IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-12-13

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griieatlint: your answer made me laugh :)00:12
ieatlintyes, we just need to figure out the metric now.. :)00:12
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* Aranel I wonder if any app uses In-App Analytics API and if there is a global switch to switch it off?00:15
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Corsachmhm, is there an fmtx app for Harmattan/00:26
SpeedEvilFMTX hardware does not exist.00:26
dm8tbrit is not connected IIRC00:27
Corsac seems to say that it is (but it might be old information)00:27
VenemoCorsac, fmtx chip is not connected to any output00:27
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ieatlinti know people got rx working00:32
ieatlinthadn't head tx was NC... that sucks, i liked that about the n90000:32
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merlin1991ieatlint: the reason why I carry my n900 still around if I use the car :D00:36
ieatlintthat's a bit much for me, but i've been procrastinating on getting either a bluetooth to fm adapter or a minijack to fm adapter00:37
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DocScrutinizerantenna is missing on FMTX-output of chip00:51
Venemosolder it for yerself00:55
ieatlintthat sounds like a brilliant idea00:57
ieatlintlet me know how that goes00:57
M4rtinKI have seen a Neo FreeRunner rework party - should be possible, even if little stress inducing :)00:59
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ieatlintthat sounds like an interesting party01:00
DocScrutinizerdepends on package01:14
DocScrutinizerI'm rather sure it's next to impossible to simply solder an antenna to that pin and hope it would work01:15
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merlin1991anybody got some intel on what the 16kb dev-mode update does?02:15
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Aranelwhich component I should use to create a header (apps name, clickable) with same harmattan look & feel?02:57
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the-bossz720: Error: "mer" is not a valid command.04:00
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heeeegua_anyone konw how to implement a plugin for Calendar of N908:16
heeeegua_are there anybody have relevant experiences>?!08:16
heeeegua_I just want to implement a plugin for internal calendar application of n9 by myself.08:17
heeeegua_any points can comment!08:17
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JaffaMohammadAG: ping11:53
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abeHello, I have a question regarding the N911:59
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abeIs there anyway to set a custom avatar for myself to use with the skype app?11:59
abeI know how to set custom avatars for my contacts, but is there anyway to set a personal one so they could see it on their side?12:00
abeI'll post this question on #N912:02
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djszapizz_gri: where can I find the "icon-m-web2sms" icon ?12:22
djszapioh okay:
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djszapikernel source is updated:
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gridjszapi: Why do you need it? :)12:38
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djszapibecause I also need to install icons for obvious reasons :)12:41
djszapiwanted to take an example..12:41
djszapibut I will do it differently in the end.12:41
griif you find out how to rebuild the icon cache, I want to know that :)12:41
djszapiI told ya everything last time, remember ?12:41
griNo, you said you'll investigate12:42
djszapiyou are confused.12:42
grimight be true12:42
djszapiI investigaeted, and clearly stated the facts.12:42
djszapias far as I can tell, I cannot help with fixing the platform bug in that area.12:43
griyeah, so there's no solution12:43
djszapiwell, reboot only.12:43
griyep ... I've put a warning on the start screen of the application12:44
djszapibut I mean.. I do not care too much12:44
djszapiit is not an apocalypse.12:44
griin red letters it tells you that you need to reboot your phone when it does not find the images from theme daemon12:44
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griand ovi qa is still not doing any testing with my app12:45
grithey still think they need a german sim card even though I told them twice they don't need one12:45
griseems they don't read the text in emails12:45
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djszapigri: I think you make a fuss about it :P12:49
djszapiit is not that a huge problem to get the phone restarted.12:51
djszapiI mean I wish that was the biggest problem ever :)12:51
griah that one, is no problem for me12:54
griI added the warning just for the qa team that they don't reject it because of having no idea that's a system bug12:54
djszapiI wonder which icon size would fit in the provider list, but maybe 64x64 and not 80x80 ? I need to test it.12:54
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gridjszapi: icon-m-* is in the provider list, those are 64x6412:59
griyou can see that from the other .provider files13:00
djszapiyeah, I have already done that actually.13:00
djszapinot sure why you made an "l" icon (80x80) :P13:00
griabout screen13:01
djszapiif you meant to put a launcher icon, I would call it foobar-launcher.png13:01
griand launcher icon13:01
griI just did named them like the nokia applications did13:01
gri-one did :)13:02
djszapiaccount plugins do not call it that way, nope13:02
djszapithey use the term "foobar-launcher.png" (imo correctly).13:02
grilauncher: Icon=icon-l-twitter13:03
griprovider file: <icon>icon-m-service-twitter</icon>13:03
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djszapicheck out skype13:04
gridon't have skype on the n950 :)13:04
djszapiand I still stick by, "foobar-launcher.png" is a better identifier than "l".13:04
djszapiyou do not have n9 ?13:04
griI have but that's at home13:04
grican't use two phones at once13:04
djszapiI have 3 at once :P13:05
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griI mainly use the n950, don't like the n9 screen that much for some reason13:06
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djszapiinteresting, the icon names are mixed up. "l" is preferred, and "foobar-launcher.png" is also used. wow13:07
gritake a look at the theme dir13:07
djszapiat any rate..."launcher" is more verbose, so my vote on that.13:07
grithere are a lot of icon-l and m13:07
djszapiI did.13:07
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djszapiit would be nice if javispedro can embed some png2svg converter internally into the Harmattan icon generator.13:10
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djszapigri: also, provider icons are not equal to the launcher icon here.13:14
djszapithat is another logic why it cannot work this way.13:14
gridjszapi: Well I'm happy that I atleast have an icon :)13:14
djszapiI have 5 :P13:14
the-boss[APPS] package fahrplan was ACCEPTED for promotion to Apps13:15
Jaffadjszapi: There's no good algorithm for turning an arbitrary PNG into a decently scalable SVG.13:15
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djszapiJaffa: tell me a better way if you do not have the SVG :P13:16
djszapiwithout too much work.13:16
djszapiso how can I get a Harmattan icon generated properly from an svg for instance.13:17
djszapialso, javispedro's site does not seem to accept the generated svgs from pngs.13:17
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gabriel9|jobi would like to see some control panel for adding and removing icons from App screen13:22
gabriel9|jobthat would be nice feature, maybe to add that to Application list, like option beside Uninstall13:23
gabriel9|jobShow this App In Main Screen, or checkbox, or sliderbutton13:24
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grialso "move to settings" would be nice for applications like "swipe manager" which does not deserve an launcher icon in my eyes :/13:27
gabriel9|jobthat also13:27
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gria shame that's not opensource ... availability of ovi store leads to more closed source ...13:28
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*** jluisn has joined #harmattan13:33
leinirsame with fLPMC13:35
leinirit's not so much a deserve (i'm very happy with them), it's just well... they fit better in settings13:35
leinirMind you, there's nothing stopping you from adding things to the settings app - apparently that's intended to be possible :)13:36
leinir...just it's also not straight forward ;)13:36
phakobut documented13:38
grileinir: adding swipe manager to settings is impossible since it's not opensource so I can't do a patch ...13:40
griI could do it on my phone but not publish it ..13:40
leinirOh right! Sorry :)13:41
leinirmy bad, the "it" up there was a bit ambiguous ;)13:41
djszapigri: I could send a patch though :P13:41
leiniri /did/ think you'd likely know about the settings thing already :)13:41
gridjszapi: ?13:42
djszapigri: I have access to the codebase.13:42
gridjszapi: unfair13:42
djszapihuh ? unfair to help ?13:43
griunfair it's not open :)13:43
djszapiI think what is important to establish a common structure for plugin dev from third party pov.13:46
djszapias far as I see, doing yet another plugin is almost copy paste of my current plugin code.13:46
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djszapiunsure why the devs behind it did not put these things into the library.13:46
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Jaffadjszapi: My point is there're no settings which javispedro's HIG could use to automate it. And SVGs from Inkscape which has scanned PNGs WORKSFORME13:47
fluxis there a way to make swipes work according to the application orientation instead of device orientation?13:47
djszapiJaffa: there are sites generating bar from foo, like foo2bar13:47
djszapiJaffa he could embed those once they work compatibly with his generator.13:48
griflux: annoying thing, would also like to behave it different :)13:48
fluxgri, definitely13:48
fluxalso, it'd be great if the home screen was able to do landscape, because the current behavior now causes superfluous window rotations when switching between landscape apps..13:49
fluxbe able as in be able to do it without annoying bugs :)13:49
Jaffadjszapi: <sigh/> Yes, there are sites & tools for generating foo2bar, including png2svg. My *point* (again) are that getting good results from those tools requires fiddling with things like scanning algorithm, number of passes etc.13:50
djszapiI do not need super results. I have never said that.13:50
djszapiand I bet, the good quality is also viable through a web service since it can run anything in the background.13:58
djszapiit is just a frontend after all.13:58
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djszapizz_gri: any special reason why not use a "normal" section name and "Maemo-Flags: visible" ?14:25
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djszapiX-Fade at least the afm icon appeared on the screen and the widget. I have some work to do and debugging with the authentication though/.15:57
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faenilhe guys16:00
faenilhey guys o/16:00
faenillisten to this16:00
faenilI have copied all my videos from the N9 DCIM folder to my notebook16:01
faeniland then deleted all the files in DCIM folder16:01
faenilnow I can't record videos anymore16:01
*** zz_gri is now known as gri16:01
faenilit always says the memory is full16:01
faenilas if the videos are still there...when they're not16:01
faenilhow can I force the tracker update?16:02
faenilit's really annoying16:02
X-Fadefaenil: remove the usb cable :)16:02
X-Fadedjszapi: Cool!16:02
faenilx-Fade: lol16:02
faenilX-Fade: this thing has been going on for days16:03
faenilI have also switched it off and on16:03
faenilmultiple times16:03
faenilit still says memory is full16:03
X-FadeAnd taking pictures works?16:03
faenilyes but just because they take less space16:03
faenilSettings -> Device -> memory info16:04
faenilreports 9,3/9,5 Gb in use16:04
X-FadeTime to go to the terminal and do some digging.16:04
* djszapi does not still have a clue how to publish a Harmattan source code in a sane way16:04
X-FadePerhaps filesystem corruption16:04
faenilI just plugged it to my linux distro and copied and deleted files from that folder...16:04
faenilalso safely removed the device xD16:04
gridjszapi: "normal" section name?16:05
djszapiupstream debian thing16:05
djszapiyou do not need to mess up that with user, just use the maemo flag.16:05
griI just took the default control file which QtCreator created :)16:06
faenildoes anybody know anything that could help me? some bash cmd, dunno16:06
faenilterminal command..16:06
grinever changed the section16:06
djszapiphantastic qtcreator...16:07
djszapiso someone should send a patch against that mess.16:07
griin maemo it was also user/something16:11
djszapiwhich is a nasty concept16:11
djszapiand that is why the visible flag was introduced.16:11
griI don't care about the concept as long as it does work for me16:12
djszapiit does not work16:12
djszapithat is the the problem16:12
djszapiit will fail in many cases where the debian policy expects it otherwise16:13
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:13
djszapiso instead of mixing up the way it's been handled for ages, using a flag is the nice way.16:13
griI can't discuss here since I never did any debian packaging before maemo516:14
griso I have no clue whats the "right way"16:14
X-Fadedjszapi: Yeah, the problem is that nothing really looks at that flag ;)16:14
djszapiX-Fade: what do you mean ?16:14
X-FadeThe only part where you might see it in action is for uninstalling hidden far away in settings.16:15
djszapiI do not understand what you mean since it is considered by pkgmgr, for instance in case of installation16:16
djszapiand by other things as well.16:16
X-FadeYeah, but you never see that.16:16
X-FadeAs people tend to install through a client.16:16
djszapiactually nope16:16
djszapipeople tend to install from console which is the use case for this for instance along weith the section.16:17
X-FadeOk, well heh. End of discussion then.16:17
djszapiif you do not wanna be root, and then i is uninstallable and all that jazz.16:17
djszapiso basically these entries were established for special consideration by the pkgmgr for certain cases.16:18
djszapiX-Fade: is not for satisfying the most common use case, but add an option for people trying to use these features.16:24
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djszapigri as for me, the providers are in a random order, if I do not use any /etc/ magic.16:31
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CreteilHi all16:53
Creteilcan someone explain how I can add repository from :
faenildjszapi: got any idea about someone who could be able to help me out?16:54
djszapiCreteil: have you tried this: deb harmattan/sdk free non-free ?16:54
Creteildjszapi, not already, but I'm gona check right now ... :-)16:55
CreteilUnpacking bash (from .../bash_4.1-3+maemo6+0m6_armel.deb) ...16:58
Creteilaegis-installing bash (from '')16:58
CreteilSetting up bash (4.1-3+maemo6+0m6) ...16:58
Creteilupdate-alternatives: using /usr/share/man/man7/bash-builtins.7.gz to provide /usr/share/man/man7/builtins.7.gz (builtins.7.gz) in auto mode.16:58
CreteilUpdating desktop entries... Done16:58
Creteil^^^^ does it mean I have bash as default shell now ?16:58
CreteilDoesn't seem ..16:59
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djszapiplease use or other services if you have more than 3 lines to paste.16:59
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djszapiash is the default, not bash17:00
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CreteilAnyhow, before I break the device, can someone know if I can set bash as default shell (editing) '/etc/passwd' like under my N900 ?17:00
SpeedEvilIf you do that, you stop the n900 booting17:01
CreteilSpeedEvil, I have currently :17:03
Creteiland all goes well ...17:03
SpeedEvilmaybe the scripts have been updated in PR1.417:03
CreteilSpeedEvil, I don't know, but can I do same under the N9 '/etc/passwd' file ?17:04
djszapijust try17:04
SpeedEvilI would assume that the passwd file is watched by aegis, and you can't go editing it without causing a MALF17:04
Creteildjszapi, I don't to have to reflash ... :-)17:05
Creteildjszapi, I don't want to have to reflash ... :-)17:05
djszapia developer should never worry about reflashing17:05
djszapithat is a consequence of hacking after all17:05
djszapibut it works on my N917:06
djszapiwith the beta1 image.17:06
Creteildjszapi, ok, buy me a 2nd N9 device, then no problem ... ;-)17:06
djszapihuh ?17:06
djszapieven if it does not work, you can use the NSU17:06
djszapior just avoid hacking since it can happen anytime anyway17:06
djszapibut I have just checked it out for you, and no harm here on N950 even with beta117:06
Creteildjszapi, what about rebooting with bash set as default shell ? You also checked that ?17:07
djszapibut it is N950 and beta117:08
Creteilyou don't have a N9 to break to verify ? :-)17:09
*** jbos has quit IRC17:10
*** abinader has quit IRC17:10
djszapiif you are that scared off, just use ash17:11
djszapiactually the second boot did not work somehow.17:12
djszapiit is now in a loop without a malf screen17:12
djszapiso you better go with ash.17:12
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC17:13
djszapiok I now got a malf screen after 5 minutes continous rebooting: some dnsmasq error message.17:13
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan17:13
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC17:14
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan17:14
Creteilwhat dnsmasq have to do with the default shell modification ?17:14
Creteildamn, I also remember I have modified /etc/dnsmasq.conf ...17:14
djszapiwell, if you are a developer, you can know that it is basically anything in the background without further debugging...17:14
djszapibut thanks for giving me the idea to break my device :P17:15
djszapineed to find a beta1 image somewhere.17:15
CreteilEdition of dnsmasq.conf doesn't seem to cause troubles on the N9 :17:16
Creteil-rw-r--r--    1 root     root           450 Dec  9 20:16 /etc/dnsmasq.conf17:16
Creteil-rw-r--r--    1 root     root           209 Dec  9 20:16 /etc/dnsmasq.conf-backup17:16
Creteil~ $ uptime17:16
Creteil 16:15:56 up 2 days, 23:25, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0017:16 !17:16
CreteilI don't see flood for some lines ...17:17
CreteilDoes you IRC client cry about flood alert for theses lines I pasted ?17:19
djszapiplease do not argue about it, it is a general rule to paste somewhere else above 3 lines as I already said above.17:19
Creteilah ok, as you already say ...17:21
djszapigri: mmm, it seems to be feature complete:
*** lardman|home is now known as lardman|gone17:32
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:33
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:33
*** rafael2k has joined #harmattan17:33
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan17:34
*** Creteil has quit IRC17:34
rafael2kpeople, can the neno be used instead of harmattan for dailly phone usage?17:35
the-bossdjszapi: Error: "nemomobile" is not a valid command.17:35
djszapibut I would like to warn you, you lose the warranty of your expensive phone.17:35
rafael2kI paid nothing for it17:36
rafael2k: )17:36
faenilrafael2k: short answer is no anyway :) but come to #nemomobile ;)17:36
rafael2kthanks! Id like to use the phone in aegis open mode...17:36
djszapiwhy not the open kernel then ?17:37
djszapiis it too buggy still ?17:37
rafael2kwhere can I find info about running harmattan in aegis open mode/open kernel?17:37
*** abinader has joined #harmattan17:38
*** jbos has joined #harmattan17:38
rafael2kI really have not done this yet17:38
djszapinormal because it has not been supported so far17:38
rafael2kgreat, thanks!!!17:40
*** westlunder has joined #harmattan17:44
*** faenil has quit IRC17:44
westlunderwhere can i download this firmware for the nokia n9?17:45
djszapijust use NSU17:45
westlundercan't do it through nsu17:45
*** faenil has joined #harmattan17:46
djszapiwhy ?17:46
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:47
westlunderwith the default product code i don't even get the update17:47
westlunderafter i changed the product code17:47
westlunderNSU says: nokia software updater has lost its connection with your device, follow these steps to help reconnect your device,..17:47
westlunderit just doesn't update17:47
westlundertried it several times17:48
djszapion Windows ?17:49
westlunderfound it on navifirm17:52
*** faenil has quit IRC17:52
westlunderthanks for the telp17:52
*** faenil has joined #harmattan17:54
*** heeeegua_ has quit IRC17:56
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan17:56
*** westlunder has quit IRC17:57
*** heeeegua has joined #harmattan17:57
*** faenil has quit IRC18:01
*** heeeegua_ has joined #harmattan18:01
*** heeeegua has quit IRC18:02
ZogG_laptopnoone wants to try my app18:04
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: piiiing18:05
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC18:17
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan18:18
*** zk8 has quit IRC18:22
*** lardman has joined #harmattan18:23
*** nebulon has quit IRC18:24
*** jabis_ has quit IRC18:24
grihmm, meecast and gpodder are in both, ovi store and apps for meego - so that is ok?!18:24
djszapiwhy wouldn't it ?18:25
djszapithey are different stores after all18:25
grithought ovi wants the exclusive distribution right18:25
djszapiit sounds like you think Ovi has some agreement with the publishers about not being able to publish somewhere else.18:26
*** frinring has quit IRC18:27
grithat's what I was thinking18:27
djszapiwell, you should know it since you published things to Ovi :P18:28
leinirgri: it's some stipulation in there, i believe it says something which boils down to you not being allowed to sell anything which you sell on ovi anywhere else... but if it's free distribution, i /think/ it's ok... ianal, but... yeah18:29
gridjszapi: I consider removing it from ovi myself since the qa guys don't seem to understand what the application is for and don't want to start testing18:30
djszapiI do not think it is a problem actually in the practice.18:31
djszapiso people publishing to other stores like AFM, will not remove it from there after publishing to Ovi.18:31
thpgri: if you uninstall the ovi-distributed package you can install the apps.formeego-distributed package and vice versa (at least that was the case when i last checked it)18:31
thpyou also have to uninstall the ovi-provided package if you install a new package built from scratch (i.e. for testing)18:32
grithp: And if I have installed the ovi version but the afm one gets updated faster I am unable to update?18:32
djszapithp: we are discussing from legit pov :P18:32
djszapigri: yes of course18:33
thpdjszapi: what's not legit about the things i wrote? ;)18:33
djszapisince it comes from less trusted source...18:33
djszapiit is basically the same for the platform packages.18:33
djszapithp: well, you said something technically, not legit pov, right ?18:34
thpgri: uninstall the package, then install from afm18:34
djszapithat might be though a pain, if someone packages the stuff badly.18:34
djszapior is all the ovi package uninstallable from the Ui ?18:34
djszapiI guess it is just up to the packaging.18:34
djszapiso for an end user, and not hacker, it might be a no-go.18:35
grithp: I know, I just thought that there might exist dumb users which just see "update failed" and don't know how to continue18:35
thpdjszapi: no, i mean even in my case, i distribute gpodder in ovi but sometimes i send updated versions to users as .deb and they have to uninstall the ovi version before installing the .deb provided by me18:35
djszapimr joe. does not know console.18:35
thp(usually an update that fixes some user's issue that waits in ovi QA so that the user doesn't have to wait for the package to appear in the store)18:36
thpdjszapi: all that can happen in the UI. uninstall via settings/applications, then install via .deb copied to MyDocs and the "Search" feature (or any filemanager app)18:36
djszapiI would agree with gri here, even ui uninstall/install is painy for them18:36
thpyes it is18:37
djszapithp: that is not a mr. joe workflow18:37
djszapivica versa works though.18:37
thpi'm not saying it's a good/easy solution. i'm just saying that this is the workaround that users who want to have updated packages can do with some work18:37
djszapiI am unsure whether Nokia and Ovi solved the fact, to not show up a "new update available" message, if the update is available only less trusty source.18:39
djszapisince it makes no sense to show that, if the update is available from less trusty source. I would expect that.18:41
djszapiif they solved it, it is not a real problem.18:41
grion my phones "updates available" does not even show up for ovi applications :)18:42
grithe phone tells me "update available" when I manually started the update in ovi store o_O18:42
djszapialso, AFM could show up a message, it is already installed from OVI or X, please remove it first.18:43
djszapiwould easy to check against an Ovi install precisely.18:43
thpor even offer to uninstall and reinstall (given that there are no dependency problems) after a confirmation18:43
djszapirather, it could even help with the removal.18:43
djszapi"Would you like to first remove the package from Ovi?"18:44
thpyep. write that down somewhere. is there a bug tracker for the AFM client?18:44
djszapiwhat dependency problems ?18:44
djszapiAFM should have a proper workflow for the dep thingie.18:44
djszapiQA workflow.18:44
djszapiOvi app cannot be the dep for anything else, thus I do not see such a problem.18:45
thpthat's true. so it might not be a problem after all. i hope the same holds true in AFM as well (i.e. nothing can depend on a "user/*" package)18:46
djszapi -> gitorious sucks for several reasons, for instance the missing project mailing list and bugtracker.18:46
djszapiso I would expect you need to report it on the meego bugtracker.18:46
djszapiuser/* should not be used at all18:46
thpwhy not? otherwise it won't show up on the uninstall screen of the built-in application manager?18:47
djszapiwhy not ?18:47
*** Kaadlajk_ has joined #harmattan18:47
djszapiif not, that is a bug since Maemo-Flags: visible was designed for that.18:48
djszapithis user/* was a nasty hackery back then18:48
*** jabis_ has joined #harmattan18:48
*** mja has joined #harmattan18:48
thpah, good to know. didn't about that, although I was wondering about the purpose of Maemo-Flags earlier today18:48
thpso the handling of Section: user/* is deprecated in harmattan? can fremantle's application manager also deal with Maemo-Flags:?18:49
djszapiI owuld not say it is deprecated, and I have no clue about Fremantle.18:50
*** Kaadlajk has quit IRC18:51
djszapithp: I documented it here:
djszapifrom the part: "You can see the "Section: user/kde" and "Maemo-Flags: visible" entries."18:51
*** faenil has joined #harmattan18:51
*** mja- has quit IRC18:51
djszapifaenil: so have you tried to figure out where the consumption is, in which directory, or is it clean memory usage ?18:52
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:59
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan19:02
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:02
faenildjszapi: I have no photos...19:03
faenilwhat can take 9gb of memory?19:03
djszapiis it memory or hard disk space ?19:04
faenilinbuilt N9 memory ? :P19:04
djszapiin other words: is it some left-over temporary or backup or memory issue ?19:04
faenilI don't know...19:04
faenilit just says user data: 9,3/9,5Gb19:04
djszapiwhat says that ? Please gimme full output19:05
faenilSettings->Device->Data storage19:07
djszapiI have 57-58 GB19:08
djszapibut ok19:08
faenileh, you have 64gb model :P19:09
djszapiat any rate cat /etc/mtab19:09
djszapior something like that, and go figure out19:09
djszapiyou might have some left-over backup or temporary19:09
djszapitry to localize the folder where that big size resides.19:09
faenilok...but this is not likely to be the issue, because it happened when memory was full because of videos, I deleted videos, and it was still change :D19:10
faenilanyway, checking19:10
djszapiyou need to understand which folder is that full right ?19:10
faenilwell, actually I think it's just the tracking reporting wrong "free" memory value19:10
djszapiuser data is not memory19:11
djszapiI have never seen 64 GB memory on a phone yet19:11
djszapiit is the disk stuff imho19:11
faenilnot memory as RAM19:11
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:11
djszapiyou need to localize as much as possible which folder reports that19:12
faenilwhat should I look for in mtab?19:12
djszapiwhich partition is that 9.5 GB19:12
deramunfortunately flash memory is memory...19:13
djszapiprobably /home/user/MyDocs/19:13
faenilyes most probably19:14
faenilbut mtab doesn't report size of most of the entries19:14
deramprobably some du /home/user/MyDocs/ |sort -n  could give some estimate what is taking most of the space19:14
djszapibut it reports what partitions are partitioned19:14
djszapiso that is an initial step to get information about partitions19:15
*** rafael2k has quit IRC19:15
faenilbut I guess it's mydocs 99%19:15
djszapigo and figure out which consumes the space19:15
djszapinot that a hard task :)19:15
faenilnope...I just thought there was a way to force resource refreshing...19:16
faenilok got it19:16
djszapinot sure what you mean.19:16
faenilhow the hell did files got there? :P19:17
w00tthank your file browser19:17
deramyou deleted the files using computer, with phone in udb-storage mode19:17
faenildid it from Nautilus19:17
deramand it recycled them not deleted19:17
djszapifaenil: why not delete stuff with rm ?19:18
djszapiinstead of trusting some ui app ? :P19:18
faenildjszapi: of course, now that I know where they are :P19:18
Sputand that's why I still do most file operations from the shell.19:18
djszapiactually I use rm -rf19:18
deramin nautilus there is option to empty the trash19:18
faenildjszapi: just coz I was copying files to the notebook...and just deleted them after copying, as everyone does19:18
deram(and also disable trash folders on removable medias)19:18
djszapiso in my experience for this type of issue:19:18
djszapi1) Trash 2) Backup 3) Some big temporary file19:19
faenilthanks deram, did not know about trash on removable medias19:19
faenilthought they would have been transferred to MY trash, not my n9's...19:19
djszapifaenil: you are welcome ;)19:21
deramhmm.. unfortunately I can't find that option anymore...19:21
faenilwas writing command :P19:22
faenilok much better now :)19:22
faenilthanks djszapi and deram :)19:22
deramgnome is surely going to the more user friendly way19:22
djszapihave you tried gnome3 or/and unity on tablet ? It is pretty amazing19:22
djszapiway better sadly than PA.19:23
ZogG_laptopgnome/kde/unity sucks19:24
deramhaven't tried yet.. been dodging the unity since it crashed on friend of mine..19:24
ZogG_laptopjust make it productive and simple and not shinny and slow19:24
deramprobably it would be worth a try in my htpc19:24
faenildjszapi: don't be in a hurry, thanks will come ;)19:26
faenilI'm currently using Gnome3 on linux mint 12...find it very nice :)19:27
faenildon't know why people hate it so much...19:28
faenillack of lot of options though19:28
faeniltooooo few options in the menus and submenus19:28
leinirfaenil: well, if it works for your workflow, you're good, the problem is when it doesn't, then you're pretty much stuffed19:28
djszapiI wish PA reached the stability level of Gnome3 or/and Unity even just on tablets.19:29
faenilIt's ok for fighting against qt for android :D19:29
faenildjszapi: PA looked very nice on my n95019:29
deramwhat is PA in this context?19:30
djszapiyou serious ?19:30
djszapifaenil: from what I saw, it was not scaling well for handset at all...19:30
faenilnope, but the UI idea was nice19:31
deramthanks, didn't find anthing relevant with standard google first..19:31
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan19:31
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC19:31
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan19:32
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC19:32
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan19:32
djszapifaenil: PA is even very unstable on tablets. Did I now show you in Munich it could not even establish a network connection for 4 days properly ?19:33
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan19:33
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC19:34
djszapiI wanted to show angry birds on tablet with the html5 version to people, and .. well, I was a bit ashamed of its buggyness about not even connecting to the network for a simple game.19:34
faenildjszapi: I didn't remember it was PA :)19:36
faenilanyway, I like the UI idea, still :P19:36
djszapithe idea is not enough for succeeding :P19:37
djszapicannonical imho employs way more developer on a gnome tablet version.19:37
*** tbf has quit IRC19:43
*** unreal- is now known as unr34L20:06
*** djszapi has left #harmattan20:06
*** unr34L is now known as unreal-20:08
faenilhave to go guys :) cya tomorrow ;)20:09
faenilenjoy! :D20:09
*** faenil has quit IRC20:10
*** daniel_o has joined #harmattan20:16
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC20:16
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC20:23
*** snowpong has quit IRC20:36
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: I don't think etc/passwd should get monitored by aegis - makes no sense basically20:55
DocScrutinizeranyway on fremantle it's not bash but the toolbox that breaks initscripts20:55
DocScrutinizerjust replacing sh by bash still leaves all the friggin busybox aliases for toolbox cmds20:56
DocScrutinizerand iirc we tracked the initscript problem down to some nonsense like ls, mount, date, foo giving an output format that the proper toolbox cmd either doesn't know at all (too crippled), or at very least would need a cmdline option parameter to behave like friggin busybox builtin does without that parameter20:59
DocScrutinizeralas POSIX doesn't specify output format of commands to the last space and comma21:02
DocScrutinizert900:~# ps|head21:05
DocScrutinizer  PID USER       VSZ STAT COMMAND21:05
DocScrutinizer    1 root      1900 S    /sbin/init21:05
DocScrutinizerjr@halley:~> ps|head21:06
DocScrutinizer  PID TTY          TIME CMD21:06
DocScrutinizer11911 pts/4    00:00:00 ps21:06
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:11
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:14
*** beford has joined #harmattan21:15
*** zk8 has left #harmattan21:33
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan21:38
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:40
lizardodid anyone notice a silent upload of the latest N9 kernel source to  around yesterday?21:52
Stskeepsheh heh21:53
djszapiI pasted the link this morning :P21:53
lizardoright in time for xmas :)21:53
Stskeepsthey ran out of burnable dvds ;)21:53
djszapibut it is only a kernel update we did.21:54
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:55
djszapiso if you need more, you still need to request the DVD21:55
kimjuso which image that source matches? pr1.1 ?21:55
lizardoBTW, do you remember which toolchain the signed kernel is built with? cs2009q3-eglibc2.10-armv7-hard ?21:56
djszapikimju: yeah21:56
ieatlintprobably... that appears to be from week 37, and pr1.1 is from week 4021:56
djszapilizardo: why do you ask ?21:57
lizardodjszapi, I want to build a kernel image as closest as possible to the signed one21:57
djszapiwhat is the purpose of your own kernel ?21:58
lizardoI tried using the toolchain from Madde (Qt SDK) but the image was a few KB bigger21:58
ieatlintheh, ask a simple question, get several questions about your motives21:58
lizardodjszapi, bluetooth experiments :)21:58
djszapilizardo: that is the one we use.21:59
djszapiwe do not use linaro, nor soft as android does.21:59
djszapinor 2.8 version of eglibc221:59
*** Soder has joined #harmattan21:59
djszapithough, I have no clue about madde since we use sb.22:00
lizardodjszapi, theoretically it is binary compatible (otherwise Qt apps would fail to run) but for kernel I would rather use the exact same toolchain from the official images22:01
djszapimany things should be theoritically compatible in qtcreator, to put it mildly :)22:02
*** nibbler has quit IRC22:06
djszapilizardo: in other words, wehave not changed since you left Nokia :)22:07
lizardodjszapi, well, I have not left Nokia because... INdT is still inside a Nokia factory site :)22:10
djszapiso do you still work for Nokia ?22:10
djszapijust on a different project, or what do you precisely mean ?22:11
lizardodjszapi, yes, in some way... But projects have been shifting away from MeeGo, as you might suspect22:11
lizardobut INdT still works for Nokia's supported ecosystems (anyway, this might be off-topic here)22:12
djszapiI still work for Nokia and Harmy. I am too loyal to the customer and the project. :)22:12
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan22:13
lizardodjszapi, is Harmy a fancy name for harmattan or something else ? never heard of it22:13
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC22:13
djszapilol never thought Harmy is vague as a nickname for Harmattan :)22:14
djszapi(on this channel)22:14
kimjuusually it seems to be called HARM.22:14
ZogG_laptopso is it harmattan?22:15
djszapiNO, it is Android!22:15
ZogG_laptopmaybe it's some name for company22:17
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: i know what you mean by loyal to customers22:17
ZogG_laptopi work for company when sometimes her decisions are not the best but still i do try to help customers even it's more than i should22:18
djszapiI think helping the customer is not enough. You need to make them win :)22:19
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC22:19
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan22:19
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: btw if you do work i have one question. i do understand the problems of QA test before releasing any software or updates, but why critical bugfixes are not released separetly?22:20
djszapiask the people who chose Elop :)22:20
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan22:23
djszapiI do not have any relation with the product and release management. I am just a poor dev. :)22:23
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC22:25
ZogG_laptopit was the same with maemo before elop actuall22:25
djszapiexcept that they did have enough resurce.22:25
djszapialso, the wow-effect is bigger if you do not release every tiny bit, so it is not just about the overhead they do not have capacity for.22:27
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:28
*** smokex is now known as smokex|away22:28
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:40
ZogG_laptopbug 123 is not one person should expect everyday22:43
_MeeGoBot_Bug maj, Highest, ---, ext-risto.lahti, RESO FIXED, accounts passwords are not remembered accross reboots22:43
ZogG_laptopand if answer is to flash than it's ok if i have full control of phone i mean no aegis22:43
ZogG_laptoplike my PC22:43
ZogG_laptopi have bugs22:43
ZogG_laptopbut i choosed to use certain programs and OS22:44
ZogG_laptopso it is my choice22:44
ZogG_laptopwhile here they say user shouldn't install and do whatever he wants22:44
ZogG_laptopbut on other side it's okay for end user to flash22:44
*** beford has quit IRC22:45
*** b3ll has quit IRC22:57
jonnianswer was wait for pr1.2 :)22:59
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan23:02
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:07
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan23:07
ZogG_laptopjonni: it asks for password every 20 mins23:13
ZogG_laptopwazd is a devil =) -
jonniyep, it usually does that if it roams between wifi/2g/3g, bug in PR1.123:16
jonnii've already got used to entering my password quite fast on N9 PR1.1 device23:18
ZogG_laptopjonni: don't think it's solution =)23:29
ZogG_laptopbtw what does request quote means?23:29
ZogG_laptop - does it mean free sample or what?23:31
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan23:33
*** briglia has quit IRC23:38
*** fuz_ has quit IRC23:44
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:45
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan23:49
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:58

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