IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2011-11-30

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vadimqis it possible to set up key based ssh access to the user account? Works with the developer one, but doesn't seem to be working for user01:12
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DocScrutinizeryou need a password to make keys work (paradox, yes)01:16
vadimqneed a password?01:16
vadimqhere's what I'm up to: I found about the xclip commandline tool, which allows to manipulate the clipboard. That's awesome, now I can get text easier to the n9. The next idea is have a little program to ssh in and open a new tab in fennec, but I figure that has to run as "user". As developer I seem to get a new window01:19
DocScrutinizerpasswd user01:21
vadimqno, I want to log in with a ssh key. The ones that go in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys201:22
DocScrutinizerthe install your pubkey to ~user/.ssh/01:22
DocScrutinizerand forget about the 2 at end01:23
DocScrutinizerbut you need a password set to make ssh work01:23
vadimqweird. But keys bypass passwords anyway.01:23
DocScrutinizerbut sshd refuses to log in to accounts that have empty password01:24
vadimqodd. Ahh, ok, thanks :-)01:24
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corecodewhat's up with this permission denied for root?02:21
corecodehow can i find out which cwd some process uses?02:21
buser aegis?02:21
SpeedEvilsu user02:24
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corecodeyea, aegis i guess02:28
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luke-jrcorecode: N950/N9 are super DRM'd I hear03:41
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djszapiluke-jr: there is no DRM for Harmattan at all. It was dropped...04:10
luke-jrdjszapi: not what I heard.04:10
luke-jrdjszapi: and corecode sees to be experiencing it04:10
djszapithere is /no/ DRM for Harmattan at all, it has been dropped.04:11
djszapithat has nothing to do with DRM04:11
djszapiyou would cry blood, if we do not drop that.04:11
luke-jrdjszapi: so I can flash my own custom kernel on a N950, etc?04:12
djszapiofc, as it is even documented...04:12
luke-jrtoo bad I don't have one, and it's impossible to get one.04:12
* luke-jr goes back to his N90004:12
djszapiplease do not share completely incorrect technical thing that definitely.04:12
djszapimany people could flash own kernel here... sure, we are impossible.04:13
luke-jrimpossible to get N950 I mean04:13
djszapizillion people were able to get one earlier.04:14
djszapiand people keep getting N9s nowadays anyway.04:14
luke-jrN9 != N95004:14
luke-jrand I wasn't able to get one.04:14
djszapioh, really ? I have never realized this while developing for surprise!04:15
* luke-jr wouldn't pay a dime for a N904:15
djszapiI do not even understand who N950 or N9 is a relevant note to the DRM matter.04:15
luke-jrtopic changed.04:16
luke-jrtopic is now "it doesn't matter, because I can't get a N950 anyway"04:16
luke-jrand N9 doesn't count because it's garbage04:16
* djszapi yawns04:16
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SpeedEvilNeglecting it's not possible to legally buy one.04:18
luke-jrSpeedEvil: that's my point :P04:18
djszapiit was really easy to get one. Bad for you you did not apply for one in time..04:21
djszapialthough, it seems most of the people die for N9 much better than N950.04:22
luke-jrI did.04:22
luke-jrI got ignored.04:22
djszapiyour proposal was not interesting then in comparison with others04:23
* luke-jr just finished soldering his N900's USB port down to the board04:23
luke-jrhopefully it will last the next 3-4 years until someone comes out with a N900 killer04:23
luke-jrdjszapi: to the corporate Microsoft slaves, I'm sure it didn't.04:23
djszapiN900 discussion on #maemo please.04:24
luke-jrmy proposal was the same as the one I used for my N900:04:24
luke-jrporting and supporting Gentoo on it04:24
djszapiI do not wonder it got rejected at all04:25
luke-jryeah, Nokia had already abandoned the handheld computer concept before N95004:26
djszapiN9 was way before than february04:26
djszapiwe already developed for it at least one year ago.04:26
luke-jrN9 could never be a computer04:27
luke-jrit's lacking a keyboard04:27
luke-jronly good for a phone04:27
djszapino, it has VKB04:27
luke-jrthat's not a keyboard.04:27
djszapiVirtual /Keyboard/.04:27
luke-jraka joke04:27
SpeedEvilI could see myself buying the n9 hardware.04:28
SpeedEvilThe lack of a physical keyboard isn't a killer.04:28
SpeedEvilThe fact they won't even sell it to me, if I decided I wanted it...04:28
luke-jrSpeedEvil: not even N9?04:28
luke-jrI thought that was just N95004:28
DocScrutinizeroffensive incorrect statements about "a zillion people were able to get N950" on #defocus please. And stop acting as if this was your channel04:28
SpeedEvilI'm in the UK.04:28
djszapiactually, Nokia was too friendly. They should have rejected the USB host mode proposal too since it is not possible to achieve.04:28
SpeedEvilI cannot get a N9 with a functional warranty.04:29
djszapiand probably many others, and give devices to achivable tasks.04:29
luke-jrdjszapi: more like Nokia should have fixed USB host mode before shipping04:29
luke-jrdjszapi: Gentoo on NITs is more than achievable04:29
djszapiGentoo is exactly what most of the N9 users would never really like to see.04:30
luke-jrthat's because N9 appeals to a new user base04:30
luke-jrphone users04:30
DocScrutinizerNokia should have saved the money it spent for platsec - useless cruft that just helps making things like hostmode nearly (but not really) impossible. Thanks to some few reasonable devels at Nokia we finally may achieve true open mode free for every user who doesn't think aegis is helping to protect his poor brain from flashing LEDs or useful hostmode04:36
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DocScrutinizerand yeah, maybe Nokia once been too friendly, but they cured that problem and gave us a platsec devel threating and insulting people on IRC04:39
* luke-jr looks forward to DocScrutinizer's company hopefully finding success and moving on to more-than-phones in the future04:40
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GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, please.05:08
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, Nokia didn't tell anybody to come here and harass us.05:08
DocScrutinizerindeed, probably not05:09
DocScrutinizerand assuming Nokia was too friendly actually means / implies "Nokia was too stupid". I'm rather irritated how some (ex-)Nokians talk about their former company and their former colleagues05:11
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strannik1I asked you a question haha07:20
dm8tbrI didn't see no hilight07:20
strannik1Dm8tbr: whats up? Why are you moaning?07:20
strannik1Ah fair enough in meego i asked if £550 was a lot for the n907:20
dm8tbrbecause it's mo(a|r)ning07:21
strannik1Ahh :)07:21
strannik1Yea i cant sleep and my body clock is all messed up . So i am awake07:21
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strannik1Are you in the uk aswell?07:22
dm8tbrno, in .fi07:22
strannik1Cool :)07:22
dm8tbralthough I use UTC, so half of the year we use the same time-zone07:22
strannik1Yea i asked you before ,, just remembered07:22
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strannik1How much does the n9 cost in the land of the finns07:23
strannik1Dm8tbr: or do you use the n950 only?07:24
dm8tbrI think they pretty much still ask list prices, which is insane07:24
dm8tbrbut haven't checked07:24
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strannik1Yea £550 pounds , that will leave me eating dry bread till xmas07:25
strannik1I am a student07:25
strannik1Hey doc07:26
dm8tbrfew more quid here07:26
dm8tbras that translates to just 650eur and here it costs 69907:26
strannik1Although i am really tempted, even if it means no food till about xmas07:26
strannik1Oh wow07:27
strannik1Thats a lot07:27
strannik1Apparently it sold out in finnland straight away?07:27
strannik1According to engadget at least07:27
strannik1Dm8tbr: have they got rid of the lag problems in the new firmware?07:28
strannik1Dm8tbr: facebook lag ... Also tapping the top bar while scrolling used to cause horrible lag apparently07:29
dm8tbrdidn't notice any such problems07:31
strannik1Cool , maybe someone was just being nitpicky07:32
djszapiI have never experienced such problems either.07:33
strannik1Good stuff :) damm now i am going to run to the bank transfer nearly all my cash and get the n907:33
strannik1And stay hungry till xmas07:33
strannik1Maybe i will go to the casino first and play some poker07:34
strannik1Win a few hundered pounds on that sometimes07:34
strannik1... Its sucks being a student ha07:34
Jare_people are selling a couple of days/weeks old devices here for about 200 eur less than the list prices are07:35
strannik1Jare_: are people not happy with it?07:36
Jare_i bought one factory sealed 64GB for 520eur ;)07:36
strannik1How did you do that?07:36
Jare_nah, i think they are just keen try everything new even if they don't need it07:37
djszapistrannik1: I know a person, got 3 devices for free at the qt dev days :)07:37
Jare_yeah that too, i don't know if the seller had won another one from somewhere07:38
strannik1Djszapi: n950s or n9s????07:38
djszapin9 of course07:38
strannik1Why am i the only one who isnt getting a free n9/5007:38
djszapiwithout any loan contract07:38
strannik1Can you guys "hook me up"07:39
*** psycho_oreos has joined #harmattan07:39
djszapisadly, it was only blue. :)07:39
strannik1A free blue one haha .. I will take 5 of them if they dont want it Xd07:40
strannik1Is the blue one nicer?07:40
psycho_oreosblue N9?07:40
strannik1I have never actually seen the n9 in real life07:40
psycho_oreoserr you meant cyan07:40
strannik1Yea everyone says blue/cyan07:41
strannik1Hi psycho oreos07:41
dm8tbrmagenta is so much nicer ;)07:41
djszapipsycho_oreos: wanted to have pink07:41
dm8tbrcan you say pppiiiiiiink ponies?07:41
djszapioops, strannik1 ^07:41
psycho_oreosdjszapi, which is magenta.. the closest colour to pink07:41
psycho_oreosyeah there's like a few males whom want magenta coloured N907:42
strannik1Psycho_oreos: got an n9 yet?07:42
djszapiI do not care about you call it, if we know :)07:42
dm8tbrI've seen one in piano black, that I'd like07:42
strannik1The white one doesnt look bad07:42
djszapipsycho_oreos: I have blue, white, used to have black07:42
psycho_oreosyou know.. you can easily get any coloured N9 and then put on one of those coloured silicon cases07:42
Jare_press and inks are so last century, so everything must be RGB nowadays ;)07:42
psycho_oreosstrannik1, no07:42
djszapierr, again wrong person, strannik1 ^07:42
dm8tbrdon't forget silver ;)07:42
djszapistrannik1: pink is the only missing from the collection of mine :p07:43
psycho_oreosdjszapi, what.. cyan, white and black N9?07:43
psycho_oreosyou're nuts07:43
strannik1Djszapi: lol ok you are just messing with ne07:43
psycho_oreosstrannik1, no but may get N9.. still am happy with N900s :)07:43
djszapino, my mother would prefer pink07:44
strannik1Yea i know you have three of em :)07:44
djszapisame with my elder syster, so I would just like to present them nicely.07:44
psycho_oreosstrannik1, three black ones :)07:44
strannik1Psycho_oreos: btw have you got in touch with the la resistance? ;)07:44
psycho_oreosstrannik1, nope, you?07:44
strannik1Nope :(07:44
strannik1But i am working on it07:45
strannik1Djszapi: really what looks better. Blue or black?07:45
psycho_oreosthe device is still being handed out but only to those in07:45
djszapistrannik1: I dislike black phones07:45
djszapistrannik1: so for me, blue.07:45
strannik1I will check out the luna 800 next time i am in town07:46
strannik1That way i can tell if i like blue or black07:46
dm8tbror the 'hooker800' as I like to call it ;)07:46
strannik1I kinda dislike black .. Apart from apple , not many people can make the black look nice07:47
psycho_oreosdon't forget the horrid windows symbol at front07:47
strannik1Its a joke that troll elop is even selling windows phones07:47
psycho_oreosmake sure to always hit it with pride :þ07:47
djszapistrannik1: why ? It has very positive feedbacks.07:48
dm8tbrI'm sure you can install harmattan on that... *snerk* *giggle* *bwahahahaha*07:48
djszapiit is really good for Nokia.07:48
djszapiway much better than meego was ever07:48
psycho_oreosand your point of investing in N9 was for?07:48
djszapithe problem was not N9, the problem was the "true" meego investigation07:49
strannik1N9 is the last nokia flagship phone in my opinion07:49
djszapiand its fail07:49
djszapistrannik1: the feature phone might also be cool07:49
djszapiit is running qt507:49
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strannik1Wait so what do you mean by true meego investigation?07:51
*** adlan has joined #harmattan07:51
djszapistrannik1: meego upstream kernel, meego rpm jobs, meego ce and all that stuff07:51
djszapiwhich epically failed business-wise07:51
djszapimore investigation happened (many times more) than into Windows, and WP already has good feedback, thus it is kinda obvious way of going for Nokia.07:52
djszapidropping Harmattan is sad, though.07:53
strannik1Well they did really nicely with the n9 os ,, they should keep on using the os07:54
djszapiyes, but that is not true meego07:54
strannik1Because of aegis?07:55
djszapihuh ?07:55
djszapiit is a maemo successor.07:55
djszapiaka maemo 607:55
djszapimaemo was never equal to meego07:55
strannik1But its only a few different packeges07:56
djszapiand they focus on qt5 which is probably the feature phone, not Harmattan anyway07:56
strannik1Updated / some different librarys07:56
djszapistrannik1: no, it is a different kernel07:56
djszapiit is completely different from the ground up07:56
djszapionly the highest level-api is similar/same07:56
djszapibut qt is also standardize the high level interface for windows and linux. Yet, you do not call them same, you do not call Linux, Windows ;-)07:57
psycho_oreos!seen qgil07:57
_MeeGoBot_qgil was last seen 9 weeks, 40 minutes and 11 seconds ago, saying '* qgil too' in #meego.07:57
strannik1So is it better than maemo5?07:58
djszapiI would say different.07:58
strannik1I guess maemo doesnt have aegis07:59
djszapimaemo does have aegis07:59
strannik1But to be fair ,, you can install "real" meego onto the n9 .. So whats the problen?07:59
djszapimaemo6*, that is07:59
strannik1Oh lol07:59
djszapiyou lose the warranty07:59
djszapiand that is a very big problem if you pay 699 EUR07:59
djszapidon't you think ? :)07:59
petteriheheh reading the discussion, it seems strannik1 just spams here with lines: eagis08:00
strannik1Whats if you reflash it?08:00
strannik1Petteri: hahaha so true08:00
djszapistrannik1: does not make the warranty void outdated.08:00
strannik1Djszapi: if you reflash it you get your warranty back08:00
dm8tbrcertainly the message disappears08:01
strannik1Is there anyway of them knowing08:01
djszapinot really as far as I know (I mean on policy-level)08:01
djszapiyes, there is08:01
djszapiactually, pretty simple.08:01
djszapiand that is why I would never put mer, plasma active and similar things onto my phone because I think it is a cool phone, and losing the warranty after 699 EUR ... well08:01
strannik1You could just take a soldering iron and heat up a few resistors if you ever need to send it in for a repair08:02
strannik1That way they wont be able to tell if you put on any other os ;)08:02
strannik1Problem solved boom :)08:02
djszapiI am not speaking about direct cheaters and liars08:03
djszapiI am speaking about sincere people.08:03
strannik1So am I .. You bought the damm phone .. Why cant you put any os you want onto it08:03
djszapibecause the vendor does not allow you. It is that simple.08:04
djszapiwhy would Nokia take the guarantee for any images ? I think nobody takes the warranty for that08:04
djszapiit is not any Nokis specific.08:04
strannik1No but surely if your hardware breaks , and a firmware reflash does not work nokia should fix it08:04
strannik1I mean , if you can put on the original firmware .. And the phone is still not working08:05
strannik1It probably just malfunctioned and is not your fault...08:05
Jare_duh, there's no other way to call an alphanumeric sip address (for example user1@domain) than editing it into a temporary contact?08:05
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djszapistrannik1: if you play with the cards inside the warranty requirement, you will get assistance08:06
djszapino doubt about that.08:06
dm8tbrJare_: is that possible with the contacts application? last time I tried that it didn't work for me08:07
dm8tbroh, seems to work08:09
dm8tbrhmno I can't see the entry, weird08:10
dm8tbrok, so you can't see it if you reopen the entry, but it's actually there08:10
Milhouse@Jare_: Probably, I can call users because they're numeric usernames, but there appears no way to call sip users on another domain from the dialer08:12
Milhouse(I'm on
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MilhouseAlso Jare_, can you do me a favour? Check bug
MilhouseJust raised it in the last hour as I noticed SIP was crashing Contacts08:13
dm8tbrMilhouse: yeah, seems to happen08:14
Milhousedm8tbr: Good, at least it's reproducible08:14
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan08:15
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Jare_dm8tbr: it doesn't show the entry, if the contact contains only one sip account08:33
Jare_Milhouse: yep, the dialer should have an option to enter a full sip address. I'm able to reproduce that bug, but not with every string08:35
Milhousehmm, funny it's not every string in that case, but at least it should be enough for them to identify and resolve the issue. Might be worth a comment if you have bugzilla access?08:36
MilhouseAbout the dialer, I guess it will need an enhancement raised. I only know one person with a SIP account so it's not exactly a major issue for me! :)08:37
Jare_now that i have added five sip addresses into one contact, how am i supposed to delete those without deleting the whole contact?08:37
MilhouseJare: aha! unmerge08:37
*** mosty has joined #harmattan08:37
MilhouseIt lists the services, you tap on those you want split out, then you manually delete them once they have become individual contacts08:38
Milhouseit's total bollox, i raised a bug for that08:38
Jare_and that unmerges all of them into the root folder08:38
Milhousealthough it relates to the Google Talk service, it also appear to be applicable to SIP as well, and probably others.08:39
MilhouseSays it's been fixed, no idea *how*08:39
MilhouseActually, will ask...08:39
mostysince the qt mobility network bearer api is not available in harmattan, i'm trying to find out what it's replaced by. looks like i can monitor the network state with QNetworkConfigurationManager, but how can i request a new network connection (ie open the "connect to internet" dialog) ?08:41
Jare_btw unmerge doesn't work with those sip addresses. If i unmerge four of five, the original contact will become completely empty and those four unmerged ones will appear in the root folder08:41
*** djszapi has left #harmattan08:41
Milhousethose how it works, no?08:42
Milhousealthough I've only ever added - and then unmerged - one username on one contact.08:42
Jare_it shouldn't lose the other fields in the original contact?08:43
Milhouseno, it shouldn't08:43
Jare_well that's what it does08:43
Milhouseok, another bug?08:43
Jare_seems to be08:43
Milhouseit doesn't seem to do that when i've unmerged08:43
Milhousebut as i say, i only unmerged a single service08:44
Milhouseare you unmerging multiple services at once?08:44
Jare_yes, but it does the same thing even if i try to unmerge only one sip service08:46
*** tbf has joined #harmattan08:47
Milhousewhich fields are disappearing?08:47
Milhousework telephone?08:48
*** piggz__ has quit IRC08:50
Milhouseha, yes, reproducibel08:50
Milhousei just created a contact with name/home tel/mobile tel and four SIP services; unmerged one of the four SIP services and the contact now contains Name/Home Tel (no mobile tel) and no SIP services08:51
MilhouseOnly the unmerged SIP service is in root, the other 3 have just disappeared08:51
MilhouseAre you going to raise this defect or shall I?08:52
Jare_mobile tel and all other sip services than the unmerged one. You may write it, if you feel like typing one more :)08:58
Milhouseok, will post the url when i'm done. :)08:59
Milhouseif you can comment/confirm/vote that would be good08:59
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*** tbf has quit IRC09:03
Jare_yes i will. Stupid bugs, i'm beginning to feel that they have done a bit of a sloppy job on testing some things09:04
*** mosty has quit IRC09:05
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MilhouseFrom what I can see, Services and Contacts was thrown together at the last minute09:09
*** freemangordon has joined #harmattan09:17
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yipdwah ha, I see what djszapi was referring to when he was talking about XML for the accounts manager, I think09:26
yipdw /usr/share/accounts/{services,providers,service-types}09:26
yipdwa shame none of this appears to be documented09:26
yipdwthough at first glance it all looks pretty domain-specific anyway, so maybe there's not much point in documentation09:27
*** zz_gri is now known as gri09:28
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dm8tbryipdw: is there something for google chat?09:37
* dm8tbr checks his device09:37
dm8tbrah google-talk.service very good, very good *rubhands*09:39
dm8tbrthis should be a walk in the park then09:39
*** leinir has joined #harmattan09:39
* dm8tbr senses conveniently usable XMPP in the near future09:39
yipdwdm8tbr: I don't yet understand how all of those yet interact with the plugins themselves, but yeah09:39
yipdwI wonder what'll happen if I just dump a set of XML files on my device09:40
dm8tbryeah, I'd just copy them off, read them and clone the google-talk ones09:40
yipdwalso, something else I'd really love to have as a layer that crosses all text IM services is OTR support09:40
dm8tbris there OTR for telepathy?09:40
yipdwhaven't looked :P09:40
dm8tbrthen do :)09:41
yipdwas seems to be the case with a lot of these things, it starts off with a feature request and then spirals off into inane flames09:42
yipdwit looks like some degree of support exists in
*** spenap has joined #harmattan09:55
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan10:01
yipdwso, cloning a "Jabber" service and provider...kinda works10:17
yipdwwhen I go to register a Jabber service, I get username and password fields, which is all good, but then hitting "Sign In" gives me "qtn_acc_storing_err_undefined" in a pop-up10:19
yipdwnot quite sure what that means10:19
*** rcg has quit IRC10:21
*** Stecchino has quit IRC10:24
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan10:27
djszapimmm, javispedro's icon generator does not load here:
djszapiis there another simple way to generate a harmattan icon ?10:28
djszapioh it is ok now.10:29
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan10:41
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan10:41
jonniillustrator and photoshop templates are here
grithere are also inkscape templates since two weeks :)10:45
*** strannik1 has quit IRC10:45
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan10:45
*** slaine has joined #harmattan10:46
djszapiare there artists here ?10:46
djszapiI have a slightly wide icon for the account plugin, and javispedro's tool does not accept it. It would not probably even look cool on the applauncher :)10:47
griif there were artists in here I would not wait for an icon since two weeks :/10:47
gribtw. djszapi do you deploy your icon to the theme dir?10:48
grior somewhere else?10:48
djszapiit is just normal icon referenced from the desktop file10:48
griah damn10:48
grisince the icons in "Accounts" don't seem to accept absolute paths :(10:49
djszapiit would not be accounts10:49
djszapiit would be for applauncher, to open up the relevant account directly, like skype does.10:49
griwell, you still need a service icon (if not already there)10:49
djszapithat pretty much works.10:50
djszapibut no, I do not have service icon10:50
djszapiI do not have service plugin either10:50
djszapijust provider plugin. That is enough for me after all10:50
griyeah I meant provider and said service ..10:51
djszapiwell, I can have access to the other codes, so it is gonna be a copy/paste10:51
grinokia worked around a bug I have :(10:52
grithey put all icons into the theme, account-plugin-youtube for example does not bring a icon with itself since it's already in the theme10:52
griin contrary my application can't use a existing icon, so I have to install one into the theme dir. But that damn theme cache is not regenerated without rebooting the phone10:53
djszapiof course you can regenerate it10:53
gritell me how, I've been looking for days10:53
djszapinot well enough :))10:54
griI browsed meegotouch sources10:54
grifound imgcachegen which crashes when using it10:55
grino dbus interfaces to restart the theme daemon10:55
grithe MRemoteTheme does not have a option to reload cache10:55
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan10:55
matrixxwould be nice if mthemedaemon could be restarted10:56
matrixxthen themechanger wouldn't need a reboot to work10:56
jonnihave you tried to embed the icon into control file? ;)10:56
djszapithere has been some stupid issues about icons not coming visible without reboot10:56
jonnithat way icon shows up atleast10:56
djszapiwhat control file ?10:57
djszapimmm, actually I found a bug report about it10:57
grijonni: that's only the package icon10:57
djszapijonni: what do you mean ?10:57
djszapigri: I guess resource does not work either10:57
grijonni: I have this but it has nothing to do with theme dir10:58
djszapigri: can you tell me an example btw ?10:58
djszapiwhat I could check out for that icon.10:58
*** frinring has joined #harmattan10:58
gridjszapi: copy some icon inside /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/icons10:59
griname it "dummyicon.png"10:59
djszapino, I mean Ui example10:59
djszapiwhere it should appear, example app where it works etc10:59
grithose images like skype has10:59
grithere are no 3rdparty account plugins yet10:59
djszapithat is a simple listitem I did.10:59
djszapiwell, at least my friend has one third party one10:59
griall those images in my "Accounts" are from nokia10:59
djszapiI will read the internal bugreport about it, but I need to rush now, sorry.11:01
gridjszapi: Then please take a look whether he uses a nokia icon or a custom one11:01
djszapihow is an icon related to themes ?11:02
grisince they are in the theme dir11:02
djszapiapart from having it in a theme dir11:02
griif you load them by qml "image://theme/some-icon"11:02
djszapiimho, it should not matter where an icon is placed.11:02
griand accounts-ui also uses MTheme to load icons11:03
djszapiif you can reference to that as an absolute path.11:03
djszapithey should have just grabbed KIcon, and it would work :)11:03
djszapiI mean the theory of that.11:03
griif I place an absolute path in the .provider file that accounts-ui parses, I see an red rectangle forever11:04
djszapiwhat is wrong about regenerating from postinstall script ?11:05
djszapivalgrind ?11:05
djszapiwhat is the crash, backtrace ?11:05
djszapithread backtrace*11:05
grino Idea, don't have debug symbols11:05
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan11:05
djszapiok I have.11:05
djszapiI will try.11:05
djszapiand it did not crash for a Nokia image ? That is weird11:08
griI just let it run, so it should have cached the whole theme again11:09
griand crashed there11:09
griit also showed output about not being able to write some images for unknown reason11:10
djszapiThe problem seems to be that icon defined in .provider file is loaded through themeserver. Themeserver reads new icons only when it is started(bootup). .Desktop file icons have same problem but in .desktop files it is possible to define icons with full path. If full path is used then icon is loaded directly from filesystem not via themeserver. This full path trick unfortunately doesn't work with accounts.11:10
*** zk8 has quit IRC11:11
grithat's exactly my problem :)11:11
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan11:14
yipdwjust to add: I'm adding a Jabber provider and service, and I'm hitting the same issue that gri's having11:15
djszapigri: aegis does not allow you to load icons!! ;)11:18
gridjszapi: It would become beoring if it's always aegis :P11:18
djszapiI know man...11:19
djszapiit is probably willnotfix category in the near future (next half a year or more)11:21
*** achipa has joined #harmattan11:21
djszapiif it gets fixed at all.11:22
griwhat happens if I kill themedaemon and restart it?11:22
griall processes crash? :D11:22
djszapiwhy not try ?11:22
djszapibut you do not need to kill it for restarting hopefully.11:23
griI already tried what happens when I start it a second time -> system becomes unresponsive11:23
djszapino need to start it second time.11:23
djszapithat does not serve any good purpose. :)11:23
griwell it was I tried "themedaemon --help" and it tried to start a second time :P11:23
djszapiaegis broke it :P11:24
*** vladest has quit IRC11:25
yipdwkill -HUP on themedaemon seems to do something11:26
djszapikill will just not pass the OVI QA.11:27
yipdwnot sure if it's regenerating the icon cache, but doing that definitely did affect a bunch of icons, including those in Accounts11:27
djszapiso imho, futile to investigate11:27
yipdwoh yeah, I know that11:27
djszapirestart should be investigated, if any.11:27
* gri hopes the applauncherd restart passes ovi store11:28
djszapiwell, if it does not, hopefully for a good reason.11:28
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan11:29
griI already found a cool "feature" with that11:29
griif you install my package from console - no problem11:30
griif you install from ui, the applauncherd restart closes all visible applications11:30
yipdwgotta get to bed, but if anyone's interested:
yipdw(it's obviously incomplete)11:31
yipdwbut it's enough to at least get a Jabber entry in the Accounts screen; will poke at it tomorrow11:32
RST38hMoo, all11:32
corecodeis there a signal i can catch when the usb mass storage mode is activated?11:32
corecodeto close open files so that MyDocs can be unmounted11:32
*** mairas has joined #harmattan11:36
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan11:38
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC11:43
*** rcg has joined #harmattan11:49
*** mairas has quit IRC11:51
*** mairas has joined #harmattan11:51
*** vladest has joined #harmattan11:53
*** mairas has quit IRC11:55
*** mairas has joined #harmattan11:56
Corsacfwiw, I got a reply from my source code request11:56
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan11:59
gabriel9my n9 just turn off, now i can't turn it on :/11:59
*** mairas has quit IRC12:00
*** mairas has joined #harmattan12:00
corecodeempty battery?12:01
*** lamikr has quit IRC12:04
*** adlan has quit IRC12:04
gabriel9i put it on recharger and it show icon for charging12:04
gabriel9i hope it will be OK12:05
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan12:05
corecodeyipdw: let me know if you need help or testers12:11
corecodeyipdw: very much interested in getting this to work12:11
djszapiCorsac: what reply ?12:22
*** trx has quit IRC12:26
Corsacdjszapi: that PR1.1 source code was only available on dvd for now, and that they could send it to me if I provided mail details12:26
Corsacvery helpful mail, all in all12:26
Corsac(though they don't seem very happy to only have the DVD option right now)12:26
vadimqthat's odd.12:27
vadimqwouldn't it be easier to put it on the web than to burn and mail DVDs for people?12:27
djszapivadimq: no12:28
nibblerprobably obscure legal reasons12:28
djszapinot obscure, actually I told yesterday the valid technical reason.12:28
*** phunguy has joined #harmattan12:29
phunguyhey everyone12:29
griwhat source code did he request? kernel?12:30
Corsacgri: yes12:30
Corsacthough I think they'll provide everything12:30
*** trx has joined #harmattan12:30
Corsacs/$/\ under GPL/12:30
djszapiyes, I told yesterday, just be patient :))12:30
phunguyi'm trying to mount a remote samba share on my n9.  I am ssh'd in as root, however when i run the mount command I get "are you sure you're root?" error12:30
phunguyany ideas?12:30
*** lardman|home has quit IRC12:30
Corsaca valid technical reason is that they might fear to fail running the tar command and include the sources of nokia binaries :)12:31
phunguyeek just read the topic, i'm guessing my question might be better suited for #N912:32
vadimqthey might as well package the wrong thing on the DVD12:32
vadimqphunguy: short answer: there's this annoying thing called "aegis" that adds an extra permissions system, and root is limited by it as well12:32
djszapiCorsac: you can be ironic, but it does not help12:33
djszapiphunguy: you cannot do that by default.12:33
phunguyahh, thanks for the short answer.  I'll try and read up to see how to bypass.  I'm guessing this isn't as open as my old N900.12:34
djszapiit is completely different audience.12:34
* phunguy pops my selfcut microsim into an adapter and back into my n90012:35
vadimqphunguy: as far as I gather, the current best way is to build a new kernel, patch the aegis part to say, always allow everything, and flash that to the phone12:35
Corsacdjszapi: I thought you were the one being ironic?12:36
djszapiCorsac: how so ?12:36
Corsacdjszapi: see your logs from yesterday?12:37
djszapinothing ironic there. I was quite serious.12:38
djszapithat is the technical reason of the SDK team they did not publish it.12:38
vadimqwhat reason?12:39
phunguyugggh. I just read the post about "Nokia and aegis" on the meego forums.  This seems like a huge PITA12:39
djszapiit is PITA people cannot accept the platform or leave, but complain and swear.12:40
vadimqnothing ever changes when people don't complain12:41
djszapioh yeah, swearing is the way, I forgot..12:42
phunguydjszapi> I agree.  I guess, in the end, its my fault for not reading more into the platform.12:43
vadimqif you have a problem with that you shouldn't do it yourself :-)12:43
phunguySo the only way for me to mount a samba share is to build a new kernel to disable aegis or "allow all"?12:44
*** Elleo has quit IRC12:46
vadimqphunguy: apparently. Also it seems the source for PR1.1 isn't released on the web yet, Corsac here is apparently going to get them mailed on DVD12:50
phunguyWell.  Samba sharing for me isn't a necessity for me at the moment.  I'll wait for PR1.2 and see what the community comes up with before I take the solo route12:53
phunguyreading the back-and-forth on the thread I mentioned... I can see it from both sides, although I tend to lean towards havin the ability/choice to disable aegis.12:54
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan12:55
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan12:56
phunguyalas, bedtime.  thanks for the info gents12:57
djszapiphunguy: useless to wait12:58
*** Stecchino_ has joined #harmattan12:58
djszapismb's license is not accepted by nokia (gpl3), so even if someone is porting it, it will not have the proper credential for the correct operation.12:59
djszapiif that was possible any attackers could get just "mount out" there original security files and so forth.12:59
djszapiwhich would probably brick your device.13:00
*** Stecchino has quit IRC13:02
vadimqI don't see how the license and the credentials for correct operation are related13:03
djszapiquite simple: if it does not come from Nokia repository, it cannot have the operation.13:03
phunguydjszapi> bottom line, this stuff should be accessable, especially in developer mode.13:03
djszapiif Nokia does not accept the license and software, it is not gonna be in the nokia repository.13:04
djszapiphunguy: no13:04
djszapiphunguy: developer mode is intended for developing applications into OVI.13:04
djszapiwhatever OVI defines.13:04
djszapiand it has nothing to do with aegis, up to OVI.13:04
phunguyusers should have control over devices they purchase, end of story13:04
leinir*clears throat* Ovi is a word, not an abbreviation ;)13:04
phunguyregardless of licenses or whatever13:05
phunguyif i paid $750 for a device, i want to be able to make full use of it13:05
svuorelaOvi kiini!13:05
djszapileinir: true, thanks :)13:05
vadimqI don't care about ovi, I'll just flash the kernel and install whatever I want with whatever permissions I deem necessary13:05
RST38hAh, djszapi is raving about his favorite topic again13:05
djszapiphunguy: better question: why do you pay a device, where you cannot act ?13:05
svuorela(a much used phrase related to sauna usage with new people)13:05
djszapiwhy don't you choose a device according to your need ?13:05
RST38hAbout these stupid Harmattan users not leaving Harmattan after finding out about beautiful Aegis goodness...13:06
*** xarcass has quit IRC13:06
djszapisvuorela: true :P13:06
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan13:07
phunguydjszapi> I already owned up to that.  I figured with a beautiful devices such as the N900, the N9 would just enhance on it. I was obviously wrong.  That is not going to stop me from getting what I want tho.  You can argue till you are blue in the face about licencing and what is intended, etc, etc.  The bottom line is, most developers want free access to their device.13:07
djszapiphunguy: so why not use N900 instead of ranting here ?13:07
djszapiif you do not liek how it works ?13:07
phunguyI'm only responding to your questions.  I came in here, asked a few questions, and I was satisfied with the answers I received.  The only reason this conversation is still going is because you dragged on the issue and had to put in your 2 cents about why things are they way they are.13:09
vadimqdjszapi: My take: It doesn't matter how the device acts by default. What Nokia thinks it should be doing is entirely irrelevant. It's mine and I'll do whatever I want with it13:09
phunguy^ agreed13:09
djszapiso why complain to Nokia instead of doing whatever you want with your device ?13:10
dm8tbrthere are two sides to it and both should accept the existance of the other.13:10
petterii thought it was possible to install custom kernel13:10
phunguydjszapi> I'm not complaining to Nokia :P13:10
djszapiit is13:10
vadimqneither I13:10
petteriso what is this whining about, if you can install the kernel13:10
djszapigood question13:11
*** artemma has quit IRC13:11
psycho_oreossomeone forgotten the dreaded aegis?13:11
phunguyhehe.  There is no whining going on here.  I just found out about the restrictions, and I commented that it was a PITA.  Aside from that, I've accepted it for now.13:11
phunguybut it seems like djszapi is the type that needs the last word, so have at it13:11
phunguygoodnight everyone13:11
grispending hours on uesless features is annoying :/13:13
griuseless* damn13:13
vadimqso, hmm. Is there good, comprehensive documentation somewhere on how aegis works and what the default settings are?13:15
infobot , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or, or
vadimqit says it's archives and most of the links don't seem to work13:19
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan13:19
vadimq  -- redirects to platform guide13:20
vadimqbut that looks like end developer targeted info. What I want is docs on aegis, meaning: what its system config files are, how security is implemented, where are the keys it uses to check signatures stored, and so on13:22
djszapiaegis does not have system config file.13:23
vadimqWhat I would like to do is to patch it to work for me. As in, add a second set of keys that I control, for instance13:23
djszapihow the security is implemented is right there.13:23
djszapikeys and other jazz are also there, just keep reading.13:23
djszapibefore complaining.13:23
djszapiyou cannot patch it ideally, no. Otherwise anybody could patch it, so that would be no security...13:23
vadimqno, it's not there anymore. Look at the page, it says it's archived, and most of the links of aegis just lead back to the platform guide index13:24
djszapigoogle, first result:
*** vladest has quit IRC13:30
*** blue`` has joined #harmattan13:32
*** mairas has joined #harmattan13:33
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC13:33
*** wazd has joined #harmattan13:34
vadimqaha, that looks useful, thanks13:35
*** mairas has quit IRC13:35
blue``there is no N9 32 gb right?13:35
*** phunguy has quit IRC13:35
*** mairas has joined #harmattan13:35
blue``this website has a lot of things wrong, it also shows a microsd card in n913:35
*** mairas has quit IRC13:36
*** mairas has joined #harmattan13:37
vadimqblue``: only 16GB and 64GB13:41
blue``yes i know, and they have printed 32 gb on that website and my friend called them and they r insisting they have a 32gb n9 with microsd13:43
blue``what kind of ppl !13:43
vadimqmaybe it's a mixup with the N900? It does have 32GB storage IIRC, and a microsd slot13:45
deramor they might have this one:
jonniheh, or they selling the china copy of N9,
vadimqhehe, that's awesome. China certainly seems to have a better idea of what the customer wants if it can run 7 OSes. Pity the hardware isn't good13:50
jonnip0rn and games, thats what consumer wants13:50
vadimqthe Tom thing is between hilarious and scary looking though13:53
chouchounewow, Nokia uses it's own servers to connect to GMail IMAP servers when I set up a GMail account. Do you know why ?13:54
djszapijonni :)13:54
Hq`well obviously it doesn't run 7 OSes, it just imitates the UXs13:54
*** phunguy has joined #harmattan13:55
elpurichouchoune: to provide mail notifications power efficiently from multiple accounts?13:55
matrixxhey, what does it mean that buildbot says my package faild, but when I go to C-OBS and click failed status it says Status: Build finished, and doesn't show any buildlog?13:58
matrixxthis is automatic rebuild, I haven't done any changes, and last time the package build fine13:58
X-Fadematrixx: It is a problem I'm currently working on.13:58
matrixxX-Fade: ok, nice to know13:58
matrixxso I guess it's nothing I have to worry :)13:59
X-Fadematrixx: You shouldn't ever worry :)13:59
chouchouneelpuri: when I connect a normal IMAP account it connects directly13:59
chouchounenot from Nokia servers13:59
matrixxX-Fade: hehe, I tend to worry too often13:59
X-Fadematrixx: But this will be fixed at some point, I hope.13:59
chouchouneit looks specific to GMail option13:59
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC14:00
derammaybe they anticiate changes in gmail api, and that way it will be updated once for all devices14:01
matrixxX-Fade: ok :)14:01
chouchounechanges in IMAP APIs ? The protocol looks stable to me ;)14:01
deramIMAP true.. is there anything else going in gmail account other than the imap?14:01
chouchounederam: this information is not provided by GMail, nothing else looks like coming from Nokia in my incoming connections on GMail14:02
deramok. sounds bizzare to handle those that way...14:03
chouchouneI will set up my gmail account directly through IMAP then14:03
chouchouneI already give some parts of my privacy to Google, don't want to give it to Nokia too ;)14:04
chouchouneluckily thay don't have their servers proxying normal IMAP accounts (more important than GMail ;))14:06
corecodeanybody know how i can get notified if the system wants to unmount MyDocs, so that I can close open files?14:13
*** spenap has quit IRC14:16
gricorecode: You can fetch the notification banners14:17
gribut that would be the worst way :)14:17
corecodethe music player somehow knows14:18
*** jrouxel has joined #harmattan14:26
jrouxelhi all14:26
jrouxelI have a problem with my n914:26
jrouxelafter a full reset the devel-su don't work14:26
jrouxel I have this error "su: can't set groups: Operation not permitted"14:26
jrouxel any idea to solve this problem ?14:27
*** spenap has joined #harmattan14:27
gridid you turn if off and on again? (developer-mode)14:27
jrouxelgri: yes14:28
jrouxeland same problem14:28
jrouxelI tried to resinstall but same problem14:28
jrouxelI can't find solution14:28
*** b3ll has quit IRC14:29
lardman|workjrouxel: did you restore your settings before enabling dev mode?14:32
jrouxelsame things14:32
lardman|workdon't do that14:32
lardman|workenable dev mode, then restore a backup14:33
jrouxeli try only full erase14:33
lardman|workno idea why, but I had the same issue as you on my N950 last week14:33
jrouxeland restorethen full erase and same result14:33
lardman|workflash new image with one click flasher, enable dev mode, restore backup14:33
*** spenap_ has joined #harmattan14:34
jrouxelwhere I can find image for my n9 ?14:34
lardman|workthat I don't know, though I imagine someone here can help you14:34
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan14:35
*** spenap has quit IRC14:35
jrouxellardman|work: thanks for help14:36
*** adlan has joined #harmattan14:37
*** spenap has joined #harmattan14:38
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC14:38
*** vladest has joined #harmattan14:38
gricorecode: What do you pay for the solution? :)14:39
corecodeyou have it?14:39
*** spenap_ has quit IRC14:41
gri/home/developer $ gconftool-2 -g /Meego/System/UsbMode14:42
griis even more simple :)14:42
corecodehow did you find out?14:43
corecodethat's great14:43
corecodei wonder whether that will be broadcasted when the system tries to switch to usb mass storage mode14:45
gridoesn't the gconf thingy provide notification on changes?14:45
corecodedbus should14:46
corecodethis is so that gpodder can release resources when using mass storage14:46
djszapiX-Fade: is it possible to block a complete rebuild so for instance not to interrupt my long compilation with kdelibs, just after that ?14:48
djszapimainly if the rebuild is triggered out of my mind, for instance by your hack ? :p14:49
lizardojrouxel: this might interest you:
X-Fadedjszapi: Not really.14:49
X-Fadedjszapi: Remember that you triggered this mess :)14:49
X-Fadedjszapi: You asked for an updated sdk :)14:49
djszapiwas it bad ? :p14:49
jrouxellizardo: thanks I think it's the last solution14:50
djszapibtw, people poked me as well prior to that :P14:50
djszapiX-Fade: but the question is not tied to this special case, it is a general: if someone's repository starts rebuild without his conscious, is it possible to provide an option for him to get his thing blocked ?14:50
X-Fadedjszapi: SDK updates are fairly rare, so I would not worry about that too much. For other rebuilds, it depends on the dependency chain.14:51
djszapiX-Fade: it happened 1-2 weeks ago many times.14:52
X-FadeYou could for instance move your kde stuff to a different project.14:52
X-FadeAnd experiment there.14:52
djszapiX-Fade: I do not know the dependency chain of that by heart, but at least 6-7 levels.14:52
djszapiso it is sadly, easier said than done14:52
djszapiand you know we cannot interdepend between repos like that.14:52
X-Fadedjszapi: Nah, it is quite easy. Just copy all package you know are related.14:53
X-FadeAnd then you will see missing dependencies.14:53
djszapiso I would basically need to establish a decent percentage of the original one14:53
X-FadeJust copy those too and be done?14:53
djszapiit is not that simple, tried many times.14:53
djszapiwasted days without success14:53
X-FadeOBS shows you the missing dependencies.14:53
djszapieven for a source package without building ?14:54
djszapiand anyway, that would cause 1 by 1 hunting which is not painless in 6-7 layers.14:54
X-Fadedjszapi: It should, as you specify build-depends?14:54
djszapimainly if the build does not even start and other issues14:54
X-FadeNah, it shows it for every package in your project.14:54
X-FadeReally, a 2 minute job.14:54
djszapiI have a beer for you if kdelibs is two mins job for you to get it into another repository.14:55
djszapiI even have two beers.14:55
lizardojrouxel: but I *think* I had this problem when I reset my N9 and restore only part of the developer mode packages14:55
X-FadeYou can even disable build for that project, as dependency resolving is done before build.14:55
djszapithat does not mean any addition regarding this14:55
djszapisince build or not, you can hunt14:55
djszapithe point is that you need to hunt 1 by 1 from scratch in a 6-7 levels hierarchy.14:56
X-Fadejust hover over the package and it says: missing dependencies: a,b,c,d ?14:56
djszapiI know, but it is still hunting.14:56
X-FadeYeah, but not a big deal really.14:56
djszapiit is like not using a package manager, but getting kdelibs installed on your system from scratch14:56
djszapiwell I tried, others also tried, we could not succeed.14:57
X-Fadedjszapi: Also, just look at the list in opensuse obs?14:57
djszapiI mean in reasonable time, and we did not have more.14:57
X-Fadedjszapi: They have kde projects there?14:57
djszapifor harmattan only, just dedicated for kdelibs ?14:58
djszapiand probably such a fallback-try repository would also be rebuilt14:58
djszapiand my original question is whether there is a flag for avoiding  that14:58
X-FadeYes, just disable build.14:58
djszapipoint is that to get my kdelibs finished :)14:59
djszapiso after enabling it again, it starts rebuilding14:59
djszapiif some dependency was building in the kdelibs' dependency chain, but not kdelibs yet15:00
X-FadeNo, you don't have to.15:00
djszapiso not start the whole dependency chain from scratch15:00
X-FadeSay libb depends on liba. Once both have built, disable build for libb.15:01
X-FadeThen go to libc which depends on libb and build all you want.15:01
djszapi"Would you like to rebuild your packages for each underlying update ?" -> -15:01
djszapi"Trigger the reubild manually right now if there were updates underlying?" -> + (after kdelibs installation, I will check it)15:01
X-FadeBut why are you changing dependencies underneath all the time btw?15:01
djszapic-obs does...15:02
X-FadeNo it doesn't.15:02
djszapiok, we were blind them we looked at it with more people :p15:02
djszapiwe did not change anything in teh community repository, and we saw it kept rebuilding.15:03
X-FadeIt will only rebuild when sdk changes.15:03
X-FadeWe changed sdk for the system-services thing.15:03
djszapiit was before the KDE Sprint right away, so we could not get kdelibs for the sprint15:03
X-FadeAnd now the whole sdk.15:03
djszapiso it was about 2 weeks ago.15:03
djszapiit was basically happening when I started cleaning up the community repository to avoid the duplicates, yes 2 weeks ago.15:04
dm8tbrthis sounds a lot like failure to understand the tool (OBS in this case)15:05
X-FadeDo yourself a favour and start in a separate repo, that way you can debug issues more easily.15:05
X-FadeIt doesn't help to have a repo with 300 packages or more.15:05
djszapiX-Fade: that is actually even more work in some cases.15:06
X-FadeSee how the obs people use obs. They expiriment in separate projects and then move stable stuff to the central thing.15:06
djszapiit happened with more people here, the thing built fine in the personal project, and did not in the community repository.15:06
djszapiImagine kdelibs with its 5-6 hours build, just suffering for days/weeks/months for building it15:06
djszapiand then trying to push into another repository, and have the following issues.15:06
djszapiand it would result the pain twice.15:06
X-FadeAnyway, suit yourself. I have gave my advice.15:07
djszapiX-Fade do not forget the fact, I also test it in scratchbox to make it quality, so pain tree times in that sense, if I have different repositories.15:08
*** augustl has left #harmattan15:09
X-Fadedjszapi: Read up on linked projects15:09
djszapiso if I follow it up contionusly, at least 15-20 hours care about kdelibs in case there is nothing wrong. Every wrong try is +~5 hours.15:10
djszapiand if publishing does not work, like kdelibs for one and almost half a month, that is even worse.15:12
X-Fadedjszapi: I try to help you out, but the way you keep complaining really rubs me the wrong way.15:13
djszapiI am not complaining, I describe the situation.15:13
X-FadeNo, then you would actually try to do something about it.15:14
djszapiwhat you ahve said uwhat you have said so far, we tried it with more people.15:14
djszapimore times.15:14
djszapidid not help any of us.15:14
*** mairas has quit IRC15:14
*** sivang has joined #harmattan15:20
sivanghi all15:24
sivangsomeone, very kind pasted a link to the downlodable version of this book, here a few months ago :
*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:24
sivanghe also mentioned the online version is already more recent and has bug fixes from the paper one.15:25
faenilhi everyone :)15:25
sivangfaenil: perhaps it was you? :)15:25
faenil:O wait what xD15:25
sivangand it was in conversation with me, here15:25
faenilwhat you talking about ? :)15:25
sivangfaenil: I'm trying to find the online (bugfixed) version of this
faeniland? :)15:26
sivangwell, someone tossed me the link here a month ago15:26
faeniloh ok, no I think it was not me :)15:26
sivangbut gmail search fails to retrive it for me :-p15:26
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan15:29
* sivang fires an email to interest@qt-project.org15:30
faenilis there any disassemble guide for n950?15:30
dm8tbrfaenil: remove the 4 tx4 screws, then pry the back cover off next to the speaker15:31
*** sivang has quit IRC15:33
faenilok :) I'm trying to remove the back cover to do some rookie antenna tests, but I was failing, it didn't seem to be removable that way :D15:33
faenilI'll try again then ;)15:33
dm8tbruse your finger nail or some semi-rigid plastic15:34
dm8tbrit is paramount to start in the corner where the speaker opening is15:34
faenilok :)15:38
*** blue`` is now known as fastlane15:45
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:46
* fastlane sits near the window pondering over when he will own a N9 ... 15:47
* fastlane pats his N90015:48
gridamn, I really need a compiler for qml ... when changing a lot of code, scripting is not a good choice :(15:55
faenilfirst test...15:56
faenilN950 antenna signal: 45-55%15:56
faenilN9 signal in the same spot: 75-85%15:56
faenilnow trying to remove the back of the n950...15:56
Tronicgri: Yes, much more static analysis for Qt (both "C++" and QML) would be helpful.15:56
grifaenil: It's a software bug as of apple :D15:57
TronicI *really* hate it when clear mistakes are only found at runtime, and only if that particular code path is hit.15:57
faenilgri: lol15:57
griTronic: Yes, that's what I love about having a compiler ... you see those obvious errors like typos in variable names, calling functions on objects which don't have it ...t15:58
Tronicgri: Indeed.15:58
*** adlan has quit IRC15:59
*** JackaLX has quit IRC16:00
faenildamn it!16:00
faenilremoved N950 backplate...16:00
faenil50% antenna signal :(16:00
grifaenil: plug in headphones16:01
grimaybe it has an effect :)16:01
faenildon't have them here16:02
faenilwith keyboard out, signal 60%....16:02
faenilno way as good as N9's  :(16:03
*** adlan has joined #harmattan16:03
faenilwhich also scored 90% now16:03
*** b3ll has quit IRC16:04
faenilI really thought that would have helped :(16:05
Tronicfaenil: I have noticed signal quality issues with N950 too. Do you know if the antennas are in the body (like on N900) or on the display frame?16:08
TronicWell, probably in the body as the frame appears to be solid aluminium.16:09
faenilshould be in the body, as I see a grey tape coming out from the corners16:10
*** artemma has quit IRC16:10
faeniltrying to get as much signal as possible xD16:10
dm8tbrI suspect those spiraly thingies in the bottom back to be the GSM/WCDMA antennas16:11
faenilyeah, that's what I was talking about :D16:11
dm8tbrfor wifi probably in the upper part16:11
faenilcould be ,yeah16:12
dm8tbrwell wifi/BT as they are shared16:12
djszapigri: is it technically possible to add more entries into the "Add account" list in your plugin ?16:16
djszapiI would not like to, but there might be a request for that.16:16
gridjszapi: of my app or generally?16:16
djszapiaccount plugin for sure.16:16
djszapiin general, technology-wise.16:17
griI don't get the question then16:17
djszapigri: you have this add account page where you can add various accounts. I am curious whether I can add for instance 2 "different" account types there inside one binary (ie.: provider plugin)16:18
djszapiI am not sure it makes sense, but if people would like to have it for some weird reasons.16:18
leinirgri: to make djszapi's very specific, he wants to build an accounts plugin for the Open Collaboration Services. There are multiple sites which implement this. And i've been trying to tell him the last few hours that if people have e.g. an or or account, they will be looking for that, and not for open collaboration services16:18
griyou can define a <plugin></plugin> key16:18
djszapiso not the "result" page, but the add account16:19
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:19
griif you add 5 .provider files which all refer to the same <plugin>, they share one binary16:19
djszapibecause we are considering different ui ways, and if it is technically not possible, it is no go, you know.16:19
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:19
leinirgri: thanks - that's the answer i was hoping for :)16:19
*** crevetor has quit IRC16:20
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:20
djszapigri: and which provider file to match the binary name to ? Does it matter ? I have been said previously, the binary file should be matched against the provider file name.16:24
pawkyMaybe someone here knows: How does one crack this problem? After registering your E-mail accounts in the phone with password and all, the password neither sticks nor can be put in again and saved when editing an account. You will get the opportunity to manually enter your password after a reboot or similar, but you simply cannot make them stick. How does one overcome this issue?16:24
djszapigri: btw, have you tried it in the practice ?16:24
pawky(the phone is an N9)....16:25
gridjszapi: give me a minute to verify16:25
djszapigri: the second question if it works, is there a way of groupping the list item ? For instance, the same elements in a group after each other, not separately in the list ?16:26
griok, I verified ... it works16:26
gridjszapi: This is not possible :( That's why I had so much work with my app16:27
djszapiso what is the ordering of that list ?16:27
griI'd guess the id="something" in .provider file16:28
gribut I have no idea16:28
grinever checked that16:28
leinirlooks like "whatever we find first"... probably worth suggesting an alphabetical sorting on the largest user-visible string on the bugtracker16:28
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:28
*** adlan has quit IRC16:30
*** adlan has joined #harmattan16:31
griit could also be sorted by the translation id16:31
grisince mail for exchange is on top and the translation id is qtn_asnc_mailbox_default16:31
leinirhum... that sounds very silly... but entirely likely16:32
djszapigri: yes, but skype is the second16:32
* leinir goes to report this16:33
djszapiwhich has 's' ;)16:33
gridjszapi: ok, on the n950 I don't have skype in the list :)16:33
griok, I change some keys and check what happens16:34
djszapinot even google and facebook ?16:34
djszapibecause they are swapped according to your theory here.16:34
djszapileinir: I will just well ask the relevant team, that is faster ;)16:35
leinirtry something simple like doing ls -l whereever-the-files-are, that'll give you an indication of whether they're sorted by filesystem order... which i suspect ;)16:36
gridid rename mine to "a1asdf.provider"16:37
*** vladest has quit IRC16:37
griand every value inside16:37
griit's always at the same position16:37
*** fastlane has quit IRC16:38
djszapileinir: we tried that in the first place :p16:39
djszapigri: yes, mmm weird, and probably not documented. I hope I can find someone answering this :)16:39
leinirwell, bug reported anyway :)16:39
leinirdjszapi: if you want something to refer to when poking the team ;)16:40
djszapibug reported about what ?16:40
djszapiI am not sure it is a bug, we just do not know the information yet :)16:40
leinirwell, enhancement request, but it's on the bugtracker ;)16:40
djszapibut thanks for the url and reporting.16:40
djszapiit sometimes helps a lot with arguing if others already faced the same question.16:41
djszapibut sometimes debian and cmake developers proposing something are called incompeteny :)16:41
grimaybe mardy knows the order, I assume he wrote this thing16:41
djszapithat I get feedback :p16:41
mardygri: you mean the order of the providers as shown by the accounts-ui?16:43
grimardy: yes16:43
*** vladest has joined #harmattan16:43
mardygri: it's configurable. Now I don't remember if the code is in accounts-ui or libaccounts-ui, let me check16:44
djszapimardy: are you on the internal pmo channel ?16:46
djszapi* internal channel*16:47
mardydjszapi: I don't work for Nokia anymore16:47
mardygri: ok, the code is in accounts-ui, unfortunately, but it closely resemples this (for sorting of services):16:48
djszapioh right. I do not see any identifiers inside the existing provider files.16:48
mardygri: see /etc/accounts-ui/provider-sorting.d/16:48
grimardy: provider-ordering.conf that's it :)16:49
djszapimardy: I guess we cannot modify that16:49
djszapiso the question is that how they are added there ?16:50
grithe dir is .d16:50
griI think you can add files there16:50
griit is16:51
griadded a file with "web2sms=-10" and my provider is now on top16:51
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:51
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:51
* djszapi imagines how very negative numbers can born that way in separate files :)16:52
djszapimardy: is there a way to manipulate it from the provider file or somehow ?16:52
* leinir imagines how these arbitrary choices will spawn a "no, my system's more important!" race :P16:52
mardydjszapi: no, the only way is to install a file in that directory16:53
djszapialso, it is a bit sad, since it means your order is not guaranteed.16:53
dm8tbrwe can't allow a mineshaft gap!16:53
mardydjszapi: other than that, providers are sorted alfabetically16:53
djszapimardy: the problem is that we cannot group things relating to one group after each other :/16:53
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan16:54
djszapigri: can you try to add two same values,  what happens, alphabetical order ?16:54
mardydjszapi: right, but you could define a set of priority values for the various groups, and hope that developers respect that :-)16:55
djszapijust curious, nothing serious16:55
djszapimardy: if adding the same values for each put them into a group16:55
djszapithat is a way16:55
djszapibut someone can still say that, hey it is also my number :P16:55
mardydjszapi: yes it should be like that16:55
djszapimardy: is it the same for the created accounts ?16:56
gridjszapi: if I set it to -6 like "mail for exchange" is, my app is below that16:56
griI guess if they have the same number, alphabetical order of those is taken16:56
djszapiit might be a solution if the same number is added at the end of the list16:57
djszapithen we can get our things groupped together16:57
djszapigri: so can you try it please with 3 same values to solely try it without having an alphabetical or other issues ?16:57
djszapigri: also is it the same for created accounts ?16:57
gricreated accounts don't  use this order since mine has not changed its place16:58
djszapiso it is appended I guess then16:58
*** trx has quit IRC16:58
grithey look like alphabetically sorted by id16:58
grior not16:59
grisince "other mail" is on top, which is genericmail16:59
griand facebook is below that16:59
djszapiwe need the groupping there, too16:59
*** faenil has quit IRC17:01
djszapigri: so are you sure there is no some other ordering for providers with the same ordering id values ?17:07
djszapithe simplest way to test it to drop 3-4 providers with the same value, and then an 5th one with different namings.17:08
djszapiI do not have a working account plugin yet for tseting :p17:08
djszapiif skeleton provider files are enough for testing, I can do.17:08
gricopy the one of the jabber account (someone posted the gitorious url in here before)17:09
grioh wrong17:09
djszapiI have all the account source codes, but not sure how to test this..17:09
grigitorious is so slow ...17:11
grithis one17:11
djszapiyes, but the most annoying is that you cannot have have a blob view (raw file, that is)17:11
grithis file lets you create passwords17:12
*** Elleo has joined #harmattan17:12
griif you change the id, it's a new provider17:12
djszapigri: I have such files, mmm. so it is enough to put that only ?17:12
griyes, since he filled the account-setup section17:13
djszapiand the id file addition for sure into /etc/whateveritwas/17:13
grionly place this file in /usr/share/accounts/providers17:13
djszapiyeah, I know that17:14
djszapiI thought I need to compile binary andso on17:14
djszapibut apparently, the provider file is enough for simple cases17:14
gribtw. my today's work: :)17:18
griuseless but looks nice17:18
djszapigood advice, speak or sound makes a demo even cooler :)17:20
grinot really, I like it more without sound :)17:20
djszapiweird, but fair enough17:21
grifor adding sound I would need to take a camera17:23
griturn off the radio17:23
grifilm a reflecting display17:23
djszapiit is not a big deail, others could manage it ;)17:23
djszapiI just like to hear also what I am seeing.17:24
Corsacgri: nice :)17:24
grithat's self-evident :D17:24
Corsacthough what I'm really waiting for is a None smiley theme17:24
DocScrutinizeryeah, fsck emoticons17:25
djszapione good thing about sound is also that I can check out quickly my mail for few second while watching a demo17:25
DocScrutinizerthe icon-translations popping up for simple things17:25
djszapiwithout that, I will surely miss omething important :)17:25
DocScrutinizerwhen I talk about tech stuff (root::) I don't wna t some garbled nonsense with smiley icon to pop up instead17:26
DocScrutinizerwnat to*17:27
DocScrutinizerwant* to get it right finally17:27
gri"We apologise for the inconvenience, our elves are working feverishly to bring an updated version of the service to you." aha, Nokia Developer.17:27
DocScrutinizeraaah, they want to roll out pr1.3 prior to publishing the kernel source for pr1.2? sounds like a plan to me17:29
CorsacDocScrutinizer: btw, not sure if you read that, but I received a friendly mail from the source request contact address17:30
DocScrutinizerthis might work: roll a kernel update every 3 months, then satisfy the GPL disclosure requests for kernel_--rev. this way community never will be able to build an openmode kernel for general public17:31
CorsacDocScrutinizer: saying they were annoyed but the only way to provide the source right now was using dvd, and so if I could provide my mail address17:31
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: that makes morbidly sense for me.. because SDK's are tied to ovi store and updating SDKs is a nightmare in that respect..17:31
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: ie, the "roll out pr1.3"17:32
Stskeepsif you roll out pr1.3 first, then you can update 1.2 as you please :P17:32
rm_workinteresting :)17:32
CorsacStskeeps: hmhm, how so? I'd thought it'd be easier to have SDK in sync with release17:33
StskeepsCorsac: well, let's say they have to update SDK everywhere.. but i don't know17:33
djszapigri: as I said :)17:33
Stskeepschances are someone screwed up somewhere simply17:34
Corsacyeah, might be17:34
rm_work^^^ N9 actually on sale "in the US"17:34
rm_workthat's an interesting one17:34
djszapigri: the jabber plugin is supposed to handle various jabber servers, like the "Other emails" for mail servers ?17:36
rm_workwow, they don't even mention NFC17:36
*** b3ll has quit IRC17:36
Corsacthere's a jabber plugin?17:40
djszapiyes, there is one in progress.17:41
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: so what's the instructions to get open mode then? "switch off all internet access for your N9, for a duration of <timespan between kernel releases>. Then after Nokia published PR_N SSU and kernel sources for PR_(N-1), the community will provide an openmode kernel during the next few weeks - you need to download that on your PC and flash it to the N9 with flasher-tool. Then you copy the following list of .deb to your N9 via17:42
DocScrutinizermass storage and install them. Now you are safe to re-enable internet access for your device"17:42
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: i don't know, keep in mind i'm also hurt by this17:42
DocScrutinizersure, no offense17:43
Stskeepsif kernel isn't published, i can't upgrade it in Nemo/Mer17:43
djszapiwhat is Nemo btw ? I heard the term more times :)17:43
djszapi or different ?17:44
djszapiahh Network Mobility ?17:44
phakoand nemo being the new name of MeeGo CE (mobile)17:45
djszapi -> ah ok17:46
djszapiwhere does the name come frm ?17:47
DocScrutinizerCorsac: did you provide your mail addr?17:48
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC17:48
CorsacDocScrutinizer: yes17:49
DocScrutinizerdo you have a site to deploy the data via the internets as soon as DVD arrives?17:50
*** rafael2k has joined #harmattan17:50
leinirdjszapi: nemo? he's the captain from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea :)17:50
StskeepsNemo tries to project a stern, controlled confidence, but he is driven by a thirst for vengeance and a hatred of imperialism (particularly the British Empire) and wracked by remorse over the deaths of his crew members and even by the deaths of enemy sailors.17:51
djszapileinir: I knew that, it is coming from that ? :p17:52
CorsacDocScrutinizer: yes17:52
leinirdjszapi: That's where it comes from, yes :)17:52
djszapiis there a separate nemo irc channel or is it #mer ?17:53
DocScrutinizerso let's hope preparation of that DVD doesn'T take another 2 years17:53
djszapileinir: thanks =)17:53
*** diggy has quit IRC17:53
leiniri asked when it was announced whether it was deliberate that they chose the name of someone out to get revenge and harbours serious hatred of imperialism and stuff... and apparently it was :D17:54
gridjszapi: I don't really know how services and providers are handled, I just used the providers17:57
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan17:58
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:01
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan18:02
*** b3ll has quit IRC18:02
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan18:03
rafael2kpeople, is the msn support packages available in any public repo?18:05
*** Natunen has quit IRC18:15
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan18:17
pawkyso do I get it right , nobody has the slightest clue how to make E-mail passwords in the accounts stick in a N9?18:20
djszapirafael2k: you mean the hiro package ?18:20
djszapibecause we did some sort of msn support in the hiro project.18:21
pawkyAm I the only one with this problem? I know this isn't really ther right forum, but this channel seems to have much more knowlege about most things compared to others....18:21
*** merlin1991 has joined #harmattan18:21
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC18:27
*** b3ll has quit IRC18:28
rafael2kdjszapi: yes18:28
*** merlin1991 has joined #harmattan18:28
djszapirafael2k: we published our mailing list18:29
djszapiI developed the printer app, but others might answer if you ask.18:29
djszapilet me ask my colleague :)18:29
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:30
pawkydjszapi:you usually seem to be the oracle of knowledge here, don't you even have the slightest of a comment upon my earlier question? :-)18:31
djszapirafael2k: interesting that, we do not have msn support, only office communicator, but you need to pay for that iirc18:36
djszapithe windows live messenger protocol is not compatible with our support in hiro at least.18:36
Corsacpawky: I have the same issue18:37
pawkyCorsac:Ahhh... finally some respons. :-)  Good to hear, I believe this has started after their latest update, right?18:37
jonnipawky: its a known bug, which has been fixed in future firmware release.18:38
pawkyjonni: Ehh... like the one that is not out yet? Because to my knowledge I have put in the newest..18:39
jonnipawky: its fixed, in PR1.2, but that is not going to be available anytime soon, so you just have to live with it.18:39
pawkyjonni: Ok, thank you for your reply :-)18:39
rafael2kdjszapi: no problem, thanks18:41
*** slaine has quit IRC18:43
*** rcg has quit IRC18:44
*** avernos has joined #harmattan18:47
avernosanyone knows where can i find An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt18:49
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:49
Stskeepsavernos: amazon18:50
djszapiavernos: note that qt5 is coming though18:50
djszapibut it should be okay :)18:51
avernosgood point..18:51
avernosstill worth a quick read to get an idea18:51
djszapiavernos: -> in pdf :)18:51
djszapiavernos: it is also a good material:
avernosoh, great! thanks djszapi18:52
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan18:56
avernosya lo tienes?18:56
avernos a mi me va a tardar un rato18:56
avernoswrong chat18:57
djszapiIs it possible to run a harmattan app on my laptop ?18:58
djszapiif I build for that.18:59
djszapiqt-components might be tied to the platform.18:59
hiemanshudjszapi: well most part of my app worked fine on my computer (OS X Lion, QtSDK 1.1.4) except for the bottom toolbar19:00
djszapihiemanshu: you built qtcomponents (harmattan)  for your machine ?19:01
djszapiPC/laptop, that is19:01
gridjszapi: with qt sdk it's already pre-built19:02
griyou can use qt-components in qmlviewer without any c++ code19:02
hiemanshudjszapi: yeah, its pre-built19:02
hiemanshuexcept the bottom toolbar doesn't work, and app is always portrait19:02
djszapigri: qmlviewer is not an option for my app because the hefty logic is in C++ = ~95% of the app ;)19:02
M4rtinKdjszapi: there a deb packages for Ubuntu by Kate Ahola(?)19:03
gridjszapi: if those are qml plugins, they might run inside qmlviewer as well19:03
M4rtinKunfortunatelly its in PR1.0 state, which means no QtQuick 1.019:03
M4rtinKand some thing are missing19:03
djszapiM4rtinK: archlinux ftw ;)19:03
M4rtinKbut on the other hand the QML Gallery works as expected and is not semi broken as on PR 1.1 Harmattan19:04
*** vladest has quit IRC19:04
djszapiyou mean no QtQuick 1.1 ?19:04
djszapigri: what do you mean ?19:04
*** achipa has quit IRC19:05
djszapiM4rtinK: that is bad because no multitouch support...19:05
gridjszapi: if your c++ code is not tied to harmattan, you can compile it for desktop and deploy the qml plugins19:05
griand they run fin even inside qmlviewer19:05
M4rtinKand maybe some other few things - I have been testing mainly on the device19:05
djszapigri: I am not getting you. How do you match C++ with qml plugins ?19:06
gridjszapi: extend qml with c++19:06
grithat's what most of my code does19:06
griby providing plugins19:06
djszapisorry, but what do you mean ? I provide a binary19:07
djszapiqmlS and iconS are inside that binary by using the Qt resource system19:07
grisure that's not good for testing :)19:07
griI do it the other way19:07
M4rtinKdjszapi: well, yes, PinchArea of course needs multitouch to work but I'm sure many QtQuick 1.1 improvements, like image caching, do not19:07
grithe binary that gets started by invoker is only as simple as possible19:08
M4rtinKIMO nobody just packaged it yet19:08
djszapiM4rtinK: multitouch is an awesome thing imho :)19:08
grimost of the code is in qml and c++ extensions19:08
djszapigri: I am not getting your setup, can you give me a link to a documentation ?19:08
djszapiphunguy: sshfs mounting works just fine btw fyi19:09
djszapibookmarked for later reading, thanks.19:11
MohammadAGicons is a valid plural, no need for an S :P19:11
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan19:13
gridjszapi: in simple words, the things you do inside gamewindowmanager.cpp can be done by a qml extension plugin the same way19:14
gridjszapi: so instead of having to create a binary, you can just open qmlviewer and enter "import GluonPlayer 1.0" and have all your properties and objects19:15
gribut this is just a testing help, for deployment you still need a binary which creates the qdeclarativeview19:16
djszapigri: ohh I did such a plugin19:16
djszapione and half a year ago :)19:16
djszapiyou mean this right ?19:16
gridepends on how you define the support is flaky19:19
djszapiI am not sure what the situation nowadays is, that was happening more than one year ago19:20
djszapisadly, qml is still pre-mature19:21
griyeah but I can't see from that comment what your problem was19:21
djszapicheck my commit message.19:22
djszapimmm, the history is lost after git mv19:23
djszapivery weird.19:23
djszapibut I could not simply use a C++ enum from Qt.19:24
djszapiwithout that hackery.19:24
griusable enums have to be inside classes, QObject is not is not relevant19:25
djszapiso if you take a look at the qml I gave you: You can see this way I could make a comparison with enum statuses in C++19:25
griso that you can use Classname.EnumValue in qml19:25
*** frinring has quit IRC19:26
djszapienum is inside the class for sure:
djszapidid not really work, asked qml experts, qml developers back then, and I think I even saw the same hackery in a code.19:26
djszapinot sure about nowadays as I said.19:26
*** diggy has joined #harmattan19:27
grithat's no hackity19:27
grithat's how it works19:27
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC19:27
*** merlin1991 has joined #harmattan19:27
griI also have some of these lines:
djszapioh my god :)19:29
gridon't see a problem with that19:30
djszapiok for you then ;)19:31
griI think girls like my app19:31
griyou can make the speechbubbles pink :D19:31
matrixxnice, keep the pink thingies coming :D19:33
matrixxgri: what's your app?19:33
djszapigri: you are trying to date with your app ? :P19:34
grimatrixx: a copy of the messaging app19:34
gridjszapi: no, my girlfriend would not allow that :P19:35
matrixxgri: nice, I don't like the default one that much19:35
grimatrixx: what would you make better? :)19:35
matrixxgri: does it allow ascii smileys?19:35
griI don't show any smilies, so yes19:35
matrixxgri: as in, no emoticons19:35
matrixxok, good19:36
grimatrixx: you can also choose some things19:36
matrixxI was a little bit disappointed when I noticed I can't turn the smiley icons of in harmattan by default19:36
*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:37
matrixxI don't understand german but looks very cool :)19:38
griyes I am lazy ... changing language needs reboot19:38
matrixxlooking forward to19:38
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan19:41
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC19:52
*** zk8 has quit IRC19:54
*** b3ll has quit IRC19:55
*** Sazpaimon_ is now known as Sazpaimon19:55
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*** lpapp has joined #harmattan20:21
*** lpapp has left #harmattan20:21
*** djdszapi has joined #harmattan20:22
djdszapiX-Fade: do you have any ideas why no rebuilding happened since this morning, still about 230 packages struggling since the sdk update20:22
*** timakima has quit IRC20:25
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan20:27
*** frinring has joined #harmattan20:29
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*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan20:40
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan20:54
*** daniel_1 has joined #harmattan20:59
*** RzR has joined #harmattan21:03
djdszapihi rzr, your fusefs thing will work soon21:05
*** briglia has joined #harmattan21:08
*** artemma has joined #harmattan21:11
daniel_1good morning21:11
*** artemma has quit IRC21:11
*** wazd has quit IRC21:13
*** daniel_1 is now known as daniel_o21:13
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djdszapiX-Fade: Also, where can I find the server side implementation of OCS on apps4meego ?21:16
djdszapiI am now making the OCS plugin, and that would also be a server for choosing.21:16
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:18
*** wazd has joined #harmattan21:19
*** daniel_o has joined #harmattan21:22
*** leinir_ has joined #harmattan21:24
*** leinir has quit IRC21:24
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir21:24
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan21:27
*** spenap has quit IRC21:28
djdszapiX-Fade: ok found:
RzRdjdszapi: great21:33
djdszapiX-Fade so is coming :P It is cool to see someone is using the "bleeding edge" OCS version21:34
*** rafael2k has quit IRC21:41
*** wicket64 has quit IRC21:47
*** vladest has quit IRC21:49
gribleeding is not always good :P21:56
djdszapiit is quite good in case OCS21:56
*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:57
lbtX-Fade: so ... what token is used to differentiate the n9 client from a handset client?21:58
lbtin apps.formeego ?21:58
lbtI have theOs = "n9" or "meego" .... is it correct to add "mer" there for nemo clients21:59
X-Fadelbt: different 'distribution'22:00
X-FadeCheck the version of the client in my home. That has a bit of nemo support already.22:01
djdszapiX-Fade: did you get a reply from Nokia for the credential requests ?22:02
X-Fadedjdszapi: It is still at MT.22:02
X-Fadelbt: Oh wait. Yes, it is in git but pycage's.22:03
lbtthe main one ?22:04
djdszapiinteresting, I got highlighted for "djdszapi" =)22:04
*** etrunko has quit IRC22:04
X-Fadelbt: Yes, that is the main one.22:05
X-Fadelbt: There was a commit for start of nemo support yesterday.22:05
lbtOK - I have some packaging and commits here22:06
djdszapiMay I ask why you import the whole attica into that client ?22:07
lbtif you guys are working on it then I'll hand it over - there's too few of us to duplicate effort22:07
X-Fadedjdszapi: Because it is broken and upstream doesn't want to fix it :(22:07
djdszapiI am one of the maintainers recently, what is hte problem ?22:08
X-Fadedjdszapi: We had a patch for distribution support, but it got rejected?22:08
X-Fadedjdszapi: Can ask pycage what the story was.22:08
djdszapican you send me the story so we can re-visit22:08
djdszapiI can help as much as possible :)22:08
X-FadeI'd need to ask pycage, I don't know the details.22:09
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC22:16
*** vladest has joined #harmattan22:19
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:31
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan22:46
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*** rlinfati has joined #harmattan22:52
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan23:00
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC23:02
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:05
griI start to hate the ovi store23:08
gri"description" is allowed to have 500 characters ... I insert 475 and they tell me "invalid metadata 5-500 alphanumeric characters allowed"23:08
grithis means brackets forbidden?23:09
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan23:09
*** wazd has quit IRC23:10
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan23:15
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:16
*** fuz_ has quit IRC23:16
daniel_o<3 scrobbler is running..23:18
*** tbf_ has quit IRC23:21
tarantismHi, Trying to get vpnc running on N9 and seeing /usr/sbin/vpnc: can't initialise tunnel interface: Operation not permitted. When I run aegis-manifest on the binaries, I get: aegis-manifest: Processing binary '/bin/cisco-decrypt' aegis-manifest: Processing binary '/sbin/vpnc' aegis-manifest: No required tokens were detected.23:22
tarantismDoes this mean it's a no go?23:22
dm8tbrtarantism: someone got openvpn to work, vpnc should be possible too23:22
*** b3ll has quit IRC23:22
tarantismdm8tbr: interesting, I'll look into that23:23
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan23:24
Jare_tarantism: i'm running openvpn with UID::user and CAP::net_admin23:30
tarantismJare_: I was trying to start vpnc as root. What's the CAP part?23:31
tarantismJare_: Just found the content of the openvpn aegis file. Time to play.23:33
Jare_devel-su root doesn't have net_admin rights, only develsh has. The CAP::net_admin allows changing networking configuration23:33
Jare_yea, might be the file i posted around23:34
*** leinir has quit IRC23:34
*** b3ll has quit IRC23:36
tarantismYay. It works. Thanks Jare_.23:37
Jare_ok, np23:37
DocScrutinizergri: you got <tags-alike> stuff in your description? It is messing up thoroughly23:39
DocScrutinizermaybe same here23:40
griDocScrutinizer: nope, removed all brackets, slashes ...23:40
grihad to cut the text to 388 characters instead of 500 to accept it23:40
griI wonder how they count the words23:41
DocScrutinizerI wonder if they count in bytes instead of chars, and which UTF-16 they use23:41
*** djdszapi has left #harmattan23:41
*** lardman|home has quit IRC23:43
griA character counter next to the text control would help a bit ...23:43
*** rlinfati has quit IRC23:46
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan23:48
BluesLeehi, are freoffice or gnumeric available for harmattan?23:49
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan23:53
*** drf__ has quit IRC23:54
*** b3ll has quit IRC23:56
*** BluesLee has quit IRC23:57
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan23:58

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