IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-12-06

Venemogabriel9, you need to enter both an ident and a real name00:01
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Venemogabriel9, the bug is fixed, the fix will be in a newer package.00:04
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gabriel9it's snowing00:08
Venemoit's not :(00:08
M4rtinKsame result, snow's also broken for me :P00:10
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gabriel9did you try weather.snow()00:13
Venemoit threw an InvalidOperationException00:13
gabriel9ok, did you implement weather interface?00:14
gabriel9there are all the meathods?00:14
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Venemogabriel9, I also get access denied when I try to access it00:17
M4rtinKhmm, Aegis ?00:18
gabriel9check paths, and permissions00:18
gabriel9anyone from Austria or Swis?00:21
grigabriel9: oha00:22
gabriel9ahoy gri00:22
griwe had sun and rain today but no snow :) (ok, bavaria is not austria)00:23
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gabriel9do you know how much monney would i need to go on the Alps?00:24
gabriel9hotel + food00:24
gabriel9and skee pass00:24
griskee pass is expensive00:24
grithe more days, the less one day costs (as usual)00:25
grione day is ~35 - 45 €00:25
grifor hotel and food I have no idea, only made day trips00:26
gabriel9hm, that's expensive00:26
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grias one example00:27
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gabriel9hm this and rent a car = too much00:30
griyep and I have to go bed, good night00:32
gabriel9good night00:32
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JackaLXWould something like libpurple (pidgin instant messaging lib) which loads sub-modules (the various protocol libs) need to worry about aegis?  And if so, where can I learn how to set that up?02:53
JackaLXWhat I want to do is put together harmattan debs for libpurple and telepathy-haze so that I can set up more IM accounts on my N902:54
JackaLXI've gotten to the point where I can set up an a/c with mc-tool (ICQ for example), but it just won't connect.  So I'm wondering if it might be something to do with aegis.02:57
JackaLXObviously the debs I made didn't do anything aegis-wise02:57
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Aranelwhat is the exact location of devicelockd? I accidently (not really accident, trying to get past forgotten  pw) chmod -'d it, now I mounted rootfs on host PC but don't know where it is.03:47
SpeedEvilHow did you mount rootfs on PC?03:52
Aranelmeego wiki > Fixing Malf State03:52
Aranelyup now found it and chmodded +, rebooted and It stopped the reboot loop. Now to the main problem:03:53
Aranelyou know, if a Nokia asks you pw and you don't answer it, it somehow remembers it and keeps it asking over and over, now I'm locked out of my phone and don't remember pw. How can I get past this lock screen?03:53
AranelOMG I FOUND IT! After trying countless ridiculous attempts and Track&Protect reminders, It was  the same one I use on 'user' user. It's weird, I'm pretty sure I didn't set a pw on UI.03:57
Aranelseems like I should file a bug report. MfE worked well for weeks, now It remembered its "security" part tonight, for no real reason and looks like It was the reason of sudden lock. o.O04:01
Aranelanyway, time to go to bed ^^04:01
SpeedEvilInsane. Night.04:11
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hiemanshu_N950morning everyone04:46
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jpwhitinghmm, is there a way to get harmattan target in Qt creator with distro Qt creator? or is Qt sdk the only way?05:04
Scifigjpwhiting, Is the SDK Maintenance Tool included with Distro's Qt creator?05:07
jpwhitingScifig: I'll check05:08
jpwhitingScifig: where would it be? under a menu in Qt Creator?05:09
ScifigHelp -> Start Updater05:09
jpwhitingnope :/05:09
jpwhitingguess I need the official one then05:09
jpwhitingthis About Qt Creator says it's v 2.2.1 based on Qt 4.7.305:09
* jpwhiting downloads05:10
ScifigWhen you install the latest version, just make sure you use the harmattan target under "Development Tools" (not the one under "Experimental") in the package manager.05:14
jpwhitingugh, the Download links on the right are saying forbidden again05:14
* jpwhiting checks instead05:14
jpwhitingScifig: awesome, thanks for the pointers05:28
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z720need help to compile vpnc-gui from n900 sources?07:30
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djszapiX-Fade ping11:01
djszapi -> This is the mobile icon I got from my artist friend. By the way: does AFM have an icon I could put onto the applauncher ?11:02
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djszapiGamingfreedom has this icon: OpenDesktop has this icon: We need something for AFM as well11:03
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X-Fadedjszapi: Yes, what resolution do you need? We have 80x80 and 64x64.11:15
djszapi80x80 pls.11:15
djszapiany chance for svg btw ?11:17
X-FadeLet me check where we have that. We do have it somewhere though :)11:18
djszapibtw, I think it would be clashing if I used this for the account plugin, and the afm client also uses this icon on the applauncher.11:18
djszapiit will at least be distinct regarding the text11:19
X-Fadedjszapi: The account plugin doesn't show in the grid, right?11:20
X-Fadedjszapi: Where do you expect confusion?11:20
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djszapiX-Fade: mmm that is true because the afm client can open up my account plugin11:20
djszapiso I need it only inside the list where there can be no clash11:21
X-Fadedjszapi: Yeah, but I am pretty sure there won't be a site with the same icon using OCS anyway :)11:21
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djszapimmm... the opendesktop icon does not really scale well for mobile.11:22
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vladestis there qt component for harmattan similiar to symbian's selectionlistitem ?12:13
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vladestis there qt component for harmattan similiar to symbian's selectionlistitem ?12:19
jonnino there isnt12:28
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wookhello, is there any tweak for camera on n950?13:50
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dm8tbrwook: what would such a tweak do?14:02
wookincrease quality of photo14:02
wookor in addition, extend value to 12mpx14:02
dm8tbrnot that I know of14:06
wookhmm, damn it14:12
wookwell, thanx anyway14:12
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hiemanshuthe quality of photos depend on the sensor, and well there is no software tweak for a hardware sensor14:14
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jreznikhiemanshu: of course but post processing matters too14:27
hiemanshujreznik: not by that much really14:27
jreznikhiemanshu: you can make it easily worst :)14:28
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decibytecome on... please tell us the secret keyboard shortcut to making the camera capture hq 12mpx 3d video at 100fps in low light conditions.15:15
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hiemanshudecibyte: Ctrl + Shift + ] + Butterfly :D15:54
vsync_please tell us the tweak how i can multiply my groceries16:00
vsync_i mean... come on please! I wouldn't have to spend that much money anymore!16:00
vsync_it's so funny nowadays how nerds are estranged from the hardware-side and only focusing on the software. It's a bit easier that way I guess.16:01
hiemanshuvsync_: the tweak is called shoplifting :P its an illegal tweak :P16:02
vsync_they gonna do me a chroot /jail?16:03
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hiemanshuvsync_: yes :P16:06
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djszapimmm, nobody portedthe mpg123 package(s) yet to Harmattan17:01
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djszapihas someone tried playing mp3S with the default media player ?17:13
djszapiX-Fade: ovi does support dependencies so it should be no problem for AFM ;)17:14
X-FadeOnly for libs in nokia-apps, right?17:14
djszapiusing basically anything for dependencies17:14
djszapiX-Fade: nope17:15
X-FadeNo external ones though.17:15
djszapiit is not app-wise thing17:15
djszapiit is just that you cannot put libs into the "dependency repo".17:15
djszapibut ovi as a concept does support it17:15
djszapiso if your app using a dependency from that "repo", you can get it without bundling it to your app.17:15
X-FadeYeah, so what happens is that everybody statically links anyway.17:16
djszapithat is the only thing not happening imho17:16
X-FadeAnyway, we have another problem. Because of that hacky nature of the 'ovi' repository.17:17
djszapipeople first either use the Nokia "apps" repository if it provides the dependency, or use shared libraries inside the same package.17:17
djszapiit is not ovi repository17:17
djszapiit is a normal debian repository17:17
X-FadeThe problem I hint at is that because ovi can't do proper repos, they did a hack to make it look like a debian repo.17:18
X-FadeAnd now we have an issue with colliding package names.17:18
djszapithat is simple to solve.17:18
X-FadeEven if you uninstall an app which previously was installed from ovi, it prevents you to install it from apps.17:18
djszapior at least work around17:18
X-FadeBy renaming the package, yes.17:19
X-FadeIt remains in /usr/bin/osa --packages17:20
djszapiI am not following. :) Seems I lack some information to the understanding.17:20
X-Fadedjszapi: Install gpodder from ovi, uninstall gpodder, install gpodder from apps (error)17:21
djszapiI think where the confusion is17:21
X-FadeNow if you did not install it from ovi before, it works fine.17:21
djszapiyou mean by "apps" AFM, and not the apps repository ?17:22
X-FadeThey are the same,.17:22
djszapithere is an "apps" repository shipped by Nokia which is distinct to AFM.17:22
X-FadeI'm talking about community stuff, not nokia-apps.17:22
X-FadeThat is where I refer to as nokia-apps17:23
X-FadeThe one where they dump in dependencies to help special apps in ovi out :)17:23
djszapithat is why I did not understand. "apps" meant the "apps" repository in the sources.list17:23
djszapiso what do you mean by "error" precisely ?17:24
X-FadeOk, so apps as in afm.17:24
X-FadeThe package manager just shows that it failed to install.17:24
djszapiwhat is the exact reason of the fail ?17:25
X-FadeNeed to check what it says for apt-get.17:25
X-FadeThe guy isn't telling you anything at least.17:25
X-Fadegui :)17:25
* djszapi already sees people complaining some apps work from Ovi, but not from AFM because of the lack of credentials..17:26
X-Fadedjszapi: The possibility of people complaining :)17:27
djszapimaybe a faq section for this might be an idea17:27
djszapior some note to the users.17:27
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ZogG_laptopX-Fade: ping18:18
Venemo_N950ZogG_laptop, hello18:18
ZogG_laptopVenemo_N950: hey18:18
ZogG_laptopVenemo_N950: do you have jabber?18:18
X-FadeZogG_laptop: pong18:19
ZogG_laptopor any other way to communicate18:19
Venemo_N950ZogG_laptop, I dunno what jabber is, so I guess I don't18:19
Venemo_N950ZogG_laptop, you can communicate with me here or on twitter :)18:19
ZogG_laptopX-Fade: wanted to ask you, what is the approval needed to upload pckgs to afm18:19
*** wazd has joined #harmattan18:19
djszapianybody with Symbian development capability ?18:19
djszapiVenemo_N950: o/18:19
X-FadeZogG_laptop: How do you mean?18:20
ZogG_laptopX-Fade: and btw about install error we might use output report thru client to server so the dev can see the logs18:20
ZogG_laptopX-Fade: i asked one guy to start maintaining his app thru afm18:20
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan18:20
ZogG_laptophe told he got answer that he needs to wait for approval or something18:21
X-FadeZogG_laptop: All you need is an account.18:21
ZogG_laptopX-Fade: and acc - i just register and that's it right?18:21
X-FadeZogG_laptop: account and ping me.18:21
X-FadeZogG_laptop: If something is not clear on that page, please let me know. So we can fix it.18:23
Venemo_N950hey djszapi, how're you today? :)18:23
djszapiVenemo_N950: looking for a person having Symbian development set up ..18:23
X-FadeZogG_laptop: Hmm afaik, I answered his email.18:24
djszapisince qt5 project likes new module proposals if it runs on that series :)18:24
ZogG_laptopX-Fade: oh, lemme ask him18:24
Venemo_N950djszapi, I've ported an app to symbian almost a year ago. it was a huge pain, will never bother again18:25
X-FadeZogG_laptop: He is account is already working on obs fwiw.18:26
Venemo_N950djszapi, maybe you'll have luck in #qt-symbian18:26
djszapiVenemo_N950: I do not have a choice. I need to do it18:26
Venemo_N950djszapi, maybe you'll have luck in #qt-symbian - I got a lot of help there.18:27
djszapiI tried #symbian, but that was silent18:27
djszapilet us try this.18:27
djszapiVenemo_N950: when I have tried it 3 years ago, it was impossible for Linux, and even Windows was painy.18:28
djszapiso if it is easy nowadays to set up, I can give it a try.18:28
ZogG_laptopdamn found really annoying bug on n918:28
ZogG_laptopreally annoying that only flash is the answer and it makes me feel asd panda18:29
Venemo_N950djszapi, yeah, no symbian sdk on linux. still.18:29
ZogG_laptopas all settings are reset every flash as well as accounts =\18:29
djszapiVenemo_N950: the bigger problem is not Windows, but the QtCreator workflow ;)18:29
djszapican I get rid of that stuff ?18:29
djszapiI mean I like Windows, I have nothing against it18:30
Venemo_N950djszapi, perhaps, but the default symbian workflow is even more painful18:30
djszapiok, let us continue it in private..18:30
ZogG_laptopwtf, everytime i reboot all passwords are gone and time to time twitter is not working18:31
djszapicheck oyur syslog18:32
djszapiprobably signon or/and other db corruption18:32
djszapieven if not, check your syslog18:32
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jreznikremote compiler works quite fine and it's probably faster than my windows netbook with native symbian sdk18:33
*** adlan_ has joined #harmattan18:33
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: where are the logs?18:33
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: proxy server not found18:34
ZogG_laptopreplyXauthRequestFinished Reply error 9918:35
ZogG_laptopor got reply 0 bytes18:35
djszapiyou do not have syslog without the developer mode18:36
*** adlan has quit IRC18:36
djszapijreznik: I do not have capability for remote compiling.18:36
jonnithat reminds me that I have 200device signing rights for all 20 capabilities for symbian and I need to renew the certificate soon... :)18:36
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan18:36
djszapiso if anybody could try to build openal, I would thank..18:37
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* RST38h yawns widely18:48
djszapijreznik: openal uses cmake, so that is probably even harder for Symbian purposes..18:51
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ZogG_laptopX-Fade: can you add my acc as well (ZogG)19:08
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befordhey. I keep geetting a conflicting app needs to be uninstalled when I'm trying to install something from the ovi store, any hints ? I just did a reset19:31
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:31
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan19:34
djszapibeford: could you please tell more details ?19:35
*** b3ll has quit IRC19:37
befordsure, using n9, I reseted (clear device?) it like 30 mins ago, just set up my nokia account, I tried to install Filebox and got the message, then I tried with Compass and the same message appears, I'm currently restarting it19:39
befordit doesn't have developer mode enabled19:40
ZogG_laptopVenemo: buddy19:40
Venemohey ZogG_laptop19:41
ZogG_laptopdjszapi: i had it, the output is above from it, but anyway it's known bug on tracker hope it's goonna be fixed19:41
ZogG_laptopVenemo: do you have jabber coz i preffer it over PM =)19:43
VenemoZogG_laptop, I don't know what jabber is19:43
VenemoZogG_laptop, so I guess I don't have it19:43
befordThe exact message is "Dependency notice: To complete installation of phonetorch, a conflicting application needs to be uninstalled. Accept Cancel"19:44
djszapiZogG_laptop: had what ?19:44
befordok reading this
ZogG_laptopbeford: try to do it from console to see what pck it deletes19:45
ZogG_laptopVenemo: xmpp?19:46
infobothmm... jabber is at,, and or an instant messaging system, or and planet.jabber.org19:46
VenemoZogG_laptop, I don't want to register on yet another IM19:46
ZogG_laptopVenemo: let's say googletalk, facebookchat, whatsapp are based on jabber protocol19:46
ZogG_laptopVenemo: you can use gmail account =)19:47
VenemoZogG_laptop, I HATE gmail19:47
ZogG_laptopVenemo: but you have it right?19:47
VenemoI will NOT log in to that.19:47
Venemojust please PM me here.19:47
djszapiVenemo: take it easy :P19:48
*** frinring has quit IRC19:48
ZogG_laptopi do like jabber19:48
ZogG_laptopVenemo: what mail service you use btw19:48
VenemoZogG_laptop, I use the one with my university's domain for work-related messaging, my own domain for private mails, and I use the mail address when a web site I register on asks for my email.19:50
befordoh flash recommended.. damn, didn't want to start using the n9 with a flash on the first week :P19:51
Venemobeford, reflash is first thing I do to every new device I buy/get/etc19:51
djszapiVenemo: even your TV ? :P19:51
Venemodjszapi, hm?19:52
VenemoI don't use a TV.19:52
djszapieven your laptop?*19:52
djszapimmm, fluidsynth does not seem to be ported either to Harmattan. Wonder how people can play mp3 and midi files.19:53
Venemowell, for my laptop, substitue reflash with OS reinstall19:53
vsync_even your stove?19:53
djszapiat least the coffee machine ran Qt in Munich19:54
vsync_or a washing machine etc19:54
VenemoI don't own a stove.19:55
vsync_washing machine?19:57
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan20:02
Venemovsync_, I wouldn't like to argue with you. but I'm just a student, don't have too many belongings.20:03
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan20:03
djszapiVenemo: do you also refresh your WP7 ?20:04
vsync_well hypothetically if you'd buy something like - say a washing machine. Would you flash it?20:04
Venemodjszapi, I don't have a WP7 device20:05
djszapiVenemo: I mean, is it more stable or how does that work ?20:05
djszapireally ? I thought you got one for the work.20:05
Venemoguys, please leave me alone!20:05
Venemodjszapi, no I don't20:05
Venemodjszapi, WP7 has a well-working emulator.20:05
djszapiVenemo: faster than qemu ?20:06
Venemodjszapi, yes, methinks20:06
Venemodjszapi, it's an x86-based virtual machine20:06
*** daniel_o has joined #harmattan20:09
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:09
befordNokia Suite will allow me to reflash the n9 to the appropiate version, right?20:17
djszapiyou mean the Nsu ?20:17
befordnokia ovi suite20:18
djszapithat should do the trick on Windows, at least.20:18
djszapi(it is also referenced from the landing page)20:18
befordthanks djszapi20:19
*** b3ll has quit IRC20:20
decibyte[noob alert] i'm trying to build this: <> but i get this error: <>. anyone know why?20:21
djszapitry without root ?20:23
decibytedjszapi: you are my hero!20:23
*** rzr has joined #harmattan20:23
ieatlintdjszapi: mine too ;)20:24
djszapido you guys understand why ?20:24
djszapior I should explain it ?20:24
ieatlinti didn't load either link actually20:24
djszapirzr: do you have time for packaging ?20:27
djszapiI have some FRs that I do not have time to do right now.20:28
decibytedjszapi: if that explanation thing was for me, please do.20:29
djszapidecibyte: the "so" belongs to the user, and that is protected from root or anybody else on Harmattan by default.20:30
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan20:32
decibytedjszapi: ahh, okay. i don't really know anything about this. but i thought i had to be root to install it "system wide" if that makes any sense. it probably does not :)20:34
*** slaine has quit IRC20:36
djszapidecibyte: you were building, not installing.20:37
decibytedjszapi: i see.20:38
decibytebut it even installed witout being root.20:38
djszapithat is not unexpected.20:39
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan20:45
decibytedjszapi: okay. and now it's installed for everybody? (which doesn't really matter in this case)20:48
djszapiif the install went fine, I guess.20:49
decibyteokay. thanks.20:50
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:05
*** Aranel_N9 has joined #harmattan21:06
*** vladest has joined #harmattan21:07
befordNSU: 315 mins to complete de download :|21:08
*** vladest has quit IRC21:10
*** vladest has joined #harmattan21:11
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:12
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan21:14
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan21:17
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:18
*** smoku has joined #harmattan21:19
*** smoku has left #harmattan21:20
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:22
*** rcg has quit IRC21:24
rzrdjszapi: what kind of packages ?21:30
djszapirzr: mpg12321:30
djszapifluidsynth, and all their dependencies please.21:30
rzrthen I guess the whole kde stack is done ?21:30
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:32
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan21:41
*** miroslav has quit IRC21:42
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC21:44
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan21:44
*** zarlino has quit IRC21:47
*** rcg has joined #harmattan21:47
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:48
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan21:48
Aranel_N9How can I manually lock N9 (as in lock code)?21:49
*** buser has joined #harmattan21:49
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan21:50
djszapibutton on the right side21:50
dm8tbrthat does not ask for the lock code21:51
dm8tbryou'd need to manually set the lock timeout to zero first21:51
jonniAranel_N9: initctl restart xsession/devicelockd21:52
jonnithat will ask you the security code21:52
dm8tbrbtw: I was wondering the same. would be kind of cool if that could be made into an app21:52
dm8tbrsimple no ui, just press app icon, lock device21:53
jonnijust make icon which calls that command, and your set21:53
djszapithat is hackish imho21:53
dm8tbrdoesn't need to be done as root?21:53
djszapiI would rather use the devicelock api21:53
dm8tbris it documented?21:54
djszapiof course21:54
jonniits hackish yes, but very quick to implement21:54
ajalkaneThe API requires credentials that are not available for 3rd party apps, yes?21:55
ajalkaneSo the initctl restart sounds like good solution21:55
djszapithat is not quite how we designed.21:56
djszapiif it requires, that is a bug21:56
* dm8tbr only found that MeeGo::QmLocks is deprecated in favour of something where I can't find documentation for21:56
ajalkaneIt requires mce::TKLockControl right?21:56
Aranel_N9so whats the best approach? should I make a .desktop file with initctl command?21:57
ajalkaneThere is a bug report in harmattan-bugs on it21:57
djszapiAranel_N9: you can run scripts form the desktop file, but also from your application21:57
djszapiajalkane: where I probably commented on it is a bug and not how supposed to work21:58
* dm8tbr wonders if a lock-button would make it through OVI QA21:58
Aranel_N9[21:59] [Aranel_N9(+i)] [2:freenode/#harmattan(+cnt)]21:59
Aranel_N9oops sry :)21:59
djszapiit is ok21:59
djszapiI think we even warned Ovi about the credentials22:00
djszapihow we designed it... Seems they disregard things22:00
ajalkanedjszapi: you mention that if develsh accl -I credentials differs from credentials application can get, there is a bug. There ic no mce::* credentials in the list, and applications can't get mce::* credentials. So if I parse your comment correctly, there is no bug.22:00
djszapiyou parse wrong :)22:01
djszapiso What I tried to say, is that there is some security bug underneath22:01
djszapibut since they are the same, security is okay, and Ovi messed up the credential policies.22:01
ajalkaneOk... I hope it gets fixed. I need mce::DeviceModeControl myself.22:01
djszapisince it was assigned to us, security22:02
djszapiand it has ntohing to do with security22:02
djszapino, it is never gonna be fixed22:02
ajalkaneAww... so initctl start is the friend if it works.22:02
djszapisadly, yes. Thank to Ovi22:02
ajalkaneOVI was born sad, seems like it continues to be sad :)22:03
djszapiI regret, me and other colleagues could not be there at that ovi meeting where the policies were decided22:03
ajalkaneIt's a majro clusterfuck if the people responsible for the security framework were not invited to such a meeting.22:04
djszapiwell, there was one person invited22:04
ajalkaneso why can't it be fixed anymore?22:05
djszapiI think I already somewhat exceeded the limit I could talk about. I am sorry, but I cannot share this information, I think.22:06
ajalkaneThat's okay.22:06
Aranel_N9I dont know how to scroll in irssi, if somebody copy pastes the whole command it would be nice :)22:09
ajalkanePageUp/PageDown to scroll22:09
dm8tbrin newer fingerterm: swipe :)22:09
dm8tbr19:52:39< jonni> Aranel_N9: initctl restart xsession/devicelockd22:10
Aranel_N9swipe doesnt work, I think its time to get myself a better/simpler commercial one ^^ thanks dm8tbr :)22:14
djszapiAranel_N9: you can also use other graphical IRC clients.22:15
Aranel_N9djszapi: can you name a few? :) ran a search through Ovi, got irssi anf 2 commercial ones22:19
djszapiAranel_N9: irc-chatter, and some communi too22:19
Aranel_N9djszapi: communi looks commercial.22:21
*** lardman|home has quit IRC22:22
djszapiAranel_N9: just grab irc-chatter22:23
djszapi Aranel_N9 hope someone will make a telepathy connection-manager based irc client sooner or later :)22:25
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:25
*** wazd has quit IRC22:27
Aranel_N9djszapi: I hope so too, but my first wish is gtasks app! I may learn Qml to do it, I need it desperately.22:34
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan22:35
dm8tbrAranel_N9: I think the latest fingerterm should have swipe working22:36
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan22:39
Venemohow can I reset tracker?22:40
Venemoor something like that22:40
Venemoit loads some music with incorrect album arts22:40
jonniAranel_N9: and shift-PgUp and shift-PgDn also works for scrollback on irssi22:40
jonni(and without shift too)22:41
*** ajalkane has quit IRC22:42
Venemofound it.22:45
Venemo'tracker-control -r -c'22:45
Stskeepsthat kills your contacts too22:46
Venemowho the hell stores the contacts in the same place as the album arts?22:47
DocScrutinizerthe name is TRACKER22:47
w00tStskeeps would be correct.. it'll also kill off a lot of other things22:47
w00tVenemo: pong, i think you pinged awhile ago22:48
Venemow00t, yeah, it DID22:48
Venemoin any case, I have a backup, so it can't win :)22:48
w00tbut i suspect you're a bit busy now22:48
jonni  -r, --hard-reset                 Kill all Tracker processes and remove all databases22:48
jonni  -e, --soft-reset                 Same as --hard-reset but the backup & journal are restored after restart22:48
jonni  -c, --remove-config              Remove all configuration files so they are re-generated on next start22:48
Venemow00t, ponged you in PM22:48
Venemojonni, indeed, but I didn't have a clue that it also stores my contacts.22:48
DocScrutinizeryeah, isn't that the most brilliant thing since e=mc^2? Replace a sane filesystem, even without C: etc, by a fucked up flat database for **EVERYTHING**22:49
Venemoit should have an option where I can tell it what to delete.22:49
Venemobecause if I want to delete my album arts, I won't want to delete my contacts22:50
DocScrutinizeryou should TAG the stuff you want to delete!22:50
Venemothat's all22:50
Venemoit doesn't even have an option to choose what to delete. f***.22:51
Venemolet's hope my backup was recent enough22:51
w00tVenemo: it sort of does, if you learn sparql and run queries to tell it what to do22:52
DocScrutinizeran implementation and architecture like done by an alcoholic, based on a concept specified by a kid with only Tom&Jerry education22:53
VenemoDocScrutinizer, your sense of humor and metaphors always amuse me :)22:55
*** Aranel_N9 has quit IRC23:02
*** beford has quit IRC23:02
ZogG_laptopVenemo: still here?23:02
ZogG_laptopVenemo: i think i finished my simple app23:03
ZogG_laptopbut i can't include some lib23:03
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan23:03
*** lamikr has quit IRC23:04
*** snowpong has quit IRC23:05
VenemoZogG_laptop, no idea, sorry23:05
*** Aranel_N9 has joined #harmattan23:05
ZogG_laptopany one ? how do i add to .pro file libs e.g. jasson?23:06
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:06
daniel_oactually i have no idea what u're doing :D so it's just a guess :D23:13
djszapiVenemo: I am soooo happy Symbian support is not a requirement in Qt5 :)23:14
Venemodjszapi, :)23:15
djszapiVenemo: did  you have a game project btw ?23:16
Venemodjszapi, Puzzle Master is a game, yes23:17
djszapiVenemo: do you plan to have a sound in that ?23:18
Venemodjszapi, nope23:18
*** briglia has quit IRC23:25
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:36
*** Aranel_N9 has quit IRC23:38
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan23:46
*** crevetor has quit IRC23:48
*** zarlino has quit IRC23:49
*** rzr has quit IRC23:49
*** piggz has quit IRC23:52
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan23:52
*** nid0 has quit IRC23:53
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan23:53
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*** rzr has joined #harmattan23:59

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