12
MohammadAGI miss when you could restart hildon-desktop without killing processes03:12
* merlin1991 wants to see sociality on the n9 as soon as possible03:13
merlin1991inbuilt client is so bad speed wise03:13
MohammadAGcheckins take 6s03:13
MohammadAG(assuming you already have a GPS lock)03:13
* DocScrutinizer wants to see a proper OS on N9(50) as soon as possible03:13
MohammadAGwhere the fuck should icons go so they're not red squares!03:14
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: baybe steps ;)03:14
DocScrutinizerwith a limited but selected number of apps03:14
MohammadAGlet's start with spelling baby correctly03:14
merlin1991MohammadAG: 2 am ;)03:14
MohammadAG3:15 here03:15
MohammadAGfull path in .desktop file fixed it03:16
merlin1991MohammadAG: /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/icons works fine03:16
merlin1991(without full path)03:16
SpeedEvil1AM here, but I woke up 4 hours ago.03:16
merlin1991and that path is mentioned in the dev library03:16
MohammadAGwoke up 24-4 hours ago03:16
MohammadAGyay for nonstandard location03:16
MohammadAG1.5s startup for sociality03:17
merlin1991gotta love this instruction:03:17
merlin1991Create an icon that meets the following criteria:03:18
merlin1991    SVG format03:18
merlin1991    80 x 80 pixels in size03:18
MohammadAGjust need to add commenting to posts and profiles then we're ready for 0.103:18
MohammadAGcannot compute03:18
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DocScrutinizer1324084751 here03:19
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: the size? :D03:19
DocScrutinizerdate +%s03:19
MohammadAGintegrates with Harmattan maps + drive03:20
merlin1991looks promising03:21
MohammadAGnot sure why the checkin button is way off from center03:21
DocScrutinizerand I woke up at 132401520003:22
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, you're human right?03:23
DocScrutinizeraccording to my uptime I'm at least not digital technology of this civilization03:24
DocScrutinizerthough some here seem to think I am03:25
merlin1991true, that would be shorter ;)03:25
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DocScrutinizerbut then who can be certain about when the storage image got installed?03:26
* MohammadAG slaps DocScrutinizer 03:26
DocScrutinizermight not even be built by the time it claims it was03:26
MohammadAGtalk human03:26
MohammadAGuse UTC03:26
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: ok03:28
DocScrutinizer = = . .    .    . .    =             . . = .    . . =    .    . = .             .    . .    = .             = . . .    . .    .    . = .             . . . = . =03:28
* MohammadAG shoots self03:28
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javispedro"The Year of Linux Disappointments" --
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pawkyMe happy guy, me got N9 that actually works.... :-D04:02
pawkywell.. next step would be to get rid of the anoying limitations in the standard firmware... but thats step 2..... :-)04:04
merlin1991gst-launch is in gstreamer0.10-tools right?04:17
merlin1991I can't install it on my n9 (dev mode enabled) but apt claims some other package is referencing gstreamer0.10-tools which it can't find04:17
merlin1991where did gst-launch go? :/04:21
merlin1991anybody with n9 and dev mode enabled plase pastebin me the content of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/04:30
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merlin1991I fixed it by adding 'deb harmattan/sdk free non-free' into another .list file there :/04:46
javispedroremove it as soon as possible05:28
*** javispedro has quit IRC05:28
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*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan07:42
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TSCHAKeeewhat causes this? Aegis rejecting /home/developer/qorbiter-src_0.0.1_armel.deb: opt/qOrbiter/bin/qOrbiter not installed by the package08:28
TSCHAKeeeaegis aborting dpkg -- all listed package files rejected08:28
TSCHAKeeeDeployment failed.08:28
TSCHAKeeeError while building project qOrbiter_src (target: Harmattan)08:28
TSCHAKeeeWhen executing build step 'Deploy Debian package via SFTP upload'08:28
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villagerTSCHAKeee: just guessing, but perhaps the Aegis manifest contains that file but the .deb doesn't09:57
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jonniyep, I've gotten simular kind of errors, where .deb is missing some files that is mentioned in aegis file.10:25
*** vladest has quit IRC10:29
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*** zz_gri is now known as gri10:52
griohoh, when installing my application via ovi store it does kill the ovi store client and hangs up the phone for ~30 seconds o_O10:53
grihope this just happened for me10:54
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SpeedEvilDid your n950 actually arrive - I don't think I caught the end of that drama.11:46
l32606morning. although it is time for my dinner now. :-)11:48
SpeedEvilIt's technically morning here, though I got up 6 hours ago.11:48
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan11:55
l32606N950 is too rare, luckily I can use N9 as my developer device...12:01
Venemo_N950the N950 is an elegant beauty!12:02
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC12:02
ieatlinti sold my n950 for booze12:03
ieatlintgot two cases of beer for it12:03
ieatlintwas a good night12:03
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, yep, third one, second one is stuck in customs12:10
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan12:13
alterego2nd N9 arrives today :)12:14
alteregoI can see the DHL tracking info :D12:14
ieatlintbought another n9?12:15
alteregoNeah, Gift12:15
ieatlintlucky then12:15
* RST38h moos12:15
ieatlinti'm really tempted to buy one of the 64gb ones12:15
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:15
alteregoI bought a 64G black one12:15
RST38haltrego: fought down the desire to buy a pink one? =)12:16
alteregoWorth every penny, expensive, but worth it. It's a beautiful device.12:16
alteregoRST38h: I want a pink one :(12:16
ieatlintyeah, i've got two 16gbs right now12:16
RST38hHere they are sold side by side - real and fake N9s12:16
ieatlinti had a pink one for a while12:16
RST38hThe fake ones are cheaper12:16
ieatlintit's pretty god damn pink12:16
* RST38h prefers black, n950-black12:16
alterego(I actually have 2 N9s)12:16
alteregoBut one is a white proto for work.12:17
ieatlintRST38h: fake ones here are about $80 cheaper12:17
RST38hAlthough N9s have actually got a damn good display12:17
alteregoSo it's not mine.12:17
RST38hieatlint: same here12:17
ieatlintalterego: same here... a blue 16gb that's mine, a white proto 16gb for work12:17
RST38hbut something like $150-$20012:17
ieatlintand i'm really tempted to buy a black 64gb one12:17
RST38hieatlint: don't see why not: it will get you through the next 2 years, probably12:18
RST38hso, does not seem like such a waste of money12:18
alteregoieatlint: my personal one is black 64 like I said, it seriously is sleek :)12:18
ieatlintit's truly depressing... with the n900, i was happy, but everyone else looked at me like i was crazy and i really did understand why12:18
alteregoI don't know what colour this one will be, hoping it'll be blue :)12:18
ieatlintwith my n9... people look with envy, both at the hardware and software12:18
RST38hpeople look at n900 with envy12:19
RST38heven now12:19
ieatlintand it's a dead end platform :(12:19
RST38hespecially after seeing what it can do12:19
ieatlintalterego: is it from quim by chance?12:19
alteregoieatlint: the black one?12:19
RST38hWill be another year or two or three before a worthy Maemo competitor comes up =(12:20
alteregoI bought my N9 ..12:20
ieatlintRST38h: i'm surrounded by people normally playing with arduinos who look at the n900 with a definite "meh"12:20
ieatlintalterego: the one you're getting12:20
alteregoieatlint: no, it's a Developer Champion welcome gift12:20
ieatlintbut your response basically tells me no12:20
RST38hieatlint: And what can they do with their arduino? Make a MIDI-connected dildo?12:20
ieatlintRST38h: spend $20, that's what12:20
alteregoRST38h: there's the arduio drones12:20
alteregoThey look cool :)12:21
RST38hieatlint: to me, it is $20 wasted; I am not buying a proto board unless I have a clear use for it12:21
infobotRST38h meant: ieanothertlint: to me, it is $20 wasted; I am not buying a proto board unless I have a clear use for it12:21
ieatlinti've a friend who hooked up two arduinos to run a ~1.2m x .7m LED display with the game of life12:22
MohammadAGsadly the reason the N900 is popular here is because it has a keyboard and doesn't suck like the N9712:22
alteregoI never liked the N9712:22
RST38hieatlit: does not count unless it is illumination for the whole building, MIT-style12:22
ieatlintthat the tetris on a building one?12:23
RST38hN97 keyboard had cyrillic "B" missing. Fail.12:23
RST38h(yes it is pretty much as if it missed roman "B" in English)12:23
ieatlintwell, plenty of geek looked with envy at the n90012:24
ieatlintbut only after they saw it up close12:24
MohammadAGI liked the design12:24
MohammadAGAnd the OS12:24
ieatlintwith the n9... i have random people asking about it12:24
ieatlinti liked it back before the new iphone was released12:24
ieatlinti was able to tell people it was a prototype iphone12:25
ieatlintwas pretty funny12:25
MohammadAGSo what?12:25
MohammadAGiPhone 512:25
RST38hiPhone 666, the Apocalypse Edition12:25
* RST38h notes that the potential for religion-based anti-Apple campaign is greatly underestimated12:26
RST38h"What phone would Satan use?" etc12:26
ieatlintif you believe hard enough in apple, it'll even cure cancer12:26
RST38hieatlint: you mean, Jobs did not?12:27
ieatlinti think the evidence speaks for itself12:28
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan12:30
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:30
*** Creteil has joined #harmattan12:32
CreteilHi all, can someone drive me step by step how I can add a site in the list of the last visited of web app on N9 ?12:33
*** TSCHAKeee has quit IRC12:35
*** TSCHAKeee has joined #harmattan12:35
ZogG_laptopgri: morning =)12:42
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ping12:43
AranelCreteil: you mean the start-up window on browser, don't you?12:45
CreteilAranel, yes12:46
AranelCreteil: here's the last step for it: , get it from Store and use it to your hearts content.12:46
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: have you played with mce.ini and leds? i couldn't make them work, though t did work for few people12:47
CreteilAranel, but I have 2 new links added and I don't know how they come here ?12:47
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, what exactly are you trying to do?12:47
AranelCreteil: It adds them automagically, don't know based on which criteria.12:47
MohammadAGyou need mce::LEDControl for the LEDs, and you can't get that12:47
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: there are patterns of led behaivour on n9/5012:47
CreteilAranel, ok ..12:48
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, you seem to have ignored all my explanation yesterday about how we know that12:48
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: you don't need it, just go to /etc/mce/mce.ini and find part for n950 (680) and change the settings12:48
MohammadAGNEED WHAT?12:48
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i probably did12:48
MohammadAGyou can't activate the DBus pattern without that aegis credential12:49
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: but jonni did and it worked as well as i checked with damagedspline and we succeeded to turn on led while charging with screen on ( while it worked only with screen off)12:50
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, you're missing the point12:50
MohammadAGbme activates that12:51
MohammadAGno other apps activates the LED12:51
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: so?12:51
MohammadAGso it's only for charging12:51
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: there is communication builtin pattern in mce as well12:51
MohammadAGand what will activate that?12:51
ZogG_laptopwe are talking about different things man12:51
MohammadAGno, we're not12:52
MohammadAGyou're talking about how the N950 has patterns for events12:52
MohammadAGand how it should blink if we "modify the file"12:52
MohammadAGwhich is stupid12:52
MohammadAGthe patterns are there, we knew that before the N950 was even announced12:52
MohammadAGbut no apps activate the pattern12:52
MohammadAGwhich is why I made
ZogG_laptopjonni: ^12:53
MohammadAGand it doesn't work due to aegis mce::LEDControl12:53
* Aranel think no Zen Bound for N9 is sad. Can't we run Maemo games in a seperate environment like preenv?12:54
ZogG_laptopAranel: you can try to build it on n912:59
AranelZogG_laptop: how come? it's closed.12:59
*** buser has joined #harmattan13:00
ZogG_laptopi mean install13:01
macmaNMohammadAG: got n950z yet?13:03
MohammadAGwell, third one, not the second13:04
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i'm trying to upload image with qnetwork13:05
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: mind for little help?13:05
ZogG_laptopi used your example and changed it fo my needs but the image upload is not working13:06
ZogG_laptoplemme show you code, wait a sec13:07
ZogG_laptop postData.append("key=MY_KEY&");13:09
ZogG_laptop postData.append("image=\"/home/user/MyDocs/test.png\"");13:09
ZogG_laptoptried to do postData += file.readAll() as well but everytime i get file corrupt13:10
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ?13:12
ZogG_laptopwith curl i just used to set key as key and image as filepath13:12
MohammadAGyou sure you used filepath not @filepath with curl?13:14
MohammadAGalso, you're feeding the filepath to the server as the image13:14
MohammadAGyou need to do13:14
ZogG_laptopplaying with it now13:22
ZogG_laptopdo not work13:25
ZogG_laptopshould file be file://path or /path/ ?13:25
macmaNMohammadAG: great, i can start with the OMP chant then :>13:26
griovi store signing has rendered my application unusable13:26
grinow I have to find out how to unpublish it as fast as possitble :(13:26
ZogG_laptopwhy do you want to unpublish it?13:26
grisince it can not be used13:27
griI used the AID to store credentials13:27
gribut the ovi store signing has changed the AID13:27
griso my application can't read it's own data13:27
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, you'll need to pass the actual data, not the filename13:27
MohammadAGwhy the AID?13:27
ZogG_laptopi'm trying to13:28
MohammadAGQApplication::setApplicationName() and QSettings() work fine13:28
griI did not want to introduce a new token13:28
ZogG_laptopQFile img_file(file);13:29
ZogG_laptop postData.append("image=");13:29
ZogG_laptop    postData.append( img_file.readAll());13:29
griMohammadAG: I mean account data saved by libsignon-qt13:29
*** npm_ has quit IRC13:29
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: what am i doing wrong?13:29
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, where are the API docs?13:31
MohammadAGdid you see how my example appended headers and stuff?13:31
MohammadAGyou'll need to do that if you're not doing it13:31
ZogG_laptopwhy do i need use headers?13:31
tommato tell size of file13:31
tommaand give pointer to QFile in qnam::post()13:32
MohammadAGare you opening the file?13:32
*** rzr has joined #harmattan13:33
*** rzr is now known as RzR13:33
ZogG_laptopno i didn't13:34
MohammadAGwell that's problem no. 113:34
MohammadAGsecond is not using headers13:34
MohammadAGread my example agin13:34
MohammadAGalterego, I want to override closeEvent(), but I'm getting the MApplicationWindow from the cache in the system, is there a way to install an event filter13:36
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: all i needed to open file, it does work now13:38
MohammadAGdon't forget to close the file after reading it13:39
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, ^13:39
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: k, but the problem is uploaded file is corrupted13:39
ZogG_laptopit's uploaded in terrible quality13:40
MohammadAGuse headers13:41
*** NIN101 has quit IRC13:45
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:45
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan13:46
*** mck182 has quit IRC13:46
*** mck182 has joined #harmattan13:46
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: ok trying to use headers as in your exapmle, it says i do not send api key =\13:49
ZogG_laptop datas += "Content-Disposition: form-data; key=MY_KEY; image=\"" + info.baseName() + "\"\r\n";13:49
*** adlan has quit IRC13:50
*** Creteil has quit IRC13:52
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan13:54
grisomeone here with an ovi account who can comment on my application? ovi store does not allow me to edit my comment or write another one13:55
Venemo_N950I'm about to meet djszapi in person :)13:55
griI want to warn people to not download my content ..13:55
griVenemo_N950: heard that just from him :)13:55
Venemo_N950who wants me to say hi for him? :)13:55
Venemo_N950gri :)13:55
*** thiago has joined #harmattan13:58
ZogG_laptopVenemo_N950: me13:59
ZogG_laptopgri didn't get what's wrong with app13:59
*** thiago has left #harmattan14:00
griZogG_laptop: The application uses libsignon-qt to securely store account data. The access to the account data is hardcoded to my AID (aegis application id). Unfortunately this ID changed due to ovi store signing and my application therefore can't save or read it's own account data. This means it is absolutely not usable14:01
grithe QA team seems to have tested with the unsigned package, so they did not encounter this error14:03
*** arcean has joined #harmattan14:05
mck182hey guys, I'm writing my first app for n9 and I can't deploy it from QtCreator :/ fails at packaging -- -- how can I solve this?14:08
mck182it's a subprojects project with qml ui and a library14:08
grimck182: Did you modify the "rules" file with QtCreator?14:08
mck182gri: yes...but only after I got this error14:08
mck182didn't help14:09
griQtCreator replaces tabs with spaces14:09
MohammadAGZogG_laptop, headers are dependent on your service14:09
mck182oh yeah14:09
gribut the rules file needs tabs14:09
mck182gri: it fails if there are spaces14:09
MohammadAGyou still send what you send the same way14:09
MohammadAGbut add headers to the request14:09
mck182gri: saying "you wanted to use tabs instead of spaces"14:09
grimck182: Ah ok, then I have no idea14:10
gribest thing is to never touch the rules file created by QtCreator :)14:10
mck182well I didn't even know about them before that error ;)14:10
grimck182: If you don't mind, you can just close QtCreator and delete that qtc_packaging directory14:11
griit will create it again when opening the project14:11
mck182gri: sure, let me try14:11
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: how do i figure out which one i need?14:11
MohammadAGread the api14:11
mck182gri: ok, got a "can't find lib" error now14:13
griwhich lib?14:13
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: nithing there i could find14:13
mck182gri: my own14:13
mck182that's part of the project14:13
MohammadAGdid you set type?14:14
grimck182: It already tells you what the problem is :)14:14
grimck182: either change the RPATH of your lib or deploy it to /usr/lib14:15
mck182gri: yeah, way better now14:15
mck182gri: how can I change the rpath?14:15
MohammadAGare you doing an outside app or something integrated in gallery?14:15
grimck182: Do you deploy the app and the lib into the same directory?14:16
mck182gri: I /think/ so14:16
grimck182: does the .pro of your lib have INSTALLS key?14:16
* mck182 checks14:16
mck182gri: ooh! yes, it is there14:17
griwhere does it point to?14:17
mck182gri: there's an if maemo5 { target.path = /opt/usr/lib } else { target.path = /usr/lib } INSTALLS +=target14:18
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: my own app i just trying to use qnetwork instead of curl14:19
griI think it would be much easier if you'd build the lib as a single package and install that to your device and development environment14:19
grieven though that does not work for ovi publishing but for testing14:19
mck182I see14:20
mck182althoug I'd love to get it to Ovi eventually ;)14:20
grisure but I don't have any more time yet to try to help you :)14:20
griI'm already late and have to leave ..14:20
mck182gri: thanks a million anyway!14:21
*** gri is now known as zz_gri14:22
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: i succeed to do it using some example from internet but still don't get why that one worked14:28
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: can i query you?14:40
ZogG_laptopmay i?14:40
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan14:46
*** l32606 has left #harmattan14:47
*** l32606 has joined #harmattan14:47
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC14:51
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan14:56
*** pinheiro has quit IRC14:56
*** l32606 has quit IRC15:02
*** l32606 has joined #harmattan15:08
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC15:09
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan15:10
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan15:13
*** l32606 has quit IRC15:13
infoboti heard aegis-no-thanks is
*** BluesLee has quit IRC15:21
*** vihta has joined #harmattan15:26
*** Natunen has quit IRC15:26
*** vihta has left #harmattan15:30
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan15:34
MohammadAGdoes the concept of stacked widgets exist in MTF or will I have to show/hide?15:38
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC15:40
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan15:41
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC15:42
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC15:44
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan15:46
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: busy?15:48
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan15:51
ZogG_laptopyou are from ipone on irc?15:55
ZogG_laptopis it cimfy/15:57
SpeedEvilI've used IRC from my n900, when my computer was down.15:59
SpeedEvilWorked OK.15:59
SpeedEvilGot up to 35wpm15:59
SpeedEvilThat was however with hwkbd15:59
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC16:01
ZogG_laptopthats my point16:01
ZogG_laptopi use it on n9 sometimes but it's not the best way16:02
*** djszapiN9_ has joined #harmattan16:03
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC16:06
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan16:06
*** Lilltiger has joined #harmattan16:07
LilltigerDo anyone know how to fix the suttering sound issue on N9 when using skype calls?16:08
*** vihta has joined #harmattan16:08
*** djszapiN9_ has quit IRC16:10
*** drclaw-123 has joined #harmattan16:13
*** vihta has left #harmattan16:13
*** vihta has joined #harmattan16:14
drclaw-123I am going straight ahead with my question:16:14
drclaw-123I want to install the final package of my PR1.1 install .. mp-harmattan-340-pr16:15
ZogG_laptopLilltiger: quality? than it's connection problem16:15
drclaw-123via apt-get16:15
drclaw-123however, apt-get install mp-harmattan-340-pr .. fails because aegis prohibits installation of libarchive1-2.8.0-416:15
drclaw-123saying: libarchive1-2.8.3 is installed from .. and it is trusted, yet 2.8.0-4 (also from that location) is not trusted16:16
drclaw-123how can I force aegis to accept installation of that single deb file?16:17
ZogG_laptopare you rtying to update?16:17
drclaw-123the phone is essentially updated .. except for this single package mp-harmattan-340-pr16:18
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC16:18
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan16:18
drclaw-123the device says it is pr1.1 .. but the update message is still on the home screen.16:18
drclaw-123and it is big and annoying16:18
*** heymaster has quit IRC16:19
ZogG_laptopjust reflash than or use nsu16:20
drclaw-123but .. reflash will kill my apps, right?16:20
*** clbr has quit IRC16:21
drclaw-123so there is no way to make aegis believe that the 2.8.0-4 deb file is trusted after all ?16:23
ZogG_laptopyou can download it16:25
ZogG_laptopand dpkg -i16:25
ZogG_laptopbut u need dev mode16:25
LilltigerZogG_laptop, it seemd to be, althought i had full bars on the connection and was 30cm from the router.. had to put it on 5GHz N-mode only for it to work :(16:26
ZogG_laptopLilltiger: it can be prob on otherside as well16:28
ZogG_laptopand internet on router16:28
Lilltigerwrks perfect from the pc16:28
vihtadrclaw-123: dunno this specific case , sometimes export helps to those aegis problems,16:30
xmlich02 hi, I have basically hello world project with xmllistmodel and there is an error which I cannot find. It crashes only on n9 device, but it it working in simulator
xmlich02 (the same code)16:30
ZogG_laptopxmlich02: what is the error?16:32
xmlich02segmentation fault16:32
drclaw-123vihta: it now says only allowed in open mode16:33
MohammadAG<drclaw-123> and it is big and annoying16:34
MohammadAGI agree16:34
MohammadAGI want to stay on beta2 but hate that message16:34
ZogG_laptopi never got ota so i don't know how it looks like16:36
MohammadAGlike this16:37
MohammadAGannoying as fuck16:37
MohammadAGneed some graphics editors' help16:37
ZogG_laptopMohammadAG: wazd?16:38
xmlich02i have found, that the crash is caused by content of xml file16:44
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC16:44
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan16:44
drclaw-123how exactly does aegis know what the source is?16:45
SpeedEvilThe signature16:47
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC16:47
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan16:48
mprhow do I access qml properties from c++ if the qml stuff is created by QmlApplicationViewer? the binding docs assume that you're creating a QDeclarativeEngine and QDeclarativeComponent directly in your code..16:49
*** RzR is now known as rzr16:49
*** rzr is now known as RzR16:49
LilltigerIs there any app/settings that can make my N9 to work as an audiodevice for my PC?16:51
Lilltigerover bluetooth that is16:52
mprah, I can just treat the viewer as the component and just do viewer->setProperty() etc?16:53
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC16:59
mpr..or not16:59
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan17:00
*** natunen has joined #harmattan17:04
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt17:07
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan17:07
jonnimpr: depends what you  want to do, you can do for example viewer.rootContext()->setContextProperty("multitouch", &touch); etc17:15
jonnimpr: or
mprit's not very encouraging that the asker says that the top answer's suggestion didn't work for him :)17:20
mprbut ok, so I can get the QDeclarativeContext through viewer.rootContext(), now I have to just figure out how to traverse the qml hierarchy through that to get to a specific property17:23
*** clbr has joined #harmattan17:34
villagergrr... is it supposed to be possible to see Qt Quick components for Harmattan in the Qt Creator's Designer?17:38
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan17:39
mprmaybe it's supposed but didn't work for me, I'm just writing the qml like css or something and then executing to see the results :)17:41
villagerokay, then it's not just me at least17:43
*** natunen has quit IRC17:46
*** vihta has quit IRC17:50
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:53
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*** Natunen has joined #harmattan18:09
*** RzR is now known as rzr18:12
*** rzr is now known as RzR18:12
tarantismHi all, I've got a thin white border around my app that's driving me nuts. Looks like one pixel top and left and two pixels right and bottom. It looks like a deliberate border. Anyone know how to get rid?18:15
tarantismI'm using a QMainWindow. Qt::FramelessWindowHint doesn't help.18:17
javispedrois your app NOT running fullscreen?18:22
*** RzR is now known as rzr18:27
*** rzr is now known as RzR18:27
*** weggi has quit IRC18:28
mprbtw how do you disable the black rounded corners?18:30
TSCHAKeeehow can I tell the fake and the real N9's?18:30
mprthey don't fit very well to the environment when you're compiling for the desktop :)18:30
tarantismjavispedro: thx. Just found it. QGraphicsView inherits QFrame and defaults to having a bloody frame. Who thought that was a good idea?18:31
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: hi!18:32
javispedrohi Doc18:32
*** conny_ has joined #harmattan18:37
mprjonni: seems that that viewer->rootContext() also gives a wrong rootcontext, you have to edit the applicationviewer class to get the right one:
mprnow it works, and yeah using those context properties is probably wiser than tying c++ code to a specific qml structure (if that would even be possible?)19:00
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC19:05
*** Ans5i has quit IRC19:06
*** pinheiro_ has joined #harmattan19:09
*** javispedro has quit IRC19:12
*** pinheiro__ has joined #harmattan19:17
mprwell I guess it would be possible through rootObject()19:18
*** pinheiro_ has quit IRC19:19
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:19
Aranel<qml question>How can I call from SomethingElse.qml? </qml question>19:21
AranelI mean, I want to use it's sheet element on another, not identical qml file.19:22
*** mck182 has quit IRC19:24
*** pinheiro__ has quit IRC19:32
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*** RzR is now known as rzr23:10
*** rzr is now known as RzR23:10
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:12
*** RzR is now known as rzr23:15
*** rzr is now known as RzR23:15
ZogG_laptopmgedmin: ping23:28
mgedminZogG_laptop, hi23:30
*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan23:35
* mgedmin in the middle of something, will take a look soon-ish23:35
ZogG_laptopif i'm not answering i'm not here nymore23:36
bemascDo I have to do anything to make my App have access to the camera?23:40
bemasc(maybe a setting somewhere in Qt Creator?)23:41
ajalkanebemasc: aegis credentials23:41
*** niqt_ has joined #harmattan23:42
bemascajalkane: thanks!  I'm not using any of those APIs though, AFAICT.  I'm just trying to open /dev/video0.23:44
bemascalso, I don't have an aegis.manifest file (I guess it's not part of the Qt Creator project template)23:44
bemaschow do I add one?23:44
ajalkanebemasc: aegis is pretty comprehensive in it's quest to protect the developer from the device ;)23:44
*** niqt has quit IRC23:44
ajalkanebemasc: start here
bemascthat page says "In most applications, the SDK creates the Aegis manifest file automatically.", but maybe because I'm not using those APIs that logic doesn't trigger23:45
ajalkaneYeah if you access the dev directly, naturally not23:45
ajalkaneThere's this aegis.manifest file that you can create. See the docs, it has some examples to get you started.23:46
bemascfound it.  "Creating the Aegis manifest file manually with Qt SDK"23:46
griDon't use a hardcoded aegis AID in your program I found out today :P23:47
bemasclooks like my manifest.aegis is currently totally empty (0 bytes)23:48
*** clbr has quit IRC23:50
ajalkaneIt usually is23:50
bemascWhat's the deal with <for path="..."/>?  Does everything get installed to /usr/bin?23:52
* bemasc looks for /usr/bin/angrybirds ... nope23:53
ajalkanebemasc: no, that's just the path to the executable these credentials are applied to23:53
bemascI'm pretty sure I want the credential GRP::video applied to my App, wherever it's installed.23:53
ajalkaneyeah, but you must know where it's being installed :)23:54
bemascoh ... Apps are really installed in absolute paths, like Debian!23:54
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:57
bemascok, looks like the answer is "/opt"23:57

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